(also ugh this is my second upload bc i messed up the first time)

DECEMBER 17, 2015 - OAKLAND, CA (I’m in between Ross and Matty)

11 am - We went around the back entrance of the venue once the buses came. I first saw George walking out of the tour bus and no one really noticed except me since my friends were talking to the security so I was like “Hi George!” and he turned around, smiled and waved at me :) I saw him mouthing “Hi” but I didn’t really hear because he said it really soft lol. Then Matty came out, me and my friends said “Hi Matty” and he waved at us and said “Heyyy”. After he said that to us, he wasn’t really paying attention to where he was walking and he kinda tripped by the ramp omg he didn’t fall though!!! Then Adam came out and we said “Hi Adam!” he smiled and basically stared at us the whole time he was walking lol then awkward silence. We didn’t see Ross and John after that so we just came back to our spot in line.

12:40 pm - 2 pm - The radio station finally let us in for the listening party/m&g. They said the guys requested no phones or cameras around that time so they took our phones away. We dropped off our bags downstairs by the bar and went upstairs where everything was. Security came and told us that as long as were calm, the guys will be calm and more chances for them to interact with us etc. We were just sitting there for a minute or two then I turned around and saw the guys walk in FUCK. I first saw Matty, Adam and Ross. I didn’t see George right away and thought he wasn’t coming because he didn’t go to the past few m&gs and he tweeted the day before that he’s been feeling sick :/ The guys already sat down then out of nowhere behind me GEORGE FUCKING WALKS IN. 

Matty talked first (no surprise) and It was kinda dark there so he was like “It’s hard making eye contact with everyone sorry, it’s a little dark, it’s all very dramatic with the sun shining in behind you” Then the security came again and fixed the curtains so it’s a lot brighter lmao. I can’t remember it word per word but Matty said something about how they didn’t wanna do the acoustic shows and how it was boring bullshit so they decided to do this listening party/m&g because it felt a lot more closer to the fans like they can actually interact with us more. We also asked George if he was ok since he’s been feeling sick and he said “Yeah im actually feeling a lot better, im alright thank you”. Then we started listening to the new songs IT WAS SO GOOD. I can’t even remember all the songs they played it was all a blur (UPDATE: If I believe you was the first song they played) but I remember the second song they played was The Ballad of Me and My Brain. Matty asked “Who’s going to the show tonight?” and everyone raised their hands so he was like “Oh okay, you guys have heard Love me right? and UGH!?” A few people laughed so he laughed too along with the guys and said “Yeah it’s still quite funny to say it”. They talked to us about how they don’t even listen to the radio and how UGH! is like a single but without the radio. Then they mentioned how they were going to release a music video for it the next day but to keep it a secret between us until it’s out (which I thought was cute ok). They unfolded a paper with questions in it that the winners sent in and literally the first question they answered was my friend’s omg. Matty was like “Do you remember your question?” and she said “I sent in two questions so idk which one is…” and he said “Ohh you sent in two questions! Ok, do you want me to read you the question that you’ll ask us then you’ll read it back to us and we’ll answer?”. The question was what was the similarities and differences between the first and second album? I don’t remember everything they said but they mentioned how the first album was written when they were younger and that the second album have jokes and references in it about the first album. George jumped in the convo too but I honestly dont remember a word he said I was just starring at him and I blacked out lmao they literally stare at you the whole time you talk and only pay attention to you until they’re done answering aww. Ross and Adam was just chillin being cute making eye contact with everyone then they asked what other songs we wanted to hear and someone said “She’s American!” I wanted to say something sooo bad how that’s already in the setlist and we should listen to something else but my dumbass was too shy fml ok whatever and Matty said “Ok, you guys are also gonna be hearing that tonight”. After the song, they answered a few more questions and someone asked If they could go to dinner with someone, who would it be? and Matty was like “You and Me!” and George just looked at him, shook his head and laughed and Matty was like “What??” Then we were like “Awww” and he said “See!! See!!” and they laughed some more lol GEORGE IS SO SMILEY ALL THE TIME I WAS CRYIN INSIDE HES SO PRECIOUS. Then Adam said “I’d like to go with…Dwayne?? Dwayne Johnson??” but he kinda pronounced it wrong so Matty, George and Ross started laughing and was like “You don’t even know who that is!” and Adam said “No! No! I mean The Rock!” Someone also asked why they don’t play Antichrist anymore and they said they wrote it when they were so young that they’re just kind of tired of it now and how they understand it connects to fans but they hope in the future that, they can do something that’ll make both of them and the fans happy like a 4 hour show or something. They also mentioned how Nana is the most emotional song in the album and Matty was crying while recording it but once he listens to it now, he kinda cringes (he made a weird face) when he remembers him crying I guess. Then someone said Head.Cars.Bending was their favorite from the first album and Matty said, “So as mine” and they asked what was the meaning behind it so the guys said it was about when they were around 17/18 years old and some of their friends would be smoking weed, drinking and sometimes getting into car crashes etc (even though we all know what its really about but ok matty nvm). Then Matty asked what other songs we wanted to hear and someone said “Please Be Naked” and Matty was like “Are you sure??” and we all said “Yeah!!” and he said “Alright, Ok! So appropriate! Let’s play it!” he said that in such an excited cute voice IM A MESS. Then he said “I’m just gonna close my eyes during it” since it was a very relaxing instrumental song. He buried his face in his sweater it was so cute and George was trying to mock him and do the same but he was wearing a jacket so he was just covering his ears part and all smiley again HES KILLIN ME and Ross laughed and hit him and was like “What are you doing?” and they both laughed. Ross and Adam were messing with their phones at some point and George kept looking over and trying to join in and mess with them too haha plus he kept playing with his bracelets its so cute. Then they played more songs AND THEY WOULD ALL MOUTH THE WORDS AND GEORGE WOULD HIT THE BEAT WITH HIS FINGERS UGH IM DYING. I had SOOO MUCH EYE CONTACT WITH GEORGE OMG. The speaker and the guy playing the songs was right behind me so he would look that way and talk to him from across the room and I’m just inbetween them lol. At some point I thought he was talking to me i’m dumb so I just kept smiling and he saw me and he smiled too i swear my heart dropped out of my ass when he did that LOL. Matty and George walked passed us when they went to get something at the back in the mid of a song and MATTY FREAKING BOUNCES WHEN HE WALKS ITS SO ADORABLE AND GEORGE LEAVES HIS SCENT IN THE AIR WHEN HE WALKS PASS YOU IM SO EMO. George went to get orange juice and talked to the guy behind me for a minute or two…literally INCHES AWAY FROM ME I THINK I FORGOT HOW TO BREATHE TBH. Then when he was walking back to the couch, he started dancing to the song (I forgot which song it was lol) and he was raising his hands and feet UGH IT WAS sOO CUTE. He’s so freaking tall he could never get comfortable in his seat lol. Someone also complimented Matty’s shoes and he was like “Thank you! It makes me taller next to these guys.” 

