(and most of the audience ugh)

AMC was very generous in allowing Carey to be featured in 7 episodes of The 100, and Carey herself was equally generous in devoting her time and talent to returning to her role as Lexa. However, the way in which her character was utilized was very poor, and does not shine a positive light on the writer’s understanding of her character’s importance to one of their most vocal groups of supporters. She was well utilized in certain contexts, but the awful handling of her death deeply undermined the audience’s trust in the writers, and what a truly wonderful and unique character Lexa was in television. The writers chose to blame AMC and Carey for their shortcomings, and that in itself is almost as big of an insult as Lexa’s death.
We know it sounds crazy, but Niall Horan could be the most important man in golf

Many of golf’s big names will be teeing it up at Wentworth next week for the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth (although the likes of Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Louis Oosthuizen and Sergio Garcia will not).

Many of the world’s best golfers will battle it out from Thursday to Sunday, in front of a live audience likely to exceed 100,000, with millions more watching on television.

But, strange as it may sound, the most significant name in the field may actually be teeing it up on Wednesday, in the Celebrity Pro-Am.

Niall Horan, the 22-year-old of One Direction fame, will play alongside Justin Rose and Chelsea captain John Terry.

Horan is a hugely passionate golfer, with aspirations far beyond his current 12-handicap. He has caddied for Rory McIlroy during the Par-3 Contest at the Masters, lists McIlroy and Rose amongst his closest friends, and recently launched his own golf talent agency, called Modest Golf Management.

He also nearly brained a spectator during last year’s BMW Championship Pro-am, but we won’t dwell on that…

It’s great to see the golf-mad Irishman wanting to create a business in the game he loves, but it could be that he has an even bigger role to play in the game’s future.

The game of golf is constantly looking for ways to encourage more youngsters to take up a sport dominated at amateur level by the over-50s. There’s regular talk of nine-hole golf, cures for slow play and different formats such as footgolf as possible ways to get younger people into the game. Those are all admirable endeavours, but could Niall Horan do more than all of them put together?

Niall Horan has 25.1 million followers on Twitter. That’s more than Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Bubba Watson and Ian Poulter combined. In fact, you could add together the following of golf’s 20 most popular golfers and you still wouldn’t be able to reach anywhere near as many people as Niall Horan can on his own.

It’s the same story on Facebook, where Niall Horan has over 10 million fans. By way of comparison, Tiger Woods has 3 million and Rory McIlroy has 1.1 million.

So a popstar has lots of fans on social media. Big deal. What’s that got to do with golf?

Well, when Niall Horan tweets something as inane as “Morning!”, it gets retweeted over 100,000 times, reaching millions of people all around the world.

When he recently tweeted about the Irish Open, which he is attending alongside friend and host Rory McIlroy, it received 29,000 retweets and 63,000 likes in under 24 hours.

That is the kind of attention golf simply cannot achieve elsewhere, especially amongst a younger audience.

When Niall Horan plays golf, an enormous number of young people see him doing so. It would be silly to suggest that they are all going to run down to their nearest American Golf and take up the game after being inspired by a Niall Horan Instagram post (15.5 million followers there, by the way), but it’s a numbers game. If 10 million people see Horan playing golf and just one per cent think, ‘actually, maybe golf does look pretty cool, I think I’ll give that a try’, that’s 100,000 new golfers.

Many existing golfers couldn’t care less whether Horan makes a birdie or falls over carrying Rory McIlroy’s bag, but it’s not existing golfers the game needs to attract or that Niall can help entice.

We hope that Niall continues to play and enjoy the game he so clearly loves. If he starts winning majors, golf won’t know what’s hit it…


  • Ugh seriously???

Story time.

On Friday night (29 August), multiple cell phones went off during the show.

One went off during the Epilogue/Finale/whatever, conveniently right after Ramin finished “…and bring them graaaaaaaace” and right before the “Bring Him Home” reprise.

And sitting there in the chair, his character dying, Ramin kind of stopped, straightened up, and looked out into the general area of the audience that the ringtone was coming from (house right side of the orchestra???? I think????) and gave the perfect impression of an exasperated teacher whose class won’t stop talking.

It was simultaneously hilarious and the single most obnoxious thing I’ve ever experienced in a theater.

Seriously, people, turn off your fucking phones.

