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After weeks of procrastination blood & sweat & tears & endless complaints, this doujinshi is finally finished!  \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/

My ramblings thoughts are on the Afterword page. Hope people enjoy this simple story! [rest of the pages under cut]

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I didn’t know you could be so deep.
—  Derek, after Stiles bares his most intimate thoughts, also after a languorously drawn out, toe-curling orgasm. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda BroadwayCon 2017
surprise Playbill Periscope

  • Generous quantities of Lin’s face 
  • Advice for theater majors
  • “think of the first Mary Poppins–I’m doing that much dancing”
  • His favorite recent “ripples” from Hamilton, including “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” and cast album lyrics at recent protests
  • On women performing men’s roles in Hamilton
  • Okieriete Onaodowan in person (including a beautiful answer about young people, theater and inclusion at 15:25)

They fix the volume problem and start questions at 6:45 (x, x)


concept: Marinette’s class have a Ladybug-and-Chat-Noir-themed trivia night

  • Alya was forced to sit out bc her Ladyblog was the source of info for most of the questions and answers
  • Nathanael knew the minutae of both superheroe’s costumes to a scarily detailed level, having spent hours looking up reference pictures for both of them (#artist lyf)

  • Sabrina got caught out looking up answers for Chloe on her phone, the irony here being that for once in her life Chloe didn’t actually need to cheat and was doing perfectly fine on her own 

  • Marinette thinks she’s got the prize in the bag but is constantly thwarted by how many weird things about her the public have managed to get wrong (Question twenty-three: What’s Ladybug’s favourite colour? (It is apparently light blue, though Marinette is pretty sure she’s never talked about favourite colours while in Ladybug mode, like, ever, and her personal favourite colour is PINK. Where the hell did these people get their ‘’’‘information’’’’ from?!)). 

  • There’s an entire section on her and Chat Noir together as a team and Mari about has an aneurysm when she realises that everyone else in the whole world just assumes she and Chat are an item to the point that everyone thinks she’s crazy when she splutters that THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT DATING, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SOURCES FROM 

  • To everyone’s surprise, the final race for the prize turned out to be Chloe and Adrien

  • Adrien wins, bc of course he does, he is Ladybug’s #1 fan, he’ll fight everyone

  • Also unlike Mari, he’s a massive nerd, he likes to keep up with what the public thinks about him so he spends hours trawling the internet looking at what hilarious misconceptions people have about Chat Noir

  • Marinette spends a lot of time afterwards seriously contemplating whether she should out herself to Alya just so she could correct some of these ludicrous misconceptions about her. ‘Dating Chat Noir’, as if

wukodork  asked:

Could you elaborate on what you meant about eviscerating original female characters?


Ok, the Original Female Character (or OFC) can still be found today in fanfiction archives, usually in fanfics with low hit counts and few comments. But there was a time when the OFC was popular.

OFCs, in their most pure form, are self inserts created by girls and women as wish fulfillment. They’re usually idealized versions of the authors. Because they serve as a fantasy version of the author, they’re often seen as Mary Sues, though that’s not entirely accurate. Many OFCs in reality are awkward or plus sized or disabled or nerdy, or represent culturally marginalized groups.

Despite the fact that most OFCs are personal wish fulfillment, they were enjoyed communally, and it wasn’t uncommon a decade ago to see fans on message boards with sig graphics featuring their OFC.

To be honest, I had issues with OFCs. They were sometimes idealized to the hilt, the male subjects were often out of character, and they frequently erased the male characters’ canon partner (of course, these exact issues also apply to slash).

But also, to be honest, the first fanfiction I ever wrote (without even knowing the word fanfiction) was a tag team self inserts story based on my and my bff’s favorite show. We’d each write a chapter centering on our self insert and pass it back and forth. It was just between us, never posted, but it was so much fun. We still talk about our characters years later.

I grew out of writing shameless self inserts, but I admit there’s still a place in my heart for totally self-indulgent OFC fic.

