(and im so lazy to look em all up)

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lulu lemon, VS, and urban outfitters tips?

lulu - fuckkkkk girl thats hard. go when theyre busy, watch the SAs at the dressing rooms, conceal clothes under jackets or in between bags and fuckin triple check when you detag cause that shhiit is locked up like a virgin in vegas

vs - free for all biiiitch watch out for the tags on bras and shift but if you can get em off theres rarely any cameras (sometimes domes in the corner so b careful and limit floor concealing) but like SAs dont give a shit and rarely count what u have and if they do use the black t shirt method (look it up im lazy) but like panties are neeeva tagged and even more expensive stuff sometimes doesnt have tags randomly like lol i just popped on a 100 dollar corset and walked right out cause there wasnt anyting fcking on it i love vs 

uo - fuck that place!!!!!!!! call your lawyer in advance lmfao. real talk most locations arent toooooo bad n like most stuff that ISNT clotes isnt tagged and you can just pop it in your bag in a blind spot or do the photobooth method and honestly if you cant fiugre that out youre too dumb to lift. bring a tiny thing to take off tags cuz their new tags are SMALL AF.

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aa its smol again, i was wondering how do to simple coloring? like the flat blocks of color w/o lines kinda your design that won last time yknow? and for contest suggestions maybe john or roxy? i mean imma do roxy too but theres aren't a lot of roxys this time around

im working MAD HARD on some designs right now so here’s a quick coloring tutorial! it takes a TON of layers 

layer count: 1 

from there identify whatever shape is the frontmost one. draw it. the lines on the outside should be clean but the inside lines can be as messy as u want em. i start from the top shape, or at least one higher up, layer-wise, because then everything below it can be progressively messier 

fill that shit. layer count 2 so far. 

then i go down a layer. head, neck, and ear are all one shape bc im lazy. 

the head just cuts out underneath the hair because, it doesnt actually matter what it looks like if you cant see it


layer count: 4. 

now im gonna go ON TOP OF the neck head layer and draw the front of his hood 

great ok. layer 5.

BACK BEHIND EVERYTHING ELSE for the back of the hood. im gonna stick the shirt on the same layer just because theyre roughly at the same placement, and they dont touch. 

the shirt cuts off arbitrarily at some point where itll be covered 

so now at the VERY TOP LAYER im gonna draw the top of the hoodie tail thingy 

a little sloppy but it gets the job done. 

now, back to the VERY BOTTOM. 

now, back of the hood, and john’s arms. i changed the color for the back of the hood just a little bit to get better contrast.

there’s your base figure, now details. im gonna start with the hood. you can either lock the layer, or do it as a clipping layer. if this was a drawing a cared more about id clip it but for not iwll just all be on the same layer 

there are plenty of ways you can add detail that gives depth and form to your shapes, so play around with it. it also helps to reuse as many colors as possible because the fewer colors in total you have the more coherent your color palette is 

then honestly its just a matter of adding more details where you want them. there’s no trick to it - just, put a block of color, where you want, a block of that color, and add more detail as you go.