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Starting today, I am running a year long series for students who are going into post secondary education this September. I will be releasing a new post on the 5th of each month, which will be specifically targeted to the phase that a lot of students will be in at the time. This month’s topic is… 

Choosing a University! 

I know there are a lot of posts out there telling people what to include in their spreadsheets and documents. I thought I would make a post sharing what I think are the most important factors to consider, versus which ones are overrated. This is purely based on my own experiences and the experiences of my friends, so everything in it might not apply equally to everyone. (Sorry this post is going to be long as hell).

Most Important Factors

These are the things that I believe are so important that they can make or break your decision to go to a school. 

  1. Major: To me, this is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a school. If they don’t offer your prospective major, you should think really hard about going there. It may feel like you are settling for a major you don’t want before you even start, which is a shitty feeling. Also, because a lot of people change their minds about what they want to major in, it may be wise to make sure there are two or three faculties the school offers that interest you. 
  2. Financial aid: This one is definitely second on my list because it can kind of make the decision for you. If your dream school is way out of your budget and doesn’t have a good financial aid package, you may want to start looking elsewhere. 
  3. Location: Being close to family and friends is way underrated when you are going into first year. A lot of people think that because you are entering post-secondary, its time to completely grow up and leave your family and hometown behind. But this can backfire! If you are really close to your family and friends at home, love where you live, etc. location can be a big factor. 
  4. First year retention rate. This is the one statistic that I think can show a lot about a school. If a lot of people transfer out after first year, it can be a bit of a red flag.
  5. The type of people and atmosphere. This might seem not as important, but knowing the type of school that you are going to be in is crucial to understanding if you will fit in there in the future. I suggest looking into whether or not it is a party school, if it is fiercely academic and very competitive, whether it is a diverse school with international students, whether students tend to have part-time jobs. These kind of things can give you a sense of whether or not you will fit in. 

Semi-Important Things 

These are the things that I think can help you make a decision, but shouldn’t be the basis of one. Think of these as added bonuses. 

  1. Extra-curriculars. Unless you are deeply devoted to a certain sport or club and intend to pursue it throughout uni and into adulthood, the specific of extracurriculars offered probably doesn’t need to make or break your decision. As long as a school has a wide variety of clubs, teams, and other opportunities, you will likely find something to join. 
  2. Things to do in the area. Unless you are heading out into an unpopulated area, there will be things to do wherever you go. Most cities that are big enough to have a university will also have some shopping, a movie theater, a few bars, and some restaurants. A lot of students don’t have time or money in first year to be going out every single night anyways. 
  3. Where you can get a job. Like above… if it is a university town, there will be part time jobs available. Even if you can’t transfer from your current job or your dream job isn’t available in the town, you can likely find some source of income. 
  4. Prestige. A lot of people fall into the trap of looking at rankings of the best schools in the country or the world. These can be a good indicator of if a school or program is well-liked and well-funded, but they can also get into your head. If you are in love with a school and it doesn’t have a top ranking, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good school or you won’t be able to get a job. Try to take rankings with a grain of salt. 
  5. Average class size. This is one stat that is hard to deal with because typically, class sizes get smaller as you get older. First year classes will be bigger than the average listed and fourth year ones will be smaller.
  6. Quality of the dorms. I have to be real here: most dorms are shitty. Also, at a lot of schools there are two or three luxurious buildings and twice as many dumps. You only have to live there for a year! Don’t let ugly looking dorms push you away or let super fancy dorms pull you in. 

Overrated Importance

These are factors that I think should be tagged on as bonuses at the end of your decision, not factors that are included in making it. 

