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RFA HEADCANONS: When You're Upset~

(Hey! This wasn’t a request, but i haven’t posted any headcanons today, and this is the only thing I have idea’s for. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll take a request or two tonight, and it’ll be done either tonight or tomorrow! :D
What they do when your upset~)

• The moment he see’s you even slightly down, he’s already engulfing you into a tight hug.
• He’ll start saying any words of comfort that he can think of, wanting you to brighten up.
• He also makes you your favorite meal, doing his best to make it absolutely perfect for you.
• If you want to be left alone for a bit, he’ll give you your space.
• And when you’re ready to talk, he’s completely ready to listen to you, and help
you in whatever way he can.

• He’ll put his work down for you if he has to, rushing over to be by your side.
• He starts cracking some of his best jokes, trying to get you to smile again.
• If that doesn’t work, he’ll start to soften up, pulling you close to him.
• He runs his hands through your hair, as he attempts to get you to tell him what’s wrong.
• Even if you say you want to be left alone, he’s not going to. After all, when he was upset, you never left him alone.
• He’s 100% willing to do anything for you, so if he has to, he’ll do whatever he can do to get you feeling better.

• If you seem a little down throughout the day, he doesn’t really know what to do, so he just quietly wraps his arms around you, pulling your head into his chest, as he rubs his hand on your back.
• He doesn’t push you to tell him immediately, but after a while, he will want you to tell him what’s been troubling you so he can try and fix it.
• He buys you both a fancy dinner to share together, and even a cute little dessert, not breaking his eyes from your face as you eat. (Creepy? Well, he’s just concerned~)

• At first, he instantly asks who he needs to beat up..but as a joke..kinda?
• He’ll start reciting a few of his more “lovey” or “romantic” lines from past musicals.
• He keeps you close to him, letting you have his shoulder to cry on when you need it.
• Will literally do anything for you.
• no, seriously. Anything.
• Get hungry? He’s rushing to get whatever it is you want.
• Get cold? He’ll wrap you both in a fluffy blanket, making sure you’re as comfortable as possible.
• And when you finally tell him what’s wrong, he’s there for you. He will support you.

• She’s there for you.
• You have always been there for her, she really feels like she owe’s you one.
• She’ll get you a cup of your favorite drink, placing it down infront of you, and then sits down beside you.
• She’ll smile, and open her arms widely.
• She’ll ask you to tell her what’s wrong, and won’t drop it unless you’re seriously uncomfortable with her knowing.
• (She’ll probably put in Zen musicals and start having you both recite the lines together, oops.)

• When he noticed you not being yourself, he instantly gets worried about you. He doesn’t want to see you in such a bad position.
• Without saying a word, he picks you up bridal style, and takes you to his bedroom. (nOT FRICKLE FRACKLE, THANK YOU xD)
• He’ll gently lay you on the bed, wrapping you up in the covers. Once that’s done, he’ll pull out your favorite book, and start reading to you until you can peacefully fall asleep to the sound of his voice.
• If you can’t sleep, he’ll get in bed with you, wrapping his arms around you from behind.
• He’ll ask you what’s wrong, but he won’t pressure you. When you want to tell him, he’s still gonna be there.

• He has no idea how to react.
• He feels his heart start to hurt at the sight of you upset, and just?? What is this?
• He’ll quickly go out of the room (only making you feel worse?)
• but, he goes to his brother for advice.
• His brother tells him that he just needs to comfort you, and make sure to do what he can to cheer you up.
• Saeran still has no clue what to do, but, he decides to get you a bowl of ice cream.
• Once he brings the ice cream up to you, he sets it in front of you, before awkwardly hugging you.
• “Hey, (Y/N)…uh, something wrong..?”
• When you tell him, he still doesn’t know what to do, but he knows this time..he can’t just walk out and ask for more advice?
• So, he tells you what he would do, or some awkward words of comfort.
• And maybe they aren’t the greatest, but his cuteness seemed to be able to cheer you up~

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im not sure if you're still doing hannigram prompts but if so could you do a love confession? thanks!!

Hi there! Yes, I am, I’m merely starting! :) Thanks a lot for the prompt!

4/? Pompt Fills; Hannibal, set in s1

“I love you, Will.”

Will smiled at that; a pleasant warmth, very different and much more intense than the one the hearth had provided him spread across his limbs.

“Oh. I, uh… Well, I’ve also grown quite fond of you, Dr. Lecter. I didn’t picture you as someone who would be so outspoken about his feelings, though.”

Will traced the rim of his glass of whisky with a finger, his eyes fixed on it. He didn’t want to look at Hannibal, because he could feel his cheeks burning, the corner of his lips curving in a much bigger smile than he meant to.

He felt more than saw Hannibal approaching him, and when he didn’t say anything for a long time, Will looked finally up. Will felt his heart aching at seeing the bruises and cuts on Hannibal’s face once again. It didn’t matter how many times he looked at the signs of Hannibal’s fight with Tobias Budge, he always, always felt them as his own.

“I don’t think you understood me, Will…” Hannibal said, and Will’s brow frowned slightly at the gravity in Hannibal’s voice. “I love you. I am… in love with you.”


Hannibal took another step towards him, but respected Will’s space while he stayed frozen where he was.

“When Tobias told me he had killed the policemen, I thought he was talking about you, too. And what I felt… I never want to feel that way again, Will. And that’s when I realized I couldn’t keep- That I had to tell you.”

“Oh…” Will repeated, and he looked at his glass of whisky before setting it on top of the hearth’s corbel. He breathed in and out, shocked at the confession, and then looked at Hannibal again. “Are you- I mean. Is this… is this a problem for our… conversations together?”

“Is that all that matters right now?” Hannibal asked, tilting his head.

“No, I meant… I don’t know if this will be an issue for you?”

“You are technically not my patient, so I’m technically not doing anything wrong by saying this to you. If you’d feel more comfortable discussing this without us having any ties on that matter, though, I can refer you to another doctor right now.”

“No, that’s… Not necessary,” Will assured him, shaking his head, and he was telling the truth. What he didn’t know was why he had brought that up, then.

Hannibal nodded, and they fell silent for what felt like an entire minute, in which the only thing that sounded in Hannibal’s study was the crack of the logs inside the hearth.

“It’s… not a no,” Hannibal whispered then.


“You haven’t told me no. Not yet, at least.”

Will frowned and blinked a couple of times before shrugging a little.

“I guess I haven’t. I… don’t think it’s a no.”

“So could it be a… yes?”
“I- have no idea! I don’t know, I had never…”

Will stopped talking in that moment and realized he was breathing too rapidly, his chest going up and down. He took a deep breath and, when he looked into Hannibal’s eyes again, he felt completely at ease.

“I think it might be. A yes,” he added.

Hannibal smiled then, his eyes lighting up. Before Will had time to process anything of what was happening, Hannibal’s hand came to rest on his neck in a soft touch. Instead of pulling him closer, Hannibal leaned in, giving Will time to move away or push him. He did neither of those things, and when Hannibal paused and looked from his eyes to his lips, it was Will the one who closed the distance, pressing their lips together.

Everything Will had been feeling lately was all right in that moment… And everything he had never felt, he felt it then. Everything felt right.

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Purple Moose, Orange Squirrel, and A Pink Dress

Hello my pretties!! Here’s a fun little fic that I put together for a couple challenges! I hope you enjoy it!

Check out my masterlist for more stories!

Word count: about 2700

Reader insert, no pairing. Characters: Sam, Dean, Rowena

Warnings: slight canon typical violence, but pretty mild

This was written for @whispersandwhiskerburn Much Ado About Supernatural challenge, prompts: Pagan God, Pie, Pranks, Quote: “We have seen better days”

For @motleymoose Kat’s Mediocre Challenge, Quote: “You’re evil! And you!! You're… Scottish evil!”, Song: Drift Away by Dobie Gray, Western setting

And for @beckawinchester Becka’s Birthday Challenge, Quote: “Stop pointing that thing at me!”, Police Station setting

Prompts are bolded in the story! Feedback is greatly appreciated! XO


Originally posted by malasorte-malavita

“Alright, Winchesters! Never fear, your hero has returned!” You burst into the motel room trying your damnedest not to laugh. You pulled the chestnut brown hair dye from the shopping bag.

“You sure we can’t leave it purple, Sam?” he popped his head out of the bathroom, violet locks swaying. He looked freaking ridiculous but you were really trying not to be an asshole about it, so you choked back your laughter, biting your lip.

“No, Y/N. I’m not keeping the purple hair,” he snapped, snagging the box of dye from your hands. His purple head was quickly replaced by the bright orange face of Dean.

“Please tell me you have something to fix this,” he pointed to his face sadly.

“You guys look terrible…” you commented, smirking slightly. Dean glared back at you.

“We have seen better days,” he sassed, highly irritable, his bitchface not nearly as effective when his skin was glowing like a jack-o’-lantern. “Now tell me there’s something we can do for my freaking face…”

Shaking your head slightly, trying not to kick the sad puppy while he was down, you started to pull things out of the bag.

“Squeeze the lemon in with the baking soda and a little water till you have a paste and scrub scrub scrub!” you shoved the baking soda, lemon, and a sea sponge loofa into his hands. He nodded, a man on a mission, and shut the door to the bathroom.

