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A Distraction - Kai Parker Smut

I sat in my rolly chair in front of my desk, the only light in my warm room coming from a pink lightbulb in my lamp in front of me and the tv Kai was watching Jeopardy on.

Two in the morning and my mind was focused on literally anything but the work I had to do.

And it didn’t help in the least that Kai had taken his shirt off for no good reason and tried coaxing me into taking mine off too. I wouldn’t fall for his crap, especially in the middle of something important. Even if it was pleasant seeing him wearing only jeans and laying on my bed like a model.

“I’m bored.” He said, falling back. I ignored his sighs. “Hello? I came over so we could have fun, not so you could ignore me, sweetheart.” He said, throwing one of my beanie babies at me.

“Screw you. No one asked you to come over, if you want attention go bother someone else… sweetheart.” I gritted my teeth. Kai stifled a laugh, standing up from my bed.

“Poor honey. You’ve been at it all week, uh?” He started, his hands landing on my shoulders, forcing me to relax as he massaged me. “I’ll bet you haven’t had a break the whole time, hmm? You’ve just got all this built up emotion in you?” He cooed as he gently moved my hair to one side.

“Kai.” I sighed, my eyes fluttering closed, my pencil falling out of my hand. I could practically hear his devilish smile.

“I can help you.” He whispered, all serpentine-like, dragging me to the seventh circle of hell with every unholy touch.

He pressed his hard dick against my back, his hands running under my shirt. He leaned over to kiss me, his face upside down.

“Bed.” He suggested, his breathing a bit shallow. I nodded in my trance, biting my lip. I laid down and he took my bottoms off at the advantage, pressing kisses up my leg, holding my thighs in his arms. “Pretty.” He smiled at the sight of the little bow on my panties, pressing a kiss there as my hands entered the messy hair sticking up in all directions on his head.

He finally met my face, a pretty little smile on his lips as he pushed his mouth against mine. I felt an energy surge through me as he held me.

I rolled over on him. He pulled me close to him, tearing off my underwear. I gasped as he balled them up and threw them, causing me to pull away.

“Unnecessary. But hot.” I smiled hazily, taking my shirt off too. Now completely naked, I pulled away so he could discard of his jeans. He snaked me back on him and I moaned at the feeling of our skin touching.

“Good grief.” He moaned as I took his dick in my hands. “Turn around, sweetheart.” He swallowed. I shuffled so that I faced away from him, looking at him through the mirror mounted on the wall.

He laid back against the mass of pillows and stuffed animals, his hands running up my back. I sunk onto him, my hands finding his to grab onto as I adjusted against him.

“Oh my -” He leaned his head back as I began moving up and down slowly, his hands crushing mine.

My eyes blurred in madness as I felt his hips rise with every one of my movements, quickening our pace. I moaned out loud as he let go of my hands and grabbed my arms, slapping me up and down rapidly.

Tugging at my hair, he grunted. “Just like that, princess.” The sound of our moans and breathing filled the room, air shifting hot.

I bounced on him, my hair wet with sweat as he yelled behind me, his head thrown back in agonizing pleasure.

He stretched his legs out over the bed, curling his toes on as he grunted animalistically and bit his lip hard.

“Don’t you ever stop fucking me!” He smacked my ass hard. My breath got caught in my throat, my sobs of bliss choked as my knees began to ache. “Fuck! Oh, you god damn bitch!” He cursed, gripping my waist hard as he pushed into me one last time, frozen as he spilled into me.

I slumped and stumbled off of him, laying right beside him as he breathed deeply, his eyes closed. They finally opened once he had calmed down and his stomach relaxed. “You have officially rocked my world.” He sighed hopelessly.

look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!

How to deal with failure after a test: NT edition

ENTJ: Feels the need to make amends immediately. Makes a plan to get better at the subject.

ENTP: Scours through the paper to hopefully find marking errors. Smirks smugly upon gaining more points as the class looks on jealously.

INTP: Wants to do what ENTP is doing, but is afraid of actually being incorrect, and stays quiet.

INTJ: Compares test score to others’. Suddenly it’s not so bad. (But not in INTJ’s eyes.)

Supergirl writers not only basically said that healthy relationship are boring and abusive ones are interesting but they traded out a healthy interracial relationship for an unhealthy one with a misogynistic former slaveowner (RACIST) while also saying that they wanted to give Kara trouble and Mon-El a chance to grow.

