(and it's getting out of hand)

Ok so about season 4

Ok so what the fuck was up with the shafting the team gave keith this season?

Like, he’s on approved missions, he’s gathering intel on the enemies movements with the blade, what are you guys doing while he’s doing that

bringing in supply ships? ok good you dont need voltron for that

air show? why not just record voltron doing its job and send video footage of that to all the potential allies? lets you do your work and by the time the galra get there hands on the footage you should have packed up with your saved ship or pilfered supplies and been gone, the universe can live without lances rope dancing with red (and bless the red lions patience for allowing that display i would have wagged the rope)

spreading out supplys?plenty of hands for that if you trusted some of those allies you made to help you, its basically for appereances anyway your not even using the lions.

You guys approved of him going on these intel missions, he is getting information the enemy Does Not Want You having, there is a new type of quintessence to worry about! who knows what there using that quintessence for they might revive zarkon with it (oh WOOPS already happened guess we should do another air show after finding this out)

and the butt fucking keith gets for the doing the job he said he would! like-

“dont talk to me about how your mission went immediatly go help them grab these four supply ships stuck in space obviously they need you right now and not allura and blue who are already here and always ready to help those on her side”

“Oh look who finally got back from his important mission and not helping us get supply ships back to base when we clearly needed him and not allura who is doing-uhhhhh I dont know what but not this you should be HERE jerk omg”

and then shit hits the fan while keiths working, there was no attack planned by voltron at this point, it was a routine day, keith was already on the mission before everyone got attacked, nobody tried to stop him from the imformation gathering mission becouse they did not plan anything that required voltron

the attack wasnt.keiths.fault. and all that came from the attack was a good thing in most peoples eyes 

the attack could have happened anytime, hell it could have happened when pidge was looking for her brother or when pidge hunk and lance were getting supplies last time without allura and keith

and when he gets back from his mission

OH when he gets back

You cant fucking look at this image and convince me they were not gonna bench keith or tell him to go with the memora permanently with how angry they were

they only calmed down in my eyes once keith said “I know I fucked up and I’ll leave now that im not needed you dont have to say it yourselves” 

and just- what they say to him before that moment

(he has nothing to be sorry about damn it)

he was doing a job that needed to be done, that you need done and have been writing off as unimportant compared to your air shows, its like saying its voltrons fault for a galaxy having its life force drained across the universe while voltron is saving a different galaxy(which by the way, voltron isnt even saving planets if voltrons doing fucking air shows)

and then he says “hey if theres anything good about this at least shiros piloting the black lion again im gonna complete my very important information gathering mission and spend more time on it now that shiros back in the pilot seat” 

and SUDDENLY  everyone is totally happy with him doing the mission! there making sappy good byes and saying “oh yeah we dont need you here anymore sure totally go complete that mission we were mad at you for doing for these past few months” 

he’s been trying to tell everyone how big this damn mission is and there only now listening when there angry at him and hes leaving!

this episode

really really soured every episode voltron wasnt in battle

I couldnt fully enjoy pidge and matt reuiniting, epidose 4 had to be skipped I was just, couldnt care after this episode

Im pretty sure Im not articulating all the points and how this episode made me mad at team voltron, but its what im able to get out right now, ill probably talk more later



Half-Buttoned -- Dacre Montgomery

Request: “Could I get Dacre smut like reader rides him? (ALSO IDK HOW BUT COULD U ADD IN HOW READER THINKS ITS REALLY HOT AF THAT HE WEARS HIS SHIRTS HALF BUTTONED UP)” — hailhydrabarnes “I loved your recent imagine ride his face/eats her out until she begs him to stop?❤️❤️”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). NSFW gifs below the cut. Cursing. Rough sex. Orgasm denial. Edging. Lots of kinky shit. I would not recommend reading unless you’re SUPER kinky and into rough sex. Also, does shitty writing count as a warning?

Pairing: Dacre Montgomery x Reader

Summary: You and Dacre just love to tease each other, but at some point he has to teach you to be a good girl for him.

Word Count: 3143

Listen To: I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox

A/N: Yeah, so I’m highkey obsessed with Fifty Shades Darker. I’ve always had a kink for that shit, so I decided to write a Dacre fic that sort of (not really) has Fifty Shades vibes (maybe). I got WAY into this and it got out of hand, sorry if this isn’t your thing… oops.

