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Two birds of a feather

When Allura and Allana were born, Alfor couldn’t have been happier than he was right then. His two precious and beautiful daughters; twins. When Allana was placed in his arms, he didn’t want to let go, he wanted to protect her and her sister from everything and everyone. And through the years he didn’t pull any stops to shower them in them most beautiful dresses and whatever toys they desired.

But as the years went on, it was very obvious that while they looked exactly alike; they were two very different people. While Allura enjoyed the dresses and playing dress up with their mothers jewelry and makeup, Allana was much more interested in the guards and the other paladins. She would choose to wear the usual training uniforms rather than the vibrant gowns, she would ask all sorts of questions about the battles that Zarkon and the other paladins have been on, enraptured by their tales.

But the most worrying thing, or the most worrying thing to the lords and dukes and elders, was that Allana didn’t enjoy being called a princess. It was fairly obvious to Alfor and his wife what it all meant; Allana saw herself as a boy, not a girl. It happens all the time with the people of Altea, many of them see themselves as the other gender and will make that change to feel comfortable in their own body. It was completely normal….to commoners. But when it comes to royalty, many of the elders and higher class expect those of the royal line to be perfect from birth; and any change to that is implying that they are wrong and flawed. And in some cases, from what he’s read, they even go as far as to make such children of the royal family be disowned and cast out from their home.

It’s a messed up way of thinking, Alfor knows this, but he also knows that changing their way of view will be a battle that could wage on for a decafeeb before making any headway on the subject. He still supports his daughter in little ways; ways that won’t out his child to the stern views of their peers.

He gets her fencing lessons and lets her join the guards training sessions as well as some of their guarding posts. He encourages her to ask Zarkon and trigel any questions she has. He’s even taken her on a few rides in Red when she’s depressed at not being able to be who she wants to be.

But her number one supporter is Allura, who always asked Allana to be the knight in shining armor when ever she wanted to play pretend, who would cheer her sister on when ever she was training against the bots. Who would whisper how proud she was of her for trying her best to be herself. Both of them know that if it got out to the elders and the other dukes and lords that Allana saw herself as a boy, it would be disastrous and that they could be forced to be separated. So Allana put up with all of the lessons on how to be a ‘proper’ princess, she would wear the gowns that everyone expected her to wear to balls and important diplomatic meetings. She would hold back he rflinches and cringes whenever anyone would call her princess. She did what was expected of her, at least the bare minimum of it all.

Her favorite times though was when she hanged out with her sister in the middle of the night, hiding under draped sheets between their beds and every pillow covering the floor. It was when Allura would use male pronouns only between them that would make Allana smile, when she would suggest all sorts of different names for her to go by if they lived in that perfect world. It was when Allura didn’t hold back whenever they trained in the middle of the night to help Allana get rid of her frustrations.

But she also loved being able to visit Zarkon and Honerva, or any of the other paladins on their home planets. Because there weren’t high elders or high officials of the Altean courts there, when she went to diabazall and the Dalterion Belt, or to Nalquod, the paladins would use Allana’s preferred pronouns, they would respect her as she had always wanted to be.

When Zarkon had betrayed voltron; he had also betrayed Allana. She had always looked up to him, always wanted to be like him and be able to fight along side him and the other paladins. But when Alfor had asked Blaytz to take Allana as far away from Zarkon as he could, to be separated from her twin and closest friend to have a slim chance of escaping Zarkon, it was the worst feeling in the world. And when Blaytz had guided Allana to the emergency cyropod inside of blue, she knew that he wouldn’t come back, but she followed him anyways. Hoping to find some relief from the pain of betrayal and grief for her people, her family, her sister. And when that cold darkness slipped into her mind, she eagerly followed it into her dreams.

• • • • • • • • • • •

She doesn’t know how long she had stayed in the Blue lion, sleeping through dream after dream until there were no more dreams to fill her mind, good or bad ones.

When she had finally awoken, Allana stumbled out of pod into the dark mid-carriage of the metallic beast. All of the heartache and the memories flooding back into the forefront of her mind. She couldn’t bare to be there any longer, running out of the lion and following the only glimmer of light to be seen in the pitch black cave. She staggered out of the cave to a desert, barren of anything living. So Allana did the only thing she knew, she walked. For days and nights, she walked through the desert until she had finally come upon a town. She quickly shifted herself to look like the being that inhabited the planet. She would have never guessed that two people would have seen her do this; nor would she have guessed that they would offer her to come live with them and their children.

As the years went by, Allana learned all she could about Earth and its cultures and history, sad to see that some of their history mimics the Galra’s. But she could never hate the McClains, they took her and immediately told her that they knew she was alien, and that they didn’t care if she came from some other planet. They have her that same feeling of home that her sister and father did.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

“Auntie 'lana?”

Allana whips around to see Fernando, the young son of her adoptive brother standing in the door way of the bathroom, looking at her as she tries to wrap the bandages around her chest. Fear races up her spine as the memories of being found out by anyone bulldoze through her mind. She didn’t realize she was crying or that she had crumbled to the floor until she felt Fernando hugging her, calling out for mama and papa. By the time they got to the bathroom, Allana was sobbing into her cousins shoulder, holding him close as if it was the last time she would ever see him (because it was, she would be thrown out and disowned and she’ll never get to hold him again.) all the while little Fernando murmurs that everything was going to be okay. (But it wasn’t! Can’t he see that?! She’s going to be cut off and forced to be on her own all over again!)

“Allana? What’s wrong sweetie? Are you hurt?”

“I-I-I-I’m sorry!”

“Allana, you have to tell us what’s wrong, you’re not in trouble, please just tell us.”

Shaking form head to toe, she shows her bonded chest to them, hearing the gasps from them only making her tears come down even harder.

“Allana, oh sweetie….”


She can’t help but curl in on herself, only to be lifted out of that position from her surrogate father.

“YOU’VE BEEN BINDING WITH ACE BANDAGES?!?! Don’t you know how DANGEROUS that is for your body?! This could have permanent damage to your ribs!” Allana can only owlishly blink at him as he starts to grumble about all of the negative effects as he unwinds the bandages from her chest.

“You’re…you’re not made that I see myself as a boy?” She whispers, afraid that if she spoke too loud some unseen elder will come down on her and tear her away from this family.

“of course not, we love you for you, and if you see yourself as a boy then you’re a boy, and we’ll support you.”

Fernando pops up from beside her and proudly states “I know! Papa said that those kinds of people are called trans-transgendered! Right?” Papa pats his grandchild on the head. “That’s right Fernando, and it’s perfectly fine if you are, I just wished you had told us before you started using these!” He shakes the bandages around in his fist “we could have gotten you a binder and look into getting you men’s clothing.”

Allana’s tears still flow, only this time it’s from relief and happiness. She-no, he- he didn’t know what to say, completely taken aback by how supportive they are. Fernando collides into him and hugs him as tight as he can. “And the best part is that you get to give yourself a new name! How about Patrick! Or Megatron!” Allana lets out a water laugh at her cousins choices of names, recalling all the late nights Allura and he would stay up and list off names. One name comes to mind as he looks to his new family, so welcoming of his true self.

“How about Lance.”


