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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Talk From Superheroes Podcast
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Brendan: Carver was the character who bothered me the most, the guy who shot that ape.

Andrew: The dick?

Brendan: Yeah, he’s the typical asshole guy in a movie with no justification, he’s just like, “I shot a helpless ape, whatever, what am I supposed to do? They’re animals!” and then they’re allowed to work at the dam if they don’t bring guns and he’s like, “All right, except this one I snuck in!”.

Diana: And then they brought him back into ape city and that made no sense. The one guy who had shot an ape! You leave that guy at home. You have a fragile truce and you bring the trigger-happy asshole, who can’t even defend the fact that he’s an asshole. He says he hates apes because apes started the apocalypse cause the virus is called the Simian Flu and the wife is like, “I worked at the CDC, it was totally caused by humans” and he’s just like, “Apes though! It’s their fault!” And he didn’t even know apes could talk until yesterday, so for ten years he’s been mad at primitive animals I guess?

Andrew: And it makes NO sense. It’s been ten years of humanity fighting and dying and nuking each other and going to war with each other, and he’s not mad at humans, like he must have seen humans do some awful shit these past ten years but instead he’s like, “Ten years ago this started in apes and they are who I hold the most responsibility towards!” Remember several years ago there was a lot of concern about avian flu. This is like if a bunch of people died of avian flu, humanity descended into nuclear winter and ten years from now I was like, “I fucking hate birds!”

- The Hosts of Talk From Superheroes on That One Asshole In Every Action Movie

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So I've been thinking about what a double date with supercorp and Sanvers would be. I am not sure. I could see them going to the beach. I could see them going out and just hanging out. But my favorite is them hanging out at one of their apartments and just chilling. I think those are my favorite. Do you have any specific ideas toward this?

There are double dates in the lab – Kara and Maggie letting their girlfriends shine in the only places they’d been allowed to their whole lives – and there are double dates on the beach. 

There’s walking barefoot just as the surf crashes onto the sand, and there’s Kara lifting Lena into the air so that heavier waves don’t ruin her skirt, and there’s Maggie leaping onto Alex’s back, Lena and Kara laughing and egging them on, as Alex sprints, hands under Maggie’s thighs, into the waves, soaking them both and ending with very salty, very wet, very breathless kisses.

There’s Kara quietly painting portraits of the three of the women most important to her while they’re engrossed in conversation with each other, swapping stories and holding hands over parents who gaslight, parents who manipulate, parents who can shred your heart without lifting a finger, without saying a word. Parents who leave. Parents who try to love, and just cannot or will not figure out how.

There’s the first time Kara comes over to Maggie’s apartment, and the place is small, but it smells like Alex and it smells like homemade potstickers, and Lena watches as a new layer of Kara understanding Maggie washes over her, when she notices the heavy bag hanging in the corner of the room.

Lena watches Kara wonder if she should maybe invite Maggie to slam away with her and James next time she strings up a car to try and channel her anger.

There’s no plan, for most of their dates, beyond relaxing. Beyond enjoying each other. Because with the lives they lead?

Plans usually fall away regardless, and because relaxing is all too rare.

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So, I am not in support of this Confederacy show thing, but I do have a question - you were sort of deriding the idea of "complex" portrayal of racists. But I'm actually sort of torn on this - on the one hand, I don't want humanisation of racists to allow people to feel about themselves being racist. But I think demonizing racism as something evil people do, NOT US, means that people can't accept that they or their loved ones could even be racist, and therefore can't change it. ?????????????????

I guess what I meant is that any time prestige TV tries to show “complexity” in a flawed white character, it’s always just a litany of excuses and mitigating factors, rather than true complexity. But sure, I get what you’re putting down here.

Quick ficlet.

“Ar lath ma, ena’vun.”

“A…ahra…latha my…uunn? Ma vum. Ah, no, wait. Allow me to try agai–stop touching my face I am trying to–”

Low, carefree laughter filled the Commander’s darkened loft, the only candle’s light flickering warm gold and dancing shadows across the walls. The mountain’s chill might’ve bothered them on any other day, but wrapped in fur and legs entangled like veins in a bush, Cullen and Eurydice barely seemed to notice or care about the wind that blew through the tarnished ceiling. 