  1. The look of the campus. I go to a university with one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever stepped foot on. But the truth is, it doesn’t affect how you learn or how good your life is. I don’t wake up in the morning and gaze at the historic buildings and the fall foliage. Once you have lived there for a month, the allure of a stunning campus can wear off. 
  2. Where your significant other is going. If you and your partner happen to choose the same school, that’s great! However, if you choose a school specifically because they are going there, it might end in disaster. I have friends who made this choice and their relationships ended within weeks of getting to school. You don’t want to have regrets because you made a choice based off of someone besides yourself! 
  3. The admission rate. If you meet the requirements for admission, don’t stress out about being accepted. I remember looking at my school’s admission rate of 41% and being so stressed, despite the fact that I had grades well above the requirements and extra-curriculars and awards on top of that. Don’t let it stress you! 
  4. Where your parents went. This is similar to the significant other issue listed above. Going to your parents alma mater can be amazing, but if you don’t already like the school, don’t let that be a persuading factor. 
  5. Whether or not the people on campus are attractive. I have seen so many articles saying that if you take a campus tour and don’t see any super hot people, you should reconsider. This makes no sense??? There is no way that you will go to a school and not see a single person that you find attractive. Like… no. 
  6. How good the professors are. If you read bad reviews about certain profs or really good reviews about others, don’t let that sway you. You might not even end up ever having that prof. You could get that prof and have an experience completely different than the reviews. If there is overwhelming evidence that the entire staff is horrible, maybe consider that. But when it comes to just a few profs you read about online… try to let it go. 

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything there is to consider, but these were just the thoughts that came to my mind based on own experience. As always, different things work for different people. 

University: The Unofficial List of Life Hacks and Advice*

*from a girl that figured it all out the hard way.

- Don’t underestimate the power of a list.
     If you’re anything like me (or 99% of the people I met at Uni) you’re not exactly organised… The night before, or the morning of a busy day, write down everything you want to get done that day. It lessens the nagging feeling that you’re wasting (or failing at) the expensive education…

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- Do not make the first person you meet your BFF.
     Everyone is going to be nervous, or more probably, shitting themselves the first few days. Everyone wants to make friends and find ‘their place’ but DO NOT for the love of God make bezzie mates with the first person you get chatting to because you’re ‘PANIC FRIENDING’. Chances are that person will end up being the weirdest person on your course (not in a good way) and you’ll still be trying to shake them off by Christmas.

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- Join at least 2/3 societies.
     Even if you only go to the first mixer and basically think NOPE… It helps to meet people that aren’t on your course. Just don’t pay any sign up fees until you know for certain you’re planning on attending for the rest of the year. (£45 quid I never got back for joining the Ski and Snowboarding society - I never even got pissed with them, let alone went skiing…)

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- Make friends with people you have things in common with.
     I know you’re thinking ‘DUH that’s obvious’ but it’s easy to get sucked in by the ‘omg let’s go get mortal’ during Freshers, when everyone does nothing but drink cheap alcohol and cry into their 3am kebabs. PLEASE have an actual conversation (sober if possible) and get to know what people like to do when they’re not intoxicated. By November when you’re 1000% done with being perpetually wankered, don’t be that guy who (for example) gets stuck with the gym rats who do nothing but ‘lift bro’ and go to the sports bar for ‘the match’ when all you want to do is wear your pyjamas and watch Netflix.

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- Ignore the stupid reading list.
     No one reads it, and if you do need to read any of it, the tutor will remind you and probably even print out/email you the excerpt you have to actually look at. Please DO NOT waste valuable pizza money on books you won’t ever need. Learn to love yourself.

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- Try not to stay up all night for the first week or two of classes.
     It’s nerve-wracking but have a shower and a warm drink and try to sleep…You’ll be given your first projects within the first 2/3 days of classes, and wasting the first two weeks enjoying your new ‘freedom’ will make your first term grades suffer… ALSO you’ll be given a summary of the year during the first class of each module, and it will seem a lot less daunting without a hangover/a groggy head from staying up on Xbox Live until 4am.

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- Don’t worry about how ‘on fleek’ everyone looks for the first month.
     By January no one will care apart from the odd girl who will still painstakingly apply false lashes every day by June… At some point every person will drag themselves into class in joggers and a four day old tee-shirt. The unspoken agreement is they won’t judge you if you don’t judge them.

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- Make a meal plan.
     It’s kinda annoying working out what you’re going to eat all week, but buying specific ingredients saves a butt load of money instead of getting that fajita kit ‘just in case you fancy it’.

- Let yourself have the luxury of an on-tap comfort meal.
     After a shit/long/hard day, you’re going to want to kiss yourself when you remember you’ve got frozen chips, chicken nuggets (or some good old pizza), and beans waiting at home. It’s a relatively low-calorie feel-good comfort meal… Take yourself to bed with a movie and have some me-time.