Outcasts and Prejudice in the Middle Ages

Getty Museum curators and Kristen Collins and Bryan C. Keene are organizing an exhibition for early 2018 on outcasts, prejudice, and persecution in the European Middle Ages. One story they look forward to telling is that of Bagoas (Bagoe), Alexander the Great’s lover. They write:

Some subjects were deemed unfit for medieval readers and were therefore altered. For example, the world ruler Alexander the Great had a range of lovers or companions, including the young man Hephaistion. In the Middle Ages, numerous accounts of Alexander’s life were produced, from France and Byzantium to Persia and India. In a version written by a Portuguese humanist for the Burgundian court, Alexander’s handsome eunuch-lover called Bagoas is cast as a beautiful woman in order to “avoid a bad example,” as the author phrased it.

Throughout an illuminated copy of the text at the Getty, Bagoas wears lavish garments. In one instance, her ability to influence Alexander’s decisions—as a seductive or persuasive woman—is contrasted with the warrior-like Amazon women, who desire to bear a child by Alexander. This transgendering made the story more acceptable; it also reaffirms the impossibility of creating straightforward categories or binaries.

Medieval authors and artists often made considerable changes to well-known and beloved stories. Readers and viewers understood these alterations as part of the process of history writing, or more precisely, of moralized and multiple-perspective histories.

For more on queer erasure and gender fluidity examined through images in illuminated manuscripts, see this essay by Rheagan Martin and Bryan C. Keene on The Iris.

Bagoas Pleads on Behalf of Nabarzanes, about 1470–75, Master of the Jardin de vertueuse consolation and assistant, from Livre des fais d’Alexandre le grant (Book of the Deeds of Alexander the Great)The J. Paul Getty Museum

Casting Call (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader)

Another request from the lovely @dianaftop

this time it is: Lin Manuel Miranda x reader, the reader auditions for Eliza and they fell in love at first sight and song.

this is rlly cute omg

heads up: you singing is this, and Lin singing is this.

Casting Call (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader)

All of the nerves you have been feeling for the past six months is beginning to build up.

Its finally the day!

You are finally auditioning for the role of Eliza in the London production of Hamilton! You had moved to London specifically for this reason around the time you heard that Rachelle Ann Go was leaving the cast as Eliza. Around that time, it was also announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda himself was reprising the role of Hamilton in the London production. You were so nervous. Lin had always been a major celebrity crush, and to find out that he was going to be in the show if you got the part…well, that was equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking.

It was a little shock, however, when the news came through that he had split with his wife because of the move to London. She hadn’t wanted to bring up their child in a foreign country, no matter whether they had the same language and similar traditions. That was apparently hard on him, but he soldiered through it by immersing himself in the London production.

It’s been six months since then, and he was back to normal, apparently.

You sit in the waiting room, leg jiggling as you concentrate on your breathing. As you glance around the room, you see so many perfect ‘Elizas’ waiting for their own name to be called. Some of them are crying. Some of them are silent. Quite a few are practicing their songs. They all sound much better than you, you think.

“Can we have (Name)? (Name) (Last Name)?” The casting director calls, and you take a deep breath, steeling your nerves.

Show time.

You walk into the audition room, trembling with anticipation. 

there he is

There they are!

A small fraction of the cast and Lin-Manuel Miranda himself are sitting at a table, X-factor style. His head is bowed over a notebook and his hair is obscuring his face, so you can’t discern his expression.

“Hi. I’m Rachel, I play Angelica.” Says a girl at the table, smiling reassuringly at you.

“I’m, uh, (Name) (Last Name).” You stutter.

Lin’s head whips up as though he’s been electrocuted.

His eyes meet yours.

An electric shock zings through your veins as his dark, intelligent eyes lock with yours.

You can feel yourself melting into a puddle at his intense gaze.

What’s going on? Is it the excitement of meeting my celebrity crush in person? You wonder.

You flush bright red and come back to reality as you hear Rachel talking still.

“Okay, so first we’re going to run through 'Burn’. After that, we’ll do 'Best of Wives and Best of Women’ to see how your voice sounds with Lin’s.”

“Oh, okay.” You say, and clear your throat as the beginning piano wafts through the air.

Your eyes slip shut as you immerse yourself in the music.

“I saved every letter you wrote me.

From the moment I read them I knew you were mine. You said you were mine. I thought you were mine.

Do you know what Angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive?

She said, 'Be careful with that one, love. He will do what it takes to survive.”

You pour every ounce of your being into your singing, not even focusing on sounding good, but focusing on making it as emotional as possible. As you get to the hurtful parts - “You forfeit all rights to my heart! You forfeit your place in our bed!” - your voice gets even more ragged and emotional, and you let it.

This isn’t about sounding good.

It’s about conveying feeling.

With your eyes shut, you fail to notice Lin’s astonished, awe-struck gaze as you sing your little heart out. He is staring at you as though you are the most beautiful being on the planet.

You reach the final line.

I hope that you…burn…" You trail off at the end, letting tears slip freely down your face. You keep your eyes shut, too scared to open them, when you hear loud clapping.

"Brava!” Shouts a mans voice, and you open your eyes to see the whole table on their feet, clapping as though they never have before. They’re all crying, but the men are a little more subtle about it.

“Can we hire her right now?” Rachel teases, turning to Lin, who jumps and looks at her.

“I wish. That was amazing!” He replies, and you blush realising that this is the first time he’s spoken.

“So, shall we go through 'Best Of Wives’?” He asks, grinning and turning to you. You stutter at his direct address.

“S-sure!” You say, and Lin moves from behind the table and stands by him.

He’s so close, you can smell his cologne.

is that creepy? you don’t know…

The opening begins.

Alexander, come back to sleep.”

I have an early meeting out of town.”

Your voices harmonise nicely together, you note, flushing.

“It’s still dark outside.”

I know, I just need to write something down.”

“Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”


“Come back to bed, that would be enough.”

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.”

“Come back to sleep.”

“This meeting’s at dawn.”

“Well, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Hey. Best of wives and best of women.”

 As he finishes, Lin looks at you with a wide grin.

“I think we found her, guys!” He calls back to the others, who are all nodding in agreement.

“But we have to see the others, otherwise it’s not fair.” Rachel pouts.

“I know,” Lin visibly droops, and you giggle at his theatrics. He perks up when he hears your laugh and goes back to join the others.

“Goodbye, (Name). We’ll be in contact if you get the part, and from the looks of things, you will. Everyone else we’ve seen sounded like a robot.” Rachel wrinkles her nose.

“Bye.” You say, grinning, and bound out of the audition room. You’re halfway down the corridor when you hear a shout.

“Wait!” You turn around and see Lin hastily following you.

“Oh, uh. Hi.” You stutter, embarrassed to be alone with him. “I thought you would contact me if I got the part later?”

“Well,  yeah, we will, but…” Lin seems to be struggling for words. “Could I…have your number for my personal phone?” He asks, and you gasp.

this is not happening

“Uh, uh, okay.” He passes you his phone and you input your number. “Can I ask…why?”

“Because, uh.” He flushes red. “I know I haven’t really talked to you, and I don’t know if you’re dating or not, but I find you really pretty. Plus you have a great voice, and, uh.”

You shock yourself with a sudden burst of confidence as you lean up and kiss his cheek.

“I’m not dating. Call me at any time.”

