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NCT - cherry bomb theory 🍒

i was trying 2 uncover anything about cherry bomb but kept hitting a dead end??? like rip it was impossible to create a theory ,,, on a pair of cherries ,,,,, & a bomb ,,,,,, UNTIL.

i had to think bigger. u all know exo right? Supposedly they’re aliens with superpowers that come from another planet, ‘Exoplanet’.

Could it be? That after following the huge™ success of exo, SM wanted to further continue this legacy?

i !!! tried to find ANYthing that could link nct + planets. ? it was hard bc we were all SO sure that nct’s concept was all abt dreams & connection, not planets.  after HOURS of going through old nct videos, teaser images & anything ‘out of place’, ….  BHITCJDSG I FOUND THIS

This is a screenshot from The Origin. the 1st teaser video to EVER be released under the name NCT.

dont u find it strange? look at the colour of that giant planet/moon. it’s not red but its not grey, like u’d expect from normal moon colours. instead, its right in the middle, a light pink colour.  

!! !!! !!!!! BHITCHSGKJ  i searched it up on google ?? & SURPRISE SURPRISE


*chenle scream*

“If we could travel to this giant planet, we would see a world still glowing from the heat of its formation with a color reminiscent of a dark cherry blossom, a dull magenta,”

 Michael McElwain (NASA Discovery Team)

cherry blossom planet’ also known as exoplanet GJ 504B is supposedly the youngest & smallest planet discovered around a star that resembles a sun (similar to our solar system.)

The existence of GJ 504B was discovered in 2013.

In the same year, SMROOKIES was also introduced to the public in 2013.


also look @ the name of the exoplanet & see the similarities below

6J 504B

SR 17B

SR 17G

at first , everyone was a little confused w/ the way SM named their rookies (even me) but ?? ?? now its kinda clear ??

i was also !! confused when cherry bomb dropped like it was a bop ? but i didnt kno what i was dancing 2 lmalkfhsdkgh da song made no sense to me & i didn’t kno what the message was behind it.

however one thing i DID kno was that there was a lot of planes and helicopters shown. even the some of the choreography imitated a plane.

the helicopter dropping all the cherry bombs actually had “NCT” labelled on it.

it seems like planes have been hidden from us since the debut of NCT-U.

here is a screenshot of a scene from “Without You” M/V.

look at that poster behind that man. There is an image of a yellow paper plane. there’s also a white toy plane hanging above the poster.

the date “1893″ was framed … why??

during 1893 April 16th, a full solar eclipse took place !! since it was a total eclipse, it covered the earth in total darkness.

do you guys know what a solar saros is?

A Saros is known to be a period of approximately 224 lunar months that can be used to predict eclipses of the sun and moon.

There are many different Saros cycles numbered from cycle 1 all the way to cycle 180 and still counting.

Which Saros cycle did the eclipse of April 1893 belong to?

Saros cycle 127.

?????? and obviously the next unit to debut was ???? NCT 127.

one more creepy ass thing. turns out that if u look at the NCT “Switch” M/V

behind doyoung’s beautiful™ back, is the date April 16 1961.

it was a historical day because at April 16th 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to enter space.

?? LSITEN TO ME . we have two important dates here.

April 16th (1983) - total solar eclipse

April 12th (1961) - first man in space

both of these months are in April.

16 - 12 = 4

4th April was the debut date of NCT’s 1st unit, NCT-U.

…..  ?? ??

o k … anws back to the planes …..

if u also look closely in the “Limitless” M/V , a plain grey helicopter appears for LITERALLY ONE tiny second. 

this is a two second ending shot of the Limitless M/V. i paused every frame and played it in slow motion 2 figure out what the hell it was. don’t u think it looks VERY similar to a window of a plane/helicopter? if u look outside, the sun is rising above the horizon.

i feel like nct 127 are boarded inside. 

in Cherry Bomb, taeyong raps

“No fireman this is fireworks, cherries in the sky high.”

in this single sentence i think taeyong just mentioned every nct 127 era so far.