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Hello! I love you're Sherlock sketches (that pin is amazing) and i really love your thoughts on him. I'm a big fan of the original books. While I'm also a fan of the BBC show, Disney movie, and Rathbone movies, I'll admit that they have their flaws. In your opinion, what do you think is the main thing that people misinterpret about his character? Why is it that no one gets seems to get Sherlock Holmes right? (Sorry if that makes no sense) Thanks!

Ah thank you so much! Ahh…so preface: I am no Sherlock Holmes expert! I just really loved the books (read ‘em a lot as a kid). I’m aware that there are a lot of different exegesis/analysis of the character–particularly who inspired him (Dr. Bell, Doyle Himself, etc). But these is just my general thoughts/understanding? also: LONG POST AHOY!

 Confidence vs. Arrogance: Ok, so this I feel is a pretty big one that people get wrong! Sherlock Holmes possesses an enormous confidence in his brain and in his work–and it is described as “bordering on arrogance” but not actual arrogance itself (at least most of the time, he does get on Watson’s nerves if he presumes too much, hah). When Holmes’ confidence is misplaced, he is quick to criticize himself, apologize to whomever, and move the heck on, so that he can fix things…which…the more arrogant portrayals of Holmes struggle to do. Also, Holmes is “eager” (probably the most used description in all the books) not because he is compensating, but because he just loves his job. Thusly, he isn’t as concerned with “getting his man” as he is with solving the crime/protecting innocents. You’d be surprised how many villains get away at the end of these books (Holmes believes they get their just desserts eventually).

  • “‘No, it is not selfishness or conceit,’ said he, answering, as was his won’t, my thoughts rather than my words. ‘If I claim full justice for my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing–a thing beyond myself. Crime is common. Logic is rare.’” (Mystery of the Copper Beeches)

Misunderstanding “The Machine”: In modern interpretation, Watson’s comparison of Sherlock to a “machine” gets lost in translation, I think. In modern sensibilities, we see machines as cold, clinical, incapable of feeling (ie. robots). It is a common critique of Holme’s character in many modern adaptations. However, Watson’s comparison is…more specifically related to the arena of sexuality and romance. “Holmes is as inhuman as a Babbage’s calculating machine and just about as likely to fall in love.” This “inhumanity” is less a commentary of Holmes’ emotional spectrum, and more a bemused observation that Holmes has like 0 interest in having The Sex with anyone. Leading to my next point…

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t hate people: I don’t know what the modern obsession is with having smart/clever character be these sardonic butt-holes with a disdain for the human race and how their brilliance is an excuse for any sardonic butt-holery they do. It is boring and lame, and Sherlock’s character falls prey to this A LOT. But here’s the thing, this guy does not hate people–he just doesn’t always exist to please them (at least in a Proper Victorian sensibility). Holmes does get emotionally involved all the time! He sympathetically listens to people’s stories, he comforts clients when he feels they need it. He is enraged at a man who flagrantly insults his wife, a step-father who abuses his daughters, he talks a woman down from suicide, defends another woman’s perceived infidelity, he even talks to a baby, and yes, it is the purest thing. He also keeps another companion when Watson moves on. Also, he and Mycroft get along? There’s literally a whole couple pages of them goofing off together and complimenting each-other. 

  • “Finally he shook one of the dimpled fists which waved in front of him. ‘Good-bye, little man.’” (The Sussex Vampire)
  • “‘You must not fear,” said he soothingly, bending forward and patting her forearm. “We shall soon set matters right, I have no doubt.’” (The Adventure of the Speckled Band)

Holmes doesn’t hate women???: Eyyrgh, ok so no bones about it, Sherlock Holmes is a product of his time. He says a lot of socially accepted “truths” about ladies–how they can’t be trusted, how they are silly, hair pins, etc. And that is annoying and wrong and we all can agree on that, I think. However, he is always civil to women, and rarely talks over or belittles them–ESPECIALLY when he knows they are being abused or in distress. Also, Irene Adler humbled him Quite A Bit–and a lot of his previous overtures on women change through his experience with her and the other rad ladies he works with. I think he partly senses how systematically misused women are–and he is pretty quick to defend them (See: The Copper Beeches, The Lone Cyclist, The Veiled Lodger, The Speckled Band, The Greek Interpreter, The Dancing Men, Charles Augustus Milverton, The Yellow Face, The Sussex Vampire, among others). Maybe not, but he takes their side 9 times out of 10. Of course, he’s not interested in boinking any of them, so modern (male) writers get confused by this and mistake sexual disinterest for misogyny. :/ 

Also a big pain with me and the modern adaptations is that they change the narrative of the stories to make some of the lady characters awful/justify some shoe-horned in remark against womankind. I got particularly riled by the Brett version of The Greek Interpreter, where the girl (abused in the original book) is secretly in on the whole plot and Holmes sneers at her for heartlessly enabling the death of her faithful brother. Where the heck did this come from???? The book has a great ending (where the girl literally Stabs Her Abusers to death, and escapes the heck outta there), I just don’t get it. >:[ (They did this in the Hound of the Baskerville movie too. akjhfddk) 

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough! Thanks for asking!

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When the RFA boys find out you're pregnant with their child headcannons plz ? ;w;

yes ofc let’s go.  This kinda sorta also integrated to how they also react along the pregnancy??  I guess?? 


  • At first, he kinda freaks out.  He doesn’t want to be a shitty father, and he doesn’t at all want his kid to feel as badly as his mom made him feel if he messes up, or makes a mistake
  • Also worries because his practicing schedule is rigorous; when will he have time for the baby? He’ll obviously have to make time (no questions asks) but he also has to think about his career, which you can understand because it’s a huge part of what’s supporting your family
  • Then realizes that he has the power to make sure this kid grows up in the happiest, more loving household. He’s determined to fix what his parents did wrong for him (i.e., supporting all of his child’s choices, encouraging them, basically being a decent parent)
  • After he realizes this, he gets super excited and into it (”Do you think we need these clothes?” “These are for eight to twelve months; we won’t need it for a long while.” “But still…”)
  • Raves about how beautiful/attractive his unborn child will be, because “They have the most gorgeous father, and the most beautiful mother.  How could they not be?!”


  • Excited right off the bat; he’s amazed that he was able to take part in creating a human life!!!!  He’s ecstatic!!
  • Never stops talking about what kind of a dad he’ll be, and what kinds of activities they’ll get to do together (”Yoosung, they’ll be a baby; you can’t teach them how to play LOLOL until they can at least read” “I know, I know! I just can’t wait until I can!”)
  • Already decided that he will never buy baby food from the grocery store, and orders a food processor online.  That kid is going to get home cooked meals every day (”Yoosung, they can’t eat solid food until they’re at least four months old…” “I’m just getting prepared!”
  • Talks to your stomach all the time.  He just wants to meet them already! You can be on the couch watching TV, and he’ll come over just to talk to his unborn child.  (”We’re going to be the happiest family; I just know it.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to take care of you, okay?”) It’s the sweetest thing ever.
  • The first ultrasound you get becomes his phone background, he gets copies of it to hang everywhere, sends it to the group chat multiple times.  Everyone else is happy for you both, but they’re getting fed up with the “alien-life form spam” as Saeyoung so eloquently puts it (”Hey!  That’s a little me in there!” “Exactly.”)


  • Internally freaks the fuck out, but keeps the coolest exterior he can, because he knows you’re already freaking out about it yourself
    • it’s not that he doesn’t want the kid; it’s that he doesn’t know what to do.  If he reacted how he did for falling in love for the first time, what happens when he has his first kid?
  • Realizes that this is real, and happening, and honestly gets excited.  At the same time, extremely stressed because now he’s working double time.  
  • He wants to give this kid the world, and he knows he can, but for whatever reason, what you both already have isn’t enough.  He needs to work harder so that his kid doesn’t have to
  • You have to remind him that you need him, too, at least for the next nine months.  He can’t be working at all hours, because you’re getting hormonal and getting morning sickness, and insatiable cravings at three AM that he calls Jaehee to fulfill.  Obviously, you make sure to apologize and have her go back to sleep (”She’s my assistant.  This is what I hired her for.” “If that’s what you want, you wanted a maid, not an assistant.”)
  • Doesn’t talk too much about it (he wants to keep everything private from the public eye) but to the RFA members in person, he admits to how excited he is about this


