(and yes that whole thing is a category)

Queer is not a slur.

Not when used as a self-identification, and not when used as an umbrella term within the community, at least.

See, here’s the thing: The most common identifier used by bi, pan, and trans people to describe their sexuality? Queer.

Given that multiple studies have shown that bi people alone comprise about half the community, that makes it by far the most common term we use to describe ourselves.

What’s more, it’s not just an identifier: it’s a rallying cry. It’s a banner the whole community has assembled under forever. “We’re here, we’re queer” is a cliché for a reason. It’s a statement of power, and of pride - yes, we’re weird. We don’t fit into the “acceptable” categories cisheteronormative society gives us. And that’s a good thing. It’s a call to demolish those “acceptable” boxes, to build a world we’re all part of.

Its rejection is a relatively recent move by the same homonationalism that brought us “Bi people don’t belong,” the thrilling sequel “Trans people don’t belong,” and the stunning conclusion “Ace people don’t belong.” It’s a deliberate strategy employed by respectability politicians seeking a seat at the table - taking the work we’ve put in and distancing themselves from us so they can tell the straights “We deserve your respect because we’re just like you! We even hate queers!”

(And don’t think it’s a coincidence that the community suddenly forgot the massive, massive overlap between “queer” and “poly” when building the very self-conscious image of two clean-cut upper-middle-class smiling young professional men or women either. Anything that wasn’t “respectable” enough had to go. My deepest thanks to the person who pointed this out.)

In the rush for our place in an oppressive hell, we’ve lost our revolutionary edge, lost our fire, and lost a lot of what drove us in the first place. Fuck. That.

I’m queer, and you will never take that away from me.

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Idea where Taako/Kravitz and Lup/Barry have an unspoken rivalry when it comes out to being Angus' MagicParents™ And and Angus has such a big family and the whole Bureau kinda adopts him and he's the happiest and most loved boy

I feel like lup and barry fall more into the cool aunt+uncle category  but hell yeah everybody just bein all ‘ yes this is my good magic son’ at ango and magnus and taako constantly trying to one up each other with candle nights presents every year for him (magnus wins you cant beat giving a kid a puppy)

The 2017 Welters Challenge

Hey guys! So we’ve been posting mysteriously about this for a few weeks now, and some of you may know all about it, some of you may merely be intrigued. Either way, welcome! Season 2 left us with a lot of feelings, and plenty of creative ideas to fuel so much fan content that it oozes out of our ears. But season 3 is a little less than a year away, which leaves us plenty of time to get that fan content out.

But what better way to do it than in a fandom challenge?

Now, you may be wondering: Do I need actual magic to participate? And the answer is no. Unlike the actual Welters challenge, you don’t need actual, real magic to play the game. All you need is a love for the show, a burning need for more fandom content (maybe a slight singe if not burning?), and the desire to have some fun. You don’t even need to be a fandom content creator!

Sound like you?

Well, then, we’d like to welcome you to the 2017 Fandom Welters Challenge. Where the name of the game is content creation and appreciation.

There are seven weeks of fandom challenges, and seven weeks of fandom appreciation. A whole week of content creation, followed by a whole week of response. The main goal of the Welters challenge is to introduce a surplus of content for an otherwise small fandom, and for content creators to receive an abundance of love and support for their art, edits, writing, whatever form of content they make. We aim to make this hiatus seem shorter, and less lacking than the last one was.

So, you may be wondering, how does this whole Welters Challenge thing actually work? Seems a bit difficult. And, yes, it is a handful, but there’s a whole team of us hanging out on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, all working to make sure everything goes swimmingly. 

There are a few rules, which you’ll find below. Some things you may like to know before you get to the rules, though, are:

  1. At the end of each week of appreciation, there will be a Featured Content for each category (Art, Edit, Video, Fic, Gifs), which will be selected primarily by votes.
  2. The challenges will be announced biweekly. Essentially you’ll have a week to create and post. And then there will be a week of devouring that art like it’s the only good thing left on a magicless planet.
  3. The challenge lasts 14 weeks. You are not at all obligated to participate in all fourteen weeks.
  4. TheWeltersChallenge (Tumblr), @WeltersTeam (twitter), and /TheWeltersChallenge (Facebook) will reblog/share every submission.

