(and realistic lmao)

My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
(Keith, Hunk)


cropped polo recolor

  • my first proper creation,,, my first born child
  • custom catalog thumbnail
  • 3 swatches
  • mesh is included - something’s up with @keysmuse-sims tumblr and the original post is not available on desktop :’(((
  • i wanna thank gucci™ for their extremely aesthetically pleasing designs thanks ur my inspiration

download it here (google drive)

                                ✨  The Dreamiest Dads  ✨

Can’t afford the game? Draw fanart! 
I’d actually like to draw more dads/dadsonas!

Dream Daddy © Game Grumps
Brian Harding & Mat Sella © Game Grumps 

Mack Malavé belongs to @kawaiijohn


robindaspoopy  asked:

Okay that was my ask with Frisks hips and stuff but I wussed out and went on anon but I'm trying to be... more confident... I guess.. but just YOU DREW FOR IT! AND FRISK IS LOOKING NICE AND CUTE AND THE CURVES!!!! AND UF SANS!!! AND THE CURVES ON FRISK!!! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!!! I MAY OR MAY NOT BE FANGIRLING A LITTLE TOO HARD TO CARE ABOUT HOW EMBARRASSING THIS ACTUALLY IS TO DO BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH ♡♡♡

red wtf. learn to share .

the-iron-queen  asked:

Hi there! More OC questions :D As I saw that Miles went through quite the process of change since your first concept for him, I became curious whether Anti went through a similar process? Or did he just jump out of your head in all his full current perfection?

(psssst Miles is a girl)

oh man, Anti went through a LOT of change in the past 5 years!

he started off as an asshole antagonist(he’s a protag now), who was very very mean. But after some interactions with friends’ characters, he softened up a lot. He became the softie he is today, but he’s still rough and tough sometimes. 

Physically wise- he changed a lot. Started off white like most of my ocs at the time, changed his outfit, his ethnicity to Aztec/Arabic, longer hair, hourglass shape… and he’s still changing! Just a few days ago i decided to turn his hair brown!


Then & Now // redbubble

(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )