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it is absolutely time for white allies to have uncomfortable ass conversations with their racist parents and friends and neighbors. it is absolutely time for you to speak tf up in class when someone says something racist or misogynistic or homophobic. the social justice movement has been built almost entirely by black women. it is time for white allies to step the fuck up and educate themselves and have difficult conversations with the people around them that say intolerant things. 


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If it’s love, it must be more than most

         ↳ Ichiruki or Ichihime (asked by anonymous)

Mike Pence and Hamilton

Mike Pence went to see Hamilton tonight.

I just want to remind everyone that Mike Pence is the man who signed into law people’s right to refuse service to people they thought were gay based on ‘religious liberty.’

Mike Pence supports conversion therapy, literally electrocuting gay people until they’re straight. It’s unethical, and it is not legitimate. Even if it worked, it’s cruel and unusual.

Mike Pence ran alongside Donald Trump, a man who has preached hatred and racism against almost all non-white races, particularly latinos and black people, and defended and dismissed 100% of his comments as insignificant, even lying about whether he said them.

Mike Pence is the VP to a man who hates immigrants (despite being married to one) and wants to build a wall to keep them out. He also wants to turn away all refugees.

Mike Pence strolled into a BROADWAY theatre tonight to see a show that centers around an immigrant who became a founding father. He sat down and watched a musical performed by primarily Black, Latino, and gay men and women, and stars an openly gay man who is HIV positive.

People are debating whether or not it was appropriate to boo him or whether it was appropriate for Brandon Victor Dixon to give a (very classy) speech at curtain call.

This is the nightmare that America has become.

Look hate in the face and destroy it.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens, Parade’s End.

Black Conté Pastel Pencil on Strathmore Pastel Paper (teinte crème)

I also used a 0 size Taper Point Firm Colour Shaper instead of a paper stump for smaller areas shading and blending. It’s incredibly precise and flexible, glad I found it :-)

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It is almost here.

– Stranger Things, Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers

It is a place of decay and death. A plane out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you, and you don’t even see it.

– Stranger Things, Chapter Five: The Flea and The Acrobat

(Here’s Papa Emeritus I! @askpapaemeritusi I hope you enjoy it!

I still need Papa III and a few others.

It’s a bit different compared to the one of Papa II but I still like how it came out. Grucifixes still hate me and his teeth are terrible I’m sorry)

liebesleid (m) · one

ongoing miniseries |  request: reincarnation au with yoongi.
(—or a story of perpetual unrequited love.)

pairing: yoongi | reader
genre: a lot of angst and drama with a sprinkle of smut.
word count: 7.313
warnings: alcohol mention.
author’s note: a thousand thanks to @lthyl for helping me with the outline, you have the patience of a saint :’D ILY 

⇢ chapters: one | two

Chapter one: dolente.

The same melody repeats itself every dawn.

It is one of those casualties of life you want to deem insignificant, even if it has been going on for years now. Every time you find yourself in that narrow space between dormant and conscious, you can hear the sound of a piano with a clearness that’s almost eerie — as if someone’s caressing the black and white keys right next to your ear, producing a song that resonates in your chest and makes your throat constrict in ways you cannot understand.

It’s a melody you’ve loved ever since day one. It stays deep in your heart even if it keeps repeating itself to the point of annoyance, echoes against the corners of your mind and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand. It is as familiar as the voice of your mother, as the cool sheets of your bed and the warmth of the shower that prickles at your skin.

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Robert Le Serrec and his family took the famous photos of the Hook Island Sea Monster in 1964, but there is more than just the images. Le Serrec gave quite the description of the creature when asked about it, stating:

“It was only when we got to within 20 feet of the serpent that we could see its head clearly. The head was large, about 4 feet from top to bottom, with jaws about 4 feet wide. The lower jaw was flat like that of a sandfish. The skin was smooth but rather dull, brownish-black in color, the eyes seemed pale green, almost white. The skin looked more like that of a shark than an eel. There were no apparent scales. Nor did we see any parasites around. The creature was about 90 feet long. Behind the head, the body was about 2 feet 4 inches thick and remained that way for about 25 feet, and then it gradually tapered into a whip-like tail. The general colour of the body was black with 1 foot-wide brownish rings every 5 feet, the first starting just behind the head. The skin was smooth but dull.”

Halise Lavellan - “Trial by Fire”

Cassandra still stood by her side, but she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Very male footsteps. Halise turned to see who the steady walk belonged to, and her eyes fell upon a tall blonde man with a coffee mug in his hand and a rakish scar over his lip. Her mouth fell open into an incredulous grin.

“Cullen. Fucking. Rutherford,” she said loudly.

Cullen almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her, obviously realizing who she was without a second glance. A slow smile curled his lips, curving that damn attractive scar as he continued his walk toward her. “I hope you remember that’s not my middle name!” he called out.

“It is today!!!” Halise laughed, reaching out to grasp his hand. He looked good in his slim fit black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Almost too good.

He grabbed her hand to shake it, and she felt his same slightly rough skin against hers. All at once, a thousand tiny memories came flooding back into her mind, nearly sending a flush up her cheeks. She almost didn’t realize that she’d held onto his hand for just a moment too long. His amber eyes gazed into hers, little crinkles in the corners from his wide smile and the seven years since they’d seen each other last. The miniscule wrinkles only served to make him more attractive. Damnit. Also, no glasses?

“You two know each other?” Cassandra asked, obviously a bit surprised.

“Yeah,” Halise replied, still looking at Cullen. “I used to kick his ass at mock trial during law school!”

Cullen grimaced, his smile intact. “It was only a couple of times, Halise.”

“I still kicked your ass!” Halise snickered, trying very hard to ignore what she was leaving out. Despite her best efforts, the thoughts crept back into the front of her mind. He’s also been inside me. More than once. More than more than once.

Oh shit.

I was lucky enough to snag a commission from the lovely and incomparable @cocotingo for Deputy District Attorney Halise Lavellan in my modern Cullavellan lawyer AU “Trial by Fire.” I can’t stop internally screaming at how wonderful and fabulous and beautiful this is! There’s also been a liiiitle bit of external screaming, too.

I risked life and limb on the freeways of Southern California on my way to work to snag a commission spot, and I cannot recommend commissioning @cocotingo highly enough if you get a similar opportunity!!! Thanks so much to her for her beautiful artwork, for bringing my girl to life, and for just generally being awesome!!!