  • At first, he thinks you’re playing a joke, but when you persist and show him the pregnancy test you took, he pulls you to him in a giant embrace, telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is
  • As the pregnancy goes on, he gets anxious about if old enemies will come to harm his new family, but he makes a silent vow to protect his child with everything he has
  • Like Yoosung, talks to your stomach all the time.  When they start to kick, he holds his hands against the bump and says things like, “I know you’re excited, but keep it in there!  I want to meet you, too, but you’re not ready yet!” (to which you reply, “He’s not a meal that hasn’t been seasoned, Saeyoung…” “No, but he’s definitely a bun in the oven!!”)
  • Talks about it all the time (to random strangers too!) (”See this beautiful woman, right here?” “Saeyoung, sto–” “She’s having a baby!  I did that!” “Saeyoung!”)
  • Late night cuddles where he likes to have your back against his chest, just so he can wrap his arms around your mid-section and hold the three of you together
  • Like Zen, gets worried about how he was raised, and how his mother was to him, but realizes that he’s in control of his life now.  He’ll never put his child down the same route of humiliation he had to suffer.
  • Okay but can we talk about UNCLE SAERAN BECAUSE
the zodiac based on ppl I know
  • aries: they just want to be liked but also to be right. have a habit of coming off as 'bragging', self entitled but will feel so anxious about it they'll either apologize or ignore it and hope you'll forget. they want someone to notice them but not be the center of attention. the anxious bean who just want to fix everything.
  • taurus: they'll clean your house, cook you food for the next week and will not ask anything for it, but if you don't thank them, or look grateful they'll burn your house down - no regrets. they're so scared no one will put them first so they put themselves first. they'll try new things but have a habit of falling back into routine. but routine is good sometimes for a Taurus and if a Taurus is happy so is everyone else.
  • gemini: God damn god damn, if you don't like a gemini 9 times out of 10 they've already erased you from their contacts list. honestly zero fucks; but the problem is they actually have too many fucks, they can't hold onto how many fucks they have. So they'll freezer burn you with a cold shoulder but be nervous about it the entire time. they're deathly loyal though but only to a hand full lucky few.
  • Cancer: they're chameleons; they just want everyone to be so happy/comfortable that they'll change their own emotion to fit yours. and damn good at it too. their dog could of died and you wouldn't know unless they told you, and if they do think of it as lucky -they trust you. cancers don't want to burden others with their problems out of trust. they're intuitive, and the people who notice EVERYTHING.
  • Leo: the smooth rollers. honestly Leo's don't remember the difference between Friday and Thursday but know that every other day is so anxiety provoking that they'd rather sleep or make out for 30mins. they're gentle, quiet sometimes but are really damn funny once in a while. they can take up an entire room or you'll forget they came by, but that's how they like it.
  • virgo: if it's not perfect, it isn't worth it. my Virgo friend said that to me and it summed them up perfectly. they get stressed in high pressure situations but look cool and reserved while doing it. they are unconsciously introspective and pull out shit like, "do you ever think about thinking?" so you just hope they nap, or calm down for a second. but they're full of sunshine and without them we'd forget everything.
  • Libra: etherial, you'll remember one forever. they're genuine when it's good for them, kind, funny and charming. they'll leave footprints in your life forever with their beauty and interest. anxious about the lack of confidence they have but only ooze confidence with each breathe. however nothing can be ever wrong with a libra, they're never at fault even for their own mistakes.
  • Scorpio: the smartest people I've ever met. genuine and kind, they can seem spacey so when intelligent and introspective thoughts come from them, it can turn a few heads. they're tough on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside. full of only love and puns.
  • Sagittarius: filled with so much energy you have to ask if they ever sleep, which is.. no not often enough. they just want to be your best friend and tell you about everything they know. they can be overwhelming sometimes but they know that so they dial it down alittle until they burst with love and 80 texts of, "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?" are always thinking about the world around them and how much they're living in it.
  • Capricorn: is that person who is always taken when you're single. it's a rough life but their calm and cool exterior makes up for their tiny trash mess inside. not in a bad way though - capricorns will straight up tell you they're a mess on the DL. they're not serious at all but completely serious about memes. you'll crush on their charm and Cheshire smile but they have a bad attitude when pushed the wrong way.
  • Aquarius: they're so smart but never in the way that counts towards them. they can read situations, give great advice but never follow it themselves. the best at political rally's because they always know what's best to fight for, know every side of the argument and every counter argument. could probably teach it to a rock if need be. have trouble sitting with themselves and their mistakes. but if you need a jeopardy partner pick a Aquarius.
  • Pisces: they just want a good time. they're simple and happy if they want to be. they can make everyone miserable really quick but know that about themselves. more introspective than they come off as (which is ADHD, head everywhere, excited for life and nature). but they know what they like, wants to live simple and happy, so I aspire to their ideals.

So three people requested 79 so here it is. Man I suck at introductions 

79-“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

Its a peaceful day in Newts case, So far none of his beasts are causing trouble and it is just you and Newt. Newt is writing information on his book and you are reading a book across from Newt. You had been his friend and traveling partner for a couple years. 

This was a rare occasion to have peace throughout the case. All the animals were fed and content. You slipped the Niffler a couple of coins so it would keep quiet. You admired Newts face while he was concentrating. 

The way the light shone on his freckles and how his curly hair fell to the side. His small lip bite while he writes. See, you fell in love with the Magizoologist a long time ago, back in Hogwarts. You met up with him after Hogwarts and he asked you to help him study his creatures. He looks up at you and you quickly look away and turn back to your book. 

You became so deep in your book you forgot your surroundings. It was an old muggle favorite of yours, the book was old and tattered but you loved it. Reading it made you smile. Every page brought you closer to the world the book was creating. Newt watched your face as your eyes read the paper. 

Except, while he was staring, he wrote the wrong thing. He scratched out the sentence and tried again. Unfortunately, his wandering eyes landed on your smile again, your soft lips curving into a beautiful smile. While he was smiling at you his hand slipped and spilled ink all over the page he was working on. 

Sighing he ripped the page out and started over again. Once again he looked up except this time you were staring at him with an amused smile on your lips. 


“Y-yes y/n.” 

“you have a bit of ink on your nose” you reach over and take a handkerchief and wipe his nose. 

Both of you are turning red and Newts hand is shaking so bad when he looked down he had drawn scribbles all over the page. 

“Hey y/n, I’m going to need you to quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that” You look at him in surprise. 

“u-uh what” 

“I said, your beauty is distracting my work so if you could not look at me that would be great” 

He looks at you and his eyes widen in realization. 

“I uh I mean uh that i get distracted v-very easi-ily and you're just r-really pretty and um yeah” He looks down in embarrassment. 

“D-do you really think I'm pretty Newton?” 

“I do, believe it or not, I have had quite the crush on you” His voice gets higher with every word. 

“Can I uh kiss you?” You ask quietly to yourself, not wanting the Magizoologist to hear, but he did.

“Um if you really want to then I-I don't mind.” He awkwardly fixes his jacket as both your faces get closer to each other. 

Newt was right, your lips were very soft. 

Oh boy that was kinda short but uh i hope you like it. Also does anyone know links to like really sad newt fics. Because i need something to cry about atm

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Hi, I saw that you reblogged a post recently that commented negatively on TSOA's portrayal of Patrochilles. I had to reread it, but I definitely saw that the second time round- i was wondering what exactly you thought was wrong / how you'd fix it? PS you're awesome :)) I'm a huge fan

Hello and thank you! I will preface this with saying that I don’t hate the book, I thought it was nice the first time I read it, but I have some definite issues with it. This post is specifically addressing the issues I have with the book, so it might seem harsh. I wrote a long post about TSOA on my humorous Alexander the Great blog (I made up a drinking game and everything for this book!), if you want to know more of my thoughts on TSOA, including positive thoughts. Buckle up gentle viewers, this is a long post. 

My issues with how sexuality was portrayed and issues the book had with women:

  • I did not like that Miller tried to force the relationship between Achilles and Patroklos into a modern idea of what a relationship between two men should be. I do not like that this was accomplished by making Patroklos more stereotypically feminine- aka the one who can’t fight, hates violence, and who does the healing (when in the Iliad Patroklos learns healing from Achilles womp).
  • I found it strange that Miller portrays the sexuality of both Achilles and Patroklos as what modern people would consider gay, contrary to how they are portrayed in ancient literature. They are both attracted to women in the Iliad, and I don’t see why that needed to be changed just to show that they’re so ~in love~ with each other (I’m bi, so personally this rubbed me the wrong way). Monogamy was not a big thing back in the Bronze Age/Homeric times, sorry to break it to everyone. And Achilles and Patroklos being sexually attracted to women and other people does NOT make the love between them any less valid or awesome. That is a bullshit modern view. 
  • By changing the relationship between Achilles and Patroklos to a modern monogamous gay relationship, a lot of things stop making sense. Briseis is made into a girl who Achilles and Patroklos save and they have absolutely no sexual feelings for her at all. sureJan.gif. In fact, Achilles and Patroklos go on a modern crusade to save all the slave girls, even though this is completely contrary to their culture and actions in the Iliad. And absolutely nothing on Skyros makes sense if Achilles isn’t attracted to Deidameia. Speaking of Skyros…
  • The treatment of Thetis. I’m really pissed about that. She forces Achilles to have sex with Deidameia- what the everloving fuck was that all about. I’m so not here for Thetis “Best Mom of the Trojan War” being made into a perpetrator of sexual coercion. Nope. 
  • And it’s fucking lazy as hell to make the “mother in law” the villain when she is AMAZING in the Iliad and Epic Cycle. Sidenote: I made an entire post about Thetis being the best. Yes, let’s demonize one of the few female characters- great job there. Miller deliberately rewrites culture and history to make Achilles and Patroklos shining paragons of modern virtue towards the slave women, but then creates an antagonist who has no resemblance to Thetis.

