(and all this led up to glitter)


I met Noel Fielding and I’m never going to shut up about it

This beautiful man has led me through adolescence and he’s taught me so much about being true to myself. As someone who’s genderqueer I’ve struggled with expression, but he’s taught me it’s ok to be a boy in a dress, it’s ok to be both Electro boy and Electro girl, it’s ok to love glitter, and I can wear whatever I want because if I feel good in it then that’s all that matters. His art and comedy never fail to make me smile and after spending years admiring him and thinking ‘shit, I wish I could be like that’, meeting him was very emotional. I felt so glowy when he talked about his art too- you could hear a pin drop in that room, it was so heartwarming to see such quiet enthusiasm and passion. As an artist myself I know how it feels when someone wants to talk art with you- it’s like ‘yes, someone appreciates me!’. He even drew a lil ghostie on my vinyl!!!

He’s taught me far more about self love than anyone else has, and yes, I still have things I dislike about myself but at least we can joke about our weirdly shaped noses together, right? He’s such a ray of sunshine, so gentle and kind, so passionate about what he loves, and I am so grateful this incredible person exists. I met some wonderful people too, and it was so brilliant to spend the rest of the night roaming Shoreditch, blasting Loose Tapestries and doing our best Tony Harrison impressions whilst being absolutely off our tits. It was so nice to meet people my age into the same stuff as me, and pretty cool we’d all been brought together by our love of Noel. It was one of those teen movie moments, and since my teenhood is fast approaching its end, I feel like this was a night I’m not going to forget. 

The world isn’t so bad after all.

Daughter of Sin

She had seen her mother serpentine her way out through the pond like bubble in the glowing cave. It led to the ocean and she knew she wasn’t supposed to leave but hell she was an adult and her mother should stop hiding her from the world. Her amber eyes sparkled with the waters reflection. Soon she fought to swim hard enough to surface the undertow dragging her deeper. She sucked in the salty brine of the ocean into her lungs and then it all when dark. Her body washed up on shore of a beach the moon high catching her wet porcelain skin. The shiny fabric of her half top shimmered in the light her gemmed belt glittered. Her skirt caught seaweed which entangled in her legs. Her sandy blonde hair lay sprawled in the sand above her. The water lapped at her feet.