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Yuuri throughout the series
  • Episode 1: What the hell?
  • Episode 2: LETS EAT KATSUDON BOO and y is dis angry kitten here
  • Episode 3: imma precious katsudon watch only me russian man and o n l y me and call me daddy while you're at it will ya
  • Episode 4: such depression very insecure much wow
  • Episode 5: broke my nose gotta hug vitya like right fckn now and oh i have to confess mah lurb in television bc why not
  • Episode 6: takin eros on a whole nother level
  • Episode 7: such depression very anxious so insecure much w– HE KISSED mE HE kISSED ME HE KISSED ME HE KISSED ME HE KIS–
  • Episode 8: And agaIN taking Eros on a wHOLE NOTHER LEVEL and also proud dadda (YURIO! DAVAI!!!) everything's so nice and I'm so happy and– MAKKACHIN WTF!!!
  • Episode 9: vitya's not here and I need to hug someone NOW ... gotta hug every fckn person in this building then and pls play "run to you" by Whitney Houston when I'm running towards Vitya pls thx
  • Episode 10: We're married fuckers
  • Episode 11: Gotta end this and I won't explain what I meant with "this" cause cliffhanger bye

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i'd be a hoe for some jimin neck kissin if you're still accepting drabble requests

wow I’m so deep in my feels right now, this ended up being so fluffy. also i wanted to add smut to this but it’s 1:30 am and I honestly have just wanted nothing more than to kiss and date jimin for the last two days i’m so emo

word count: 620

You’ve gone away for the weekend with your boyfriend and his friends to a cabin, but you both decide to get a little time away from them early in the morning when the sun is rising and you’re both still tired.

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ANSWER THIS QUESTION: your top 5 moments on yuri!!! on ice... it can be victuri moments or in general ★★★★ bYE

Wow, okay, sorry, this took me way too long, but I needed to think about it and every time a new episode came out, I had to reconsider.. but anyways,

My Top 5 Yuri!!! on Ice Moments (in no particular order):

Victor leaving Russia because he looks so damn pretty in this scene and also because he’s so sure it’s the right thing to do:

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The whole scene where they talk while they look at the ocean:

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The kiss scene but mostly right after the kiss where they look at each other and they just look SO IN LOVE:

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The whole nap scene and especially the moment when Victor looked at Yuuri like this:

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This scene where Victor whispered into Yuuri’s ear:

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I could list soooo many more and it was incredibly hard to pick, but I just listed what came to my mind right now.

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Hey! First off thank you for this blog, I'm so happy there are more nanbaka blogs appearing. Second can I request some Qi headcanons if that's okay. (He needs more love!)

Qi is a babe and a darling 👈👈

-“babe your beard is itchy get off my face”
-affection starved. he loves kisses and hugs and pats on the shoulder and rubs on the head and also being close to a person in general
-still dabs
-honestly loves to chew gum like a lot;; he needs it to relax probably
-says “420 blaze it” without knowing what it means
-will murder people who do the thing where they steal his glasses and say “wow youre really blind”. will annihilate you, bro. will absolutely eradicate you, my dude.
-has warm hands but cold feet :/

@gentleman-caller and i need to never stop talking - cuz like… stuff gets done when we do - and it’s always STUFF I LIKE (O  W O) HEHE<3

the worlds quickest art/writing exchange! GC says, “i’d feel better about the world if there was more cheek kissing” and I said, “like this” and she said, “fuck yeah like this” and then wrote THIS vvvvvv glorious fluff all the while i finished scribbling! WOW! thanks for bringing that out GC! <3 i’ll never get tired of working with you! *SUPER HUG*

(also… (O __O);;; i hope this’ll tide you over a little till i can catch back up on work and do your pages! EEP! *feels so guilty*)

Hux stared at his sleeping partner for a long moment, his breath caught in his throat.  Ren had already made a mess of the sheets and he lay sprawled out over them.  His clothes were strewn about the floor in a way that should have irked him but instead sent a warm jolt of pleasure to his gut. Ren belonged. They were home.  

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swancy i need some help so i wanna write a boarding school au but i need some ideas, got any?

oh wow. mmmmmm are we talking boarding school au with Malec as students or teachers? Or are we talking student/teacher? 

