(and magical god weapons)

Dear mansplaining morons who think "Batman could totally win a fight with Wonder Woman"

Are y'all high?


- an average human dude
- has no superpowers to speak of
- trained fighting for like, 10, 20 years tops
- uses fancy but breakable human-made gadgets


- literally a deity
- “only a god can kill another god”
- trained fighting for 500 to 2,000 years (depending on who you ask) under Antiope, the greatest general in the history of a legendary warrior race
- can fly
- can literally level a building with a single punch
- can control lightning
- able to take punches by someone capable of crumbling a gun with their bare hands
- can toss a tank with her bare hands like it’s nbd
- has magical weapons originally made for & owned by gods

Being a man doesn’t give you the ability to defeat a deity who’s trained for centuries under the best of the best, has magic powers, and magic weapons, you twats.

Being a man doesn’t make you better than a deity.

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can i still enjoy sentai and be a sentai fan even if i start from zyuranger?

Of course!!!

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger is one of the shows that people sought out in the 1990s as their first Super Sentai!  It’s a great entry as well, filled with memorable characters, a fantastically over the top villain, hilarious episodes mixed with some definite serious ones and an overall theme of Epic Fantasy in the modern world that is unique and a lot of fun!

When I say it’s Epic Fantasy I mean that in the strictest sense.  You have five people with different skills and magic weapons uniting together to fight an evil witch and her minions, monsters created from magic, giant monsters that require larger weapons, a story of gods and magic kingdoms.  All the elements are there for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  The main difference with Zyuranger is that it all takes place in then contemporary Japan adding a sense of the surreal to the proceedings when magic, witches and monsters are juxtaposed against the technological society of late 20th Century Japan.

It was the first to really take the Epic Fantasy route and it did it well!  So yeah, it’s a great place to get hooked and to start from.  That goes double for the fact that it was the first Super Sentai entry commercially available in the US!  I bought it the day it came out and it’s still one of my go to entries when I need the TV equivalent of comfort food on a bad day. Let’s face it, giant robot dinosaurs make any day better.

So yeah, call yourself a Sentai fan if you started with Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger or even if it’s the only one you’ve seen.  A fan is a fan and there should be no gatekeepers testing people or creating weird criteria for who counts as ‘true fans’.  If you like something, you like it and that’s really the only criteria that should matter.

Thanks for the question and happy viewing!

How to Write

Step 1: Be an enthused kid in love with a fandom. Create terrible cliche Mary Sue fanfiction.

Step 2: Grow older and realize how terrible you were. Recoil in horror and shame.

Step 3: Create only gritty and ironic deconstructions because real life is pain and you have been wisened to its ways. 

Step 4: Slowly realize you still actually kind of like some of those ridiculous fantasies and old cliches. Remember how fun it was to boldly mess around.

Step 5: Cautiously approach older ideas. Realize that with some major adjustment, a couple of them are actually pretty decent. And even if they’re terrible, what’s so bad about being occasionally terrible?

Step 6: Be an enthused adult creating adventures.

Step 7: Win forever. 

Guardian Angel Luke Imagine

I ran through the dark alley as fast as I could while rain pounded down heavily on the ground. Footsteps could be heard not far behind me but they were drowned out by the sound of my beating heart.

I picked up the pace as a road came to view up ahead, hoping someone would be there to help me before the frightening men could reach me.

“Keep on running princess, eventually you will tire and then we will get you!” The tallest of both the men called out. I looked over my shoulder for two seconds to see them roughly three metres behind with a determined look on their face.

I turned back towards the direction I was running in and pushed a metal bin over to block the path, hopefully slowing the men down in the process.

“Do you really think blocking the path is going to help you escape? Seriously princess have you ever watched a horror movie?” The shorter, more vicious looking man shouted as he jumped elegantly over the bin, the taller man following a second behind.

As I finally reached the road a hand clasped around my mouth to stop my screams as two other hands latched onto my arms, pulling me back into the alley. “I told you there was no point in running princess, you can never outrun us!”

I shook in fear, tears falling freely down my face as I was thrown into the wall opposite me. I groaned in pain when my shoulders and skull came in contact with the solid bricks of the abandoned building and a warm liquid trailed down my neck.

Lifting my hand up I carefully touched the liquid before bringing it back in front of my eyes. Just as I thought, my hand was covered with my golden blood, Ichor the blood of the gods.

