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Ugh these fucking anons are terrible, I can't believe someone as cool as you has to deal with this type of bullshit, you don't deserve this and the fact that this anon thinks that it knows everything, but also the fact that I'm also a rivetra shipper and yet I'm disappointed that we have idiots with this ship, but I love your rivamika art and i like rivamika and you do whatever you want to ship and your blog and ignore these dumb haters because obviously they just wanna waste time sending hate

There are idiots in every single fandom. Don’t worry about it.
And you’re exactly right! I Will keep shipping what i want and everyone should do the same.
Thank you for this!!

NCT - cherry bomb theory 🍒

i was trying 2 uncover anything about cherry bomb but kept hitting a dead end??? like rip it was impossible to create a theory ,,, on a pair of cherries ,,,,, & a bomb ,,,,,, UNTIL.

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Hi. I never really felt the need to ask this since I'm not too deep into shipping in this fandom. Yet. (I ship Sheith) but then I started seeing a lot of things sooo now I am wondering how likely do you think Sheith would happen? There's also Kl@nce, I see a lot of people saying that will happen with the relationship development they have and might have up till the latest season and the upcoming one. I don't mind if Sheith doesn't happen but I'd love it if it did :3

I’ve talked about sheith so much, I’ll put it this way–if we get lgbt representation in the form of a relationship between two paladins, really the only thing that makes any sense at this point is sheith. “Keith and Shiro have the closest relationship,” “Keith latches onto Shiro,” “Keith’s constantly scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro,” “Shiro’s stuck his neck out a lot for Keith…and I don’t think he sees it as a burden”–there’s an intensity and gravity to their dynamic that no other two paladins have. From day one there’s been this easy intimacy between them. 

When Shiro vanishes again, Keith lashes out at everyone else and feels that no one cares about Shiro like he does, none of them understand, and meanwhile they all tell him to move on as he adamantly continues carrying a torch for Shiro–it’s like he’s grieving a lost lover. Keith’s desperation and fear of losing Shiro or scaring him away is far more in line with unrequited love than anything remotely familial. The parallels between sheith and zaggar, ect–there’s a lot there. Their relations seems to be built up like a romantic one in the narrative, and whether that’s where we head or not, I’ll never be able to buy that these two love anyone more than each other.

And honestly, I don’t think k/l will happen at all. It seems every time it comes off, the writers steer away from that. They also straight up said it wasn’t happening in one interview when asked if it would be “teased” for fans–as in, queerbaiting. And the writers immediately shut that down and said that it was never their intention for their relationship to be perceived in that way, and that animation is done so far in advance they “can’t just change the story so that–and now they’re in love!” (source)

Interviewer: “I feel like there was a little tease? It seems shippers want to ship Lance and Keith together, so are there gonna be any hints of that at all? Or is it just more like–okay, they’re friends, they’re starting to become friends.”

Lauren: “I think we had a very natural arc in mind for those two. Which is, they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”

Joaquim: “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.”

Lauren: “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!

Joaquim: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?”

Most recently, when asked in one interview about Lance’s “future Mr. or Mrs. Blue lion” the writers responded exclusively with female pronounces. (source) I’m pretty certain we’ve already been told k/l isn’t happening and was never their intention. 

Also, a bi guy, I’ve talked a lot before about why the idea of bi Lance as he’s written now in canon would be very offensive to me and make me feel uncomfortable, so I personally can’t ever see him being representation in canon. But again, that’s my own personal opinion and of course other bi guys will have a right to their own interpretations. 

I’ve been thinking lately, about writing and imposter syndrome and the pressure we put on ourselves. It’s late and I should sleep but I want to get this out.

At what point does one “make it” as a fanfiction writer (or artist?)

There will always be a few Big Name People, yeah, but there are a whole lot of others out there too. I don’t really think of myself as any kind of big name, but I also know I do have a following.

But four years ago I wasn’t anybody important. I maybe had 100 tumblr followers. I had a couple gen fics on AO3, but I hadn’t yet mustered the courage to publically post anything smutty. 

Then I saw a piece of art that inspired me and I sat down and wrote a threesome. And suddenly people were reading my stuff. And the positive comments pushed me to keep writing and keep writing and here we are, four years later.

