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Can you explain the significance of a routine from an autistic viewpoint in detail?

I’ll do my best to explain the significance of routines for me, but please keep in mind that all autistic people are different and that the significance of routines for me may be very different from that of another autistic person.

Routines are safety and security. Routines are order in a world of chaos. In a world that is so often too loud, too bright, too rough, too much, routines are a stable place to stand within the storm. Routines bring me peace and comfort. A routine is predictable, it is familiar, it is a constant when nothing else is. 

As someone with executive dysfunction, routines take a lot of effort out of my day. Trying to take care of basic self care is almost impossible for me if not part of a routine. I am forgetful and figuring out how to do what should be simple tasks can take a lot of effort when my brain forgets the steps. Routines allow me to go on auto-pilot and do everything I need to effectively. 

Autistic followers, reblog or reply if you want to share the significance of routines for you!


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How do u survive the path to becoming a doctor? Surely it's a lot of work and hard. But what helps u make it through that

Friends, tenacity, knowing when it’s time to blow off steam. Allowing myself to cry. Reminding myself I’ve literally lived through worse, and it’s a privilege to be where I am. Remembering to laugh at least once a day, even if it’s about something ridiculous. Also I watched a LOT of Supernatural. Like, a LOT. And I drank. Too much probably. But it all helped. 

Walk Tall, My Friends ~

Though I am loathe to say it, the day has finally come for our journey here to come to its end. In other words:

I am archiving Ignis’ blog. 

Allow me to clarify - I am doing so not for any dislike of the fandom or for any lack of love toward the muse. Rather, an unexpected opportunity arose in my professional life and, though I’d been considering transitioning this blog to an Ask Blog for a while now to better accommodate my schedule, I have now determined that full archival will prove the best course of action for mysel, that I might devote more time to the things I wish to pursue. 

While I will not be RPing on tumblr for the time being, I will be taking drabble requests and posting headcanons from my personal account (here), and I am open to smaller rps on Discord (mumsthewcrd#6725), so don’t be afraid to approach me at either place if you’d like to keep in touch.

That being said, I want to thank you - each and every one of the 482 who have stuck with me. I know my time here was brief in the grander scheme of things (my activity even more so), but each and every one of you has made it something to remember and I have treasured and will treasure all that this fandom has been and meant, and all that you bright, beautiful people have contributed to it.

To those listed below - a more personal thank-you. To have been amongst your peers was truly a pleasure; to call you friends, an honor. Know that I have nothing but the utmost fondness for you, and the deepest of admirations.

@rubatosiis, @nxctcaelum, @sventmanifest@gladnis-trash, @rexcrystallis@theplagueofstars, @aperturetrigger, @kingslight, @quicksilversunshine, @arachnexdragoon, @mintfoxmimi, @starofthewilds, @suitedfordark, @dual-daggers, @duciit, @akweh, @pierccr, @ruinosusangelus, @knightxalpha, @photowark​, @iinkpools​, @divinamxultionem​, @xnobilis​,@iris-ami-citia​, @puckishphotog​, @nightfallprince​, @selfiesun​, @floweringeclipse​, @trashkingizunia​, @the-regalia​, @oracleborn​, @sharpdressedchef

And to all of you - those listed, those faceless - may the roads ahead be filled with love, light, and laughter. 

Protomun & Mum - Signing Off.

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Heya. I'm a new simblr on the block, only about twenty five posts in, and I really want people to follow me, because I work hard on the plot for my story and no one gets to enjoy it because no one reads it. :( Sorry to bother you but could I maybe get you to rate my blog? It's all maxis match, and I am in the middle of m Newcrest Story, Hope you like it!

i’m not much into giving rates but i can give you advice!

you could do:

a better theme, something that allows tag navigation, organization, etc. i recommend themes by acuite, roxie, shy, and theme hunter has a bunch of themes
tag your posts, reblogs, etc. especially if you don’t have a CC finds side blog. tag your gameplay posts as “ts4 gameplay”, “name of your gameplay,” etc. CC finds tag as “cc finds/cc reblogs” 
for screenshots, have your settings on ultra if your computer/laptop can handle it, laptop mode off, and screen resolution size to the same size of your screen. use photo editors to help with lighting and extra greeny-ness, resizing, etc.
put up all of your walls and use cameraman mode
turn off headline effects to temporarily remove the plumbob above sims head 

and remember to do everything for yourself, otherwise it gets boring


Hey everyone!

So I’ve spend the last few days having tests done at the hospital, including an MRI, the conclusion of which is that the ocular nerve in my right eye is infected. It’s not too bad, though, and should heal on its own within a month. If not, I may have to go back for further tests and medication trials, but at the moment it looks like it’s getting better. The doctor said I should try to take it easy, though. While I am allowed to draw and stuff, the doctor thinks it might be a good idea to avoid stresses and anxiety.