Then during the m&g, I was gonna go in between George and Ross but right before, Matty was like “Don’t hug George he’s sick” so I went in between him and Ross instead. I put my arms around them and we took 2 pictures but the radio station didnt upload the second one. THEY MAKE YOU FEEL SO COMFORTABLE LIKE YOURE ACTUALLY FRIENDS THEY ARE TOO GOOD. After we took the pics, I didn’t know who to hug first lol then out of nowhere Matty pulled me in and hugged me HE HUGS SO TIGHT AND RESTS HIS HEAD ON YOUR HEAD FUCK. He was like “Nice to meet you!” to me and my friend. When I was walking away, of course I made eye contact with George again and HE WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED THE CONVO FIRST OMG. He said “Hi! give me the elbow!” (like an elbow bump bc he couldn’t hug) so we bumped elbows. Then he saw my friend and was like “Oh hey! you guys are matching!” (it wasnt even planned) but anyway I LOVE HOW HE ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION. Me and George kinda side hugged anyway after the elbow bump and we ended up lw linking arms while talking like we never unlinked after the side hug lmao idk ok it was cute. HE SMELLS SO GOOD. And you know how you rub someones arm like a version of when you rub someones back but with arm?? idk how to explain it but before I had to leave I did that to George and said “I hope you feel better!” and he smiled and said “Aww thank you!” I LOVE HOW HE TALKS WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE AND WHEN HE SMILES SO BIG U CAN BARELY SEE HIS EYES HES SO CUTE I LOVE HIM. After the m&g, the radio station had pizza for us downstairs and a few minutes later the guys came down to get pizza too. Matty and George was looking at each box to check the flavors and they gave up and just took 2 boxes. They even ordered 2 more boxes after that lol. Adam only took one slice and I was like “Why’d you only get once slice?” when he was walking away and he smiled while biting into the pizza lol. Ross didn’t even get any then we said bye again. OK HOW MANY TIMES IN UR LIFETIME CAN YOU SAY YOU SHARED PIZZA WITH THE 1975 LMAO IM DEAD

Concert Time - So many people ended up cutting us and I was around 2nd/3rd row but people were passing out before they were even on and whenever someone got pulled out I pushed my way to front row bc why not AND I ENDED UP BARRICADE TOWARDS END OF SWIM DEEP’S SET HELL YEAH. So anyway fast forward during the concert when Ross looked our way, I kept waving and he saw me and we had the LONGEST starring contest and during girls, Matty POINTED AT ME AND WINKED. Then Ross being cute doing the robot dance when Matty was talking to the crowd. AND GEORGE LOOKED OUR WAY TOO (me being me I like to think he remembered us from earlier but probably not lmao) AND HE SMILED AND NODDED. I tried getting Matty’s attention to hand him something too when he was at our side (i didnt wanna throw it on stage bc i know he hates that & i forgot to give it during listening party) but anyway, he saw during I forgot which song and kept glancing towards our way and he waved and smirked at me IM GONE??? I wanted to get George’s drumstick so bad too but he throws it 30 ft away like??? you cant just hand it to ur local barricade ho??? lmao im kidding. Adam was trying to throw his guitar pick towards us but it dropped on the floor and security gave it to someone else lol fml

After Concert - Me and my friend stayed until 1:15 am..i was freezing my ass off by the gates just in case they come out (they didn’t but its ok) George and Adam walked straight into the bus (with the extra pizza they ordered earlier lol) while Matty was smoking by the door for a few minutes. Once again, I didn’t see Ross walk in…then they left. the end.