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“Peter, are you Spiderman?”

Peter choked on his milk, the dark chocolate liquid escaping the sides of his mouth as you jumped and patted his back.

“W-What?” His eyebrow twitched. “What are you talking about Y/N? Of course I’m not Spiderman.”

“Just a question,” You shrugged, returning to your lunch. Peter continued to stare so you rolled your eyes and relented.

“I’ve been asking everyone all day just for fun,” You grinned, chuckling softly. “And so far your reaction has been the best.” You cocked an eyebrow, leaning into his personal space and smiling mischievously. “Unless…you really are Spiderman?”

Peter rolled his eyes and shoved you away by your shoulder while you laughed. “Oh shut up, Y/N.”

When you weren’t looking Peter turned away slightly and clutched his chest with a hilarious look of relief. So you had been joking. Thank God.

A hand clasped down on Peter’s shoulder from behind just after his spider senses tingled.

“Hey Spiderman.”

Peter jumped and spun around so fast it was a blur. You collapsed into gasping laughter, shaking your head.

“You look like you were caught on a prank show or something!!” You accused while trying to get a hold of yourself. You cleared your throat and looked dead forward and spoke with a husky tone. “And Peter Parker has just been pranked! Join us next week Monday at our special - celebrity pranks!”

Peter snorted at your attempt at a male spokesperson while you wiggled your eyebrows and walked forward.

“That was horrible,” Peter exaggerated, walking along side with you. Then he stopped and looked you in the eyes. “But seriously, you should stop calling me that. People might get the wrong idea.”

You blinked then scoffed. “Right. No one would think that. Like you could be Spiderman.”

Peter paused, a little offended and hurt. “What? You think I couldn’t be?”

Confused at his tone, you looked at him to see his put off expression.

“Oh!” You said in realization at what he thought you meant. “No, no I didn’t mean it like that.” At Peter’s expectant look you continued. “It’s just that if you were Spiderman, there’s no way you wouldn’t have told me. I mean we are best friends.”

You jabbed him in the shoulder, too busy laughing to see the flicker of guilt that passed on his face.

He bit his lip then chuckled when you brought your eyes to meet his again, ruffling your hair. “W-well you’ve got me there.”

Over the next couple of days you couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Peter.

He wouldn’t even speak to you that much in class anymore, staring out the window dazedly. Everywhere he went he was unnaturally silent, looking as if he were in deep contemplation.

He was avoiding you, no matter the excuses he made you knew he was lying. You could always tell.

You thought about this as you walked on the sidewalk from your friend’s house, coming to the conclusion that you would straight out ask him why he was avoiding you the next time you saw him. You would take no crap.

“You know, you can talk to me if something’s bothering you,” You practiced out loud, making a sympathetic face. Then you exhaled and slumped, steadily walking again. “Too subtle,” You mumbled, lifting your head to stare at the bright moon illuminating the star filled night.

“So…are you okay?…” You fiddled with your fingers then face-palmed. “Ugh no.”

You breathed in deeply then stopped, planting your right foot into the ground slightly in front your left and pointing forward dramatically. “What’s wrong with you?!”

"That one was just a tad bit forward,” A voice came from right behind you and you squeaked, turning around with your fists raised in a defensive position.

“Whoa, whoa,” The figure donned in red dropped from the light-post he had been hanging down from. He raised his hands in surrender. “Just giving my advice.”

You eyed Spiderman cautiously, lowering your fists and shifting uncertainly. “Well thank you uh…Spiderman.”

On the inside you were actually chaining your inner fangirl to the floor. THE REAL SPIDERMAN WAS TALKING TO YOU!! DNDKSNWNELDJGHTVEN!!!

“No problem, just doing my patrol,” He shrugged. You raised an eyebrow, knowing he just lied but ignored it. “What’s a young girl like yourself doing all alone at this time of night?”

You glared a bit, shifting your stance and crossing your arms below your chest. “I can take care of myself thank you very much.”

You must have been hearing things as you thought you heard him snicker fondly under his breath.

For some reason the action reminded you of Peter and you were reminded of your predicament.

“Well then I bid you adieu,” Spiderman saluted playfully to you.

He was about to leave when you stopped him, an arm shooting out and grabbing his arm. You furrowed your eyebrows and fidgeted. Spiderman was a guy right…?

“Yes?” Spiderman asked slowly and you realized you still had custody of his arm. You retreated your hand hastily.

“Hey…I know you don’t know me and all but can I ask you something?” You stuttered, clearing your throat. “I need a little more advice on something that’s been bothering me.” Spiderman chuckled and stepped closer to you.

“Sure,” He said and for some reason you imagined a smirk behind his mask. “But first you have to give me a little favor.”

“Wha-” You started but before you knew it his arm was wrapping around your waist and you were flying through the air.

The next second you were screaming, eyes clenched shut and your arms clinging to him like your life depended on it - well it kinda did.

The feeling of your stomach dropping to the floor like in a roller coaster was similar to what you were feeling now, only now was much worse. There was no safe chair to be bolted in and the reassurance of tested technology. Instead it was just your body being flown and jerked over 100 feet in the air, Spiderman swinging from building to building.

“Hey, hey!” You could barely hear his voice over your shrieking but when you did it sounded reassuring and a bit hyped with energy. “Open your eyes!”

“Are you crazy?!” Your brain managed to form thought, and as he took another sudden drop you cringed. You felt unbelievably scared and your throat was growing hoarse, your heart pounding in your ears.

“It’s okay,” His voice was softer this time, closer to your ear and his hand wrapping tighter around your waist. If you weren’t currently fearful for your life you would slap the stranger for touching you so intimately.
“I won’t let you fall. Just open your eyes.”

For some reason his words sounded genuine and flooded you with a sense of familiar trust. You reluctantly opened your eyes only to squint at the air rushing past you and hitting your face. The streets were far below you as he swung from the tallest buildings, the area lit up with the colorful artificial light from lampposts and restaurants.

The moon was shining brightly in the sky above, so full and so close you felt like you could touch it with your fingertips. Spiderman dived again and your heart jarred once more but you were getting used to it, the adrenaline pouring through your system making the world so much more clear. Your eyes widened as you realized what you were experiencing.

Spiderman looked slightly back at you only to hear you scream - but this time in delight.

“Enjoying yourself?” He chuckled. The sense of panic still lingered but now you were laughing, your grip on him loosening. You grinned, even daring to let loose one arm and leave it trailing through the air.

Spiderman seemed to bask in your glee and took another brave lunge towards the ground before swinging up just in time for you two not to go splat. You laughed loudly, clinging to him and letting your h/l hair flow behind you.

“Can you see your house from here?!” He asked over the wind and you paused to actually look. You nodded, pointing to your home in the close distance.

“Over there!” You said.

“Alright, hold on!” He shouted, glee overtaking his voice. “WOOHOO!”

If there were any citizens walking in the streets that night, all they would hear would be the delighted screams of a girl and the cheers of a male, their voices echoing together as they swung among-st the rooftops.

You wheezed as Spiderman let you off at your front door, face flushed and the feeling of the ground beneath your feet strange.

Phantom sensations of your stomach plummeting and the air stinging your skin still crawled over you and you couldn’t suppress the grin that lifted your lips.

“That was…that was…” You started breathlessly, staring at Spiderman who didn’t looked to be ruffled in the least.

“Amazing? Crazy? Awesome?” He asked smugly.

“…wow,” You finished lamely. He laughed and shook his head.

“Of course you would say that,” He smiled to himself. Before you could question him he continued. “What did you want to ask me now?”

“Well you see..there’s this guy,” You started, tucking your hair behind your ear.

Behind the mask Peter’s smile dropped.

“A…guy?” He asked, trying not to sound jealous.

Your eyebrows shot up. “Oh not like that! Well…a little like that but that’s not the point.” You had to admit to yourself that you had a crush on Peter. A severe one actually but this guy didn’t need to know that.

For a second you paused and wondered why you were confiding in a complete stranger before shrugging it off. He did fly you over the city and take you home. Least you could do was trust him.

“He’s been acting a little weird recently and kinda ignoring me. Plus I kinda like him and that just makes it worse,” You rubbed your arm. “Sorry to ask but you ARE a guy…what do you think I should do?”

Spiderman stared at you for a while - well you assumed he was staring as he didn’t move for a bit - before answering you.

“Well to me this guy sounds like a complete douchebag,” He started. “But if you’re close with him you shouldn’t be scared to ask him what’s wrong. I’m sure he’ll understand and might not even know you had felt that way.”

Peter was tempted to tell you to ditch the guy - you shouldn’t be that upset over anyone except for hi- but his morals overcame and he found himself sprouting his thoughts.

You smiled, a fiery determination aura practically lighting around you. “You’re right! Hey you think I could practice on you?”

He shrugged and you walked up to him. You cleared your throat and took in a deep breath that burned your chest before slowly letting it out.

“Hey Peter,” You started, not noticing Spiderman tense in shock. “You’ve been distant these past few days and I was wondering if I said or did something wrong?”

You paused to let Spiderman assess that beginning only to hear complete silence. Spiderman was standing stiff in surprise and you freaked out. “What?! Was that bad?! That sounded stupid didn’t it-”

Peter tuned out your rambling as he mentally punched himself in the face. He didn’t even notice he had been avoiding you. Over the past week he had been caught up in his thoughts about his secret concerning you and his guilt. I mean yeah, sometimes he didn’t want to face you and occasionally he walked past you in the hallway and that one time he-

He was an idiot.

Peter looked around at the area, spotting a few security cameras nearby and frowning. That wouldn’t work with what he was planning to do.

He cut off your chatter by scooping you up and swinging into your room through the window he knew you always left open.

“What was that for-?”

“I’m sorry,” Spiderman said, closing the window and spinning around. “I’m sorry. You haven’t said anything wrong. I’m an idiot for not realizing it sooner. I’m so sorry Y/N.”

You backed away, a bit scared he knew your name, the words he was saying not quite registering yet.

Then Peter took off the mask, his brown locks spilling out messily as he quickly crossed the room to you.

“Peter?!” Shock, betrayal, embarrassment at everything you’d confided in him, love and fear all mixed together and overwhelmed your senses.

Then you were in his arms, your face smushed suddenly against his chest.

“I’m so sorry Y/N,” He repeated, hugging you tighter. You could smell the faint lingering off the cologne he had on earlier as well as a musky cinnamon scent that was just…him.

You shook harder, everything starting to make sense. “Peter, you’re…” Giving up, you let your head fall limply on his chest.

“I guess that’s why you were so jumpy when I asked you those questions,” You gave a short laugh of exhaustion but was still in a state of shock.

Peter chuckled, bringing you out of his chest so he could see your face. “Yeah. I’ve just been stressing out about not telling you. I’m sorry I’ve been such an idiot Y/N.”

You hummed. “Yeah, you were.”

Peter pouted and you giggled.

“Apology accepted, dork,” You shoved his shoulder softly.

“You know I would never hurt you,” Peter softly caressed your head and you melted into the feeling.

There was a silence in which Peter smiled gently before it turned mischievous. “So Y/N~ What was that earlier about you having a crush on me?”

You went rigid, going to escape his grasp but he only tightened the hug once again. You tried to pull away his arms but failed utterly, your hands feeling the rock hard lean muscles under his skin through the suit.

WHA-When did Peter get this strong?!!

“Let go of me!” You sputtered, so embarrassed you wanted to go crawl in a hole.

Peter laughed and you shut your eyes tightly, wishing this wasn’t happening.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” You ended up denying. Peter only laughed louder.

“No, You don’t know what you’re talking about,” He calmed slightly. “I bet you don’t have a clue how happy that made me. I’ve liked you for a very long time now Y/N.”

You were surprised to see a red tint on his cheeks and your fingers clenched.