So this means that for the next 2-4 weeks I’m not going to be doing any commission work or even looking at new commissions. After the nerve has healed and my vision is better, I’ll try to get back on that ASAP.

If anyone has any questions or such, please let me know! =)

- Tas

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I wonder what would it take to get into that pretty little head of yours Dark? You may think you're all mighty and powerful but everyone has fears, everything has weaknesses...

allow me to clarify (don’t worry, anon, im not mad!)
•i am not a roleplay blog. yes, i DO roleplays, but i do not answer asks as dark, nor do i answer messages as dark. a plot needs to be planned, characters need to be picked / introduced, etc. i don’t stay in character on the blog. i am ooc. if you want roleplay blogs;
@theglitchedsystem (also voice actors)
there are so many. on the blog, i am not one of them who answers in character.

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since you're big in this fandom and I really need to know this: what's the difference between reblogging and reposting? like everyone is saying do not repost but am I allowed to reblog it? this is probably stupid but I kinda need to know >.<

The main difference between reblogging and reposting is that reposting is STEALING someone’s work. Reblogging an image is just clicking the reblog button on tumblr! It’s super easy and is a great way of sharing the things you love with credit given to the original creator!

More information about reblogging vs reposting here!

Slight change of plans

Because I am in control, I don’t need to follow any rules, and I am allowed to do what feels right and makes me happy~! I can be happy about not being perfect. I didn’t do the dishes today. :D IMPERFECT!

After this post I’d like to:

  • put away clean clothes
  • put on my glasses so my eyes can rest
  • play TCG in bed
  • ??? do fun stuff!
  • maybe work on my journal if I feel like it

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Mycroft, how are John and Sherlock now? Any updates?

John is currently staying in the ICU, where he is being monitored. There is little the doctors here can do for him now, other than hoping for the best. He needs to get through the next twenty-four hours and remain stable. He’ll have a fighting chance then. 

My brother is… not doing well, as expected. He refuses to leave John’s side, despite the staff’s protests. I have managed to persuade them into letting him stay, but I am afraid that allowance won’t be indefinite.

- Mycroft Holmes

(via Maxine Waters To Bill O'Reilly: ‘I’m A Strong Black Woman, And I Cannot Be Intimidated’ | The Huffington Post) [VIDEO]

“I am a strong black woman, and I cannot be intimidated. I cannot be undermined,” Waters said after MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked her about O’Reilly’s disastrous insult.

“I cannot be thought to be a friend of Bill O’Reilly or anybody. And I’d like to say to women out there everywhere: Don’t allow these right-wing talking heads, these dishonorable people, to intimidate you or scare you. Be who you are. Do what you do. And let us get on with discussing the real issues of this country.”

Waters said she had nothing to say to O’Reilly but railed against the Fox News host and his former boss, Roger Ailes, for having “no credibility.”

“They have been sued by women. They have had to pay millions of dollars in fines for harassment and other kinds of things. And so we know about that checkered past. And we also know that when a woman stands up and speaks truth to power that there will be attempts to put her down, and so i’m not going to be put down. I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m going to stay on the issues,” she said.

read more @ the link 

Hey… you guys… unless you’re specific people like cal or emily, I do not, any circumstance authorize the use of my actual name.  It’s not even an actual name as it is more a professional name these days. I use it for work,  I use it for the military,  I allow my family to use it because they have the right.  I allow the two above people to use it because they have the right.   I use casper for a very specific reason and whether you dislike me or not,  the professional name I use is no longer the name I enjoy using.   Out of everything you want to make fun of me for,  out of every reason you want to hate me for,  I am legitimately asking you politely to never use my real name unless I’ve told you it’s okay and I am also asking that if you see someone doing it to spite me to please not allow them to do so.   Casper is the name that comes with the change of being happy and proud to be myself and the reason my real name is professional because it does,  in fact,  feel like a whole different person.

I also prefer they / them because I prefer being genderfluid.   This doesn’t bother me as much until you start bitching about me as a person and you lose the allowance to use she / her. 

If you do use she / her,  I just hope you use it knowing I prefer to be a masculine female. 

Things Yoi Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#16)


I had a lovely Anon request that I break down the program elements for the Ladies’ event, for those of you who write fics with the female characters from the show. I am sorry it took so long, Anon, but here’s the first installment!

The following are the required elements for the Ladies’ Short program. I have already broken down the required jumps for the Men’s event here.