Issues relating to the Iliad/ancient Greek culture and characterization:

  • I HATE that Miller made Patroklos an incompetent fighter to act as the foil for Achilles’ golden boy awesomeness or possibly to make him relatable to a modern audience or whatever the fuck. I do not know why this was deliberately changed from the Iliad where Patroklos is a great warrior and killed 27 men in one line (Iliad 16.785). 
  • What the flying fuck was up in TSOA when Patroklos killed Sarpedon. WHY DID MILLER CHANGE THIS DEAR GOD. Speaking of…
  • A GOD has to fucking take Patroklos down in the Iliad because he was going to take Troy- Apollo literally strips Patroklos’ armor off, destroys his spear, and makes Partoklos confused THEN Euphorbos stabs Patroklos through the back. Doesn’t that say something about his abilities?
  • “Even if twenty Hektors had charged against me- they’d all have died here, laid low by my spear.” -PATROKLOS, Iliad 16.847-848. Patroklos has a much higher estimation of his own abilities than Miller… 
  • I think that sanitizing the Iliad for a modern audience is patronizing. One example: Achilles cuts the throats of 12 Trojan youths over the funeral pyre of Patroklos. This is conveniently left out of TSOA. Miller attempts to make Achilles and Patroklos so relatable to modern readers and modern standards of morality that she must omit or twist events in order to fit her narrative. She also erases character flaws, such as Patroklos murdering a boy over dice in rage because it was just a completely justified “accident” and never having him dwell on it later (even though he literally still feels guilt in book 23 of the Iliad). 
  • Achilles and Patroklos have a boring relationship in this book. Yep, I said it. They never fight with each other, unlike in the Iliad. Patroklos yells at Achilles for being a stubborn asshole in book 16 and Achilles is like “Oh shit you’re right” and lets Patroklos lead the Myrmidons into battle. 
  • One of the main issues that I have which doesn’t relate to the Iliad/ancient texts is that at the end of the book I felt that I had no idea who Achilles and Patroklos were as people. Achilles is a golden boy who like figs or something and Patroklos is a shitty fighter who is besotted with Achilles. That’s basically it. We know nothing of the little things that make people 3-dimensional and well-rounded. We have hardly any inside jokes or embarrassing incidents or anything outside the bare essentials. If you’re going to write an entire book about the relationship about Achilles and Patroklos then fucking go for it. Make them real people, show their flaws, and for god’s sake don’t rely upon Homer to do your characterization for you. 
  • Real Talk: If you have to fundamentally alter pre-existing characters (especially Thetis) to fit your story, then maybe you should reconsider and reevaluate your story. I think this could have been a great book if it hadn’t been about Achilles and Patroklos and the Iliad. Then Miller wouldn’t have been scared to get their characters wrong (as is seen with her doing the bare minimum on characterization) and she wouldn’t have to fundamentally change the events of the Iliad, facets of Bronze Age/Homeric culture, and the characters of epic. 

How would I fix it? I’m not really keen on re-writing the Iliad, since I don’t see how it could be improved, but there are a few ways that a story about Achilles and Patroklos’ lives could be written about in the context of the Epic Cycle. Some things that could be improved:

  • Presenting Achilles and Patroklos with all of their flaws and strengths.
  • Not patronizing modern readers and showing ancient culture and morals as they were, not how we want them to be.
  • Showing Achilles and Patroklos’ mutual love and trust as the foundation of their relationship (not solely sexual attraction). Then show how that grows. And don’t constrain their relationship to modern norms.
  • For god’s sake, throw some jokes in there. Same goes for Renault. 
  • Let Patroklos be his badass but still caring self. And perhaps let him have some thoughts independent of Achilles. 
  • Have the antagonist be something that actually makes some fucking sense. For the Iliad, I’m a fan of death/mortality myself. 

But the biggest issue in TSOA remains: WHERE THE HELL WERE PATROKLOS’ NINE DOGS?!

Block B reaction: He thinks you're cheating only to find out you aren't


A/N:This is complete and utter trash but I’m not about to break my pinky promise so here’s my post for today, I’m tired so I’ll edit tomorrow


He stormed into the house and threw a magazine in front of you that had a picture of you walking with some guy. He was so mad he couldn’t even look at you.

“I know you were with him so who is he?”he said as he glared daggers into the floor

You gave him a confused look and checked to see what he was talking about. You started laughing which of course only made him angrier

“Oh so you think cheating’s funny?”he scoffed while beginning to walk away from you

“JIHO LOOK CLOSER THAT’S MY BROTHER I’M WITH”you yelled after him causing him to freeze in his place

He had never felt like a bigger idiot

“Wait what?”

Originally posted by undo9


You had gone to the bathroom and he had grabbed your phone to play games while you were gone.

Everything was good until you got a message from someone that you labeled with a cutesy nickname asking when you could meet up later.

You came back and asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat.

“No thanks why don’t you go with that guy that’s texting you he seems to be waiting for you.“ he said obviously annoyed

You were surprised by his attitude and grabbed your phone to see who he was talking about.

“Taeil that’s my cousins phone number, his flight barely landed and I wanted to introduce him to you later, I can’t believe you don’t trust me” you said as you stormed off

He watched you walk off and tried to figure out how to fix what he did

“Damn I really messed up this time ”

Originally posted by cupidmog


He walked into you apartment since practice ended early and noticed there was a jacket on your couch that wasn’t his and was definitely to big to be yours

His jealousy got the best of him and he called out your name, not wanting to believe that there could be some other guy here.

You ran down the steps and looked at him with a worried expression

“Jae what’s wrong?“

“I’ll tell you what’s WRONG is there someone else here that I should know about?” He said as he gestured to the jacket.

You gave him a look and grabbed the jacket from him.

“Jae this is my brothers jacket do you not remember…”

“What? How am I supposed to kno-“


His face slowly started to come to realization as he felt a little embarrassed at himself

“I did?….”

Originally posted by cupidmog


He was on his way to get some take out when he noticed you from outside a cafe window. He stared at you confused as to what you’d be doing here alone  until he saw you hug some guy and sit down with him in a booth.

A look of anger flashed across his face and he walked in a found your table to confront you immediately. You had canceled on him all week and he finally knew why.

He didn’t even give either of you the chance to speak

“So you’ve been going out to meet this guy all this time?” he said as he gestured to the guy with anger in his voice 

“Ukwon what are you doing here? This is my-” 

“Did you know she has a boyfriend” he said as he glared at the boy 

“UKWON THIS IS MY COUSIN” you yelled at him while looking around embarrassed at all the customers that began staring at your table.

Ukwon backed up a bit as he was thrown off by your statement. “What?”

“Don’t you remember? I told you last week he was coming to visit and we might not be able to hang out as much because i wanted to catch up with him..”

A look of realization crossed his face and he started apologizing immediately.

“Oh you’re…..the cousin i was hearing about…” 

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Kyung looked over at you for what seemed the billionth time today. You were giggling to yourself as you answered yet another text message from someone.

This is how it’s been all week

He would try talking to you and you’d either completely ignore him or give him short answers before returning to your phone

It was okay at first but now it got to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore and he peeked over slightly at your screen and reading a male name at the top.

“You’re texting a guy“ he stated

You looked over at him to see his serious expression and the first thing you noticed was that it more of a statement then a question but you decided to ignore t

“Yeah” you laughed again at the message on your screen

“oh” was all he told you

“Is there something wrong?” you asked him sincerely

“No I just find it weird that you’d rather talk to another guy then your own boyfriend, is there something else going on?”he asked

“What do you me– wait are you seriously thinking that in cheating on you or something?” you said, finally putting two and two together

He looked you in the eyes and tried to remain as calm as possible

“Well you’ve been ignoring me all week for some other guy, what am I supposed to think?“he said somewhat snappy, his jealousy was getting the best of him and he felt it

You put your phone down, clearly there was a misunderstanding, but you also felt bad at the way you have been ignoring him

“I’m not cheating on you jagi, I’m texting my sisters husband because he has no idea what to get her for her birthday second of all we’re thinking of what to get her for her birthday and he’s recommended some pretty hilarious stuff look”

you said as you handed him the phone

Kyung gave you an apologetic look and he felt like the biggest idiot on the planet

“oh well that explains everything doesn’t it?” 

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He noticed you had been working a lot more recently and you wouldn’t be home until really late at night. he found it a little strange at first but he decided to shake it off

It wasn’t until you were less frequent in return if his calls and messages that he started to worry a bit

He wondered if work was really where you were going to but decided not to ask you about it

One day before you were headed of to work you popped in the shower and left your phone on the dresser

He debated on whether or not he should but he decided just to check just to be sure

He unlocked your phone and saw that you had a message from some guy named Brian talking about how he can show up around 4

He noticed that you had loads of messages from him about meeting you at different times and he threw your phone on the floor angrily as he got up and paced around the room.

You came out of the shower and noticed his distressed state

Minhyuk are you alright?“

“No I’m not ALRIGHT, let me ask you something (Y/N) are you cheating on me?”

he said in disgust as he gestured to the phone he had thrown on the floor

“What are you talking about?”

you asked genuinely confused as you reached for your phone from the floor

“oh you and Brian know exactly what I’m talking about, staying out later than usual (Y/N) how could you do this? he scoffed

It immediately clicked in your head what he was taking about and your eyes watered a little at the fact that he thought you would actually cheat on him

“Minhyuk I’ve been coming home late because I’ve been working more hours so that I could have the week off next week like you do and we could spend some time together, Brian is the new intern and I’m trying to fit him into the schedule that’s all

You sniffled a little and he felt like a complete jerk. He came closer to you and tried his best to say how sorry he was

“You know I love you right?

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He noticed how much more you were dressing up and he thought it was a little weird since it was so different from what you normally wear.

Don’t get him wrong he absolutely loved how pretty you were dressing but he wanted to find out the reason.

He didn’t really want to question it that much but he also noticed you were also going out a lot more than normal.

He started to get thoughts he shouldn’t have and he got a little frustrated not really knowing what to think

The possibility of you dressing up and going out more to meet someone else made him extremely jealous

He stopped you before you were leaving one night and his curiosity got the best of him and he asked you outright.

“Jagi where are you going?

The question threw you off seeing as you weren’t expecting him to ask

“I’ll be back in a few don’t wait up for me” you said as you threw him a warm smile

You were almost out the door when he shouted after you

“Who is he?”

you turned to look at him incredulously, you had absolutely no ideas who he was talking about.