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- Invest in a decent thermal flask.
     Not a hipster plastic version of a Starbucks to-go cup… But one with a proper screw on lid. Uni cafe coffee is fucking VILE and expensive, if you make your coffee about 8:30am it should still be hot pretty much all day. Amazon have proper Thermos ones for less than a tenner with free delivery here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thermos-Thermocafe-Stainless-Steel-Flask/dp/B000TAOWC8

- Don’t underestimate how amazing a decent packed lunch is.
      Whipping out a proper gorgeous sandwich, crisps, and snacks that would cost (probably) £10 from the uni shop or worse, the ‘deli’ will make people hate you in a good way.

- Long. Life. Milk.
     Not for all the time, because it’s kinda gross and you cant have it on cereal because it tastes like shit on it’s own. But for about 40p you can get a carton from pretty much any shop, just keep it in a dark area of your room. At some point you will have to get up for an early lecture, to find your roommate has stolen your last bit of proper milk from the fridge, or you’ve let it go out of date without realising, and you’ll remember that long life milk in your room and want to happy-cry that you can still have your morning coffee…

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- Washing tabs VS. powder.
     Check in advance that the launderette washing machines have powder drawers, don’t buy £15 worth of Persil like I did, just to get to uni and find out the washers didn’t have BLOODY DRAWERS.

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- Only over-pack the actual luxuries.
     Packets of biscuits are about 40p, pop is next-to-nothing. BUT shampoo, conditioner and razors etc cost SO MUCH MONEY. Take all the toiletries your mom is willing to buy you and be thankful. Running out of deoderant and shaving gel is not fun when you realise that the ‘essentials’ add about £15 to your weekly shop.

- Don’t be a brand-whore.
     You won’t die if you eat off-brand beans. Put some butter in and get over it. Heinz is not the be all and end all. Buying the cheap brands will save major money, and when you’re the one left with £300 to buy Christmas presents your friends will all be crying into their John West tuna sandwiches.

- Don’t forget a colander.
     When you’re using anything you can find (the cheese grater, cling film with holes poked in, your roommates tennis racket) to drain your pasta, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t invest 99p in a colander/sieve from the pound shop.

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- Ear buds.
     If you’re living in halls, you’re really going to learn the value of peace and quiet. You can only bang on your roomies doors so many times before it’s just no use. Pop in your ear buds, and just choose your battles. (Also come in handy when you overhear the inevitable sex that IS going to happen. No escape.)

- Condoms.
     Even if you’re thinking ‘I’m never going to get laid’, ‘but I’ve got a steady boyfriend’, ‘But, I’m a lesbian’ personally, I was thinking the latter, but I took some anyway… Freshers week when I had a roommate who had brought a lady home and didn’t have any ‘things’, I was his hero. Basically, not accidentally getting knocked up, or saving your friends from doing so, is a good idea.

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- Surviving  l o n g  lectures.
     Take rustle-free snacks, and wear loose trousers (or a baggy top which will cover up your skinny jeans when you undo the button… sitting down with your belt cutting into you for three hours is not the greatest thing ever.)

(Disclaimer: These may not apply to everyone, they’re just from my personal experience. This list was composed originally for my best friend when she started her own uni journey; she suggested that I share it with the internet.)

I recently spoke with a few family members all of which work in the medical field so I thought I would post the advice they gave me about life with the studyblr community. This advice can honestly apply to anything not just if you wanna work in the medical field.

1. Get Used to Being Lonely.

While this may be odd to hear it’s true. The higher you go in your education and the more you achieve the less likely your corner may be filled with people who understand and support you. My aunt who just graduated from nursing school told me that her last two years in nursing school she didn’t have friends she had acquaintances.  For a long time she tried to fit in and hang out with people she thought were her friends, but for some reason they stopped inviting her out to different things. Due to this she started studying more and was able to achieve what she wanted to do. While it make suck being lonely it helped her to delve more into her work since she had less excuses as to why she couldn’t do something. It also allowed her to better understand herself. Being alone allowed her to become less dependent on others. It also helped her to stop constantly doing things to make others happy as well as worrying about the opinion of others.Another tip would be to evaluate why you allow certain people in your life. Because if you only talk to a person for the sake of having friends or just having someone to talk to then you need to do a bit of soul searching. While you don’t have to be alone to learn this lesson it is an extremely important lesson to learn.  

