(and he will not come again)

how offended do you think isak was when he first stood next to even and realized how fucking tall he was. like. come on. he used to be the Short Smol Guy and then Puberty Hit Him Hard and he was finally the tallest guy around, no longer ridiculed, no longer belittled. and then here comes this Hot Mysterious guy and suddenly he’s Short Smol Guy all over again. he must’ve been so fucking bitter. so done. thats probably the reason he crushed that paper towel in his fist. not sexual tension, no. pure anger. 

I still think about when Suga was asked in a fansign which other members’ pet he’d let Holly date he answered Rapmon (Joon’s pet dog). At the same time knowing that Holly is actually a male dog but he didn’t feel the need to correct anyone and I think that’s fantastic.


they have proven over and over again that sherlock and john would die for each other within a heartbeat, they would die and come back to life and die for each other again. the entire point of TLD, as dark and unsettling as it was, is that those two men cannot live without each other, they’re both broken and hurt beyond belief and all they have left is each other, there’s literally nobody and nothing else for either of them. so.
in TFP there’s this scene where sherlock has to entertain the possibility that he might have to shoot john. john is not happy about this but eventually is like well guess i’ll die, not cool but ok. then it turns out sherlock’s solution for this situation is to shoot himself and john just stands there staring like, well, guess he’ll die. meh. can someone please explain this to me because the dwarf in my head does not understand


“You’re going to have to get married one day, Victor.”

Victor looked up from his dinner at the sound of his name. His mother was looking at him sternly, waiting for a reply. Victor gently put his fork down with a sigh, he knew this conversation was going to come up eventually.

“Mother I’ve told you time and time again, I’m not ready for marriage just yet. I’m waiting for the right person to come along.” Victor said in the rehearsed calm voice he tended to use around his stubborn mother.

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A Preponderance of the Evidence (Part 1 of 2)

Author:  KatEyes224
Rating: Teen (For language)
Timeline: Post-ep for Never Again and Memento Mori.  

A/N:  Many thanks to @crossedbeams and @2momsmakearight for the brainstorming sessions and suggestions.  And, of course, love and hugs to my angelface baeta, @piecesofscully.

March in D.C. is considered to be the harbinger of spring.  But on days like today, the third straight day in what’s being reported to be a week-long downpour mixed with sleet and possible snow flurries, Mulder doubts whether spring will come at all.  Under his umbrella, he stares up at the sky and flips his coat collar up against the biting wind before jamming his gloved hands back in his pockets. 

Spring shouldn’t look like this; nearly every day this month he’s awoken to a morning that barely bothers to brighten past the point of endless gray monotony. Precipitation falls in bleak sheets of either rain or something that wants desperately to be snow.  It’s depressing.  It sure as hell isn’t spring.

Watery sunlight sieves through the haze overhead.  It’s Friday, and even though the rain has let up a bit, the Mall is practically deserted.  With no one to purse her lips and remind him that nitrates are terrible for his heart and studies have shown they’re a leading cause of cancer, he buys and chokes down a couple hot dogs from a vendor near the Smithsonian.  A banner draped from the roof of the museum proclaims that next month will feature an exhibit on Buddhist healing practices through the ages.  

He makes a mental note to mention it next time he sees her.  She’d probably get a kick out of it.  If she’s back at work by then.

Despite the damp chill, Mulder decides to keep walking.  No need to head back to his empty basement just yet.

His thoughts drift, as they always seem to lately, to Scully.  She’s been out of the office most of the week for her latest round of chemotherapy. Before she’d left, she’d implored him to get the expense report for one of their recent cases done before he left for the weekend so they wouldn’t piss off accounting.  Again.  She’d shrugged into her trench and thrown what he’d assumed was meant to be an encouraging smile over her shoulder before the cadence of her heels had been swallowed by the elevator.  

That had been on Tuesday.  Mulder still hasn’t gotten the expense report done. He’s been telling himself it’s because he doesn’t have the last receipt he needs from the rental car company, but that doesn’t explain why he hasn’t been reviewing other possible new cases.  Preparing slide shows for himself is next to useless.  With no one to interrupt him or roll her eyes at his wildest pre-investigatory conjectures, he doesn’t really see the point.  

