(another day with hyung)

Xiumin’s Birthday reactions
Suho: Happy birthday Minseok Hyung! You’ve become 27 today! Do you know that’s like dead in dog years? Well try to have a Happy birthday anyways haha!

Sehun: Happy Birthday Xiumin Hyung! I hope your day is as awesome and fun as I am! Good luck with that!

Baekhyun: Happy Birthday Minnie Hyung! I was gonna give you something amazing for your birthday, but the mail man made me get out of the mailbox.

Chen: My dear, I wish you peace, love and health. Blah blah blah. Well screw that! I wish you a lot of sex, orgasms and wish you hit the lotto! Happy birthday Minseokie Hyung!

Kyungsoo: Happy birthday to the member I’m least ashamed to be related to. Happy Birthday Xiumin Hyung!

Chanyeol: HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIUMIN HYUNG! Its been another 365 days since you fell out of that vagina! Hooray!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Kai: Happy Birthday Minseok Hyung! You’re the bestest hyung because you hate the same people as I do. Happy birthday to the hyung as evil as beautiful as me!


What I love about each B.A.P member


  • Likes watching skateboarding videos on Instagram 
  • He follows so many skateboarding/architecture/travel accounts on Instagram 
  • He always looks so pure and good 
  • So soft
  • I think he’s just a baby angel sent here to spread happiness 
  • The way he blinks
  • His nose ring
  • Goes from adorable cute to damn boy in .0000001 second 
  • But mostly he’s in his adorable state
  • Constantly dancing 
  • His speaking voice 
  • His incredible rapping 
  • He comes up with a lot of their choreography 
  • Likes to put his hood on and cinch it tight lol 
  • It makes him look like a lil baby 
  • He’s just sooooooo cute
  • I want to squish him 
  • My son 
  • Very interested in fashion
  • His fashion has his own flavor 
  • Sometimes it can be a little questionable but he pulls it off well 
  • His random V lives in the dance studio
  • Apparently is a potato
  • Same
  • Mochiiiiiii
  • Bless him for creating an Instagram for Mochi 
  • Tol yet smol
  • His Pillow Talk solo…
  • We’re not gonna talk about that 
  • Quirky 
  • Dances as if there are no bones in his body 
  • He’s so flexible and wiggly 
  • Beautiful, pretty, handsome
  • His face is so unique and that’s what makes him soooooo pretty to me
  • His hair has been every color 
  • And each color looks great 
  • “Shutdown, sorry”
  • Loves skateboarding
  • Sock fairy 
  • King of Socks 
  • Took all the socks in the dorm when he moved out bc he thought they were his
  • Did he really believe ALL of those socks belonged to him????? 
  • Since the members showered by age, he was always last but would fall asleep before it was his turn
  • Use to slam doors and punch the recording room walls when he was angry 
  • He was so smol and young back then I don’t blame him, puberty is rough
  • But oh boy look at him now 
  • Was basically raised by the members 
  • Hugely influenced by Yongguk
  • Banglo 
  • I love their relationship with all my heart
  • He is the man he is today thanks largely in part to Yongguk 
  • When Bang was talking about him back at that concert in 2014 and precious bby couldn’t hold back his tears
  • This kid is amazing 
  • I still can’t believe he was 15 when he debuted 
  • Look how much he’s grown
  • Not just height wise 
  • He is very aware of the darker side of things 
  • But continues to be a shining beacon of sunlight 
  • No Title gives me chills every time I hear it 
  • He’s unbelievably talented 
  • Leave some talent for the rest of us
  • Jk take it all my amazing child 
  • He improves with every song 
  • Super cool dances to go along with his raps 
  • Constantly working to improve his performances
  • Never sits still
  • Always moving 
  • Doesn’t care about being weird 
  • Daehyun was so done with him during that one V app 
  • You know the one where Zelo threw Dae’s shoe 
  • And was making a bunch of funny faces at the camera 
  • And kept singing about wanting to go to Mexico and Brazil
  • Just another day in the life of Choi Junhong 
  • Destroyed his hyungs in the Vring U episode with the banana cushion 
  • That one time he pulled the string out of Daehyun’s hoodie during a game 
  • You cannot win against the maknae 
  • Extra af 
  • Loved and adored by BAP and BABYz alike
  • The members can’t get enough of him 
  • He is so loved TT^TT
  • I have so much admiration for him 
  • Pick whatever word you want to describe him
  • But there are not enough words in this world to describe how truly remarkable he is

Feel free to add some of your favorite Zelo things! Our golden child.