2. Not everyone’s gonna get into med/law/nursing school or even ivy leagues schools and that includes you.

While I want nothing more than for every blog I follow and even those I don’t to achieve every goal they’ve set for themselves and for all their dreams to come true it’s just not how life works. My cousin, a recent college graduate who recently got accepted into med school shared this story with me that I feel someone out there needs to hear. There was this girl he had class with every year since freshman year, let’s call her Tina. Tina worked her butt off during undergrad she was kinda like a machine. She took all the right classes, got all the right grades, volunteered like you’re supposed to as well as joined the appropriate clubs, and had research experience for days, Out of everyone he thought Tina would be the one to get into medical school especially ivy league medical schools. Well Tina did too so she sent her app to one medical school because she was just that confident since she was the picture perfect medical school applicant. However, when everyone started to get their letters to med school a little bit before Christmas break. She didn’t which was a shock to everyone because she was what everyone thought to be ideal. She fit the criteria of the medical school she applied to and three of her classmates got in there so it was kinda hard to understand why she didn’t. This isn’t saying she will never get in she most likely will next year if she chooses to try again. And even if she doesn’t she still has an amazing education that will allow her to work in many different areas. This is just to say that life doesn’t always turn out how you planned it even if you have devised the perfect plan.

3. Don’t Let Your Resume Rule your life

I have definitely failed at this and I’m trying to change it.  I can honestly say I have decided not to join a club or go to a certain event because I knew that joining it would not be something I would add on my resume so I didn’t really need to do it. I didn’t realize this on my own I only realized this after a conversation with my aunt about what clubs I joined my freshman year of college. I told her my clubs which were Physicians on the Rise, Red Cross, and I volunteered at the salvation army.  My aunt liked that I was volunteering and asked why I did it and I said “well, i need to volunteer for med school it’ll make me look good.” This made my aunt really angry which is honestly completely understandable. I shouldn’t have volunteered anywhere with the notion of doing it just because it would make me look good. Way too many of the choices I have made throughout my life have been based of the fact that I wanted to be a doctor it was like I had a veil over my eyes that allowed me to only see and seek opportunities that would further this career choice. For example, in highschool I decided that instead of pursing the interest I had in writing and taking more english classes that it would look better if I took more math an science classes. Something I truly regret. While some people may disagree there is something wrong when every time you even think about taking an opportunity you think well this will look good on my resume or at least I can put this on my resume, especially in the context that I had mentioned

4. Whatever your future career is why do you wanna do it.

We all have a reason we want to be anything and that’s amazing. However, I’ve seen more people want to be doctors than I have any other career which is great, but do you wanna be a doctor because you have a genuine interest in the medical field or do you wanna be a doctor for some other reason. Because as a now sophomore in college and someone who wanted to be a doctor I can definitely tell you there’s a big difference. Every potential doctor out there needs to realize that being a doctor is more than an episode of Grey’s or House or any other medical show out there. My school had a speaker who currently works as a doctor in Houston, and he gave us a list of things to think about in deciding whether or not you want to work in the medical field, but I think these can apply to any field.

Does the idea of medicine appeal more to you than the actual medical field?

  • This ideal can mean anything from having a labcoat that says MD to just plainly being called doctor. Anyone can be called doctor just look at the faculty list for the math or english department at any university. He also talked about how Grey’s is about the actual medical field and not medical school. If there was a show about medical he doesn’t think anyone would actually wanna go. “Medical school was one of the most draining four years of my life. I was a 3.5-4.0 student in college never pulled an all nighter in my life. In medical school I studied longer and harder than I had ever studied before, it was so competitive I almost drove myself crazy trying to make sure I knew everything I needed to know plus more. I had never been in an environment like that before it was crazy. I wanted to quit my second year but I was already 140,000 dollars in debt so I just kept going.”

Are you willing to give up many aspects of your life?

  • Medical school is tough and honestly for 4 yrs besides sleep, you can miss anything from birthday parties to important family events. Even after you become a doctor you can still miss many important life events. He has missed his daughters dance recital for the past two years due to medical emergencies. The last time he’d been home to tuck in his children was when his son was two. He’s five now. His daughter’s eight just as a reference.  