“Zeus and Hera aren’t goi ng to be happy when they find out we killed their precious little girl are they? I think we should send them your head in a box and watch them have a heart attack in front of the council when they open it. What do you think princess?” The taller one, that I’d now named Aeron, asked with a grin plastered on his face.

“That’s impossible! You can’t kill me, I’m immortal! Does the golden blood not give that away?” I screeched, my vision starting to blur from the loss of blood in my body.

“That’s where you’re wrong. See this knife? Well this knife has the power to take away immortality. One stab and you’ll be dead.” Azar, the smaller man, smirked while twirling an intricate silver knife in his left hand.

My eyes widened and my palms started to sweat from the nerves. This is really the end? This is how I’m going to die? Killed by two demons who have a serious hatred for the gods and a magical weapons that can undo immortality!

I closed my eyes as Azar raised the knife high and waited for the pain to overtake my body. It never came. I heard a whoosh and when I finally opened my eyes Aeron and Azar were pinned against the opposite wall by a beautiful blond stranger. Their feet were dangling in the air as the stranger held them both above the ground by their neck, cutting off their oxygen as he glared at them.

“Now that’s no way to treat a lady. Especially one that is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, King and Queen of Olympus,” the stranger snapped as he tightened his grip on the demons throats. The demons choked from lack of oxygen as their brown eyes darkened until the pupils were no longer seen. Replacing the brown was a pure black, the original eye colour of a demon.

“Now I’m going to loosen my grip on both of your throats and I want you to apologise to the young lady for harassing her, you can do that right? Or do I need to force it out of you both?” He questioned looking back and forth between the two currently pale men in his hands. They shook their heads ‘no’ causing the stranger to smile happily and loosen his grip a little.

“S-sorry,” Aeron croaked as he took in a deep breath for the first time in a good three minutes. The handsome stranger nodded his head in approval before raising his eyebrows at Azar.

Azar glared at me with disgust before he spat out a “sorry”. I rolled my eyes already knowing that He didn’t mean what he said. He wasn’t sorry, in fact I’m pretty sure he wants to kill me even more now, thanks to blondie.

“Good.” Blondie nodded again in approval as he lowered the two men until their feet were touching the ground. He released the two from his grip and within the next second they were both dead on the floor, a knife piercing through each of their hearts. “Next time be more sincere. Your sorries weren’t good enough for me.”

He rubbed the dirt off of his black skinny jeans before turning to face me for the first time. My breath caught in my throat as I took in his appearance properly. His blond hair was styled in a perfect quiff with every strand going in the same direction. His eyes reminded me of the ocean as they were incredibly blue and he was at least 6 foot tall. A golden aura radiated off of him in waves and instantly made me feel giddy.

“Who are you?” I asked in awe, still staring at this inhumanly gorgeous guy in front of me. His skinny jeans hugged his long legs amazingly and his smile was so heavenly that my heart felt like it wanted to burst.

“I’m Luke, your Guardian Angel.” He lifted up his hand and took mine, giving it a firm shake before dropping it again at his sides. My hand felt like it was on fire from when he held on to it and when I finally looked back at Luke he was smiling at me joyfully. “You don’t know how long I’ve had to watch over you without introducing myself. It’s nearly driven me insane because I’ve wanted to talk to you so badly but I couldn’t. Not until you needed me to save you.”

I swear at that moment my heart skipped a beat at his words. He’s wanted to talk to me for ages now? He’s been watching over me and protecting me for a long time? He’s my Guardian Angel and has been waiting for the time to finally come save me and get to talk to me?

I wanted to scream out loud in happiness. Instead I counted to ten and breathed heavily.

“If you’re an angel then where are your wings?”

At that moment Luke’s face lit up even more, “Do you want to see them?”

I nodded my head a bit to quickly causing Luke to laugh at my eagerness. His laugh was the most wonderful sound I’d ever heard and it caused a smile to spread across my face. I’m sure that if we were in a room full of thousands of people they would all smile too. His laugh was that delightful.

A whoosh of air was heard, snapping me out of my daze. When I looked at Luke two enormous grey wings were spread out wide, each at least three metres long. Luke smirked and flapped his wings as I stared at them with mesmerisation. A rush of air passed me blowing my hair in random directions but it didn’t matter. The gorgeous angel in front of me was all that mattered at the moment.

