(and at my terrible editing skills)

Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture AND REYLO BRIDAL CARRY SCENE

Excuse my terrible terrible video and sound editing skill guys, but as i write this my hands are shaking, and it’s really hard to type… But just listen to it back to back. I have goosebumps all over.

I haven’t notice this before, but thanks to the Vincent Vendetta Video, for pointing it out, but here is the Origianl Reylo Meta by @reylo-musings

I just had to listen to it overlapping. just listen to the music…. oh god! 

Here is the link to the Symphony  Tchaikovsky - Romeo And Juliet - Fantasy Overture - Finale

Also @boomdafunk honestly made this for you… lol. Thanks for freaking out with me.

Also, all of my followers who reblog this before the 13th of February will get a really shitty and probably unromantic touhou valentine’s card in their inbox*, hopefully in time for the main event of the month

it won’t be too much extra work don’t worry, I do intend to make them as physically terrible as possible and I have 0 picture editing skills

(*there are always people who involve themselves in these things but don’t have their submission boxes open? don’t do that)


Flint/Hamilton Appreciation Week:

Day 6 -   Fix-it Day: Peter doesn’t sell them out, instead Thomas manages to obtain his pardons and is made governor of Nassau. James is reassigned to help rebuild the colony. Nothing bad ever happened and no one was sad ever again :))))) (also: Miranda becomes some sort of surrogate mother to teenage Eleanor :3)


before n after tag 

rules: update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people! the tag is by @soft-almond

oki i was tagged by these babes: @plummb-bob @cupidjuice @simkath and kinda by @ceiuu @early-grape aka “just say i tagged u” hehehe thanks babes:’-)

she isnt my oldest sim but she was the only one i still had all the cc for! (she was for one of those monthly cas challenges!) Okay she looks so different, and tbh I’m happy about that XD she was so terrible before, I see that my sim-making skills are definetly better now lmao!!!!! I tag @pinkberrymuffin and  @nutmegspicelatte andd anyone else who hasnt done this yet!!


Well it’s been a while since I posted any Lolirock content myself but, I was catching up on the second season finally and I was hit with Taliana feels again. 

I know my video editing skills are terrible but I just wanted there to be more Taliana content forgive me…

3 Raw Vegan Fudge Flavours!

I love vegan fudge, and I love all the different ways you can make it. So I want to remind you all of my 3 super easy and delicious raw fudge recipes!

1. Lucuma Fudge!


The easiest of the 3 recipes to make but also the most popular among my family, friends and those I give samples to outside of random health shops :D

2. Banana and Peanut butter Fudge!


I wish I had a prettier picture for this recipe, but I can assure you that it’s very delicious despite my terrible presentation skills.

3. Mint and Chocolate Fudge!


It seems to be that mint is sort of a hit or miss with a majority of people (or at least amongst my friends) you either hate it or kinda like it. I personally love it when coupled with chocolate, and (despite my better judgement telling me I’m literally the only one I know who’d eat it) I decided to make a recipe video for it. So if you guys share my weird tastes (though it’s highly unlikely anyone does) I hope you’ll this recipe!

lovelyz + wjsn | day and night
welcome to my first video on this channel! i'm gonna be posting a lot of videos about kpop girl groups ♡ this video is not perfect because it's been only thr...

hello everyone! so, i downloaded sony vegas three days ago and i decided to start a youtube channel, and i’m gonna be posting a lot of girl group edits there!

like i said, it’s only been three days so my skills are still terrible. but for now, that’s it! thank you so much for reading