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doritos; shawn mendes

a/n: go some more fics for ya! (also couldn’t think of a better name)
synopsis: that one Doritos blurb [masterlist || a reupload]

“Well which ones do you want more?”
“My gut instinct said cool ranch”
“Well get them then”
“But the cheese ones…”

You’re In the middle of a roadside supermarket, debating about which Dorito flavour to buy. The pair of you were driving home from Shawn’s parents when you’d decided to make a well-earned pit stop, stacking up on snacks before getting on the road again. 

Dressed in a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms – hood pulled up around his curls – Shawn’s got his chin rested on your shoulder and hands sitting in the front pocket of your own hoodie. 

His fingers are playing around with the tassels coming off of your purse and he’s calm – content – as he holds your waist and sways you with him to the melody playing in his head.  

You let out an exasperated sigh as you purse your lips at the sight before you. “Just get both” Shawn says, shrugging, trying to give you a way out of your inner turmoil, but he’s more interested in the sweet smell of your laundry detergent and the perfume you’d sprayed on this morning. 

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replied to your post

“No one on Earth deserves to have a billion dollars. The fact that a…”

So my dad who left us with a 401K that was just over a billion dollars when he died shouldn’t have been given to me, my mom, and my brother? His hard work over 30 years at his job doesn’t give the right for that to be used? When he WORKED HARD FOR IT? This is discussing. Work for your living and move up in the world. If you feel stuck, find another job.

It should have been taxed. Sorry, are hand outs only a good thing when its YOU getting a hand out from Daddy? 

Like this discussion on billionaires and exploitation is about how the global economy  is literally concentrating obscene amounts of wealth into the hands of the few at the expense of millions of people and the planet at large.  And like, I’m sorry that millions of Chinese sweat shop workers making shitty t-shirts for Walmart and Target to sell on the cheap can’t just move up in the world and find another job all at once, but that’s literally not how economies on this scale function. And if all those workers were being paid fairly AND the raw materials were being produced sustainably, the profit margins involved wouldn’t allow for a single human being to have a BILLION DOLLARS. 

So spare me the “my DADDY had a BILLION DOLLARS” like thats a point in your corner. 

🦃Loser Club During Thanksgiving 🦃

- They spend Thanksgiving with all the losers, usually at Bill’s house. Eddie, Mike, and Ben cook the food and set the table, while Bev, Bill, Stan, and Richie wrestle outside, watch football, or play cards. Sometimes they’d sneak into the kitchen and steal a bit of the food, and Eddie would swat all their hands with a spoon, and kick them out again.

- At Thanksgiving dinner, they all thank the three boys for cooking, then sit down to eat. Richie scarfs down his food like an animal, while everyone, except Eddie, laughs at his bad manners.

- Bill and Stan hold hands under the table, while Eddie and Mike talk about how Eddie burnt his hand while cooking, and swore a lot. The story embarrasses Eddie, but everyone thinks its precious.

- After the dinner, they all sit on the couch and cuddle while watching movies. Not even an hour after dinner Richie gets up to get them snacks because he’s hungry again.

- They all stay at Bill’s house that night, Eddie and Richie taking the guest room bed because Richie told everyone Eddie’s back is too sensitive for the couch, but in reality, he just wanted the guest bed.

- Ben and Bev sleep on the guest room floor, and they have a ton of pillows and blankets, and basically make a fort, and they and Eddie and Richie end up staying up until 1am talking to each other.

- Mike sleeps in a rocking chair in the guest room, even though he was offered the couch. He talks with the two couples and chuckles at them when they’re being goofs.

Richie and Eddie getting an Alaskan Malamute:

  • When Richie first sees tulip he instantly picks them up and looks into their eyes. Tulip licks Richie’s glasses and pants.
  • “I LOVE U”
  • They name them (gender is up to u) Tulip
  • They get them as a puppy (which is still big AF)
  • Eddie just thinks its an average Alaskan puppy only to find out that they’re 3 weeks old and already the size of a fully grown Pomeranian.
  • Richie would laugh nervously putting his hand at the top of Eddie’s head
  • “a-about this high? Or 26 inches…”
  • Eddie almost passes out and has to sit down.
  • Over time they end up falling in fucking love with it.
  • Yea they’re a lil big, but honestly malamutes are the sweetest, most affectionate dogs ever???
  • When either of them are in a mood, Tulip will be on them in 2 seconds!
  • Like a fluffy human (75-95lbs)
  • They’re such a good baby
  • Eddie seems to love Tulip more than Richie sometimes.
  • All the losers fucking LOVE tulip.
  • When they get married, tulip ends up being the flower child and ring bearer and carries the rings in his mouth (in a box ofc), and the flower petals are tied to his paw and trailing behind them in a basket.
  • Everyone awes when tulip goes down the aisle.
  • Tulip grows to be as big as Eddie and dies peacefully of old age.

anonymous asked:

Not that anon, but I think it's less "too young to know they're gay" and more "it's kinda creepy how people are obsessing constantly over what gender small children would want to date or fuck". I gotta say, after seeing 20+ year old 'progressive' bloggers making 10+ posts in fandom tags about how [8 year old cartoon character] totally wants to make out with another character based on the slightest friendly interaction... Yeah, I kinda agree with that sentiment.