“Can I touch them?” I asked softly, pointing to the wings that were still flapping back and forth. Luke only nodded and I took that as my cue to move. I stepped forward and raised my left hand, my fingers skimming across the silky feathers ever so gently before my palm came in contact with the quills. A shiver went down Luke’s spine and he shook it off, watching me as I touched his wings. They felt so soft underneath my touch and all I wanted to do was wrap them around myself and go to sleep.

“They’re amazing,” I finally commented, pulling my hand away and stepping back to give Luke some space. The loss of contact instantly made me want to reach out and never let go but of course I couldn’t do that. Instead I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my red coat and resisted the urge to lift my hands up and touch the wings again.

“Thank you,” Luke replied folding up his wings. In a flash they were gone and Luke looked like an ordinary boy again, not some heavenly angel. A part of me was sad that they were gone but another part of me was thankful that I now wouldn’t have the urge to touch them.

There was something though that I was dying to know the answer to and being the nosy person I am, I asked him without a second thought. “Why are your wings grey? Aren’t angels meant to have white wings?”

Luke smiled sadly and looked at the floor, kicking a few small stones around with his feet. I was almost sure he wasn’t going to answer until he looked back up and cleared his throat.

“My wings are grey because I’m neither good nor bad. My wings aren’t black because I’m not entirely bad and my wings aren’t white because I’m not fully good. I was told by protecting you eventually the good side of me would outweigh the bad side and I will finally get my white wings. Every time I help you my wings get a little lighter in colour and soon they will be pure white.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and a blush crept onto his cheeks.

I knew it was too good to be true. I should have known there was something in this for him. A handsome angel like him wouldn’t protect a girl like me for nothing. He was only protecting me so he can get white wings. He doesn’t care about me, he only cares about himself.

Luke must have seen the disappointed look on my face because his immediately flashed with panic and worry.

“I mean, that’s not the only reason I protected you. I mean sure, I’ve been protecting you so I can get rid of my grey wings and finally have the white ones I’ve longed for but there is another reason,” he babbled, hoping he hadn’t screwed everything up. When I raised my eyebrows curiously he continued with a sigh. “I wasn’t going to tell you this yet. I was going to wait a few months until you trusted me completely but I guess I’m going to have to now. Princess you’re my destined.”

I froze in place shocked at the news bestowed on me. Luke is my destined? Luke is the person I’m meant to be with for the rest of my life?

It all made sense now. My hand feeling like it was on fire when he shook it, the shiver that went down Luke’s spine when I touched his wings, how I longed to reach out again after I let his wings go, and the insane amount of attraction I had for him. It was all because Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos made Luke my other half.

“You’re not angry with me are you?” I shook my head wondering how he could think of something so absurd. How could I be angry at him? I’d just found out he is who I’m destined for.

“Of course not. Quite the opposite actually,” I replied causing Luke to relax a little.

“Thank the gods, I don’t think I could handle it if my destined hated my guts.” This made me giggle a little. “Well I have to go, duty calls but if you need anything just call my name and I’ll be at your side as soon as possible.”

Luke stepped forward hesitantly and kissed my cheek before moving back and flashing me an award-winning smile that sent my stomach into a frenzy. His wings appeared seconds later and again made my hair blow in different directions.

“Until next time Princess.”

And then he flew away, leaving me in the pouring rain.

Another Tenet - Illaoi/MF Fanfic

She brings the tribute to Nagakabouros to the Bearded Lady’s temple with her own hands. Of course, Sarah Fortune is only one woman; she carries the single most valuable piece there, and the rest trails behind her in a caravan of heavily guarded goods.

Captain Fortune comes astride a horse today, for all that the majestic beast feels out of place here on Bilgewater. Her second insisted on it, for the formality of the occasion, but she’s a thousand times more unsettled by the animal beneath her than she would be by a swaying deck below her feet. The pure white stallion’s hooves clap unhappily against the road, here dirt, there cobbles, and in some places wooden boards thrown down haphazardly to negate the worst of the reeking mud.

She’s going to have to start thinking of this place as home, if she wants to master it. Could a better structure of government see these streets properly and consistently paved?

It isn’t an important thought, but she clings to it like a lifeline, avoiding the thought of what she rides towards – who she rides towards. When the Priestess was worthy of respect because people followed her and listened to her, that was one thing. It’s another entirely to see somebody wield the power of an actual god, a magic beyond comprehension, a weapon that cannot be disassembled into its logical mechanism in the elegant, empirical way her pistols can.

