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It’s always kind of funny when the Powerpuff Girls, in fanart, are drawn with fingers and noses and toes and stuff and it’s like…they legit don’t have those in canon. It’s not just a style choice, they actually don’t have fingers and noses.

I mean, apparently Buttercup just sticks her hand to things to pick them up (S03E29 Criss Cross Crisis)

And in Oops, I Did it Again (s06E04B) the girls, when made without Chemical X, come out “normal” and do have fingers, feet, noses, and normal faces.

So like…when everyone in the show calls them “bug-eyed freaks,” “pumpkin heads,” etc, they legit mean the girls have big round heads, giant eyeballs, and stump limbs.

I think it’s safe to say that the Powerpuff Girls are objectively horrifying. I want to see fanart of that.

@myself why are you so weak when it comes to stickers?they’re pieces of paper that stick to things? you do not need them? stop this
Questions to Make You Smart About Yourself

What do you want to achieve over the next year?

What is your greatest challenge right now?

What is your greatest desire right now?

What is your greatest frustration right now?

What, if you accomplished it in the next 12 months, would be worth $100k to you?

How committed are you to achieving that? (1-5) 5 = total commitment

What is your monthly income goal?

What was the most money you made in one month in the last year?

How do you feel about your money and finances?

Who are the most powerful people you want to emulate?

Do you take any psychotropic drugs, prescription or recreational? If yes, which and how often?

What are your biggest health challenges?

What are your desires for relationship?

How likely are you to try new things and stick with them if someone you trust recommends them? 1-5 5 = very likely

Motivation and Clarity Questions

Rate the following from:

1 Not true at all for me to –> 5 Absolutely true for me.

 On what level do you identify with each of these statements?

  • I sincerely need and want to improve my life.
  • I realize that everything I want is probably just outside my comfort zone.
  • I am not looking for a quick fix.
  • I am open to honest feedback and candid assessments.
  • I acknowledge my life will remain the same unless I make change a priority.
  • I am the only one who can make my life better.
  • I accept responsibility for my actions and do not expect anyone to “fix” me.

If you want info about programs to help you achieve what you wrote, PM me.

College Headcanons

-Dorms being separated by dynamic. Alphas are always roomed with a Beta whereas an Omega could be roomed with a Beta or another Omega

-Unlike in high school, Alphas and Omegas are allowed to take whatever classes they want and make plans to pursue whatever career they want without anybody correcting them and trying to convince them to stick to things more suited to their dynamic

-A lot of Omegas are greatly criticized for attending college instead of finding an Alpha and starting a family

-If an Alpha is unmated and in college they are highly sought after, an unmated Beta in college is also pretty common, but if you are an unmated Omega in college people will wonder what is wrong with you to where no Alpha has wanted to claim you yet

-Family housing for mated couples or single parents. An unmated Alpha trying to get through college with a kid is seen as the Alpha being a responsible and hardworking parent, whereas being an unmated Omega trying to get through college with a kid is seen as the Omega being selfish and a bad mother

-College is generally when people start feeling more free to get into same dynamic relationships or relationships with more than two people. Its not uncommon to see two Omegas making out or an Omega walking around holding the hands of two Alphas instead of one

-Omegas very dedicated to their education tend to over use heat suppressants to avoid missing classes and tests or losing time that could be spent studying

-An Alpha/Omega couple that have been together since high school and the Alpha relentlessly trying to convince the Omega that they should finally spend a heat together and officially become mates and eventually the Omega is just, “Okay fine, but if you get me pregnant before I graduate I swear to god I will spend the first three months vomiting on everything you love”

-An Alpha and Omega attending colleges really far away from each other so they send little gifts and long letters to each other. Before the Omega’s heats if they are unable to be together, the Alpha will thoroughly scent a couple blankets and send them to the Omega for their nest. The Omega keeping the Alpha on the phone or on a video call so the Alpha can help them through their heats despite not being there. When the Alpha is in class or otherwise unavailable, the Omega will spend their time sending naughty pictures and videos in an attempt to lure their mate back faster, and the Alpha doesn’t mind at all…until they accidentally open a video in middle of class at full volume…

-An Alpha and Omega reminiscing on how they first met in college and the Alpha being all, “I remember seeing you for the first time and being completely blown away by your beauty.” and the Omega is just, “I was wearing coffee stained pokemon pajamas, going on three days of no sleep, screaming at a wall in the library at 4 AM because I accidentally deleted the paper I was working on and I ran out of gummi bears.” and the Alpha just grins, “Yes, simply breath taking…”

