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Happy Birthday, Old Man Ackles! | March 1st, 1978
↳To the man who gives us so much of himself with everything he does. The man who isn’t afraid to be a kid at heart. The man who has given us many beautiful characters like Dean Winchester. The multi-talented, reserved, grumpy, bowlegged guy who’s nothing but a big softie on the inside. He’s grown with us and because of us. He’s shared his life with us and given us a lot to smile about be grateful for. Happy birthday to the man of 39 years today! You are loved, Jensen ♥

A Bosnian girl, holding an AK-47 rifle smokes a cigarette as she waits for a funeral service at Sarajevo’s Lion’s cemetery in 1992.

Everyday Witchuals for a more magickal home

Some discreet tips for you broom-closet witches, some lavish tips for the full-fledged witch, and some of my favorite in-betweens!

  • Sweep with a broom (besom) regularly. To the mundane eye, you’re clearing away dust and crumbs, but any witch knows you’re really spiritually cleansing and charging your home.
  • Put a line of salt on your windowsill for protection.
  • Forage fallen sticks to tie into a pentacle with twine. Hang as a wreath on the front door.
  • Candles in every room. I have great luck finding totally unused candles at thrift stores around town!
  • Call it “aromatherapy” if you’re still a secret witch, but utilize scent as the powerful thing it is! Burn insense. Have athsma? Try essential oils and scented candles. Budgeting? You can always put herbs and teas into the wax of a melting pillar candle to release the scent (I love doing this with chamomile and lavender, it doubles as an anointing of the candle).
  • Bake bread. Knead it with intention, cut a sigil in the top before baking, indulge in the act of creating.
  • Open windows to bring in the element of air and purge your home of bad or stale energy.
  • Collect and display little things from nature: pinecones, stones, crystals, dried flowers, acorns, feathers (if you’re permitted). Altars don’t need to be obvious, they can just be things that make you grounded and glad.
  • Live. Always remember that anywhere a witch lives is magical, whether you feel it or not. Do these little things for yourself, to cherish feeling connected, but witchcraft is not about pressure or conforming.

Enjoy 🔮🍂🍁