The temple rears large and looming ahead of them. Construction to repair the damage done by the Harrowing is well under way. There have been no shortage of donations from the survivors who understood the truth of the only thing that stood between them and their imminent doom.

She steels her jaw and tries not to think too hard about Illaoi. But how can a woman laugh and chew a fruit and throw punches, knowing what she knows, bearing what she bears?

Captain Fortune has never much cared for mysticism. She’s a woman of ambition and hard work, of blood and sweat. When gods and ghosts get involved, it shakes her. Well, she thinks, sitting a little straighter on the horse as they draw near, let the world shake, let it buck beneath her.

She’ll not be thrown.

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History: The Gods and Kartoffal

The world of Alethrion is a land of magic and adventure. Long ago, a group of mysterious creatures who loved to create and invent all sort of things through magic came to these lands. These creatures didn´t age and were called gods. They had tons of ideas which they created this was how forests, oceans, planes, heavens and tons of creatures took shape. They were proud of what they had put in the world but one day when a god, called Humun, created the human - an intelligent creature with the ability to create too - all the other gods got amazed and a bit jealous!

The gods started to compete against each other trying to come up with the best creations. The gods who couldn´t come up with anything got frustrated and started to create things killed and destroyed the other gods´ creations. This resulted in a world in chaos. Monsters 20 feet tall, lands of thunder, earthquakes and overpowered magical weapons started to fill the lands.

The gods suddenly stopped up and saw what they had done to the beautiful land. They stopped the creations and didn´t know how to clean up this mess. They blamed Humun guilty of all this. They banished him far underneath earth to a prison where he couldn´t make another mistake. The other gods went to the north and settled in Tolkan living in isolation from the horror outside. They started to get lazy, sophisticated and escaped their bad conscience by creating the Mirror of Truth reminding them of how great they were for creating the world in the first place.

The lands outside were getting destroyed by monsters fighting each other. Comet showers filled the oceans and dragons fought giants on top of human villages. The humans needed help and didn´t understand why the gods had gone and why their prayers weren´t heard. This all ended with the Age of Heroes.

Alethrion was the first one to start saving people. He was so frustrated because of the fact that one of the gods had destroyed his home town. The god was called Kahltofal and hadn´t isolated himself in the north. Kahltofal was the creator of desserts and everywhere he went he turned life into sand trying to start fresh with a clean land. Alethrion killed Kahltofal in an epic battle and received a lot of powers by doing so. When he had revenged his hometown all the other villages that would have been the next targets of Kahltofal started to reward him greatly with fame and gold. When there was no more for Alethrion to do in the desert of Kartoffal he moved on to the next part of the world wanting more gold and success. The gnomes of Dunbar created Alethrion´s Chest of Holding and gave it to Alethrion as a gift of gratitude, it could hold an infinite amount of treasures without getting heavier than a normal chest.  

The desert was named after Kahltofal but through the years the name changed and became Kartoffal. Not many know what is on the other side of Kartoffal. It is a desert so big that it splits the lands of Alethrion and another land apart. It is also said that the desert is magically alive and takes you to where it pleases. Only the gnomes of Kartoffal know how to deal with the desert and get to the other side safely.

Support the Kickstarter for the series Tales of Alethrion HERE!

See the film, The First Hero, HERE!

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Mythological weapons for allies, nordics and axis please!! :D ((I need help with a fanfic so I want ideas of what weapons would they have like ie England and Excalibur))

((I hope you know that when it comes to standard weapons I’m pretty good, but I know damn near nothing about mythical weaponry, so this took a couple hours of research and digging through some of my old knowledge to bring together. It sounds like an interesting fic though! Also, I know the Nordics sources are not quite reliable, but I know damn near nothing about Norse mythology so please feel free to correct me or add additional information because I admit to Wikipedia use for some of it and I feel terrible for it.))

America/Alfred F. Jones: Shá bitłʼóól kʼaaʼ- 
The deadly sunbeam arrows given to the Hero Twins in Navajo legend by their father, the sun. This arrow struck the final blow that killed the Big Giant Yéʼiitsoh.

Canada/Matthew Williams: ((After some extensive searching, I was unable to find any mythical weapons related to Aboriginal Canadian tribes such as the Cree or the Inuit. I have decided to give him a sword from French legend and if you can find a weapon related to any Aboriginal Canadian tribes, please inform me so that I may modify this.)) Murgleys- A sword wielded by the traitor of Roland, Ganelan from the epic The Song of Roland. It is written to have been the greatest sword in France.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Excalibur- ((Bet you didn’t see this one coming lol)) King Arthur’s sword, some times attributed to magical powers and offered to him by the Lady in the Lake.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Durendal- A sword from the epic The Matter of France. Given to Roland by Charlemagne and was said to be the sharpest sword in existence. 