Okay, here we go. Tucker. While I don’t see as much active hate towards him as Sam, he’s still criminally underappreciated. He’s an amazing friend, incredibly intelligent and quick thinking, and he’s a vital part of the team. It really disappoints me just how much even the show seems to write him off. So lemme gush about my favorite techno geek.

Keep reading

Encore (4/5)

Ichigo pushes to his feet again, trying his best not to grind his teeth. “Shinigami,” he explains flatly. “Their reiraku is red. Damn it.”

And as though the enemy has been waiting for that cue—or as though they’re desperate not to be discovered—screaming green light fills the air, turning those caught in it to stone.

“Defensive formation!” Shuuhei cries, sword in hand even as Ichigo calls out his first kido spell and knocks a man dressed all in brown away. “Move!

But it’s too late, and the battle dissolves into bloody chaos.

The patrol is late returning.

Byakuya stands in his office, by the window, because the only other options are pacing the room or going to the gates and pacing there. Neither one of those is acceptable, not for someone of his standing and reputation, so he forces his feet to stillness, forces his eyes to fix on one point in the sky.

And if that point happens to be near the gate, if he has his senses open and his ears straining, well.

No one has to know, and the only person who would dare to call him on it is currently four hours overdue to return.

Byakuya shifts his weight, resisting the urge to cross his arms and instead clasping his hands behind him—an acceptable pose, for a captain, but it feels like a lie, like the tension in his shoulders and the faint twisting of his stomach turn it into something entirely undignified. He lets out a slow, careful breath and closes his eyes. (It lets him stretch his senses out even more, lets him search just that little bit further for the carefully bound and restrained reiatsu that he’s seeking, but that is simply a coincidence and not worth contemplating.) The sun is setting, staining the ground with a familiar orange he hasn’t seen in years now.

He doesn’t need to see it. He doesn’t need that daylily hair to know that Kurosaki Ichigo has come to dwell in Soul Society, right under the noses of those who knew him before.

Sometimes, in idle moments, Byakuya wonders at his lieutenant’s choice. Surely he would have been greeted with a hero’s welcome had he chosen to return immediately. Now, with this careful distance from his former friends, this false existence, there will doubtless be cries of betrayal and anger when the farce is done.

Except, he will realize at other times, watching the quiet, dark-haired, surprisingly competent man who has become his second. Except that it is not a lie, not a farce, and the hero’s welcome is the very reason Ichigo has chosen to hide himself so very cleverly. Concealed in plain sight, as it were, and there is nothing about Shiba Kei that is not Kurosaki Ichigo, it is simply that no one ever took the time to see that the hotheaded ryoka boy was far more than they gave him credit for.

Kei smiles, but Ichigo did as well, if more subtly.

Kei is brilliant at tactics and planning, but so was Ichigo, adjusting and attacking and winning every time that truly counted.

Kei is diligent and hardworking and capable, and had they ever given Ichigo the chance, Byakuya has no doubt he would have proved the same.

It is his belief that Shiba Kei is not so much a mask as a revelation, presenting the inner core of the man when before all they were shown was the gruff exterior.

Alone in the privacy of his office, Byakuya allows himself the faintest of smiles, because he took a chance that day at the Academy. The first moment Shiba Kei appeared before him, Byakuya knew. Kei had a weight to his gaze, a wariness that no student—much less one from a noble family—should have possessed. That black sword, those bright-sharp eyes, the familiarly immense reiatsu no matter how it was choked off and chained—not even a student’s blues or a quickly donned mask of emotion were enough to hide Kurosaki Ichigo from his gaze, and Byakuya wonders at what fools his fellow shinigami are not to see it.

A knock at the door pulls him from his contemplations and he opens his eyes, half-turning to look at the intruder. His former lieutenant hovers there, wary and worried and quiet clearly wound up in knots of agitation. Byakuya surveys him for a moment, remembering that the Ninth had joined the Sixth’s patrol today, remembering Ichigo’s mention of Lieutenant Hisagi, and nods to the other captain.

“Renji,” he says, and steps to one side to make room in front of the window.

There’s a moment of hesitation before Renji slinks into position next to him. “Thanks, Captain,” he says, and Byakuya wonders how long it will take him to break the habit of that title. They’re both of the same rank now, after all.

Byakuya inclines his head. “Third Seat Akon of the Twelfth says that there were numerous strange energy readings in the 54th District,” he says. “He had asked the squads to investigate.”

Renji’s features are tight with anxiety. “Yeah,” he answers roughly. “Said that those signatures started multiplying a few hours ago, blocked out all trace of the squads. Kyoraku said the Captain-Commander’ll give them a full six hours before sending out another party, just in case they were simply delayed.”

That, at least, is news, and Byakuya clenches his hands together until the knuckles strain. He has never been one to argue with the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13, but this is a situation with known hostiles. While Byakuya is unfamiliar with Hisagi, he knows very well that Kei would not delay their return without sending some sort of message to explain the circumstances. But there has been no contact, no sign, and that puts Byakuya on edge more than anything.

Kurosaki Ichigo was never a friend—comrade, shield-brother, ally, but never friend. As Shiba Kei, Byakuya would like to think that they are. He has little time for frivolities, and less for useless emotion, but Kei knows his steps before he takes them, reads his actions and expression regardless of whether they are in battle or Byakuya simply desires a cup of tea. He is a good lieutenant, a good shinigami, and Byakuya does not fear when he knows that Kei is following him, as ever three steps behind and one to the side. Not a doormat, not afraid to argue, with a sense of humor and a maturity that is rooted in loss, and Byakuya can respect all of those things. Does, in fact, and it is…amusing, that it is the upstart ryoka who can inspire such a thing in him of all people.

Byakuya well remembers his grandfather’s words, back when he was a child. Quick to anger and hotheaded, the man had said, and that is also amusing, to think that he and Kurosaki Ichigo have such a thing in common.

“You’re worried,” Renji blurts suddenly. Byakuya casts him a sideways glance but says nothing, and Renji winces slightly. “I mean,” he hurries to add, “not that I didn’t think you would be, but, ah, Shiba’s only been your lieutenant for…”

“A year and three months,” Byakuya says, returning his gaze to the sky above the gate. “Do you think that I would not have been so concerned had you been the one returning late from patrol, Renji?”

That earns him another wince. “No, I just—that’s not it. But you always seemed as if you disliked Kaien, and you’ve never cared much for Kukaku or Ganju, and I thought—”

“Shiba Kei has proven himself a capable lieutenant,” Byakuya interjects, before that foot can get lodged any more firmly in Renji’s mouth. “He is also quite powerful, and keeps much of his strength in reserve. If something has delayed him this much, it is very likely to be the source of the attacks.”

Renji looks grim, and he knows that the same has occurred to the Ninth’s captain. “Yeah,” he says. “Yeah.” A pause, and then he adds abruptly, “I volunteered to go out after them, soon as the Captain-Commander lets us.”

Byakuya nods, just once, and keeps his eyes on the horizon. “As have I,” he murmurs, feeling the weight of Senbonzakura at his side like a taunt, a promise of action just beyond his reach.