“You’re joking,” You choked, not believing him. He raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe I should prove it then.”

The words made your mouth dry and temporarily paused your breathing process. Any light mood between you and him was now completely gone, swallowed up by the now intense atmosphere.

Peter bent closer into your personal space and slowly brought his palms up to cup your cheeks. You couldn’t control the way you were shaking in anticipation and fear.

Peter’s gaze drifted from your eyes to your lips then back up again. You licked your lips reflexively which drew his attention back there.

“Can I kiss you?” His voice was hoarse with want and restraint. You weren’t just some girl he had a crush on and wanted to kiss. You were much more than that. You were also his best friend, the one he spent everyday with and the one who he trusted with everything. The one he cried with and laughed with and was there to comfort him during his Uncle’s death. You had earned his respect and he had earned yours.

You wanted to cry.

“Yes,” You whispered and the word had just left your lips when he closed the space between your mouths.

Your eyes fluttered close and your arms raised to bring him closer. His warmth encircled you and his mouth moved with yours - at first gently then more desperate as the kiss slowly grew more passionate.

You leaned your head back and got lost in the unfamiliar pleasure of the kiss, unaware when your back hit the wall.

Peter broke apart from you only to attack your lips at a different angle. His left hand left your cheek to slip down your neck and rest on the back of your nape.

You let out a shaky sigh as chills swept up your spine. You couldn’t believe this was happening and you pushed yourself closer, not wanting it to end. Your bodies were mushed together so that there was no space between the two of you and your hands couldn’t stay still.

“Peter,” You gasped into the kiss as he invaded your mouth. You shuddered and reciprocated as best as you could, threading your fingers through his hair.

Soon enough you grew lightheaded and pushed gently on his chest to let him know you needed air.

He immediately separated from you, though reluctantly, and watched your disheveled, panting form in admiration. You took a minute to catch your breath before speaking.

“That was-” You started.

“Wow?” He finished, teasing. You rolled your eyes and gave his shoulder your signature shove.

“Shut up, I didn’t know that was you,” You intertwined your fingers with his and laid your head against the wall.

“My parents are gonna kill me,” You smiled.

Peter shrugged. “Should I buy something nice for the funeral?”

“You won’t be saying that when my dad hunts you down.”

Peter’s face was so hilarious it made you start to almost cry in your laughter.

“What? Little Spiderman’s scared of my dad?” You covered your mouth in surprise before breaking into giggles again. Peter flicked your forehead, acting annoyed but you both knew the two of you were extremely happy.

“Shut up, Y/N.”


Sneaking- Peter maximoff smut

Word count: 944 Requested: yes Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader Raring: M- SMUT A/N: I’m so sorry it took forever, but here! I know it’s not the best but it’s finally up!

The two had been together for a while now. Almost a year to be exact. The tension between the two was growing stronger as the days went by. Yet, even with being legally adults, the two never got the chance to do anything, let alone be alone together.

Readers POV

    Peter draped his arm over my side as we walked down the hallway of Xavier’s school. “Class treat you well today, babe?” He asked, his Goggles sitting on his head lopsided. I nodded and grinned at the silver haired boy. “Pretty good, Hank decided to set up a new course for us at the end of this semester… It’s kind of funny” I raised my hand and fixed his Goggles. “Oh, really? What is it?” Peter asked as we made our way to the school yard. “Sexual education and I think it’s 99% because of us” I replied at the fact it was true. That ,and Scott and Jean were getting pretty close.     Peter scoffed as we sat down at an empty picnic table, dropping our bags. “Seriously… Man we’re legal. I’m old enough to know how to put it in-” “DON’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE, KURT IS BEHIND YOU” Jubilee interrupted and sat down beside us - actually, in between us. Probably because Charles put her and the rest of our friends up to keeping Peter and I separated. Peter frowned and stood up. “Babe, want to go get food with me?” He asked, obvious excuse to find a way alone.   I was quick to follow behind him, we went walking down toward his room. “You know, we don’t even have to have sex, right? We could just go to that carnival that you like so much” Peter looked at me from the corner of his eye. I nodded. “Of course I know that but the most you’ve actually gotten to do was finger me and that was on the bus. I just want to be with you in any way we possibly ever could” I spoke softly and shrugged. We stopped at his door and he was fast to pin me in against the inside of it. His lips found mine and he pressed needy kisses to my lips. I inhaled, taking in all of this scent. He smelt so beautiful.   Much to our dismay, we heard an all too familiar BAMF and Peter sighed in hysteria, pulling away. “Really, Kurt? Man this sucks” Peter looked at he blue mutant who was grinning sheepishly. “I zhought I should finish my homevork”. Peter rolled his eyes and in a rush we were in an entirely new surrounding. A closet.

   “If we can’t get privacy in my room, we’ll get it here” he began to press those needy and list filled kisses to my lips and trailed down. His hand began to move lower to my hips and he kissed down my neck, to my collarbone and stopped. “Can we?” He asked softly and I immediately knew what he meant. I want to. I really want to. “We can get caught, Peter…” I trailed off, not entirely sure I wanted Peters father or anyone else to find Peter getting off inside of me. He grinned at me and held up a silver packet. A condom. Of course he would. “That’s the best thing about it! If we get caught, there’s always that thrill that we proved them wrong that we did get to have sex again” peter pressed his lips to my nose and waited. I nodded slowly.

Within a second or two we were both entirely naked and Peter was rolling on a condom. He pumped himself and looked at me before teasingly running his shaft up and down my slit. I whimpered out and glared at him. “We don’t have time for foreplay”. Peter  chuckled at my hiss. “Of course we don’t. I just like teasing you” Peter lowly pushed himself inside of me until he completely bottomed out, the awkward dull pain between my hips was back from not having him in such a long time. “You okay? You’re making hat face again” he was looking at me seriously this time and he rubbed my cheek softly. “No. I swear, you better not stop” I stated.

I felt Peter roll his hips before pulling out and sliding back into my heat very slowly, then repeating. The face he was making was pure concentration. It was more than likely he was struggling to go slow instead of fast like he’s used to. I kissed his neck and shoulder. “You can move faster, I’m not made of glass”. “ I know I just don’t want to risk hurting my baby girl” Peter said and he started to move in a little faster, but not much. We both let out small moans and gasps.

  Not long after, the sound of our skin was the only think audible. That’s a lie. We were loud. Peter was pounding into me and groaning loud, both of us chasing our orgasms. I felt that familiar tightness in my lower region and let go instantly, a heat and lightheadedness washing over me, my vision blurry. Feeling Peter release info the condom with a loud moan, I heard him giggle. “What?” I asked. “You squirted”. I felt my cheeks get hotter than there was before.

“Okay, fun is up. My office now” Professor Xavier’s voice calls from the opposite side of the door. I heard Erik and Raven mumble something and them walking off, I stared at Peter with wide eyes. He smirked and sat up. “What can I say? You tempted me, and it’s totally worth whatever we have to do now”.

Tatterdemalion Dreams

This is a coda to Ragtag Heroes, not really intended to become a separate thing but my attempt to get into Sirius’s head. Excuse me while I upend my drabble bin over your heads. :D

Sirius’s little brother has always been just that—little. Regulus was a slight and slender child, and has grown into a lean and lithe man, a little too thin and rawboned from constant stress but still pretty in the way that their parents always despaired of. Sirius can admit, despite his hatred of her, that Walburga Black was an absolutely stunning woman, and Regulus takes after her very much in looks.

Not so much in personality, though, regardless of what Sirius thought as a child. Not after what he’s managed to accomplish.

Slumped in a dusty old armchair, Sirius watches his brother wander around Grimmauld Place’s library, touching covers, stroking long fingers over worn spines. This is Reggie’s element and always has been—Sirius was honestly astonished that he ended up in Slytherin rather than Ravenclaw, during the Sorting. Regulus as a child, in Sirius’s mind, was forever clutching a book, sometimes as big as himself, and wandering around with a dreamy, distant expression. He thinks of it with a bit of a pang, now, because at some point during his first year at Hogwarts that warm burst of fondness at the sight of his little brother, forever trying to please everyone, transformed into something sneering and derisive and passively loathing.

Regulus being sorted into Slytherin was the final straw, and Sirius, already immersed in being different from their parents and surrounded by Gryffindors who held the same beliefs, had turned his back on Regulus, not about to associate himself with a sniveling follower.

Never mind the fact that Regulus was eleven. Never mind that their parents had always leaned harder on Regulus, who was never nearly as willful. Never mind that Regulus adored Sirius since birth, as the only one who spent any amount of time with him outside of the house elves. Sirius had turned away, found a new brother in James who suited him so much better, and left without a backwards glance.

Their parents were never kind, even to the family favorite, and Sirius watches Regulus meander through the shelves with something like guilt roiling in his gut. Should have known, he thinks, and the vague, distant regret he’s felt since learning of his brother’s death is back in full force, because Sirius had run away from the family and left Regulus behind. It doesn’t matter that they were at odds at the time; Regulus was always a gentle soul, always tried to please their parents no matter what. Sirius could have easily taken him along to James’s, could have convinced him to abandon their parents’ ideals if only he’d remembered the sweet little boy Regulus had been, rather than looking at the distant, aloof Black prince he’d been forcibly molded into.

But he didn’t, hadn’t bothered, and something in Sirius is—

“Leo Prince,” Regulus says unexpectedly, making Sirius jump.

“What?” Sirius asks, blinking.

When he looks up, Regulus is giving him that nostalgic you’re-a-moron-Siri-and-must-I-lower-myself-to-your-level look. He’s seen it quite often—usually from the child Regulus used to be, excited about some obscure spell or ritual or potion, some little-known aspect of ancient magical theory that lost Sirius completely about twelve words into the explanation. Not that he’s an idiot, academically—Sirius has always been proud of his grades—but Regulus is something entirely different. Even their parents never quite knew what to do with him, beyond shipping him off to Voldemort in a gift-wrapped package.

“Yes, Reggie?” Sirius grins at his little brother, for the sole reason that the nickname drives him batty and nothing gets his ire up like pretending to be stupid. “What was that?”

Regulus rolls his eyes so hard Sirius wonders how he doesn’t strain something. “My name,” he explains, tone long-suffering, “for teaching at Hogwarts.”

Sirius turns it over in his head for a moment. “Leo?” he repeats dubiously, because outwardly Regulus is the perfect Slytherin, and whenever he’s not being Slytherin he gives a damned good impression of being a born Ravenclaw. Nothing leonine about him, really.

That gets him another roll of Regulus’s eyes, though it’s subtler this time. “The star Regulus is the brightest heavenly body in the constellation Leo,” he says, and his mouth quirks in a wry smile. “Also called ‘the Heart of the Lion’.”

Sirius snorts at that, wondering what twist of fate gave Regulus the one Black name that suited him exactly. ‘Heart of the Lion’ indeed. “And Prince?”

“From the literal meaning of my name.” Regulus turns back to his books again, plucking one off the shelf and adding it to the already sizeable pile he’ll be taking to Hogwarts with them. “’Little King’. It’s a name I’ve used before, in parts of the Continent. So if a particularly overprotective parent should try to trace my movements, there will be a trail. Leo Prince spent two years in Italy and then Eastern Europe, studying blood rituals from ancient times.”

Of course he did, Sirius thinks with a roll of his own eyes. He’s spent several weeks already with Hermione, and even she can’t hold a candle to his little brother. But rather than say anything—although it’s tempting, because Reggie being defensive over his rituals and spells is easily one of the more amusing things Sirius has ever encountered—he just asks, “And disguises? It’s more than likely that Peter told Voldemort about my Animagus form, and I hate to say it, Reggie, but you—”

“Yes, yes,” Regulus cuts him off, clearly annoyed. He’s always been easy for Sirius to rile. “We look very similar, I’m aware. Harry thought I was you, at first glance.”

