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Which HPA Student Council member is which

A ton of appreciation goes to the combined efforts of @jinjojess, @gs-goldstarz and @taichinchin for providing us the translations for the HPA Student Council members in this post.

Now, I’m really curious as to which person is which. Thus after rewatching the first killing game for more despair, I noticed that the way the ‘motivation’ files are arranged here (from left to right)

is somewhat similar to how they are arranged here (or more specifically, how it goes from right to left, bottom to top)

I’m saying somewhat similar because from jinjojess’ post, and from the 2 canonically named characters (Murasame and Kisaragi), we got the positions correct? Murasame is also the last from the gif, and that Kisaragi is 4th from the last as well.

So, from my guess, I would say they are arranged in the exact same way? Just my opinion though, since we really don’t have anything set in stone besides Murasame’s and Kisaragi’s.

So if that were the case, it would be like this then:

(Idk I just put Isshiki there because extra space and he IS the bodyguard of the SC, plus wHERE THE HELL IS HE AND MATSUDA TOO)

And from there as well, I would assume that the way they are arranged is also related to their position in the student council.

Meaning, Kashiki would be in the lowest position while Murasame would obviously be the highest.

Though there isn’t really any set rules as to what positions you can have in a student council (besides the important ones, like Pres, VP, Secretary, Auditor, Treasurer, etc)

But more of my other wild guesses are that both Someya and Ikuta are Vice Presidents (Internal and External), since we already have Kisaragi as the Secretary and Murasame as the President, and I don’t think there’s any other position in between those besides VPs. And maybe, Ichino and Kamiginu are the Escort and Muse (idk do you have those in Student Councils? Lol I honestly don’t know and I think I remember my HS had them?). Also, I think the lowest position in the SC would be the representatives per year (or per class) but I don’t think they (Kashiki, Nishizawa, and Kubou) are?

Anyways, this is just my two cents on the topic and haha yes because I want to really know which is which so there is DISTINCTION between them

P.S. Kodaka pls tell us who they are. Youve given them character designs, dont let the character designers’ efforts go to waste

Booty Game

Prompt: Waht pRoMpT?

Rating: T+

A/N: I have not written a single thing for months…and this is the garbage that happened when I try to get back in the groove.



There wasn’t much in the world that could set Natsu Dragneel off balance. Sure there were trains, cars, Erza, planes, boats, Gray’s ugly mug, carnival rides, Erza’s wrath, bad meat, earthquakes, Erza- okay, maybe there were a decent collection of things that could make him uncomfortably squirm.

Well, he could add one more thing to that pretty hefty list today and it wasn’t something he ever expected to see in his life.

The Fantasia parade made the streets one big party, the hint of freshly baked pastries and other food in the warm air. Chalk covered the streets in fine, colorful dust, the kids getting particularly more talented with the purple and green striped dragons each year. The decorations were colorful, the people were excited, and the guild was busy trying to make the parade preparations.

Which was why he and a few other guys sneaked away to chow down at the 8-Island cafe while Erza was known to be on the other side of Magnolia. Everything was right with the world.

Then, Gray choked on his BLT and Natsu could feel the spiritual uplift in his chest until the gaping eyes of Gajeel called him to turn his head towards whatever discourse awaited.

Oh, what discourse looked like that.

Natsu instantly learned one more thing that could knock him off balance, his body tilting dangerously in the chair to get a good long look, eyes scanning the group of very familiar women walking up the street in their cheer practice attire.

There was Levy, Juvia, and Cana, casually walking and talking like normal…only with the tight crop tops and boy shorts. That explained why Gray and the others stilled, half chewed food dripping from their maws.

But Natsu had a whole other ball game going on, his attention fixated on the head of golden hair between Juvia and Cana. That hair was styled up in a messy bun, displaying her pink crop top and quite a lot of bare back before her own matching pair of boy shorts.

Lucy was a briefs kinda gal, it seemed. Holy Mavis did it make him feel funny all over just watching her walk, watching her hips sway with a glimmer of her keys always at her side.

Bootylicious?” Gray squawked hoarsely, fingers clenched in the tablecloth and freezing the fabric solid as he stared at Juvia’s backside, “Wha…H-How-?”

“All This And Brains Too?” Gajeel mumbled in interest, a small smirk gracing his lips, “It even has a bow, how about that?”

But Natsu was fixated on Lucy’s ass-and the words printed on her shorts. ‘Hot Stuff’ in silver glitter and bold font, shaping against her like a second skin. It glittered as she took each step, her head turning to address the group with a bright smile that rivaled the sun itself.

‘Hot Stuff’ indeed, he was burning up from head to toe, fingers digging into the wood of his chair and singeing it. He leaned over a little farther, mouth ajar as the women wandered farther away, ignorant to the trail of gawking men.

“I have seen the afterlife-” Gray whispered, “-just a glimpse.”

“I didn’t think bows would work for the shrimp” Gajeel added. “But damn.”

Natsu didn’t speak, still staring even when the girls were almost out of sight. Staring, until Lucy turned her head back, locking her gaze on him specifically. His heart stalled when she bit her lip and then slyly sent a wink.

In the blink of an eye, she turned away to skip away, paying no mind to the chaos she ignited in his core. Perhaps it was a blessing though, because his fingers slipped and he toppled out of his chair.

At least face first into the floor saved his eyes the shame of the others laughing at him, allowing him to cool down and try not to remember Lucy’s curves.

“Bunny girl’s booty game must be hella strong-” Gajeel teased, “-to make Salamander konk out like that.”

“I…never…want to speak of this again-” Gray breathed, glaring down his sandwich as if it had caused him a great personal offense.

Gray may never want to speak of it…but Natsu never wanted to forget.




“Cana, what shorts did you pick?” Levy asked, quickly shoving the scandalous attire in her bag like it was something illegal.

Cana chuckled proudly, pulling out her red shorts to swing around her index finger. “Oh, just something casual. It says, ‘Are you nasty?’”


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can we talk about mulder in fire? he’s obviously been destroyed by phoebe in the past, yet falls into her trap pretty easily and then he’s kissing her in the hotel lobby. (i’ll gloss over scully’s jealousy this whole episode, but it’s there). anyway, mulder chickens on out saving the kids bc omg!fire and next thing you know he’s in his boxers in bed with scully taking care of him. dude has no problem getting up barely clothed and talking to his partner, he only ties his robe to cover up when phoebe walks in. then, when phoebe says she’s going back to england and leaves, scully picks up on his feelings immediately and asks if he’s okay. he says yeah and sits down on the sofa, dejected with himself not because phoebe is leaving, but because he fell for her shit all over again. anyway, scully recognizes all of this and she’s like “you at all interested in what i came all the way up here to show you?” and he smiles, genuinely grins, and says yeah in the cutest damn way because look at his little petite partner who isn’t judging him and knows when to change the subject and is totally invested in his work, their work, and wow.