The short program is designed to showcase technical prowess and therefor consists only of required elements, unlike the freeskate where there’s more freedom of expression. These are the ONLY jumps women are allowed to do. 

  • Double or Triple Axel (some ladies have been attempting the triple, but the majority will go double)
  • Any triple jump immediately preceded by connecting steps or other free skating movements. You cannot repeat a triple axel, if you did one. NOTE: The current ISU requirements for this year state a triple jump. The majority of women in the field are not attempting quads. Though some have been landed, and ratified, they are not staples of a top-performing female skater’s current routine. They aren’t listed on the ISU SP guidelines as possibilities, so I am not quite sure if you would be penalized for putting one in your short program, if you could. I will have to ask Toepick. 
  • Jump combination. Can be triple/triple or triple/double.You cannot repeat the solo jump you choice, or the axel. The note is the same as the solo jumps.

TAKEAWAYS FOR MY BELOVED FIC WRITERS: If you’re struggling to write a SP for your ladies, it’s best to look up a recent competition and base it off of the current field’s elements. Don’t watch Four Continents from this year, they all fell XD.

As always, my Ask is open and I will do my best to help!

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Hi i'm a christian my question is. is it okay for me to feel happy when the gays get more rights like i know they are in sin. But to a point i feel bad for them like they should get more rights is this bad ?

Can you clarify what you mean by “more rights”?

I’m honestly not sure what you’re referring to because everyone has the same rights (I’m assuming you are talking as an American, so that’s what I am basing this post on). Just like women have the same rights as men in America, people can’t legally be denied rights based on their sexuality. If anyone does that, they’re breaking the law. For example, employers are not legally allowed to discriminate against people based on sexuality. When you apply for jobs, you will see that disclaimer on the application. If an employer does do that, it’s something that they can get into serious trouble for.

If you’re referring to gay marriage, then that is not something a Christian should be supporting or in favor of. The Word makes it clear that He intends for marriage to be between a man and woman only. The Word is also clear that The Lord deems homosexuality a sin. Therefore, it’s contradictory for someone to say they’re Christian while at the same time saying they are in support of gay marriage.

Like I said above, I am unclear what exactly you’re referring to by rights, so feel free to clarify what you mean if you want to discuss this further.

When your child says “Why can’t I get a puppy?”

Instead of defaulting to “My house, my rules”

Try “Any pet is a lot of responsibility. A puppy would have to be fed, walked, and taken outside to use the bathroom several times a day and taken for regular check-ups and vaccinations at the vet. You can’t do all of that by yourself, and I/we don’t have the time or money either.”

When your teenager says “Why can’t I come home at 2:00 this Saturday?”

Instead of defaulting to “My house, my rules!”

Try “The time you come home is a matter of respect and consideration. I/We will not only be concerned for your safety, but we would either be disturbed in the middle of the night when you arrive or forced to stay up for several extra hours waiting.”

When your child says “Why am I not allowed to do this thing?”

Instead of defaulting to “My house, my rules!”

Try actually communicating a legitimate reason, because children pick up on subtlety and on context and on the unspoken messages, and it’s better to teach children lessons like “You should think really hard before taking on new responsibilities” and “It’s important to show consideration for the needs of the people with whom you share a living space” than lessons like “It’s okay for people to demand your absolute obedience so long as you’re dependent on them for survival.”


i was doing some research on john adams bc that’s the kind of girl i am.. and i found out that he was deeply unpopular because of an act he passed. they were called the alien and sedition acts. i didn’t think much of it until i read the article and this is what i found.

in the alien and sedition acts, john adams:

  • did not allow people to protest the government
  • did not allow immigrants into the US
  • did not allow freedom of the press
  • jailed lawmakers
  • deported foreigners
  • fined and imprisoned those who would “write, print, utter, or publish… any false, scandalous and malicious writing” agains the government
  • violated personal rights

and it made me think… wow… i’m glad that the United States has come far so we don’t have to worry about all this….

and then i realized… this is exactly what Donald Trump is doing.

history is repeating itself. donald trump is the new john adams. spread the mf word.

“discovering you’re autistic”  moods
  • am i acting more autistic because i know im autistic now or did i always act like this and never notice
  • finally allowing yourself to act on all your suppressed autistic behaviors 
  • buying lots of toys to stim with because YOU CAN and YOU SHOULD have them
  • loosening up on yourself in regards to all the things you used to do that other people thought were weird
  • not being afraid to stim or fidget in public anymore because you remind yourself its what you need to do to be comfortable and you as a disabled person have a right to be comfortable
  • finally learning coping mechanisms 
  • learning how to IMPROVE your life
  • accepting yourself and giving yourself the rest you deserve