They basically admitted to caring more about Mon-El and his growth and happiness than Kara’s.

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hannah ive been following u for years and i really love and respect you, in any other situation i 100% would just unfollow but i have grown attached to you but i have to ask why are you writing such unhealthy ships? haymitch and katniss? luke and annabeth? they both have a age gap that it too large to ignore

hey buddy i wanna thank you for like, coming to me and asking! instead of dropping a lecture or one liner into my inbox u know, i am definitely happy to chat about this stuff. and also please know that like…if it does bug you or there’s too much content from my blog that you don’t like anymore, please feel free to unfollow me, i don’t want to hold you hostage or anything! 

the first thing i want to say though is that i have been writing these kinds of ships for years. possibly not in the fandoms you are in! but i have been writing alina/darkling content since 2014 and that ship involves dude putting a collar on the protagonist and threatening to kill everyone she loves, which is probably not making all that great a case for myself now. but sort of the point i am making here is that, this is not a new aspect of my writing. i have been writing messy ships since i was 14 years old, and i will probably be doing it until i am old and grey from natural causes instead of purple toner.

the second thing i want to say is that….sort of when you present Just The Ships and Their Age Gaps, it ignores everything i’ve actually written. Context is super important. For example: The Hunger Games is an extremely unhealthy book series. Multiple characters die, often for no reason except to point out that Bad Things Happen Even When You’re In The right. Finnick gets sold into sex slavery. The series ends with Peeta like…still occasionally having to restrain himself from attacking Katniss. Katniss actively hates herself throughout the whole series and her love interest is tortured into wanting to murder her, and actively attempting it. Thousands of people watch a yearly event in which children murder each other. 

All of this is super fucking unhealthy! And the narration portrays it that way. You know when shit’s messy, when it’s bad, hen it’s hideous, when it’s a nightmare. it’s ‘children murdering game: the book!’ and we love it. we engage with it, we find it interesting, we read two whole books about Katniss in these terrible and traumatic games.

so i wrote a fic about two people who are suffering from a hideous trauma that they will never really truly heal from. i wrote a story about a girl who no longer has the ability to process her grief appropriately, who is crawling through life day after day with no real reason to keep doing it at that moment except for the fact that it’s what she was doing the day before. she goes and talks to the only other person in the series who has really been established as Being Like Her. I’m not getting into it because we’ll be here forever, but there are parallels between Haymitch and Katniss all throughout the series. In another world they’re victors together, getting drunk every year and watching more children die. 

In this fic, Haymitch is the only person Katniss feels that she can talk to who will give her a reason to keep living that is grounded in something that she can actually connect with and understand. and there’s also an element of control there - she removes the drink from him, she straddles him, she kisses him, she puts her hand to his throat, she is scrabbling for something to hold on to and he’s letting her because he thinks it’ll help.

at no point in this fic is the narration going ‘and then they lived happily ever after’. it’s two desperately broken people struggling to cope with the minimal tools they have at hand. i’ve written other takes on this ship before, but it pretty much always comes down to ‘katniss uses haymitch in an attempt to either feel something or because he is someone that she can control in her life (unlike peeta, who is Too Good For Her), and haymitch lets her because he also wants to feel something, because he hates himself, because he thinks he’s helping’.

for me, all of this is something that fits in very well with the tone of thg. there is also a huge age gap. i would not support a 17/18 year old straddling a 40 something year old dude in real life, just like i would not support the game-murder of children. i still find these things interesting to read about. if you read and enjoyed the hunger games, you also found the game-murder of children interesting to read about. i do not find age gaps, specifically, interesting to read about but i do find the aforementioned dynamic between the characters of katniss and haymitch interesting to read about, interesting to ship, interesting to write, and they come with an age gap that, in the context of all the other things that are fucked up about the hunger games, doesn’t bother me.

WHICH leads me to the other pairing you mentioned. Luke and Annabeth? Totally do have an age gap and context that bugs me (the canon isn’t as messy and the characterisation/context/audience is much younger). So i don’t…ship it when they’re 12 and 19. I don’t even ship it when they’re 16 (17??? riordan and/or my memory isn’t clear) and 23/4. Reading any of the fic I’ve written for them, i’m actually pretty careful to make it clear that Annabeth is in her early 20s (i think she’s 21 in tire fire verse, and 22 or 23 in the latest fic i wrote? i do know that i wrote a specific age for her so that it would be clear). Given that Luke has been dead and in Tartarus for several years in both verses, he’s like….25 or something? In those fics.