“Fuck!” Ichigo ducks under a bolt of green light, feels it scrape against the edges of his reiatsu, and tucks forward into a roll that brings him right back up on his feet again, still moving. Shuuhei is on his right, Kazeshini in shikai, and he turns as they round an outcropping of rocks, the scythe spinning from his fingers. There’s a spray of blood and one of their pursuers cries out, but the others don’t even pause to see to him.

“What the hell happened to teamwork?” Ichigo mutters with what little breath he can spare.

Shuuhei grunts an agreement, stumbling. Ichigo catches his elbow and drags him on before he can fall, and he bobs his head in thanks. “Mixed blessing,” he pants in return. “Not stopping to help each other, but not helping each other against us, either.”

Ichigo concedes that much with a huff, then shoves Shuuhei out of the way of another bolt of green. The older lieutenant tumbles to the ground as Ichigo regains his footing and spins, raising one hand. “Hado 58: Tenran!”

There’s a collective cry of dismay and the enemies scatter, but it’s already too late. A whirling, tornado-like blast of power shoots straight at them, hurling some away but mostly spreading chaos. Ichigo takes the opportunity to lever Shuuhei to his feet again and launch into his fastest shunpo, dragging his friend with him.

They land in a small hollow, surrounded on all sides by stark-jagged rocks and small trickles of clear water, and slump to the damp ground with shared relief.

“Damn,” Shuuhei mutters, quickly tearing off the already trailing hem of his shihakusho and gingerly pressing it against the freely bleeding gash over his ribs.

“Seconded,” Ichigo agrees grimly, flexing his tingling fingers. They’re threatening to go numb, which is just about the last thing they need. He suspects that the knife that winged him was poisoned. “But why the hell are they trying to take prisoners now? Those other patrols—”

“Weren’t being led by lieutenants,” Shuuhei reminds him, offering up another scrap of cloth. Ichigo takes with a faint grimace and ties it around his upper arm. They don’t have the reiatsu to spare for healing kido, even if one of them was good at it, which they aren’t. “They took our squads as bait.”

“They’re morons,” Ichigo growls, and for once he doesn’t give a flying fuck if this is a Kei reaction or not. His squad is back there, trapped and helpless and being used for fuck knows what, and Ichigo isn’t going to stand for it. Not one damn bit. Retreating to regroup was bad enough.

Shuuhei is watching him with serious grey eyes, equal parts determined and wary. “You specialize in kido,” he says finally. “That spell they used to freeze the others…”

“Didn’t recognize it,” Ichigo sighs, slumping back against the rocks, even as he keeps his senses alert for sounds of pursuit. “Of course, it’s possible that one of them invented it. Not unheard of, even if it is difficult.” He closes his eyes, flexing his fingers again. “Damn. Damn. And it’ll take me time to break this goddamned barrier, time we won’t have as soon as I start poking at it. Can’t break that kido spell, either, without getting right up close to our squads, and I’m certain they’ll have guards.”

Shuuhei hums in agreement, and then says, “Still.”

“Still,” Ichigo agrees, opening his eyes and offering the other man a crooked smile. He pushes to his feet, offers Shuuhei a hand up. “Squads first?”

“You even have to ask?” Shuuhei lets Ichigo pull him to his feet, expression set in stubborn lines. “If I give you time, can you get them free?”


“Can you?”

Ichigo grits his teeth, but nods. “In theory, a stronger practitioner can always break through a weaker practitioner’s spells. If I have to, I can just use brute force. But against all of them, Shuuhei…”

Shuuhei smiles at him faintly, not commenting on the use of his first name. “I’ll be fine, Kei,” he returns. “Don’t underestimate Kazeshini, or me. Melee fighting is something we’re good at. Focus on the kido.”

Before, Ichigo would have been the melee fighter, leaving the spell-casting to someone else. But now, as Kei, he’s good at it, enough that a far more experience lieutenant is trusting him with it. He huffs out a breath and nods. In terms of brute strength, he’s got more than enough for something like this, and he’ll use it even if it gives something away. He always knew this charade wouldn’t last forever, and some things are far more important than keeping up the act.

“Hopefully they’ll send out reinforcements,” Shuuhei says, casting a glance in the direction of the Seireitei.

Ichigo shakes off the last of his nerves, calls up the determination that let him face down a god, and bares his teeth. “Let’s make sure there’s nothing for them to do when they get here,” he offers, and Shuuhei matches his will with a steady stare and a grim nod.

“Let’s,” he agrees, and they flicker away.

Shuuhei has always known, of course, that there are shinigami who finish the Academy but never pass the entrance exam for the Gotei 13 proper. They’re entirely trained and often skilled, and some of those who fail are quickly taken on as bodyguards for noble families.

Others, it seem, become rogues.

They’re a ragtag group, certainly, but far too powerful and numerous to write off as failed shinigami. Shuuhei sidesteps a blast from one, mentally gauging her power, and it’s a bit disheartening to conclude that she’s roughly on par with a seventh seat—not a challenge to a lieutenant, of course, one on one, but that’s not the case here. It’s twenty on one, and the sheer numbers will wear Shuuhei down before long, even with Kazeshini released.

He twists to evade a sword-strike, dodges another jet of green, and ducks under a halberd that skims an inch closer to his skull than is entirely comfortable. Melee has never been his best area—he’s better at single combat, where psychological attacks are just as devastating and unbalancing as physical ones, but that isn’t the type of tactic that will be useful here. With a flick of his wrists, he sends Kazeshini out, both ends whirling in an impromptu barrier, and risks a glance behind him at his companion.

Kei is crouched beside the frozen figure of Shuuhei’s ninth seat, fingers of one hand weaving, lips moving in what is either a kido chant or a mental deconstruction of the other spell. Then a blast of green just missing his ear pulls his attention back, and he tries to pinpoint the caster. If he can take out the main kido user—

A wordless cry of satisfaction is accompanied by the sound of shattering stone, and Shuuhei doesn’t bother to fight a grin. Figuring out how to break an unknown kido spell, in the midst of a hectic and entirely outmatched battle, with all the odds against them, while wounded and losing blood—Kei’s a genius, and if they get out of this in one piece Shuuhei’ll kiss him square on the mouth. Fuck, the kid just became his new favorite person.

Half a heartbeat later, Shuuhei decides he likes him even more as green kido rebounds off an inverted pyramid of light that bursts into existence around him. It fades a moment later, but then Kei steps up to his side, already casting another barrier.

“It’s a power-drain,” he says, eyes focused on the regrouping enemy. One of their own has been hit by that strange spell, and Shuuhei can’t be anything but vindictively pleased. “It freezes whoever gets hit in some sort of leech-stone shell and transfers all of their power to those marked by the caster. Those civilians must have been drained before they were killed, and now the bastards are moving up to actual shinigami.”

Shuuhei curses softly, and asks, “Our people will survive?”

Kei nods. “They’re fine. I’ll break the rest out and send the stronger officers to help you. Just keep from getting hit.”

The barrier shatters with a sound like a struck gong and Kei flash-steps back to the field of statues behind them. More stone breaks, and then more, and Shuuhei steels himself as he’s rushed.

Foot soldiers, he thinks, even as Kazeshini reaps more lives, as he binds and cuts and slashes and tears through their ranks, trying desperately to give Kei the time he needs to free both squads. It’s a thought that’s guided by blind instinct, and urged on by experience. 