“no fireman”

“this is fireworks”

“cherries in the sky high”

could it be that nct 127 are being “reborn”? transitioning into a new image? compared to limitless, Cherry Bomb is much brighter and the u kno !!!!!!!!! wow look at us we’re gonna explode and show u all what we’re made of !!! prepare ya asses cos we comin !!!!!!

yes i honestly think that nct 127 got on that plain grey helicopter & … …. travelled somewhere new …. to another fuckgin WORLD  ?? cos

it LITERALLY just looks like the limitless helicopter got an upgrade. i swear its the same one ? ??  

sjsjfjdshkdjgh *that one meme of taeyong lying on the floor*

,,,,, enough abt planes  ,,,,,,

,,,, & helicopters ,,,,,,,

SO IT SEEMS THAT there’s actually a lot !!! of connections with smrookies/nct  + moons, planets etc.

Pre-debut dance video “Super Moon”

Pre-debut doyoung + taeyong singing their own written song “Piece Of Mind”

“The moonlight behind the clouds whisper to me , the hushed calm tells me it’s alright.”

NCT-U “Without You”

Ten’s solo M/V “Dream In A Dream”

NCT/Winwin teaser “7th Sense”

NOT 2 MENTION nct 127′s best song album track “Sun & Moon”

“You and I

You and I

You and I

The two of us just like one

Every night in my dreams

We are connected by you

We look to the same sky

Oh when my moon rises

Your sun rises

Under the same sky”

u know what i think?

this song is a message from nct 127 (planet GJ 504B) to the other ‘undiscovered’ planets/moons. aka the other nct units yet to debut & the hidden members waiting to stand on stage so desperately. they’ve all trained together but due to this unit concept, they rly can’t stand as one one stage just yet.  

this message is especially key in Ten’s “Dream In a Dream” M/V.

look at the primary colours that paint the whole scene.

lucas is surrounded by dark blue & ten has dark pink colours. they’re obviously from different worlds.

the lyrcis in “Sun & Moon”

“We have the same time,

But we’re in different places

This is a twisted fate.”

clearly u can see ?? ten & lucas are separated from each other since they belong in different planets or put to be in different ‘units’.

It then shows imagery of space. Then a scene of ten walking past the shadow of lucas. it indicates that no matter how close they are, fate will always separate them. ? its sad i kno. but they’re truly from different worlds.

Also i need 2 mention that it was actually confirmed that only 1 of 5-6 exoplanets has been directly discovered. we all kno that nct has this “limitless” unit concept. but i do feel like there will at least be about 6-8 major nct units overall ??? does each unit belong to an “exoplanet”? a different moon?

was nct 127 & this “cherry bomb” concept planned all the way back 2 when smrookies were first introduced ??? are the “undiscovered exoplanets” and “hidden moons” future units that have yet to debut?

so this is why our fandom is named “nctzen” like ,,, are we citizens of all these planets ?? how many more are there. … if its truly limitless ,, are we a galaxy ??

u can read my limitless theory & see that ?? wtf lmao it connects to this theory too ??? ?? dreams ? space ? time ?

jsjslgkhsljfhg bhitc im dying its nearly 12am & im sweaty & half dead W HAT IS THE TRUTH D AMN IT

anws thnx for readin !!! i lov yuta 🍒 

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Hello! Some of us are putting together a JuminZen Week event in the Mystic Messenger fandom dedicated to the ship of Jumin Han and Zen that will run from 22 - 28 May!. We really love your art and thought that you might be interested! We aren’t ready yet but our is blog at JuminZenWeek and we also have a Twitter, @JuminZenWeek. Would you mind publishing this ask to help boost the event to other fans of the ship? Thank you so much

I’m absolutely join this event omg!!! (❀◕ ◡ ◕❀)

I’m kinda busy at work, but I will do as best as I can. (  ಥ ∇ ಥ)