I also wrote a bunch of headcanon for them a couple of years ago, i think. And i opened it with talking about the age gap not being my thing, so i was going to ignore it. Bam, Luke is now 15 at the start of the series and 19 when PJO is over. The power of fanfiction is to make whatever changes to the canon you want. i’m not beholden to whatever ages riordan set out, it’s perfectly sensible for me to keep the characterisation and ignore the ages nothing Luke does in canon is reliant on him being seven years older than Annabeth, so I can make hiim not that. if i wanna keep the age gap, i can just set the fic when Annabeth’s in her 20s. 

OR maybe i eventually write something where Annabeth is 16 and Luke is 23 and it’s messy and unhealthy and Bad. i don’t personally have any interest in writing that at this point, but that’s where Context swoops in again. 

my job as a writer is to make sure that my narration is adequate in getting across the story i’m trying to tell. boiling it down to ‘hannah ships x ships and that’s bad because they have a big age gap’ doesn’t work for me because it’s ignoring literally everything i’ve written. i know it’s unhealthy, my dude. i wrote it to be unhealthy. if i’m any good at what i do, anyone reading it will also know that it’s unhealthy. one of the interesting things about the luke and annabeth fics for me is that i actually write them specifically to be bad for Luke.  he has come back from Tartarus and is willing to pretty much do whatever Annabeth wants him to do out of atonement, and i write Annabeth angry and hurting and either willing to use that, or not quite realising what his motives are just yet. it’s messy, and it’s unhealthy, and i stand firm in all cases that the narration and the story supports that.

i think one thing that bugs me is that….one of my most beloved fics is After, in the pjo fandom. That’s a fic in which Percy and Annabeth quite literally beat the shit out of each other. Not in a sparring way. They break up because they make each other scared. Because they keep hurting each other. It’s an intentionally abusive dynamic, and i have literally never once had this raised in any way shape or form in the years that i have been writing that verse.

the pjo/thg sad crossover? finnick is blatantly being used as a sex slave throughout the series, as is luke. percy is about to game-murder a bunch of children. the very first chapter has Finnick freaking out about Percy being wanted by the capitol both because it makes him vulnerable to being picked by the games, and because of the threat of sex slavery. i’ve only hinted around the edges of it so far, but Percy has and will have to grapple with the threat of that in the series, because it’s an established part of the THG verse and i knew going into this that i wasn’t going to…shy away from the ugly parts of that world or otherwise dilute it, because i think that THG has a lot of important things to say about voyeurism and sex and violence that i didn’t want to take away from in writing this crossover.

No one has e v e r taken issue with me for writing a frankly horrific au. a part of the reason it takes me so long to update that one is because it’s fucking emotionally wrecking. it’s something i have to think a lot about before i start writing it. it takes a lot of emotional energy for me to write, and…people really love that fic, my man. it is Unhealthy as fuck, it’s dark as hell, and it’s probably one of my most popular pieces. i’ve never had a single negative or even neutral comment on or about it.

The concept of darkPercy? He nearly drowns someone in their own tears. Fandom goes nuts for it, and i’ve never seen a single person taken to task for having an unhealthy, unconsented choking kink.

Princess Leia and Han Solo? Age gap of ten years, and she’s 18 when they meet. One of the most beloved romances of all time, no one skips a beat when it come to shipping them.

i do find myself really bothered by these inconsistencies, because i know that people are deciding what kind of a person i am based on ‘x ship, y age gap’. like…even you, my dude, who have followed me for years are asking me, bewildered, about how i could be writing these unhealthy things when i have been doing this all along. the entire many years you’ve been following me and loving me, friend. 

i write cute things, i write messy things, i write unhealthy things, i write sweet and romantic things. you definitely don’t have to read them and you definitely don’t have to follow me if you don’t like my content, but. this has always been my content. you’ve just happened to notice on unhealthy aspect about it in particular that bugs you, while the other unhealthy things i have written about either haven’ bothered you, or you didn’t consider them unhealthy in the first place.

