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Meet Cute (Leslie/Reader)

Summary: Nobody really meets people in crowded coffee shops, right? And they certainly don’t meet their favorite artists. And they definitely don’t get a date out of the whole deal. Except, sometimes, they do.

Note: My first Leslie fic! This fills a request for a fan of Leslie’s meeting him and him being sweet about it, and #48 from the prompt list:  “I can’t believe I just asked them out!” “And I can’t believe they said yes.” 

Rating: G. Pure fluff.

Word Count: 1485

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Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Five)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

RTD: Do you know, I’ve always wanted to ask you, David.  When you get a script what do you do?  From scratch
DT: I read it.
RTD: Yeah, but…
DT: I just read it to read it the first time.  And then I’ll read it and I’ll usually mark it up, which is literally just underlining my bits
RTD: Yep yep yep
DT: Which is the first stage of learning it, I suppose, and then you just read it again and you go over certain scenes.  Depending upon how much time you’ve got, whether it’s a script that you’ve had a few weeks in advance or whether it’s one of the ones that creep in at the last minute
RTD:  [laughs] Like they do
DT: …for whatever reason.  Sometimes you have to sort of just buckle down and start learning specific scenes if a schedule is in front of you…
RTD: Do you have to learn it according to the schedule
DT: Yeah, you do.
RTD: Sort of going, “Right, all of the UNIT scenes are first so I’ll learn those first”
DT: Yeah, yeah
RTD: That’s hard, isn’t it?
DT: Well, it’s easier than just learning it chronologically, because you’re just kind of keeping up with the schedule as it comes
RTD: Because it always strikes me, and actually everyone always says this, that you come to read-throughs incredibly prepared.  Do you, or are you winging it?
DT: Weeellll, it’s somewhere between the two, I think.  I think probably as the years have gone on, I enjoy winging it a bit more
RTD: Right
DT: Because I think it can be a bit more… sometimes you can over-prepare things, I think.
RTD: Yep
DT: and I think when we started I think I probably, sort of, would come to the read-through having practiced
[ RTD & SL laugh ]
DT: having made some decisions.  As time goes on it’s better sometimes to… especially when you’re meeting actors for the first time and responding to what they do for the first time, if you’re less… Because the first read-through, you’re sitting there thinking… and everyone… all the BBC bods come up from London… and we did three scripts!  We did The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, and School Reunion in one day and I’d never read The Doctor out loud before
SL: [ gasps ] How frightening!
DT: …and there’s all these people, all these bods coming up from London to kind of… and you’re just sitting there thinking, “I’m going to get sacked!”
RTD: [ big laugh ]
DT: That’s all you’re thinking.  So you’re very precious about it, and I think as time goes on you begin to feel slightly more confident of your position, and you think, well, it’s more interesting, actually, to maybe be a bit looser with it.  A bit freer with it.
RTD: And when do you learn the lines?  Is it late at night?  Is it first thing?  
DT: Just as you go.  Weekends a lot… you know.
SL: Because you are extraordinary.  I can say, I’ve worked with you now virtually solidly for four years - on Casanova and then on to this…
DT: Yeah, yeah. That’s true, that’s true
SL: …so I have seen HOURS of television with you
[ DT & RTD laugh at how she dragged out the word “hours” ]
DT: Hours of it!  
RTD: Sound a bit happier about that!
SL: Hours of Russell’s great writing!
[ waiting for the laughing to die down ]
SL: No! What I’m going to say is, I think in all that time, in all those days and all those lines, I think you’ve probably fluffed twice. You know, it’s extraordinary, you are extraordinary.  
RTD: That’s cursed it!
DT: Yeah!
SL:  No! You really are - at learning your lines
RTD: You are, that’s true
DT: It’s the homework, isn’t it?  You’ve got to do the homework.
SL: Well, you say that but you know some people don’t.  It’s brilliant - you are a great leader by example.
DT: I think you’ve got to. I think we’re in such a privileged position, and I don’t want cameramen standing around waiting for me to remember my lines, you know?
RTD: But also it is a skill of yours, actually.  Actors who have learned their lines, who’ve done all the work, can fluff on the spot
DT: Sure, and sometimes we all do, yeah
RTD: Yeah, but you do it less than most.  Now we’ve cursed it - it will all just go to pot!
DT: Yeah!  Tomorrow’s going to be a really long day!
RTD: Never speak about it out loud. 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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final words from victims’ families

“Feel the presence and the warmth! Feel it! Feel the Spirit! Feel the awesome power of the Holy Spirit! Feel it! It flows! You don’t have to look at me, but I see that Spirit. I want you to think about that as I forgive you, You are just a body being used! I forgive you! It makes us feel good, I know you don’t understand that. Understand that as you have been judged - know that you have an opportunity to ask for forgiveness. I hear you breathing all the way over here, speak to that spirit inside of you. Know that God will forgive you.”

- Daniel Simmons, Jr son of Rev. Daniel Simmons

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The Smoking Gun

Today, bethgreenewarriorprincess received some interesting information from an anon, and we looked it over in GE (her, myself, juicypapeach, and kjs12345).

(Here is the Making of 5x08 video: X).

We investigated and found some stuff you will all be interested in. Due to the clips being 5x08, I put them under a read more, as I know they can be upsetting for some people. For reference, please read these two metas: X and X.

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#Supernatural TippiTV Recap: 10-20 “Angel Heart”

Previously on Supernatural:

Castiel took over some family man named Jimmy Novak and ruined his vocal cords forever. Unable to share much screen time with Dean some years later, Castiel decided to look into having his own storyline and popped back into Jimmy’s daughter’s life.

Currently on Supernatural:

Amelia, who is Jimmy’s widow even if his body is sort of still alive, has a dream about her husband coming back home to her. She totally remembers his hair wrong, though.

Then again, she was hit so hard by loss that she literally became a different person, so I guess it’s to be expected her memories are different, too.

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Update: Any Four Walls: Little Sister

Also on AO3


Little Sister

Rose squeezed her eyes shut and crossed her ankles, trying—and failing—to convince herself she didn’t really have to go to the bathroom. The room was dim, but not completely dark, and the soft sounds of people sleeping filled the air. They all sounded so warm, and comfortable, and like they didn’t have to pee. Lucky. Even Tyrra was sound asleep, curled up on her side, face half-buried in the fluffy turian pillow they’d brought from home.

When Rose began to inch toward the edge of the bed, Tyrra reached out a sleepy arm and tried to tuck her back close to her side, but Rose slipped away from her grasp. Without opening her eyes, Tyrra murmured, “Y’okay? Bad dream?”

“No,” Rose whispered. “Bathroom.”

“Want me to come?”

“Go back to sleep, Tyr.”

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