(and it's not even my nation but oh well)

Flaws and All

a/n: Hi so this is supposed to be based off of Flaws and All by the ruler of this free nation and absolute love of my life, Queen Bey. This is what I could come up with based off what I listened to (the first verse and chorus) i hope its somewhat satisfactory. Lemme know!

Word Count: 1,010

I storm through the kitchen, pushing hair out of my face as I frantically open every drawer in the room. I’m five minutes late for work and I haven’t even left the house yet.

“Babe,” I start making my way to the opposite side of the kitchen as Shawn pours me a cup of coffee. “Have you seen the key’s I can’t find them anywhere.”

“Top drawer.” He says with a smirk as he pulls a mug out of the cupboard for himself.

“No I checked. They’re not there.”

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Bangtan guide to crushes: subtly getting closer to the object of your affection
  • Jungkook: The opportunist-
  • Taehyung gets up from his seat next to Jimin, Jungkook slides into it like it was the dms.
  • Jimin's hand looks bored.... *Jungkook's brain* You have to grab it. DO IT. Find some way ANY way.
  • Yoongi: The 'coincidence'-
  • No he didn't plan on sleeping next to Hoseok, but he just so happen to be in his new favorite spot for no real reason. (The lighting is nice or some shit)
  • Oh look, our coats are like the national flag. You gotta be my partner. You are my partner. Its decided.
  • Namjoon: The happy accident
  • What? He's holding Jin's hand? oh, well would you look at that. He didn't even notice. Oh well.
  • *Holds it tighter*
  • Oh no~ you have to kiss me Jin hyung. Darn. It is a punishment. No one wants this. What a set of unfortunate events. *Dying on the inside from unadulterated joy*

anonymous asked:

First class honours from a shit uni. And it's not just the department ranking that's important, the ranking of the uni itself matters an awful lot, especially when it comes to graduate employment. I got all As at A level (not that hard when compared to the IB), I'm currently at one of the country's best unis and not even half way through my degree, I'm being sponsored by GSK, with whom I'm guaranteed a job once I graduate. Work hard, get the grades, go to a good uni, make something of yourself

Oh well, when I go into work tomorrow morning at the multi-national and globally accredited company that chose to offer me a graduate job I’ll be sure to let them know they made the wrong decision because an anonymous person said so. I’m sure your future colleagues at GSK - some of whom have graduated from the excellent chemistry department at the university of hull - will be most impressed with your attitude towards this.

Fic: Tiny Dancer

anon prompted (eighty-four thousand years ago):  klaine at their little girl’s first ballet show and shes only 3 and looks so small and cute on stage and they are both so emotional because their baby is up on stage and doing so well and in the middle of the performance she stops to look for her daddies just to wave at them and say hi and its tHE CUTEST THING EVER

~1150 words, G, shamelessly based off my own first ballet number/costume.

“Oh my God, I’m so nervous I could puke.”

“I’d make fun of you for being nervous for something we’re not even participating in, but honestly, I’m feeling the same way,” Kurt said, twisting his small pink program in his hands. “I think this is more stressful than Nationals ever were.”

“I just want her to have fun. We didn’t put too much pressure on her to succeed, right?” Blaine asked, shining eyes full of worry.

Kurt stopped his mindless mangling and reached over to squeeze Blaine’s hand in his, soothed by the contact. “We barely allowed Ella to take ballet because we were afraid everyone would think we were grooming her to be a child star, remember? This was all her idea, B. We’re just along for the ride.”

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Fandom: Frozen
Rating: K+
Pairings: Implied Kristanna
A/N: Sort of a ‘powers AU.’ Possibly. Somewhat. All spelling/grammar errors are intentional. (Or are they?)

8/14/15  5:06 PM

K: Hey what’s your sister’s shoe size?

A: …

A: 6 and a half

A: Id say ‘why do you ask’ but I feel like the answer would be just as weird so…

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