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since some of you on this website seem Incapable of breaking out the Critical Thinking Machine, I thought I’d try give you a hand:

-homophobia: oppresses all SGA (same/similar gender attracted) people. this includes gay people, lesbians, bi people, pan people, and ply people (although I guess technically it’s possible to be ply but not SGA? …maybe more on that later idk)

-transphobia: oppresses all non-cis people. this includes trans binary people and non binary people (even those who do not choose to use the label trans)

everyone that fits into the categories listed above is oppressed by these things. yes, even if you live in the most progressive, accepting family in the most progressive, accepting neighbourhood in the whole world. yes, even if you’re in the closet (why do you think the closet exists in the first place?)

this is the basis on which the LGBT community was formed: an alliance between those oppressed by either (or both!) of these two systems, which have historically been very closely linked.

this is who we are.


I know what all the Mary Sue Litmus Tests say, how you’re supposed to view your characters as tools for getting a story across instead of people you might have emotions toward.

Spoiler alert: That’s a terrible fucking way to view them. 

If you want to write a good story, your characters need to be people. They need to have their own desires and deepest fears. You need to be able to get inside their heads and answer questions like, how do they squeeze their toothpaste out of the tube? Do they squeeze from the bottom or from the middle–or do they leave the cap off and slam their fist down on the tube that’s already leaking out onto the counter? When they get up in the morning, do they make their bed? If the answer is yes, if your character gets up in the morning and finds out that they’re late, do they make their bed anyway?

The more things you can answer, the better you’re going to know your characters. They can’t just be cut-outs, tropes, clichés, if you really want to write well. And if a character is going to be a trope, you’d best be sure you’re pulling it off, and that they’re not just a lazy version of what they could be. Motivation is one of the keys (I won’t say it’s the key, because a character can have motivation and still be two-dimensional) to a well-rounded character. If you’re writing a bitchy soccer mom, why is she that way? Was she raised to be rude to employees, or does she think that, by acting rude, she can hide her insecurity about never getting the best for her children–something her parents never really strove for? (Before someone tries to accuse me of supporting being rude to employees, it’s an example I just came up with off the top of my head, so hush.)

Not every character has to be sympathetic. But I’ll say this: It’s going to be hard to write a character who is 100% good or 100% bad, and still have them feel like people. A mindlessly evil villain is going to be boring. A perfect protagonist is going to be even more boring.

There are five questions that every author must be able to answer about his or her protagonist (and every major character, really). I’ll list them first, and then introduce each one:

  1. Who is your character?
  2. What do they want?
  3. What’s in their way?
  4. Do they get what they want?
  5. If so, how? If not, why not?

1.  The first one can be the hardest. Because it’s not some, “oh, John is a 46-year-old man with a wife and two daughters and he owns a–” No. Get out.
Who are they? Is your character a woman who’s used to getting what she wants? Or, alternately, is it more that she never gets what she wants, so she feels entitled, because she thinks the world owes her? Is your character a man who only ever sees the best in people, no matter how many times they hurt him? You have to know these kinds of things. You don’t have to write it explicitly on the page (actually, please, don’t do that), but you have to know it in your head, and you have to let it flourish in everything your character does.

2.  I find the second one to be a bit easier to answer, mostly because it’s what drives the entire story. But, like last time, this isn’t the entry-level shit. Sure, your guy might want to pull off that dangerous maneuver in his fighter jet, but is it about the plane or is it about proving himself to the pilots who call him a momma’s boy? Does this girl really want her mother to dance with her at her wedding reception as much as she wants her mother to accept that she’s just married a woman?

3.  This next one is where you start to introduce that internal/external conflict kind of stuff. What comes between your character and their goal? This one is a bit more straightforward. In school you learn about “Man vs Man,” “Man vs Environment,” “Man vs Self,” etc, and you’re expected to be able to fit every story you read in class into one box. Does the protagonist struggle with his fear of crossing bridges, OR is it the bridge that’s the problem? Few middle school teachers will bother to let you know that more than one of those things can apply to the same story, even to the same character, in the same moment. So you grow up thinking that, if you can’t sort writing into one nifty category or another, you must be doing something wrong, when the truth is–life is messy. Lifelike writing is messy.