He wonders when he started thinking of his work as something that he could no longer do without her.   

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“I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and the commonly accepted headcanon that Kylo Ren does too has made me appreciate my family. I pushed them all away, but seeing Han come for him, I realized my parents will be there if I just let them. He may be a villain, but because I saw him, I decided to start getting therapy and try medication again instead of giving up on myself as a lost cause. In a way, he helped me put my life back together.”

Silly bean 😂

You continued to ignore Dean as you worked on your drawing. He was a cool guy who would stop by every now and then for as long as you could remember. Your mom would get excited every time he’d come and you loved having him around.

However, this time things were different. You had overheard your mother talking to your Aunt Julie on the phone about how Dean was coming to visit again. When you first heard her say that you were thrilled, that was until you heard you mom say, “No, Y/N doesn’t know he’s her father and I’m not sure he wants her to know.”

Now at six years old hearing that your father doesn’t want you to know that he’s your dad is basically worse then hearing that Santa isn’t real.

Why didn’t he want you to know?

Did he not wanna be your dad?

He seems to like being around you whenever he comes to visit.

You were confused and too scared to talk to your mom about it because she had lectured you just the other day about eavesdropping on other peoples conversations.

Dean had been there for a few hours and you had yet to say a word to him. You no longer knew how to behave around him. He had been trying all afternoon to get you to play with him, to talk to him, to let him be part of your day, but you had shut him out.

Now he was sitting across from you while you drew while he tried to get your attention with the army men he had gotten you a few months ago. He kept making shooting noises and it looked like a lot of fun, but you didn’t wanna play with him if he didn’t wanna be your dad.

Letting out a sigh Dean looked at you and asked, “Okay kiddo, what’s going on? Usually when I’m here we play all day and now you’re just ignoring me.”

You continued to ignore him and kept on coloring, “Y/N.” Dean whined in a playful voice that he used on you whenever you asked him to watch the same movie too many times. “Sweetheart, come on, you know you can talk to me if something is buggin’ you.” Dean told you in a soft, yet serious tone.

Setting down your crayon you took a deep breath and looked Dean in the eyes and in a very serious tone you asked,

“Why don’t you want me to know you’re my daddy?”

Snow Day

Trapped in a vehicle with Spencer Reid, a snowy case, and warm cuddles. What more could you want?

No warnings.


“Come on, Spencer. I happen to like my toes.”

“I happen to like my personal space.”

A glaring contest was taking place across the back seat of the stalled SUV where you and Spencer sat. Your legs claimed the majority of the cushion, pushing against his thighs on the other side. He shifted away yet again, opting for the comfort of the jacket Hotch left in here instead of the warm body offering heat just inches away from him. You didn’t blame the blizzard; North Dakota had sent out a warning over the radio after all. You didn’t even blame the SUV for wimping out; the wear and tear the team put on it was enough to make anyone want to give up.

Spencer you could blame, though. Him and his stubborn ass refused to surrender the dignity you two had left and just cuddle to conserve heat. Sure the team was in route, but the snow promised at least an hour’s delay and you were not willing to lose appendages because he could not remove the stick from his ass.

“You’re the doctor here. Our heater is broken, the whole damn car is. What’s worse, germs or frostbite?”

“Realistically, germs can have affect much faster than the cold can. They begin taking over the cells in your body within minutes. Meanwhile frostbite takes several hours to set in and we only have to wait one.”

You huffed, breath fogging up as you buried your stinging face into the wool scarf wrapped around your neck. Your jacket plus Morgan’s was not enough to block out the relentless cold. Something was clicking and it took you a few seconds to realize it was your teeth. A sigh was the next sound to fill the space, this one originating from the doctor when he heard it as well.

“Come on then.” He lifted the jacket from his side to make peace.

Defiance flared up for only the time it took for him to start shivering. You dove into his warmth, hugging every part of him your icicle fingers could reach. Your nose pressed to the heated nook of his neck and he hissed in complaint. The hair at the base of his neck tickled your forehead, reminding you just how much you appreciated the steadily growing hair.