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Also who is papatulus and what did he do?

fairly popular tumblr funnyman.

he’s an annoying passive aggressive dude that habitually siccs his fans on people he doesn’t like and he’ll put people on shitlists just for making fun of him for reacting badly to people insulting his jokes.

he put thefeelofavideogame on one of those asinine “BAD PEOPLE” lists purely because mr feel mocked him for having a bad reaction to everyone calling his stupid nintendo switch joke stupid

he’s also one of Those people that just has an unhealthy hatred of That Kind Of Anime and also claims to be a gamer while showing no signs of having played anything in the past few years because he just doesn’t talk much about video games at all except to insult them

he’s also got into big spats with people over Nier Automata cause he thought it looked “generic” based on A SPEEDRUN of the game where all the cutscenes are skipped and he got really defensively passive aggressive towards people that said “no you’re wrong about it, it’s a deeper gamer than that”, doubled down, and started calling it a hentai fanservice game when it’s not.

that’s right.

he’s probably one of the progenitors of that fucking Nier Automata Discourse on this awful website.

I personally despise him because after calling him a shithead I got over a hundred messages and asks, both anonymous and not, telling me to pee my pants.

it’s the most I’ve had to ip block anons and block people on tumblr ever since someone kept going on about how they wanted to kill me about…..two years ago?

TL;DR: he’s a passive aggressive guy that’s toxic and likes to sicc his followers on people he doesn’t like as well as lie about them and that almost always refuses to ever admit he was wrong

It’s a super healthy protein-raspberry cheesecake what I made tomorrow for my boyfriend ! 😊 it does not contain any sugar! Just because you want to live healthier you do not have to give up the sweets and all the good thing! You just have to change a little the recipe 😊 but also sometimes its okay to eat the unhealthy one too! 😋
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Have a nice day 🌞🤗

Also, one of the most unhealthy, abusive parts of jdonica is when they’re fighting and both yelling and then Veronica Very Gently touches his chest and quietly says “don’t talk over me okay?” And he just. Shuts up immediately. All it took was a tiny touch and a few quiet words from her to calm him down. What an infuriating asshole he is smh.

Exercise is a form of self love and should always be treated as such 💜💜✨


“If I’m working on music for a while, I kinda wanna get back into TV, if I’m working in television, I kinda feel like ah, I’d like to do a movie. So it’s a little unhealthy but it’s also one of the things that drives me – to throw yourself into a show or a movie to the degree that you really need to, in order to make it great kinda comes from a unhealthy place but it’s sort of necessary.” Seth MacFarlane

How to Read a Person

Do you remember those logic puzzles they used to give us in Elementary School? Jeanie lives in a purple house and owns a fish. David has the number four in his address and killed a guy once. Given this information, figure out where Nathan works. It’s a pretty good metaphor for the skills I use to read people and figure out whether they are a safe friend or just another maladjusted manipulator. 

While I would rather solve a logic puzzle, play a video game, do yoga, or light myself on fire than waste mental energy on figuring out who’s nice and who’s not, it does serve to keep my life a lot more neat and tidy. I’ll admit, when I lived in ignorance world, thinking everyone was benevolent and nice, I was a lot happier… but living in reality has provided me with some safety upgrades that the modern, “single” (I live alone but I do have a boyfriend) female cannot live without. 

Examples are called for and I will provide them. Most of my readers probably do these calculations automatically, without thinking about it. My methods involve actively taking note of behavior patterns and then observing how it lines up with other behaviors demonstrated by the same individual. I have learned that you cannot draw conclusions about a person based on another person’s patterns, either. There is no standard… and in fact, some highly adept manipulators will use the Perceived Cultural Standard in order to hijack situations and relationships. So, for safety’s sake, I DO NOT use any cultural standard as a baseline. Also, there are exceptions to everything so it takes a great deal of data to draw a dependable conclusion about a person AND some people do occasionally change.

1. Begin with perfect neutrality with everyone. Do not trust them, do not distrust them. Simply observe.

2. Notice whether behaviors are consistent or inconsistent. People with consistent behaviors tend to be more trustworthy. 

3. Notice what they talk about and how they share. Do they demonstrate vulnerability or do they demonstrate control tactics? People who are open and vulnerable tend to form healthier relationships with healthier boundaries. People who use control tactics tend to be insecure and disrespect other people as a way to make themselves feel more important.

4. Notice how they respond to other people. Do they make room for other people’s realities or do they perform dominance rituals (talking over, constant explaining, argumentative, making fun, one-upping, etc.)? If they make room for other people’s realities, then they are probably accepting, secure individuals that honor the give and take of friendship.