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Genre; Fluff

Request: I was wondering if you could write something with Taeyong, where you are supposed to be out of town/the country but when he wakes up on Christmas you’re there with like cookies and cocoa or something? Or it could be vice versa and he’s supposed to be out of town and surprises you, whatever you want!!

A/N: this was so cute i was legit squealing halfway while typing this story ahh . Anyways , hope you enjoy reading and i also hope that this made your christmas better !! i changed it up a little so i’m sorry if it isn’t what you wanted


Cheering and laughter could be heard from the house beside you , as you looked out the window to see your neighbours all celebrating together , having fun with their loved ones .

Red and white decorations filled your street as Christmas carols could be heard veey loudly , as compared to your empty and quiet house .

Sighing , you sunk into the pillows on the bed as you placed your laptop on your lap . Your eyes schemed through the page , then glancing at the clock for the time - 5 minutes before they go live .

Your first Christmas with your boyfriend and yet you couldn’t spend it with him . The most you could get was seeing him through a computer screen , which millions of others were also witnessing .

You cherished your relationship with him , yet one thing you knew you got yourself into while dating an idol was that he was always going to be away and would hardly have time to spend with you .

How you wished he was laying beside you right now , his arms wrapped around your body like how it always was , his warm breath against your neck , which always sent chills down your spine .

Yet he was far away in another country , having to perform for a show and having a live event held just for his fans .


Finally , the introduction of the show began and you were greeted with the familiar faces of boys .

Your eyes never once left the screen as you looked carefully . Your expression fell and you frowned when you realised that the one person you’ve been hoping to see wasn’t there .

The other boys laughed and joked around with each other , answering the fans’ requests and having fun .

Your mind was racing and the thoughts kept coming back to you ,

Where is Taeyong ?

Did he lie about going overseas ?

Did something happen to him ?

Nervous , you reached out to your phone and called him , but just as you expected , he didn’t answer .

You called once more , but still no answer .

Flustered , you commented on the boys’ live ,

“ Where is Taeyong ? ”

Luckily , Doyoung saw your comment as he replied calmly , with a smirk on his face ,

“ Taeyong hyung is off to do something REALLY important , sorry he couldn’t be with us today ! ”

You felt your heart pump faster as you bit your lips ,

What else could be more important than his work ?


You were too caught up in your thoughts to hear the sound of keys tingling and the shuffling of feet from downstairs .

Your head turned when you noticed the door of your room open a little .

Taeyong’s head peered from the small gap as he flashed you a bright smile .

Surprised , you jumped right off your bed as you ran towards him , attacking him with a big hug .

You heard him laugh a little as he buried his face in your hair , his hands caressing your back.

You rested your cheek against his firm chest as you took in his scent - the one you missed for one week .

You hit his chest lightly as you whined a little ,

“ Where were you ? I thought something had happened when i didn’t see you with the other boys ”

He laughed once again as he placed a small bag on the side of your bed . He sat down and ushered you to sit beside him .

With a small smirk , he said softly to you , “ I see you’re supporting us babe ” , his hands pointing to the screen where the other members were still playing around .

“ You haven’t answered my question Tae , where were you baby ? ” you pouted as you held his hand and played with his fingers , the way you always did .

He reached for the bag and passed it to you with a big smile , “ Open it and you’ll know ”

You took the bag with both your hands as you opened it with curiousity .

Your eyes widened and you gasped when you saw what was in it -

It was a bag full of handmade cookies , all in the shapes of hearts and your name’s initials .