Taking 5: The Legend of Zelda Netflix Series

News just broke on the WSJ:

“The Legend of Zelda,” one of the most popular videogame series of all time, is in the works as a television show at Netflix.
The video streaming service is in the early stages of developing a live action series based on “Zelda,” about an ordinary boy named Link who must rescue a princess named Zelda and save a fantasy world called Hyrule, said a person familiar with the matter. As it seeks writers to work on the show, Netflix is describing it as “Game of Thrones” for a family audience, this person said.

Ugh. Ok, look. I love Zelda. It’s my favorite video game franchise of all time, I will play every Zelda game that comes out, and it will be the reason why I buy a Wii U.

I also understand and can appreciate stories in different mediums. I’m OK with books turning into movies, or video games becoming mini series, childhood nostalgia be damned.

But here’s the thing, Legend of Zelda is a terrible candidate to be turned into a TV show. It’s an action, role playing game, with a lot of puzzle and problem solving. 2/3 of that description does not translate well to TV. It’s great when you’re in control of the character, but it’s going to be terrible to watch.

Zelda succeeds because you are in control of the discovery. And as you earn new weapons, they make the game more complex, and allow you to explore more. These feelings are exclusive to playing video games. And no phrasing “Game of Thrones for a family audience” is going to change that.

Link is a character that has no lines of dialogue in the game. He says nothing - out side of the occasional “YA!” while swinging his sword - so there is no character to build upon. He’s just a blank slate hero literally chosen by the gods.

He’s not a reluctant hero, he’s not a determined hero, he’s just a hero. The Hero. And he is whatever you, the player, brings with you. And that’s what bums me out. Not because I think Zelda is sacred, or I’m worried that it will ruin Zelda games and my childhood (it won’t) but I’m bummed because the source material only works when you are controlling the character.

Yes, it’s only in development. And hopefully it doesn’t ever leave development. But if we’re hearing about it, it’s probably closer to being real than Netflix or Nintendo want to admit. 


what’s with all the hate on tiffany? I watched the performance tts did with exo (dj got us falling in love) and half of the comments were like “the performance is good, but tiffany is so annoying” and “tiffany ruined this performance with her constant woos and cheers, ugh” like???? i thought she looked like she had the most fun and really tried to make the audience as pumped as she was- why do some of you hate her for every little thing she does?

Most uncomfortable audience question
During the Q&A portion of the Mr. Robot panel, one well-meaning young woman stepped up to the microphone and, feeling her moment tangibly in her hands, proceeded to ask Rami Malek if he could teach her how to walk like an Egyptian. The room murmured uncomfortably, Malek seemed unable to fully process the joke at all, and the woman quickly asked her real question in an apparent attempt to erase the previous statement entirely. The pressure of the spotlight is real.

Vulture, Comic-con wrap up. 

Ugh, this actually happened?! This is why we can’t have nice things. >.<

PSA: I am so proud of Dan for calling out on you tubers who use his branding and name to get views.

If you want to be popular… Be Creative, Be Original, Be You. Do not use someone else’s fame. Do not exploit gullible fans. So many people have videos like: reacting to Phan or dan made me cry or Phil lester is a crazy genius. All clickbait! (Onision, ugh, that obnoxious hypocrite with no actual opinions.)This is another reason why I keep Dan and Phil posts to the minimum on this blog…. Because I will not feed off their audience. They are my most reblogged posts…it’s true…but it isn’t me. It isn’t fair. Anyways, in the end: Good Ol’ Dan! Well done you! Teach your audience how to make a better internet! 👌🏽

That’s all.

so i saw pitch perfect today and my short review is:

  • good music, high production value, nice costumes
  • honestly the best performing imo was the german group bc they were hardcore, all black, singing muse and fall out boy
  • but all of them looked and sounded good
  • 70% of the jokes were shock humor (most of which were racist ugh)
  • but ok hear me on this!!! it got waaaay more racist than the first one
  • theres a latina girl (flo) in the group now and her entire character is her responding to White People Problems with “””funny””” quips about her horrible life as an immigrant, which ofc the audience is supposed to laugh at
  • theres a super transmisogynistic joke about a filipino acapella group composed of lady boys (”who are good with their mouths” – paraphrased from the female host gail) and then WE NEVER EVEN SEE THE GROUP PERFORM (edit: drag queens are called ladyboys as someone mentioned to me, so not necessarily trans)
  • speaking of the hosts omg they got worse. except for one scene they’re in everything is horrible. racism, sexism, fatphobia, inappropriate sexual innuendo, everything
  • the plot doesnt know what its doing. one minute were supposed to be focused on one of 2 romance subplots with barely developed dude characters, and the next were seeing beca at an internship with a record company that shes shamefully hiding from the bellas but isnt really made suspenseful enough
  • speaking of suspense, the movie didnt really give us much in this arena
  • like, the german group, Das Sound Machine, who were supposed to hate, are actually pretty cool?? yeah theyre rude, but at least theyre never racist and they dont make weird sex jokes
  • same as before, the scenes with fat amy are mostly supposed to be funny bc hahaha a confident fat woman doing normal things like liking herself and freaking existing physically at all. her romance subplot wasnt actually too terrible, though!
  • a positive thing is there is MORE GAY in this movie!!! beca being attracted to the female lead of the german group! the black lesbian character (cynthia rose) talking more about being gay! possible hints that chloe wants to experiment!! good stuff
  • so overall: disorganized plot, terrible jokes, high budget, pretty good music, and a significant increase in gay
  • also, be mindful of the audience youre watching with! mine sucked and most ppl laughed at all of the racist/sexist/fatphobic jokes, but watch it with like-minded ppl and you should be good to go~

I have gone back to editing porn erotica porn for money. May god have mercy on my soul.

I always ask clients who their target audience is, and INVARIABLY, the answer is always “women”, when the authors are male and are writing the most male-gazey, porno movie crap ever. The first part of this one is literally the woman giving a detailed description of her own body in the grossest and most objectifying way possible. UGH.

overly-invested bryan/aaron post #567435:

okay but the best thing ever is this moment when jane kaczmarek is giving her speech about bryan for his walk of fame ceremony and aaron paul is visible behind them in the audience. and when she talks about their tv sons on MitM, right after she says how bryan “counselled them, he encouraged them, he coaxed them to stop goofing around when enough was enough” YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE BRYAN AND AARON BOTH FUCKING LOOK FOR EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME, CATCH THE OTHER’S EYE AND QUICKLY LOOK AWAY GRINNING LIKE FOOLS, TRYING NOT TO LAUGH BECAUSE HEY, DOESN’T THAT SOUND FAMILIAR, AND THEY’RE BOTH SO COMPLETELY SELF-AWARE OF HOW MUCH THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND IT’S FUCKING HEARTWARMING OKAY

Feminism should be the norm, not some radical idea
There was a study a while back that suggested that most, if not all, women are human beings deserving of respect. The findings of that research are not widely a

There was a study a while back that suggested that most, if not all, women are human beings deserving of respect. The findings of that research are not widely accepted.

If you do not identify as a guy who hates women, feel free to continue reading, but that’s my target audience for today.

Guys. It’s time to start respecting women. Stop rolling your eyes, asshole; I’m serious. It’s time we had a talk about the “f” word. Feminism.

“Ugh,” you grunt, looking for something else to read. “What is it with the Technique and these social and political posts lately?”

Shut up. Feminism is not about oppressing men like you think it is. It’s also not about “killing all men.” No, it’s not. That is called “misandry,” and it’s bad too. Look it up in your favorite dictionary. Feminism is about equity: empowering women and removing the barriers in their way. Hopefully not by killing all men.

“But I didn’t put the barriers there,” you say without reading the whole editorial first. “I am being oppressed. YOU’RE sexist for writing this.”

Sure, ok.

Gender gap

Women on the whole get paid less than men, minority women in particular. Hijab-specific self-defense is a thing now and is growing in popularity. A high-school girl got suspended for not wearing a bra to class, even though it wasn’t a violation of the dress code. Women are blamed for abuse inflicted upon them, and it has happened to women you know. A convicted rapist got three to six months instead of 15–25 years because his little feelings got hurt (he’s being released on Sep. 2). Women get drugged, stabbed and shot for saying no to guys. If you think any of those things are not good, you might be a feminist.

“No I’m not,” you retort in 0.1 seconds. “Women don’t try hard enough at work and lie about being raped and feminazi and … ” you go on for 15 minutes in the Men’s Rights subreddit.


Considering guys are the cause of each of those things, maybe men are to blame and not women.

“If she wasn’t wearing that outfit, she’d be fine,” you victim blame with scary conviction. Let me translate: “if she had dressed differently, he would have assaulted someone else or maybe her anyway.” Yeah, men are definitely not to blame here.