These are foot soldiers. Where are the generals?

The 54th District is little more than a collection of roads, a grassy, hilled expanse colored green in the winter and dead-brown in the summer, with craggy pits of stone and sudden drops to catch the unwary. Renji surveys the terrain, though it’s covered by a shimmering barrier of silvery red light, and tries his best not to grind his teeth. Bakudo, and one he’s not familiar with.

No wonder they haven’t been getting any readings from the missing squads.

“Shit,” he mutters, rocking back on his heels. He can’t see much past the shifting shine of the ward, but from what he can make out the squads clearly aren’t camped out and waiting for them, not that he really expected it to be that easy. Still, the universe giving him a break once in a while would be nice.

From his left, a deathly soft voice intones, “Scatter, Senbonzakura,” and before Renji can so much as twitch out of the way a thousand petal-bright blades hurl themselves against the barrier and rebound. He yelps and leaps back, but Byakuya’s control over his zanpakuto is too good for collateral damage. The blades whirl away and rush forward again, and then again, and again before Byakuya finally raises his hand and calls them back. His sword reforms and he slides it away without a word, face still completely calm.

It looks for all the world as though that were entirely deliberate, when in truth it’s the closest Renji’s ever seen Kuchiki Byakuya come to losing control.

He barely restrains himself from gaping at his former captain. It’s little relief that Hitsugaya’s eyes are also faintly wide, and Matsumoto looks entirely serious.

“Someone very skilled at kido will be necessary,” Byakuya says flatly.

There’s a snort from behind him, and Shiba Kei’s sister elbows him out of the way as she steps forward. “Good thing you brought me, then,” she snaps. “Move it, kid.”

Steely grey eyes narrow, even as the captain shifts to the side. “I do not recall inviting you along, much less requesting your presence, Shiba-san,” Byakuya says, in a tone that for anyone else would be a growl.

The Shiba matriarch levels him with an entirely unimpressed stare. “You’re still just as much of a brat as you used to be, Kuchiki,” she sniffs. “As if I’d leave a bunch of shinigami to rescue my cute little otouto. Step back. This might get messy.” With a fierce grin, she raises her left hand and cries, “Shut tight the seven gates. Bind the three storms and seed the five winds with chaos. Beyond the eighth sea, fall to pieces. Bakudo 71: Shatterpoint!

A crack like thunder fills the air, followed by the sound of a vast pane of glass breaking, as white light envelops the barrier. There’s a long, breathless moment where Renji doesn’t know whether to curse or cheer and then it fades away like mist, taking the barrier with it. He breathes out in relief, almost shaky with it, and Kukaku lowers her hand, savage satisfaction on her face. Her green eyes are bright with fury, and she unsheathes her katana as she strides forward.

It’s telling that Byakuya is the first to fall into step with her, and that his hand is resting on the hilt of his own sword. Shiba Kei seems to inspire loyalty the way Kurosaki Ichigo used to, and it’s a little unnerving to watch. Renji follows them, because he’s worried about Shuuhei, and he can’t do anything else.

And then a wave of released reiatsu sweeps over all of them, nearly sending Matsumoto to her knees and knocking Renji off balance. He tries to breathe, tries to move, and then—

The power cuts off as suddenly as it appeared, and half a moment later a surge of figures in shinigami black crest the hill and sweep down towards them, moving at a flat-out run. Behind them—so many, all alive—come two more at a slightly slower pace, leaning heavily on each other and splattered with blood that belongs to more than just themselves. Renji barely pauses to register the two dark heads bent together, the fact that his lieutenant has Kazeshini out and in shikai and that even Shiba has his zanpakuto drawn, before he’s sprinting towards them. His Ninth members acknowledge him as he passes, smiles or weary nods or a rare salute, and Renji hears the Sixth’s members greeting their captain as well. He manages a few pats on the shoulder, a quick smile here and there, but most of his attention is on the two lieutenants.

“Captain,” Shuuhei says as he nears, looking up with an exhausted half-smile. “You won’t believe what happened to us.”

Renji shakes his head and ducks forward, grabbing Shuuhei’s free arm and slinging it over his shoulder. “Probably not,” he agrees, “seeing as you look like you just went through a damn war.”

“Only a small one,” Shiba mutters, sounding utterly drained, half a heartbeat before a red-and-white blur all but tackles him to the ground. He takes the hit with a yelp, releasing Shuuhei to grab his sister as she wraps herself around him for three seconds, then pulls back, hauls off, and smacks him in the head.

“Idiot!” she bellows. “What the hell were you thinking?” She smacks him again for good measure, grabs ahold of his ear, and drags him back into another hug.

Renji and Shuuhei trade glances, and the captain raises one brow. “I’m happy to see you, too,” he drawls. “But sorry, I don’t think I’m that happy.”

Shuuhei snorts. “No worries. I think I’ll survive you just helping me to the Fourth. The rest of the squad should get checked out, too. A lot of them got their energy drained.”

“Drained?” Byakuya says sharply, shifting his attention from where he’d been watching with amusement as his lieutenant got chewed out by a woman five inches shorter and a good twenty pounds lighter. “What do you mean?”

At that Shiba manages to drag himself out of his sister’s clutches and face his captain. “A new kind of restraining kido,” he explains. “It transfers energy, from what I could tell.”

“Kido?” Hitsugaya echoes, eyes narrowing. “These enemies, they're—”

“They’re shinigami,” Shuuhei confirms wearily. “We found tracks and Kei identified their reiraku, but before we could head back we were attacked. It’s my belief that they’re Academy graduates who didn’t pass the test to enter the Gotei 13.”

Byakuya’s expression is grim, and he turns on his heel to survey the land the squads just retreated from. “Come,” he says. “Have the well carry the wounded if they cannot travel swiftly enough. It is imperative that the Captain-Commander be told of this at once.”

Shuuhei and Shiba exchange glances and then pull themselves upright, weary but determined. They’ve obviously taken the brunt of the assault, and Renji feels ridiculously weak right now, can’t help but think that he should have been there even though there have been similar patrols for weeks that have never encountered any problems.

Captain’s prerogative, he supposes, but nevertheless it fucking grates.

Kaniehtí:io “Ziio” (Kaniehtiio Horn) from Assassin’s Creed III (2012)



As awesome as Ziio’s personality and character is, she falls into the same trap for several female Native characters: she exists to fall in love with a white man, have his biracial child, and then gets murdered to push a revenge story. She burns to death when her village is ambushed. 

It also doesn’t help that despite some of the cultural authenticity as well as the casting of Native voice actors, Assassin’s Creed III is still a video game centered around colonialism. MANY Natives are killed and brutalized throughout the story.

Although she isn’t sexually assaulted, she fails every other requirement for The Aila Test (she is not a main character, she falls in love with a white man, and is later murdered).

Her voice actor is Kaniehtiio Horn, whose mother is famous Native activist  Kahn-Tineta Horn, and whose sister is activist and award winning Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller. All three were present at the OKA Crisis in Canada: she was four years old and is in the infaous photograph where then 14-year-old Horn-Miller was stabbed with a bayonet during the protests.

Well, won’t you look at that; I made a new OC!