You lifted the side tag up as you read what was written on it ,

“ Merry Christmas babe , i’m sorry i had to lie to you to make this surprise work but it also shows how much i love you ! Also , all of these were made by me , i had to spend the whole day at the bakery making them . Happy first Christmas together and i’m waiting for the many years ahead of us , love you ~ Your man , Taeyong “

You couldn’t help but hug him tightly , tears threatening to fall as you were touched by his actions . Also , you felt bad as you only gave him a small watch as a gift and as compared to him , you felt that he put in way much effort than you did .

Just in time , Jaehyun read out a comment by the fans ,

” What is Taeyong oppa busy with ? Why is it much more important than us ? “

The both of you turned your head to the screen , holding each other’s hands as you waited nervously for their reply . You catched Taeyong smile a little from the side of your eyes , as he nodded his head , as though the other boys could see him .

” Taeyong hyung’s busy with someone he loves dearly , we’ll talk about this another day ! Taeyong hyung and Y/N , if you’re watching this , i hope you’re having a great Christmas and that hyung’s surprise was successful ! “ Jaehyun replied calmly as the younger members cheered .

Your mouth widened once again as you looked at him straight in the eye . The comments of the fans came in even faster now and many were as shocked as you were ,

” B-Babe .. Did they just reveal our relationship ? What if things get worst ? Taeyong is this suppose to happen- “ you shot him endless questions but all he did was hug you as he replied with a tone of excitement ,

” Yes , everything was planned Y/N , i want to show the world that the best gift that i ever received this year was getting together with you . “

BTS REACTION: To pepero game with crush

Scenario: It was a party and the members said that he wouldn’t do it

Rap Monster: He’d act cool in front of his crush and would do it without problem… but far from you he’d freak out.

“kyaaaa, her/his lips!!!”

Jin: He’d show fake confidence to his members and would try his best at the game, without invading your space and after that would spend the rest of the party blanked, thinking about how close from you he was.   

Suga: He’d try to keep his normal posture, but it wouldn’t work.

“ahhh omg man, my heart is crazy, omg it was so close”

J-Hope: Would be easy to say that he was nervous because of the game and the members, he’d try to look normal after the game and almost kissed you, but is easy to imagine how normal it would look.

Jimin: Like Jin he’d show a fake confidence to his members, but in front of you would become a little shy baby.

“aigoo… I think we should try this game another day… without all these people”

V: He’d listen to his hyungs quiet, with a shy smile.

But with you he’d act confident and would lead the whole game, before ask you out.

“why don’t we try to do it again… but without the cookie?’

Jungkook: Forget the confidence and even false confidence, Jungkook would face you all the time until the game starts and in your turn would be soooo shy and the cutest thing that would make your heart fall in love for  him.

~ADM Cherry~

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[17's Diary - SVT] 2015/04/06 The First Day of Reality Show Filming.

S.Coups) I actually don’t like it when someone steal my stuff. The important ring that I’ve been treasuring recently was stolen.
I feel the urge to try harder.. I was flustered too.. I’m worried that the members will be flustered too, so in front of them I said that I was okay but I think I’m always the one who feel flustered the most.
But, just like how we have been all these time!!!!! We just have to find the answer ㅋㅋㅋ We must get the ring back! Let’s make it, Seventeen!!!!!!

Woozi) We were filming a reality show, it is indeed ‘real’.
Unpredictable situations happened, and I’m still dumbfounded now.
Indeed, we’re extraordinary ㅋㅋ Will it always be like this from now onward? However, fighting…ㅎ

Dino) We had the first filming of Seventeen’s reality show today!!!ㅎㅎ
We filmed it all day long~~ so this is how the broadcasting feels like.
And Seventeen Project… We just know the title of our reality program today^^;;;;
(The production staff) didn’t tell us anything ㅠ_ㅠ cold-hearted staff….

Seungkwan) Today, the first filming of reality show!!!! It was very awesome.
We really had fun at studio for Seventeen. Today was really memorable to me.
I’m worried about the scene when I’m crying during the interview, it’ll get edited out…rightㅜㅜ
Anyway, let’s do out best! For an-hour long live debut stage!!! Ahㅜㅜ todayㅜㅜ I had mental breakdown.