Are you willing to be hundred of thousands of dollars in debt?

  • He went to a private college so that’s probably where a lot of his extra debt came from but in total he said he owed about 430,000 dollars including undergrad. While this may not seem like a lot compared to a doctor’s salary he said to imagine yourself as a married with a baby fresh starting as a doctor knowing in 6 months you have to start paying back these loans. (Yes, I’m aware of how loan repayment programs work this was just his example)

Because you want to help people? (my own personal reason)

Honestly this is kinda self explanatory you can do anything to help people. Become a nurse, police officer, or even a garbage person they all provide a helpful service to their communities, and their communities help.

Are you ready to be treated like shit?

This doesn’t happen all the time but he said there have been days where he’s had a patient spit on him call him out of his name and so on. Not everyone can handle that I know I can’t and honestly after you’ve been disrespected like that can you say you’ll give the same level of care.

Is this a way for you to secure a job?

After medical school 9 times out of 10 you’ll have a job. The medical field isn’t the only field with job security. If job security is one of the reasons you are interested in the medical field you might need to reevaluate your choice.

Do you want to be a doctor for you or because you don’t want to disappoint your parents? (also my own personal reason)

Are you ready depending on what area you work in to tell someone they’re going to die or even worse accidentally having a patient die during a procedure you were in charge of or doing?

If you might have a problem with not being the smartest person in the room?

Also do you wanna do this career because it seems like something a studyblr would do?

These are just some facts (I’m just gonna take his word for these) he gave us so I just added them at the bottom.

“On average, one doctor a day kills himself.”

“One of the leading causes of death among doctors under 35 is suicide.”

“Your burnout starts here; when you apply for something you don’t actually want and then kill yourself chasing it.”

After deep self examination I realized that I couldn’t handle it and that I could see myself doing several other careers that weren’t medicine. I liked other classes more than I liked my science based classes, and I had known for a while that my interest in medicine was dwindling. There’s nothing wrong with changing your career a few times till you get it right. At the end of the day you just want to be doing something you love and if that’s medicine amazing if it’s not amazing. You are worth more than a degree or a job!!!

Masquerading as Professionals- Chapter 10/10- Ortega

A/N: wowowowowow. Chapter 10! I know I say it every time but thank you guys so so much for the love this fic has recieved, it honestly does mean the world! If anyone’s interested, I started a sideblog for all my fic-related stuff so hit me up over there if you fancy it (artificialortega). I’m probably going to be so unable to let this story go and so I may write some drabbles and stuff like that over there! Anyway, thanks so much again and I hope you guys like the chapter!!

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February’s male character, the voice of Yayoi Haru:
Interview with Maeno Tomoaki-san. 

Q. Please tell us your impressions of the recording.

A. This time around a wonderful song has been prepared again, it’s made me feel like it’s been a pleasant week. I especially like the lyrics and melody of this song that I sung. Although the demo song was sung by (the producer) Yuuyu-san, [when listening to his demo] I forget that people will be listening to my recording of the song I would be doing since his own [version] was so good. (???) In another world, since it has the feeling of songs that I myself like to listen to, it was very easy to remember. Every time, since the demo song is of an amazing quality, I’ve wondered if [the demo] would be better [than my own version] *laughs*

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anonymous asked:

heyyyy so I know that s3 wasn't for you. But I personally loved it. So much. I really did. And it helped get through some stuff that has been eating me up for like two and half years. So I was wondering if you could take me through why you don't like. Or link me to a post you've already done about why you are so unhappy with it. (sorry for bringing it up D:) love your blog! Xx

Finally finished it! I’m sorry it took me too many days… but, warning, this is loooong. Because of it, I’m making some bullet points to give you an idea of what I’m talking about but will elaborate in every single point and more under “keep reading”.

