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Are we gonna hang out some washing with those pegs? 😇

awwww yeaaa baby… im gonna wash your laundry soooooo gooood. mmmmm…. its never been so clean as when they hands get ahold of it.

So soapy…. so… hot… so…… wet. 

scrubbing… and sudsing… and…. oh baby that spin cycle. mmmmmm.

I’ve got the rope… you bring the clothespins… and lets… do.. some laundry….. togetherrrrrrrr.

“Irresistible” Chapter 5 Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 2,886

Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, smut, oral sex (fem. receiving), fluff, gun use, threats of being shot, angst

a/n: omg im sorry it took me forever to get this chapter out but ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE

ch. 1  ch. 2   ch. 3  ch. 4  

“Oh my, fuck,” You moan out, tangling your hands in Dean’s hair as he moves his tongue up and down your clit.

“Dean, yes,” You start to roll your hips. Dean grabs on to your thighs to hold you down, flicking his tongue at a faster pace. You can feel the familiar heat rising up in your lower area, indicating that your orgasm is near. You bring your hand up to your breasts, playing with your nipple as Dean now enters two fingers inside of you as well.

The pleasure is almost too much to handle. He really knows what he is doing.

“I’m coming, oh god, yes,” You yell out, and release yourself over him. Dean gets up from between your thighs, a smile plastered on his face.

“I will never get tired of this.” Dean smirks, bringing himself up on top of you.

It’s only seven in the morning, but Dean recently has been waking you up more often than not quite pleasurably. Whether it be sex or him eating you out like you’re candy, mornings have proven to be amazing with this man.

Lately, Dean’s been staying at your house while he was in town, which was not very often anymore. He basically moved in- he even has a key to the house and extra clothes for when he stays over. He’s been extremely busy with work lately, so anytime he had at home, he spent it with you. Whether that be at your house, or out going on dates, you’re spending almost all of your time together.

You love him, you know this. Who couldn’t love this man? He’s perfect in every way possible. He’s treated you better than any man has ever treated you before. You know there are things about his past that he is keeping from you, but you know that it’s for a reason. Ever since that talk you two had a few months ago, you haven’t brought it up since. He’ll tell you whenever he is ready.

“Don’t go to work today.” Dean breathes out, lying down next to you in bed. His hand is playing with your hair, and his other hand was rubbing circles on your stomach.

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#5 Mitch Marner

Hey! I’m kinda going through a rough time right now but your imagines make me smile❤ could you do a fluffy mitch marner one where you injure your wrist playing sports and he’s trying to help you with your physio so that you can get back to playing?? Thanks ily


Warnings: language

Song suggestion of the day: My boo by usher & alicia keys

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“This is bullshit.” you proclaimed, throwing your hands up in frustration. Your physio always left you a little achy and despite how simple the exercises appeared at first glance, they were anything but easy. At first, all the weird flexes you had to do had kinda grossed Mitch out but once you explained it was part of your rehab, he was all up and nagging at you. It was kinda cute at first. He was so eager and ready to help. Now, though, physio was frustration and you’d seen no marked improvements whatsoever and it was such a drag.

“It’s not. It’s going to help you actually get back out there.” Mitch reasoned smoothly, taking the foam stressball from your hand, throwing it up and catching it as you cracked your wrist to relieve some of the tension. 

“well it’s been like a week and I still can’t pick up a fucking cup of water.” you grunted, clearly still unimpressed with the painfully slow process it took to just do simple things again. Mitch was pouting at you like a wounded puppy and it was not helping. He was your weakness and it was not helpful having him giving you all those little expressions he made.

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Speaking as someone who has never played Mass Effect (I'll get around to it) I think why the animation thing is a big deal is that there have been so many advancements in character animations for video games that what's happening with ME:A makes it stick out. Not to mention that Bioware isn't a small, independent company with limited resources and the game has been worked on for quite some time. Bugs and glitches for a new game at launch is natural although its usually online gameplay.

Yeah but it’s so sparse. People act like the entire game is animated poorly but there are only a handful of circumstances where it occurs and some people latched onto that like the game was shit and it’s not at all. It’s great and the animations will get fixed.

Everyone is entitled to feel how they want but I’m having a blast with it.

 Mark’s heart raced as the hand came closer. He tried getting away, but it seemed like the hand was coming right for him. His eyes shut tight as the feeling of fingers surrounded him. The hand didn’t even hesitate as it closed its grip, trapping Mark within. Abruptly, he was brought out of the drawer and into the light.

 “Well, what do we have here.” A voice boomed above, shaking his core. The tiny looked up to be met by a large pair of blue eyes. Jack looked down at him with a smile, but it wasn’t any smile Mark had ever seen on the human’s face before.

