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all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.


au where jungkook is a gaming youtuber and taehyung is a model/vlogger. 31/?

me, last night when I thought my best friend was abandoning me: I hate her and she’s the worst person ever and I’m never going to speak to her again so she’s knows how I feel!!
my best friend, this morning: hey, wanna hang out today
me, now: 💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤😍😍😍😍✨✨❤❤💕😍😍💖💓😍💓💘💘😍💞💖💕💛💟😍💜❣💙💓💚💓💕❤😍😍💕💘😍💗 YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!! LET ME CLEAR MY SCHEDULE!!

I’m praying to any God(s) ya’ll believe out there that my potato self can glow up and find me a Park Jimin to love as much as I, you know, actually love Park Jimin…

Or can I just have Park Jimin please?~

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“gee navrisk, when are you going stop colouring other people’s things and make your own stuff?” idk m8

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Someone asked if I had Matsu body hcs. 
I don’t have major head canons, I actually like to think they have the same body type. But in fandom, this is sorta what I think about.

Oso: most basic body type. Little chub, not too skinny, just pretty regular. I like to think he’s the original copy and the rest molded themselves from him lol.

Kara: i feel like Kara would have some shape, he’d want to stay fit for his appearance but kinda like a pretty-boy fit. Nicely shaped muscles, your average Ken doll.

Choro: pretty skinny but not bony. Some small, very small muscle, pretty slim.

Ichi: I see Ichi with the average body type. Some chub, some curve, he eats the same amount as the others he just doesn’t do a lot of activity. (like me)

Jyushi: Swol, baseball player bod 10/10 hot

Todo: Soft. He work out, so he wouldn’t be super skinny, but the ideal cute-boy body. Slightly curvy.