Sirius blinks and fights a frown. Regulus is pretty, and Sirius has always considered himself—not without corroboration from other sources—to be handsome. Then he glances up, catches the tail end of Regulus’s wicked grin as the younger Black turns away, and huffs. “Oh, go on, rub it in,” he growls, chucking a cushion at his smirking brother. “At least I take after Father rather than dearest Mother in looks, pretty boy.”

That earns him a rude hand gesture and a scowl. “Anyway,” Regulus says forcefully. “I won’t use charms to change my appearance—they’re too easily detected and broken, even by the simplest of wards or spells. But…” He trails off, rummaging in a cupboard for a moment, and then, with a victorious sound, emerges holding a pair of glasses with delicate silver frames. He slips them onto his face, then pulls his hair from its loose tail and twists it into a messy braid falling over his shoulder.

They’re simple changes, but they’re able to highlight the differences between them. Sirius sits up straighter, taking in the way the glasses manage to entirely change Regulus’s face, and the hairstyle gives him a bookish, distracted, professorly air. With a change of clothes—good-quality robes, he thinks, maybe a little tattered, quiet colors, slightly too large—Regulus will be all but unrecognizable. Oh, there will be similarities, but there used to be a pureblood Prince family, and they intermarried with the Blacks enough to write off the resemblance as a result of typically tangled pureblood genealogy.

Regulus is giving Sirius the same look in return, but his is faintly distracted. “You, however,” he murmurs, “will need a charm or two, if only to keep from giving any of the more superstitious students a heart attack, looking like a Grim.” He trails off, muttering under his breath, his gaze absent, and Sirius realizes that this is his contemplative look. He’s no doubt running through every glamour charm he knows, cataloguing faults and weaknesses.

Such a Ravenclaw, really, Sirius thinks, and doesn’t even bother to fight the fond smile that rises. Good old Reggie, the walking encyclopedia of spells.

Then Regulus looks up at him and smiles that singularly angelic smile that means he’s about to show how he and Sirius really are related. He taps long fingers against his lips to hide the beginnings of a smirk, and murmurs, “Well, you’re the size of a bear, so there’s no way we’ll actually be able to pass you off as a normal dog, but…white, I think. Yes, white will do nicely. Maybe with a touch of tan?”

Sirius only has a moment to feel horrified before Regulus’s wand is out and moving.

“Well?” his little brother demands, sounding unnervingly like McGonagall. “Change already, we haven’t got all day.”

It’s going to be a very long year indeed.

It’s been a near age since Regulus last set foot on Hogwarts ground. He stands just outside the gates, staring up at the vast and imposing castle—strangely comforting, a home more than Grimmauld place could ever be, and he wonders if it’s like that for everyone. Perhaps only those from broken homes, if the Black family can count as such. Sirius, at least, had the Potters, but Regulus was always a distant, aloof child with few acquaintances and fewer friends. He had no one.

Unconsciously, his fingers curl into the thick fur of the beast standing at his side, higher than his waist and as big as a bear. White fur now, rather than black, but it’s still Sirius, still his brother brought back to him. Maybe everything isn’t entirely easy between them yet, but they’ve been strangers longer than they’ve been family, and they’re readjusting. Sirius whines softly and bumps against his hip, and Regulus musters up a smile for him.

“I’m fine, Siri,” he murmurs, although his fingers stay buried in pale fur. “Just…overwhelmed, a little.”

Normally he’d never admit to such a thing, but this is Hogwarts and he’s coming back and there’s absolutely nothing in the world he’s dreamed of more than destroying the Dark Lord with his brother at his side and the Light at this back. This is a step closer, the fifth out of seven, and then there’s only the snake left to find. Regulus has thrown out his net already; there are many people who owe him favors by now, with his knowledge base and skill set and Slytherin cunning, and Nagini will be found soon enough.

Just Ravenclaw’s artefact now, and then Harry. Their goal is so close, so achingly close that Regulus can almost taste it, and after sixteen unwavering years, he’s ready. Ready for a normal life, a death not at the hands of his former master, days not spent running from even the vaguest chance that Voldemort could discover him or his plans. It’s been too long.

With a huff of very un-canine impatience, Sirius shoves at him again and then heads up the road, strides sure and confident. Regulus only hesitates for a moment longer before hurrying to catch up with him, careful of his baggy robes. He hates them, if only for Sirius’s teasing at how he looks like a waifish scholar who thinks too much to eat. Not that Sirius is one to talk, really—he’s changed from looking like a Grim to looking like something out of Norse myth that’s about to devour the sun.

But Sirius is happy to be out of that dreary and rundown house, and Regulus can’t blame him. About the only good thing remaining there is Kreacher, and the elf is getting on in years. He’d been overjoyed that Regulus returned, but as much as Regulus missed him he hadn’t been able to bring himself to stay. He’d packed everything he needed in a day and headed out to Hogwarts and his new post, Sirius in tow. They’re quite a pair, really.

McGonagall meets them at the main doors, still regal and authoritative in a way Blacks can only dream of being, but she smiles faintly at Regulus. “Professor Prince,” she says. “How good to have you back. If you’ll follow me, I will show you to your chambers.”

This is happening, Regulus thinks suddenly, as his heart stutters and leaps forward into a gallop. This is real.

Professor, she called him, and that’s what he is now. No longer a nameless, fleeing face but a person, a figure of some standing, with a name and a past even if it isn’t his own.


Margin for Error

Bellarke, post 4x08 fluff

Sorry for ruining Bellamy’s sexy times, but it was absolutely worth it, and lbr, it’s not like there’s zero margin for error when hooking up with your soul-mate’s doppelgänger and drinking the funny tea.

“Bellamy? You in there?”

Technically, he’s awake. But moving his body feels like a terrible idea. And if the person knocking at the door were anyone else, he’d probably ignore them. But it’s not anyone else. It’s Clarke.

“Bellamy?” Luckily, the mere utterance of his name from her lips gives him enough of an adrenaline rush to climb a fucking mountain. Which is basically what answering the door equates to at this point.

She’s only been gone for two days, but it’s felt like an eternity. And now, here she is—solid, alive, and stunning as ever, if a little blurry. He flops a hand down on her shoulder just to be sure. “Clarke. You’re back. You’re really back.”

“Woah,” Clarke says, and suddenly her hands are all over him: less in the frisky lover kind of way, more in the concerned friend kind of way. Like he’s tipping over or something. Which, fine, might be the case.

Clarke looks at him like there’s something written in a foreign language across his forehead. “What happened to your face?” And at first, all he can think of is that it hurts, and he’s not exactly sure why. His brain is also throbbing like crazy, so the whole thinking and remembering routine is a bit slow-going.

Clarke looks even more displeased now that it’s clear he’s not exactly on top of things, mentally. “Sit down. You could have a concussion.”

But he knows this feeling, and he’s like 95% sure it’s not a concussion.

85% sure.

“S’okay. I’m fine,” he tells her, as she sits herself next to him on what he’s just now realizing is… oh, fuck. This is Clarke’s bed. This is Clarke’s room.


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The Bet- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: The Bet
Request: Just in case I was right about my mobile.. I would like a story about the following: neck kisses with Peter Pan. You can take the story however you would like. Just please, make it happy. Em and Elizabeth, you guys do amazing work.
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
AN: Warnings for a bit of smutty actions and language!

“You won’t be able to last a day.” Peter smiled to his girlfriend Y/N.
“Yea I can! Just watch me.” Y/N responded.
“Then it’s on!” Peter exclaimed.
They had started a bet- whom ever kissed the other one on the lips first loses.
Winner gets what ever they want!
“I’m going to win, jackass.” Y/N said walking out their tent.
“What ever you say love!” Peter called to her.

That night, Y/N was cleaning up the camp from dinner from earlier that night.
Her back was turned, and suddenly she felt her hair being moved behind her back to expose her neck.
Kisses were being planted down her neck, and she knew it was Peter.
“You won’t be able to seduce me into kissing you by kissing me neck.” Y/N giggled.
“I know you.” Peter responded, “Neck kisses are your weakness.”
He kept kissing her neck, Y/N enjoying it but then realizing that she had enough.
She turned around quickly, “I’m not giving in that easily.”
Y/N walked into their tent, Peter left to clean up the rest of the things from dinner.
“We’ll see about that.” Peter smirked.

When Peter walked into their tent, Y/N seemed to be asleep.
He stripped down, and got beside her to get some sleep himself.
Before he knew it, he felt lips on his neck.
“Seriously?” he chuckled.
Y/N giggled as she kissed her neck, down to his back, and up to his neck again.
“Just turn around and face me if you want more.” she said seductively.
Peter hoped up out of the bed, “I’m going to sleep outside.”
“So you won’t be tempted?” Y/N asked.
“Exactly.” he responded.

For two days, Y/N and Peter relentlessly continued on with their bet.
“This is getting tiring.” Y/N confessed.
“Then just kiss me.” Peter smirked.
“I can’t I want to win.” Y/N laughed.
Peter pinned her against a nearby tree, “But so do I.”
He started to kiss her neck harshly, Y/N wanting nothing but to kiss him back as hard as she could.
“Oh fuck this.” she said, finally pulling Peter up to kiss his lips.
Peter pulled away, “I win. I knew those neck kisses would work.”
“What do you want as your prize?” Y/N asked mockingly.
“Hmm.” Peter said, “I want you.”
He lifted her up bridal style, and carried her back to their tent.
“The best prize a man could have.” he smirked a he laid her on his bed, “One hell of a gorgeous woman.”

much love!

peter pan imagine - chains pt. 1

i got a good morning text at 1pm today wth

+Hey? So can you write a smut where she (she=you) has a tragic past with the pirates. She was a captive and she lost anything innocent about her. Anyways, she is a shapeshifter and she wants to play a game with Peter where he has 4 days to find her. If she wins she gets to have fun ;), if he wins, you can decide. She is sly, cunning, smart and playfully sarcastic. This would be fun..

+Giving peter a blowjob or handjob

+Can you write an smut imagine where the girl (y/n) is being dominant over Peter. Like instead of the y/n begging for Peter, Peter begs for y/n to supply to his needs.

requested by: 

warning: part two of this imagine contains smut! please don’t read if you’re uncomfortable!

trigger warning: this imagine also contains mentions of sexual abuse on the pirates’ end! please please please don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable! thank you!


“(Y/N), get over here!” A recognizable voice calls you from above the ship as you fold clothes, completing most of the chores on the Jolly Roger.

“Coming!” You respond, placing the finished clothes on the bed, taking your time when walking up the squeaking steps to get to the Captain. The sun blinds your eyes for an instant, contrasting the darkness from below deck.

“There you are!” He turns to face you, “Look, I need you to deliver a letter for me.” You sigh; Hook only ever uses you when he needs something done or if he needs sex, and while you hated it at first, wanting nothing more than to leave, now you just tolerate it, using yourself as your own punching bag. You could easily transform into a bird and fly far away. You’re a shapeshifter, you could turn into whatever you want, whether it be an ant, a horse, hell, even a dragon if you wanted to, but you owe your life to the pirates. They took you in after your mother abandoned you when she discovered your ‘gift.’ And, while they abuse you and you despise their barbaric behavior, you feel indebted to them; you always assumed it was some kind of animalistic imprint from shapeshifting so often.

“Where should I take it?” You ask.

“You know Tinkerbell, correct? She lives on the island in a small treehouse. Find it and give this to her.” He hands you a miniature parchment, rolled up with a ribbon, “We’re set to get off of this island in about five days, so you better be back before then or we’re leaving without you, and we’d hate to lose someone so near and dear to us.” He brushes your cheek, “Now off you go, little one.” You transform yourself into a bird, big enough to carry Hook’s message, but small enough to not draw too much attention. Your eyes blink to adjust to your new vision and your significantly smaller body. You spread your wings, gripping tightly onto the parchment, and you take off, the wind ruffling your feathers as you soar away from the ship. You always loved the freedom of flying, the cool breeze surrounding you, the sense of adventure, how time stops the instant you’re in the air, all things you could never gain with the pirates. The trees pass by you as your eyes dart back and forth in search of a treehouse. You flutter over branches and swaying leaves, searching high and low, but to no avail. You find yourself resting on a log when a male voice echoes next to you.

