(and most of the audience ugh)

I’m sorry but I’m actually really pissed that Heather barely got to say anything at Paleyfest I mean this is like when Naya was on the view the last time and she only said like 2 words ok I’m just really sick and tired of my faves getting overlooked because they are way too talented for that

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TBH with you I've actually enjoyed a few of Urobochi's works up until a point (for example, Psycho Pass was a pretty cool sci-fi noir show up until its ending). I was wondering if you can elaborate on some of the ways in which his work is frustrating?

his approach to humanity, and with it, storytelling, is the most frustrating thing. with PMMM, it’s hard to think of many pieces of media where the audience took something so completely different from the material than what the author supposedly intended.

and urobuchi’s intent with PMMM was garrrrrr-baaaaaage.

he’s got that shitty “everything is going to be bad so no one should do anything” kind of approach to the world and it shows up in his writing. his wholesale belief in that everything is just futile or whatever…. ugh. one need not be an endless fountain of optimism, but his one-track cynicism isn’t exactly the hot spot either.

he’s That Guy in your creative writing class, and i’ve made a joke to that tune before.

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Ugh the fact that moth will go to starclan makes me so angry tbh. She doesn't BELIEVE in starclan, and I'm sure she has other beliefs as to where she'll go when she dies but no, instead she's going to go to starclan anyways and im sure there will be some shit along the lines of "SEE I TOLD YOU, STARCLAN DOES EXIST SO NOW NO ONE SHOULD EVER DOUBT"

yeah there was always this shitty pro-religion nonsense i was not digging….


writing about writing, ugh

I hate referencing my writing in my writing. It feels kinda like breaking the fourth wall. Like you’ll all forget that this is a written medium if I just don’t mention the mechanics of it, or you’ll fail to notice sudden, long, unexpected silences (like, I don’t know, the last few months). I also don’t really like referencing my “audience,” such as it is, since I am under noooo illusions about the extent of my influence and I realize that most of my readership is not internet strangers who think I’m brilliant, but people who like me for other reasons and happen to sometimes graciously glance over the things I say. I’m about to do both (reference my writing and my audience), but probably this will bother no one so much as it bothers me.

Once when I was much younger and I was in a little prayer group at a bible quizzing retreat, someone asked me how I was and I said I was a “happy kid” and I didn’t really have anything I needed prayer for. If you discount my paralyzing fears of being ineffectual, failing, being irrelevant, getting Jesus wrong, making the wrong life choices, making people mad at me, and alienating people I love, (you know, trifling things) I really am still a “happy kid.” I have friends I love and I have a sweet little first-apartment life and I grocery shop for one and I’m learning to exult in my own singleness. I write a novel and read novels and I go on adventures and I’m starting law school in the fall and summer is coming. I have a little church family and I think a lot about my own convictions and how I can be Jesus to the people around me. If you time-lapse over the boring parts of the weekdays, which I spend filing and answering the phone and doing data entry, and if you play some indie music and make an artsy movie montage of the 10+ hours every week I spend on public transit, my life is very happy and pretty and inspired and independent. 

It’s just apparently also not easy to write about, lately. 

I wish my silence were just a byproduct of a happy, simple, drama-free life, but I don’t think that’s what it is. I think perhaps I have come to the end of topics I can write about without offending someone. I have over two hundred drafts written, but I am cripplingly gun-shy. I write a few sentences about things I am passionate about, and then I abandon the endeavour because I am afraid that the things I am passionate about now may come as an unpleasant shock to anyone who has known me for a good chunk of years, and I am not prepared to deal with the emotional backlash. 

 I’m not the same person I was when I was eighteen. I used to be (and I am used to being) the Responsible One, the Principled One, the Upstanding One, the core youth group member and the leader and the Good Example. I’ve changed my mind a lot, and I’m not talking changed my mind about what my favorite color is and what TV shows I like and whether I’m a cat or a dog person. I’m talking CHANGES. And I don’t feel ready to be The Disappointing One. I don’t want to feel like The Wayward One, The Fallen Away, The Heretic. 