Her name is Stella Hunter, and she’s a thirteen-year-old cat girl and child actress. After doing a few commercials, she went on to play a supporting role in the kids’ sitcom Life With Fred & Fred and then moved on to being a regular cast member in the kids’ sketch comedy And A Bag Of Chips while also continuing her work in commercials, movies, and even some cartoon voiceovers here and there.

Child stardom aside, Stella’s a fairly normal girl and doesn’t really flaunt her status unless “absolutely needed” (read: when she wants something, she can’t get it, but finds a way to get it anyway by either reminding someone she’s a child actress, or putting on a sad little performance to make people feel guilty). She’s for the most part pretty friendly, but she does get annoyed easily. She’s pretty used to getting things her way and can be really stubborn sometimes. And while she can be rather snarky and biting, she ONLY saves it for people who deserve it. A minor talent she has is that she’s pretty strong despite her size- she doesn’t do much heavy lifting, but if you’re bothering her, she has no trouble just picking you up and throwing you out a window. Nonetheless, she’s cute, friendly to her friends and fans, and somehow is able to balance being an actress and a regular kid. As for a possible voice actress…I’m thinking Cherami Leigh.

Really just a rough sketch; I wanted to draw her for reference before I forgot.

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It has been a week and I still cannot believe the absolute perfect genius of the official cassian andor playlist on spotify and I need to break it down for everyone who hasn’t listened to it:

  1. what do I even do with “ain’t no man” I mean: “there ain’t no man that can save me / there ain’t no man that can enslave me / ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in” and “you got to serve something, ain’t that right / I know it gets dark but there’s always a light” and “not a whole lot of time for me or you / got a whole lot of reasons to be mad, let’s not pick one”
  2. the tone of “gimme something good” is just so raw and rough and stern
  3. obviously “ophelia” kills me every time: “heaven help the fool who falls in love” like okay star wars be less subtle but also “and I don’t feel no remorse, and you can’t see past my blinders” okay
  4. “lake michigan” gives us “heaven is a switchboard that you want to fight / she would even miss you if you taught her sight” but also “sky is burning/ but at least we’re warm”
  5. the chorus to “man on the moon” is just stellar with “I’m just a man on the moon / I’m not coming down anytime soon / I’m just a man on the moon / feet off the ground, I’m floating in you”
  6. “when my time comes” is the most ridiculously cassian song there is: “I lived less like a workhorse / more like a slave / I thought that one quick moment / that was noble or brave / would be worth the most of my life” and “I wanted to pay for my successes / with all my defeats / and if heaven was all / that was promised to me / why don’t I pray for death?” and “you can stare into the abyss, but it’s starin’ right back” like can we talk about cassian’s passive death wish?
  7. the only reason to include “honey I’ve been thinking about you” is to focus on how cassian is falling in love, there’s no other reason to do this
  8. “24 frames” is a perfect mix of “cassian is falling in love with jyn” and “cassian is an unapologetic rebel”. lyrics of note include my favorite bit of “you thought god was an architect, now you know / he’s something like a pipe bomb ready to blow” , “this is how you make yourself vanish into nothing / and this is how you make yourself worthy of the love that she / gave to you / back when you didn’t own a beautiful thing” and “everything you built that’s all for show goes up in flames”
  9. and then we get “human” which is like EADU EADU EADU all over the place with “some people got the real problems / some people out of luck / some people think I can solve them / lord heavens above / I’m only human after all / I’m only human after all / don’t put the blame on me / don’t put the blame on me”
  10. we have another “cassian is thinking about jyn way more than necessary” song with “the girl” which has the softest and least expected tone for this unapologetic’s rebel’s playlist
  11. “down in the valley” includes the lyrics “I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade / like ridin’ around on railcars and workin’ long days” which is the third reference to slavery in this playlist guys I’m pretty sure cassian and his family were slaves under the empire before he joined the rebellion :(
  12. cassian is back on the angsty romance express with “alone”: “you come into the world alone / and you go out of the world alone / but in between, there’s you and me”
  13. then we’re preparing to head to scarif with “ends of the earth”:  “I’m on a river that winds on forever / follow ‘til I get where I’m goin’ / maybe I’m headin’ to die but I’m still gonna try / I guess I’m goin’ alone”
  14. “hold back the river” like okay B Y E but also “lonely water, lonely water, won’t you let us wander / let us hold each other / hold back the river, let me look in your eyes” FIGHT ME PLAYLIST DESIGNER
  15. also “man on fire” can get out of here with “I wanna see our bodies burning like the old big sun / I wanna know what we’ve been learning and learning from”
  16. “the way we move” continues to rub it in with “at the last supper honey / make sure you get something, something to eat / there we are extending into shooting stars” like at this point I’m assuming the playlist designer was just crying into their beer over the end of the movie
  17. but then “babel” slowly eases us back into mildly less upsetting territory with “I know the time has numbered my days / and I’ll go along with everything you say” and some romance because that’s where cassian’s head is these days with “I ain’t ever lived a year better spent in love”
  18. “S.O.B.” aka the most unapologetic rebel ever with repeated “son of a bitch get me a drink”s and “now for seventeen years I’ve been throwing them back / seventeen more will bury me”
  19. our playlist designer has opened another drink and is crying again with “you’re gone but you’re not forgot / you got the cash but your credit’s no good / you flipped the script and you shot the plot / and I remember I remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink / a saturday night kinda pink” in “sedona”
  20. “spirits” is another A-list cassian andor song with “I got guns in my head and they won’t go / spirits in my head and they won’t go”
  21. cassian finding some unexpected happiness with “even the darkness has arms” where we get this gem: “even the darkness has arms / but they ain’t got you / baby, I have it, and I have you too”
  22. “california” brings the rudeness level back up to a 10 with “someday I’ll be coming home / with a cast iron soul” and “I can see the water / I can taste the sea”
  23. I bet you didn’t expect the playlist to be this long, did you? well we’re not done yet! onto “only son” which mostly makes me think cassian was an only child and then the rebellion became his family, which fits
  24. “all my days” AKA THE MOST RIDICULOUS INSANE HEART EYES SONG ON THIS LIST EVEN WORSE THAN “OPHELIA” I MEAN WHAT THE HELL BUT ALSO THANK YOU “well I have been searching all of my days”, “well I have been quietly standing in the shade / all of my days”, “well many a night I found myself with no friends standing near / all of my days” and finally “now I see clearly / it’s you I’m looking for / all of my days / soon I’ll smile / I know I’ll feel this loneliness no more / all of my days / for I look around me / and it seems you’ve found me / and it’s coming into sight” OKAY THEN BUDDY you cannot make this stuff up
  25. I’m fairly certain that “don’t carry it all” is the musical equivalent to the whole hangar speech scene: “this I swear to all, this I swear to all” and “you must bear your neighbors burden within reason / and your labors will be borne when all is done, and nobody nobody knows / let the yoke fall from our shoulders / don’t carry it all don’t carry it all” which honestly is a nice penultimate lyrics song
  26. my response to “in the aeroplane over the sea” is essentially so that happened I mean “and one day we will die / and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea / but for now we are young / let us lay in the sun / and count every beautiful thing we can see / love to be / in the arms of all I’m keeping here with me” and mostly I think our playlist designer is moving towards the acceptance stage of grief because it has a hard brightness to it
  27. AND THEN FINALLY “rogue one”, the soundtrack for when they head off to scarif, full of hope and purpose and rebellions are built on hope

I’d put this under a cut but I really wanted you all to see how long the playlist was. I also wanted everyone to appreciate the genius of it, listen to it asap, and have some lyrics on hand for any more of those amazing photosets and gifsets people are making

eta: I missed two in the original post because this playlist is so kriffing long

Fox Renews 'Lethal Weapon' for Season 2
The Warner Bros. drama based on the hit movie franchise will return for a 22-episode second season.

