(among her many other beautiful qualities)


Whoufflé vid snippets - Latch

If there are boundaries
I will try to knock them down
I’m latching on, babe
Now I know what I have found (x)

Not Your Typical Fan

Not sure why I feel the need to share the story of how the Larry narrative became so important in a 64 year old grandmother’s life but here it is:

It started with Pinterest.  Being a visual, when first introduced to Pinterest it was life changing.  Before, back in the day, magazines were the best source of quality photographs of gardens, home decor and fashion, among other things that interested me, like the movie star mags read as a child at the beauty shop while waiting for my mom to get her hair done .  (That Liz stealing Eddie from Debbie was a huge story during those years.)  There were endless images to look at, put into boards, click on to get more information.  It was in the Celebrities category that I noticed lots of pins of a group of young men called One Direction.

 Many of the pins had comments of love and adoration, along with hating on Justin Beiber who I knew about after going to see his movie with my very young grandson.  I figured 1D was the next Big Thing for the tween consumers.  Curiosity caused a click that led to Youtube videos of their songs.  They were compelling and energetic and the music was good. I listened to all studio recordings, then watched the videos then the live performances. Then came the interviews.  Their speaking voices drew me in with the thick accents, (I am American).  More clicking on Youtube took me down the path of Larry Stylinson.  It didn’t take long to become a believer.  Who could deny those early unbridled displays of public affection were real?  There were fan fictions that reminded me of the stories I used to write with my best friend about us meeting up with The Beatles.  At 14, I was a Ringo Girl and even sent him a ring in the mail.  I wonder if he ever got it?  I am now a Harry girl, but see the appeal of Louis and the others.  I cried when Zayn left along with everyone else.

Somehow between Pinterest, Youtube and random Google searches, I found Tumblr and This Is A Blog/lapelosa.  This was the most interesting of all, with conversations and links, videos and photos, all constantly being updated by folks all over the world.  The OTRA tour is so exciting as the boys are transported from country to country, performing their hearts out, with behind the scenes manipulations by management and media.  There is suspense about what will happen next, will H/L get to reveal their relationship, what will the music on the new album sound like, how will One Direction evolve as everyone grows older…

The thing about this whole story is how much I really care about what has happened, what is happening now and what will happen.  How did I get so invested in this?  It is so far removed from my day to day life and yet, it is what it is.