5. Actions speak louder than words. I have learned that an apology, for example, is not always an apology. Sometimes words are sitting on top of ulterior motives and used as a means to an end. If possible, be observant of the underlying behavior that drives the actions or the words themselves. Alternately, the absence of words in a situation that calls for them such as, No Apology where Apology is Warranted, can also indicate a tendency to engage in unhealthy patterns. 

The big ones that I watch for most are inconsistency and dominance behaviors. I also try to keep in mind the following, “There are three types of people who will claim to be a good cook: One who knows they are a good cook (because they have experience, training, etc.), One who thinks they are a good cook (based on their opinion which may or may not be true), and One who wants YOU to think they are a good cook (regardless of whether or not they know anything about cooking).”

OMG 200+ Pro Ana Tips!

Important Note: This is a repost from my deleted Tumblr, it took me over 12 hours to write and make so please share it, it is my most important piece of work and most tips ever put together about pro ana, if you could like and share it would help me so much!

Everything I post Now has to have a Disclaimer like this to inform that I do not condone any of this tips I only post them to help everyone that asks me to and I advise not doing some of this unhealthy ones (Check out my safe ones instead)! Also, follow my Snapchat at (aothexie) for my daily tips and routine snaps!

Thank you so much, now enjoy!

001. Keep a thinspiration book. Get a really nice journal or something and print pictures of skinny models, tips, quotes, or workouts, and glue it in there. Look through it whenever you want to binge.

002. Keep a stack of magazines weighing the same amount you want to lose. When you lose weight remove some magazines from the stack. It will be thinspirational to see that pile slowly start to get smaller.

003. Eat on a blue or black plate. Dark colors usually make you feel fuller, faster. Better yet, eat on small dark plates.

004. When you want to eat something you shouldn’t, make a list of all the reasons you shouldn’t, and read it 20 times.

005. When you get a craving, count to 100 really slowly, and it might pass.

006. If you live by yourself, put up motivational pictures or numbers on the unsafe foods. Stick your goal weight to the peanut butter jar.

007. Get one of those three ring binders and make a section for each part of the body. Put all the exercises you’ve got in there according to what body part there for.

008. Pick one food for the day, like an apple. Cut it into 4 quarters. Eat one part for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner, and you’ve got one left over for a snack.

009. Take a Polaroid picture of yourself wearing nothing but your underwear. When you want to binge, look at it, and see all that fat that you need to get rid of? Carry it in your wallet whenever you go somewhere where there will be food.

010. If you live by yourself and prone to binges, buy only the food you need for the day. That way if you eat it, there isn’t anymore.

011. Eat with the opposite hand you normally do. Left handed people eat with their right hand, and vice versa.

012. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you want to eat. You’ll train yourself not to think about eating.

013. Spend a little time every day on pro-anorexic sites or doing something completely and totally thinspirational.

014. Clean something gross like a litter box when you want to eat.

015. Wear tight tight jeans so you remember how much weight you have to lose.

016. Pour tons of something gross on your food like salt or dish soap so you can’t eat it. (if your eating out, use the former, and say you accidentally put too much salt on, and its too salty)

017. If you get really bad headaches it could possibly be from dehydration so drink lots of water.

018. Eat in front of the mirror. Hell, eat in front of the mirror naked and see how much you want to eat then.

019. Drink herbal teas. They have no calories. If you don’t like them unsweetened, buy some splenda. Or if you’re more in to natural stuff, try stevia, its like sugar, but no cals.

020. When you get the urge to eat chew sugar free gum. Just make sure you keep track of how much you have. Most kinds have 5 calories a piece.

021. Freeze your foods. I freeze yogurt and make ice cubes out of Crystal Lite. Frozen yogurts take forever to eat so you feel occupied longer.

022. When you go to a restaurant order something that’s not too unhealthy. Put half of it in a doggy bag and say your going to eat it tomorrow for lunch. Then eat half of what’s on your plate and “forget” the doggy bag in the restaurant.

023. Eat breakfast and lunch or just breakfast, never eat dinner cause if you eat dinner you don’t give your body enough time to burn off the calories.

024. Go shopping and try on clothes that you wish you could fit you and that should stop your craving for food.

025. Pinch all your fat if you want to eat and see how disgusting it is and then you’ll think that if you eat you’ll just add more to it and you don’t want that.

026. If you can go to your kitchen and take all the bad foods that you know you will binge on and just throw them away.

027. Make sure you get enough calcium. Take your vitamin.

028. If you sit a lot every hour get up and go crazy start dancing or jumping stupidly or anything like that it will boost your metabolism for a little.