“What are you talking about?

“You’re always leaving all dressed up and you never tell me where you’re going, I just want to know what’s going on” he said

“So the first thing you assume I’m doing is cheating?” you said angrily, you tried calming yourself by admitting that you haven’t been completely honest with him

“Look jagi, in trying to get a new promotion at work so I’ve been trying extra hard to get it, me and my boss meet up and she’s interviewing me for the position, I didn’t tell you about it cause I was gonna be embarrassed if I didn’t get it..” you said shyly

He stared at you and wished he hadn’t said anything. He felt like an idiot for not trusting you.

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-Admin S

anonymous asked:

Hi~ I just wanted to say that you're my favorite scenario blog by far. Your writing is so great and I thoroughly enjoy reading everything you create. Plus, you're adorable. So I've been rewatching Happy Camp and I noticed that behind the boys are a couple translators. I want to be a translator myself, so seeing that gives me so much hope. Like maybe in the future I'll translate for EXO omg. But I was wondering if you could write a scenario where you translate for Kai? If not, np. Thank you ・v・♡

♡ thank you omg! 
here’s some cute kai where you’re his translator for a concert and he keeps getting close to you on stage and afterwords he confesses?!?

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You're Just too Good to Be True

Sequel to I’m Not that Girl which was requested by several anons

Warnings: None
A/N: The characters Ron, Harry, George, Hermione, and Angelina belong to J.K. Rowling. The idea of the Yule Ball also belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling.

The dress was inspired by (x).

Masterlist here

“You know what we should do y/n, we should get you a gown for the Yule Ball!” Hermione exclaimed. You hadn’t planned on going unless George had asked you, but by the way your friends were nodding no was not an option.

“I’ll even take you as my friendly date,” Ron offered, a scone in both hands. You shook your head. There was no way you were allowing him to cancel on his date.

“You can’t cancel on Padma Ron it’s really rude,” you scolded. Ron rolled his eyes at you and began nibbling.  “How are we going to find a dress for the ball this late? It was hard enough to find your dress, and you bought yours ages ago.” You remembered spending all day dragging Hermione all around Hogsmead until she found her dress.

“I’m sure they’re not out of every dress. We’ll find you something I promise,” Hermione reassured you. The four of you finished your tidy snack and then it was Hermione’s turn to grudgingly take you around to all the shops. Like you predicted, all the shops save one, were out of gala worthy dresses. All the ball worthy dresses in the single shop were rather simple in your opinion, but Hermione insisted that you try them on.

The current dress you had on was the best of the ones you pulled. It was a simple strapless A-line white tulle dress that flattered your body nicely.

“Hermione I’ll look absolutely invisible in this humble dress,” you moaned. Hermione furrowed her eyebrows and stared at you in the dress.

“I think you can make it work y/n. I have a couple ideas of how we can spruce it up just a bit,” answered Hermione as she motioned for you to spin around. “Yes this is the one y/n. I’ll fix it up a by the ball don’t you worry.”  Reluctantly you paid for the dress and crossed your fingers that Hermione would develop some way to spruce it up.  


A week passed by and Hermione refused to let you see your gown. However, Hermione continued to assure you that the dress was perfectly fine and that you would love it. Tonight was the main event and you were terrified that the dress would be as plain as you remembered.
“Hermione, do I really have to have a blindfold on while I put this dress on?” you questioned as she helped you slide it on.

“I want you to see it the first time on you not on some hanger,” she replied as she slowly zipped you up in the dress. With one final tug on the dress, Hermione removed your blindfold. The dress looked exactly the same as before and your face fell. “Now before you get upset just give me one second.” Hermione pulled out her wand and uttered a spell you never heard of. Suddenly, your dress transformed right before your eyes; golden vines were weaving their way down the fabric while tiny golden flowers bloomed alongside them. The simple dress was everything that you could hope for.

“Oh Hermione this must’ve taken you ages,” you cried in excitement.

“Oh nonsense it was in a book I read over a week ago. Now let’s finish prepping the rest of you,” Hermione waved her wand again and transformed your hair into soft waves that glistened in the light. Hermione was a miracle worker, and you wouldn’t let her forget it.

“Hermione, you are an amazing human being you know that?” You couldn’t stop twirling in your new dress.

“Come on y/n, let’s get down there before you make yourself too dizzy,” Hermione laughed as you locked arms.

The grand hall was packed with people down below, but the stairs remained terrifyingly empty. Once you walked down the stairs, all eyes would be on you. Your heart was pounding and your nerves were starting to get to you.  Hermione, being more observant as ever, offered you a reassuring squeeze,

“You look absolutely stunning y/n. All stares tonight are good ones I promise. ” Hermione was never wrong, so you followed her lead down the stairs. She was the picture of confidence never once looking down as she entered the room. You on the other hand kept avoiding eye contact and focused on not tripping down the stairs.  When you arrived at the bottom, both Ron and Harry were all grins.

“Hermione and y/n you two look absolutely fantastic,” Harry remarked. You looked over at Ron to gauge his reaction, but he was completely silent. He was consumed with staring at Hermione.

“You three best be off to your dates. Harry save me a dance won’t you?” you teased. You headed over to an empty table to wait out the first dance. Just as you were fanning your dress out to get comfortable, your eyes met George’s. He looked dapper in his suit, and your heart couldn’t help but leap. He’s here with Angelina not you, you thought to yourself. As long as he didn’t come over to talk to you, you would be able to survive the night. When you looked up to see him, you realized he was walking toward you.

“Wow y/n, you look incredible,” George observed as his eyes scanned your body.

“Thanks,” you pushed a lock of hair behind your ear, praying that you wouldn’t blush at the complement. “Where’s Angelina?”

“She’s around here somewhere. The girl didn’t want me to pick her up and bring her here. She wanted me to find her. I just found you first,” George looked at you again. Your heart couldn’t handle being this close to him; all the pain of not being with him was rising, and you held back the urge to cry.

“George you should go find Angelina. She probably wants to dance with you,” you mumbled and looked away. You didn’t bother to look in his general direction again until you heard footsteps walking away. What were you thinking coming to the Yule Ball if all you could think about now was how some other girl was on George’s arm.

“You still up for that dance y/n?” Harry asked as he sat by you.

“I guess now’s a good a time as ever,” you sighed. Harry turned to face you a look of concern in his eye,

“Did something happen? Did George come over and say something to you,” Harry inquired. You nodded slowly tears filling your eyes. Harry wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back comfortingly. “Hey now a girl as lovely as you shouldn’t be crying at the dance. She should be leaving others heartbroken.” You couldn’t help but laugh at Harry’s snarky comment. “Come on y/n, let me dance with you. I need to warn you that I’m as bad as they come for dancing.”  

Immediately, Harry and you began swaying to the music. Your head rested on his shoulder as your eyes closed. What would you do without your friends by your side? Speaking of which, a very determined Hermione was walking toward the two of you.

“Sorry to break this up, but George and Angelina just got in a huge row. She left his stranded on the dance floor,” Hermione exclaimed.

“You have any idea what the two of them were arguing about?” Harry queried. You didn’t really want to know; it wasn’t your business to know what George and his date argued about.

“It was about y/n. Apparently, he couldn’t take his eyes off you all night,” Hermione smirked. You scanned the room to look for George again. He was standing against the wall, watching you.

“Do you think I should go and talk to him?” you asked. What if you were misreading the signs with George again? You didn’t know what you would do if he dismissed your affections once more. Harry and Hermione nodded at you and shooed you toward George. Every step you took toward him made your feet feel like cement blocks. By some miracle, you made it in front of him. Every nerve in your body was on edge,

“What happened to your date?” you asked innocently. George bit his lip, his brown eyes meeting yours,

“We got in a fight, and we figured it was best to spend tonight separately.”

“What was it about George?” you pressed. This may have made you appear like a jealous idiot, but you didn’t care. Maybe by some slim chance George had feelings for you and that was one chance you were willing to take.

“Did you want to dance y/n? I could really use a dance,” he put his hand on your arm and you froze. There was a part that wanted to say yes, but you knew your heart couldn’t take it if this was just another friendly gesture. Reluctantly you pulled your arm away.

“George, what was your argument about,” you prompted. George put his hand through his hair and sighed.

“I like you ok,” he stammered. Your heart was racing, did he really say what you thought you heard. “I kept looking at you all night, and it just hit me. I think I’ve always liked you y/n; I just thought you didn’t feel that way toward me.”

“Oh George, I’ve been waiting to hear that for such a long time,” you closed the space between you as you pressed your body into his. The two of you stayed like that for a long time. Both your heart and stomach were doing cartwheels for joy and you couldn’t be happier. Then George whispered in your ear,

“How about that dance?”



coralscanvas  asked:

Is this where I ask for scenarios? Sorry I've never requested something before! Could I have a scenario where Kakashi or Itachi (or maybe both if you feel up to it) comfort their s/o after they've had a stressful, frustrating, upsetting day? Maybe a painting got ruined or writing (like mine, I had a massive story like 58 pages and then it corrupted and I can't get it back D:) I love your blog by the way! You're (all? is there more than one person on here?) doing an awesome job! <3

We owe Narutoro a huge thanks for offering to lend a hand at writing up the asks we have in our inbox,please give ‘em some love. Both myself and Mod Whipski are deeply sorry for the lack of activity, day to day life and university has got us caught up. We hope to resume writing soon.

