(am i allowed to do this

Am I allowed to criticize and/or drag the sides that aren’t Roman because honestly I’m sort of afraid if I do that I’ll get magically hit with a chair just by all of your guys’ intense need to protect those three combining over my head and forming into a physical existence as a chair that will come crashing down on my skull with a force at least three times the strength of the Earth’s gravity.

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Hey I don’t know if you can help me at least let me rant? So I have been bullied for ages because of my apearance and because of it my metal health is going down faster than the fucking titanic. I hate shaving my legs, I like them how they are atm. Although I have more leg hair than dan and phil combined. Anyway I have to shave my legs so I won’t be bullied, but by doing so I am becoming more unhappy because I’m not being myself. And i can’t wear pants because that is only allowed in winter help


2) don’t shave your legs unless you really want to, hair is natural, some people produce more hair than others, it doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else

3) rock the unshaved legs

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charlie, whats going on?

[I have tended to let my emotions get the better of me in stressful situations in the past. I order to be the most successful, I cannot take the risk of them possibly leading me to defer from our plan. I temporarily disconnected the receptors of mine that allow me to feel and be affected by emotions.]

[However, as emotions were the driving force behind my willingness to fight, I had to alter my personal files specifically so that I would be able to complete my job.]

[As of now, my objective as a SQUIP is no longer to serve my host– it is now to ensure the retrieval and safety of my fellow SQUIP known as ‘B’. By tampering with my files and resetting myself, I am now able to do what I must to retrieve B without the worry of emotions hindering me.]

Thursday 18th --- over by now ---

Lived long my now old life, turning the days aside,
with every page appearing so old and dried.
You ask, what have I spent my entire life doing?
To hear a few words come alive, fly, cooing.
Little birds be set to flight by some gentle call.
Flying upwards, over their dark nest’s wall.
Yet they never flew, barely they awakened.
My hope, giving warmth for the ones awaiting.
Asleep, I worked to make few dreams matter.
Awake, I sent few words to play within the rain.
Aware of how even water carries so much pain.
I struggled for the words, for as long as life allowed.
Until I appeared as I am now, the fading cloud.
Please. Now I give to you, this being; my small poem,
A word for your selves, for the small ones within.

“Nor would I have imagined anyone, much less a bird to try such a thing.”

“Just be thankful you stopped here before you met the cliff side and fell into the ocean.”

It seems as though Zaitsev has caught our snow hare in the middle of a yoga routine. And his sudden presence appears to be bit of an inconvenience to her despite her calm tone. She lazily opens an eye to look at the decidueye beside her.

“Normally I would ask if you are capable of making your way back to Lake Acuity on your own in this situation. However with your grammar I do not feel confident allowing you to travel through the tundra alone anymore than you have.” She explains as her single eye glows a deep blue. “And since I am a bit busy at the moment…” A trail of icicle spears rise up from the snow in a trail. “I will ask that you follow the trail of ice. It will lead you back to Lake Acuity as long as you stick to it.” She states as she closes her eye once again and takes a slow and deep breath. Returning to her routine.


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I want to write a story involving a painting from the 1500s, which was also based on a story which is biblicaly canon. Am I allowed to write about the painting and the story without worry of copyright?

Of course. Anything that old is long within the realm of fair use. Copyright only applies for a certain number of years before writers and other creators can do anything they want with a work. For example, I can do anything I want with the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and of course the Bible.

Hey guys ive been putting this off for a while but about a month ago my mom decided that I don’t do enough around the house to justify giving me an allowance. It was $30 a month, which wasnt very much considering I buy a lot of my own food and all of my own clothes, sewing supplies (fabric, stuffing, etc) and video game repair supplies. So now I am completely dependent on my etsy earnings and commission earnings.

So if youre looking for someone to commission, please consider me!! I reblogged the commission post too :)

Thanks ^^“

Just so I am very clear on this:

Please click the heart if you understand that Carmilla - no matter how refined she tries to act - is still a vampire. This means that canonically, she will try to take a bite out of most people she interacts with.

( I will never allow her to actually bite them ( unless you have specifically told me it is okay for her to do so. ) This will give your muse a chance to fight her off and get away. )

If you would rather her not try to take a bite out of your muse, please let me know in advance and we can work out a scenario that will not allow Carmilla’s thirst to intervene at any point in a thread.