Fox is bringing back another one of its first-year series.

A day after renewing freshman comedy The Mick, the network has also handed a season two pickup to Lethal Weapon. The drama will be back for a 22-episode second season.

“Lethal Weapon continues to fire on all cylinders,” said network entertainment president David Madden. “Every week, it delivers a big, fun rollercoaster ride, but also remains touchingly human and genuinely emotional, and that’s due to the chemistry that’s developed not only between Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, but the entire cast. We want to thank our producing partners, Warner Bros., as well as Matt Miller, McG, Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz, who have done a fantastic job in crafting a series for which a second-season order is well deserved.”

Loosely inspired by the film franchise starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, the Lethal Weapon series again follows Riggs (Crawford), coming back to work after the loss of his wife and unborn child, and Murtaugh (Wayans), recovering from a heart attack, as they partner up to work the beat in modern-day Los Angeles.

Fox’s first freshman series of the 2016-17 season to earn a full-season order, Lethal Weapon debuted as Fox’s highest-rated fall premiere in two years. The series has remained a solid performer this season, most recently pulling a 1.4 rating among adults 18-49. The series, which averages 11 million viewers across multiple platforms, currently ranks among the top five first-year shows on the Big Four.

In addition to The Mick, Lethal Weapon also joins renewed Fox series Empire, The Simpsons and Lucifer, the latter which also hails from Warner Bros. TV. The studio is also behind Batman drama Gotham, which is currently in its third season on Fox.

Avatar Actor AU

After seeing the actor au for Voltron and @avatarsymbolism and I’s conversation, I decided to make one for ATLA:

  • The cast is one big happy family
  • Sokka and Katara are brother and sister, while Zuko and Azula are not (though they act like it)
  • Katara never auditioned for her part and had never acted before but when she went in to read lines with Sokka, the directors loved her so much they casted her on the spot
  • Toph is actually blind and her scripts are all written in braille 
  • Both Aang and Toph are child actors and Iroh is the most well known. The rest (excluding Katara) all dabbled in having minor parts on other shows
  • The cast keeps an “honor count” to see how many times they can get Zuko to say honor on set (it’s well past 100)
  • They also have a war to see who can mess up the most while filming
  • The special effects team loves to play jokes on the cast too. When Zuko pretends to firebend, farting sounds come out instead. Safe to say everyone dies laughing
  • After their first kiss on screen, Sokka and Suki started to date off set
  • Aang adopted a dog and cat, naming them Appa and Momo respectively
  • At comic con, Toph loves to spread around rumors when asked questions
  • And as a joke at comic con, they like to cosplay a different character from the show, ie. Zuko as Sokka, Katara as Azula….
  • Zuko and Azula have to wear contacts. Her eyes are brown, while his are blue
  • Even after the show ended, everyone stayed great friends and hang out regularly for coffee and tea
  • Also, under heavy make up, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Toph all guest starred as their older selves on Legend of Korra


Okay, soo if anyone has seen the movie “Rosemary’s baby” then this could kinda make sense. So starting with “Murder house” Tate obviously raped Vivien and therefore she gave birth to a demon child. Jump ahead to “Cult” and you see ally and ivy with a son named Ozzie and he has blonde hair just like Tate. So “Rosemary’s baby” is a movie where a lady (Rosemary) gets impregnated by the devil himself thinking she’s making love to her husband,And later finds out that she’s giving birth to the devils baby. So just like Tate raped vivien, the devil raped rosemary and both had demon babies. (It’s a similarity) so with that saying, everyone in “Rosemary’s baby” kinda were in a cult because they were all devil worshippers worshiping Rosemary’s baby and with “Cult” if Ozzie is actually Tate’s child then Ozzie is being worshiped by all the cult members. Ozzie hasn’t been hurt by the clowns and Ozzie has seen a man getting stabbed and seen his Guinea pig getting blown up in the microwave and also the changs dying as well. Feeding him the fears and he’s taking it in to maybe remember what he truly is. There much more that can go into this theory! But as for now this is what I can get from the first three episodes!

I feel like if you look at Leia’s (Carrie Fisher’s) face between Padme’s (Natalie Portman’s) and Anakin’s (Hayden Christensen’s) faces, she looks like she could be their child.

And I ALSO feel like if you look at Luke’s (Mark Hamill’s) face between their faces, he ALSO looks like he could be their child.

Mark and Carrie aren’t related to each other, but critically looking at their faces and looking at their supposed parents’ faces I think they pass very well as siblings.

And especially given the fact that Natalie Portman was cast at such a young age and that Mark and Carrie were cast almost DEFINITELY (despite GL’s claims) before they were set to be twins, I am immensely pleased by the appropriate family resemblances every single time I watch Star Wars.

IT (2017) WAS GREAT!!

Okay, let me start by saying that I read the book a couple of times and I’m familiar with the miniseries so I am familiar with the verse. I am also a fan of the horror genre in general so for the most part horror films aren’t really “scary” to me. I was also never afraid of clowns which seems to be the major driving force of fear towards this series. Also, everyone’s idea of “scary” is going to be different and I did not find this to be scary. There were some jump scares here and there that got me and my theater so that was fun. I also think that children being murdered and having hallucinations about their worst fear is horrific enough for me so…

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anonymous asked:

Another character besides Komaeda that people (unfairly, in my opinion) compare with Ouma is Hiyoko in that they're both bratty, "sadistic" and child-like. Would you like to talk about their differences or similarities? Thank you!

Oh, this is a really fun question! I’ve seen people compare Ouma and Saionji too for some time now, and while I think there are a handful of surface-level similarities, there are plenty of differences as well.

In many ways, Ouma’s resemblances to Saionji are much like his resemblance to Celes. While they seem to act or behave similarly, they’re far too different at their core to actually get along, in my opinion. Even their bonus mode interactions (there’s at least one in Ouma’s route, and another in Saionji’s where the two of them interact along with Mikan), it seems as though while they have similar interests and behaviors, they’re not really similar enough to get along or befriend each other.

Saionji and Ouma are both two of the more childish characters in DR, it’s true. But it’s also true that there’s a world of difference as to why they act so childishly.

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Paul Walker’s Father Says His Son Was ‘Kind of Reckless’ With His Life
Paul Walker and his father, Paul Walker Sr. (Photo: Getty Images/Front Page Media/Splash News)

Time heals all wounds, but it doesn’t heal them quickly. Paul Walker‘s father knows this all too well, and recently he spoke out about his struggle since his son’s tragic death from a car crash in 2013. “I’m pretty much a bit of a recluse. I don’t go out as much anymore because Paul’s death took a lot out of me,” Paul Walker Sr. explained in a new interview with the Daily Mail. “I’ve got my good friends, who I stay in touch with, and they’ve been so supportive and nice to me. The best way I know how to look at it is that God just took him home. That’s the biggest comfort I can find.”

