(and joseph lasile)

          ❝Can you believe today marks six months?❞ About six months now have passed since Joseph walked on the United States’ soil for the first time. Meeting TJ Hammond a short while after. The brunet may have been his boss – he still is – but they still formed a close friendship. Leading to them spending more and more time together outside of work. From there feelings started to develop. Of course a part of Joseph’s heart would always belong to Jack, but he’s slowly but surely beginning to move forward. Leaving his past behind.

          Joseph is presently sitting across the table from his date. Clearly admiring the view. ❝Remind me again how I came to be so lucky?❞ A smile as he reaches for his glass, taking a small sip when he hears the doors leading into the restaurant open. He wouldn’t have thought anything of it if his eyes wouldn’t have landed on the figure who entered. No, it can’t be. Joseph nearly drops his glass on the floor as he hurriedly moves to place it back on the table before he can break it.



Why not think about...

Jack sneaking off to see Joseph on Valentine’s Day (flowers bought en-route by Stu).

Jack buying Joseph really expensive birthday presents (sometimes giving them personally).

Jack going to Joseph’s because he wants to eat cheap take-out and watch a crappy movie (because it’s more fun with Joseph than it is alone).

Jack hooking up with a stranger and saying Joseph’s name mid-fuck (getting quite alarmed the first time it happens).

Jack drunk calling Joseph at unholy hours (and Joseph always staying on the line until Jack’s asleep).

Jack complaining about his family after sex (and Joseph mouthing the words along with him).

Jack getting annoyed whenever Joseph tries to take pictures of them (he wants to have a thousand photographs of them together but it’s dangerous).

Just Jack and Joseph being together whenever they can.

When morning arrives, Joseph will probably be sitting in front of the toilet regretting his decisions from the night before. But right now he couldn’t care less. At this rate he’d gladly sleep in his clothes from the day. Except TJ’s orders say otherwise. “Okay, okay. I’m going. Hold your horses.” Not that TJ was ever rushing him to begin with. The brunet stumbles on his journey from the bedroom to the bathroom. It’s miraculous he doesn’t fall during his journey. But the changing of clothes takes a good five minutes or so before his making his way back. “And where are you going to sleep?”

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