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Give me a sign

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Title: Give me a sign 

Pairing: Warren Worthington x Reader

Warnings: Language

Request: Please someone write a fanfic that is either Alex summers X reader, Peter maximoff X reader, or warren w iii X reader when reader was asked out by some guy they liked but turns out it was a joke and then one of the 3 men listed above, who has a crush on reader, comforts them and then reader starts to like him - @tridevil (+ @trafalgarlau requested to be tagged)

Word count: 1853

A/N: Saw this request floating out in Tumblr space and this happened. Tempted to write the prompt for all three characters, but for now it’s just Warren.


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Imagine Peter wanting you in his pack

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Peter was many things, but patient wasn’t one of those things.

“How soon will you know?” he asks impatiently, his voice annoyed.

“I can’t tell you that Peter. I’ll have to talk to Scott and-”

“You don’t need his permission. You’re not in his pack,” Peter argues.

“He’s my brother though,” you refute. “I should talk to him first shouldn’t I?”

“Think about how much better it would be if you were in my pack,” Peter asks, practically begging now. “You’d be so much more powerful.”


“Come on, Y/N. You know you want to.”

Sighing, you grimace. “Why not?” You had spent too much time under Scott’s wing. You could regret this later.

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