~Mod Frizbie

A/N: here, as promised are the drabbles in response to the Kakashi/Itachi comforting their s/o request. As always, we’re sorry for any/all grammar/spelling mistakes and ooc-ness, however, we hope these will be enjoyed. Also, sorry their so long. We got a little carried away.

- Narutoro.

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Prompt 774: "You're adorable."

Requested by: Anonymous
Reader x Lafayette
Author’s Notes: My first imagine! I hope you all like it! Also, I take Spanish, not French, so any and all French in this imagine came from Google Translate. If I’ve made a mistake and someone wants to correct me, I’d appreciate it. Enjoy!

Flour Girl

“What’s something that says ‘I’m really sorry I broke your lamp, and I’ll fix it as soon as possible?’” you thought to yourself as you swept pieces of the shattered lightbulb into a dustpan.

You had never been known for your gracefulness, and that had been proven once again just a few moments ago when you had stepped on the leg of your pants and fallen face first into the lamp in the corner of the living room. You felt terrible about it. Lafayette loved to sit by that lamp and read when the two of you were having a quiet night in your apartment. However, there was no way you could get it replaced before he returned home, which was in half an hour. That left you in your current situation: What could you do to make up for it?

Suddenly, an idea formed in your mind. You quickly made your way to the kitchen, and climbed on the counter to retrieve your dusty cookbook from the top shelf. Cookies were a good apology, right? Plus, they would be finished before Lafayette got home. Nothing could go wrong.

It took you about five minutes to gather the ingredients you needed, which left you with fifteen minutes to mix up the batter if you wanted the cookies to have time to bake. This didn’t pose a problem quite yet.

The first thing you did was soften the butter, which happened without incident. Then you measured out the different kinds of sugar, and added eggs. Ten minutes left on the clock, and so far so good.

You turned your attention to the dry ingredients. Measuring the salt and baking soda quickly, you began to sift the flour.

This was fine at first, until you mistakenly dropped the sifter on the floor and it rolled under the table.

“Not a problem,” you thought, peeking at the clock. You still had five minutes before they needed to be in the oven. Retrieving the dustpan from the closet in the hall, you picked up the sifter and swept up the spilled flour.

As you started to stand up, you accidentally hit your head on the corner of the unstable wooden dining table. The bag of flour, which balanced precariously on the edge, fell off. You tried to catch it, but only succeeded in putting a large tear in it with your fingernail, causing more flour to fall out. The bag hit the floor, dousing you (and most of the kitchen) in white powder.

You really should have just made a card.

You glanced at the clock once more. Laf would be home in ten minutes. “So much for cookies,” you muttered as you returned to the hallway closet for a larger broom. By the time you finished brushing off the counters, you were still covered in flour. Plus, you hadn’t even started sweeping the floor, and the pain in your head where you bumped it was worsening by the minute.

You had just finished dumping the last of the flour in the trash when you heard a key turning in the lock on the door. Oh no.

“Y/N?” you heard Lafayette call.

“In here,” you answered.

He came around the corner. “Ah, mon amour, there you-”

Lafayette stopped mid-sentence. In truth, you figured you were quite a sight, covered head to toe in flour and a bowl of unfinished cookies on the table.

“Surprise?” you said sheepishly, breaking the silence.

“How…what are you…are you okay?” he managed to get out.

“Laf, I’m really sorry,” you told him, blushing through the layers of flour coating your face. “I tripped and broke the lamp in the living room, and I felt bad, so I thought I’d make cookies to apologize. It was going really well, I swear! Then I dropped the sifter and I hit my head on the table when I picked it up, and then the flour bag fell but I ripped a hole in it when I was trying to catch it. All the flour exploded and I guess I didn’t finish sweeping it up.”

You were rambling now, and talking very animatedly as you explained and profusely apologized for what happened. You didn’t notice that a small smile had crept on to Lafayette’s face until he took your hands in his and interrupted you.

“Mon cheríe, you are adorable, you know that?”

“I’m really sorry,” you said again, looking at your feet.

“It’s nothing. Let’s get you cleaned up, oui?”

You changed your clothes, and then Lafayette helped clean the wound on your forehead. Then you washed the flour out of your hair, and went to work on the kitchen floor. Lafayette joined you, and the two of you got the task done in just a few minutes. When all of the flour was finally cleaned up, you wrapped your arms around him. “Thank you, Laf,” you said, not letting go.

He gently kissed the top of your head. “Je t'aime, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you replied. After a moment, you pulled away. “Hey, Laf, do you think we can still make cookies? They’re already half-finished.”

“Of course,” he said. “But, Y/N?”


“I think we might need to get more flour.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do a short fic/one shot of an imagine I saw. Basically it was "Imagine during one of your many patching up sessions Daredevil tries to make a move on you, but you turn him down because you're in love with your colleague Matt Murdock." Could end with DD giving advice to Reader on how to approach him, bc he probably has liked Reader for a while too! Thank you so much in advance! I can't wait to read it!

Thit, I can’t feel my nothe.” You cross your eyes, looking at the center of your face irrationally. That’s what you get for jumping into a fight when you were outnumbered, sure, but that didn’t mean you had to like it. There aren’t any mirrors in the warehouse you split with Daredevil, so you have to prod at it, feeling the break under your fingers. 

A few paces behind you, you hear Daredevil swinging his billy club in a casual motion. “I could set that for you, you know.” He catches it again, the two sticks clacking together. He puts them to the side before he enters your peripheral view. You start to unwrap your fists, using the edges of the bandages to wipe the blood off of your nose. “It’d be a nice change of pace- I’m usually on the other end of the bloody nose.”

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advice for (people i actually know with) the zodiac signs
  • aquarius: don't be so trusting. giving people the benefit of the doubt is all well and good, but some people really are just assholes. you are such a sweet, joyful, glowing presence and most of the people who cluster around you adore you and would never mistreat you, but some people like to attach themselves to nice people and then walk all over them. it's not bad or mean to be a little suspicious of people's excuses and motives, especially if they always seem to have good reasons to blow you off.
  • pisces: don't let the bastards get you down. i know you hate conflict so i'm not going to tell you to bite back when people are sniping at you (unless you want to, in which case, i fully support that) but i also know it's frustrating to just sit there and wait for someone to get done bitching you out. here's the thing: only you have all the information, only you can make decisions about your life. and even if you make a wrong choice? well, it was yours to make, not your mom's or your friend's or whatever. nothing the critics say matters. what's important is that you take care of yourself. remember that.
  • aries: be pushier. i know this is totally anti-stereotypical aries advice, but i also know you. passive resistance and stubbornness are your superpowers, but that can turn so easily into mute, inert refusal. be more active, make demands, don't let yourself be silenced so easily. it makes sense to pick your battles, but if something is really important to you, don't be afraid to be vocal about it even if it pisses people off. sometimes outright aggression is the only way to get things done.
  • taurus: it's okay to be rude to assholes, you know. if someone's being a dick to you, smack them down. you'll feel like a badass after and it might make them leave you alone, two birds my friend. being nice and polite is important, but the world will not stop turning if you piss someone off. you really don't need to be so circumspect. not everyone is as reasonable as you are.
  • gemini: it's ALL RIGHT to not always get along perfectly with everyone 100% of the time. people still love you even when they're annoyed with you about something. you deserve to have your needs met, it's not a burden. you are honestly incredibly important to so many people, i know you feel like a crazy whirlwind constantly making mistakes but you bring so much love and joy to the people who care about you. you don't need to be afraid that they'll hate you if you mess up.
  • cancer: not everything has to be part of your plan for it to be ok. sometimes random shit happens and it's awesome. don't be afraid of the unexpected; don't be afraid to step off the path you have all laid out for your life. i know your comfort zone is incredibly important to you and you build high walls around it for a reason, but stick your head out the gate now and then. good things come in weird packages sometimes.
  • leo: you *can* trust people, you know. your friends don't *only* like you and value your presence because of how cool and fun you are and how much they dig the energy you project. i know you hold a lot of things back for a reason, but the image people have of you won't suddenly crumble if you confide in them a little. they care about you and i bet they'd love to hear more about how you're doing.
  • virgo: like, make your bed. it won't actually give you control over the whirling vortex of terror that is your life, but at least now you have somewhere tidy and comfortable to sit and that in and of itself will help you relax. this is really easy for me to say, but let go of trying to fix everything. sometimes carving out a little oasis of order amid the chaos is all you need.
  • libra: just because an idea is fun doesn't mean it's good. you're really awesome and people love to be around you because you're great company, but sometimes your cleverness and wit get you into trouble and you're left feeling guilty and upset for proposing something that wound up being a little less hilarious than everyone had hoped. you have good instincts, but remember to weigh the odds of a thing going badly before you do it.
  • scorpio: you deserve to be treated well! like, really well. you have no idea how important you are to the people who love you, but so many other people in your life treat you badly. if you're giving somebody more than they're giving you, if they make you feel tired or hurt or anxious or upset, walk away. you deserve people who light up your life the way you light up everyone else's.
  • sagittarius: you should cut loose more! it won't make you look immature or dumb. i don't mean go out and get faced if you don't want to but like, have another beer, take a dance class with your girlfriend, do that thing you refuse to do because you're nervous you'll say something stupid and look bad in front of other people. you're already a cool person, and that will still show through if you chill out a little.
  • capricorn: spend more time outside your bubble. i'm not saying your bubble is bad, but there's so much worth learning about the world and other people. you don't have to toss all your dreams and wishes out the window, or agree with everything you hear or see or read, but it's good to challenge yourself. the more you know, more informed you are in making decisions about your own life, and if your plans and convictions hold up they'll be that much stronger for the testing.
Party Boy Heartbreak (Luke)


When your boyfriend came home from the states, you couldn’t have been more excited. You thought everything was going to go back to how they used to be before he left.