I get that on one hand, but on the other hand kids can have crushes. Kids can know.

It’s dangerously close to the homophobic sentiment that kids don’t know their orientation that has silenced a lot of lgbt+ kids.

Which is why I think you should focus more on the -obsession- with sexualizing kids instead of say, headcanoning a kid as gay or straight.


Pairing: Park Jimin & Reader (y/n)

Genre: Fluff

Words: 465

A/N: hello i have to get up early tomorrow so i thought of this fluffy scenario about getting up early ans stuff so yea enjoy! 

ALSO I am currently on break from school for Thanksgiving so don’t be afraid to request i have lots of time this break

It was 6 in the morning and you were sleeping peacefully until your alarm went off. You sighed as you turned it off and laid back down and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. You felt your boyfriend Jimin move beside you and you hoped your alarm didn’t wake him up but of course it did. “What time is it?” He said groggily. “Its 6 o'clock Jimin go back to sleep” you said sitting up to get out of bed. You felt his hand grab your wrist and he said “no come back” you laughed a little and said “Jimin i have to go”. He pulled on your arm in hopes to get you to stay. You looked at the time and contemplated snuggling with him for a couple minutes. You leaned back into your bed and Jimin wrapped his arms around you as you nuzzled your face into his chest. “I can only stay for a bit then i have to go” you said. “Thats okay princess” he said kissing your forehead.

After about five minutes you successfully got up. While you were brushing your teeth Jimin came into the bathroom and hugged you from behind. You smiled as you looked at him in the mirror with his face still looking sleepy and his hair a mess. You reached up and ran your fingers through his hair. You finished brushing your teeth said goodbye to Jimin and left for the day.

Once you got home you opened the door and heard “Princess! I missed you all day” come from Jimin. He sent you nonstop texts and photos all day today which made you miss him too. “Jiminie I wasn’t gone that long” you laughed as he hugged you. “I know but I missed snuggling this morning” he said. You smiled and walked into the kitchen where you saw he had ordered takeout for you both to eat. You both sat on the couch and finished your meals while talking about your days. You eventually ended up snuggling on the couch. He was sitting between your legs while you played with his hair. He leaned his head back and looked at you. You just smiled and squished his cheeks. “you know I love you right (y/n)?” he said “I know Jimin I love you too” you said leaning forward and kissing his nose. You yawned and Jimin said “come on lets go to bed” he got up and streatched his arm twords you to help you up. You walked back to your room and got ready for bed. After you were ready you climbed into bed and nuzzled your face into Jimins chest. “goodnight princess I love you” he said kissing your forehead. “night Jiminie I love you too” you said shutting your eyes.

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❛ just as your fingers graze each other, your hand slips. 
you plummet down, weightless…❜

anonymous asked:

Just speculation on E's part + why he's doing it in this way. Given what happened in the past couple weeks, I have this feeling D's team really wanted only D to pretend to be the other "partner" in the bar. So they could sell it as a D/M joint venture. And E would just help w/ promotion. But by E throwing himself in there w/ D, they can't really make it a "couple" thing, & he can help bear the burdens required of D for its opening. Also if they get shit for misleading people. Maybe?

Anon, I like your thought process in that it really shows a light on the nature of D&E’s relationship and how E is genuinely trying to be helpful in this nonsense. That is true friendship.

I still really don’t like it. I don’t think either should be named or presented as or implied as partners. To me it is beyond false advertising.  It makes me really uncomfortable.

BUT clearly it is out of my hands.  I have said my piece. It is not going to change any of the planned strategies.

At least thus far E’s team has mocked the name. And he has yet to name her. And that is kind of comical. I know he will eventually have to mention her, it is her bar, but i have to find the little bit of humor presented.

valiantlyclassyartisan  asked:

Uggg, can we talk about how much fun Harry would make of you when you're getting pumped up for Thanksgiving?

“You’re so silly,” he says, watching you run around the kitchen like a chicken (or in this case, a turkey) with its head cut off. You’re trying to get everything together to make your first thanksgiving with him and your family perfect.