Joshua) We had the first filming of reality show today.
I was on mental breakdown state because of the things that happened during practice yesterday… after the filming, I fell even more into the mental breakdown state ㅜㅠ (I should’ve know since the trainers told us to practice even harder….ㅜㅜ)
However I had a new experience and I had fun during the filming!ㅎㅎ
Everyone, you’ve worked hard^^

Junghan) Today is the first filming of the reality show.
We began it happily but as time goes we fell into mental breakdown state and I feel like I lost everything in meㅋㅋ
I need to work harder so we can complete the mission and get an-hour long live showcase. Seventeen hwaiting!

Dokyum) What did we do today?!!?~~!! It was a hectic day.
We are doing a reality show, but we start the filming without knowing anything about the show, and just know when we were doing it ㅜㅜ It’s too realㅜㅜㅜ haa…
It’s Mingyu’s birthday and we were on the repertoire of hidden camera…
I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now.
Everyone must be tired and and out of mind right now, but we need to go and film a self-camera.
I need to film and go to sleep~
(It wasn’t broadcasted but everything that was happened was for Mingyu’s birthday hidden camera. After Seventeen throw a birthday party for him, the staff on the broadcasting station wished him a happy birthday. tehet-_-v)

Hoshi) It’s a program that can live up these words properly: “It’s so real!!”
After we filmed it I had thoughts like “I should have done better”, “I should have done it like this or that..”. Since they gave us this huge opportunity, I will work harder.
Seventeen project, hwaiting!!

Vernon) We just finished the first filming of Seventeen’s reality show. I was so flustered.
The program was very unexpected. Until yesterday I thought we were going out somewhere (to have fun)…
I had a mental breakdown, but I will never give up. Seventeen fighting!

THE8) We had filming for Seventeen’s reality show today. It was so real. I’m tired but it was so fun.
On the next filming, I’ll make it funnier and I will do better.

Jun) It’s 2.18AM right now ~~ The first filming of 17’s reality show has endedㅠㅠ I only slept for 4 hours in 2 days….
I feel tired, but I’m happy~~ I hope we can do well =_= …..I will work harder in the future ~

Wonwoo) We had the first filming today, and I had mental breakdown..ㅠㅠ a lot of things happened at the same time..
We suddenly visited MBC, we suddenly dance when the song played, our rings suddenly get stolen, we suddenly had an interview, and we suddenly wish Mingyu a happy birthday.
What is this.. I need to go to dorm and straighten upㅠㅠ

Mingyu) Today finally..we had the first filming of the reality show… It’s my birthday but my phone is confiscated even before the filming (When Seventeen have a schedule, we have to leave our handphones at the office.
The rule was made by Seventeen members so we can go all-out during the broadcasting!!) so I couldn’t call my mother.
You might be curious about what happened on the first filming.. before I have an interview, I saw the clock and my birthday has passed.
I feel down but I tried to not make it obvious, when I went to have an interview, the members suddenly came in.
Surprise birthday party. Although I can’t spend it with my family, I feel fine since I have another family to spend the day with me.
I’m sure if it with the hyungs, dongsaengs, and friends we can complete every mission that was given to us!
First of all… I need to call my mother.

» blue night radio nightly playlists - for the week of april 13th (to april 19th) »

» monday, april 13th (guest: okdal) » 01. new york - paloma faith → 02. 사실 - letter flow → 03. you - the pretty reckless → 04. help - okdal → 05. talk about you - mika → 06. another rainy day - corinne bailey rae → 07. 헤어지자고 - joo hyung jin → 08. a reminder - the perishers → 09. trouble sleeping - the perishers → 10. 그대 오늘도 잘해냈어요 - choi han sol → 11. goodbye - ra.d » (theme: the radio)

» tuesday, april 14th » (guests: suho, chanyeol and chen of exo) 01. home and dry - pet shop boys → 02. cheek to cheek - tony bennett → 03. hold my hand - jess glynne → 04. memory (feat. jang jae in) - yoon jong shin → 05. 잔물결 (splash ver.) - depapepe → 06. best luck - chen → 07: playboy - exo → 08. call me baby - exo → 09. sara smile - rumer → 10. indian summer - manic street preachers → 11. lover - anglee → 12. 널 위해서라고 - dear cloud (theme: caring oppa)