 Mark was shaking badly, Jack seemed to notice because next thing he knew the grip around him tightened. The breath was knocked out of him and suddenly he could barely breath.

 “Never really thought about having a pet before,” Jack mused to himself. Mark’s heart nearly stopped and not from the pressure around his midsection.

 “Could be interesting,” Sudden images of himself in a cage flashed in Mark’s mind. He struggled against the grip as best as he could, but the hand didn’t so much as flinch.

 “Then again…” Mark stopped dead in his struggles. Jack’s voice sounded almost bored now.

 “I could care less,” and suddenly Mark was falling.

 Mark gasped as his body jolted. He sat up, putting a hand to his chest. He took in gulps of air, the feeling of losing it still clear in his mind, even if it hadn’t been real.

 He ran a hand through his hair, staring down at the makeshift bed. It was made up of tissues and bits of old cloth Mark had collected and put into one big pile. Honestly, it was pretty comfortable.

 Mark fell back, recalling his dream. He knew he was going to have nightmares after the whole drawer incident. His body shook as it recalled the feeling of the harsh grip.

 Being caught was a scary thought in of itself, but Mark could never decide on what was worse. Dying by a human or becoming one of their pets.

 It kind of scared him to recall how relieved he felt while plummeting to his death.

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Me and my best friend are both sapphic and we're literally just a couple except we don't screw lmao it's really gr8 cause we don't have feelings for each other but we're always holding hands and kissing each other on the cheeks and sitting in each other's laps so I 10/10 recommend getting a platonic girlfriend she makes me so happy (the only reason neither of us have come out is cause if we do everyone will think we're together) (that's how together we are)

sometimes that works for ppl definitely! i wouldn’t say its for everyone because some ppl have too many feelings attached but i wouldn’t mind trying something like this tbh -Mod S

there are two settings. the first is success, a crushing perfection that simmers below the surface, a gritted-teeth force that breaks down more often than it runs. it is relying on panic to wake you up, it is nightmares about numbers, it is being unable to stop shaking when the test comes back, it is empty scores, no flaws found but still feels sore. it is the appearance of self-assurance, top-of-the-class, always-in-yoga. nobody gets into the room when you’re sobbing over your gpa. they only smell the candles and not the burning.

the second is failure. it comes in the wake of the smallest thing. a shrug and “you could have done better” rather than a smile. that’s it. and then it’s time to destroy everything. she frowned at me once, we aren’t really her friend and we must never speak to her again. he didn’t want to get dinner, not only is he not interested but he finds us repulsive. it is realizing you are sixteen minutes late and just skipping class rather than showing up late. it’s refusing to study because you understand nothing. it’s taking something down before someone can rip it down for you. it’s isolating yourself so nothing can hurt you and it’s hurting because you’re isolated. it’s missed calls, never-at-work, always-too-drunk. 

that’s it. all or nothing.


So there’s been a lot of hype about today’s episode and Yuri and Viktor’s relationship and as such there have been a billion posts analyzing different scenes and what they meant development-wise. Specifically, there have been a lot of posts talking about the scene in which Yuri cries at Viktor. While that was an incredibly important scene, people seem to be neglecting the scene right after it, Yuri’s freeskate.

In my opinion this scene is one of the most important scenes to Vikuuri’s progress, because it’s where their relationship finally gets to its first goal. That goal is Viktor and Yuri being on equal ground.

From the beginning it was clear that there was a wall between them in the form of Viktor being put on such a high pedestal by Yuri, making him effectively unreachable. People this far apart from each other can never have a close relationship, so in all the previous episodes, the main emotional progress made was a way to knock Viktor down from his pedestal while raising Yuri up so that one day, they could finally meet eye to eye as equals as only then could their relationship bloom.

In the scene of Yuri’s freeskate, you can hear Yuri’s inner thoughts during it. (I could actually make a whole other post about his own singular character development in this scene but I’ll just stick the Vikuuri development for now.) 

”Viktor’s expression when I started to cry was priceless.”

Yuri thinks about how clueless Viktor was when he was crying. This thought is sort of playful, showing that Yuri is fine now, and is thinking back on the scene beforehand. After this comes what is in my opinion, the most important line in the scene:

“Viktor’s too inexperienced as a coach.”

Yuri criticizes Viktor. 

“He should be prepared for this much.”

Yuri seriously criticizes his idol, one of the most renown skaters in the world, and now, his coach. He points out a major flaw of someone he only ever thought of as perfect and untouchable.

“Stupid Viktor!”