When OFCs reached their saturation point sometime in the ‘00s, there was backlash. Hard backlash. Slash writers tended to be older, more experienced writers who looked down on OFCs. Self insert became a dirty phrase, and slash was considered more legit fanfic writing. Girls who enjoyed writing themselves into their favorite universe were guilted for doing it. Slash was pushed as a kind of social activism with kinks. OFC was called homophobic, because they didn’t center on the popular slash ships.

Fandom convinced many girls that writing fics about two hot guys was superior in every way compared to OFC. Fandom is very much a bandwagon culture. If you wanted to be popular, if you wanted readers and favorites and comments, slash was the way to go. You could still self insert with slash, but it was a fandom approved kind of self insertion.

OFCs fell out of favor, and they still haven’t recovered. A lot of people would say good riddance to bad Mary Sues, but OFC allowed girls to write girls with abandon. It allowed them to create characters they related to. But that was not acceptable. When AO3 was born, it bacame primarily a slash platform. And everyone wanted to hang with the cool kids.

The demonization of the OFC is a loss, especially for fanfic writers who want to create representation for themselves in media where that representation doesn’t exist.

Aqours as parents, AU [summary]

Hello again c:

It’s been a few months that I’m working on this AU, and I really wanted to share it with you all. I wrote a few scenes here and there (for now), but I’d rather introduce you the families before publishing whatever will come (and be finished) first. :3

the Kurosawa household
   → RubyMaru (yes, our little shy Ruby came a long way and proposed to her best friend!) + their two children,
Tsubasa, the eldest.
     • born on July 21st, 2027
     • she started dancing at 6months, whereas she was barely crawling (imagine her rocking her small body back and forth on every music she heard!)
     • she became better at dancing when she was able to stand on her feet, gripping the edge of the couch (or the table legs)
Hanayo, the youngest.
     • born on January 17th, 2029
     • even as a toddler, she was super shy and often hid behind her moms’ legs in presence of other people, including Aqours
     • loud noises have always scared her, whether it be the vacuum cleaner, some works outside the house, or Ruby accidentally breaking something
     • the first time she clapped her hands was at 9months, while watching her big sister dance (it was on Step! ZERO to ONE)!

the Matsuura household
   → ChiKanan + their … um … FOUR children!

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dumbluckycharm  asked:

Heeeey so I was surfing through your tumblr and I just realized that I'm in love with your art style and I was wondering if u cold draw a DJWifi comic (since I don't see many round here) and a drawing of them making out on that cage so thx a lot ♥♥

guess who got her computer fixxxxeeedddd me.

Anyways no a comic just a quick doodle of DJWifi announcing their pregnancy to their best friends. <3


anonymous asked:

Oh, Marie, could you- *trips mid sentence* (badlydrawnmirandalotto)


Pay more attention to your surrounding miranda…please. You’re going to seriously hurt yourself one day. I know what i’m talking about.

txmriddlx  asked:

Do you think you could describe possible interactions between Sirius and Vernon? :)