* Bristol as the one and only reasonable option for Rae. BULLSHIT.
* Linda being oblivious to the fact that her daughter had a crisis and she wanted to be admitted back in hospital.
* Karim going back to Tunisia. Is GK even real with this?!
* There’s little representation in the show, so they thought it was a good idea to use Archie for the comic relief. Nice one (not).
* Kester. Everything Kester. Irresponsible, unprofessional, disrespectful of her patient. What happened to him and why does he have hair?!
* Finn being the candy eye again and the scapegoat of GK’s lack of imagination when he decided to throw him in THAT stupid plot.
* The failure of Rae/Finn is more than just the otp. It has deeper issues regarding the handling of Rae’s character and her relationships with people.
* Rae being ready to leave therapy. Really? With all that happened? BULLSHITTTTT.
* Predictable outcomes.
* Recycling plots from s2 to blend in GK writing into MMFD world.
* Who thought that ending the show with that message was a good idea?

Anyway, the long explanation goes after this…

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Final FAQin Hell

Q: How does it feel to bring this era to a close? Do you think it will be weird taking a break?

A: It feels very bittersweet ending this era because I’ve enjoyed it so much and it’s been so helpful for me, creatively. But in terms of taking a break: no, that doesn’t feel weird at all. I’ve been travelling for a year and a half, so it’s something that I need to do, creatively.

Q: Are you supporting Bernie or Hillary to win the presidential election? xx presuming it won’t be any republican trash

A: I am not supporting anyone in particular, but I feel like, from what I’ve seen so far, you know, Hillary Clinton does have her faults, she’s not perfect, but she’s way better than Donald Trump, who’s literally a cross between Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Ronald McDonald.

Q: Where do you see yourself 15 years from now? Do you want a family?

A: I don’t know where I see myself 15 years from now. I think one of the best things about life is that you have no idea what’s gonna happen, you know, particularly all the wonderful things that could happen to you. I like the element of surprise. In terms of family, you know, that’s a decision that you make when you come to it. So again, I don’t know.

Q: Emotional intelligence vs Intellectual intelligence, which is more important?

A: I love this question. I think emotional intelligence is more important, because it gives you an understanding of why people are the way they are and it’s also something that all of us can improve and develop.

Q: Following Oxford do you plan on speaking at any other unis or colleges? x

A: I don’t plan to at the moment, but I would certainly like to do more talks in the future. I think one element of the Oxford talk that I really loved was the discussion that we had afterwards, that’s something that really interests me. So, you know, if there’s a topic in which I feel like I can share information on, then I would definitely like to do more talks.

Q: Would you ever write a book about your experiences as an artist?

A: I wouldn’t write a book about my experiences as an artist, but I would be interested in writing a book about other topics. Something that I’m really passionate about is practical philosophy and how we can use philosophy and apply it to modern life. So yes.

Q: Why don’t you come to Spain? We really want you 😣😘

A: Spain, I’m so sorry that I didn’t come. I know you are incredibly upset. I would love to have come to Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, but the fact is that planning a tour is never as simple as just wanting to go to a certain country, it’s incredibly complex and yeah, that’s all I can say.

Q: How do you feel when fans give you letters or tell you you saved their life

A: I feel very honoured and I also don’t take it literally, even though fans may want me to. I feel like when they say “You saved my life”, it’s more saying that I felt a certain way and I know that you did too at a certain point in your life, and then, you know, there’s a feeling of connectedness there, so I get it.

Q: Why does human emotions and psychological nature catch your attention so much?

A: I don’t know why, but it’s how I’m wired, and even as a songwriter what’s really inspired me is the human condition, why we are the way we are. So it’s almost trying to understand something or somebody without judgement and more trying to figure out what makes them tick. So, actually a lot of what I do in my spare time is geared towards that subject.

Q: Do you have anything to say to us people who suffer with anxiety/depression?

A: Yes, I do. I have suffered from both for long periods of time and I think one thing I would say is that I was never diagnosed for anxiety, which I definitely suffered from for close to a decade. I wouldn’t recommend going on medication personally, but I would recommend getting help with counseling, to see what the root of your problem is.

Q: Are you afraid of being old?

A: Absolutely not! I am going to relish it! I feel very strongly about the pros of aging. I really hate that we live in a culture where, you know, if you’re thirty years old and you have a wrinkle on your forehead - which I do have - you have to get Botox. I think it’s a really negative message. It’s not about being beautiful, it’s more about erasing your age, and you never look good after it.

Q: Despite feeling so unhappy for most of your life, what gave you the motivation to turn it around and live life?

