(also you should watch the original it's excellent)

heres a list of things i love - aka ‘its recommendation time’

i love a shit ton of stuff and id also love you to love it. so here you go, have some of my favourite pieces of media

western cartoons

bojack horseman: my favourite “adult” show/cartoon.
a comedy/drama centered around a jerk character, except he actually has to deal with the consequences of his actions, and is never excused for his wrongdoings. has probably the most accurate portrayals of mental illnesses related to depression & addiction ive seen in fiction.
the most important character of the show after bojack is a smart feminist vietnamese woman. overall the show has good diversity in races & orientations
(one of the main characters is a half latino asexual man!)
37 x 25min - in progress, at least 13 more episodes to air

over the garden wall: two brothers get lost into a mysterious place called the unknown. very clever and funny, kinda dark. its fairly short so youll finish it fast.
10 x 10min - finished

gravity falls: the unholy lovechild of the x files & twin peaks, only a little more child friendly. twins mabel & dipper have to stay at their grand uncles place, a tourist trap in the conspiracy filled town of gravity falls oregon. mystery shenanigans ensue. extremely smart, funny and very well constructed.
season 1 is great, season 2 is near perfect.
41.5 x 20min - finished

steven universe: my favourite “kid” cartoon. a show that talks about issues even adults wont talk about, but for kids. a young boy named steven is half human, half gem, an alien species that once was on earth. he is raised by his mothers gem friends garnet amethyst and pearl. space shenanigans ensue.
will teach you and your kids important life lessons. this cartoon is an example of slow world building done right. watch it. it has lesbians.
100+ x 10min - in progress, at least 2 more seasons to air

rick and morty: back to the future meets the quintessence of shitposting. an adult cartoon about an alcoholic old man and his grandson going on weird adventures. hilarious 90% of the time, very dark for the rest. 
21 x 20min - in progress, at least 14 more episodes to air

wakfu: an epic adventure in a fantasy setting. a very funny but sometimes dark show about a boy trying to discover his origins accompanied by his friends. its french and hilarious and the animation gets better and better. do yourself a favour and watch it in french with subtitles.
52 x 20min + 1 x 20min, 4 x 45min (special episodes) - in progress, at least 13 more episodes to air

avatar - the last airbender/legend of korra: the latter is the sequel of the former. amazing animation & story, literally all the characters are POC. was the best work of fiction to ever do a redemption story this good.
atla has kids as main characters and a plot that follows a more “end of the world” type than its sequel. the sequel is more mature and political and has a bisexual brown woman as the main character, and she kicks ass.
please, by all that is holy, watch them both. in order.
atla: 60 x 24min / atlok: 52 x 24min - both finished.


for a long list of all the anime i actually recommend click here

tw for all of these: there will be blood. thousands of gallons of blood.

evangelion: boy in an apocalyptic future is constantly in an existential crisis. aliens called angels try to destroy whats left of earth and children have to get into giant mechas to fight them off. very dark and gritty but in a good way. also very smart.
26 x 20min + 1 x 87 min (the end of evangelion) - finished, but some remake movies are still in the making.

full metal alchemist - brotherhood: 2 young alchemists do the one thing they werent supposed to do and spend the entire story fixing it. a brilliantly crafted action story that knows when to get political. the characters are all great and the animation is insanely good. note that the 2003 anime is also really good, despite telling a very different story.
64 x 20min - finished

kill la kill: young women fight eachother while being half naked and the fate of the world is at stake. a brilliant and hilarious anime that criticises and deconstructs fanservice in a great way. the characters are very attaching and the story surprisingly unpredictable.
24 x 20min + 1 x 20min (bonus episode) - finished

live action

parks and recreation: woman tries to make the world a better place by building a park. a show where basically every character is lovable. will make you happy just because the characters are having a good time. also absolutely hilarious. 1st season is okay, seasons after are works of art.
125 x 22min (dont let yourself be intimidated its worth it) - finished

brooklyn nine-nine: comedic cop show. parks & recs cool cousin. also hilarious with great characters. very diverse cast & characters as well. will probably make you care really hard for fictional people. smart & funny.
64 x 21min - in progress, 4th season to air

master of none: aziz ansari succeeds in making an amazing slice of life series without unnecessary drama. a feels good series that brilliantly tackles issues such as racism in the acting industry, sexism, and food. the conversations feel extremely real and the humor is great because it feels genuine and not forced because there are no punchlines. please watch it
10 x 25min - in progress

marvel - daredevil (series): blind man beats up bad guys in a corrupted city. awesome characters, great writing, beautiful colours. all actors are on point. watch it.
26 x 45min - in progress

marvel - jessica jones: alcoholic woman fights against the most repulsive human trashbag there ever was and tries to save new york. great action show with a feminist narrative and great characters. also great colours. you should really watch it also. tw for rape (its never depicted but its part of a huge narrative arc for the main character. handled with v good care.)
13 x 45min - in progress, 2nd season to air

hannibal (series): cannibal serial killer takes interest in fbi profiler, fucks up everything. a brilliant re-telling of the original hannibal lecter books, starts way before hannibal gets imprisoned. most visually appealing show ive ever watched. the writing is excellent and the story ends in a masterful way. queer people have great surviving skills. obviously, tw for very gory stuff.
39 x 40min - finished(?)

broadchurch: a child is murdered in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. as the crime is being investigated, masks start to drop and everyone becomes a suspect. a really intense yet moving series. you wont see the ending coming but itll make perfect sense. the show isnt finished yet but whats aired already is more than satisfying.
16 x 45 minutes -  in progress, 3rd season to air

fargo (series): watch one psychopath completely salvage everyones lives wherever he goes. also known as ‘character development, the series’. insanely clever, dark and funny. its an anthology series so the second season has a different story (and i havent watched it yet) but it looks as amazing as the first one. tw for gory stuff.
20 x 50 minutes - in progress, 3rd season to air

the broken circle breakdown: a beautiful movie about love and loss. visuals, writing and music are all on point. please watch it. 
110 min


his dark materials: the unholy child of an essay on religion & a paradise lost fanfiction disguised as a children’s book. a story about growing up and everything that comes with it. brilliantly written and very interesting.
3 big books - finished

artemis fowl: genius con artist child young enough to believe in fairies, old enough to want to steal their gold. justly nicknamed ’die hard but with fairies’. the main characters starts off as a huge asshole and slowly turns into a decent person thanks to his friends. extremely funny and enjoyable to read, but there are sad moments.
8 books that get bigger and bigger - finished


homestuck: a young man stands in his bedroom. little does he know, he’s about to get into the craziest adventure of all time.
kids get into a game, epic shenanigans ensue.
starts off with 4 main characters, ends up with more than 25.
the writing is insanely good and funny but the story takes time to get serious so be patient. the art also looks kinda shitty at first, but then skyrockets into the unfathomable heights of godhood. will teach you words and insults you never knew existed in the first place. the music is also amazing. 
itll take you between about 2 weeks & 2 months, but by all means, read it. 
its very long but its worth it. 
about 800 000 words (most of which are purely dialog) and 4 hours of animation - finished, but an epilogue will be posted in the future.