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“wow, you said that in an edward from twilight way, that was really creepy”


Therapist: What’s on your mind?

Me: so we’re gonna have a Ray route. The game branch, where your route is decided, is right after the Visual Novel where Ray gives MC the elixir but Jihyun saves the day. Jihyun escapes, but… what if he is found? What if they find him? Torture him? And you can’t save him? What if one of the bad endings is trying to save Jihyun, but Ray gets angry at Jihyun for ‘brainwashing’ you and fucking k i l l s him so you’re not distracted by him anymore? Or maybe Ray feels betrayed and tortures you, too? until he knows you’re loyal to him? Will Saeran Wrap make an appearance? W H E N? Will Seven try to break you guys out like in V Route but breaks out Ray, too? WHAT IF HE’S SAERAN WHEN HE TRIES TO BREAK YOU OUT? Will he kill Seven? yknow what fuck that he’d probably kill Seven as Ray, too. What if in a bad ending, Ray makes another elixir and you drink it? What if you become a brainwashed power couple? What will Jihyun do? Oh fuck will fucking Yoosung be dumb and try to go to Mint Eye with Seven and Jihyun to save you? Will they get captured and tortured WILL THE REST OF THE RFA GET BRAINWASHED? Will the broken messenger still happen? you know where only you, Rika, Jihyun, Seven, and Ray can chat? Will Jihyun sacrifice himself somehow? Are they going to defeat Mint Eye? Will Yoosung do something fucking dumb? listen i just want them all to be okay but that’s highly fucking unlikely 

Therapist: …i see


just had to check up on this lil dude. still cute. still small.