Still, that hardly means that Walker Sr. doesn’t think about what might have gone wrong on that fateful day.

“I drive my car round there, sometimes at weekends, and it’s just so quiet out there. It could be a racetrack,” he said. “In my mind, I don’t know, but I was riding my bike out there and I had a sneezing fit. I sneezed like five times. Your mind wanders, I wonder if that happened to Roger Rodas? Or a bee flew into the Porsche as they were riding that distracted him? Maybe a deer ran across the road and they swerved trying to avoid it?”

The one thing Walker Sr. knows for sure is that Roger was a “skilled” driver. “I mean you hear speeds from 50 mph to 100 mph. You hear both. You just don’t know. And the fact that Paul’s injuries were very survivable — he had a broken jaw, broken collarbone, broken wrist, and broken arm. All things that he would’ve survived had the car not caught fire.”

Paul Walker Sr. in his Los Angeles home. (Photo: Front Page Media / Splash News)

Walker Sr. isn’t alone in speculating about what led to his son’s untimely death. “I think people will be speculating about Paul’s death forever,” he said. “I watched a documentary about James Dean’s death not a long time ago, and this will be just the same. Paul was kind of reckless with his life. Whether it was performing his own stunts — he’d tell stuntmen, ‘I’m not afraid of anything’ — Paul did stuff that stuntmen wouldn’t do.” One time, Walker Sr. even intervened to try to keep his son out of harm’s way.

“I remember talking to one of Paul’s really greatest friends, Oakley Lehman. I said to Oakley, ‘Don’t be afraid to grab Paul by his shoulders and say, “Don’t be a stupid idiot,‘” Walker Sr. recalled before adding, “Paul must’ve had a sure belief in the afterlife — that’s all I can tell you about that.”

Paul Walker starred in the Fast and Furious franchise. (Photo: Universal/courtesy Everett Collection)

The Fast and the Furious franchise that launched Walker to fame has continued since his death, though his father has had mixed feelings about watching the subsequent films.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it,” Walker Sr. said. “But when I did — thankfully I was surrounded by friends, some who knew Paul since when he was a little kid — and it was really wonderful. We all really liked it. It was a very fun movie. You know, I think Paul would’ve loved it. I can see him saying to me, ‘Dad, you gotta see it; it’s crazy.’ That’s exactly what he would’ve said.” Walker Sr. added, “I think the cast and the directors did Paul proud. I hope the cast all become a bunch of old, toothless men before they stop making them. Paul would be very happy that they made another one.” The way the franchise has dominated box offices worldwide, Walker Sr. very well may get his wish.

Walker’s cast mates also shared a close tie to the fallen star — Vin Diesel in particular. The action hero named his daughter Paulina in honor of Walker, and has repeatedly paid tribute to him during awards acceptance speeches over the past several years.

The pain of the loss of his child still feels very real to Walker Sr., however. Now, three and a half years after his son died, he realizes that Paul’s death has had a profound impact on him. “I’ve become much more considerate, just like he was. I’m more considerate of people, and I realized some of the things he said,” Walker Sr. revealed. “I keep a journal, and I remember the things Paul said when he was a little fellow, and write them down.” He added that as a boy, Paul was very “profound” and “self-reflective.”

Paul Walker with his two younger brothers, Cody and Caleb. (Photo: Front Page Media / Splash News)

Walker Sr. noted, “I remember he once said — and it’s one thing that I wrote down — ‘I love very deeply.’ And he meant that. It’s memories like that which help me get through the day.”

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Very loosely tied-in gifs today. Mainly because Sam isn’t even in this story. Oh well. I wanted to upload this one because I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’m slowly working through requests, but I haven’t gone back and edited any of them - that’s what taking so long. Apologies to @eversonaive for taking so long. 

Hii how are you? You are an amazing writer! if it wouldn’t be too much trouble vould you do an angst/imagine for Bucky where he is kidnapped and wiped by hydra and is made to forget his pregnant wife. Thank you!

“Father for Always”

“He’s on his way.” Steve explained. “Tony’s bringing him in after his psych eval.”
“Okay. Okay.” You whispered frantically. Your arms were folded across your chest and you moved a hand to your mouth to bite your thumb.

Bucky had gone missing during a mission far too long ago and it was through Steve’s persistence and courage that he’d been found at all. It also helped that you had kicked up a storm within Avengers Tower, giving everyone else a reason to want him home too.

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Colin & Season 7

For those upset that Colin says season 7 scripts are the best he’s read, remember he’s probably only read 4 and one of those has Captain Swan scenes in them. That bodes well for us. That means we might get some of the things we’ve been hoping for, like domestic, married CS and a child.

We also have to remember that he is likely to have a larger role this season and more to do since he is a returning cast member. It makes sense that he might react positively to scripts where he is given more to do. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll never complain about more Colin on my screen.

I also think Colin is just trying to get us interested in watching. He knows a lot of fans don’t plan to or are on the fence. Saying these are great scripts does not diminish previous episodes or seasons. It’s not disrespectful. It shouldn’t have the opposite effect and turn people off even more. It should at least pique some fans interest enough to check it out. Yes, he may be overselling, but that’s a part of his job.

johnny and the pucketts (bmw 4)

bullymagnet week, day four: meet the family

read day one, day two, and day three first. (also, forgot to mention last time, but this is now on AO3 as well.)


It’s kind of unclear how it happens exactly. The Activity Club has been very uncaring of Max’s hat plight today up to and including the detention part. Given that Johnny’s friends weren’t caught for the distraction they made and he told them not to wait around, he doesn’t have anyone else to hang with once detention lets out either. And he’s still been – it’s maybe just the gradual realization that he’s had fun hanging out with Johnny this afternoon, but Max kind of doesn’t want to say goodbye just yet.

He doesn’t plan on doing anything about it exactly, but then they get on the same bus home (Johnny shoves Max all the way down the aisle into the very back, then plunks down directly next to him even though there’s enough space for four kids back here) and they’re getting very very close to Max’s stop. He knows that he ran into… onto… Johnny fairly close to his house on his first day, and they’ve met on the way a couple times since then, so it’s not crazy to assume that they live nearby each other. And it’s not like it should be too far out of the other guy’s way, if he could make the trip to Max’s house in the middle of the night so easily.

Plus, he hasn’t really said much since Max stole his hat back. He doesn’t seem mad at all, more like he’s in this kind of quiet mood with a lot of casual shoving involved, and it feels kind of companionable.

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Ok, so the cursed child is infinitely better watched as a play than as a script. The casting is excellent, the special effects were unbelievably good, my mind is well and truly blown.

Also, I got photos and autographs and I am on such a high right now. I will clearly always be a fifteen year old Harry Potter fan girl and I legit just exchanged chit chat with Hermione, Ron and Harry. (Yes the stars but still. Paul Thornley who plays (a perfect) Ron was like hello, and I completely forgot that I could speak and just made a noise instead of words and he laughed at me but was so incredibly nice and waited until I regained the ability to speak. And Noma Dumezweni is a beautiful, credible Hermione and a lovely human being.

And…so I’ve always low key shipped scorbus but I’m utterly sold now…