Now, I had the advantage of getting into the Sherlock fandom just before S3. And I wrote smut. And I wrote the most popular pairing. And I wrote a lot and quickly. But I didn’t set out to write with any sort of thought of “this is what people want.” I wrote stuff I enjoyed, and still do. And some of the rarer pairs I know that all of ten people read. But it also makes me happy when someone reads a fic and comments “I don’t normally read this, but it’s you, so I did.”

But again, that question. At what point does one ‘make it’. Is there some mythical finish line? As a writer I don’t get paid, except maybe a few commissions now and again. Even after all this time I still find myself comparing myself, of feeling sorry about not having that one Fandom Classic everyone has read.

And there’s also the feeling sometimes that it’s mostly just smut, and it doesn’t matter. Which isn’t true, but it’s a demon I struggle with.

Anyway, someone else can probably explain this better than me. I just know we all start from somewhere, we all learn and change and grow as we write and create. This fandom isn’t the place it was when I started, but I’ll still be here to cheer on anyone putting pen to paper.

And just remember, even if you aren’t Big Name Person, what you have to contribute is you, and unique to you, and only you can tell your story.

regarding the upcoming jyp vs. yg battle between stray kids and the yg trainees.

tl;dr don’t add to the unnecessary fanwar between the jyp stans and yg stans.

maybe it’s too late to say this, but i’m gonna say it anyway because i can’t believe there are already fans like this when the fandom is still so small. 

if any of you here actively post or comment on twitter/youtube (i say these two because i have yet to see this problem on tumblr) please don’t make any rude comments about the yg trainees. its so easy to support stray kids without calling the yg trainees ugly or untalented and straight up saying that they deserve to lose. also, don’t say things like “yg stans are hating so we can do it too” or “yg stans are making worse comments than us” because even if they may be true, those kind of comments only make you seem even more immature. in fact, with that mindset, you should be working towards becoming the better fan instead of hating back, no? 

i say this because i’m a fan of both stray kids and some of the yg trainees and it makes me upset that a friendly battle between the two groups is giving rise to so much hate. as said before, the stray kids fandom is still small, but with a smaller fandom comes a bigger responsibility of each fan to maintain a positive image of the fandom so please refrain from making unnecessary comments.

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Hello! Some of us are putting together a JuminZen Week event in the Mystic Messenger fandom dedicated to the ship of Jumin Han and Zen that will run from 22 - 28 May!. We really love your art and thought that you might be interested! We aren’t ready yet but our is blog at JuminZenWeek and we also have a Twitter, @JuminZenWeek. Would you mind publishing this ask to help boost the event to other fans of the ship? Thank you so much

I’m absolutely join this event omg!!! (❀◕ ◡ ◕❀)

I’m kinda busy at work, but I will do as best as I can. (  ಥ ∇ ಥ)

As the AMAs grow closer and closer, more and more people unfamiliar with K-Pop are going to become curious of BTS.

What we should do as a fandom, is try to be as patient as possible. You know what people don’t like? Being talked to like they are stupid. So if someone retweets a picture of BTS asking who they are, DO NOT tell them “IT’S BTS. IT’S NOT HARD TO GOOGLE”, Don’t start fan wars with random fandoms that might start to talk shit (WE HAVE ENOUGH FANWARS WITH KPOP FANDOMS THANKS), it is possible to respectfully defend them and it is possible to expose western fans to K-Pop without making ourselves out to be elitist douche bags. Also, don’t spam people who ask questions with BTS memes they won’t get and everything else. That’s annoying too.

Also, many celebrities will contact BTS. Many celebrities will probably become friends with them. What we should not do, is accuse those celebrities as trying to use them. Especially if they haven’t done anything yet. Don’t blow up their twitter feeds. It’s fucking embarrassing. Our boys look up to a lot of western artists. Although YOU may not listen to western music, BTS does. You may hate Justin Bieber, you make think he is shitty and problematic. BUT if JB tried to get into contact with JK and y’all fucked that up for him, that would break Jungkook’s heart and y’all know it.

A spotlight is going to be on our fandom for a while after the AMAs and TV appearances. We need to watch how we conduct ourselves. If something annoys you, vent here. Don’t blow up a random western artist’s Stan’s twitter feed. Especially if it is unwarranted.