“I know you’re out there! Did you really think you could sneak on my island?”

Your head tilts as you glare at him, studying the boy as he searches for a human. He holds himself with confidence, his emerald eyes glaring at every inch of the forest. Something about him intrigues you; maybe its his demanding tone or his powerful stance. You’re not quite sure, but you know that you have to know him.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are. You can’t win this game.” He continues yelling, unable to locate anyone in his view.

You transform back to your normal human self, placing the parchment in your pocket, “Did you mention a game?” You smirk at him, sitting on the log with a smug look pressed on your face as you pick at your fingernails.

“And where did you come from, love?” You chuckle at his question and turn back into your bird form, only to fly right in front of him. You return back to being human, giving him an intimidating stare, even though he stands taller than you. You give him the same glare he gives you and he smiles, taking an interest in your powers.

“A shapeshifter.” His smile increases even further as he mutters the word, “Haven’t seen one of those in a long time.”

“Is that so?” You challenge him.

“Mmhm.” He mumbles, crossing his arms, “And I could use someone like you on my island.” You roll your eyes at the thought, ignoring his statement though it does sound tempting: an escape from your pitiful life as a pirate slave.

“Name’s (Y/N), what about you?” You mimic his pose, crossing your arms along with him.

“Peter Pan. I run the island.”

“Well, Peter, I’m not here for small talk. I’m delivering a message to a girl named Tinkerbell. Blonde, petite, has a temper from what I hear. You know where her treehouse is?” You scoff.

“Of course I do.” He laughs as if it was ridiculous to ask.

“And? Where is it?” You start to grow tired of his antic, yet, somehow, you love the chase.

“You really think I’d hand over precious information like that, love?” He laughs at you, pacing around you, like a lion circling its prey. And you love it: the way he arrogantly points at you, the way his eyebrow cocks up. You wish your life could be like his: having an entire island with all the freedom you could ask for.

“Well if you won’t give it to me like that…” You gaze up at him, “How about a game?” His face lights up, accepting your challenge.

“What kind of game?” He smirks and walks towards you, crunching the leaves below his feet.

“Well, I have five days to get back home, so how about…” You think for a second, “How about I hide and you have four days to catch me. You win and I’ll stay on the island.”

His smile grows even more.

“But if I win, I get what I want.” You blurt out, as he perks his head.

“Deal.” He states boldly, shaking your hand.

“In that case,” You stare at him on last time, “3, 2, 1, GO!” You announce, the words tumbling off of your lips so quickly they become slurred as you turn into a deer and sprint off into the woods. You can hear the boy chase after you, his footsteps loud, but you know you can easily outrun him and you find a small cave to rest in after a day of running and flying around. If you’re going to be chased after for four days, you’ll need somewhere to rest and you figure this is good for now. Your stomach growls and you realize you haven’t eaten much. You walk outside to find anything edible and luck out when you find a bush of berries, and you immediately begin to munch on them, swallowing as fast as you possibly can. A rustle in the bushes interrupts you as your ears perk up reflexively to listen. The crunch of boots echoes in the trees and you instantaneously recognize them to be Peter’s. You simultaneously think of the smallest animal to turn into, one he won’t see or notice: an ant. You regret it as his heavy steps walk closer, his body looming over you like a giant and you pray he won’t squish you under his feet. You’ve never been so vulnerable before, and it frightened you.

“Aw, didn’t want to stay?” His voice sounds 10x louder when you’re so small, “Come on, love. Let’s play.” He glares at the ground, eyeing every inch to find you, and you accept his challenge. You transform back into your bird body, and quickly fly close to his head, flapping your wings rapidly in his face to disorient him, and buy you time. You soar a couple of feet away from the boy as he shakes his head to gain his vision back. You turn human and land on the ground with a smirk on your face, “You want to play? Fine, but you’re gonna have to do better than that.”

You sprint away from him in no particular direction and his loud footsteps follow. Before you know it, a puff of green smog distorts your vision slightly, and you realize he’s teleporting directly in front of you, so you immediately transform into a rabbit, small enough to fit between his legs. He turns around with an angered look, and you pause to mock him, staring right into his anger-ridden eyes. You run off into the bushes, and before he can see you, you switch into a squirrel to climb up the nearest tree. He catches up as you stare at him from above, turning back into a human and reclining on the branch as you eye him attempting to search for you.

“Where did you go, you little sneak?” He mumbles to himself, his voice laced with frustration.

“Looking for someone?” You slyly remark.

“There you are.” He forces his palm out, causing the branch below you to crumble. Adrenaline pulses through your body as ideas race through your head as to how to get rid of the new threat. Your body reflexively transforms into a cat, allowing you to land on the ground without injury. Your feet hurt at the impact, but you feel alright: no broken bones or bruises. He searches for signs of you through the broken twigs and debris as you dash off quietly and unnoticed. You stand upright in your human form, leaning against a tree, “So you’re trying to kill me now?” You ask as he perks up to the sound of your voice.

“Please, love. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. I admire your ability to get out of those situations.” He chuckles.

“Is that so? Well, I admire how you can make my heart race like that. Haven’t felt that kind of a rush in years.” You stretch your back out to prepare to run.

“I guess that’s something we have in common.” He smirks.


“We both seem to admire each other.” He bluntly states, getting closer to you, as if preparing to jump you.

“Trying to get me to stay, hm?” You joke, but secretly, his good looks and charm begin to win you over, “Come catch me then.” You challenge, sprinting into the brambles and finding another cave. The stars begin to reveal themselves in the darkening sky, as you realize you need to create a fire for warmth. You quickly gather some firewood and manage to get a small fire going. You sigh and close your eyes, thinking about how this game started, how you challenged Peter to a game. You felt compelled to do it, but not like your compulsion from the pirates. You wanted to do it, not felt like you needed to in order to repay your debts. And as you’ve spent the day chasing each other, you find yourself wanting him, even if you’ve only known each other for a couple of hours. You’ve never cared about someone so deeply, not even with the pirates. Your thoughts consume you, as your eyes begin to droop, slowly drifting to sleep with the green-eyed boy deep in your subconscious.


Your stomach growls, waking your groggy eyes as you force yourself up. You transform into a wolf in order to hunt and find food and the sharp smell of a rabbit catches your attention. It’s not ideal, but it’s all you have. The scent comes closer and closer, the rabbit coming closer into view while it picks at the ground. You prepare to pounce, taking one step closer.

“Actually, love. That won’t be necessary.” Peter’s voice scares the rabbit away, sending it hopping out of your sight. You growl at him for making you miss a meal, but then he tosses a bag towards you, steam emitting from the bag, “Sorry it’s not much, Rufio screwed up the batch this morning.” You look at him, not taking a step forward, fearing he would jump you as soon as you made a move.

“Don’t worry, I won’t come after you. I may not be the most well behaved boy on the island, but I’m not going to starve you out.” He assures you, as you cautiously walk to the bag, clutching it in your mouth. Before you dash off, you turn your head and stare at him, thankful for the food.


The final stretch arrived; you just had a couple seconds left before you won the game, your heart racing as you sprint aimlessly through the forest, adrenaline pumping into your veins. Peter stops and you turn to look at him, “Alright, love. You’ve won.” You make your way back to him quickly, attempting to catch your breathe.

“You can find Tinkerbell’s treehouse in-” You cut him off by pressing your lips against his. He flinches in shock but then relaxes into the kiss, placing his hands on your waist to bring you closer. You pull away and whisper into his ear,

“Who said I cared about that stupid letter anyway?”


request a peter pan imagine here

Sounds Good To Me (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request: @thrill-t00n “Like maybe the reader has some kind of sound mutation and really enjoys playing the guitar and Peter always listens but hides too because he’s to scared to intrrupt the reader. One day the reader notice that Peter is stalking them and they just walk towards him and asks if he’d like to learn to play the guitar and they go on a cute date with music and snacks outside, a small picknick in the late evening”
Featuring: The squad
Word Count: 1724 Words
Warning: Fluff, swearing, Peter being kinda creepy(??), puns
A/N Ngl I kinda got second hand embarrassment from writing this. Enjoy the puns and dorky Peter!
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @nerdygoateellama, @apocalypse-supporter

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Originally posted by hatefriendzone

((gifs not mine, credit to owner))

                Today was a quiet day, which never seemed to happen in the mansion. But as it turned out there was a field trip today; one that Peter had opted not to go on. At first everyone was surprised; Peter begs to leave the house all the time, but then they found out Peter had been banned from the zoo a few years ago. So he was going to spend the day at home with a few others. He knew Warren was hiding in the house somewhere, but Warren wasn’t exactly the best company to keep, which lead to Peter walking aimlessly around the house. To Peter’s surprise, he found you still home, but even more surprising he heard the gentle sounds of music flowing from your room. Peter stood in front of your closed door, the soft strumming of a guitar sounded through the hall way. Peter couldn’t help, but smile as you quietly hummed along. Peter watched for a while, somehow he found himself sitting beside your door.

                It was so calm, the soft music filling up the mostly empty hallway. Peter was tempted to go in and sit with you, maybe ask you to teach him, after all he had that guitar he stole a few months ago, but as soon as Peter worked up some courage he heard you get up. Peter bolted away, slamming his door behind him before falling onto his bed. Peter knew that wouldn’t be the first time he enjoyed the music you played. And it wasn’t. For weeks Peter would listen to you play. He figured out you like to play when your stressed, so usually after class, which was good considering most kids were locked away in their room studying or hanging out with friends. The squad certainly noticed Peter being around less, but even more they noticed the stupid smile on his face when he’d join them. How he hum some melody to a song that no one knew. Scott was the first to notice the nervous grin that grew on Peter’s face when you walked into the room. And Scott was quick to let everyone else know.

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Give me a sign

Originally posted by xmendaily

Title: Give me a sign 

Pairing: Warren Worthington x Reader

Warnings: Language

Request: Please someone write a fanfic that is either Alex summers X reader, Peter maximoff X reader, or warren w iii X reader when reader was asked out by some guy they liked but turns out it was a joke and then one of the 3 men listed above, who has a crush on reader, comforts them and then reader starts to like him - @tridevil (+ @trafalgarlau requested to be tagged)

Word count: 1853

A/N: Saw this request floating out in Tumblr space and this happened. Tempted to write the prompt for all three characters, but for now it’s just Warren.


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Imagine Peter wanting you in his pack

Originally posted by martin-alien

Peter was many things, but patient wasn’t one of those things.

“How soon will you know?” he asks impatiently, his voice annoyed.

“I can’t tell you that Peter. I’ll have to talk to Scott and-”

“You don’t need his permission. You’re not in his pack,” Peter argues.

“He’s my brother though,” you refute. “I should talk to him first shouldn’t I?”

“Think about how much better it would be if you were in my pack,” Peter asks, practically begging now. “You’d be so much more powerful.”


“Come on, Y/N. You know you want to.”

Sighing, you grimace. “Why not?” You had spent too much time under Scott’s wing. You could regret this later.

requested by anon :)

Spideypool fanfic request 6/6/14 --- Wade writes fanfics, Peter is confused by it.

Spideypool fanfic request 6/6/14 by:spideypooladdict

Fueling the Fire

Peter walked through the living room, naked and wet from the shower. Wade sat on the couch with his laptop resting on his scarred, muscular thighs. Peter raised a brow, why didn’t Wade jump at the opportunity to sneak a peek? Of course it’s not like it’s the first time he’d strolled through the apartment nude- but Wade ALWAYS noticed when he did. But tonight, he was typing away at his laptop- occasionally humming or giggling.