Underrated Voltron Dynamics: Pidge and Keith
  • The fite team, living proof that shorter people are closer to hell.
  • Team up to get things off of high shelves.
  • Would probably kill you for Takashi Shirogane. Would probably kill lots of people for Takashi Shirogane.
  • Keith is interested in tech, if not naturally talented with it. He sits next to Pidge and watches the work, and helps a little bit. Handing wrenches and that sort of thing.
  • Twin obsessive personalities. Keith finds a wall and makes a big galactic map that they put sticky notes on. Pins tied together with string. Military strategy interpreted old school cop style.
  • Helps Pidge with the search for the Holt family in the same way. There are file folders. Allura despairs of why Keith is constantly printing things out to stick them to walls. Pidge has no idea why he insists on doing things this way, but appreciates the help.
  • They judge Lance together.
  • Keith teaches Pidge more about really close quarters combat.
  • Pidge is a a bit of a picky eater and Keith is too by nature, even if he’s learned to be flexible. They trade foods at the dinner table if one person likes something and the other person doesn’t.
Focus on yourself. Please. Don’t let your world revolve around someone else, because people are temporary. Do your own things; have your own likes. Don’t do things for them. Do things for you. Don’t stick around waiting for them, don’t give up your all for them because I guarantee you they will leave. Please. Live for yourself.
—  Velicious09.tumblr

Sometimes I think that the reasons I unfollow people for are really petty. But then again it’s my blog and if I could avoid something bothering me in whatever small way, why shouldn’t I and on top feel bad about it? It’s enough that in real life we don’t always get to have a say.


That moment when you find out you’re not very funny. Can anyone tell I gave up scribbling nicely halfway? Dangit they’re too cute arghhah. Sorry. Have a nice last day of the year guys!



Silverflint Domestic AU: Inspired by @mrbarrow‘s awesome Domestic AU gifset. Silver and Flint go back to Miranda’s house and make a peaceful life there with good books, plenty of food, and a comfortable bed. They go fishing, tell each other stories, and tend Miranda’s vegetable garden. It should be too quiet, too sedate, but they’re both so tired of fighting and pretending that it’s only a relief. They’re safe and comfortable and happy together, and finally James can return Flint to the sea and become himself again. 

(Oh, and of course Silver comes home one day with a parrot and Flint is far less than impressed, but his irritation only makes Silver more pleased with his impulse purchase.)

i’ve neglected absolute sunshine heiwajima shizuo for too long ;; 
ahh, really sorry guys! won’t make any promises about how often i’ll be posting, but thank you so so much for the submissions i received and for following this blog [900+ followers holy shit!!!] ♥

oh, and a question! would you prefer this blog to be strictly shizuo imagines, or any shizuo-related content (fanart, edits, fics, me screaming over shizuo, etc etc + imagines ofc) ?

"Don't apologize if you don't mean it."  (a Walking Dead drabble, Caryl).

Season 6.  The scene we didn’t get to see before Carol moved in with Tobin. 

Yeah.  I hate myself for this one, too. 

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little bpd things - getting different hogwarts houses on pottermore depending on the day

true story - i have been sorted in every house but ravenclaw

so about the hat fic

at my school’s improv show we were doing a game where the audiance writes stuff on sticky notes and sticks them to the improvisors and the improvisors read the the thing and try to incorporate it into the scene. so it was the end of the show and i was kinda zoned out but all of a sudden i heard “…and every month we buy a hamster” and i looked at my friends sitting in the front row and i was like you little shits. you. little. shits.

~I M A G I N E~ Wally running into an ex of his (at his college or maybe at Jitters or something idk) and its bad enough that he runs into them (because they’re a huge dick) but they have another boyfriend who is good looking and smart and Wally refuses to let this get to him and let his ex one-up him so he ends up saying:

“I have a boyfriend too!”

“Oh, really?”

And in his head he’s like ‘ok Wally shut up now’ but he doesn’t like the look on his ex’s face.. like they don’t believe him or something… so he keeps going:

“Yeah! He works at Star Labs. He’s pretty impressive, I’m sorry you can’t meet him…”

And thinks this is it. That, hopefully, they’ll leave him alone.

“Why don’t we double date, then?”

And Wally knows he’s fucked now because he can’t say no. They’d know he was lying. So he’s like “haha yeah sure!!! Text me the details!!” And then books it to Star labs.

It’s only Cisco there and he’s minding his own business until Wally comes running in looking like he just made the biggest mistake of his life so Cisco is walking up to him like “Woah dude…you ok?”