Sorry for the rant, I️ just want this experience to be a good one BTS and ARMY. 😊


both art and writing commissions are open

if you’re wondering who tea hope is, hi that’s me. i have lots of blogs, the active ones i run individually being @annaveth​, @sadrien​, @katsukiyurj​, @altaya​, and @lesmiserablc​. i just finished my senior year of high school and am having some trouble finding a summer job. i have to pay for college so here we are

if you’re interested in commissioning me, please email me at teahopeb@gmail.com. if you have any questions, you’re welcome to either send me an ask to any of my tumblrs or send me an email!

there’s a bit of different information for art commissions v writing, so to see more details, please read below the cut

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I lack Boboiboy contents on my dash

If you’re running any kind of boboiboy-related blog (except fanfics. Sorry, I rarely read them) or a personal blog but you’re a part of the fandom, do like/reblog this and I’ll follow you all. You don’t have to follow me but it’s greatly appreciated if you do. BECAUSE I NEED TO FIND FELLOW FANS TO SCREAM WITH OKAY

sorry not sorry for the caps :P

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Dude, I don't believe for a second that Sokka never had any kids. It's just, kinda unbelievable? He'd be such an adorkable Dad and own those dad jokes while at the same time, be a complete Bad Ass warrior. Family seems kinda important to him. If you had a headcanon about it, how many kids do you reckon he'd have (and what do you think he'd be like)?

i will never forgive bryke for not showing us sukka’s family. it was preposterous and we as a fandom deserved better

i’m inclined to say he’d have two children, a girl and boy, and he’d tease aang mercilessly because “you’re supposed to be the avatar, yet you have three kids? looks like i’m more balanced that you!”

the boy is the eldest with dark skin, dark hair and grey/blue eyes. he’s a waterbender, picked up from sokka’s bloodline, and he trains alongside kya. he also absolutely adores everything space and astronomy, which sokka obviously relishes in. they’d map out constellations together (with sokka’s son being a lot better of a drawer than he is) and watch meteorite showers and he would learn to use sokka’s space sword. he also loves gardening, and in his spare time sokka makes flower crowns with him bc they’re CUTE LIKE THAT

the girl is the youngest, with slightly paler skin (but still pretty tan), blue eyes and light hair. she’s a nonbender, but never goes without because as soon as she was old enough, sokka taught her how to use a sword, and suki trained her to use fans. she loves fighting (so of course, aunty toph loves her) and sokka regularly takes her to pro-bending matches. she gets on well with aunt katara. sokka always takes her to his community visits for nonbenders so she knows how special she is, despite being a nonbender

sokka gives out bear hugs. he’s a hugger. he’ll squish his kids into a huge hug before he goes to work, planting a smooch on his daughter’s cheek and his son’s forehead. they regularly go on trips to the southern water tribe to visit pop hakoda (since they live in republic city) during which sokka and hakoda teach the kids water tribe traditions. they also visit kyoshi island, and kyoshi is 100% both the kids’ idol

sokka would be the kind of dad to absolutely no matter what tuck his kids into bed every night and tell them an overly exaggerated bedside story about his and mum’s adventures in team avatar, with animated eyes as if he was still 15, and there’s no one the kids look up to more than him and their mum. he also makes breakfast every morning, and his awful singing wakes them all up at ungodly hours. he does it on purpose, he likes seeing his kids before he heads off to work