029. Stay away from food and the kitchen there evil!(unless your parents are around, then pretend like you just finished getting a snack)

030. Have you ever noticed that most people who you see eating are fat? Well remember this if you eat like them you’ll be as fat as them.

031. Try to plan how much your going to eat and what there’s a 30% more chance you wont over eat then.

032. Look at supermodels do they look like they eat?! No! So if you REALLY want to look like them them don’t eat.

033. A calorie is a calorie so it doesn’t matter what kind you eat just eat under 1000 and you’ll lose weight.

034. Make a meal plan with all the days and put the limit of calories you’ll allow yourself to after you eat write down what you ate.

035. To keep a binge from coming go outside, do 20 pushups and then 20 jumping jacks after you won’t feel like eating anymore. Better yet, do them in front of the mirror. naked.

036. To boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full drink several green tea’s each day.

037. Every ana should take at least one multivitamin per day, no calories, but essential for every ana.

038. Two tablespoons of vinegar before the meal helps suck the fat out.

039. Caffeine is great ~ it decreases appetite.

040. Peppermint tea or lollies are a great appetite suppressant.

041. Diet Cola, Pepsi or Pepsi Max are 1 cal per can ~ drink, drink, drink…

042. Don’t stop moving’ ~ every cal counts.

043. Don’t swallow ~ chew and spit.

044. Eat seaweed or kelp pills ~ they say it boosts the metabolism.

045. Don’t slouch, sit straight ~ you burn more cals that way.

046. Dress down, more cals are burnt when you’re cold.

047. Lack of sleep stimulates appetite ~ but burns more cals.

048. Spicy foods boost the metabolism.

049. Eat negative cal foods.

050. Eat lots of celery ~ a negative cal food too.

051. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day ~ it will help you feel full.

052. Munch on ice cubes to create a feeling of fullness.

053. Take it slow ~ it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to realize it is full.

054. Eat lots of fiber ~ expands in your stomach to create a full feeling.

055. Don’t eat in front of the telly ~ concentrate on the food while you eat ~ you get more satisfied.

056. Eat vegetarian sausages instead of real meat.

057. Do 50 sit ups every morning ~ it will raise your metabolism and make you more motivated to do things throughout the day.

058. Cabbage makes you lose weight ~ but watch out for the smell!!!

059. Strawberries are lo cal and boost the metabolism.

060. Drink one glass of water every hour.

061. Eat negative calorie foods at least 2 times a day.

062. Weigh yourself before and AFTER every time you eat.

063. Exercise 2 times the amount of calories you eat.

064. Eat 6 small meals a day spaced about 3 hours apart. at 50 calories 6 times a day that is only 300 calories.

065. Let yourself binge once a week. and ONLY ONCE.

066. Eat standing up, move around while you eat.

067. Watch other people eat..and feel superior!!!

068. Find pictures of overweight people and put them in various places around your house.

069. Find a buddy, compete.

070. Once a week treat yourself. take a bubble bath..listen to relaxing music, get a massage, give yourself a manicure, a facial..etc. anything to pamper yourself…to relax …as a destresser..and to reward yourself for your good work for the week.

071. Spend a little time each day at pro anorexia sites. or reading your e-mails for motivation.

072. Until you reach your goal you want to wear tight jeans. baggy tops are great. but make sure your jeans are tight.

073. Ever noticed how (most anyway) little kids are skinny? They are always running around! Take their example.

074. Stay cold.

075. If you feel like you’re going to eat, but don’t need it, put a few drops of vinegar on your tongue.

076. Cut your food into tiny pieces.

077. Eat with chop sticks if you’re alone.

078. Write in a journal as much as you need to to keep you from eating.

079. Work on a Rexy “Bible” with sayings, pictures, tips, and whatever you want.

080. Make a drawing or collage that reminds you of your goals and keeps you motivated.

081. Stand whenever you can.

082. Move whenever you can.

083. Keep your hands busy.

084. Practice visualizing yourself thin.

085. Eat only half of the recommended serving, then go back for the rest later.

086. When eating with friends, try to talk as much as possible. This way they stuff themselves and you burned cals talking and not eating.

087. If you must eat at the table with the family do not pile food upward on your plate. Try to keep it close to the plate and spread out this way your plate looks full with lots of food, but isn’t.

