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“He’s smiling with a tenderness she’s never, ever seen on him. It’s softer than any expression he wore last night and the existence of it sends her heart in a panic.” - Marinette

Heartstrings l @taylordraws / @zenwisterias

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❝every band from the sunset strip had to have a ballad and they dominated the airwaves in the late 1980s… every cool rock band penned a ballad worthy of proms and nights spent crying over an ex.❞

1. i still love you  //  kiss  2. don’t close your eyes  //  kix  3. where you goin’ now  //  damn yankees  4. i’ll never let you go  //  steelheart  5. doesn’t matter  //  killer dwarfs  6. too late  //  jetboy  7. love of a lifetime  //  firehouse  8. wait for you  //  bonham  9. to be with you  //  mr. big  10. thunderbird  //  quiet riot  11. i’ll see you in my dreams  //  giant  12. ecstasy  //  vinnie vincent invasion  13. love is on the way  //  saigon kick  14. close my eyes forever  //  lita ford ft. ozzy osbourne  15. house of broken love  //  great white  16. i found you  //  l.a. guns  17. please dear  //  faster pussycat  18. can’t find my way  //  hardline  19. hold on to my heart  //  w.a.s.p.  20. love song  //  tesla

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