Please be kind to Luke fans...
  • Star Wars fans in the 70s-90s: Think of Luke every time Star Wars is mentioned, he is the star. Go years without much merch. See crappy bendable figures set in the store in the mid 90s, buy it because it's the only Star Wars toy merch-- BUY IT IN DROVES. Watch the crappy special edition re-release in theaters and shed a tear because they're finally seeing it on the big screen.
  • Video games: Expand the universe and popular cast of characters. Some new Luke adventures!
  • EU Books: Expand the universe and popular cast of characters. Lots of Luke adventures!
  • Prequels: Expand the universe and popular cast of characters. Causes some plotholes, some people hate it to death. No Luke, except tiny baby Luke. For some reason Luke's dad shares a ton of parallels with his life. Odd.
  • Clone Wars movie and animated series: Two cartoon series' get popular, expand the universe and popular cast of characters, still no Luke.
  • Disney buys Lucasfilm and changes the canon books: A few new Luke adventures, but all the old ones are no longer canon. RIP Luke's entire family that we grew up with I guess?
  • Rebels animated series comes out: Finally we're in the right era for Luke in these cartoons, but still no Luke, he's not old enough to go on adventures yet. 3 popular animated series and we still don't have one about Luke. The original star of the franchise. Who's actor has been in voice acting for cartoons for decades... We get to see a tiny ant sized silhouette of child Luke running home for dinner in the distance.
  • The Force Awakens: A girl who seems to be living a parallel life to Luke. But we only see Luke at the very end. Luke stares into the camera for a minute. Roll credits.
  • Rogue One: For some reason, a Star Wars movie without any Jedi about stealing some plans to the death star, full of new characters we barely get to know is one of the most beloved Star Wars films and breaks lots of records. Causes some more plot holes, but no one cares. We see CGI Leia, still no Luke.
  • The Last Jedi isn't out yet but rumors go around: Luke is in it a lot, hurray! He might also die, or not have any family, he might also be some sad hermit who hides out on an island instead of helping his friends. No one is sure what to believe.
  • Luke fans of all ages: loose their minds in anticipation. They won't release the teaser trailer, we're slowly dying.
  • Jerks in the fandom: "Luke is the worst character. There are like 500 other characters we like better why do you people like Luke!"
  • Other jerks: "You want Rey to be Luke's daughter? Haha that's dumb, I sure as hell hope she's not a stupid SKYWALKER!"
  • Luke fans: "Why are you kicking us when we're down? We haven't seen Luke walk and talk on screen since 1983 PLEASE LET US HAVE THIS ONE MOVIE?"

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I just realized that Jungkook is the only one in the group who hasn't gone white blonde/platinum with his hair yet. Do you think he'll ever do it? Or at least go silver? You da best ❤❤

I think if Jungkook goes any color other than brown or black we may suffer an apocalypse in the fandom. It can also easily break the internet for awhile, I think BigHit knows that too. But will they do it or do they have something even more threatening under their sleeves. Again Forehead kook alone can easily kill me:

Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

Let’s keep living until the apocalypse  ❤

Candy-Giving Stranger (Hamilsquad x Reader)



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A/N: Better late than never right

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“Happy Halloween!” Laf exclaims, throwing orange and black streamers into the room as he enters.

Alex looks up from his laptop. “But, it’s not Halloween yet?”

John laughs. “Alex, babe, look at the calendar.”

Alex looks up at the Shakespearean insult page-a-day calendar. “Wait? Really?”

The four of you laugh at Alex’s confusion.

“But we haven’t done anything! Pies, pumpkin carvings, costumes! None of it! And, baby Philip! What is he going to wear? Or trick or treating! Or-”

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I think for us, what made it compelling, is the cruelty of it. It is so clearly designed to tell a story about Rogers’ capacity for violence and his dominance over them, in what was meant to be a very bloody victory for him. I think what became complicated for us was, not only did it need to do all the things Dan mentioned in being a big noisy death for Teach but it was also important somehow that Teach save Rackham’s life. In a moment where Teach is bound and mostly dead and lacking really any agency, that was hard to do. This idea that just by not dying he saves Rackham’s life felt right. And I think as a Rogers story it was interesting in that Rogers thinks that he’s the star of the show and thinks he’s the one everyone’s going to be talking about tomorrow. And just by not dying, Teach becomes the star of the show and kind of makes him a hero in the moment when he’s supposed to be a prop. You understand why Rogers has to walk away and cut his losses and risk losing the narrative he was trying to tell.

Jonathan E. Steinberg, about that scene

There are some great quotes in this interview, but this is one of two specific ones I want to talk about.

I love this quote. Because it shows that the creators understand the point of having such a gruesome scene. It is there to bring the story forward, which is great, and highlight the cruelty of Rogers in a way which had not yet been made clear to us. 

But, as they say, it’s also fundamentally about agency.

Agency is a word we use a lot on tumblr when discussing in fandom. Usually it’s applied to female characters’ narrative and how they’re handled. But here it is also an absolutely perfect word to describe what is going on.

In a scene where Rogers should have all the agency, all the power, Teach takes command of the narrative. Through doing that, he ends up saving Rackham and probably most of the crew. 

Rogers was so sure of how this would go, and the longer he drags it out, the more he loses control of it. Teach might be bound and tortured, but by every round of it he survives, he’s taking agency away from Rogers in front of all his men. In the end, Rogers can’t continue without completely losing every ounce of credibility he had. Him shooting Teach is a victory for Teach. Teach was in command the entire time at the end. He forced Rogers to admit defeat by going up and shooting him. He also stopped Rogers, whether knowingly or not but simply by persisting, from doing the same to the rest, and to Rackham specifically, because Rogers would not have been able to withstand another failure like that. Rogers was drained of all his will to show off how in power he was. 