But you were wrong.

Since he had gotten back, the only thing he did was party, party, party.

And oh yea, 


He usually came home around 2 or 3, if not later, and went straight to bed, always to drunk to even make out a proper sentence. 

During the next day, he did nothing but sleep, regenerating for the next night of partying.

This in turn left you to do nothing but sulk at home, hoping at least once he would realize what he was doing to you, but he never did. 

So now here you were, awake at 9 in the morning, watching your boyfriend sleep peacefully. Sighing, you moved your hand to push back his blonde hair, giving him a light kiss on his forehead.

Getting off from the bed, you felt him stir, hoping he was about to pull you back into the covers with him like old times but all he did was grab a pillow, cuddling it instead. 

Walking out of the room, you were completely fed up. He leaves in less than 2 days for tour and if he wasn’t going to give you the attention you wanted, you would make him.

Normally in the mornings you tried to be as quite as possible, barely making any noise, but today was going to be different.

Slamming the refrigerator with way more force than necessary, you started making breakfast for yourself. Any chance you got to make a loud sound, or crash, you took it. You slammed the cabinets closed, turned on the garbage disposal, even making a point to “accidentally” drop one of the glass plates. 

Eventually you heard a series of cuss words followed by groaning, causing you to smirk to yourself as you went to sit on the couch. 

Once sitting, you saw him walk past you, heading into the kitchen, not even bothering to acknowledge your presence.

Morning grumpy pants” You muttered, turning on the TV.

Instead of answering, you heard him slam one of the cabinets shut, walking out of the kitchen looking annoyed.

You know, its a shit thing to be so loud when someone is obviously still sleeping”

Rolling your eyes, you glanced at him feeling your heart drop a little. The boy in front of you wasn’t the same boy you fell in love with. You didn’t really know how to explain it, but he was just… different.

Gone in his blue eyes was the usual lightness, replaced by a cold hard stare. His usual playful smirk was now nothing but a scowl.

Well its also a shit thing to go out every night forgetting about your girlfriend. But hey, you don’t see me complaining.”

Huffing, he started making his way back to the bedroom.

Jesus, don’t even start”

Finally breaking, you threw your plate down on the table and started following him into the room.

You know what I am going to start, this is completely bullshit Luke”

Walking into the bedroom you heard him groan and throw a pillow at you.

Yea well I’m ending whatever conversation this is about to be. Get out so I can sleep”

Pissed, you threw the pillow in his face, causing his to bolt up off the bed, staring at you in disbelief.

God what is wrong with you today?!”

Shaking, you felt warm tears brimming you eyes, and you let out everything you had been bottling up this whole week.

You want to know what’s wrong with me? You’re what’s fucking wrong with me. Before you came home from the states, you kept saying how much you missed me, missed us and how you were going to make everything better when you came home. But ever since you got back, all you do is go out. Never once have you said more that 5 words to me. Instead, you save all your energy for your party friends”

Rolling his eyes, he sat on he edge of the bed, glancing up at you.

So basically what your saying is, I’m not allowed to go out and see my friends?

Letting your mouth drop, you felt yourself fill with so much rage.

That’s not what i fucking meant and you know that! I don’t care if you see your friends. I know how much you miss them when you’re away but i just thought you missed me a little more than them. You know, BECAUSE IM YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND.”

Shaking his head, he got up from the bed, walking over to the closet, grabbing his black converse.

“Im not doing this right now, you’re being over dramatic”

You watched him put on his shoes, not believing he was about to walk away from this.

Where are you going”  you asked, hearing your voice crack at the end, trying to keep from completely breaking down.

To Calum’s”

Brushing past you, he walked over to the kitchen, grabbing his keys off the counter.

Luke don’t you dare walk out that door. Im not done talking to you, we need to fix this”

Well like i said earlier, I’m done talking to you. You're overreacting about this whole situation and I’m not going to put up with it. Theres nothing to fix.”

Right as he was about the open the door to leave, you blurted out the first thing that ran through your mind.

If you walk out that door, I swear ill be gone by the time you get back.”

Watching him spin around, you actually thought he was finally going to fight for you.

But you were wrong.

The next words that left his mouth, would leave you completely broken.


Turning back around, he stalked out the door, slamming it as hard as he could.

Blankly staring, you didn’t know what to do. 

You hadn’t meant to say those words. 

You didn’t mean it. 

They just fell out on their own. 

But his words, 

those were different.

You didn’t know if he meant it or not, but the way he’s been acting all week, you really didn’t feel any other choice but to believe it. 

Completely numb, you walked back to the bedroom and started packing a duffle bag, filling it as much as you could. The whole time you were grabbing your things, you kept hearing his words echo repeatedly, bouncing from wall to wall.



You honestly should have seen this coming from the beginning. He was Luke Hemmings, he didn’t need you around anymore. He had the band, fans, girls a million times prettier than you would ever be and you knew that

He knew that. 

He could do so much better than you.

Feeling completely broken, you took one last look around the house, feeling every memory with him shattering right in front of you. 

Sighing, you made your way out the door, knowing it was probably the last time you would ever see Luke again.

Even if this wasn’t what you wanted, you knew it was what he wanted, so you left without a single goodbye. 


Part 2

perla-speedofsound-adventuring  asked:

So I see you're into BCB! I wanted to get someone's opinion on this. Why do you think that in the current chapters Paulo is ignoring Daisy? I'm thinking it has to do with Abbey and what happened at the con but I'm not sure

oh i am SUPER into bcb

paulo is ignoring daisy because of fuhrer abbeys threat

and then in the beach chapter, the entire paulo daisy phone conversation…erghhh

paulo never told daisy what abbey did. daisy has no idea paulo got attacked. daisy is finally sticking up for abbey (honestly re-read golden hour, its good for understanding this entire…mess lol)

so like….this entire mess? its everyones fault. 

(hey read more cause this post is crazy long)

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anonymous asked:

#13! You're too wonderful!

Ways to say ‘I love you’….#13 ‘In a letter’

It was the morning after she’d moved into the Madison Avenue apartment. Their apartment.
Therese had been sipping a cup of tea at the kitchen bench, dressed in nothing but her robe. Carol had swept out of their bedroom, hair immaculate, but only half dressed and after brushing her lips against Therese’s temple she had just tossed it in the trash without a word, making a beeline for the coffee pot.
She had listed the things she had to do that day, talking half to herself and half to Therese, and then, mug in hand, she had slipped back down the hallway to the bathroom.

Curious, Therese had stared at it, resting atop various scraps, thin and leather bound. A journal? For a millisecond Therese sat up bolt right at another idea, a little black book? But she had relaxed upon deciding that Carol wasn’t the type.
Setting her tea down Therese had rounded the kitchen bench and lifted the book off the trash, opening the cover and allowing the pages to flick through her fingers. No words had jumped out at her, and there had been  many pages between entries that just remained blank, but Therese recognized Carol’s cursive, somehow always running the line between scrawl and art. There hadn’t been any lines on the pages, and Carol had apparently just opened the book and started writing wherever she pleased. Unsure, Therese had allowed herself to read a few words from the back of the book, ‘He instructs me to write down my thoughts and feelings-’
She had looked up from the book then, repulsed, understanding Carol’s need to throw the damn thing out, but as she had looked down to extract her finger from between the pages she caught a glimpse of it.
Her stomach had taken a sharp turn and she had closed her eyes briefly, before looking back down. It was written in the bottom corner of a page, like an afterthought, even though it was anything but.

'Darling, people say the nights and the mornings are the hardest. That the brief moment in which you imagine someone waking up next to you and going to sleep beside you, only to remember they aren’t there, is the worst of it.
That’s rubbish.
I take comfort in those moments.
The hardest, is the rest of existence.
The cigarette I smoke without being able to offer you one. The moments my hand reaches, wanting to gently brush against yours, only to close on empty space.
No, dearest, what people say isn’t true.
People also say that you and I are an abomination - against the natural order of things.
Nothing has ever felt so natural to me as holding you.
People say a lot of things.
People are wrong.

I should’ve liked to have told you that I love you.’

Almost dumbly Therese had placed the book back in the trashcan and leaving her tea steaming on the counter, eyes brimming with tears, she had made her way into their bedroom.
Carol had turned quickly, brightly, when Therese had entered the room, both hands fixing her left earring. She had faltered at the look on Therese’s face. Her smile fading quickly, a crease of worry lining her brow.
Therese had let the tears roll down her cheeks and how Carol had managed to understand it she would never know, but Carol suddenly blanched, hand reaching up to touch the hair on her forehead.

Her voice was gravel when she spoke, tired, 'You read it.’
For a while, all Therese had been able to do was nod, and then, standing in the middle of their bedroom, a few tears streaming down her cheeks, 'Carol I’m so sorry that that-’

Carol hadn’t even looked up, eyes fixed on some unknown spot on the carpet behind Therese.

After a pause Therese was almost fierce, 'You can tell me now though.“

A few more seconds and Carol had looked up, tilting her head fractionally to the side. The slight tremble in her voice had been the only thing to give her away, 'I love you.’

