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Can we please notice how much happier Tweek and Craig seem since they’re together?
Specially Tweek, like, I can’t remember almost any smile from this kid from before ‘Tweek x Craig’. He’s always been so stressed and scared, but now he smiles a lot more.
And Craig is totally a different person when he is with Tweek compared to when he is with other people?? Like if with Tweek he allows himself to be more open and relaxed??

In case you need a pick me up:


Look at him. He may look cheeky, but that’s because he’s proud of you for doing that thing and looking as good as you do.


Absolutely in shock over how hard you worked on that thing and how gorgeous you look, day in and day out. All natural!


He’d kiss you if he could, more than just because you’re pretty. He’s very proud of everything you do.


A gentle nod of approval of your work, blinded by your beauty- so much he had to shut his eyes. It’s a sweet gesture!


Girl knows how hard you’ve worked on you thing. She knows how cute you are. You should see it too!


Aw, is that jealousy? Not quite becoming of a count. How are you prettier than him? More motivated than he is? He just might have to kiss you to make himself feel better.

Please Keep the Alarm On - Nessian

People would normally think Cassian was the heavy sleeper. But no, he was the lightest sleeper ever. A tiny knock at the door from Elain wanting to talk to Nesta? Don’t worry, Cassian’s up and answering her already since Nesta “Sleeping Beauty” Archeron is still sleeping. 

Nesta Archeron slept like the dead, though she’ll always scoff off Cassian’s accusations with a  “Will you be quiet, Cassian!”

Besides the other things he has to wake up to do for Nesta, it is waking up to wake her up. He does it every morning, at 6:30 am. Normally, he’d never wake up this early. But, with his sensitive hearing when sleeping, Cassian almost jumps out of bed when the alarm goes off. It’s just so loud

It was especially loud this morning since she had her speaker plugged into her phone. What person needs their phone plugged to a speaker to wake up? Not a normal one. 

Cassian, angry and a bit shaken at getting up by such a loud noise, walks to Nesta’s room beside his and bangs on the door. “Nesta! Wake up!”

The alarm shuts off, and, with great relief, Cassian goes back to his room. Snuggling into bed, he closes his eyes. Minutes later, the alarm is going off again. 

This time he bangs on his wall, hoping to catch his crush’s attention. “Nesta! Shut that damn thing up!”

Again, it’s turned off with a thump! Breathing deeply, Cassian looks at his phone. The time? 7 in the morning. 

Ugh, why can’t he just go to bed?! 

Something moves around in Nesta’s room, and he hopes it is his crush taking off that dam–


Giving up on trying to be nice to Nesta, he jumps out of the bed, shirtless and pantless, and goes over to her room. 

The door, like normal, is unlocked. Not surprising since she always forgets to lock it. Basically charging to her room, Cassian throws the door open. First, he unplugs that stupid phone from the speaker. Next, he shook Nesta until he eyelids fluttered up slightly.

“Thank God, Nesta, you need to get–”

“Shut up, Cassian,” she whispers, and then grabs his hand from her shoulder and pulls him into bed with her. 

A leg wraps around his waist, and a hand goes over his chest. All of this happens while hair fills his vision and mouth. He gets her hair out of his face, and tries to untangle himself from Nesta. This was too close–too close for his body to handle without–

Her grip was too strong. He was stuck, but he had a strange sense of excitement for her to wake up.

Eventually, Nesta did wake up. And, boy, did she enjoy the view of Cassian first thing in the morning. “Morning.”

Cassian looks down at her, warmth in his smile. “It’s actually afternoon.”

Now it was Nesta’s turn to jump up. “What?! Why didn’t you wake me up!”

“I did try, Nesta. You’re a very heavy sleeper. The only thing I could have done to wake you was make you very, very warm.”

She really tried not to blush at that. She really did try, though she failed. But, she decided to twirl this to her advantage. This means she thought Fuck it, I’m gonna fuck him.

“What is the exact time?” Nesta asked. 

“It is 1:38 in the afternoon.”

“Look, Cassian, you know I like you a lot, right?”

Cassian couldn’t believe his luck. His crush finally liked him back. “Yeah, yeah. And I like you a lot too.”

“Good, good. Maybe you could help me warm up?”

“I can do more than that, sweetheart.” He moved closed to her, hands reaching out for her.

“Then show me,” she whispered, her lips only hovering an inch in front of his.

She did not regret missing class that day. Not at all.

Afterwards, the only thing Cassian could think, the only thing, was:

Please keep the alarm on from now on.

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Also credit to @aelin-and-feyre for the “fuck it I’m gonna fuck him” line