» wednesday, april 15th (guest: ez hyoung) » 01. good thing - sam smith → 02. 4 white stallions - counting crows → 03. 소년이 어른이 되어 - monni → 04. luv - maeng yuna → 05. every moment - sam ock → 06. H에게 - 015b → 07. the other side - parachute → 08. 사랑이 지나가면 - lee moon sae → 09. duet - ez hyoung → 10. 잔혹한 여행 - han hee jung → 11. riptide - vance joy → 12. uncertain weather - youn sun nah → 13. 파도에 꽃들 - phonebooth » (theme: you, who came from the stars)

» thursday, april 16th (guest: nine of dear cloud) » 01. i believe - connie talbot → 02. uprising - muse → 03. 4월16일 - park ji yoon → 04. superheroes - the script→ 05. 봄 - lee sora → 06. real - mate → 07. 내 낡은 서랍속의 바다 - panic → 08. let it go - james bay → 09. 고마워요 나의 그대여 - lyn → 10. fix you - coldplay → 11. 꼭 안아 주세요 - kang huh dalrim → 12. i don’t want to see you cry - silje nergaard → 13. mi manchi - andrea bocelli → 14. 친구야 너는 아니 - boohwal » (theme: lonely club)

» friday, april 17th (guests: park shi wan / shin zisu) » 01. 금요일 (feat. philtre) - oohyo → 02. when you know - shawn colvin → 03. miss you - foster the people → 04. perfect world - arco → 05. 심야식당 - charlie’s ukulele → 06. 디저트 - park shi hwan → 07. hey jude - shin zisu → 08. 두근두근 (album ver.) - ibadi → 09. songbird - eva cassidy → 10. beautiful days - fantastic plastic machine → 11. 너는 너의 길을 가 - serengeti → 12. this is love - kim jung bum » (theme: long goodbyes)

» saturday, april 18th » 01. like you - jonghyun → 02. 미안해 (i’m sorry) - jonghyun → 03. u & i - jonghyun → 04.하루의 끝 (the end of a day) - jonghyun → 05. happy birthday - jonghyun → 06. 내일쯤 (by tomorrow) - jonghyun → 07. 산하엽 (skeleton flower) - jonghyun → 08. video - india. arie → 09 playboy - exo → 10. if i were a boy - beyonce → 11. 기억을 걷는 시간 - nell → 12. 가장 보통의 존재 - onnine ibalgwan → 13. tiny town - wouter hamel → 14. do i need a reason - d'sound → 15. 잔향 - kim dong ryool → 16. slide show - travis → 17. 잊을 수가 없잖아 - solsolspringwind » (theme: jonghyun’s freestyle. special theme: jonghyun’s compositions for blue night.)

» sunday, april 19th » (guest: ha sang wook) 01. 봄에게 (feat. jo eun hee) - norwegian wood → 02. skin and bones - foo fighters → 03. greatest love of all - whitney houston → 04. 기억만이라도 - ann → 05. 이별공식 - seo yeon → 06. diggin’ on you - tlc → 07. god! show me magic - super furry animals → 08. 오래전 그날 - yoon jong shin → 09. 말해줘 (feat. uhm jung hwa) - jinusean → 10. 정 - young turks club → 11. 다시 만난 너에게 - pinocchio → 12. 커플 - sech kies → 13. 널 위해 준비된 사랑 - kim jo han → 14. mr. boyd - my life story → 15. 몽상가들 - rossy pp » (theme: 90s but goodies)

Yet another (past) ordinary day in the EXO dorm...
  • Baekhyun: Kris Hyung can you teach me how to speak in English? I want to be good at it like Kyungsoo
  • Yifan: Sure why not
  • Luhan: Hey Baek why didn't you ask me first? I'm good at speaking English too
  • Baekhyun: Oh
  • Baekhyun: Why don't you show us?
  • Luhan: Yo yo yo! Yo yo yo yo yo? Yo yo.
  • Yifan:
  • Baekhyun:
  • Luhan: YO yo yooo yo yo yo! Yo yo yo yo? Haha, yo yo yo ~ !
  • Baekhyun: Yeah so Kris Hyung about those English lessons