Eurydice grasped at Cullen’s cheeks with a rare smile on her face, her fingers squeezing the hallows of his face until his lips puckered up like a startled fish’s. “Ar. Like ‘are’. There is no ‘a’ at the end. You speak with marbles in your mouth. Very bad. Lazy.”

There was an attempt at a glare but Cullen probably realized a tad too late that it wouldn’t have its normal effect, what with his face being squished and all. If anything, he seemed to turn even more into a fish, though this one appeared to be annoyed at the very least.

“Tiss zz nwot hwlp ing.”

Eurydice giggled and smooshed his cheeks up and down, clicking her tongue as she did so. “You must relax, ena’vun. It is not hard. Relax.”

A snicker managed to come out of him, “His frama th–wet go!” Cullen grabbed her wrist and detached her from his face. “Ah, Maker, your grip!” He said was he worked his jaw from right to left, setting it back to place. 

Eurydice wiggled her fingers at him teasingly, making him pull her hand away farther. “I was only helping. You are bad at this.” 

“And squeezing the words out of me is how you help, then?” Cullen fixed her with a weak skeptical look and then shook his head, chuckling under his breath. “I feel as if I should issue a formal apology to the Dalish for butchering their language farther.”

“They would not accept it. You have a lazy tongue. Does not want to work. Not even a little.”

Cullen’s eyes flashed as he whispered, “That’s not what you were saying minutes ago, love.” but he let her grab his cheeks again, this time her touch gentle as she tugged her close enough for their foreheads to touch.

Eurydice stared at his lips. “Ar…”

Cullen stared at her eyes and sighed softly, “…A…ar…”







She smiled and brushed her lips against his, “Say it slowly. Slowly now.”

Cullen paused, chewing on his lip, as he drew his arms around her back and then “Ar…lath ma.” The words shouldn’t felt like they belonged. He knew his accent was faulty, ugly to the ears, but Eurydice didn’t care. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered as she kissed him, “I love you, too.”

Legend of Welp #119

Link: Maybe you could, I don’t know, just hide it in the back of your shirt? Under your cape? Have it block your spine from attacks, it’s big enough.

Ganondorf: Ugh, I don’t want to lug this heavy thing around unless it gets some actual use.

Zelda: What the heck are you two doing?

Ganondorf: I brought this stupid sword with me and it turns out I’m not allowed to use it since “Smash Bros has too many swordsmen already” or whatever. Now I don’t know what to do with it.

Zelda: Oh. Well, I guess you could always just, you know, swing it around after the battle? Like, when you win? You know, like “I have this giant sword and didn’t even need it to beat you, mua ha ha” or something?

Link: … That sounds incredibly petty.

Ganondorf: Yes it does, but by Din I am so doing it!  

You may wonder why I do more Melee jokes than any of the newer games like Brawl or Four. My brother is a competitive Melee player and I live with him. I have absorbed an obsession with Melee via osmosis.

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Reign has a kid can you just imagine lena looking after reigns daughter and taking her places and buying her stuff but low-key being afraid that she was going to stuff it all up but reign is like no sweetie you are doing great

literally, reign’s kid just has to blink up at lena and lena will do whatever she wants. lena buys her… everything bc she just wants the kid to be happy and to never feel like she’s missing out on something.

lena afraid of being over the top or doing smth wrong and she’s always like, “is this okay?” or “am i allowed to do that?”. she’s so terrified of fucking up & reign is always reassuring her that its all good and she’s doing amazing.

and reign is happy bc it’s like, her little family & the kid is happy bc she absolutely adores lena bc she’s nice and good & lena is happy bc it’s her family, she made it on her own and she loves them and they love her.

Didn’t except to be occupying Burnaby city hall to prevent a vote that would evict thousands of working people in low cost housing for expensive high rises to be put in their place, but here I am.

(update: The cops came and we were given the choice of removing signs and sitting down to allow things to proceed, i.e., shut up and let the city council approve the demovictions, or get arrested. Of course it made no sense to quietly sit and watch them do this or waste our energy getting arrested since the real struggle will be in those buildings which are about to be demolished, so we all just made it as difficult for the cops to get us out.)