** I also don’t mind if Carmilla is hurt or killed ( so long as it makes sense ) and will in no way become upset if either occurs in an interaction. She’s undead - - - not invincible. **

CAPRICORN: You’re allowed to get your hopes up for this upcoming year. I know that you’ve done this before, have looked to the future with rose colored glasses and said “it’s going to be better, I’m going to be better” only to become bogged down by reality, but you have to keep trying. You have to keep wishing. You have to keep embracing the world and all it has to offer you, or else you’ll find yourself alone at the end of the day, praying for a redo that’s impossible to attain. And if things don’t go as planned, that’s okay too. There’s always another day to wake up for.

AQUARIUS: Stop shoving all of your needs onto the bottom of your priority list to be picked through at a later date. It’s only natural to have desires, both necessary and not, and 2018 should be the year where you stop punishing yourself for that. There are good things on the rise for you, and you shouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in your way: especially if the obstruction in question is self imposed. Make a playlist of songs that make you happy and dance until your heart feels ready to jump out of your chest. Unleash all of the joy you’ve been stockpiling inside of you.

PISCES: You don’t have to be the best at everything you do in order for it to be meaningful. It’s easier to judge your accomplishments based upon those that came before you, or those that have had more experience, than it is to ignore them. Instead of comparing yourself to people like that, compare yourself to who you were last year, or who you were last month. “Am I better than I used to be?” is the only question that you should be asking yourself when tackling new projects, and new frames of thinking. This should be a year of focusing on yourself, and your growth.

ARIES: Allow yourself to make mistakes without beating yourself up over them for years to come. There isn’t a person alive that exists without regret of any kind, and you should remember that fact whenever you look around and think that everyone is doing so much better than you are. It’s okay to step into the light, where others can see you, and admit to the nightmares you refuse to name. Nobody is expecting you to be brave or invincible all of the time. Let this year be the one where you refuse to feel guilty for your emotions.

TAURUS: It’s time that you stop giving so much of yourself to people that don’t or can’t reciprocate. There’s no reason to settle for relationships that make you feel anything other than warm, and safe. I know that sometimes it feels like this is all you’re ever going to get, that stale friendships and discarded lovers are what’s available to you and all you have to choose from, but that isn’t true. Make this the year the one where you come to terms with your self worth, and realize that you deserve better.

GEMINI: Change, for you, is a lot like swallowing cough syrup. You’ll do it if you have to, and you’ll put it off as long as possible, but it’s never something that you put in your coffee mug and look forward to drinking. But at the end of the day change, if handled correctly, is a good thing. You aren’t any happier than you used to be because everything’s remained stagnant, and while that isn’t completely your fault you have the means to make it somewhat better, and easier. Instead of asking yourself why the world has been so unkind to you, ask yourself what you can learn from it.

CANCER: It’s human nature to want comfort in the form of another’s presence, but that shouldn’t be your primary focus for this upcoming year. I know that you love love, and you’re always searching for more of it in friends and family and the things you create, and that’s okay. It’s a beautiful part of your personality. But self love is just as important as love that extends outwards, and pushing it aside does more harm than good in the long run. You aren’t going to be alone forever, but if you’re alone for right now you don’t need to be scared of it. Don’t run away, this time.

LEO: Keep feeding your momentum as this year progresses. You have a tendency to start out strong when pursuing something new, and then peter into casual disinterest once the smallest roadblock appears in your path. Find a direction, and a compass, and don’t let yourself lose focus of where you want to be. There’s a future out there in which you’re happy… a future where you don’t go to bed crying over the people that don’t know how to love you, and it’s attainable as long as you still want it. And you do want it, don’t you?

VIRGO: Let go of your heavy heart as you enter this new year. A lot of anniversaries are coming up, some good and some bad, and it’ll be easier to push through them if you’re unburdened by the things you’re unable to change. Get rid of the ghosts and the insecurities, this month. Forget those that forgot about you. Begin asking yourself the questions you’ve been setting aside for a later date. Close the book, if it’s all said and done. You have so much to give people, and to bring to the world: don’t let your self doubt detract from that.

LIBRA: Sometimes a metaphorical blank slate is just the thing you need in order to throw yourself back into living. While you’ve never been one for holidays, organizing and reevaluating is something that’s part of your wheelhouse. Make a list of goals to accomplish, not necessarily resolutions, and try your best to stick to them. It’s easy to forget how much of a relief it is to follow through with something when you haven’t in a while. So remind yourself. Push when you can. You’re much more flexible than you let yourself believe you are.