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Axe of Perun- Origin of the symbol often worn on amulets in Slavic countries, it was the ax carried by the Slavic god of thunder and lightning, Perun, that was thrown at evil people and spirits.

China/Yao Wang: Ruyi Jingu Bang- A magical staff used by the immortal monkey king Sun Wukong in Journey to the West, a 16th century Chinese classic. Adapts to it’s owners needs in terms of size.

North Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Apollo’s Bow-
A bow wielded by the Greek god Apollo that is said to have brought health, brought famine or cause death in sleep.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Nothung- A sword used by the hero Siegfried the dragon slayer of the Nibelungenlied.

Japan/Kiku Honda: Amenonuhoko- A naginata, wielded by the Shinto gods Izanagi and Izanami to create the world and raise the land mass from the sea.

Denmark/Mathias Kohler: Mjölnir- Thor’s hammer in Norse mythology, said to have been able to level mountains and is able to hit any target before returning to Thor’s right hand. (Source)

Norway/Lukas Hansen: Dainsleif- A cursed sword that can only return to it’s sheath after it has killed somebody. A strike from this sword will either kill or leave a wound that will never heal. (Source)

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Svalin- The iron shield that protected Sol in the chariot from the sun. (Source)

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Gungnir- The spear belonging to the Norse god Odin that always hits its target and always kills. (Source)

Finland/Tino Vainamoinen: Ukonvasara- The magic weapon of the Finnish god Ukko and shares many characteristics with Mjölnir.

Ankhseram manipulating Zeref, Natsu, Mavis and maybe even Lucy and Acnologia ?

All right…

If you’ve read my previous theories, you know that I think Ankhseram, the god who cursed Zeref and Mavis may be the last boss and that Natsu, with maybe Lucy and his friends’help will potentially save the cursed boy and the cursed girl.

I also thought : what if he’s manipulating destiny to get rid of humanity ?

After all, it’s surely not a coincidence that two peoples who were innocents and just wanted to bring back/save someone dear to them got cursed and a that a child died and was brought back as a powerful etherious.

Yup, I’m talking about Zeref and Mavis and we know what the curse did to them. We also know a bit of Natsu’s story and will probably know more in the future.

Zeref fell even more in despair when he lost Mavis and the young girl was unwillingly turned into a weapon in an attempt to save her by Precht since she’s not totally dead but stuck between life and death and still cursed…

But Zeref was able to bring back his brother as the strongest etherious.

So, what do we have ?

A despaired mage who finally gave up on humanity because of the curse.

The strongest etherious.

A weapon with infinite magic.

And I thought : in legends, gods often corrupts peoples who are too pure/innocents and/or with goods intentions, turning them into evil beings who will try to destroy humans after a despaired struggle against the curse.

Because it’s easier to to corrupt someone pure/innocent and/or with good intentions and will shock even more the peoples than using someone already evil.

Why will he do that ? What not doing it himself ?

Because in legends, gods are often arrogants and/or cruels beings who prefer to use someone else to punish humans than doing the work themselves.

It’s also a way for them to not being accused for going against humanity, since it’s a human who is going against others humans.

Why the gods would punish humans in the myths ? Often because they’re sinners and after a while, they think it’s time to teach them a lesson.

Here, it’s Zeref’s case, he was an innocent child who just wanted to be with his brother again. His smartness allowed him to find ways to do it, but he got cursed for his wish. He suffered from that curse but was finally able to bring back his brother. Like we all know, the curse even twist the thought of the victim and he desperately wanted to die. But he found hope with Mavis.

Sadly, losing her is what finally broke him and pushed the young man against humanity.

The way he talked about humans is often how gods talk about them when there’s too much sinners to judge humanity reedemable in the myths.

But it’s also because of the curse he talked like that, since it twist the way of thinking, so it can be seen either way.

We have the first mean to destroy humanity.

Mavis was an innocent girl who got cursed because she wanted to save her friend who could be considered dead since he was turned into a mindless monster.

She meet Zeref and the two fell in love and she ended in a state where she’s neither dead or alive. The 2nd Master of Fairy Tail tried to save her since she’s neither dead or alive because of the curse potentially preventing her soul to go back into her body and unwillingly turned her into a weapon.

