(and by her entire existence lbr)

People keep talking about Jasper needing a redemption arc but…

She doesn’t. Here me out, okay. Jasper isn’t evil. Cite all the stuff with Lapis if you’d like, but that was just as bad on Jasper as it was on Lapis, and Lapis has always had a choice with Jasper.

What Jasper needs is a Reformation. She isn’t evil, she just cannot and will not see things from the Crystal Gems perspectives. She won’t even see things the way Lapis does, and Lapis is not a Crystal Gem. She needs someone, who will probably be Steven lbr, to take her by the hand and show her there are other ways.

She doesn’t need to turn her back on Homeworld. She shouldn’t have to do that. Homeworld isn’t explicitly evil, either. But that’s later. All Jasper has tried to do, this entire time, is what she thinks is the right thing. When she arrived, she just wanted to take care of business and get home, and honestly, maybe her goal has changed, but she’s trying her best to do what she has been taught was right her entire existence.

Basically, she needs what Peridot needed. To be trapped (and this should not be the fault of causation of the Crystal Gems) with the Crystal Gems and Steven, and maybe even the others, like Connie or Peridot or Lapis or Greg, and just shown how things really work on Earth.

Give her a chance. Her entire time on Earth has been fighting and running and doing her best to survive (yes, and Susie the gems but honestly, it’s her job).

Anyway, those are my feelings on Jasper.