(and most of the audience ugh)

When the Phandom effectively takes the fun out of Dan's new video.

Ugh. Most of you are young and so I guess I get it…but it’s just weird to me because he literally references the people that missed the joke in his video and all of you that are freaking out missed the joke. Dan gets flooded with “I love you” every day of his life and I’m sure he appreciates it…but his audience isn’t Jacksepticeye’s or Amazingphil’s or any other Youtuber’s. Dan’s whole angle is that he makes videos about being awkward and relatable and we laugh (Seriously. Read the description of his Youtube channel). I dunno. It’s early in the morning and all I see are posts about people low key apologizing for his memes…but I don’t get how you can be a fan of Dan’s and then miss the mark about what his audience is. It’s all about self-deprecating irony and interactive cheekiness. Hell, I’m not even a big fan if Dan’s and I know that much. So…I stand by what I said as a cynical adult that appreciates what his persona is…and if Dan Howell (the person, not his persona) was truly looking for wholesome posts and flower crowns, he could ask for it and obviously get it. As it stands, he has an audience even unique to that of Phil’s in that noone bats an eye when he says he’ll punch us in the face and that we’re gluttons for punishment. In return, while y'all want to #benicertoDan2k17 I’m saying he knows what he’s up to. #Danknowsthesafeword2017

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PSA: I am so proud of Dan for calling out on you tubers who use his branding and name to get views.

If you want to be popular… Be Creative, Be Original, Be You. Do not use someone else’s fame. Do not exploit gullible fans. So many people have videos like: reacting to Phan or dan made me cry or Phil lester is a crazy genius. All clickbait! (Onision, ugh, that obnoxious hypocrite with no actual opinions.)This is another reason why I keep Dan and Phil posts to the minimum on this blog…. Because I will not feed off their audience. They are my most reblogged posts…it’s true…but it isn’t me. It isn’t fair. Anyways, in the end: Good Ol’ Dan! Well done you! Teach your audience how to make a better internet! 👌🏽

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what’s with all the hate on tiffany? I watched the performance tts did with exo (dj got us falling in love) and half of the comments were like “the performance is good, but tiffany is so annoying” and “tiffany ruined this performance with her constant woos and cheers, ugh” like???? i thought she looked like she had the most fun and really tried to make the audience as pumped as she was- why do some of you hate her for every little thing she does?

Most uncomfortable audience question
During the Q&A portion of the Mr. Robot panel, one well-meaning young woman stepped up to the microphone and, feeling her moment tangibly in her hands, proceeded to ask Rami Malek if he could teach her how to walk like an Egyptian. The room murmured uncomfortably, Malek seemed unable to fully process the joke at all, and the woman quickly asked her real question in an apparent attempt to erase the previous statement entirely. The pressure of the spotlight is real.

Vulture, Comic-con wrap up. 

Ugh, this actually happened?! This is why we can’t have nice things. >.<

so i saw pitch perfect today and my short review is:

  • good music, high production value, nice costumes
  • honestly the best performing imo was the german group bc they were hardcore, all black, singing muse and fall out boy
  • but all of them looked and sounded good
  • 70% of the jokes were shock humor (most of which were racist ugh)
  • but ok hear me on this!!! it got waaaay more racist than the first one
  • theres a latina girl (flo) in the group now and her entire character is her responding to White People Problems with “””funny””” quips about her horrible life as an immigrant, which ofc the audience is supposed to laugh at
  • theres a super transmisogynistic joke about a filipino acapella group composed of lady boys (”who are good with their mouths” – paraphrased from the female host gail) and then WE NEVER EVEN SEE THE GROUP PERFORM (edit: drag queens are called ladyboys as someone mentioned to me, so not necessarily trans)
  • speaking of the hosts omg they got worse. except for one scene they’re in everything is horrible. racism, sexism, fatphobia, inappropriate sexual innuendo, everything
  • the plot doesnt know what its doing. one minute were supposed to be focused on one of 2 romance subplots with barely developed dude characters, and the next were seeing beca at an internship with a record company that shes shamefully hiding from the bellas but isnt really made suspenseful enough
  • speaking of suspense, the movie didnt really give us much in this arena
  • like, the german group, Das Sound Machine, who were supposed to hate, are actually pretty cool?? yeah theyre rude, but at least theyre never racist and they dont make weird sex jokes
  • same as before, the scenes with fat amy are mostly supposed to be funny bc hahaha a confident fat woman doing normal things like liking herself and freaking existing physically at all. her romance subplot wasnt actually too terrible, though!
  • a positive thing is there is MORE GAY in this movie!!! beca being attracted to the female lead of the german group! the black lesbian character (cynthia rose) talking more about being gay! possible hints that chloe wants to experiment!! good stuff
  • so overall: disorganized plot, terrible jokes, high budget, pretty good music, and a significant increase in gay
  • also, be mindful of the audience youre watching with! mine sucked and most ppl laughed at all of the racist/sexist/fatphobic jokes, but watch it with like-minded ppl and you should be good to go~