“It already is!” He says, sticking his finger in the desert you’ve been making.

You slap his hand and he lets out a soft “ow” while you speak. “It is NOT!!! Not yet. And you aren’t helping by eating the food!!!”

He chuckles. “Relax, sweetheart. Everything’s gonna be fine. What can I do to help?”

And even though he’s still being a little shit, he does everything you need him to to help you out because this is all fairly new to him and he’s sooo honored that you’ve invited him to celebrate with you and your family.

Deleted Scene from Tombstone

DIsclaimer: This is just for humor, no hate for any character is intended

Scene: At the bunker, Sam and Dean bring Cas to introduce him to Jack. Jack hugs Cas warmly

Jack: I missed you so much! I begged that you would come back!
Cas: Sam and Dean tell me you’re doing well
Jack: I am!! Look!!! 
(Jack holds a hand over the pencil and makes it float)
Jack: I can move a pencil!! 
Dean: Wow that’s great!! Imma go get my cowboy hat so we can go to Dodge City because its awesome and Im in a great mood YEEHAWWW
Cas: (glares with constipated look)

Sam comes out of back ground where he was silently blending into the wall

Sam: No no no no no… HOLD UP!!!!. 
(Everyone staring at Sam)
Sam: Really guys?? Are you serious?
Dean: Sammy? You alright? You haven’t said a thing since last night
Sam: You know what Dean? FUCK YOU!! I’ve dealt with your anger and hate for weeks and busted MY ass trying to make you feel better, trying to give you hope that you wouldnt take… and for what?? For you to be all laughing and happy because your buddy came back?? Huh? Wheres MY smile Dean? And Cas? FUCK YOU!! I spent all last season defending your stupid ass to my brother while you kept running off doing more stupid shit and end up getting yourself killed and leaving ME with your responsibility!! Where’s my Thank You Cas?? And Jack… ya know… fuck you too! Ive been protecting you, teaching you and caring for you like a parent since the day you were born and what do I get huh?? Where’s my hug??
(All stare at Sam with mouths agape )
Sam: This is bullshit… fuck you all 
(Sam storms through the room and up the bunker stairs and pauses)
Sam: And also? That’s MY goddamn pencil and THAT’S NOT CAS!!!
(Sam makes pencil fly through the room and into his hand with his mind) 
Sam: Peace out bitches!!! 
(Slams bunker door)
Dean: (looking at Cas)
Jack: (looking at Cas)
Cas: That just got awkward

True story, I was watching and slowly catching up on @markiplier livestream playthrough of Evil Within 2, and just as a boss was cornering him and about to attack, I slapped my hands over my face unable to take the suspense. 

Kudos to Markiplier, I wouldn’t be able to get through a horror game. 

Originally posted by flufflesan

Don’t you worry. I’ll get you.

Everyone is debating on whether or not it’s just Wilford, just Dark, or both. Tbh, if it is both, with Wil telling us to not worry, that makes sense. I’ve never seen Wil as a threatening figure to us, especially after WKM and him being so friendly to us and eternally guilty over our death. This leaves the more threatening half, “I’ll get you.”, to Dark. With all the recent threats and creepiness from him of late, this is hardly out of character.

On the other hand, just one or the other saying it has its own reality to it. If just Wil, it has the feeling of him being somewhat protective while incorporating a hint of threatening nature, which is how I have always perceived him (should be threatening but I don’t take it that way). Similarly if just Dark, it fits his suave nature of coaxing us into a false sense of security, and using our vulnerability to take advantage of us in some way. He is, seemingly, the opposite of Wil, where he sounds nice but is actually awful, and where Wil sounds awful but is actually not bad.

I can’t wait for more pieces to this puzzle

my hands down favourite mbmbam-bit-that’s-not-a-bit can be found in the first 30 seconds of this video wherein griffin attempts to compliment justin on his seviché shrimp and justin very quietly and emphatically repeats “i have never made you seviché” until griffin realises he had just in fact eaten raw shrimp out of justin’s fridge one time and they immediately change the subject

When she hears a soft tapping on her window five minutes after the Miraculous Cure goes out, her stomach pitches forward. Greyling hovers at the pane, a strained look on his face and a hand cupping his right shoulder.

Something happened after she’d left. After the cure.

Something magic couldn’t fix.

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I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always

I had an Idea when I listened to Echo again…. and then that Idea took me 3 days to finish

I’ll put the individual images under the cut if anyone wants to see them (and also bc im afraid the gif made them drop in quality rip)

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