4.  You don’t always need a black-or-white answer to this one, especially if ‘yes’ might mean that the whole story conveniently wraps up in a pretty bow just in time for the conclusion. But ‘no’ doesn’t guarantee a great story, either. And it’s okay not to be entirely sure yourself which one fits better. Just be sure that, whatever your answer, it’s reflected in your story.

5.  So long as you have thought-out answers for the first four (and they’re, you know, there in the story), this one should be a breeze. The ‘no’ might be a bit trickier, only in that you might not expect the true reason. Just try not to sweat it, try not to overthink it.

Answering these five questions is the best way to get to know your character, as well as the story in which you’ve set them. I’m not going to touch on things like physical design, because that’s not what this post is about, and things like describing your character in the context of the story will be under Point Of View. I’ll make a separate post about voice as well.

Before I go, here’s something for all you people who write fanfiction, because I’m sure you’re thinking, “well, this post doesn’t apply to me, because I’m not the one making up the characters.” A hint, if you will. A “hack.” You use those ready-made characters like little paper dolls, never getting inside their heads and making them seem like people? Your readers might applaud you (because, let’s face it, fanfiction readers aren’t there to be critical–they read the garbage I published at age 14 and said it was good shit), but you’ve completely ignored what it means to write. I get it–it’s easier to say to your readers, “well, you know who they are already, because you’ve watched all seventy-five seasons of Supernatural, so I’m just going to jump right in on my self-indulgent smut.” But you have to be able to answer those character questions, both from the canon and from your story alone, if you want to hold yourself to the same standard as people who make up everything themselves.

Well well well, the post you’ve been waiting for your whole life. I’ve gotten several messages this week asking for links to smut with particular kinks in them, so I figured this rec was probably a bit overdue. 

Note: This is a kinky fic rec, which means they aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. See, this is me telling you now. I don’t want any angry anons okay babs

I’m going to sort by kink, although some can fall into more than one category:

BDSM (They're all sub!sherlock)

Shames and Praises Nice and long, hint of praise kink

Training Sherlock Also really long (***this is the 1st johnlock fic I ever read lmao I was 13)

Command Structure (more sweet than kinky tbh- my favorite bdsm fic! also military kink okay)

Not My Area (heyo virgin sherlock)

Sherlock Finds a New Addiction (This standalone is part of a series but u should read the whole thing it’s hot)

Captain Watson (military kink and voice kink? it’s christmas)

His Good Boy (praise kink what omg)

Possession (a-okay super hot)

watersports (yes that means peeing okay)

Soaking (u know what else is gonna be soaking after u read this? yea)

Anything but Temptation (brief mention of incestuous feelings)

Falling (this falls under almost all the categories and kinky as hell)

Standard Deviation (WIP but nappies!!1!!)

An Island (pissing in a c aB OMFG)

A Study in Sexuality (so much desperation play ugh)

Accidents Happen (scent kink, watersport, and fawnlock i am dead)

Explorations and Explosions (a long series a++)

The Fourth Thing (di aPERS)

daddy!kink/age play (John's the daddy)

Five Plus One (a whole new level of depravity lmao)

Is He a Friend of Yours? (so hot omf some plushoplilia)

Finding Places (a++)

Truth or Dare (soooo good my fave daddy kink fic)

How You Remind Me (BDSM elements)

Master (so kinky~ come eating btw)

Lace (+crossdressing <3)

Please Daddy, I’ll be Good (u can just tell from the title)

pet play

The Sound That you Found for Me (boy oh boy)

Properly Spoiled (!!!!)