Peter made his way past the amused merc, puffing his ripped torso out, making his ass cheeks jiggle and keeping his hand just over his manhood playfully. Wade finally looked up, and a huge smile spread over his face.

“Well well well, are you trying to seduce me, Spider-Man?” He purred, blue eyes running over every detail of the young hero’s build.

“No, just air drying. Unless you wanna dry me off?” Peter replied, now coming over to sit next to his boyfriend.

“Extremely tempting, but I’m working on a little something right now, and if I leave the computer I’ll never get it done.” Wade explained, giving Peter’s thigh a tough slap and shooting him a sly grin.

Peter looked at the screen, what the hell is Tumblr ? And what could possibly be more important to him than “hopping on that majestic Spidey ass”. He sighed, trying to get Wade’s attention.

“What’s a'matter, Petey?” He asks in concern.

“What are you working on that’s so important?” He asked, a pout on his silken, rosey skin.

“A fanfic.”

“A what ?”

“It’s a fictional fan written story.”

“Oookay, about what, exactly?”

“It’s a spideypool.”

“Okay, Wade, I have no clue what that means, I’m a noob, remember?!” Peter exclaimed, punching Wade’s arm lightly.

“On Tumblr they ship us, meaning they have us in a relationship. It’s called Spideypool, and I’m writing a fanfic.” Wade explained with a shrug.

Peter stared at him for a few moments, speechless, then he began to laugh hysterically. Wade studied his reaction, unsure of what part of his response had caused Petey to lose his shit. [What did we say?] {Maybe he just thinks we’re one of those fangirl types or something?}

“What’s all the laughing about? I didn’t even make a joke.” Wade muttered in confusion.

“Wade! Why the hell would you write stories about us? What is this even about?” He exclaimed.

“Because I’m a literary genius with unmatched story-telling skills and a high speed internet connection.”

“I mean why on earth would you write fictional stories for this Tumblr site about us?”

“It’s fun, and we have a shit load of funny stories that people can totally believe are fake.”

“And the other users actually read this stuff? Lemme see it.”

Peter pulled the laptop into his lap, enjoying the feeling of the warm bottom on his naked thighs, and began to read.

“Soooooo, whadda you think, Petey?” Wade cooed in a childish tone.

“I- I think you’re a lot crazier than I thought you were! Why the hell would you post this?! No one needs to know I’ve dressed up in a maid costume for you, or that you fucked me with your katana hilt!” Peter yelled, red in anger and embarrassment.

“Petey, petey, please calm down! My followers don’t know it’s REALLY me! There’s a load of people who write this kinda stuff!” Wade explained, patting Peter’s shoulder.

[Why is he freaking out?!] {Maybe because this kind of stuff is personal?} [So! Like he said, they don’t know it’s really us posting.] {But the content is horribly inappropriate and sexual.} [Hey! Inappropriate and sexual is what we do! Duh.]

“Wade, it’s just….ugh….I get that you don’t understand why I’m confused and irritated by something like this- but try to see it through my eyes.”Peter said, trying to remain calm.

{Told you, idiots.} [Shut your whore mouth! Just let us think about this.]

“Is it because you’re embarrassed of the stuff we did?” Wade asked innocently, making Peter feel guilty for raising his voice.

“No, no. I just wish you didn’t post things that’re so…personal. Do people even read this…smut?”

“Of course they do! They eat this shit up like those piranhas ate my spleen that one time! Look! See how many notes I have and how many reblogs.”

“Woah, and all these people actually like this crap?” Peter asked in astonishment.

“Hell yeah they do! I’m on my way to being Tumblr famous- and I get some pretty kinky ideas from requests.” Wade replied, moving a firm, scarred hand tauntingly over Peter’s bare abs.

“I guess it’s not that bad, you never do say its legit or tell them my real name.” Peter said, relaxing and reveling in the textured caresses of Wade’s hands over his body.

“W-Wade, what happened to wanting to get this done?” Peter cooed, looking to the merc and smiling.

“I figured that having material for another story wouldn’t hurt.” Wade replied in a heavy whisper, breathing his warm, spicy breath on Peter’s neck.

“Mhmm, and if I don’t wanna be your muse?” Peter teased.

“Then be my inspiration.” Wade growled, quickly moving the laptop to the coffee table and pulling Peter into his lap. He giggled, oh fuck do I love that giggle! Oops, I mean- Wade loves that giggle. [Think they bought it?] {Yeah, besides, it’s Tumblr- they don’t leave their rooms long enough to tell any badies about us.} [Good. Oooh! Look, Petey put on the thong!] {Sweet!}     

I Thought You Knew || Peter Maximoff

Anon Request

Prompts: 6

Word Count: 989

Summary: A hang out session is interrupted by feelings that were thought to be known.

This took so long and I’m so sorry but good news is, in back!

“Are you really that nervous I’m going to beat you Maximoff?” You chuckled as he bumped into my hip sending me stumbling to the side, but not enough for my hands to leave the buttons of Peters’ rusted Pac Man machine.

“Not a chance Y/N, I’m sorry your so nervous of losing that you would think so low of me.” He whispered.

“I think low of you too often, this isn’t different.”

The smile that he was trying to hold in was released,“When did this turn into trash talking wars?”

“Since you challenged me to this- this… I really can’t call this shit anymore. It’s too addicting.” You told him leaning forward and allowing my hand to guide the joystick,“Your ruining my life Peter.“

“I’m not that bad.”

You smiled stealing a quick glance at him,“Don’t worry, your not.” You said bumping his hip like he had done previously,“And your certainly not that bad, since you offer me free piggy back rides whenever I would like to use them.”

“You are so lucky to be my best friend, aren’t you then?” Peter chuckled.

“Very…,” You slurred putting your attention back onto the game.

Peter dropped his arm on your shoulder and laid his head on it,“Would you just loose already!”

“No…” You said,“no- don’t go that way… you won’t touch the MVP asshole- this little purple ass ghost…” You told yourself as you continued playing and Peter laughed shrugging as he walked away from you to watch television.

“Candy.” You pronounced loudly to the fast runner. And he did indeed use that to drop a sour gummy worm into my open mouth,“Thanks Pete.”


You leaned back a bit turning your wrists before the next wave began.

“He likes you Wendy, ya’ just have to go for it!”

“Your right Heather, I’ll call him right now!”

Ring, Ring

“Hey Pete, I need to talk to ya’.”

“Well want is it Wendy?”

“It’s- just, I love you Pete, with all my heart and soul and I- well, I want to spend my life with you Pete!

“Oh Wendy darling of course!”

“What are you watching?” You asked flying your hand back to the joystick.

“No clue, it’s old though, you know if you lose now, you can watch this with me.” He tempted patting the seat next to him.

“N and O, alright? I don’t need to hear Wendy’s love story with Pete.”

He sighed and stood up walking towards me,“You’ll thank me later.”

“What do you me-,” You were interrupted when Peter had thrown you over his shoulder and you couldn’t help but scream a bit,“Peter fucking Maximoff let me down, I was going to beat your- NO!” That purple little ghost went straight for you and like that, you were dead.

You were dropped onto the seat cushions of his couch and above you towered a smug Peter Maximoff.

“I was ten points away from beating your high score, you ass!” You shouted,“You just wanted me to loose didn’t you!”


You groaned,“I seriously can’t believe you!”

“You’ll get over it.”

“I’ll get over it? Get over the fact that I spent two hours on your stupid machine, and I was only ten points away from beating you!”

Peter put a hand on your shoulder,“Trust me, ten points isn’t going to succeed you in anything.”

You sighed at his logic before pushing yourself up on my elbows,“Peter Maximoff,” You started,“I really want to hate you.”

Want to?

“But I can’t. You’ve left an impression on me that makes it almost impossible.” You said.

Peter smiled,“I’m forgiven?”

You laughed, which caused a very confused expression to appear on his face. You stopped laughing abruptly and punched his gut,“No.”

He sat back holding his side,“No? You can be a real-”

“Ass? Yes, I know. I practically gave myself the name.“

Peter smiled turning to face you and dropped his head back onto the sofa to laugh a bit. And then it happened. The overwhelming sensation of butterflies.

Stop getting all feely Y/N!

You laughed too, only to make yourself feel the platonic relationship.

But really, you wanted so much more then that. How couldn’t you?

His head tipped back like that, it was cute. All his features, his eyes, his hair, his cute nose… his lips.

You couldn’t hold it in anymore. You’ve held it in for years. And now, you were about burst if you never got tell him.

“Peter…” You said seriously.

“Hmm?” He hummed.

You could lose his friendship, you really could. But you were going to lose yourself, drowning in thoughts like these continuously.

“You alright Y/N? You spaced out a bit.” Peter said draping his arm behind the couch as his eyes closed in comfort.

“Peter…” You breathed out,“I have feelings for you.”

His head no longer leaned on the couch, and his eyes opened and his hands traveled to his lap as it seemed he attempted to comprehend what you had said.

You chuckled nervously,“It means I like you, I want to be more than best friends.”

He smiled,“Then what are you going to do?”

You rolled your eyes playfully,“I admitted my feelings. What are you going to do?”

“I thought you knew I had feelings for you!”

“You really don’t understand girls, do you?”

“I don’t understand you.” He laughed leaning forward.

You smiled and leaned forward as well stopping to wrap my arms around him,“I am very, very complicated, to assure you, thanks for noticing. And so are you.” You smoothed his hair between your fingers and leaned your head against his,“And, your hair is like a marshmallow.”You chuckled.

He raised an eyebrow,“So does that get me anything?”

You nodded closing your eyes and pulled him close to meet his lips in the middle.


It was a day like no other on Neverland. Peter Pan decided to give the Lost Boys a day of rest. No work, no chores and no orders from him. He gave the Lost Boys a day wherein they can do anything they want for a day. It was a holiday for them.

You woke up by their sudden cheers and laughter. You rubbed your eyes, yawning. Still half asleep, you changed into your daily clothes, not minding your messy hair.

Stretching your arms wide, you went outside. You blinked several times to clear your vision. It was a sight you weren’t used to.

You saw the boys, playing some childish games like hide ‘n seek, Neverland edition. You also saw the others, doing nothing.

Your eyes squinted, confused on the sudden change. You saw Felix, passed by your hut. Felix noticed you. He smiled at you. “G’ morning, Y/n. Seems like you woke up pretty early today, huh?” he said, chuckling as he eyed your hair sticking out in every direction.

You ran a hand in your hair, feeling a little embarrassed. “Never mind about that,” you said. You looked at your surroundings once more. “What’s going on?” you asked Felix.

Felix looked back, tilting his head as he smirked. “Let’s just say Pan needs a rest on leading a bunch of kids today,” he said as he looked at you. He laughed when he noticed your confusion. “I’m just kidding. Pan’s waiting for you at his treehouse.” Felix said.

You groaned as you make your way to his treehouse. “Then why can’t I have a rest day?” you muttered lowly, your head hanging low, feeling sulky all of a sudden.

You arrived at his treehouse. You weakly knocked on his door three times. You heard rustling from the inside. You heard his footsteps creaking closer then he opened the door.

Peter opened the door with grin on his face. “Hey—What happened to your hair? Did you get run over or something?” He said as he glanced at your hair sticking in many places.

You frowned as you heard him laugh at you. You rolled your eyes on him, walking towards his bed and sat on it. Your arms folded on your chest, slumping, and your legs crossed. “What’s the agen—Why are you wearing a crown?!” you said, your eyebrow raising as you twirled a finger pointing on his head.

Peter just smirked. “Because I’m the King of Neverland, love. And Kings have crowns,” he said, adjusting his flashy crown on his head.