Here is the concerned message I imagine from a reader of my blog after I write about these changes:

Hi Amy,
I saw your latest blog post and I just wanted to address a few things that concerned me. Speaking the truth in love, I hope you know that people who believe [____] and [____] like you do aren’t actually Christians and are going to hell, [according to interpretation of bible verse]. You’re on a really slippery slope and I’m really disappointed that you’ve given into cultural pressure instead of holding out for the truth. I was praying for you and God told me that you really just need someone to give you a wake-up call and remind you that you can’t just pick and choose the parts of the bible you like. If you need someone to remind you about what truth really is I’m here for you. 
In His Grip,
[name of reader]

(Don’t write me this. I won’t respond.)

I knew all the viewpoints I had before really well. I knew the talking points. I don’t know these new opinions as well, and I also don’t eagerly seek out debate the way I used to. My opinions used to be weapons, and now it’s like they’re flowers, and I don’t want to give them out because I’m afraid they’ll be trampled all over with words like “salvation” and “sin” and “watering down the gospel” and “falling away.” I don’t want to argue any more, partially because I no longer think I have all or some or even a good chunk of the answers. I am afraid to be asked, and I am afraid of saying “I don’t know” and I am afraid that my justifications for what I believe now will not be sufficient. I am afraid that I, my self, my identity, will suddenly turn out to be deficient, and that I will lose the love and respect of others because I’m unable to lay out logical maps for all of my beliefs. I want to find ways to love people. I want to find ways to be Jesus. I want to figure out why I’m here and what I’m supposed to do and whose life I can make better. 

And I really, really, really want to write about this process. I want to be part of a worldwide community that goes through life asking “How can I be like Jesus? How can I serve the widow and the orphan and the oppressed? How can I be part of making the world new? How can I be a light in a dark place?” I want to ask questions, and I don’t necessarily want to know answers—I just want to feel free to listen and say, “I don’t know, I’d like to think about that.’ 

I just feel like I can’t describe the new things I believe and the new ways I want to live out my faith without inviting a whole bunch of conversations that I’m just not ready to have, emotionally or theologically. It’s very easy to hurt me with words. Sometimes I dare to wander into the comments sections of controversial blogs, and those places make me terrified to open my mouth (well, figuratively speaking, since I’m moving my fingers) about Jesus or the church or my faith ever again. 

So far, these fears have kept me silent, because silence is easier. If I am not vulnerable, I don’t need to worry about being hurt. If I am not honest, I can keep holding myself responsible for managing others’ emotions instead of trusting them (you) to be gentle with the person I have become. I want to write so badly. I want to be passionate and I want to question and I want to keep knowing myself better by sharing myself with people who read my writing. I need to be honest. This will be the first of many posts to come in which I WILL be honest. Those posts will be for The Internet and any strangers who care, but they will also be for everyone who knows me, so that you can know and understand me better, because so many of you have loved and encouraged and invested in me—and it isn’t fair to keep hiding myself from you. It isn’t fair to assume you will judge me, and it isn’t fair to assume I will disappoint you, and it isn’t fair to assume you will not respect me and my convictions. 

I am about to tell you How I Changed My Mind, and these will not be arguments. They will be stories. (Because I like stories, and also because sometimes it’s a little harder to argue with them.)

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Ok so at the nashville WGI regional, i saw you perform and oh my god you have amazing performance. You totally captivated me & everyone in the audience. Honestly you stuck out the most to me and it's mainly because your face and how your confidence absolutely beams out to the furthest viewers. Ugh I just feel blessed because we made eye contact at one point in my life. Like damn.

aw aw AWH thank you so so much! i’m so glad i can share my performance with everyone! <3 

Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Free!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto, Implied Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke
Characters: Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, Ryuugazaki Rei, Tachibana Ren, Tachibana Ran, Nanase Haruka’s Mother
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Future Fish, Alternate Universe - Never Met, Fireman Makoto, Chef Haruka, theofficialmakoharufestival, makoharu fest RP club

It all starts with an orange tree, and the Iwatobi winter catches fire.

AU - Tachibana Makoto is a fireman at the Iwatobi Station; Nanase Haruka is a chef at the Purple Cat Café and a recent transplant to the area.

Written as part of the RP Club for the Official MakoHaru Festival 2015.


As much as I’m sad, happy, and satisfied with how A-1 pictures animated beautifully the last two chapters of swknu, I can’t ignore the fact that I’m disappointed with some of it.

They didn’t show the audience cheering for Arima when his performance ended. That scene was one of the most major scenes because it involved how he grew from a musician who couldn’t hear notes to becoming one of the most moving pianists in his generation. It’s so sad they didn’t show that, it was really touching :/ and of course Emi and Aiza’s scene where they were talking about Arima, they didn’t include that. UGH. (AAAAND Miike and Nagi crying over Arima at the end).