But Malec both as students would just be so cute, them two seeing each other for the first time, Magnus being seductive af and Alec releasing that he’s so gone for this boy. Both of them sneaking around in the library, pretending to read books and giving each other sweet kisses. And catching each others glances in the classroom or in the canteen and just being adorable cuties.

nonnie pls give me boarding school au of Malec being cute and in love and first love and all that adorableness <3

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Ah frumpy has a essay as to why she thinks cs is rape culture. She even said Hook flirted with Emma at Neals funeral. Uh no he went up to talk her out of killing Z and offered to take her of Henry. She also said Hook could have sold Emma in neverland if she didn't respond to her frustration. Um there was no there was equal flirting and emma kissed him. Hook is also about consent

I’ll need to go read that….but…

Wow….I do love how the antis always have to go back to at least season 3 (if not 2), twist themselves into pretzels and still fail to prove dick. Killian was nothing but respectful of everyone (including himself, because he was clearly upset by it all)—however, even if Killian HAD flirted (which he didn’t), at worst it would’ve been a bit inappropriate—and solely because it was a funeral, NO other reason! Because flirting isn’t RC, Emma and Bagel hadn’t been a couple for over a decade (and that was when she was a manipulated child and for all of two months) and as Emma’s friend, Killian IS allowed to talk to her, regardless of where they are and who just died.

And the first kiss? Still???? Really???? She kissed him (and they both realized they had waaaaay stronger feelings than they had even suspected. Killian was just slightly less horrified by them).

[18+] Drabble 3

A/N: Wow, two writing posts in two days. How productive am I? This is the last of the word junk I needed to get out of my system - also NSFW.

Jin’s lips released from the spot he had been worrying on your skin with a soft pop.

Laving his tongue over his handiwork, he bent his head and continued placing kisses further and further down your body, spurred by your soft encouragements and squirms.

He had wanted to take his time and tease you a little more, but as he got lower and closer to the top of your jeans, his own strained erection became too painful to ignore.

Getting you to slip your jeans off as he whipped off his own clothes, he grabbed you by the hips and positioned himself against you.

Pausing for a second, he made you reach for the warming lube before squeezing a few small drops onto his fingers and sliding them between your lower lips and into you.

Gratified by your visceral response, he tossed the bottle aside before lifting your legs over his shoulders.

Pressing a light peck to your calf resting near his cheek, he slowly sank himself in keeping his eyes trained on your face, watching every twitch and frown.

He loved watching your expression change according to what you were feeling in the moment. It always gave him great pride to know that he was the one who was able to do that.

Leaning down to capture your mouth with a wet kiss, he continued moving at the slow pace he set.

“Jin.” Pulling away, your voice was a breathy whisper, filled with need.


“Please. I need more.”


sketchy sketchy sketchy sketch

I am so fond of @robertawickham‘s  Less Miserable ‘verse, I want all the adventures of baby Cosette and Fantine and Fainte’s unexpectedly Romantic  Dramatic friendcircle 

I also want to DRAW all the adventures of Happy Tiny Cosette and wow I am gonna need more reference on baby humans  for that! But aaah I love it I love herrrr.

Imagine Josh Dun

Just Married

DescriptionAfter a wonderful wedding, you and Josh spend the night of your honeymoon together in a quiet hotel room, finally realizing what had happened that day.
Genre: Fluff.
Requested by anon. I’m so sorry if this kind of sucks! I need to get back into my writing again. x
A/N: Okay, wow, I was listening to some Dutch song while writing this and the lyrics actually gave me so much inspiration for this.. Also in like, an aestheticy way. Here it is, if any of you want to listen to it. x

You were giggling uncontrollably as Josh carried you inside. He was carrying you in his arms as you clung onto him, your feet dangling in the air as both of you entered the hotel room you’d be staying in tonight before leaving for your honeymoon.

Gently Josh put you down and kissed the top of your nose lovingly before looking into your eyes. “I can’t believe we just got married”, Josh whispered to you as you threw your arms around him. “I love you, miss Dun.”

You smiled brightly and looked down at the ground to hide your flushed cheeks. You weren’t really used to hearing that yet, but you loved hearing it so much. A critical dilemma, but such a good one.

Then Josh suddenly pulled you along by your hands and plopped you down in the sofa that was placed in the center of your suite. Josh sat down next to you and you immediately leaned your head onto his shoulder.