You looked at him and all of a sudden, you burst into laughter, your hand slapping your thigh. “P-pathetic!” you said as you laughed hard, making you clutch your stomach.

Peter furrowed his eyebrows. “What pathetic? It is true that I’m the King of Neverland!” he defended his self. “The crowns just a reminder of that, sweetie.”

You rolled your eyes, scoffed at him. “Yeah, whatever Peter,” you said to him. “And what does this have to do with me?” you asked him with a mischievous smirk.

Peter walked closer to you. He leaned in closer to your face, smirking at you. “Oh, I’ve got plans for you, Y/n,” he said, taking your chin with his fingers.

You blushed by the touch, but you refused to show it. “Plans what?”

You followed Peter almost anywhere, a grimaced look painted all over your face. You looked at Peter who’s in front of you, strutting around with his dumb crown.

“Seriously? Being your servant, that’s your freaking plan for me?!” you annoyingly said to him, raising your hands in frustration.

Peter stopped, making you bump on his back. You rubbed your head. Peter grinned at you. “Do you have any better ideas, laddie?” he asked you, his eyebrows raising again, tempting you to shave them on the spot.

You thought for a while, a finger tapping on your cheek. “Well, maybe you could’ve just made me a knight? Like seriously, Peter, a servant beside a king? That’s a reputation ruiner, don’t you think?” you said, looking at him.

You did have a point though. Peter thought that for a while. “Are you saying you want a promotion, peasant?” he said.

“Promotion? Yes. Peasant? No!” you said at him, raising your voice a little higher.

Peter cleared his throat loudly, making the lost boys glanced at you two.

Peter raised both of his hands in the air, somehow looking like he was about to preach. “Hear ye, hear ye! May I have your attention!” he said, his British accent present on every word.

You glared at him, nudging him on the arm. “What are you doing?!” you muttered to him as you looked at the lost boys gathering around.

Peter looked at you. “Relax, love. I know what I’m doing.”

You gritted your teeth. “You better be!”

Peter cleared his throat his throat once more. “As of today, this young lady shall be promoted from a servant to a higher ranking,” he said in a loud voice. “As King of Neverland, I command you, Y/F/N, to kneel and bow down in front of your king,” he said, looking at you with a grin.

You rolled your eyes as you knelt down in one knee, a hand on your back and bowed down. “Seriously?” you muttered to yourself.

Peter summoned a sword on his left hand. “Y/n of Neverland, I now thee promote you,” he said as he placed the blade of the sword on your left shoulder.

You felt something on your shoulder. Oh, what now?! You thought to yourself.

“To a higher ranking fit for the King,” he said, placing the blade on your right and now on the top of your head. “I now pronounce Y/n,” he smiled as he looked at you, all bowed down to him. “As my beloved Queen, Queen of Neverland.”

The sword disappeared. Your head snapped up. You couldn’t believe what you just heard. “Wait, your queen?!” you exclaimed, standing up.

Peter smirked at you. “You heard that right, love.”

The lost boys cheered. Flower petals showered upon you. The lost boys cheered your name. “Hooray for the Queen of Neverland!”

Felix walked towards you. You were confused and that’s when you noticed that he was holding something.

Felix smiled at you as he placed the flower crown on top of your head, then he whispered something to you. “Pan made that when you were still asleep.”

You were surprised. “He did?” you asked him, looking at Peter who’s sending Felix death glares.

And that’s when you realized, “You planned this, didn’t you?” you asked him, a smile forming on your lips.

Peter rubbed the back of his neck, a little embarrassed. “It was supposed to be planned. But Peter Pan never fails, darling,” he said, winking at you.

Your face turned red. Peter took both of your hands, placing a kiss on both of them. He looked at you in the eyes, making you wilt by his gaze.

“Welcome home, my queen.”

Lost Boy

Word Count: 2539 

Summary: A fic based on the song Lost Boy by Ruth B. Basically, Dan’s depressed and addicted to weed and Phil- coincidentally, Phil’s depressed and addicted to weed and Dan. 

TW: Charactor death- tons of it. drug use and depression

I remember back when I had no one and nothing. Sometimes, I think it was better that way. My family didn’t care about me and I was constantly mocked. They called me the lost boy.

“Run! Run lost boy!” They’d say while chasing after me. “I hope you get hit by a car! You’d be better off dead,” they’d yell after me while I ran across the street. I ran into the woods, with tears blinding my eyes and I sat there on a log once I got deep enough in. One day, however, I saw a shadow. And then a figure. He had a beautiful smile and the bluest eyes and the blackest hair.

“Hey there, lost boy,” he’d said with that warm smile on his face. How’d he know that’s what they called me? I never bothered to ask. He sat next to me, with that warm smile and pulled out a bowl and a bag of weed. I’d never done drugs before, but at that moment when he offered, I just didn’t see the point in saying no. He showed me how to use it, even blew some smoke in my face when I couldn’t get the lighter to work. I was able to get it working and I inhaled deeply, holding it in for a few seconds before I coughed it out. He seemed to know exactly what to do though, and handed me a bottle of water. We went on like this for a little bit before I started to feel my senses numb and I was giggling for no damn reason.

Everything was a haze and I lived it. I didn’t care about anything but what was going on in that moment. We were giggling and hanging on to each other. At one point, we even ended up kissing. I didn’t know who this sweet smiled stranger was, and frankly, I didn’t care. We ended up in meadow filled with sunflowers taller than us. We swayed through them and giggled and ran and fell. We kissed again and it was then that I knew I wanted to feel like that all the time. We lied there for hours, and then I felt it where off and I started to get tired.

I woke up with my head in the crook of his neck and the moon high up in the sky. Hours before had just been a blur and the black haired boy with, the drugs surprisingly, hadn’t left. But then again, he was sleeping too. I’d had felt a wave of despair flow through me and I wanted to cry. That euphoric feeling was gone and all I knew was that I wanted it back. Because then was the only time I’d felt carefree and almost happy. I felt a shuffling next to me and I pulled my black sweatshirt sleeves over my hand and wiped away the tears.

“Hey there lost boy,” he says, the same words as last night. I give him a weak smile and ask his name. He gave me a half smirk, “I’m tempted to say Peter Pan, as here I am, helping the lost boy,” he smiles and pauses, “but you can call me Phil.”

“Hi Phil, I’m Dan,” I said softly. Phil’s blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight and I swear, I’ve never seen a sight as beautiful as his face right then and there. Phil pushed my straightened hair back with a small smile before hopping up. I followed his action a moment after. “Are you leaving?”

“Afraid so, Lost Boy. I’ll see you another time,” he answered.

I’ve gone back every single day after that. Sometimes Phil was there, other times he was no where to be found.

A month later I was still getting chased and beat and slurred at. “Go kill yourself!” They’d say. “Run, Lost Boy, but your problems won’t be solved like that!” Those are the times I’d run straight to the woods, praying that Phil was there. We’d hadn’t gotten together ‘officially’, but we’d get high together and sometimes make out. Phil in a way, is Peter Pan. He saves me from the villains and takes me to Neverland. I’ve started smoking weed almost every single day. It may be an addiction, but Neverland is where I belong. It’s where I feel free. Neverland is where I’m happy and where I’m supposed to be. Everything is so hazy and warm there. Phil’s there with me. It’s so comforting and so calm. Out here it’s ruckus. Out here I don’t know how to be calm, or how to think. I don’t know how to feel okay in this world. Neverland is my safe haven an I’m okay with that.

I don’t know who I am. How am I supposed to live normally. I’ve started getting it on my own for the days that Phil wasn’t in the woods. When he was, it made the experience ten times better. I went today and he was there, sitting on the log already smoking. I sit next to him and he passes the bowl and lighter to me and I light it. After about five minutes of passing back and forth I started to feel it. I rested my head in Phil’s shoulder and sighed. I felt like I was floating. “Hey Phil?” I asked.


“Do you ever want to fly away from the town? Like, just go. Leave and fly away, cause I do.” Phil turned to me sighed. His blue eyes were hazed and bloodshot. There was a small smile on his pink lips.

“Yea, all the time.”

Moments later we were kissing. Soft gentle pecks were being placed down my neck as I sighed an let out little whimpers. I looked up at Phil and his eyes mesmerized me like they always do. I think I’ve fallen for the black haired boy that calls himself my Peter Pan. I grabbed his hand and we stumbled along to our meadow. I pull him down on top of me, not breaking the kiss. His hands were up my shirt now, feeling their way along my chest. I sighed in content as he moved back down to my neck, sucking softly in a way that makes my breath stutter. He pulled my shirt off looking in my eyes as if to make sure it were okay. The look on my face must have been enough because he leaned down and started kissing along my chest while leaving hickies here and there.

It’d progressed in a hazy blur of moans and kisses. The feeling was almost as euphoric as my high. I remember how black his eyes had gotten and the way he carefully handled my body. I was a broken record, letting out stuttered moans and “Fuck, please don’t stop.” I’d woken up later, under the moonlight and thousands of stars. It’d taken me a moment to process what I’d had done and I sure as hell didn’t regret it. Phil’s larger body was still lying next to mine. His chest was pale white under the moon and his face looked screwed up in pain. I’d always thought that people were supposed to look content and happy in their sleep. Phil had shown me different. He looked so scared in his sleep. I wanted to protect him, but how could I help somebody when I needed all of the protection I could get.

I got up, sober unfortunately, and looked up at the sky. It was one of the most beautiful things. Normally when I’m sober I get this crushing dread of despair throughout my waking hours. Right now, however, I felt okay for once. I was content and I wished I could feel like this forever. The sunflowers were stretched over my head and the wind was blowing slightly. Fireflies were soaring through the night and I felt like I could breathe. This is the best I felt in so long. I silently thank Phil for this moment, every day.

I head home in the warm, breezy night and trudge up my room, not bothering to keep silent; it’s not like my mum would care either way. As I head into the bathroom to shower I get a dull look of myself in the mirror wearing nothing but my boxers. I haven’t looked at myself in so long that my appearance scared me a little. My hair was curled up against my shoulders and my brown eyes were slightly red and bruised at the bottom with bags. My skinny frame was even more lanky, you could see my ribs slightly. I looked tired and scared and sad. My skin was paler with a slight flush at the cheeks. It was disgusting. Everything about myself disgusted me. What have I done to myself? Why can’t I just be okay?

I strip myself completely plagued with these thoughts and jump into the shower. I cleaned myself, but I wasn’t actually clean. I was dirty. I’ll always be dirty. The hot water cascaded down my back and for the first time in weeks, I cry. I cry because I can’t feel that contentment I had earlier. I cry because I’m so scared for myself, but I can’t find the energy to care. I cry because I don’t know what I had with Phil, just that I lost my virginity to him. I cry because I’m scared.

I slept three hours that night. The next day I headed to school slightly high. The day was a daze and I probably failed my Chemistry test; but who cares really? I went to the woods that day to see Phil. He was sitting on the log sober as ever. I was tired but still a little high.

“Hey,” I said in a croaked voice. He was wearing a green tee shirt with black skinny jeans. His hair was messy and his eyes were tired. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. Phil kissed my forehead with a smile on his lips.

“Hey Lost Boy,” he stuck with that nickname. His voice was soft and deep. It rolled smoothly. We’re hardly ever sober together. Even though I still had some in my system, my mind felt clearer than usual. I didn’t know how to act but somehow it still felt comfortable. After a short silence, we talked. We had an actual conversation.

We talked about food and music and colours. We talked about life and the universe. He asked me why I smoked so much; why I was so damn sad. “Because I’m a Lost Boy,” I’d said. “Because I don’t really matter, and when I’m high, nothing matters. I don’t care that no one else does.” I asked Phil why he smoked. He shrugged.