With Hotch’s jacket draped over the both of you now and the community body temperature circulating, you relaxed against the new but not unwelcome touch of his arms encircling you. Your body ached as feeling returned to it; that could also be from the fact that your unrequited crush held you.

“This is how a lot of our cases start,” he mumbled into your hair. “Stranded, unfavorable conditions.”

“A loud mouth to draw in the killer.”

You felt the laugh more than heard it and it drew your curious gaze up to his fog stained glasses. “Can you even see through those?”

“Can’t really see far off without them.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for the unsub, or maybe our rescuers,” you promised, tugging them from his face and wiping them carefully against your shirt.

His protest was in the form of chasing the glasses with his head. This resulted in his nose crashing against yours and his frozen lips brushing your cheek. He jolted, brown eyes flaring like he might accuse you of bewitching him. With his form painted against the frost covered window, you could only touch the point on your skin that simply burned from the accident.

“I told you this was a bad idea,” he snapped.

“Terrible,” you deadpanned, reluctantly returning his now clean glasses and ducking into the safety of the jackets.

“Not you!” he blurted instantly, reading the rejection as easily as he might solve an elementary math equation. “Trust me, you’re fine. You’re more than fine, you’re stunning and confusing and almost on my lap which is definitely leaning towards the confusing bit because you barely talk to me at work. Meanwhile all I do is ramble, just like I’m doing now. I’ll help you file the HR report if you want.”

“Mind telling me exactly what I should put on there? That was hardly a kiss to complain about.”

“I am too cold to tell if you’re insulting my kissing abilities or deliberately trying to provoke me.”

“I just figure if I’m going to write a report on you, it should have something more interesting on it.”

You were edging closer, putting your latest profiling theory to the test. Spencer was scared to touch you but not because you revolted him; it was because he feared he might not stop. As he allowed your mouths meet, you prayed he would not.

Not Fair

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Sexual teasing? Swearing?

Summary: When Buck promises your friends you’d go out with them, but you want to stay home in bed with him, you decide to tease him for the night.

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His eyes scan over your exposed thighs once more, his hands on the steering wheel, he shakes his head, sighing. Grinning to yourself you flip down the visor touching up your lipstick in the mirror, you fluff your hair, before flipping the visor up again as Buck pulls into a parking spot outside the bar. He puts the car into park before he looks you over once more before he gets out coming around to your side.

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Otayuri headcanons #10

-When Yura’s sixteenth birthday approaches, Beka notices how the boy becomes grumpier the closer March 1 comes, and he is slightly concerned about that. He goes to ask Yakov, Yuri’s coach, why Yura seems to both dread and detest the day.

-Yakov tells him that two years ago Yuri actually invited his classmates to his birthday party. On the day, Yuri’s parents, despite thir finanical issues, had fixed a large buffet and a massive birthday cake for their son and his guests.

-But then one after another called and texted Yura that they wouldn’t be coming and in the end, no one came to his party. Now Yura hates his birthday because it reminds him that none of his classmates actually likes him and that he is, at the end of the day, just very, very lonely.

-Beka feels both anger and pity rise within his chest as Yakov ends the story. And a resolution settles in his mind – he wants to make Yura like his birthday again.

-The day before his birthday, Yura and Beka skype. He’s just waited for the older boy to ask, and when Beka gets that smug look on his face, Yura knows what’s up.

-“So, tomorrow…,” Beka starts and Yura shakes his head.

-“Don’t even remind me. Can’t we just ignore that it’s my fucking birthday? I don’t need anything, I just want the day to pass as fast as possible,” he growls.

-Beka shrugs, asking if he’s sure. Yes, he definitely is. If he could, he’d skip the day entirely. He just wants to see his family and Beka. That’s enough to make him happy and that’s really all he can stand tomorrow.

-As the minutes toward midnight tick by, the old pain inside Yura’s chest starts drilling through his miserable consciousness. At least now he knows: If he doesn’t expect anything, nothing can hurt him any longer.

-The next day around afternoon, when Yura is in his room, replying to the few messages he got, the doorbell rings. It’s Beka, who just casually hugs him and mumbles Happy Birthday. Beka says he should put on some shoes, they’ll go to the arcade. He agrees, he has nothing better to do, anyways.