Submissive Tendencies (cr y ing so hot)

size kink aka sherlock has a small dick and i think it's hot

Jerk  (one of those u can tell its good from the title lmao)

All Over so hot :’)

Shameful it’s okay sherlock we like ur tiny peen

i'm not a furry i swear (fawnlock)

Brittle Blossoms (it’s long + omegaverse)

Summer heat

Trip Through Your Wires (mating noises im cr ying)

But Pleasures are Like Poppies (frottage B) )

Olfactophilia (scent kink a-okay)

Rutting (rutting)

chastity devices/come & desperation play

Sherlock, Locked (c OCK CAGE 😵)

It’s Mutual (sherlock can come untouched i just fainted)

Losing It (BSDM elements)

Carpe Nocturnum (more BSDM elements)

Release (o h NO)

crossdressing ❤❤❤❤

Frilly Knickers (it’s called frilly knickers like idk what else to say)

It’s Not a Kink (u h yEA IT IS)

This Chair Ain’t Big Enough (okay it’s like a mob AU but it’s a++)

Stockings (omFg)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot (BDSM okay)

foot fetish

Putting His Foot Down (alrightalrightalrightalright)

Sherlock Afoot (the best part of this category is that all the titles are puns)

Distraction Techniques (feet)

A Work of Art (hell yea work of art)

public sex

Evening Ride (a classic)

A Multitude of Sins (+height kink <33)

I Don’t Know Why (im such a sucker for public sex)

In Plain Sight (10/10 would recommend)

Praise Me (praise kink+ public sex its christmas)

dry humping/clothed sex/frottage/rutting/idek

Tell Me I’m Pretty (this may be the sweetest smut ive ever read<33)

This is It (this is sort of furry but not terribly okay just read it)

And Then This Happened (short but good)

Share and Share Alike (omegaverse!)

A Pressing Need (morning wood hella)

While You Sleep (its not as creepy as it is hot)

Wet (“Sherlock starts having orgasms he can’t control” wow me too)

I hope you all thoroughly enjoy reading my wank material. Have fun!!

polishingopals replied to your post: this is gonna be the vainest shit ever but i’m…

YE DUDE there’s nothing wrong with liking your own writing &lt;3

oh yeah like. i’m on a whole proud of my stuff. but it’s not a sure thing, that you will go back to a story and enjoy it. like, I cannot reread TES at all. Just hard nope. But I can reread ASAFAF. So I’m just happy that TWYCC is falling in the “oh okay this is good” category for me.

But really tho, the split-attraction model is literally homophobic.

Part of my coming out as gay involved realizing that I experienced my sexuality in more ways than just sexual urges. Nothing wrong with sex or having a sex drive, and nothing wrong with not experiencing sexual attraction. But again, one of the most important breakthroughs in my overcoming internalized homophobia was literally uniting my sexual attraction with the rest of sexuality.

Yes, that’s just my own narrative, my own lived experience, and it’s not prescriptive.

However. The whole reason I had to do that, the whole reason that existed as a thing to overcome, is that splitting attraction into categories of “sexual” and “romantic” is literally how straight people oppress lgbp people: our experiences are separated from “normal” sexuality by isolating us as these sex-crazed freaks who can’t experience full sexuality, and are predatory by nature.

It works by saying “well, these people are deviant because they experience sexual desire differently from the rest of us, and that’s threatening.” And once that differentness is established, we are further othered and demonized by saying “and as to the full range of human romance and sexuality, they are stunted and cannot share with each other what we have, which is natural, and fully functional and more human.”

And so, a theory that splits attraction into categories, and proceeds to lump gayness into the “purely sexual” one, blatantly and explicitly separating it from “the rest” of human sexuality, is EXACTLY how straight people oppress lgbp folks on the daily.

And that’s just one of the horrible implications of the split-attraction model. It also erases gay and lesbian people as those who experience exclusively sga, and it’s unfair to asexual folks who really do experience degrees of more or less attraction. And it erases bi and pan people by letting folks who are not actually bi or pan identify as being attracted to multiple genders because their attractions are “split.”

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Chapter 3

Character key:


Monday, October 28th

Let’s play 20 questions.

(Y/N), it’s 12 in the morning.

I’m aware.

What happened to not wanting details?

I don’t know, impulse decision?


What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

Wow, such a hard hitter to start off! Chocolate.

Where do you live?