And Wally just spills everything and can’t get over how stupid he feels and has no idea how to get out of this until Cisco says

“No problem, man. I’ll be your date! Your…Your /fake/ date…of course. If you want! If not, that’s totally cool-”

“YES! I mean…yes. Please. Just for one night and I’ll owe you. Big time.”

So they’ve got it figured out! Cisco gets free food and Wally gets to show off his amazing 'boyfriend’ to his asshole ex. It works out perfectly.

Imagine them spending the week together hanging out and getting to know each other better and coming up with a ridiculously cute story about how they met and when they started dating to make his ex jealous and ok maybe Wally is starting to think Cisco is cute and funny but he ignores those feelings because Cisco is just being a good friend. He’s not really into Wally…..

Imagine their friends and family noticing them spending so much time together and thinking it odd at first, but eventually they shrug it off. The Wests are just happy Wally is settling in ok and that he’s making good friends.

But also Iris or Barry or Caitlin or just anyone asking “So…you guys have been spending a lot of time together” and they’re like “Oh! It’s uh…no big deal. Just…building stuff and…video games and…things like that.”

(Wally begs Cisco not to tell anyone about this, it’s so goddamn embarrassing)

So the date finally comes around and…it actually goes pretty well! Except for the fact that Wally’s ex is a huge asshole. Eventually, Cisco starts talking about all the projects he’s working on in what Joe often refers to as 'gibberish’ and trying to keep from laughing at the smug look on Wally’s face when he explains it to his ex and their boyfriend like they’re five. Like they aren’t smart enough to understand.

They’re smiling at each other and trying so hard not to laugh when Wally’s ex finally gets so fed up, they cut the double date short and leave.

It’s only 8:30 so they decide to catch a movie and then get ice cream or something and they’re both trying so hard not to think about the fact that “oh god, is this a date? This feels a lot like a date!!!” Until Wally drops him off and they say goodnight (((:

Except…Cisco shows up to Star labs the next day to a full lab and usually he’s the first or second one there, but this time…it’s everyone. They’re huddled together and whispering to each other until Barry notices Cisco walk in and they all abruptly go quiet. It’s awkward as hell.

Basically, Barry saw Cisco and Wally out last night at the restaurant and the movies (when he was out patrolling the city) and they’ve been spending so much time together, it’s obvious they’re dating! Why didn’t you tell us, Cisco! We’re happy for you guys!!

And Cisco doesn’t even get to argue because now everyone is coming up to him and hugging him and congratulating him and he’s just about to tell the truth when Joe is the last one to come up to him and give him his signature Joe West Bear Hug™ and tell him how happy he is for them and how he just wants Wally to be happy and comfortable here and how glad he is to have someone else looking after him. His fake relationship has the Joe West Seal of Approval and Cisco is so speechless that he just nods and tries his best to smile at them all and then excuses himself to the bathroom

Where he, of course, freaks out. And he knows Wally is in school right now, but that doesn’t stop him from blowing up his phone with text messages like “I FUCKED UP!!!! I REALLY FUCKED UP!!!!” and “BRING YOUR ASS STRAIGHT TO THE LAB ASAP”

So Wally walks in and says “Hey Cisco, what’s up?” but he’s being dragged away into an empty room while Caitlin is smirking at him and Harry is giving him this odd look and??? What is going on???

Once Cisco explains it Wally just…he can’t. He can’t believe this is happening. His mother always told him not to lie, and this is exactly why he should’ve listened!!! Now things are spiraling out of control and he’s dragging Cisco along with him. Cisco who probably didn’t tell everyone the truth about them only because Wally begged him not to. Too worried about being embarrassed. Of course Cisco is too much of a good friend to actually throw Wally under the bus. Now Cisco is forced into being in a fake relationship with someone he doesn’t even like!!

And it’s like Cisco is reading his mind or maybe he said it outloud without realizing it but he grabs Wally by the shoulders and tells him to chill out. That they’ll get through this fine. They just need to pretend to date for a while, stage an amicable break up so that Iris doesn’t murder Cisco in his sleep for breaking her brothers heart (and vice versa with Caitlin and Wally), and then stay friends! It’s fool proof! No one gets hurt, and no one finds out they were lied to! Until maybe 40 years from now when they finally tell everyone the truth and they all laugh about it!!

So it’s a plan. They fake date. Which…really isn’t all that hard. Their friends and family take every little thing they do (from a simple “good morning”, to mutual geeking out over the project Wally is working on for school) and turn it into some cute “awwww, look at them! so adorable!” So they don’t really have to do much. Just be themselves, basically. Maybe flirt a little more when people are around, but that’s it.

