(and magical god weapons)

How to Write

Step 1: Be an enthused kid in love with a fandom. Create terrible cliche Mary Sue fanfiction.

Step 2: Grow older and realize how terrible you were. Recoil in horror and shame.

Step 3: Create only gritty and ironic deconstructions because real life is pain and you have been wisened to its ways. 

Step 4: Slowly realize you still actually kind of like some of those ridiculous fantasies and old cliches. Remember how fun it was to boldly mess around.

Step 5: Cautiously approach older ideas. Realize that with some major adjustment, a couple of them are actually pretty decent. And even if they’re terrible, what’s so bad about being occasionally terrible?

Step 6: Be an enthused adult creating adventures.

Step 7: Win forever. 

To be honest I don’t think I made justice to a war god with this design. But here it is. It’s supposed to be based on Nuada, a Celtic war god that used magic and weapons for battle. He had a magic sword of Invincibility and also a silver hand that was created by his brother after he lost the normal one. But for some reason most of it’s appearance looks more like a Greek sentinel if my memory is correct. 

The Sword has Runes but I make them look like Unkown Runes. They glow Red cause I believe that the color of war. The silver hand supposedly has a Celtic knot on the part of the shield. But for the life of me, I couldn’t do  the same design or came even close with my pen so I did it on computer and did it in a whim cause the shield looked empty.

Now his Dex entry sort of thing:

Type: Fighting/Steel

“This Pokemon was protector of Pokemon from the Mysteria Region, but after he lost one of his arms in battle, Pokemon were insecure for believing in this God to protect them. When chaos approached though, he and other 2 Pokemon stood against the tread and were victorious. He was given a new arm, infused with magic, and people and Pokemon alike prayed to him when war was near.

Some cultures used his attire in inspiration to create their armor.“ 

PD:This it’s more like a suggestion, but It would be nice for the tree Pokemon have signature moves or the same signature ability.

Hope you like it