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Hey I just read your fic open for repairs and i'm absolutely in love!! I wanted to ask if you know of any other fics similiar to yours which have that "sad skinny boys in oversize jumpers" vibes?? If you know what i mean?? It'd be so helpful if you could recommend me some or publish this so maybe your followers can? Thank you so much! And please keep up the good work you're an amazing writer xx

!!! thank u angel !!! yes i do, I think abt that aesthetic as soft!drarry even tho I don’t think that encapsulates the whole thing?? idk what else to call it. I made a reclist for soft!draco which is pretty much the same category and then after I read Running on Air (my fAVE soft drarry in the WHOLE world) I asked Serra to make me a rec list for similar fics. I’d say maybe also peruse my other stuff bc its all p soft, tho less overtly ‘soft boys in sweaters.’ Counting Down From Ten is probs the most similar, Strangeness and Charm is 100% dreamy sad boys :)


I can respect legitimate reasons for not shipping NaLu, because not everyone is going to ship or like the same thing, however, I can not respect reasons such as these.

The whole “Lisanna was there first/she had Natsu first” have irked me the entire day. What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Yes, Natsu was friends with Lisanna first and yes, he knew her before he did Lucy, but this does not mean she earns some reward or some sense of entitlement to Natsu because ‘she was here first’. Natsu isn’t a prize (need I inform this to people) and whether he likes her or Lucy or someone else or hell, no one else is entirely up to him. It doesn’t matter who came in first, last, middle, no one is entitled to anyone. They’re not prizes to be won (har har disney reference yeah whatever).

Next reason: the fans are immature.

Don’t speak for a fandom, because chances are you’re going to make an ass out of yourself and I’m going to be very annoyed by it. Not all NaLu fans are immature just like not all NaLi fans are immature. Yes, there are some immature ones in the bunch, but this doesn’t speak for us all. There are going to be immature fans no matter what fandom you’re in. Just know everyone is not like that and ignore the immature ones.

The third reason is going to, more than likely, be a little biased, because I don’t ship NaLi, but calling NaLu cliche? Why? Because it’s two of the main characters? The main guy and the main girl? Doesn’t NaLi fall into a cliche category as well? The whole best friends when they were little thing? Come on now, if you’re going to call NaLu cliche, I personally suggest looking at your own ship here.

And as for the fourth reason, I could care less if someone finds it weird–though I’m rather confused as to how and why– because that’s their opinion–even if I don’t agree with it.

I’m still going to ship NaLu regardless.

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The controversy of marrying a Non-Echidna Mobian would cause scandal, but an Overlander becoming the spouse of a Guardian would be something that the whole society will never let down.

Oooh yes. Cause marrying a different kind of Mobian is one thing, but Overlanders are a category unto themselves, and for the especially insular Echidna, it’d be too much for a lot of them to take. 

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10 favourite gifs with louis GO :D

This was one of the HARDEST things I ever had to do. Going through Louis’ gifs and selecting only 10 is like visiting heaven and hell at the exact same time! Seriously. I didn’t include Larry ones because that made the impossible even more impossible.

Let me start off with this. I could just hug him to death when he is giggling in his hand. Look at how cute he is.

(Okay I cheated already, i am counting this as one gif)

Footie Louis has always been one of my favourites and there is a good reason for it. It’s called SHORTS. And he is also really happy and free when he is playing football.

Really free ;)

Next category is sunshine Louis. When he full on smiles it literally brights up my world. And look at the crinkly eyes, aw.

UGH. Let’s take a minute to enjoy this.

There is more Louis under ‘Read More’ folks!

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With pan I feel like me being a nb lesbian, is the Worst Thing™ because obviously I can't date trans women because of that, right? I don't even want to mention trans lesbians. The whole idea that pan is more ~Inclusive~ is super transphobic tbh.

Yes, like they think that you wouldn’t be able to date a trans woman because they think lesbian is a “regressive” identity, and because they think that you need a “separate” category of attraction to trans people. It’s incredibly transphobic (and it denies the existence of trans/nb bisexuals, gay men, and lesbians). 

What I liked in Brave-ish Heart:

-April was a badass throughout the whole episode, she saved Ram’s life, defeated the king of the Shadow Kin, stood up for herself and saved the world like it was no big deal. That’s my girl!

-Tanya, 14-year-old Tanya, was once again the voice of reason, the one people automatically turned to when they needed something explained succinctly, but clearly (her explanations were totally priceless by the way) and took an important part in saving the world by figuring out the connection between April’s mum and April as well as the Shadow kills petals text Matteusz sent. This probably does not need being said, but Tanya is definitely the smartest of all the kids as well as the most perceptive and understanding. I love how the show constantly expands on that and doesn’t let us forget it. I might be a bit biased, I love Tanya.