  • man oh man okay. so. sirius has always detested vernon? ever since lily told them that petunia was seeing this walrus of a man who despised magic. so sirius knew right then and there. no one hates on his friends and gets away with it. 
  • so obviously, when lily and james start to get more serious, james finally meets vernon himself. and of course, recounts every single thing back to sirius when he gets home. sirius is livid.
  •  and he never tells anyone, but he transforms into padfoot that night to w r e c k  vernon’s garden. lily has her suspicions but she never tells james- she doesn’t want vernon to wake up one night and die of fright when he sees a stag and a dog burrowing holes in his grass
  • then in the final summer holiday sirius and lily are having their annual lets relax and snooze with our feet up on the sofa, watching tv, eating junk and forgetting about the world (but this time, james is invited too ofc and mary) and there’s a knock on the door, followed by petunia’s screeches of ‘lily why are your freak friends here?’. mary met vernon one time whilst at lily’s (and she’s had to endure a lot of ‘freak’s from petunia), she told sirius what a complete idiot and prejudiced piece of junk vernon was. so of course sirius is curious (and v angry abt how he has treated the three most important people of his life)
  • so. they’re all sat on the sofa and all share a look of alarm with each other as they hear the door open, petunia’s shrill voice and a very deep voice that’s horrifically posh and rather like a fog horn. sirius cranes his neck to see through the door, almost falls off the sofa and catches vernon gaze as mary and james are having to pull him back up from the floor. vernon just raises an eyebrow at him, turns his nose up and glares. then walks away with petunia. 
  • sirius is already standing up, pushing his shirt sleeves to his elbows ready to fight but they all push him back down and. that night sirius destroys vernon’s rose bush.
  • the next time they meet is at vernon + petunia’s wedding. of course lily and james are (begrudgingly) invited, so mary and sirius wait by the parking lot to give jily their support. they both came on sirius’s motorbike and when the new mr and mrs dursley leave the church there’s this shiny, fancy black car with white ribbon dressed all over it. of course, the motorbike sticks out like a sore thumb and vernon tuts as they have to pass the bike, talking about how it looks like a piece of rubbish. sirius can’t help but mutter back a rather rude comeback and once again mary has to hold him back before he gives vernon a bloody nose. she calms him down as jily arrive and they all leave. 
  • obviously, lily doesn’t meet petunia much after this. she visits their home on very rare occasions, but when she tells petunia that she’s marrying james lily knows it’ll probably be the last time they meet. sirius tells her they don’t deserve her, that she’s a far better person than they’d ever be, and they spend time talking about siblings and the pain that comes from that.
  • then it’s october 31st and sirius had actually forgotten all about horrid vernon dursley. but then james and lily are dead and he’s broken beyond repair, and harry is the only thing left of the potter family, of their past, of their legacy. when sirius arrives he sees baby harry there with hagrid and of course gives hagrid his motorbike (he has no use for it, and there are too many memories that remind of him james there. he can’t look at it anymore). he knows harry is going to live with the dursleys. and sirius is apprehensive- he remembers how vernon was and all he can do is pray that he has some sort of mercy on small baby harry. 
  • years later vernon sees a familiar black dog in his garden, and it has those familiar grey eyes of a certain someone who was always hanging around with that potter fellow. he stares at the dog and the dog stares back and vernon just gives him a nod before the dog walks away. 
  • then when sirius meets vernon in the afterlife, after finding out how he treated harry, he gives him that well deserved bloody nose 
no one asked but here’s some fluffy kanamari headcanons

What’s their sleeping schedule?

It’s all over the place. They both like to stay up really late. Sometimes it’s because Mari has some paperwork to do and Kanan tries to help out. Sometimes it’s just because they can’t sleep, so they go out on Mari’s balcony or the beach to talk and stargaze. 

Despite all this, they still wake up early. Kanan always gets up early out of habit. So when she shuffles out of bed at 5 in the morning to go on a run, Mari notices and whines for her to come back and cuddle.

Inevitably this leads to them taking naps allll throughout the day. Whether it’s in Mari’s office or in the nurse’s office x) 

How well do they take care of themselves?

They suck at taking care of themselves^^; They’re good at taking care of each other tho! Mari would get so absorbed in her work that she’ll barely make any time to eat or sleep. So Kanan would make quick trips to the convenient store to pick up some snacks or coffee, then later drop it off at her office. Or when Kanan could tell Mari’s really exhausted, she convinces her to take a quick nap. Then Kanan picks up where Mari left off on her stack of paperwork~

Whenever Kanan gets sick, she’s in complete denial about it. She’ll brush it off and still go diving when it’s cold out. She’ll still wake up early to help out at the shop. She’ll still go to school even though she has a high fever. Mari gets frustrated watching Kanan force herself to do things- so later that night, Mari invites herself over for a sleepover and watches over Kanan, forbidding her from getting out of bed. She’ll spoon-feed her some soup and Kanan’ll get so shy and flustered about it (insert red-faced embarrassed Kanan x)). At first, Kanan thinks Mari’s just doing all this to joke around and tease her, but she later realizes that Mari’s actually being really genuine about making sure Kanan feels better :’) 

How would they hold up in a pillow war?