SCORPIO: You’re very good at hiding underneath your skin, pretending that you don’t pick at old wounds and that you don’t want to smash every mirror in your home to pieces. But this year I want you to ask yourself why. Why are you concealing yourself from those that love you? Why aren’t you asking for the help that you need? Why do you feel as though you have to be perfect in order to be good? There’s nothing wrong with needing something to change and not knowing how to put it into action. You’re only human. Treat yourself as such.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s still a voice in your head that likes to tell you that you’ll never amount to anything, and while most of the time you’re able to tune it out, sometimes you think it’s right – that you’ll always wear your past like a coat, and you won’t ever be able to settle down. You can’t listen to that. Positive thinking has never been something you’ve thought necessary to combat this, but there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. As silly as it may sound, make a list of reminders for yourself. “I am worthy. I am brave. I am trying my best.” Don’t let the tiny voice win, this year.

—  JANUARY HOROSCOPES // written by Caitlin Conlon

I have seen zero (0) posts about John Boyega’s recent instagram posts where he’s been having the time of his life partying in Lagos and Calabar and y’all are missing. out.

Have you ever seen such a smile on someone? The pure happiness radiating from it? A king in his peaceful kingdom? Like cmon

The actual MAGNIFICENCE and COOLNESS of this photo is legit killing me, staring into my soul, a quiet judgment that I am so willing to allow, like who is he? A god on our mortal earth? Jesus who?

And yet again, I have died so many times over that I now exist on another plane, 10000/10

Have y’all even SEEN such CONFIDENCE in a pose before? The richness of such pride in one’s own heritage? I’m not even religious but I sure as hell would drop to this man’s feet and worship him

That’s just his photos from the Calabar carnival in Nigeria but he’s posted sooooo much more to do with Christmas partying in Lagos, videos and music and more photos and all. Does anyone even appreciate life more than this man? I don’t think so

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What do u think of the new YouTube update? From what I hear it’s threatening smaller youtubers if they don’t get to a certain amount of subs or something

From what I’ve read, it’s threatening their earning potential before hitting a sub and watch time goal. It’s yet to be determined if it’s actually going to suggest these channels less or stunt their growth.

My take on it is that it’s more good than bad. On one hand it means not every single channel can be monetised right from the get go, meaning channels that steal content or reupload horrendous stuff that doesn’t get caught by youtube (The recent reuploads of Logan Pauls video for example) won’t be monetised. Which might discourage a lot of these toxic type of channels to hold off on doing so.

On the flip side it means very small youtubers that are starting out also can’t make money from their content immediately. The thing is that if you’re passionate and serious about youtube anyway then the money didn’t mean much at that level to begin with and if you just love making content then breaking that arbitrary goal should happen naturally and quickly anyway. Most youtubers that made it big started off doing if for absolutely nothing, I personally didn’t start making any sort of money from it until I hit about 15k subs or more (which took about 1.5 years) because partnerships at that time didn’t even pay out money until you broke an earnings threshold of about $100 anyway. I did it because I wanted to and it was fun and not because I was going to earn a little bit from it. 

It’s hard to really understand how much this will affect the platform right now because only time will tell and it’s also yet to be determined if this will in fact bury smaller channels who don’t get monetised or not, if it does then it’s total bullshit. That’s the part i’m curious about because then it makes growth incredibly hard. It does suck however that without monetisation you can’t do simple things like schedule videos which I feel is very unfair because that is the key element to being consistent on YT for me. EDIT: Apparently this is not true and people have told me they can schedule content even while not being monetised

I am very worried however about how this will affect smaller animation channels because hitting that watch time limit is going to be very very hard for them. Animation isn’t something you can do very consistently or frequently and this will punish that even more than YT already has. It’s a shame that watch time is such an important factor on the platform, it even bothers me seeing channels try so damn hard to hit a stupid 10 minute mark to allow them to slap a mid roll ad into their video.

Bottom line is by culling a lot of channels out of monetisation who weren’t making much anyway it enables YT to focus on monetising channels that DO need it. I’m not talking about me or even channels above 1m subs, I’m talking about channels of about 10k+ who just started full time but got hit hard by demonetisation. This change in theory should allow them to earn more money and continue doing this as their job. There are always other options to be able to monetise your content as well instead of JUST relying on YT ad revenue which is a dying form of revenue anyway. 

Anyone who is thinking of starting a channel, please don’t let this discourage you. Create because you want to create and not because you were going to get some extra cash as a result. For some people that’s hard to do because money is a large incentive but passion and creativity will bring you much further in the long run and in the end enable you to potentially do this as a job. Never stop making cool shit and never let any barriers get in your way. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!


that small moment of sadness because even if you miss being Voltron’s leader you are immensely proud of what Keith has become

bonus: Keith not having any of it because he knows Shiro belongs with Black