It’s a second mean to destroy humanity.

And we have Natsu, a youg man who died centuries ago as a little child and was brought back to life as the strongest etherious called END.

If END is really a monster, who say he won’t go against humanity ? After all, he was refered as the vilest being and the others etherious attacked humans.

Zeref and Natsu surely had a strong bond and the brunet was incredibly smart.

So, why not make the pinket die, knowing that the big brother will go out of his way to try to bring him back, using that as an excuse to curse him ?

Ankhseram probably knew that you can’t bring back someone as a human, maybe unless you’re a god.

The fact that Natsu was brought back to life as an etherious seem to prove that.

And all etherious seem agressive by nature, even against innocents humans.

It’s the third mean to punish humans.

Ankhseram now have 3 ways to destroy humanity after his manipulation :

Zeref the immortal who wagged war

Mavis who is now a weapon

END, the strongest etherious waiting to be unleashed

Coincidence ? Probably not since usually one mean to punish is enough/used, not three at the same time like in Fairy Tail.

With them, he is sure - or want to be sure - to punish humans, that’s why he probably manipulated his way to lead to the birth of three powerful things able to do his biding without interfering himself that much.

After all, he have an immortal that only Natsu or a god can kill, a weapon with infinite magic, and an etherious waiting to be released.

Why would he do that ?

Because if Ankhseram have the ability to see the future, and it’s possible since he/she keep the balance between life and death, he may have seen something that the humanity did and want to prevent it at all cost.

Or, like I said, he think/see there’s more sinners than good peoples and decided it’s time to punish, since the balance between life/death and/or good/bad is broken.

We also have Acnologia, the Dragon King.

We know basically nothing from him, but we’ll probably get his story later.

On the other hand, we know he’s a powerful being who seem to enjoy destruction and see humans as insects.

He’s the potential fourth mean to punish humans if Ankhseram manipulated him too, in case Zeref, Mavis and END fail to destroy humanity.

After all, he ruled over the world in Future Rogue’s timeline.

But here we have someone else : Lucy.

A lot of us feel that something’s strange with Lucy and that she may have a big role to play.

After all, she’s a celestial spirit mage, something quite rare and probably the strongest among them, her mother taught her about the one magic and she seem to be immune to evil/curse since she have a latent purifying power like it was shown when Alegria didn’t affect her.

What if she was “blessed” with celestial magic and/or a purifying ability by another god or being or maybe by the One Magic itself if it have a form of will - they said magic is alive after all - to oppose Ankhseram and/or save her friends and/or humanity ?

Maybe the Spirit World throught the Spirits themselves blessed her ?

After all, why the Celestial Spirit King would refer to her as “old friend” ?

That’s the kind of words peoples use only to persons they know for years and with whom they’re friends.

So, I think she and the Spirits will have a big role to play.

After all, she’s the opposite of what Zeref, Mavis and END are : beings who were innocents but turned into weapons and she litteraly have stars watching over her under the form of spirits and is blessed with an incredible luck, a derivative of her name.

Like you remembers, her parents got the inspiration for her name from a board engraved with Lucky but lacking the “k”, and she proven to be true to her name, since she showed to be lucky even in the direst situations she was in and I’m sure her luck will help her to save what’s dear to her.

Given her luck, her potential purifying power and Natsu flames inherited from Igneel who are able to destroy even the evil and curses, they may be the one to save the day by removing the curse plaguing Zeref and Mavis, allowing them to finally be free.

They may even be the one to defeat Ankhseram if they can’t get help from their friends.

But given how the manga emphasize on bond and friendship, they’ll defeat it with their friends beause their connections are what make them stronger.

It may even be possible that Zeref and Mavis participate to the attack after what they went trough because of Ankhseram.

And Natsu was shown to be able to change the destinies of peoples : he prevented Erza to die, Rogue to turn evil, Sting and Lucy to die and Gray to kill Frosh, so he may be able to do the same thing for his brother, Mavis, his friends and those who are dear to him.

Even if it mean going against a god, because like they said if I remember, they’re not heroes or vigilantes, but peoples who won’t back off when their family is threatened or they see injustice, even if it put them against the world.