It’s like World War 3. It’s chaotic. It’s a mess. And no one’s holding back. Usually Mari’s the one that instigates it, and of course, Kanan would never back down from a challenge. It goes on for a while. Mari starts to tire out slowly while Kanan’s still going strong. Eventually Kanan throws a pillow and it knocks Mari hard onto the floor. Mari winces, and yells out an “Ow! Kanan!”. Then she looks up to find Kanan quiet- and a bit horrified. Even though it wasn’t even a bad fall, Kanan’s face is filled with immediate guilt (to the point where her eyes are a bit teary). Kanan quickly throws herself at Mari and cuddles her and kisses her forehead and rambles on saying, “Aah! Mari, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Where does it hurt?! Does it hurt a lot? I promise I’ll never do that again!” Mari’s actually not in any real pain- but she eggs Kanan on with the guilt because she loves seeing Kanan act like a little kid in panic. 

(Then they have a pillow fight again later that day, and the same things happens all over again)

“Daddy Buckwoo and Izzy”

Summary: In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a one-shot about Bucky, his girlfriend and her 3 year old daughter, Isabella Marie. Love doesn’t always occur in conventional ways. Sometimes, chance meetings can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

 Words:946 (kinda got carried away)

 Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Isabella Marie

 Warnings: Extreme fluff 

 Ah, yes Father’s Day, the hallowed 3rd Sunday in June. Some dad’s consider it Holy Grail Sunday because their loved ones showers them with breakfast in bed, homemade crafts, and a vast array of gifts; ranging from ties, tools, and fishing equipment.

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Mr. Mischief

An imp!Jake Jensen x OFC / The Losers fan fiction.

In a world of mythical creatures, Jake Jensen is an imp sent in by his superior to extract information from a rather large, powerful company.  When he meets and takes a liking to an coworker, his mischievous side takes over causing havoc as he defends his new friend from an office instigator.

imp!Jake Jensen x Mary (ofc)
Office pranks, humor, fluff
A/N:  Part of the If You Go Down to the Woods Today writing submission contest created by @angryschnauzer @ursulaismymiddlename and @buckysomega .  I had a lot of fun writing impish Jake and I hope you all enjoy the story.

It was finally Thursday late morning and a small group of women sat around the circular table in the busy cafeteria, full of gossip and giggles.  Mary was the last to arrive with her tray of lunch.  She sat at the available seat and let out a long, tired sigh. Normally Thursday felt like a small recharge day; by Wednesday she was exhausted mentally, but then Thursday came and she was reminded that there was only one more day of the week.  It was also a help that her boss was usually away in meetings all day and she had some time to herself to catch up on data entry, and filing in peace.

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anonymous asked:

I was thinking. NicoRinPana or MakiRinPana. Pana as in Hana-maru

err not really sure what you mean Anon, but that gave me an idea:

“Izzy and The Green-Eyed Monster”

Summary: This is my very first request!!! I’m excited and nervous!!! @pegasusdragontiger requested an continuation to “Daddy Buckwoo and Izzy”. Hope you enjoy it my friend and thank you for the request! Enjoy everyone!

 Warnings: Maximum fluffage


Pairings: Bucky x Reader OFC Isabella Marie and Steven James Barnes


True to his word after Bucky and Y/N married, missions were stopped. Instead, he trained new recruits for S.H.I.E.L.D., recommended by Nick Fury. 

The Army even bestowed upon him the rank of Sergeant Major! But the cherry on top was adopting Izzy. Her name is now Isabella Marie Barnes.

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