088. If you must eat at the table, talk a lot and take a drink with EVERY bite or every other bite to fill up and make you look active at the table.

089. The best aerobic exercises are stair stepping, walking up hill, and biking. Be sure to hit the weights first though. Try to stick to low impact exercises…also swimming is good.

090. When you’re at the grocery store, you should look around at people and note their fatness. Look at what is in their cart and realize that those foods are making and keeping them fat. Therefore you don’t need or want them.

091. If you are feeling unstable around food, look at it and say (out loud or to yourself) “I CONTROL THE FOOD! THE FOOD DOES NOT CONTROL ME!”

092. Ditch the all or nothing frame of mind. So you ate to much…STOP RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to stop after your fifth sixth or seventh doughnut! I mean come on that’s at least another 300 cals and 24 grams of fat you stopped from going into your body.

093. Avoid liquid calories.

094. Take your multivitamin. Take a calcium supplement too.

~Sammie ❤️

Misidentifying Ones and Eights

Both Ones and Eights are in the Instinctive Triad, both have strong wills, both are action-oriented, and both have strong notions about how to do things. However, Ones try to convince others to do the right thing (as they see it) from the standpoint of a moral imperative–because it is the right thing to do. They try to logically convince the other of the soundness of their views, but become irritated and less logical when others resists their reasoning. Eights, on the other hand, rely on their own self-confidence, and attempt to sway others by their gutsy convictions and sheer personal charisma. (“I don’t know if it’s the right way, but it’s my way.”) Ones try toconvert those who resist them: Eights try to power through them.

The greatest misunderstanding between these two types involves their concern with justice, although the nature of their sense of justice can be quite different. Ones hold justice as an extremely important value–many judges, attorneys, advocates, and criminal prosecutors actually are Ones. Ones think a great deal about issues of providing suitable standards for human beings and about the specifics of how to administer a fair and equitable system. Ones at all Levels of Development refer to justice and think that they seek justice (no matter how skewed their interpretation of it may become). In any case, justice is a matter of principles–part of their idealism. They strive after justice and want to rectify injustices wherever they find them because, among other reasons, to do otherwise would be to fail to live up to their high moral standards and make them feel guilty.

In Eights, justice is more of a visceral response, a reaction to witnessing injustices occurring. Eights, generally speaking, do not walk around thinking about these matters, but if they saw a helpless person being harmed or bullied by others, without thinking about it, Eights would rush in to “level the playing field.” For Eights, justice has little to do with abstract principles. Eights see themselves as protectors of others, and when they are healthy, they actually are. Eights are more likely to seek justice for “their people"–their family, friends, co-workers, ethnic group, and so forth. It is usually expressed in a concern that those in their care (or under their power and authority) be treated fairly. The cowboy marshal protecting the town against criminals and the union chief negotiating a just wage for the rank and file are examples of this more restricted concern for justice. With Eights, the sense of justice usually involves addressing an imbalance of power. This is quite different from the One who seeks to make sure that people are appropriately rewarded for good actions and punished for bad ones.

Of course, in their unhealthy manifestations, both types can be extremelyunjust. Ones will still believe that they are being fair–the punishments they are meting out are for the good of the person being punished, or at the very least, for the good of society. Ones feel they need to rationalize their punitive activities. Eights do not. For unhealthy Eights, administering justice is simply meting out vengeance. ("You hurt me or my people, and I’ll destroy you.” “He ripped me off. Now he has to pay.”) Needless to say, others may question the “justice” in either of these types’ unhealthy behavior.

The confusion between Eights and Ones probably also stems from the fact that some Ones may misidentify themselves as Eights since they would like to have the authority and influence of Eights. They may also recognize that they have aggressive impulses and misidentify themselves as an “aggressive type,” although they are really compliant to their ideals; the Eight is the true aggressive type par excellence. On the other hand, Eights almost never misidentify themselves as Ones, viewing Ones as lily-livered and bloodless–moral only because they are too weak to be strong. Although Eights themselves are unlikely to think they are Ones, other people sometimes misidentify Eights as Ones because they see them as reformers. But clearly, many natural leaders, including Eights, lead reforms when they are needed. Contrasting Ones such as Pope John Paul II, Ralph Nader, and Hilary Clinton with Eights such as Lee Iococca, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Barbara Walters gives a vivid sense of their differences.