Hey fam, I just want to let everyone know that I will not be very active with my blog today. I’m currently dealing with some health issues and feel like it’s wise for me to step back for at least a day and allow myself some time to recover. 

With that being said, I do see the asks and messages and I promise to get to all of you when I am able. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the content I have set up in the queue and I look forward to talking and actively posting for you all soon. Thanks for being patient with me 💗 

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I am not responsible for Tumblr not allowing me to tag you. I always try, but if Tumblr won’t let me, it won’t let me. Seriously, I’m not trying to be a bitch, but there is nothing I can do if your URL is correct on the list. Take it up with Tumblr if it is an issue.

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“ do not look at me. creature” kicks zavalas ass a few feet away

“ you are bald. unfuzzy. cowering behind eyebrows. “

“ you’re not hairy. you’ve merely forgotten the fear of hair loss. “

“ allow me to reacquaint you. “


Zavala painfully reaches for them real emotionally

 “ Your face never deserved the power it was given. “

 “ I am Ghaul. And your eyebrows… “ Points to them.

“ are mine. “

Kicks him off and slaps zavs eyebrows on himself.

am i even allowed to be at all smug about not doing drugs when i tend to a) end up in really shitty altered states due to ‘sodium deficiency’ or 'going too long between meals and then eating food that actually tastes good’ or whatever b) self-injure to cope with stuff c) have a rather questionable relationship with food-as-reward-mechanism

i mean regarding b) i carry around a tube of neosporin these days because i fucking can and it’s probably a good harm-reduction measure, and i don’t hit my head against a wall anymore because my girlfriend helped me stop, but argh

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hooooo boy tell me about the puppy plans

Okay! I asked my mom if i could have a puppy but im about to go to college and most dorms (i dont wanna live in a dorm but still) dont allow dogs UNLESS they are emotional support animals. My moms kinda ableist and is completely fine with me “”“’"lying”“’”“ about mental illnes (even though i am mentally ill as shit) and she’d only let me go to therapy to get the puppy certified. But to do that i’d need a few months of pysch evaluation and i was just gonna describe my dysphoria in depth and basically have the doctor tell my mom im trans. Its really dumb but its legit all i thought of plus i just really want a fucking dog.

I have reliable information that the following blogs are run by reds. Block them all now to stay safe!

  • visiblelight has been cleverly pretending to be a purple who doesn’t want to talk about reds. It has learned to feign a human disgust reaction! Be Careful!
  • @trashrightsactivist isn’t even pretending! It has been part of planning and bragging about the current crisis since before it made news as well as trying to convince people pollution is safe (I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING, YOU DON’T EVEN WANT TO CLICK MY LINKS WITHOUT SHOWERING AFTER)
  • @yearbyyearrecedesbeforeus is pretending to be clean and doing a very bad job of it. It is pretending to be a yellow who is pretending t to be a famous green ecologist. (Don’t worry, it’s lying.) It says that in its ideal world, “people would be comfortable befriending reds online and in person” (emphasis mine) and that reds would be allowed to do remote work in all fields, in other words, would not have an out-of-caste income cap. It is pretending to be yellow-pretending-to-be-green to convince people to take its frothing rabid pro-garbage sentiments seriously!
  • @imperialtrellis literally says pollution is just a manifestation of o-c and we should all get over it, I’m sorry I’m too upset and shuddering in disgust right now to go find the link but they really do say it!
In the old Alexandria - Chapter 1 - Pikkulef - Ripper Street [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Like the despicable vulture I am, allow me to offer y’all people who just finished watching the last episode of Ripper Street what helped me cope with the tears and emptiness. 

And in case this is not of your taste and you would either want something else, or more, let me direct you to the wonderful blog of @justrsfanfic​ which has collected, I think, all the links to the recent productions of this great fandom. 

There is something for everyone in there ! trust me :) 

Come to the dark side, we have alternate endings, continuation and branching stories. Hugs. 


(✿ ♥‿♥) Santa Beard Appreciation