“Because I need to feel something other than sadness,” I didn’t ask him to explain, but hell I wanted to. I wanted to know everything I could about him. I’ve given so many confessions while in that daze. Phil would listen silently, never really talking. I’ve come to realize how much I depended on my Peter Pan.

Two months later and I wish I’d asked Phil to explain. We spent the day together. After that one day o so many weeks ago, we’ve actually spent time sober together, rarely, but we did. I realized, I could only be sober when I’m with him. I remember that day together. Phil was wearing I black tee shirt and black skinny jeans. We spent that day in the meadow. We kissed and hugged and smiled. He told me he loved me that day while we were laying on the ground. I turned to him and smiled. I kissed him and told him I loved him too. I told him I loved him more than the moon loved the sun. I told him I loved him more than astronomers love the stars. I told him I loved him more than Peter Pan loved being young.

We didn’t get high that day, I’m kind o glad we didn’t because I wanted to remember it, every last bit. We stayed until late at night. He told me how much he loved the stars and the moon. He told me how he wished he was a star, how he wished he could shine and sparkle. I told him he was the brightest thing in me life. He chuckled and said how he’s no star, but the sky that the stars shine in. He told me I’m the star. I’m the star that kept his sky dim. He said I had kept him from the black hole for so long.

I told him he was my sun. I told him without his shine, I’d be nothing but a black abyss. I told him how close to the black hole I truly am, but how bright he has kept me. He smiled softly.

“The thing is, stars die out. They burn up for so long and then one day, they explode. All stars die. Some sooner than others. I might be a star, but I’ve shown for a long time and I think I just might die out soon.” When he said that, I was left speechless.

I kept quiet. I didn’t say anything about stars anymore. I sighed and kissed him. We lie next to each other with my head in the crook of his neck and his breathing coming out soft and shallow. I mumbled I love you into his neck until I feel asleep. I woke up at the break of dawn and he was nowhere to be found. I trudged home. I threw myself into my bed and cried into my pillow.

The next day I went bag to our log. He wasn’t there. I knew h wouldn’t be. I went to our meadow. He was laying there with his eyes wide open an skin paler than I’ve ever seen. His mouth was slightly open and his body was spread out. I sat next to him and cried. I cried next to his body. I cried because there was a crumpled up note in his hand for me. I cried because I knew he would do it and I knew he wasn’t okay. I fell in love with the sun and like all stars do, he died.

The thing about life is we need the sun to sustain our warmth. We need the sun because without it all life would die without it. The sun is what keeps all living organisms alive. When the sun dies, so do the things it was keeping alive

Secrets can’t be kept for long (Sirius x reader)

Request: Reader is Remus’ twin sister and has a secret. Remus believes she’s secretly dating someone and Sirius cannot allow it to continue. He tracks her down and confronts her. For simplecat101 <3
Warnings: This is a double decker fluff and cheese sandwich

Remus entered the Great Hall with his eyes trained on the floor, face perplexed.

“Remus, you okay?” Peter asked concerned. Instantly James and Sirius stopped their goofing off to really notice Remus’ dazed expression nearing them.

Their friend seemed to jump out of his thoughts as he glanced at his three best friends, knowing well there was no point in shrugging it off. 

“I think my sister is dating someone.”

“WHAT?” Sirius attempted to stand up, knocking into the table and awkwardly falling back on the bench. James stared at him with his trademark smirk. “I-er.” Sirius’ eyes flew to Remus and he almost sighed in relief at how oblivious the werewolf was. “W-without telling anyone??” Sirius managed to say.

“I know!” Remus exclaimed. “Least of all me! Her own twin brother!”

“So who is it?” Peter asked.

“Someone completely beneath her,” James replied. “Or will soon be beneath her if you know-”

“James Potter if you want to keep your tongue, you’ll do well to stop talking,” Remus scowled while Sirius glared menacingly in agreement. “I.. actually don’t know who it is. I only just started noticing that she’s,” Remus winced. “..hiding things from me.” 

Remus ran both hands through his hair and continued. “You know how she’s started becoming closer friends with Marlene? I didn’t take it too seriously because it’s (Y/N), she’s too smart to get into trouble. But then yesterday, I was walking to Charms and I noticed (Y/N) was there talking with Marlene. It seemed that Marlene wanted to cut class to meet up with some friends. When I asked her directly she said Marlene was kidding and I was worrying too much.” Remus glared at the table bitterly.

Sirius’ was completely bewildered. He already knew how much Marlene loved to sneak off to Hogsmeade, just to prove she knew a secret passageway. Now this prick was going to take you on the date HE dreamed of taking you on! The image was still lifelike in his mind.

He would lean next to your ear, slyly whispering for you to go with him, enjoying how hard you tried to resist his rebellious but all-too-tempting charm. Yet he would take your hand and like magic you would follow him to Hogsmeade where you would be swept off your feet and into his arms pleading, “Oh, Sirius, how could I have rejected you six times? How could I have not seen it before? ” And he would tilt your chin tenderly to him saying, “Don’t worry, kitten, I can still show you everything you missed.” “Oh Sirius,” you would whisper with a shiver.

“Oh, Sirius…” you would whisper as someone else leaned in to kiss you.

“Uh, Sirius?” Peter asked a bit louder this time. “Are you okay, Padfoot? You look worse than Remus, and that’s saying something.”

“Thank you, for that Wormtail,” Remus muttered without looking up.

“I’ve got to go,” Sirius blurted as he stormed out of the Great Hall.

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thedamnriddler  asked:

Prmpt: Peter hasn't been able to have an erection since he came out of his coma. But then Stiles wears those fucking skinny jeans...

Peter shifts, grateful for the thick cloud of arousal permeating the club.  It masks his own desire, though he has to bite down hard on his own tongue to keep his eyes from giving him away. 

He’s not sure whose idea it was, pairing him and Stiles together for their hunt, but he certainly knows that Stiles didn’t pick out his own outfit.  The colors went too well with the pale of his skin, the pants too tight, the shirt leaving nothing to the imagination.  When Peter had picked him up an hour previous, he’d actually thought that the shirt was one of his, the collar was so low and open.  Inviting. 

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Requests: Can I get #3 &#20 with Peter Pan❤️ &  #5 & #6 with Peter please 😊😊 ~both from an anon 

A/N-I hope the two anon’s who requested these don’t mind me combining them together, I have a really good idea so ya I hope you guys enjoy.


I glared at him across the fire, him and that stupid smirk of his. Ever since I arrived he has given me a hard time, just so he could amuse himself and the boys. Everyone treated me as though I couldn’t even handle myself, even though I obviously could. Pan smirked at me as he caught my gaze at him, he stood up and walked towards me, I looked away now annoyed.

 But when he was halfway across camp I felt someone put their arm around my shoulder. I looked to see Devin another Lost Boy I might actually hate more than Peter. 

Can you not,

“What do you mean beautiful?” I rolled my eyes, I looked up to see Peter staring daggers into Devin.

Not to interrupt,but you're touching my property,” Bot Devin and I looked at him, both confused. 

“What do you mean she’s your’s everyone treats her the same,” Peter smirked pulling me and wrapping on arm around my waist.

“But no one can do this no can they?” He then kissed me, so passionately I gasped. I was tempted to kiss back but I couldn’t give him that satisfaction. Once he pulled away I just looked at him, dumbfounded and confused. Devin’s jaw had dropped and most of the boys who saw were surprised.

Did you just… kiss me?” He smirked. letting go of me and walking away. Everyone looked at me, I started to blush so I walked off into my tent.


It has been about a week since Peter has kissed me and he hasn’t even looked at me. He would normally ask for my help or give me orders to clean something but none has been said. 

So I had nothing to do so I just sat in my tent, most of the time too embarrassed to even step a foot outside. It wasn’t till it was night time that I went out, most of the boys would be asleep. 

But tonight was different, as I was getting some food for my dinner someone walked up behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist.

“Hello gorgeous, haven’t seen you around camp lately,” I was about to turn around and push him off but he was ripped off me and thrown a few feet away. I turned around to see that Peter was there glaring at Devin, but he grabbed my wrist and practically dragged me to his tree house. I honestly was surprised I didn’t struggle. I wasn’t going to deny that most of my thoughts had been about Pan, but I wasn’t going to up right and tell him.

Once we were in the tree house he looked at me and smirked.

Honestly, I did not plan that to happen,” He chuckled while I just crossed my arms. He looked at me confused and then realize why I was annoyed.

“Is Y/N sad that I’ve been avoiding her?” I turned my back towards him, I didn’t want to talk to him.

He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. 

“Devin is such an amateur at this, don’t you think?” He rested his head lightly on my shoulder I ignored him, but he wasn’t wrong… Peter moved his lips close to my ear,and whispered,

“You can’t ignore me forever love…” This sent shivers down my spine which he noticed and smirked. He eventually let go of my waist and turned me around and just tilted my head towards him and lightly kissed me, I was about to wrap my arms around his neck but stopped my self. He noticed and smirked, he wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled away,

“What will I need to do to make you admit your feelings?” I blushed, avoiding his gaze. He made me look at him, his eyes glistening a bright emerald green.

“I…I love you Y/N…how do you feel?” I was about to say that I nearly hated him but then I realized…I truly did care about him, I loved him I just hid it with a fake disliking. 

“I…I love you to Peter…” He smiled and kissed me again, this time, I kissed back. We stayed like this for a while and then we pulled away. 

“You are mine, love… and that is all I need,” I smiled and nuzzled in the crook of his neck. 

“All I need you, and I’ll be happy…” He smiled and kissed my head. 

{I hope the two anon’s enjoyed this but ya i hope you guys have a great day/night}

Just Ask

Request: Hi! Can you do a Peter Parker X reader (fm) where they are best friends Peter and reader go to May’s for dinner as May openly ships them and they keep denying it? Super fluffy please

Blog Tag: @crazytyphoonmoon

A/N: Fem!reader writing

Warnings: Aunt May embarrasses the reader a little

Word Count Total: 684

Short Imagine #40

Title: Just Ask

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bxdcubes  asked:

How do you feel about young Peter Hale and a hs au? In which Peter tries to ask Stiles to prom, but Stiles thinks it's a prank and keeps declining?

this has been sitting in my ask box forever and i have no excuse except that writer’s block hit me like no tomorrow and  i had no motivation. Whoops. Hope you all like it though. 

“So, do you want to go to prom with me?” Peter freaking Hale asked, leaning against Stiles’ locker like it was the most natural thing in the world. Completely relaxed in a black v-neck that was too low-cut to be dress code legal (damn sexist double standards) and jeans that hugged his hips in all the right ways.

Not that Stiles was noticing. He definitely was not admiring how attractive the boy standing before him was.

Stiles let out a laugh. It’s such a tempting offer, but it’s also ridiculous that he can’t believe that Peter is being honest. The most popular kid in school, basket star, all-around perfect person, who before this moment only had about maybe two conversations with Stiles, could not be serious.  “I’m not falling for some team prank. Nice try, though.”

For his part Peter actually looked surprised. “This isn’t some joke. I mean it. I like you, Stiles.”

Stiles raised an eyebrow. “You don’t even know me.”

“I can get to know you. At prom, if you’ll have me.” Peter flashed a smile. Stiles mentally groaned. He really wanted to put all instincts aside and just say yes, but he couldn’t help but feel like if he agreed he was walking into a trap.

Luckily for Stiles the bell rang and he didn’t have to turn down the hot piece of man in front him again. Instead he just gave a smirk and sprinted off to his next class leaving a disappointed Peter behind him.

             It had been two days since Stiles encountered Peter. He was pretty good at making himself undetectable if he didn’t want to be found, even in a small school like Beacon Hills High. However, Peter seemed to be more than capable at hiding-go-seek.