The Legend of Korra: Lin Bei Fong [ESTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING BY: mysterylover123

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Lin is a woman of plain-spoken logic. She’s chief of police and executes her job by constantly barking orders, maintaining strict authority, and making clear and concise demands of her subordinates. She’s very matter-of-fact and no-nonsense; she tells Korra to her face that she won’t get special treatment in Republic City just because she’s the Avatar, she expects responsibility and orderly behavior from Mako, and she’s brusque and blunt with her family members. She takes charge of any given new situation.

Introverted Sensing (Si): She still holds on to the scars of the past now. Whether it’s her decades old feud with her sister, her long-past breakup with Tenzin, or the bad first impression Korra made on her, Lin isn’t quick to forgive or forget. She’s precise and focused on details; she does things by the book and generally (but not always) plays by the rules. She doesn’t like to take risks (normally), preferring to play it safe. She often compares things to how they were in the past (“You should’ve seen air temple island after Tenzin broke up with me.”)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lin is willing to entertain different possibilities, but won’t take any of them seriously without proof and details (Te-Si) to back them up. She usually thinks about possibilities as a gateway to a larger goal. She occasionally creative and shows a knack for thinking on her feet to solve problems, generating new ideas for solutions on the spot. She’s willing to alter her opinions and forms them mostly based on outside evidence.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Lin doesn’t like to deal with feelings, and doesn’t discuss her own. She goes off to deal with her feelings on her own in Season 3, needing time and acupuncture to process them. When she does act on her emotions, they often come out in unhealthy ways, frequently also violent ones (i.e. attacking her sister, destroying air temple island, etc). Lin struggles to grasp her emotional problems and prefers to deal with tactics.

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I just realized the irony of the fact that my mother refused to see or acknowledge the /literal/ writting on the wall

As a child I literally wrote “I refuse to be made a victim by my parents” on the wall and everyone has seen it, and no one has mentioned it

I think about my dad demolishing my bed frame with a hammer, tearing it to pieces in a way that seemed oddly excessive

Ignoring the problems that were blatantly stated in my poetry
Which I had written directly onto my bed frame with sharpie

They both knew. They regularly would egg me on and ask if I thought they were good parents

But my parents raised a coward, and so the cycle continues.

My narrative is scalding and dripping with acidic levels of irony, and it leaves the taste of citric acid in my mouth

“Mordant” is the word I use, because it’s the only word that has made me feel at home other than your name

“mor·dant, adjective, 1. having or showing a sharp or critical quality; biting (especially of humor.)”

I am finally glad for my unbreachable distance from you

The thought had crossed my mind before, but when you walked in the door last night it was clear; nothing had changed.

I spent a year being so scared that I was losing myself and losing myself and losing myself, that I never thought to just turn around

I (you) was wrong and I (me) knew better.

…And yet here I am. In the exact same place as three and a half years ago.

Even those who refuse to bother with me knew, the ones who don’t know, don’t care, and don’t care to know…

They knew.

And the most embarassing part is that they told me.

They were uncomfortable enough to intervene.

You are a pitfall.

(Why are the pitfalls always people?)

Also, on a seperate note, your apathy/obsession flip-flop with my level of affection is unhealthy.

I’m mad that it took someone I don’t know but owe a lot to and think a lot about (a growing catagory)

…who also happens to be one of the most “unhealthy” people I’ve ever met…

To show me that.

Maybe I have my definition of unhealthy backwards. Maybe we all do.

So I’ll love you when you’re a lover, but I’m not going to be your stool or your branch anymore

Love yourself

Because I love myself

And the fact that I didn’t say ‘I love you’ in that last line.

Even though it would have fit perfectly in the verse

Is brave.

Because it’s okay for me to not love you.
And the fact that I didn’t say 'I love you’ in that last line

Even though it would have fit perfectly in the verse

Consumes my mind.

Because I’ve been so scared not to love you. (I’ve been so scared to be the reason you fall apart.)

But you fall apart anyways, and for my own health, all I can do is view it as inevitable.
And the fact that I didn’t say 'I love you’ in that last line

Even though it would have fit perfectly in the verse

Consumes my mind,

And the chance of it consuming yours is an all-or-nothing 50/50 chance,

That you will either sob and beg and torture over it’s absence, or it will be completely arbitrary to you, and you will say it’s unimportant,

Well, that’s your loss Sam.

And this whole time, I have been my father,

Tearing apart something I thought I could understand

“Tackling Anxiety”

When the problem was me.

I have read the writing on the wall.