And THAT is what finally breaks down the wall between them. THAT is what finally sets them on the same level. Yuri allows himself to see Viktors flaws, to see Viktor helpless, clueless, unsure, doubtful, floundering, all of these things Yuri has only seen in himself so far. Suddenly, when Yuri was crying, he was the one who had to guide Viktor through something, he was the more experienced one, he was the leader of the situation. Through these little thoughts, Yuri allows himself to see Viktor as a human, just like him. And now they’ve reach a codependency, an equivalent exchange as skater and coach and as partners.

This is such an important scene because it’s what allows the following kiss to happen. Yuri and Viktor are on equal ground now, they can finally see each other in the same light as themselves, and their relationship is going to prosper now because of it.

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and paint.net”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

Just what happened to Lance, Pidge, and Hunk is a huge source of rumor at the Garrison.  Current rumors include:

  • Lance got his head out of his ass and finally went after Keith, with Hunk and Pidge acting as the wingmen he doesn’t deserve
  • They were abducted by aliens
  • The Garrison is running experiments and the trio was taken as subjects - possibly because they stumbled across said experiments
  • They only attended the Garrison as part of an undercover operation which ended
  • They were recruited to be part of the Garrison’s black-ops 

Feel free to add on

Gardener AU!! 

(I’m a bad writer, but if you’re interested in some rambling, read more)

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I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him


Bioware has the worst fandom hands down lol

3 bisexual romances
2 gay romances
1 lesbian romance
2 hetero romances


yes ignore the 3 bisexual romances you’re not happy with and profile characters based on their looks who ‘should’ have been gay.

Also they can change their mind about the sexuality of their characters because its THEIR CHARACTER. You werent promised nothing.

ALSO can i get a mother fucking shout out to all the POCs in this game? Everyone is too wound up with their entitlement and 'lack of representation of sexuality’ that they forgot the POCs in the game. Like holy hell, the hyperion alone has more people of color in a single area than ive seen in the entirety of most games. Also yeah the character creation is weak but the diversity of the faces are stellar! Who cares if your character isnt a super model, the fact that you can make a believable asian or African american person is fantastic to me.

Bioware actually tries to be different but when its not enough: witch hunt.

Ya’ll are babies

Ten things that happen when you clap your hands

1. A fairy gets its wings.

2. A request is put out to the suppliers of the wing factory to produce an additional unit of wing materials to help replenish stock levels.

3. Entirely incidentally, a passing bee misinterprets the clapping noise as the sound of a wasp farting. It sniggers. Have you ever heard a bee snigger? Clap and listen carefully. This is all the more remarkable because bees normally have a very mature sense of humour.

4. The gnomish feather shop sends the hob-and-lanthorn out on the moors again to pluck feathers from unsuspecting seabirds. They bill the wing factory for the cost of five hob-hours and a large plucker.

5. An advert is put out for a tendon-stringer second class to act as maternity cover for the wing assembly line, which has become rather stretched with this latest request.

6. You are invoiced for the cost of the wings via the unseelie post. You do not read your unseelie post. The bill goes unpaid.

7. A minor administrator at the wing factory is tasked with investigating the unpaid bill. The administrator realises that two quotes have become stuck together with syrup in the order queue, causing an error. The first quote is about clapping your hands to show that you believe in fairies. The second quote is about angels getting their wings whenever a bell rings. As a result, a number of spurious deliveries have been made to fairies, and a number of bell-related requests have gone unanswered.

8. There is a queue of angry angels at the factory door. They do not have wings. They do have burning swords. Now would be a good time to make a shedload more wings. However, the factory is having major cashflow problems because nobody has been paying their bills.

9. The fairy has buggered off with the original wings and is nowhere to be found.

10. Basically what I am saying is never clap. You may end up being the cause of a major supernatural incident. Just show your appreciation by grinning or something.


Ohio pizzeria bouncer fired after removing gay couple, saying “This is Trump’s America”

  • Goodfellas Pizzeria in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood fired its bouncer after investigating a disturbing story about a gay couple’s recent visit. The couple told WLWT that a Goodfellas bouncer threatened to kick them out for kissing and holding hands.
  • Bobby Slavens said he and his friends were showing IDs to enter Goodfellas, at which point the bouncer observed Slavens and his fiancé and approached the couple.
  • “The bouncer came to us and said, ‘Hey, you guys need to stop that or you are going to get kicked out,’” Slavens said. “We were dumbfounded.”
  • Slavens and his partner left without ordering pizza and later wrote about the incident on Facebook. A local reporter captured the posts via screenshot. In the post, Slavens said that as he turned to leave, he heard the bouncer say, “You better get used to this, this is Trump’s America.” Read more (3/14/17 3:23 PM)