But then Wally decides that 'hey…if this is only gonna go on for a couple weeks…why not take advantage of it?’ so he uses the cliche fake relationship line “Maybe we should practice kissing! Yknow…make our relationship more believable?”

And maybe Cisco is a little too eager because all he does is nod his head and say “definitely” before dragging Wally into one of the labs and once they get there Cisco just…lays it on him. 0 hesitation.

Wally is having trouble keeping up because he still can’t believe this is happening ok he’s really kissing Cisco Ramon inside of Star labs next to some of the most amazing pieces of technology he’s ever seen and he must be too unresponsive for Cisco’s liking because now he’s pulling away and apologizing and Wally can see him starting to blush and he cannot lose this opportunity so he grabs Cisco’s face and kisses the hell out of him.

And it’s weird, at first, how not weird it is to be kissing Cisco. His lips are soft and warm and Wally can’t help but smile at the sound Cisco makes when he bites down on his bottom lip. It’s seems normal. Like they’ve been doing this forever.

It starts getting a little intense after a while. They’re panting and Wally’s hands are under Cisco’s shirt and all of a sudden, Wally finds himself pushed up against something hard and solid while Cisco kiss down his neck and something is poking him in the back but he doesn’t give a damn, especially not with Cisco kissing and sucking on his neck like it’s an Olympic sport he’s going for gold.

This entire situation went from 0 to 100 in about two seconds but he can’t seem to care. He finally gets his fingers into Cisco’s hair and, as sappy as this sounds, it’s just as soft and silky as he imagined. Wally doesn’t even remember how they got to this point tbh but he’s happy as hell about it!!

At some point, Cisco is being picked up and held up against a wall with his legs wrapped around Wally until someone walks in like “OOOH, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to walk in on you guys!! I-…I’ll just…I’m gonna go now…”

And it’s awkward as hell so of course Wally has to break the silence with something stupid like “Great…practice?”

By now Cisco is planting his feet on the ground and backing away because oh no… this was just supposed to be practice! To make their relationship look believable!! Cisco feels guilty as hell now because while this was just 'practice’ for Wally, Cisco can’t help but feel like he took advantage of Wally because this was waaaaaay more than practice for him and all he can’t do is apologize over and over and then go apologize to whoever walked in on them until he can get home and lock himself away in his apartment for the next twenty years of his life.

Do their friends find out the truth? Does Wally show up at his apartment and they explain everything?? Do they feel stupid and make up for lost time by spending the entire weekend holed up in Cisco’s apartment making out and cuddling and watching movies? Do they have sex? Who knows! What I do know is that this got really…really….out of hand (:

I was trying to go to bed but I kept thinking about the happily ever afters.

How Stone wants to be able to share his knowledge and save the world-or history, anyway- with his friends, as himself, not under a pseudonym

How Eve, who spent most of her life with no permanent home, wants to live in a small town with a few close friends, a town small enough that she knows everybody, a place she is in charge of protecting, someplace small and unassuming and easily defensible (since you can only get there by boat) and how significant that is after her time with the counterterrorism task force

How Ezekiel wants to be the good guy everyone can rely on, that everyone respects, who does the good guy stuff but it has all the excitement of the bad guy stuff

How Flynn just wants to solve puzzles to help his friends, how he doesn’t want to have to rely on anyone but wants to be the one everyone can rely on

How Cassandra’s happily ever after was the life she might have had if not for the tumor; how she was also military when in the first season she’s the one who reminded Eve they weren’t soldiers; how Cassandra’s happily ever after was being a scientist and groundbreaking astronaut and TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT SCIENCE AND MATH AND SPECIFICALLY INSPIRING GIRLS AND WOMEN

How Cassandra might not have had the tumor in the happily ever afters, and how Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake all fought the spell because “my friends need me”



you spend years
reciting to yourself
all of the things
you hate
about who you are
and trying to hide them
from anyone
who gets too close
then suddenly
someone walks
into your life
and wants to love
the ugliest parts
of you
and you love them back
harder than you knew
you could
but still
you’re terrified
that they will find something
too horrible
for them to see past
and they
like everyone else
will leave
and out of fear
you will crash
and burn
and shatter your fragile heart
my darling
do not doubt their love
don’t sabotage
your happiness
because not everyone
has seen
what they see in you
don’t push them away
because you’re afraid
that they’re just bound
to leave
you’ve got to take a chance
and believe that you
are worth loving
that you are worth
sticking around for
and maybe letting them
love you
will teach you a thing or two
about loving yourself