-Yura actually manages to have fun. Beka is invited to stay for dinner and movies at Yura’s after. When they get back to Yura’s house, the windows are enlightened. When he opens the front door he is overwhelmed by a loud choir of people singing“Happy Birthday” so loudly the windows clatter.

-They’re all here. His parents and grandparents. Viktor and Yuuri came over from Japan, Mila, Georgi, Yakov and Lilia are here, even that weird goof Phichit came and Yuuko and her family are here. Yuuko holds up his cat and she even put a bow on her.They all grin at him with pure joy.

-Beka sees how Yura’s pale cheeks turn crimson and then he turns around to him and Beka’s heart skips a beat when he sees tears in his eyes.

-“You’re insane,” Yura whispers hoarsely and then the biggest, most heart-warming smile appears on his face. “This is madness.”

-And Beka smiles, his heart swelling with affection. “Then it suits you just fine.”

-And it’s the best, craziest, most amazing birthday Yura has ever had. And from then on, he doesn’t hate his birthday anymore at all. 

If BTS was a reality show pt6

Jungkook:/playing video games with Yugyeom and Bambam when the doorbell rings/

Jinyoung: /runs out the kitchen and goes and opens the door/

Namjin:/ worried af/

Originally posted by j-snakeu

Jinyoung: ooh Jin..Namjoon..what brings you here?

Jin: Where is my baby? Has he eaten? Has he had his bath yet?

Jinyoung: Um…yeah?

Jaebum:/happy af cause jungkooks ass is leaving/ Babe don’t be rude ..Guys come in/ makes way for them to come inside/

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Jin: KOOOOOOKIE /runs over to him/

Jungkook:/rubs his face furiously as he sighs/ DAMN IT…

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Jin:/ picks him up hugging him / Mines

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Jungkook: You know the whole concept of running away is to never see you again…that’s the point

Namjoon:/pats Jaebum on the back/ Thank you so much for calling we were really worried


Jaebum: / in the confession booth/ Hell to the yeah I called them. I already have too many kids to look after and asses to beat I do not have time to babysit a teenage runaway

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Bambam:/dabs out of anger/ Not cool

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Yugyeom: NOOOO he can’t leave we didn’t even get to go bowling yet

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Jungkook: / thinks of other places he could go/ Suho hyung seems pretty nice..but do I really want to hear Sehun hyung talk about vivi

Jin: Child of mine you know I can hear you

Jungkook:/pouts as he tries to get out of Jin’s strong iron grip/

Jinyoung: How about you guys stay for dinner huh?

Jin: Sure why not /carries kookie as he walks into the kitchen/

Jaebum: Namjoon do you want for your son to respect you and Jin?

Namjoon: /nods/ Yes ..I only wish I knew how to get him to listen to us

Jaebum: An ass whooping is the answer to all your problems and worries

Namjoon:/chokes/ The hell Jaebum

Originally posted by j-snakeu

Jaebum: Look I know it sounds extreme..but honestly his ass needs to be beat..He talks back to you…and  ran away from home…that deserves some type type of discipline

Namjoon:/in the confession booth/ You know the more I listened to Jaebum the more I started to realize how easy we’ve been on kookie..Hell Jin has never disciplined him..Maybe Jaebum’s right..its time for us to put our foot down

Jinyoung: So guess who called me earlier /cooking dinner/

Jin:/playing with kookies hair/  hmm I don’t know..who?

Jinyoung: /sighs/ Suho..he called me during another one of his drunken episodes

Jin; Oh no..not again

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Jinyoung:/nods as he sets the table/ He thought that his husband went missing cause he wouldn’t answer his calls nor come home

Jungkook:/gave up and is just going with the flow/

Jinyoung: Then I had to explain to him that his husband hasn’t been home in 2 years and is now a big actor in china

Jin: And what did he say after that?

Jinyoung:/shrugs/ Don’t know, I couldn’t understand due to all the screaming and crying so I hung up…BOYS DINNER IS READY

Yugyeom:/drags bambam with him to the table/

Jaebum: If you discipline him ..then maybe..just maybe he’ll come out like my boy Youngjae…I swear he makes me so proud with his purity ..He is too good for this world I tell you

Namjoon:/listens as he sits at the table/

Jin: /feeding Jungkook/

Namjoon: /in the confession booth/ Whenever we get home i’m gonna set some rules and show Jungkook who’s in charge around here..you just wait til I’m through with him…He’ll be as quiet as a mouse and as obedient as a dog

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Request for this scenario:

you’re watching videos and he wants to you quit and cuddle but you fight back not wanting to. You give in only because he gets that pouty face.