I lack Boboiboy contents on my dash

If you’re running any kind of boboiboy-related blog (except fanfics. Sorry, I rarely read them) or a personal blog but you’re a part of the fandom, do like/reblog this and I’ll follow you all. You don’t have to follow me but it’s greatly appreciated if you do. BECAUSE I NEED TO FIND FELLOW FANS TO SCREAM WITH OKAY

sorry not sorry for the caps :P


both art and writing commissions are open

if you’re wondering who tea hope is, hi that’s me. i have lots of blogs, the active ones i run individually being @annaveth​, @sadrien​, @katsukiyurj​, @altaya​, and @lesmiserablc​. i just finished my senior year of high school and am having some trouble finding a summer job. i have to pay for college so here we are

for the time being, i’m going to open 3 slots for art commissions and 3 slots for writing commissions. i’ll open commissions again when i finish the first batch, and i may be changing the amount of slots as time goes on

if you’re interested in commissioning me, please email me at teahopeb@gmail.com. if you have any questions, you’re welcome to either send me an ask to any of my tumblrs or send me an email!

there’s a bit of different information for art commissions v writing, so to see more details, please read below the cut

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New to fandom, love ur writings so much, do u recommend some blogs? I am binge reading yours now.

aww thank you anon :’) I hope my drivel keeps you entertained. Sorry not sorry for the shitposts. Okay, so making this list is super hard bc there’s the people I met through YOI and the folks who consistently post YOI content. It’s har to just not go on a crazy ass mutual love fest. Anywho

“Classic” Otayuri blogs






Write friends

@phaytesworld does a little of everything, AU game strong, we enable each other etc. 

@the-stoned-ranger another enabler and overall solid dude. 

@machinewithoutfeelings i lov her and think about her pliroy fic 25/8

@blownwish-blog we are in that weird face petting stage where we’re super in like but dont know what to do with each other yet. Her otapliroy got rid of my undereye bags and that’s huge

@abrandnewheart hastags is req reading for fandom

@kingotabek is a write friend and a draw friend and a cat friend

@vanillalil write friend and draw friend, super smart translator

@muspellssynir creator of worlds

@yours-julie similar aesthetic friend

Draw friends

@voslenonice i lovvv her

@draco-rys i also lovv them.




i’m sure i’ve missed someone >_< I have a lot of love for a lot of people in this fandom dude. 

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Hi I'm new to MONSTA x and kinda wanna stan them? I don't know much about them so can u tell me about each member and like describe the group a bit (inside jokes, ships, close members, and the essentials)? Thx~

sadhkajs I literally began stanning during fighter era and im already this far in goOD LUCK this is rlly long so i put it under a read more

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I think for us, what made it compelling, is the cruelty of it. It is so clearly designed to tell a story about Rogers’ capacity for violence and his dominance over them, in what was meant to be a very bloody victory for him. I think what became complicated for us was, not only did it need to do all the things Dan mentioned in being a big noisy death for Teach but it was also important somehow that Teach save Rackham’s life. In a moment where Teach is bound and mostly dead and lacking really any agency, that was hard to do. This idea that just by not dying he saves Rackham’s life felt right. And I think as a Rogers story it was interesting in that Rogers thinks that he’s the star of the show and thinks he’s the one everyone’s going to be talking about tomorrow. And just by not dying, Teach becomes the star of the show and kind of makes him a hero in the moment when he’s supposed to be a prop. You understand why Rogers has to walk away and cut his losses and risk losing the narrative he was trying to tell.

Jonathan E. Steinberg, about that scene

There are some great quotes in this interview, but this is one of two specific ones I want to talk about.

I love this quote. Because it shows that the creators understand the point of having such a gruesome scene. It is there to bring the story forward, which is great, and highlight the cruelty of Rogers in a way which had not yet been made clear to us. 

But, as they say, it’s also fundamentally about agency.

Agency is a word we use a lot on tumblr when discussing in fandom. Usually it’s applied to female characters’ narrative and how they’re handled. But here it is also an absolutely perfect word to describe what is going on.

In a scene where Rogers should have all the agency, all the power, Teach takes command of the narrative. Through doing that, he ends up saving Rackham and probably most of the crew. 

Rogers was so sure of how this would go, and the longer he drags it out, the more he loses control of it. Teach might be bound and tortured, but by every round of it he survives, he’s taking agency away from Rogers in front of all his men. In the end, Rogers can’t continue without completely losing every ounce of credibility he had. Him shooting Teach is a victory for Teach. Teach was in command the entire time at the end. He forced Rogers to admit defeat by going up and shooting him. He also stopped Rogers, whether knowingly or not but simply by persisting, from doing the same to the rest, and to Rackham specifically, because Rogers would not have been able to withstand another failure like that. Rogers was drained of all his will to show off how in power he was. 

It reminded me of that scene in Jesus Christ Superstar (yes, I just made that reference), where Pilate orders the flogging of Jesus, and the longer he goes on the more painful it becomes for himself, in the end it’s even hard for the person flogging. Not to say Blackbeard is Jesus, and Woodes Rogers is far from Pilate, or showing any of the complicated emotions afterwards that he does, but he was very close to making Teach a martyr.

What was supposed to be his big victory turned into something small and insignificant that only made Blackbeard’s legend greater. The gore and horror in that scene worked not for shock but to highlight for us as an audience both to what length Rogers was willing to go out of desperation, and how badly Rogers was losing, because Teach pulled through. What was supposed to be a power demonstration turned into a demonstration of weakness. 

I totally understand being grossed out by that scene. Having a hard time watching it. But to me, it didn’t feel gratuitous. They highlight to us that this type of violence is not normal, it’s not by the book, and they do this through the horrified looks and silent acting from those standing around. These characters who’ve done terrible things are all standing around and looking in disgust and horror. They did it to bring the plot forward, to tell us something of these characters we didn’t know, and to make a point about taking the agency from the person who should have all the agency in the room, even when going through something like that.

That’s how you pull of a scene like that. 

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I'm so tired why won't they speak up, or shut everyone else up. Like if you aren't going to talk about it but show it to other musicians who give interviews tell them, hey you know just don't mention this anytime soon? I haven't said anything, but he obviously doesn't do that let's them talk about it and he remains quiet.

I do think it’s interesting that his team is allegedly allowing multiple people to listen to the music but we have yet to have any of it leak. When are they going to let Julian listen and hit us with 6 second audio clips?

Star Wars Harlequin Romance Challenge

So… I was wandering through ficland, and happened upon the @mcuharlequin challenge. (*waves* Your challenge was AWESOME!)

The about page gives a brief detail: “Create fic, art, or a mix inspired by the wonderful, deliciously cheesy world of Harlequin romance novels. This is a low-key challenge meant to celebrate AUs, romance, and give us all a chance to indulge a bit.”

So… has anyone done this in the Star Wars fandom yet? Sometimes I don’t pay a lot of attention… so I very well may have missed something like this!

I think it would be really fun if someone ran with this if it hasn’t been done before. We all love those cheesy, ridiculous books.

It could also be a great opportunity for all the ships to get along for once. :P

Anywho! If no one has or will do it, maybe some folks could do their own thing! Or if they’ve already done a Harlequin-inspired fic, it would be awesome if we could get some links/recs!

Rock on.

I keep staring at the pictures Dan and Phil have posted in the past forty-eight hours, and the ones from earlier this year, and the ones from Japan a couple of years ago trying to figure out what’s different about them - because there is a difference. But is it a difference in what they’re showing or a difference in how we’re seeing them, contextualized by what we know is a softer boundary they put between us and them now? 

And that’s where I’m torn. Because to some extent it is that their selfies of them, standing close without their typical ‘posed picture’ expressions (Phil’s weird faces, Dan’s tight smile and peace sign) are rare. Even the picture they posted of the two of them from Isle of Man earlier this year had those sticker things on it. So two back to back days of photographs voluntarily shared and not tempered by anything, not even in the caption, is startling in its general normalcy. 

But it’s also hard to explain to anyone how these pictures are different from all those other pictures. They are walking us somewhere yet still giving us no concrete directions. We’re (mostly) pretty sure where this will end up, but we still can’t rely on anything but gut instinct as to why certain things mean something. We as a fandom do what any fandom does, we fill in the blanks ourselves and then spend 75% of our time arguing between ourselves as to whose filled in blank is most right. We interpret the facts we do know and we run with them. Theories a majority agrees on tend to be the ones most supported by fact and circumstance; right now, there’s so much fandom has assumed to be right. They’ve got some kind of work project going on. They’re expanding the merch business. They’re moving. We’re feeding that context into the meaning behind these new, nice pictures they’re posting. We want (need) the narrative to mean something and build toward something. I mean, it makes sense. And yet I still end up going: should we

Why? Because they’re still capable of gaslighting us; Dan’s proven in many small ways in even the past months, the past weeks. He can say the most sincerely cute story and add a sarcastic ooh, fanservice to the end and half the fandom immediately discounts the story completely. It’s frustrating to us, it’s beneficial to them. But these recent pictures are just them letting us in on their trip in a way they have done before but also haven’t quite done before. And they wouldn’t do that if it didn’t mean something, right? I mean, right. Right. (I think.) 

I love the DCEU and being a part of the DC fandom

I don’t say it enough and I know every fandom has these qualities but just listen. Like all fandoms we have our problematic fuckpeople, and our “know it all” fanboys but we also have people that are understanding, we have those who are protective of the actors, creators, directors and other fandom members, we have our new fans who love Marvel just as much as they love DC who spread all the love, a majority of the fandom is here for racebending in the films and for LGBTQ representation, we get backlash all the time for our films despite writing our own think pieces and analyzations we do to dissect the film and explain to the naysayers why the films are iconic, we get shitted on by almost every comic and movie website yet we still rise back up at the end of the day and cheer on any news WB gives us about the future for the DCEU, we won an Oscar on Sunday night, our first Oscar ever.. and I hate the Oscars Suicide Squad was the movie so many called “Hot Topic: The Movie” won us an Oscar because a bunch of old white dudes felt that Enchantress, her minions, Killer Croc and El Diablo’s make up was the most badass thing they have seen in their sixty plus years on this earth. This fandom literally is the heart of these movies our passion and our respect for the actors, directors and everyone else involves is what drives them to do these movies no matter what comic site tries to let our hope down with a bunch of click bait shit. We have as much drama as any other fandom that’s not a lie we do but we do have a lot union-ship as well , alright sorry about this long ass tangent go back to your activities!

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Can Azula be excused from her actions because of the abusive relationships she's in with her father, the fact that she's 14, and her mental instability due to her abuse? There are obviously complexities to her character but I am very sympathetic to her. I don't want to fall in the same hole that Kylo Ren fans do though. Like I can see that Kylo Ren is evil and I don't excuse his actions in any way like some members of the fandom and yet I do this for Azula lol

Man, this is a complicated question. And it’s something I’ve somewhat tried to tackle because there was a time where I was falling into a hole too. Normally when any question of Azula comes up, I just link this wonderful piece that was anonymously submitted to me, because I truly think it’s the best lens. It lays out how Azula has done horrible things that we aren’t meant to excuse, yet at the same time she is a tragic figure given her abuse, given her age. To quote the linked essay:

The thing is, I think it’s also a really important and painfully accurate depiction of what happens when you get a family situation like this. I think Azula’s distressing lack of compassion existing in uncomfortable juxtaposition with the fact we know she was made this way through abuse, is valuable. Because…that’s what it’s like sometimes. How do you cope with that? How do you untangle that mess? How can you feel any which way about that?

So I think it’s also worth examining whether our desires to make her more sympathetic are partially based in a need to make that situation less complicated and painful. If we imagine she was secretly conflicted the entire time it’s…easier.

I think it’s important that they didn’t just show the cycle of abuse broken (via Zuko), they showed it continuing (via Azula, by way of Ozai, by way of Azulon; they touch on this when they show us Ozai’s baby picture - not even he was always a monster, and Azulon was terrifying).

I am far, far, far more sympathetic to Azula than to Kylo Ren (or Kuvira) because of her age and abuse, but I do think taking all agency away from her and saying she has no responsibility isn’t a tenable position either.

This actually reminds me a bit of the dialogue about Tyrion in the asoiaf fandom, since he is 100% a victim of abuse who deals with ableism every day, and yet he’s also a fucking asshole who is often incredibly entitled and misogynistic. People want to pretend he couldn’t have possibly had any say whatsoever in marrying the 12-year-old political prisoner, because his abuser is the one who suggested it.

Look. The way abuse manifests and the fucked up actions that result are not simplistic and there’s no formula that we can apply to figure out at what moment (or age) someone is free of responsibility for what they do. But I think all we can do is look at who is pushing towards healing. Azula never asked for any sort of redemption, and we’re not meant to be fist-pumping at her downfall. She is a victim, and props to ATLA for not shying away from the tragic realities. It’s heartbreaking that she can’t play goddamn volleyball without terrifying kids her age, you know? At the same time, she is also the perpetrator of violence, and that’s made clear. 

Her scripting wasn’t free of issues, of course, but for what we got, this was a damn effective exploration of the cycle of abuse. We can appreciate that tragedy without absolving her.

Kylo Ren is just an asshole.

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How do you feel about Emilie leaving and are you still going to ship Rumbelle and be in fandom? I feel like this is the end for me. There won't be another ship like Rumbelle ever and there's no place for me on Tumblr or in this fandom anymore.

I’m sad about it too, Anon, but I’ve also been through this so many times that I’m sort of in the realistic/cynical camp. Em wanted to stay, but they didn’t want/need her as a regular. As I said in my other post, I don’t believe she’s 100% gone and I believe we’ll see a lot of these characters again before the show ends. But I can’t change things, so I have to accept and adapt.

I’ve had other ships like Rumbelle, that owned my soul (and still do) and that no matter what will always affect me deeply. One of those is Doctor x Rose (mostly Nine and Ten). The Doctor x Rose fandom hasn’t had a new episode with their OTP in it since 2008 (save Day of the Doctor which was… not Rose and they had zero interaction). And yet here they are, still writing tons of fic, making gifs, writing meta, and going strong. Is the fandom smaller than it was in 2006? Sure, but new people are still discovering Doctor Who and Rose every day and joining the fandom. 

There’s also tons of people who stopped watching OUAT a while ago and they are still here. Canon hasn’t always been good to us, and most of our stuff is AU anyway. So losing one half of our OTP, and eventually the show, is not going to stop us. We have other Anyelle and Anyem ships that had no basis in anything, yet here we are shipping them like hell too. If you feel like you have to move on, that’s cool. You gotta do what you gotta do. I have yet to move on from any of my ride or die ships, but I’m stubborn like that.

Fandom only ends if we stop creating, stop caring, stop having events, and stop participating. It only ends if we let it.

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i really don't understand miarren fans. if they fully believe that D and M have been happily together for "many moons" and they don't like the cc fandom, why do they even bother with us? last time i checked, we don't go sending hate their way yet they do it to us. also, even IF D and C aren't/weren't actually together (which would be total bs), there's no getting around the fact that D isn't straight and is a closeted actor who, unfortunately, has the worst von beard ever.

The “worst von beard ever.”  You made my morning.

That is what makes absolutely no sense to me.  Why do they stalk us?  That ask yesterday was sent minutes after I mentioned Chez Criss. So clearly the person is greatly interested in what little old simpleton me has to say. 

Why care?  I do not care what they have to say. I have never ONCE contacted a single one of them with my opinions and theories unsolicited. And I know my fellow CC blogs do not either.  Nor do I stalk their blogs, I am not even remotely curious about what they have to say about the PR relationship from hell.

But, I guess it is easier for us. We are secure in our beliefs. Have more than enough evidence to believe in CC.  And can see through the BS every single time. 

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Whats your opinion on the whole Snape vs. James thing? I don't hate Severus I also don't like him, hes a grey area as Jo has said. I really like James, I don't really know why, but I do. Do you think he loved her romantically? Do you think this was an obsessive love ? Jo said that Lily MIGHT have ended up with Snape if he ditched his bad ways, yet, I feel even with that in fact, she would end up with James because their personalities just naturally attracted each other. Thoughts?

I hate the Snape vs James thing. I hate that there’s an expectation that we need to choose a side. I think the fandom “war” between fans of either character shows a superficial reading and understanding of the books by the people who participate in it.