It reminded me of that scene in Jesus Christ Superstar (yes, I just made that reference), where Pilate orders the flogging of Jesus, and the longer he goes on the more painful it becomes for himself, in the end it’s even hard for the person flogging. Not to say Blackbeard is Jesus, and Woodes Rogers is far from Pilate, or showing any of the complicated emotions afterwards that he does, but he was very close to making Teach a martyr.

What was supposed to be his big victory turned into something small and insignificant that only made Blackbeard’s legend greater. The gore and horror in that scene worked not for shock but to highlight for us as an audience both to what length Rogers was willing to go out of desperation, and how badly Rogers was losing, because Teach pulled through. What was supposed to be a power demonstration turned into a demonstration of weakness. 

I totally understand being grossed out by that scene. Having a hard time watching it. But to me, it didn’t feel gratuitous. They highlight to us that this type of violence is not normal, it’s not by the book, and they do this through the horrified looks and silent acting from those standing around. These characters who’ve done terrible things are all standing around and looking in disgust and horror. They did it to bring the plot forward, to tell us something of these characters we didn’t know, and to make a point about taking the agency from the person who should have all the agency in the room, even when going through something like that.

That’s how you pull of a scene like that. 

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I'm so tired why won't they speak up, or shut everyone else up. Like if you aren't going to talk about it but show it to other musicians who give interviews tell them, hey you know just don't mention this anytime soon? I haven't said anything, but he obviously doesn't do that let's them talk about it and he remains quiet.

I do think it’s interesting that his team is allegedly allowing multiple people to listen to the music but we have yet to have any of it leak. When are they going to let Julian listen and hit us with 6 second audio clips?

Look. I love Klance. It was one of the first ships I got into when the show began.
I also love Sheith. But I realize that Sheith is the one ship in the show that has the most canon chemistry. No one can deny that Shiro and Keith care for each other deeply, whether that care be platonic or romantic, we have yet to discover. And, of all the ships, it is the one most likely to become canon. So I only ask one thing from the fandom; please do not be cruel to your fellow shippers. If Sheith, or Kallura, or even Hance become canon, please do not attack, put down, or belittle other shippers who had high hopes for their ships. Please be respectful and, above all, be kind. This is a fictional show filled with fictional people. We should not be hurting real people’s feelings over trivial matters such as ships. Season three is soon to be upon us. I do not wish to see any more hate or cruelty.

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New to fandom, love ur writings so much, do u recommend some blogs? I am binge reading yours now.

aww thank you anon :’) I hope my drivel keeps you entertained. Sorry not sorry for the shitposts. Okay, so making this list is super hard bc there’s the people I met through YOI and the folks who consistently post YOI content. It’s har to just not go on a crazy ass mutual love fest. Anywho

“Classic” Otayuri blogs






Write friends

@phaytesworld does a little of everything, AU game strong, we enable each other etc. 

@the-stoned-ranger another enabler and overall solid dude. 

@machinewithoutfeelings i lov her and think about her pliroy fic 25/8

@blownwish-blog we are in that weird face petting stage where we’re super in like but dont know what to do with each other yet. Her otapliroy got rid of my undereye bags and that’s huge

@abrandnewheart hastags is req reading for fandom

@kingotabek is a write friend and a draw friend and a cat friend

@vanillalil write friend and draw friend, super smart translator

@muspellssynir creator of worlds

@yours-julie similar aesthetic friend

Draw friends

@voslenonice i lovvv her

@draco-rys i also lovv them.




i’m sure i’ve missed someone >_< I have a lot of love for a lot of people in this fandom dude. 


“Happy Heith-o-ween” 🎃🦁  ❤️ 💛 


So bestie and I decided on these costume ideas this year because honestly we’re both just VLD trash. Also wanted (more like needed and tried lol) to give Heith the ship love it deserves, since it’s so pure yet underrated. We definitely plan on doing this again (still not over it btw), along with a legit photo shoot too. ✨


 Hunk Garrett 💛: Me 

 Keith Kogane  ❤️ : @stop-klancing-around