Stiles was making his way to his Jeep after a long, tortuous day of classes that seemed like it would never end. He just wanted to go home and relax for a bit. He did not want Peter leaning against the hood of his precious Jeep. This time he was wearing a blue jersey and black shorts, probably preparing for a basketball practice later on.

“What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?”

Peter shrugged. “The part where it’s for a stupid, imagined, reason.”

“You can’t honestly expect me to believe that you want to go to prom with me. It’s all some part of weird basketball versus lacrosse mentality. You guys hate us because we are better and you think it’d be fun to pull sometime of Carrie-revenge on one of us.

Peter pushed himself off the Jeep and took a step towards Stiles. “First off, basketball is so much better. Period. Secondly, let’s say we did want to humiliate one you guys to prove a point. Don’t you think we would pick a player that was actually good?”

“Hey, I scored the winning point in the championship game! And I’m going to ignore that first comment for its blatant falseness.” Stiles replied. A few seconds of silence fell between the two and for a second Stiles thought that Peter was going to leave. It was then that he made a decision.  “Also, if you were really serious about this then you need to step up your promposal. Prom is coming up really soon and if this is serious and not some prank or some ‘well absolutely everyone else in school is taken, I guess I’ll go with the awkward kid” then I want a little effort shown.”

Stiles was pleased to see that Peter was also capable of the one eyebrow raise. “Oh really?”

“I like to be wined and dined.”

“I’ll remember that.”

         The next day Stiles opened his locker and was surprised, and amused, to find it completely filled with Reeses. There was a sticky note attached to the inside of the locker.

 “Chocolate and peanut butter. A perfect combination just like us. Prom?”

I’m sorry if this isn’t good. I haven’t wrote fanfic in months and just felt like writing a little something to see if I could write fanfic again or not

           “Moony, get up,” Sirius demanded pushing his boyfriend towards the edge of the bed. “You’ve napped long enough. If you don’t get up soon you won’t have enough time to dress up before dinner.”

           “You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Remus mumbled still in a sleepy state of mind.

           Sirius pushed him off the bed and he fell with a loud thump. James snickered from his bed. Remus grumbled as he got up. “Too bad there’s not a grumpy character from the Wizard of Oz because you could be them instead of the Tin Man,” Sirius told him. It was Sirius’s brilliant idea for the four Marauders and Lily to dress up like characters from the Wizard of Oz. Remus got to be the Tin Man, Sirius was Todo, Lily was Dorothy, Peter was the Lion, and James was the scarecrow which Lily said was fitting because James acts like he doesn’t have a brain. For once in his life, James didn’t speak to Lily for half a day after that comment. Over the summer before their seventh year, Remus’s parents had all the Marauders over as well as Lily and they introduced James and Sirius to the Wizard of Oz for the first time. Ever since then, Sirius was obsessed with the movie and wouldn’t let anyone be anything other than characters from that movie for Halloween.

           Peter was already in his lion costume and James was still stuffing his with straw. Sirius was halfway in his costume. Peter walked over to Remus and handed him his costume. Remus got changed into the silver costume. Sirius finished getting ready before helping Remus apply the silver make up to his face.

           “You look so good Moony,” Sirius told him proudly once he had finished.

           “Thanks Pads,” Remus replied happy at the look on Sirius’s face.

           “Can we leave before the two of you end up in a heated make out session,” James asked slightly sickened by the sweetness of their relationship. He would never admit to them that he was never really sick or annoyed by their relationship because he knew that they would exploit that.

           Sirius and Remus walked down the stairs behind James and Peter hand in hand. “Since when in the Wizard of Oz did the dog and tin man become lovers,” Lily teased.

           “Shut up Evans,” Sirius told her. The five of them went into the great hall where most of the school already was waiting for the feast to begin. Sirius looked around to check out the competition for the costume contest judged by the heads of houses and Dumbledore. There would be a winner for group costumes and for an individual costume. Sirius grinned because no one looked better than his group.

           “We’re going to win,” he whispered to Remus who shrugged. For some reason this meant a lot to Sirius and he was going to accept it and be happy for him.

           “If you say so. I do think that we look great and different than everybody else.” Nobody else was dressed up like characters from a Muggle movie which automatically set them apart. At exactly 7, Dumbledore made a speech about Halloween before the food appeared and everybody dug in.

           “Padfoot, I thought dogs didn’t eat chocolate,” James teased as Sirius helped himself to something that was filled with chocolate.

           “Well, I do. It would be impossible not to especially with who I’m dating.”

           Remus rolled his eyes. They would never stop making fun of him for loving chocolate. It wasn’t his fault that chocolate was the best comfort food there was. It was a great help after full moons especially. However, the best chocolate that there was for him was a chocolate covered Sirius. Speaking of which, Sirius had chocolate on his face and he was tempted to lick it off. The look that Sirius gave him wasn’t helping him resist either.

           Sirius moved his face closer to Remus’s. “See something you like?”

           “Yeah, you,” Remus replied before licking the chocolate off and kissing Sirius.

           “Can the two of you please cut it out,” Peter asked rolling his eyes. He was ok with their relationship, he just didn’t like seeing the two of them publicly displaying their affection towards one another which didn’t help with Sirius’s dislike of Peter. Sirius planned on cutting Peter out when they left school. He didn’t have time for semi homophobic rats in his life.

           Remus put his hand on Sirius’s leg and squeezed it to keep him from losing his temper. The atmosphere tension went away after that. Other than that, the feast went smoothly.

           “You know guys, things are going to be a lot different next year when we’re out on our own in the real world,” Sirius said sadly.

           “But we won’t be alone. We’ll still have each other,” James told him.

           “I know that, but you know what I mean. We won’t be here. It is going to suck not being here. I’m going to really miss this place and the amazing food that they have.”

           “Well, you will just have to find someone who is a good cook. Oh, wait, you already have someone in your life that’s a good cook,” Remus told him with a loving smile.

           “I know. And I love you Moony. I’m sorry if I got a little carried away with this whole contest. I just wanted our last year here to end in a bang,” Sirius told the group.

           “And I’m sure it will,” James said wriggling his eyebrows causing Remus to blush, Sirius to grin and kiss his lovers cheek, and Peter to roll his eyes.

           “None of us are mad at you for this,” Lily assured Sirius. “These costumes are really outside the box. There are hardly any costumes based on Muggle characters. Personally these are more exciting than most of those witches or creatures that most everyone else is dressed up as.”

           “I can promise you that this year will end in a bang,” Remus whispered softly in Sirius’s ear sending shivers down his spine.

           As they ate, the professors walked all over the place making notes on their judge cards. Sirius grinned at Dumbledore as he walked by the Marauders before making his way over to the Slytherins. “The only thing I’m not going to miss about being here is the Slytherins. I hate the whole lot of them, especially Snape.”

           “Forget about them and Snape,” Remus told him placing his hand on a spot that always calmed Sirius. “You’re with your friends and me and tonight is special.” Remus softly touched his lips to Sirius’s.

           They continued eating until Dumbledore stood up to announce the winner of the costume contest. Sirius looked like an excited puppy. Sirius stood up and bowed when Dumbledore announced that the Marauders had the most creative costume. The prize consisted of galleons and a picture. After years of being told he was nowhere near the best of anything, being the best of something was an amazing feeling. Sirius looked at Remus and kissed him. “It feels good to be the best at something.”

           “You’re the best at a lot of things Pads. You’re the best boyfriend. You’re the best kisser and I could go on and on,” Remus said kissing Sirius.

           “But for the sake of us innocent eared people, please don’t,” James teased.

           Sirius rolled his eyes. This was the best Halloween ever and it ended with a bang.

Classy Dogs(P.9)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.9)
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


“Hey…” Peter caught my attention before I got out of his car, setting a hand over mine. I turned slightly so I could look at him. “I apologize, if I stepped on any boundaries. I shouldn’t have pushed things the way I did. I hope you’re not leaving because of that.” 

I smiled, grateful for the apology, but still a bit skeptical about him and his two friends. Something told me, I needed to be careful, even after what he had explained. I shook my head. “No, it’s fine and thank you for the apology. I’ll see you tomorrow, right? We can work more on the project.”

“Definitely. Except, it’s Saturday, so Newt and Thomas always come over to chill in the pool and what not…Is that a problem?” He asked, handing Chumpy over to me with a small smile. 

I held the smaller dog in my hands and thought for a minute about coming face to face with Newt again. I opened the back door for Perdita to get out. I paused for a moment and then shook my head. “That should be fine, no problem at all…I’ll see you tomorrow? What time?”

“How does around noon sound?” 

I nodded. “Great, I’ll see you then. Bye Peter.” 

“See you later, Y/N.” He waited until I got the dogs out of the way before driving off. I headed inside with Chumpy, letting Perdita in the back with the others. 

My mom came down to the kitchen a few moments later, handing me an envelope. “Jackson came by.” Her voice was stern, she wasn’t happy about it, though she could tell I wasn’t either. 

“Did you read it?” I asked, taking the letter from her. 

She shook her head. “No, I was tempted to rip it up in front of him.” 

I gave a small laugh and ripped open the envelope to pull out the letter. “Well if he gave it to you, it can’t be to bad. He wouldn’t risk that.”

“Well he said he came to apologize, but he didn’t seem thrilled when I told him you were with Peter for a science project.” 

I rolled my eyes, unfolding the letter to scan over it. “He didn’t even write an apology, he just wrote ‘meet me at our old spot tonight at 7′.” And he didn’t even punctuate it. 

My mom frowned, running her hands through my hair. “Don’t dwell on it, he’s a loser. How did things go at Peter’s house?”

I smiled, tossing the letter into the trash. “It went well. We wrote down our outline, we’ll start filming and working with the dogs tomorrow.” 

She nodded. “He seems sweet.” 

“He is…I think. I don’t know.” I sighed. “I like someone…not Peter. But I don’t think I should.”

My mom raised a brow in question. 

“His name is Isaac…Isaac Newton. Everyone calls him Newt. He’s…extremely handsome and I feel this weird…pull towards him, but everyone says he’s a player.” 

My mom smiled. “My friends told me the same thing about your dad. You know what I did?” 

I shook my head. “I ignored them and got to know him on my own…So I could make that decision on my own. Y/N, you have to make these assumptions by yourself. Or else you’re left wondering ‘what if’ for the rest of your life and that’s the last thing you want to do, right?”

I smiled, giving her a hug. “You’re right. I guess it’s not really fair for me to jump to conclusions based on someone else’s experiences.” 

She patted my back and then pointed at the stove. “Dinner’s in the pan, make sure you get your homework done, I have to work tonight.” 

“Alright…I love you, I won’t wake you up in the morning, I’m gonna go to Peter’s around noon.” She nodded, kissing my forehead before heading out the door with an ‘I love you too’.

I pulled my phone out once I grabbed a plate of food and ran my finger over the screen, debating on if I should text Newt or not. 

With a sigh, I pushed his name on the screen.and took a bite of food before writing a quick ‘Hey you’ and hitting send. 

I got an almost instant reply, my phone buzzing silently on the table. 

[5:34pm Newt;] Hey! What’s up? 

[5:35pm re:Newt;] Just eating dinner…are you doing anything tonight?

[5:38pm Newt;] Not anymore…Why?

[5:40pm re:Newt;] Any chance you wanna come hang out?

[5:41pm Newt;] Of course!

I replied with my address and then finished my dinner before rushing upstairs to get ready. My mom helped boost my confidence and I was sick of constantly having to pretend I didn’t some what like Newt…Plus, after the kiss with Peter, I knew it was better to know now if he was the player everyone thought he was…At least then I’d know if Peter lied for his own personal gain or not. 

About thirty minutes later, my doorbell rang and I hurried down the stairs to open the door. Newt smiled as soon as he saw me, making me grin back, stepping out of the way to let him in. 

“I have to say…I’m surprised you asked me to come over.”