Also, for me, he was a bit sadder in the manga. I could feel his sadness more in the manga, because the shock can really be seen in his eyes. 

And, did they really need to show Kaori shining when she was disappearing? That was a bit weird hahaha if they were showing off graphics then good job!

But overall, it was still nicely animated, especially the way Kaori’s letter was read. Amazing. Beautiful. Love it :))

Adding to SWKNU in my top list <3 and Kaori and Kousei in my top OTPs =))) KYAAAAAA



The shout came near the end of the event; an exciting fundraiser hosted by the staff of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital. A fun-filled day of activities, from paintball-games to karaoke competitions. The last scheduled contest was the most popular; in which the audience had the chance to give dares to the staff members in exchange for placing large donations.

Mikaela, seated beside Natasha on the outdoor stage, had been secretly thrilled that most of the dares were directed to her coworkers, rather than to herself. The same went for Natasha, seeing as they were the two newest doctors on-staff. And yet out of the blue came the shout ‘KISS!”, while the man who’d delivered it was standing and pointing directly at her. And Natasha.

"Oh nononono!" Mikaela replied quickly, upon realizing the man’s implication. A blush already creeping into her cheeks at the thought. "We’re friends!! We’re jus’ good friends!" She called out, one arm reaching towards Natasha as she grabbed her amicably by the shoulders. Beside her, Natasha nodded quickly, smiling.

"Even better!!! One-Hundred."

"Two- Hundred!!!" Her eyes widened at that, arm freezing over Natasha’s shoulders. Was she supposed to start praying now? But praying for what?? To get out of the dare - or to go through with it for the good cause? Mikaela wasn’t particularly good at moral dilemmas.


"We- We can’t!!" She hissed, swiveling in her seat to face the MC who was directing the event. He glanced at her before raising the mic again. "Our lovely doctors don’t seem to be interested, folks. Perhaps there are any other takers on-staff? Or-"


"Okay, I’ll do it." Natasha announced bravely, resolve slipping when it came to such a sum. Oh, for the love of fundraising

Mikaela whipped her head around to face her friend. ”Wh-what?!?”

"The beautiful Dr. Brandt is up for a kiss!! Dr. Boleyn remains undecided. Maybe we can get a kiss with another member of the staff if even for half that sum?" The MC bartered, beckoning towards the crowd. "Starting at three-hundred. Any other doct-"

"I’LL DO IT!!" Mikaela jumped up decisively, before she could rethink the entire thing and change her mind. It felt wrong to let an extra three-hundred fly out the window because of one little kiss. She felt a flurry of butterflies in her stomach as Natasha stood up with much more poise than she had and reached for her hand. Mikaela turned to face the other doctor, eyelids flickering shut to the sound of raucous cheers from the audience. She leaned forward nervously, lips puckered.

Natasha tasted like strawberries; something Mikaela couldn’t honestly say she minded. In fact, the kiss lasted a few seconds longer than she’d planned; Natasha’s lips soft against her own, their hands entwined tightly. By the time they pulled away, the donation money had reached the collection box at the front, the crowd still cheering.

"I’m pretty sure that was a sin." Mikaela muttered to no one in particular, biting her lip unconsciously. Natasha giggled beside her. 

"I’m pretty sure you two just raised another SEVEN HUNDRED EUROS for the charity!!" One of their coworkers whooped a few feet away. Mikaela grinned, despite herself. 

God had to forgive her for that.


“Yeah, we’re definitely going to hell,” Natasha joked, chuckling. “But at least it’s for a good cause.”

Guys! Omg I didn’t know rwby was on netflix… that is so huge! Anyone can watch it now(for the most part at least)! Its something that will come up in searches that isn’t just for roosterteeth. Like they can hit such a huge audience! And its under “tv shows featuring a strong female lead” MORE LIKE FEATURING 4 STRONG FEMALE LEADS UGH I’M SO PROUD OF MONTY AND MILES AND KERRY AND BARBARA AND LINDSAY AND ARYYAN AND KARA! Oh I hope Monty knows how big this show is and will forever be. #rwby #roosterteeth #montyoum #ripmontyoum #kerryshawcross #milesluna #lindsayjones #karaeberle #arrynsech #barbaradunkelman #netflix