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Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 11: Movie

I have a few book to movie adaptations but these are the prettiest :)




Tell them they can watch Hannibal:

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ideas for a "Regular Show: The Complete Series" boxset of some sorts

So do you guys remember that boxset from one of the last episodes of season 8 of Regular Show? What if that actually becomes a thing in the near future? Here’s how I think it would be like.

-Contains both DVD and Blu-Ray. A version with both would be made and two seperate versions of JUST the DVD/Blu-ray would be released later.

-The boxset would go for around $60- $100 and would be sold at places such as FYE.

-Would be announced during Comic Con and would release around holiday 2017.

-Preorders would get a poster of the cast and a statue of Pops, similar to the one in the finale.

-The boxset will look exactly the same as in the last few episodes. (Photo of the main seven plus Eileen.)

-Unlike the boxset in the show, each disc isn’t a certain theme. Instead, it’s each season and the movie plus a few bonuses.

-Commentary included for every episode.

-First disc will be season 1. Will include every episode from the season plus the teaser trailer from Comic Con 2010, the commercials before and after its premiere, animatics, and the original pilot. The cover and disc has Mordecai.

-Second disc is season 2. Every episode plus a few commercials, animatics, and the music video for “Party Tonight”. The cover and disc has Rigby.

-Third disc is season 3. Every episode plus commercials, animatics, and the trailer for Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land. The cover and disc has Benson.

-Fourth disc is season 4. Every episode plus commercials and animatics. The cover and disc has Skips.

-Fifth disc is season 5. Every episode plus commercials and animatics. The cover and disc has Muscle Man.

-Sixth disc is season 6. Every episode plus commercials, animatics, and the first batch of shorts made for the show. The cover and disc has Hi-Five Ghost.

-Seventh disc is season 7 and the movie. Every episode and the movie plus commercials, animatics, the second batch of shorts, and the trailer for the movie. The cover and disc has Eileen.

-Eighth disc is season 8. Every episode plus commercials, animatics, teasers, the last few shorts, and a behind the scenes. The cover has Pops, while the disc has Anti-Pops.

-Deleted scenes COULD be added, if any.

Honestly I want to put my two cents into the Poe discourse but because the sjw/anti side of the fandom treat him as a poster boy, idk if I have the energy to deal with the inevitable shitstorm

fight-me-boi  asked:

True story: when I was 5 I used to stay at my grandma’s a lot and she leave the tv on so we could go to bed. And Tales from the dark would be on at like 2 am and so I’d accidentally wake up and get drawn in because it was a bit like goosebumps, & there was this episode about this girl who got these headphones that had the food talk to you so you could look weight & the episode ended w/ her sewing her mouth shut & the fruit & I totally forgot about it thinking it was something I just thought up

Tales from the Darkside? Man, I love that show!! It’s like a modern Twilight Zone (or at least semi-modern, since it’s an 80′s show lol). Have you ever seen the movie? It’s so good, in a John Carpenter’s The Thing kinda way. 

I’ve never seen that episode though, but that sounds traumatizing for a kid to see! Though I’m sure many of the eps would be. 

Right now I’m reading series 1 of Bookburners, Max Gladstone’s Serial Box project.  Serial Box is an attempt to bring reading closer to watching TV; a team of writers produce weekly ‘episodes’ that you can subscribe to, each one designed to take about 45 minutes to read, and you can also buy the complete series as a boxset.

The premise of Bookburners is that, Lovecraft-style, our world is a small rational island surrounded by things man was not meant to know; in this case, the supernatural.  But sometimes the magic gets in through various artefacts, and it’s the job of the Vatican’s Societas Librorum Occultorum - that would be our Bookburners - to put a stop to it before demons can wreak havoc on the world.  NYPD detective Sal Brooks gets tangled up with them when her brother Perry comes across a book stolen from a museum, and before long, she’s become the latest member of the team…..

As Max Gladstone’s the head writer, this is the jumping-off point for questions about faith, and magic, and power, and who should have access to it and for what ends.  Compared to the heart and imagination and substance and thought of the Craft Sequence, it feels like he’s slumming it a little bit; but I enjoyed picking up all the nerdy references around Perry and his friends as much as he clearly enjoyed putting them down. (can you get a Zelda t-shirt like that, with the life hearts?! because I want one)  It’s absolutely popcorn reading, but moreishly fun all the same.

My one criticism is that each instalment is meant to be commute-size, lunch break-size, and I feel like the writers can’t quite fit everything they want to achieve into the word count, meaning that a lot of quietly essential stuff gets dropped.  In particular, it really lacks a sense of place; the team are based in Rome and jetset all over Europe (potentially wider, as magic could appear anywhere) and Sal never seems to notice any of it, not the stunningly beautiful city where she lives, not the pure clarity of the Alps, not Glasgow’s smoky buildings and vast skies, nothing.  This gorgeous, varied continent and it’s lost on her.  Partly she’s disoriented and unhappy and worried about her brother and lonely in a very small and reserved team, but it feels like there’s a gap where her sense of curiosity and aesthetic appreciation should be (apart from when it comes to hot guys).  A few small references to this street or that river would ground the whole thing much more.  (similarly, the last episode I read was about a magical night market, and I’m a very easy sell on magical night markets, but I couldn’t help wanting a greater sense of the exotic and the strange.)

I’d also like a little more about how these people, all of whom apart from Sal are devout Catholics, reconcile magic with their faith, their belief in miracles and their sense of evil (though to be fair, it is trying to do this, with Asanti and Father Menchú especially) and a little more about what makes certain people vulnerable to the demons’ appeal.  Bookburners reminds me hugely of Tokyo Babylon - I’d be curious to know if Max Gladstone has ever read it - and CLAMP always made space for Subaru’s compassion for the sad and lonely and dispossessed, those who get crushed under the heartless wheels of a big city.

I’d definitely say, read the free first episode on the website before you decide whether to subscribe, but I’m enjoying myself.  If nothing else, The Portrait of a Lady made me feel like a stone had settled over my heart, and this has lifted it off again, when other things I tried couldn’t.


From the offical Nagi-asu twitter: they’ve uploaded a larger and cleaner image of the artwork from the complete boxset. Along with that is a preview of the boxset’s booklet with what appears to be early concept designs for the school uniform as well as early character design ideas for Miuna & Sayu.

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Have you watched the l word?

Not yet. Kara put together a ‘coming out’ care package for me which included the complete boxset but defending this city is kinda a full time occupation, so just haven’t had the time!


“The Veteran’s Experience” is a special feature on the Justified S4 dvd, taken from the blu-ray complete series boxset.  The feature goes into the elements of creating the character of Colton Rhodes and the dynamic between him and Tim Gutterson, as veterans’ on the opposite side.

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.313

“In the picture is a portion of a colored drawing for the Adventures of Sinbad Complete Boxset that will be out on 24/08

Last week, some characters gathered for the first time in a long while. Even though there were issues between Balbadd and the Kou Empire, Hakuryuu is someone that Alibaba can’t quarrel with. At worst, he was always not taking him seriously, but things are different now.

Back in volume 26, Night 252, I think ‘You’ve gotten tall! You really are a cheeky guy’ and the likes is a nasty line that ruins the mood when said to someone around your age who is burning with rivalry toward you.”


Sinbad: I’ll become a great king!