A: I wouldn’t say I was unhappy for most of my life, but I had my moments. This question actually reminds me of something I heard on TV a few months ago. It was a guy on the news and he said “I’d always wanted to be happy my whole life, and so I chose to be.” And that just seemed so simple, but it was very profound for me, that you decide to be happy; it doesn’t just happen to you.

Q: Did you ever feel like you had no one like at all, only yourself? How did you get through it?

A: Yes, definitely. Sometimes it’s really hard to find like-minded individuals and that can make people feel lonely. But I think it’s really helpful to remember that the most important relationship you’re gonna have in your life is the one with yourself, and really you are your own best friend, and I think realizing that gave me a lot of strength and a lot of confidence too, actually.

Q: What happened to MarinaMeets?

A: This is a very popular question. I really have loved meeting fans and this time on tour I wanted to create an environment which was not chaotic and sometimes dangerous. So I met ten fans every night, cause I just don’t have the energy to meet more, that’s the truth, but it didn’t last cause it wasn’t an ideal system, but it was something that I wanted to try.

Q: Did you believe in what Justin is saying? Did you considerate that important?

A: Following on from the last question, I guess what I wanna say about this is that it’s never a given to meet an artist after a show and whilst we always recognize how much fans give and sacrifice, our responsibility is putting on an amazing show, that’s what we owe you through you buying a ticket to see us. So when I saw Justin Bieber’s post I totally understood and I think well-being is way more important than a –

Q: When will Neon Nature merch be available online?

A: So I am launching a FROOT Cyber Pop Up Stall next Tuesday. I know there are plenty of people across the globe that couldn’t make the show, I didn’t come to your city, so for the first time ever I’m putting my full range of merchandise online, it’s only gonna be available for seven days and once the stall goes out, it’s out. This is the last chance to buy FROOT gear.

Q: Is there one book you’ve read as an adult that you wish you could share with your younger self?

A: How to Develop Emotional Health, which is a book from a series by the School of Life, and also How To Stay Sane, by Philippa Perry, which is also a School of Life book.

Q: What was the most important thing you learned about life this past year?

A: The most important thing I learned this year was actually about stability and staying in one place. The year before FROOT came out I was in London for a whole year, sleeping in one bed, and I was surprised at how much it affected my mood and stabilized it. And I think going back on tour again I realized that it’s quite hard to stay in a certain frame of mind.

Q: Any parting words for the FROOT era?

A: Parting words, it’s been an absolute dream. I’ve achieved so many things that I’d been trying to for many years and now I’m gonna take a little break to do some different things. I’ve been on the road for seven years, I’ve had an amazing, amazing experience. So this isn’t goodbye for good, it’s just for a short while, but thank you so much.

True colors (part 4)

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Hey everyone, I hope this is not becoming too boring… I’m still quite insecure about this multi… Anyway, enjoy my lovelies!

Leo is cheerfully playing in the mud with his friends (Mary will be delighted to see his clothes later on) and Finn and Rae are chatting on a bench nearby.

“So which song will you teach me next time?” Finn asks joyfully.

Rae titters. “I thought about something a bit smoother than what we’ve sung so far. Do you know the song True Colors? I think the first version was by Cyndi Lauper.”

“Yeah, think I’ve heard it before. Is it good?”

“Well, you know my love for Phil Collins’ voice, and his version is pretty amazing, you should have heard him live, I was in AWE!”

Finn smiles, she’s always beaming when she talks about her favorite songs. That’s why he loves to talk about music so much.

“But anyway, I thought the lyrics quite apply to you.” Her voice is almost singing.

“Yeah? What does it say?”

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Breathe (a season 3 AU) - Episode 1

So, as I’ve announced to some of you after the utter mess that was season 3, here’s my own version of it. I tried to keep it close to what was shown to us so that you have precise images in your head (I don’t think I’m making any sense, am I?). Anyway, it’s kind of a “I won’t let you go” sequel, since I’ll write Rae and Finn in the same way. Also, please don’t be too hard on me, I know we all had great expectations from s3, this is my mere ideal vision of it :3.  I hope you’ll enjoy and that it’ll soothe your broken hearts a bit.

All my gratitude and thanks to my angel llexis , you’re literally my favorite person on Earth (and my number one fan, right :D? haha)

TW : mention of self-harm.

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