Group: BTS

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Yoongi braced himself against the wall as he peered around the corner. It was going on 1 am and you were still sitting on the couch, watching YouTube videos on the TV. He sighed dramatically and frowned when you didn’t turn around. You didn’t move at all.

“Ughhhh~” he stretched out dramatically. When you didn’t move, he tried coughing and clearing his throat.

Again, you didn’t respond and his frown grew deeper.

“____, are you going to come to bed at any time tonight?” he asked, his cheek leaning against the wall. You turned your head to look at him and smiled, seeing his kid-like expression.

“I’m just not tired yet” you answered.

His shoulders slumped and pushed himself away from the wall before walking back into the bedroom. He groaned loud enough for you to hear and flopped back on the bed.

Yoongi was exhausted but he couldn’t fall asleep without you. After being with you for years, he’d gotten used to cuddling you to sleep. Now, whenever he was out of town or away from you it was near impossible to sleep well. When he went on tour in other countries and you couldn’t come along, it was the worst. When you went back home to see your family without him, it was awful. That was the main reason that he slept so much throughout the day. Whenever he had to work a lot and couldn’t cuddle up with you during the night, he would fall asleep when he could. He’d fall asleep waiting for shows, in his stylist’s chair, before a photoshoot, etc.

Yoongi looked to the right and sighed when he saw the clock. He had to get up in six hours. Once again, Yoongi got out of the bed and walked back to the living room. This time, though, he walked closer to you with his red eyes and tired body.

Looking away from the TV, you stared up at Yoongi and smiled amusedly. He was like a giant kid. You couldn’t really blame him though, you were also a bit of a cuddler. Granted, you weren’t as bad as he was but you understood where he was coming from. It was also hard for you to fall asleep without him there. It felt uncomfortable and very empty.

“Yoongi, I’d go in there with you but you can’t fall asleep with the television on” you complained. Yoongi looked from you to the TV and sighed.

“Do you really need this right now? Please? I only have six hours left to get some sleep. I already tried waiting for you” he said sadly. You looked at his pouty face and sighed. What were you going to do with him?

“Fine” you sighed, turning the TV off.

Yoongi smiled and lifted you off of the couch. He adjusted you in his arms and you kissed his nose as he walked you to the bed. Laying you down, he quickly went to his side of the bed and wrapped his arms around your waist with a sigh. This was comfortable.

“Thank you” he said, kissing your cheek.

“Big baby” you smiled. You turned your head just enough to look at his smiling face. He moved to kiss your lips before hugging you a little tighter.

“I’m spoiled by you. It’s not my fault” he commented. You laughed lightly, knowing that it was true. Yoongi laced his fingers through yours and your eyes suddenly began to feel heavy. Within minutes, you were sleeping and he was right behind you.


Linen [Camelot OQ]

A drabble for @belleoftheballpoint and her gorgeous artwork of OQ sexytimes in Camelot, here.

She has him surrounded – velvet and skin, the silk of her hair, those gasping moans when their mouths meet again.

Robin had meant to take his time with her (now that their timing is finally right), but helpless to how that crimson clings to her lips, those curves, he sinks into her warmth with every intention to drown.

She’s everywhere – she’s everything – as their bodies come together, sliding over too much fabric while they climb to delirious heights.

Regina sighs, exquisitely close, and he thinks (halfway to ecstasy too) there’s time yet to be linen-optional later.

The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 19)

Chapter 18

A/N: This is short. I’m sorry. It’s been a few weeks. *wipes sweat*

“Get her to the couch, come on!” yelled Dean. Sam was close behind him, carrying me. Cas had taken us right back to Bobby’s.

“Ah!” I yelled. It hurt. It hurt a lot. I tossed in pain, trying to make it go away. My arms were bright red.