I love Snape as a character. I think he’s fascinating and even ultimately sympathetic, given his horrible childhood and social-awkwardness as a teen. If I’d had him as a teacher when I was a kid he’d have given me a nervous breakdown. He’s unnecessarily horrible to Harry and his friends and shows clear favouritism to Slytherin House and bias against Gryffindor. If he hadn’t done what he’d done, the war would have been lost and Voldemort would have taken over. I think he loved Lily as if she were part of himself. She was all the goodness he wanted to embody but couldn’t. I do think his love for her had a romantic aspect, but it clearly went way, way deeper than that. They’d been very close friends pre-puberty, since childhood. Categorising Snape’s feelings towards Lily as merely lust is not only incorrect, it’s a bit stupid. I don’t think his love was obsessive, I think it was deep and real and lasting. I still feel love for people who died decades ago. It’s normal. He felt eternal guilt and remorse over her death and dedicated his life to trying to make up for his part in it by fighting for the cause she believed in.

If JKR said that Lily could have ended up with Snape if he’d taken a different path, then I believe her, because Snape and Lily are her creations.

I do love James, but we don’t know that much about him so it’s not as bright a love as I have for the trio or Sirius or Lupin. He seems to have been a righteous, loving person with a charming personality if he liked you, but he was also an arrogant bully from a very privileged background, unlike Snape who came from poverty and abuse. So it was easy for James to play the hero. He’d had a lot less to struggle against, he was a super confident golden boy, naturally popular. I do think he was a very good person deep down. He risked his life to prevent Snape being killed, he joined the fight against Voldemort.  A lot of his assholishness stemmed from being a stupid teenager. I wish we’d seen more of him as a young adult. I wish we’d seen what made Lily finally fall for him.

So basically, don’t they complement each other brilliantly in many ways? Don’t their different backgrounds and personalities shed interesting light on each other? Aren’t they both fascinating, complex characters with different strengths and different flaws? Isn’t it completely missing the point to act as if we have to choose one to love and one to demonise?


WELP I DREW GRILLSTER. @mylifeforthelore told me to post it cause this is what happens when we talk. And we talk a lot. She’s also my editor. WELL THEN.

My Gaster doesn’t exactly understand his feelings much when it comes to cases of liking others. And that goes for Grillby. He’s ace and has always been so suddenly having thoughts about one of his closest friends is like “WAIT WHAT WHERE’D THAT COME FROM.”

Plus a tiny Sans. Everyone likes babybones. (pap isn’t made yet) Also have a Grillby butt. I’m in fandom hell aren’t I. (pst read the captions)

- Do not repost or edit. -

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Why do you feel the need to erase bisexuality??? (REYNA IS BI)

I don’t??? lol Reyna hasn’t been confirmed as ANYTHING yet so me interpreting her as a lesbian is not bi erasure, it’s just a headcanon. If she’s confirmed as bi then I’ll respect that but up until that point I can and will see her as a lesbian and view her experiences as compulsory heterosexuality, especially since many lesbians in the fandom have said they relate to her experience.

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Can you change your name to Danvers Source? The current name is misleading.

It’s not only on Alex Danvers … We reblog plenty of Maggie, Alex and Sanvers. We reblogged the Maggie week hosted by @sawyersource (two weeks ago I think). There was so much Maggie on this blog at that time. When it will be Alex Danvers week hosted by @alexdanversnetwork, we will reblog Alex gifsets.

For our Sanversource appreciation weeks, we are currently in week 3, which, true, is about Alex in Season 2. But Last week was a week on Maggie and some other weeks will be on Sanvers. We have planned so many themes to keep the fandom alive during the hiatus.

We are currently doing @idanversalex and myself a “Alex Danvers in every episode” theme. We already planned to do a project for Maggie (made by @mssawyerdanvers) but we don’t want to say what it is yet. The moment will come, the planning is already done.

We also make other Sanvers gifsets. Plenty of it.

I think in less than one month, we started a lot of things to keep you waiting on Alex, Maggie AND Sanvers. So no, The current name is not misleading and we won’t change it.

This blog is about Sanvers. But what would be Sanvers without its individuals ? We love Alex as an independant character, we love Maggie as an independant character. We love them together. Don’t you agree on that ?