That’s why I think we will get a happy end : because these characters can change their destinies or the one of the others characters who need help like Zeref and Mavis, and Mashima himself said we will get a happy end, even if now, we’re on the start of a war ^^

So, today, 1 April 2014, is book release day for Katherine Addison’s THE GOBLIN EMPEROR, a book I had the pleasure of reading many months ago.

There are two things I ought to tell you about Katherine Addison. The first is that you probably know her better as Sarah Monette, author of MÉLUSINE and its follow-up novels in the DOCTRINE OF LABYRINTHS sequence, as well as a lot of great short fiction and a number of pieces co-authored with my esteemed girlfriend Elizabeth Bear. The second is that she’s a friend of mine, and I admit that I have nothing but warm feelings for her and her work,* and even with that fully and fairly disclosed I am now going to attempt to sell you this book.

Because it’s really fucking good, and it and its author both deserve to shine.

THE GOBLIN EMPEROR scratched an itch I wasn’t even aware I still had before reading it, namely, the pleasure of a story sunk in courtly intrigue, ritual, and etiquette in which a badly overmatched protagonist must match wits against the social machinery of entrenched and dangerous opposition. As an old fan of the Ray Feist / Janny Wurts EMPIRE trilogy (probably the most intricate and clever novels ever written in the Riftwar milieu) I was delighted by the mental fires THE GOBLIN EMPEROR relit for me.

Maia is the fourth and final son of the emperor of the elven court, the product of an ill-advised political marriage to a goblin lady. The emperor has several pure-blooded sons, so the half-goblin Maia is banished to the middle of nowhere in the care of a drunk, indifferent cousin. In his late teens, he is just becoming used to life as an inconvenient historical footnote when imperial messengers bring the news that the emperor’s airship has gone down, taking with it the emperor and all his favored heirs.

Along with the crown, Maia inherits the disdain of any number of factions at the elven court, most of which are already moving confidently against him while investigators are still sifting pieces of his father from the airship wreckage.

THE GOBLIN EMPEROR, however, is so much more than a clever tale of wits and manners and letters flung like catapult stones. It’s an exploration of the ironic powerlessness of power; how Maia, who can order life or death on a whim for anyone in what is now his empire, will never again have the freedom to sleep alone, to dismiss his bodyguards, to show friendly informality in public, or to do so much as dress himself. Though he can start wars, bring down mountains, and bridge rivers, Maia must navigate the rules and traditions of his court like an invisible labyrinth, facing prejudice and treason even from those sworn to serve him most closely.

In this respect, it’s much of a piece with another fascinating book I read years ago, Vonda N. McIntyre’s THE MOON AND THE SUN (winner of the Nebula Award). The protagonist of that novel, Marie-Josèphe, is a lady-in-waiting at the court of Louis XIV who resolves to rescue a genuine mermaid being callously exhibited in a fountain at the royal court. What makes Marie-Josèphe so fascinating is her absolute lack of formal power. As a woman in 17th-century France, she’s one notch above property and her life is entirely in the keeping of her brother, who can banish her to a nunnery and seems to be waiting for an excuse to do so. Marie-Josèphe has genuine gifts for science and music, yet is incapable of using them to reason with the men around her, who rebuke her for any public display of simple competence. And yet she fights… an important thing to note, oh writers, that power and agency are two very, very distinct things.

Maia, the titular GOBLIN EMPEROR, leads an infinitely cushier life yet is just as separated from the heroic fantasy tradition of kicking ass to solve his problems. In fact, Maia doesn’t kick a single ass in this novel. Maia cannot, under any circumstances, raise so much as a fist to strike someone in his court. He has people who tell people to tell other people to do that for him. Maia has no magic, no sorcerous weapons, no secret fate, no intervening gods. He has no lightning-bolt scar on his forehead. His power is the power of whispers and letters, of appointments and offices, of ritual and ceremony. Death is the only prize for coming in second in this etiquette contest.

If you’re at all interested in any of this, if you’re at all inclined to see this book succeed (and to see an excellent writer get a second shake in the commercial arena after several painful years of health issues), then please, heed my shameless begging and buy a copy soon. Soon! The first week of a new book’s release is the most important week. It ain’t fair, but it is what it is.

An exploration of privilege and constraint, a story of outsiders breaking in, an unapologetic love-letter to baroque and beautiful linguistic customs, and a story of compassion finding its way through cracks in the walls of despotism and greed, THE GOBLIN EMPEROR is worth the turn of every last page.


*In fact you might note that a blurb from yours truly adorns the cover of this novel. This is a delightful first for me.