-Speaking of Matteusz and saving the world - he played his part in that too! If it wasn’t for his moral compass, he and Charlie might never have made the connection between the Shadow Kin and the petals. He was also a real badass in disabling Dorothea, amazingly calm while having a gun pointed at him and probably the best boyfriend one could wish for. He has a killer sense of humour too. “Plus the whole mass murder thing” and “Even with a gun you should never turn your back on an angry Pole” were some of the best and funniest one-liners in this episode. And gosh, were there many of those!

-Ram being supportive of April and believing in her and being there for her also puts him firmly in the category of probably the best boyfriend one could wish for.

-Really, the whole saving the world business was one big team effort with all the kids pitching in. Yes, even Charlie who I still don’t like very much, but had some really interesting character development in this episode. I like how the kids are slowly becoming a world-saving team and working so well together.

- The parents were awesome. Ram’s dad is amazing and April’s mum is very cool as well. April’s dad sort of redeemed himself with the speech in the Shadow realm, but not completely. He’s still the weakest link parentswise as far as I’m concerned.

-Dorothea and her arc - also extremely interesting. The governors and how much they know about everything going on in the school scare me a little. I like how sassy Dorothea can be, but I still don’t trust her.

-Ram and April discussing religion and it being done in such a wonderful way. I loved that part, I really did.

-April’s mum insisting that her life was full and happy and in no way less even when she was paralyzed.

- Superb acting and writing.

- I was saving the most important thing for last - QUILL!!! All the Quill scenes and everything she said. There were so many little details thrown in and quite a bit about her backstory and the Quill’s beliefs as well as a really amazing juxtaposition between her and Charlie which I intend to analyze separately and at length.  Katherine Kelly was absolutely magnificent from start to finish. I promise to rave more about her as well.

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What's lsrpg culture?

I think anyone who has been involved in it just instinctively knows what I’m talking about? But it’s this trend of admins making these monster roleplays that involve a ton of world-building and lots of promotion gimmicks (sweepstakes, milestones, teasers, etc. etc. etc.) and usually takes months upon months UPON MONTHS to actually finish the roleplay enough to open. Also they are almost always characterized by expecting applicants to sacrifice hours and hours (and their first born child?) into an app. 

My biggest problem is the lack of originality. Like it’s always the same gimmicks, the same characters, the same plot devices, the same set up. I could say more about this, but I won’t. Also when admins world-build so meticulously, it almost requires admin micro-managing? Like players feel like everything is so intricate and planned that they cannot plot for themselves or feel free to do things independent from the rp as a whole. And then admins wonder why people lose muse and interest - it’s because they have asserted themselves as the head of the roleplay, and so yes players do look to them to move everything forward. 

Finally, it just doesn’t work. Period. It doesn’t. It looks pretty, it seems cool, but it is never ever practical or able to survive as a roleplay group. And I myself fit into that admin category so it’s not like I’m not criticizing myself too. Another expectation I personally don’t like about these groups is that in order to be “literate” you have to only para? Honestly, I do not always have time for a 300-600 (sometimes more) reply. And then I’m only able to do a couple of replies a day and the plot moves s o  s l o w l y. Like those kinds of replies are fine and great for 1x1 but it completely drains the energy from a group. It’s no wonder why after a week players start dropping like flies. You lose motivation and muse because you’re suddenly just like “is this what this experience is going to be like?” 

So yeah, I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about this and why groups never last anymore. Honestly, I have joined appless rps or others that some would consider less quality than “lsrpg” but honestly those are some of the best groups out there? Yes, some of the plots and characters make me cringe a little and the writing isn’t always the best, but they don’t fucking die in a month which is much better than our lsrpg community is doing. And like I said, in most respects I am just as guilty of most of these things as any other admin. But seriously guys something has to change because our community has become so anemic that it will just continue to decline and die if we don’t do something differently.