Therese had wrapped her arms around Carol so tightly after that that she feared it might hurt when she had to let go.

March 2016 Horoscopes
  • Aries: Allow yourself a long weekend on March 10th, when several planets in Pisces will lull you into sitting still.. You'll need the rest, because by the end of the month the sun and Mercury will join Uranus in your sign, and once again the chase for adrenaline will be on. Venus is passing through your solar eleventh house of friendships and group activities, so there is really no way you can avoid meeting some new kindred spirits. On March 7th the moon and venus and the moon will join forces in the same spot to help you connect with your new BFF. Venus and Neptune will be in Pisces when they collide on March 20th, and since venus rules money and neptune isnt too keen on details, you'll need to keep a vigilant eye on your money situation. Be careful not to misplace cash, cards, checks, even gift cards, and please, frequently check your balances. The Lunar eclipse on March 23rd will occur in your solar eleventh house of one to one relationships with Libra. Now, this lunation means business, so you might need to make your point forcefully, for the very last time.
  • Taurus: An unexpected invitation to a party or outdoor gathering will probably arrive around March 15th, and you really should go. An easy trine will be formed by Jupiter and Pluto on March 16, and in your case, this is really good news! Both planets will be in earth signs like your own, which are well known for sensuality, and remember, jupiter is still in your solar fifth house of lovers? If you've been thinking of applying to a higher position in your current company, venus will be happy to help. Schedule a chat with your boss NOW. Mercury and venus will get together this month in Pisces, and since both are in your solar 11th house of groups and friendships; an introduction around march 14th could put you face to face with someone sexy who is older or younger than yourself by at least a few years.
  • Gemini: Venus and Aquarius and your solar ninth house of travel and education will absolutely insist that you broaden your horizons this month. Make a spontaneous long distance trip? Maybe new classes to master a computer system? It doesnt matter as long as it feeds your curious mind and spirit. The sun and mercury will set off for your solar eleventh house of friendships on March 19th and 21st, and they'll be joined by fiery aries. This could mean that fireworks will fly and amid a group of friends you're keeping company with, or even that someone you've only thought of platonically will be suddenly quite appealing. Money matters may be a bit confusing this month, especially if you've been working towards a raise, bonus, or promotion and it just isnt happening. Mercury and Pisces are in your solar tenth house of career matters. Get the facts straight before you burn any bridges. Something could be in the works for you behind the scenes. On March 20th, venus will collide with neptune. This is a very romantic team, so you might just run into the love of your life, and it might be a higher-up or superior. On the other hand, you may cross paths with someone who seems perfect at first glance...keep your guard up around them..
  • Cancer: There may be a bit of travel on your agenda this month; Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and then sun will spend a lot of time in your solar ninth house teamed up with nostalgic pisces. If a relationship hasn't been going too well lately, you might decide to terminate it around march 4th or 5th, but before you do, make sure it's what you really want to do. If things have been a big shaky in your financial life recently, you can expect that to end--or at least get a whole lot easier. By the end of the month, all those planets in aquarius will leave your solar eighth house of joint money matters. Your ruling planet, the moon, has two eclipses for this month, both of which will be tricky for all of us to handle. So if you're out of wack around march 8th and 23rd, force yourself to relax and take some time alone to think things over.
  • Leo: Venus will enter in your solar house of shared finances, loans, and inheritances on March 12th, paired with Pisces; a sign that's not so great with details. If you need to sign papers, have someone who knows what they're doing look them over first. Don't allow yourself to be rushed. The eighth house also rules intimate relationships, Leo, so Venus's journey through here could have quit the upside to it. Pisces planets dissolve boundaries. March 26th in particular will bring you a great big dose of it. Jupiter will get together will pluto on March 16th, urging you to think about a management or supervisory position. If you're trained and prepared for it, wonderful. If not, don't jump into anything that won't end well. Two eclipses this month could mean you're due for some great, but changes you weren't expecting, but don't panic! Change is good for the soul, and it certainly makes things interesting. A certain higherup may throw a huge project your way and want it done yesterday.
  • Virgo: Mars will take off for sagittarius and your solar fourth house of home and family matters on march 5th, Virgo, so the pace of life at your place will pick up--big time. By march 13th, the sun, venus, and mercury will all join neptune in Pisces in your solar seventh house. You have propensity for seeing the best in others and wanting to fix them, but on march 14th a situation with authority figures could come up and you won't be able to do anything for a loved one. Don't beat yourself up. Venus will be on duty in your solar sixth house of work and work oriented relationships until march 12th. If you left things on a less than pleasant terms with a coworker or friend, you'll have the chance to make things right. March 14th may be problematic for you, don't be surprised if a child or other family member has a whole lot of complaining to do.
  • Libra: Venus in aquarius will remain on duty in your solar fifth house until march 12th, which is where all kinds of fun things happen. This house describes your playmates and lovers and also your dealings with kids. You can count on a lot of spontaneous good times! If you're not seeing anyone at the moment, that could change, quickly. Your ruling planet, Venus, is making her way through your solar fifth house, and so is aquarius. Needless to say, someone quite unusual could be along shortly, under odd or unusual circumstances. On March 16th, jupiter will form a trine with pluto, and when these two combine talents, all kinds of things are possible. Pluto brings career matters, and jupiter is more than happy to provide lots of opportunities for promotions, not to mention entirely new work. Two eclipses will occur this month, so be prepared. March 8th(the first eclipse) will drop an emotional bomb in your solar sixth house of work, which could mean you'll decide that you hate your job and it isn't worth it anymore. Just be sure to have a backup plan before you storm off in hurricane Libra.
  • Scorpio: You will have your share of adrenaline on or around march 14th. If someone tries to lure you into a no-win debate, just walk away. You're probably getting used to having people come your way who are strays or outcasts, and maybe even animals in the same condition. Neptune has been on duty in your 5th house for a while now, encouraging you to let in the strays and take care of the underdog. That's cute, and we appreciate your effort, but try not to let someone take advantage of you this month. Saturn has entered your solar second house of personal money matters; it's definitely time to take your belt in a few notches(be a lil more frugal). Two eclipses are due this month. The first, march 8th, will plant a supercharged seed of new beginnings in your solar fifth house of lovers, playmates, and dealings with kids. If you've been trying to conceive, prepare for some happy news. On March 23rd, the lunar eclipse will occur in libra and you solar second house of finances, and you may need to collect on a debt.
  • Sagittarius: Mars is set to take off for your sign march 5th, so you're sure to have plenty of energy. You'll probably find yourself craving adrenaline, action, and adventure. Hang on for a little while, and you'll certainly have it. Exciting invitations will be abound! Finding playmates is never hard for you, but this month you're due to come across some really unusual types who might just show you a thing or two about enjoying life. Look to march 2nd for someone really different to cross your path. A meeting with an advisor on march 1st will get your month off to a terrific start. If you're thinking of investing, have someone who knows what they're doing go over the paperwork. Jupiter might just bring you some amazing news on march 16th. March 30th and 31st could be a bit problematic, especially if someone close to you has a rather fiery temperature. You're usually quite good at smoothing things over, either with humor or a philosophical point of view, or both. If they seem more volatile than usual, just stay out of it. Not your circus, not your monkeys.
  • Capricorn: It might not be easy for you to relax this month, capricorn, but thanks to the solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th, you'll be more than ready to speak your mind without filtering out anything via a two second delay. On March 14th, if you want to make up with your s/o it will require an all out admitting that yes, YOU were wrong. Venus and Mercury will make their way through your solar third house of communications, all done up in pisces. Now this could be tough to deal with if you're trying to balance your monthly bills. If you're trying to change careers, you'll have the perfect planetary envoy. Two eclipses will occur this month, and while neither of them will be in your sign their effects will still be quite potent. On march 23rd, the solar eclipse will shake things up in your tenth house of career matters, don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
  • Aquarius: You'll have an opportunity to take off with an interesting friend on March 2nd, and one never knows where you two might end up, but it'll certainly be fun. You might also decide that being just friends with them isn't enough. A lunar eclipse will arrive on March 23rd, done up in Libra. This lunation will take place in your solar ninth house of long lost lovers, so if you suddenly have the urge to see them again, no matter how far away they are from you, think before you hop on a plane and definitely call first. The solar eclipse on March 8th will shake things up in your solar second house of money matters. You might lose your wallet, your cards, or even your cash. Don't agree to any financial obligations. Settle a nagging debt instead. On March 20th, venus will conjoin neptune, both of them in Pisces. This could add up to love at first sight, but it might also mean that someone is sending you mixed signals and you're none too pleased about it. Your mission is to stay calm, ask pointed questions, and let them know you expect pointed answers.
  • Pisces: Your solar first house of personality and appearance is going to get stampeded with planets, so you probably won't get much sleep this month, but you'll definitely have the chance to relax with those closest to you. Venus will tiptoe into your sign on March 12th. If single, someone quite romantic will come to you. Just be sure you're seeing them clearly. If you're attached, you can count on your partner to be sympathetic, understanding, and helpful. If you're after a loan and looking for quick approval, set up your appointment on March 16th or 17th. Jupiter in your solar seventh house of one to one relationships will provide you with someone benevolent and helpful to give you a hand with the details and thorough, practical pluto in capricorn will see to it that the authorities in charge are quite cooperative. A lunar eclipse with libra will arrive on March 23rd, and along with a square between saturn and jupiter, this eclipse might bring along some fireworks in the relationship department. Try to keep a cool head.