“Cas man you got to do something!” said Sam. He and Dean kneeled in front of me, now with me on the couch. I looked at my brothers; I didn’t even know what to do.

Cas reached over, laying his hand on my forehead.

“Ahh!” I screamed again, Cas’s touch just making it hurt worse. It burned.

“I can’t heal anything. The powers of an archangel, even a fallen one, surpass me greatly. I’m just making it worse.” said Castiel.

“What do you mean? It’s Lucifer how much damage could he have possibly done?!” yelled Dean.

“He set her blood to boiling.” said Cas.

“Tell me how I can help you.” I looked over at Cas.

“How am I supposed to know?!”  I yelled, out loud, not really meaning to. Crap.

Sam and Dean turned to Cas, confused. All of a sudden, the skin on my arm tore, blood rushing down. That’s when it hit me.


“GABRIEL!” I yelled out in my head.

“Gabriel!” I yelled again. “Agh!” I gripped the bleeding spot on my arm, trying to contain the pain.

“GABRIEL!” I yelled out again. Sam and Dean looked around, oblivious on to why I was calling out the name of the Archangel.

“Ranger?” I looked up; Gabriel was standing in the far corner, behind Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas.

“They can’t see me, what happened?” Gabriel now stood at the end of the bed.

“You were right, Lucifer, I shouldn’t have gone. Agh!” Gabriel’s eyes went wide, snapping his fingers.

“What the hell.” said Dean, turning his head towards Gabriel. He had made himself visible to everyone else.

“Move over, fellas.” said Gabriel. He pushed Sam and Dean back away. “Cas what did he do, set the blood on fire?”

“Yes. Quick, it’s been hours.” said Cas.

“Wait, what?!” asked Gabe, looking at Cas. He turned back to me. “Why didn’t you call me earlier? I warned you Ranger!”

“Yeah, agh, I’ll make it up to you later, alright?!” Gabriel shook his head, placing his hand on my forehead. I could feel my body instantly cooling down.

I was out like a light.

Dean turned to Gabriel.

“You have a lot of explaining to do.”

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Listen I keep seeing posts saying that fiction does not influence real life and I really have to add something concerning the subject

Goethe was a german author who wrote in the XVIII century a romance called “Die Leiden des jungen Werthers”/ “The sorrows of young Werther”.

It was such a success that it dictated fashion for young men as they wanted to copy Werther’s style

But also

Caused a chain of suicides amongst youth given the depressive state of the main character and its ending.
The book was banned from some countries for a while because of that.

Don’t come tell me that fiction does not influence reality when Goethe managed to write a romance that swoop Europe off its feet and caused the death of people. Idk how much extra and dramatic a piece of writing has to be to get people to ACTUALLY DIE for it

anonymous asked:

How would Xanxus, Squalo, Kyoya, Kikyo, and Reborn react to getting a random phone call from their s/o saying they miss them during a mission (assuming it's the first time they've gotten a call like that)

Hibari:  “Hn.”  He’ll stay on the line, silent for a while before he says something like “I’m looking forward to seeing you again” which is the closest he’ll get to saying he misses you.  (at least until you’re married with kids and you’re gone on a trip and they’re all screaming and he doesn’t know what to do)  He makes sure that he finishes up the mission quickly.  

Xanxus:  Comes back in a mood, because what were you thinking???  That was a line in case you needed something. And obviously you missed him, why would you call just to state the obvious.  (It actually made him really happy deep inside - but he’s never going to admit to it).

I also did a scenario for Xanxus a while back that’s kinda similar right here

Squalo:  Upon finding out that it’s not an emergency, Squalo’s going to just hang up.  However, he’s blushing every time he thinks of you the rest of the mission because it’s kinda cute.  It does get a bit awkward when he has a slight love struck expression on his face as he kills someone.

Kikyo:  Kikyo is going to be a little surprised.  And may end up missing something in the surveillance he’s doing.  However, that’s finne and it’s not like it’ll be impossible to recover from that.  So he’ll tell you he misses you too, he’ll can’t wait to see you.  

Reborn:  Just continues about his business, shooting and killing people as he chats with you - tells you how lovely it is to hear your voice again, and he’ll be home soon.  He does not let this affect him at all.