So yeah, #rantover

so i realised something…

there’s been approximately 5 Black companions on doctorwho since 2003 (not counting the companions from the audios and books and comics, because I’m not familiar enough with that side of things… maybe someone else could fill in about the Black companions in those parts of the EU?), and it seems like every single time*

either the Black guy has been the 3rd point of a (possible) love triangle with the white companion and the Doctor, or the Black woman has been the platonic friend companion as “rebound girl” after the loss of the companion that the Doctor loved way too much:

  • Alison after the (unnamed but very important to the Doctor) woman that died before scream of the shalka 
  • Mickey as the dr’s rival for Rose
  • Martha after Rose 
  • Danny as the dr’s rival for Clara
  • Bill after Clara 

and like… I’m really not so ok with the Doctor falling in love with companions anyway, because of the relationship imbalance aspect…
and i’m totally letting myself get excited about Bill and definitely hoping for some kind of Ace & the Professor dynamic between her and Capaldi…

But you have to admit this starts to look like a pattern.

*if you only have 5ish Black companions of out 50ish(?) total companions… yes the sample size is small but this is by definition part of the problem.

PS: yes i realise i skipped Courtney Woods, because as a minor in a few episodes she’s in a different category to the adult companions who were around for a whole season or more, and honestly the things that were disappointing about her story were entirely different from the topic of this post.

Don’t Worry--We’re Still Here!

Uh, hey everybody!  Dipper Pines here.  And yes, don’t worry–me, Mabel, and everyone else at the Shack is still very much alive.

Well, uh, to an extent.  Turns out some of those Lilliputtian guys actually followed us to Piedmont and tried to beat us with golf clubs in our sleep?  So yeah, not fun.

But yeah, I know what you guys are thinking…”Are you still gonna answer the rest of the questions in your inbox?  You’re not getting bored of the whole askblog thing, are you?  Why’d you just up and vanish like a Category 8 ghost on a bad day?”

The answers to those questions are yes, no, and, uh, I can totally explain.

See, no more summer means no more summer break.  And trust me, Mabel and I are up to our eyeballs in homework.  Sure, I’ve handled a decent course load in the past, but like, 8th grade is rougher than I thought it’d be, man! 

Turns out actually being honest in your “What I Did This Summer” essay isn’t always good enough for the more skeptical teachers.  So guess who’s been rewriting that for the past four hours.

Meanwhile, Grunkle Stan and Great Uncle Ford seem totally chill with answering asks from their boat or whatever, but it seems like they’ve been pretty busy too.  Apparently some kinda sea monster took a bite of their rudder the other day, so they’ve been super occupied.

Also, I can’t imagine they get very good wi-fi out there to check the askbox in the first place? So there’s that.

And of course, Soos is running the shack, Wendy, Pacifica, and all the others are back in school, like…everybody’s got a pretty full plate!

The only person in town that I can think of that isn’t busy is Toby Determined.  But, I, uh, I wouldn’t let him touch this blog with a fifty-foot pole.  No offense.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is we’re going on a bit of a hiatus.  Sure, a lot has happened that we’d love to talk about!  But until things settle down for everyone, I feel like we won’t be able to give you more than one-word answers.  And I mean, that’s just lame for everyone, right?

But rest assured, the blog isn’t closing downAnd no, we’re not gonna disappear indefinitely and consider that a hiatus, either.  We will be back, and hopefully soon!  We’ve just got a lot to take care of before we do.

So yeah, guys!  Thanks for being so patient and stuff. Like, seriously, that really means a lot to us.  You all really are great, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things so we can get to all your questions!  Cause trust me, there’s a lot to get to.

‘Til then, stay tuned, y’know?

We’ll see you soon!


anonymous asked:

U can't just not know what u are

it has nothing to do with me not knowing what I am at all. I spent my whole fucking life trying to fit myself into one of societies many labels. I tried dressing a certain way, talking a certain way, acting a certain way, just because everyone else was doing it. I sat in my room every night while I was away at school trying to find a stupid category to fit myself in bc I felt crazy. and the best thing I ever did was pull myself up and realize that I am me. I’m my own fucking person. a “label” does not define who I am. do I love girls? holy shit yes. am I dating one? you bet. but I’m not going to go around calling myself a lesbian because society thinks I need a label to get through life. I am me, there’s my label.