My concert day prep list turned into a sticky note doodle session to pass the time at work. ☺ ( @ibroughtutolifesoicanhearuscream / @buried-in-the-words / @somewherefarbeyond-thisworld )


aleks_hd: Latest @cowchop video has me like

The signs as Cow Chop videos (w/bonus quote from the video)

*Quotes are loosely based on the signs’ personalities*

Aries: VR Porn
“You put me in this situation, what do you want me to do?”-Trevor

Taurus: Aleks Epic Military Grade Stink Bomb Prank
“You’re not here to solve the problem is what you’re saying”-Brett

Gemini: 55 Gallons of Passion Lube
“Have you ever had like uh, like a massive cumshot?”-Joe

Cancer: STD Challenge
“It’s all guesses at this point”-Trevor

Leo: Extreme Boys
“What the fuck am I doing!? I could be home right now!”-Aleks

Virgo: Ice Cream Brownie Disaster
“I fucking hate shit on my face dude! FUCK!”-Aleks

Capricorn: Bad Parenting
“Dude, I know a thing or two about this, you piece a shit”-James

Libra: 200 Chick-Fil-A Nuggets
“Priceless moments with your friends, it’s worth every nickel”-James

Pieces: Extreme Water Rafting
“It’s more of a fan service”-Shirtless Aleks

Scorpio: Crazy Reptile Show
“I don’t wanna play your game anymore, man. I just wanna move on”-James

Sagittarius: Camping Disaster
“Ew! whatthefuckiswrongwithyou ? This shit ain’t good!”-James

Aquarius: Forceful Hydration Challenge
“It’s not my business, if I can’t see it-it’s not happening”-Aron