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Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

i got tagged by rememberingtheurge in one of those meet the artists things a while back. thanks alice dear that was a lot of fun :w: 

i tag: hunmint, kitshunette, theatricalplacenta, wolfrarn, sarasukai and everyone else who wants to do this? :w: 

An heartfelt and great thanks to the tumblr editors for the blue tag on my image"Already snow;)“! What a surprise;)!!!! My thank goes also to theoriginalplant,justaromantique,imaging,rom9999 and philopenshaw-rblgs for the reblogs of my images over the last week! 🌹🌺🌻❤️ You are so kind and great and relentless!!! I’m happy;)! Also I want to say thank you all of the countless reblogger for reblog the image” Already snow;)“! You are wonderful!🌹🌹🌹Now I want to say "Welcome” to so much new follower. I’m really overwhelmed. Last but not least I was very excited about so much kind comments from my tumblr friends! That’s why I love it to be here! ❤️ Have a wonderful weekend and a nice next week! Love,J.


“My Ghoul” - Hideyoshi Nagachika 

Thank you guys for 80 followers and all of the kind words. <3


I was tagged by a couple people in that “Pick 10 Movies” meme, so I gave it a try… my tastes are kind of specific!! (Please watch Only Yesterday, please, please watch it.)

I tag secretalbatross, contramonster,  waverlyrowangatheringbones, rottenappleheart, carabas, defyaugury, walonvaus, em-kat, magnoliapearl, anyone who would like to!!