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Grubbin and Charjabug are the early life stages of the seventh-gen beetle Vikavolt. While Vikavolt is a powerful electric cannon (which we’ll examine tomorrow), Grubbin has no electric power at all: not even an electric typing. How does this baby-bug grow into its electric powers? That’s what we’re here to examine today.

Grubbin is quite obviously a grub, the larvae stage of many beetles. Specifically, Vikavolt appears to be a stag beetle, with it’s large mandibles. Beetles, like butterflies, go through their lives in different stages: They hatch out of the egg as a larva, and then become pupa (the cocoon equivalent), before magnificently transforming, metamorphosing, or evolving into a full beetle.

Like caterpillars, beetle larva (grubs) eat a lot so they can grow quickly. Instead of leaves, stag grubs feed on rotting wood. Just like the pokédex says, their claw-like jaw mandibles let them scrape wood so they can eat it. They usually live underground, because the richest rotting wood is buried in the soil.

Charjabug, on the other hand, does not really resemble a grub or a beetle at all. Charjabug seems to be based on a caterpillar, the japanese Monema flavcesens, also known as the Denkimushi, which translates to “electric insect”.

These caterpillars are infamous for giving “electric shocks” when they are touched. In reality, there’s no electricity involved: they simply have a poisonous toxin, chemicals that happen to feel like an electric shock. They generate these chemicals from the food they eat, so it certainly seems a good fit for Charjabug…except considering Vikavolt, Charjabug must use actual electricity.

There is one bug that uses an electricity. It’s not a caterpillar, or a beetle. It is a wasp. The Oriental Hornet has mini solar panels embedded into its abdomen. Its yellow stripes collects energy from the sun and turns it into electricity, which the hornet stores like a battery.

Like Grubbin and Vikavolt, these bugs don’t develop this electric power until they reach their adult life stage. Speficially, the pigments in its exoskeleton are structured and layered to capture light, breaking sunlight apart into smaller rays which can be used to create electricity by knocking off electrons (see Heliolisk). These electric pigments has only ever been document in these hornets, but has been theorized in other bugs, from butterflies to beetles. This is probably the method Charjabug uses! Little cellular batteries, like an eel’s electrogenic cells (see Tyanmo) could be used to store the energy that Charjabug generates.

Grubbin is the larval stage of Vikavolt. It eats a lot so it can grow quickly. When pupating, Charjabug gains the ability to create electrical energy using a special pigment in its new exoskeleton.


Behind the Scenes of The Unicorn and the Wasp (Part Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM 396:

DWM: Flashback time: what’s your favorite Doctor Who memory?

David Tennant: Hmmm, gonna say… the trailers for Terror of the Zygons. Because I was just old enough, for the first time, to kind of know what that meant. I could only have been five or something, but I knew that the trailers meant this show that I was becoming very passionate about, was coming back on TV. I couldn’t tell you what was in the actual trailers, but I think there were a few point-of-view slots thought the eyes of the deer’s head on the wall.

DWM: Flashback time: what’s your favorite Doctor Who memory?

Sandy McDonald (David’s Dad): I suppose The Christmas Invasion.  As David has said many times in Doctor Who Magazine, he’s been a Doctor Who fan from the moment he was old enough to watch and take part: even before he went to primary school. As he grew up, of course he wanted to be an actor and he fulfilled that. But the Doctor Who thing was always there: he’s had all the books and the early tapes, and still has a massive collection of that. So when Christopher Eccleston chose to move on and David got the opportunity, it seemed like a dream come true. When the Christmas episode came on, we were all together as a family and there he was, as Doctor Who. That was a very special time, which David even filmed for his video-diary on Series Two.

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Hhh so this is my first post!!
This is Bee, my persona/OC, with Wasp creepin’ in the background. They are genderless, and don’t mind any pronouns, but I will use they/them pronouns to keep it neutral (when I talk about them separately from myself, since they have their own story).

So yeah?? This is my first ever post here even though I’ve had other accounts lmao be gentle

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Behind the Scenes of The Unicorn and the Wasp (Part Two)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM 396:

As we lurk, watching the Doctor interview his suspects - David corpsing at one point when Felicity Kendal improvises a belch on top of the planned hiccup - we decide to launch our own covert investigation. You see, these people harbour secrets…

DWM: How’s Catherine getting along?

David Tennant: After her first day, I was a bit worried that we hadn’t made enough of a fuss of her! Because she slotted in so utterly seamlessly.  I just though, “I really hope Catherine’s aware of how thrilled we are to have her back on set, and how much fun it is!” She’s so great to play off and act with. It’s such a new dynamic for the Doctor, too.

DWM: With a script this ticklesome, has there been much corpsing?

David Tennant: Funnily enough, it’s often the way that rehearsing tragedy is hilarious, whereas rehearsing comedy is really hard work!

DWM: You were having trouble keeping it together earlier, while interviewing Lady Eddison…

David Tennant: Felicity Kendal! Belching to cue! Given everything she brings to a role and everything we expect of her, it was so funny, every single time.

DWM: Is there any particular scene you’re looking forward to shooting?

David Tennant: The big Miss Marple-style-de-brief, where they all sit around to be exposed for the charlatans that they are. Or, indeed, the amorphic creature that they are. So that’ll be fun, although it’ll be difficult to shoot - it must be one of the longest scenes we’ve ever had!

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I finally drew something worth posting!!! And it marks the end of my sketchbook, too. Woohoo!! (This is slightly a big deal. I’ve been feeling a lack of motivation, and my recent drawings have been largely unfinished doodles. I don’t know what to say on that score, except that I’m trying to draw 30 minutes a day to get back in the swing of things. Give me time and I’ll get back to trying to be an illustrator again.) Have some Gil and Agatha post-wasp-killing-spree.

ganseys wasp allergy + ronan

that time gansey was staring at a wasp that was on the verge of flying. then ronan came and killed it and was all what the fuck gansey 

“Shit, man!” Ronan said. There were three footsteps, very close together, the floor creaking like a shot, and then the shoe was snatched from Gansey’s hand. Ronan shoved him aside and brought down the shoe on the window so hard that the glass should’ve broken. After the wasp’s dry body had fallen to the floorboard, Ronan sought it out in the darkness and smashed it once more. “Shit,” Ronan said again. “Are you stupid?” 

notice how he shoves gansey and almost breaks the window. keep in mind that the same ronan sometimes drives somewhere else to sleep because he is afraid of dreaming up wasps at monmouth!!! 

Hours of dreaming. He had driven an hour each day to park his car and curl in this chair and sleep alone. “Why here? Why do you come here to do it?” Voice toneless, Ronan said, “Sometimes I dream of wasps.” 

also do not forget that ronan dreams tons of epipens for gansey and leaves them in every place possible just to be safe 

He studied his hands and admitted, “I’ve dreamt him a box of EpiPens. I dream cures for stings all the time. I carry one. I put them in the Pig. I have them all over Monmouth.” Adam felt a ferocious and cruel hope. “Do they work?” “I don’t know. And there’s no way to find out before it actually happens. There won’t be a rematch.

there wont be a rematch because as long as ronan lynch is present, those wasps do not stand a chance around richard campbell gansey iii