“This is so surreal”, you mentioned, intertwining your fingers with his. Josh looked over to you and showed you a flashy smile.

“I know, right?”

“What will you remember most about today?” you asked him, kicking your heels off of your feet. You let out a sigh of relief and giggled shortly. Then you looked at Josh, waiting for his reply.

“Probably when you walked down the aisle”, he told you honestly, catching your gaze with a certain sparkly demeanor in his eyes. “No, no, no, no! When I first saw you in your dress when you appeared at the aisle! Yeah, that’s pretty memorable to me.”

You chuckled, seeing the childish smile on his face and loving it more than anything in the world right now.

“You’re such a dummy”, you muttered, snuggling up to him and him taking you into his arms. It was kind of cozy like this. You wished you could stay like this forever. “But I love my little dummy.”

“What was the most memorable to you, though?” Josh sounded serious as he held you even tighter and kissed your head gently.

That need some thinking. The wedding had been so perfect. You had so many beautiful memories about today. “I don’t know. Probably everything. There isn’t anything I don’t want to remember.”

Josh smiled at you and leaned in for a passionate kiss, just like you did, but then suddenly his phone rang and you both groaned in annoyance. Why exactly at this moment?

Josh took out his phone and noticed the text he’d just got. He allowed you to read it with him since it was only a text from Tyler and then he opened it with a sigh.

Tyler: Hey, so now that you got a wife, you’re out of the band.

Josh snickered and shook his head to the most overused joke ever. He was about to reply a sad face, but then another text from Tyler came in, a tad bit longer this time.

Tyler: That was a joke, if you didn’t know already. Now for reals, congratz on your new wife. Take good care of her, she’s definitely a keeper. I can see how happy she makes you. And that makes me happy as well. I’m grateful you found her, you deserve each other. Now send my regards to Y/N and enjoy your first night as husband and wife. I’m sorry for disturbing you two. I just needed to say this. See ya when you return from your honeymoon!

You hadn’t noticed at first, but a single tear was rolling down your cheek as you were done reading Tyler’s text. You looked at Josh and he looked at you. His passionate gaze seemed to pierce right through you as his hands enveloped your face. He slowly kissed the tear off of your cheek and then brought his lips to yours so that they touched slowly and tenderly.

“I love you, miss Dun”, he whispered, breaking the kiss ever so slightly.

“It goes without saying that I love you too, mister Dun.”

I watched Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge’s first episode, and wow does it have lots of shots that makes you think “Soooo… is he gonna kiss him or…

but sex with michael, can we just:

  • “fuck”
  • so much giggling
  • the moaning
  • lip biting
  • his thrusts quickening and slowing down right when he knows it’s gonna drive you the most crazy
  • “fuck, babe..i..fuck oh my god”
  • whispering
  • and also yelling cause y’know, this is michael
  • endless strings of profanities
  • open mouthed kisses
  • deep hard desperate “i need you so bad” kisses
  • so much fucking kissing i can’t even begin to express
  • his head nestled in your neck when he tops
  • his hair getting so messy you actually have to pause to giggle at him
  • “fuck, i love you so much”
  • pulled leg muscles the next morning
  • wobbly leg syndrome the next morning
  • collapsing on your chest after he comes
  • swollen pink tingling lips from all the kissing
  • holding the headboard to steady himself
  • holding your waist so tightly when you top that you bruise a little
  • “shit, i’m not gonna last much longer baby”
  • finding love bites absolutely everywhere
  • massaging ur thighs after you come
  • him falling asleep afterwards, one hand still on one of your boobs

I saw the bookstack challenge or whatever it’s called going around and I’m going to pretend someone tagged me in it because I desperately felt the need to put books on my head.

I used my new favorite series. We started with Vampire Academy: nbd I got this shit. Frostbite: shit, there’s four more books. Shadow Kiss: wow… these paperbacks are kinda big… Blood Promise: FIGHT ME I GOT THIS. Spirit Bound: conceal don’t feel (wow these are fucking heavy). Last Sacrifice: that is me praying. that is FEAR in my eyes. I TRIED. 0% success.

10/10 recommend you also stack books on your head. perfect workout. perfect attractive pictures.