(albeit definitely not as often)

Ezreal is the biggest nerd of them all in his Star Guardian-verse (with the exception of Janna and maybe Syndra) - even if he is meanwhile doing something else during classes, for example taking down some notes of the latest foes they have slain to provide it to the entire group later, he still perfectly remembers what the teacher had said. His notes of the different subjects are also always top notch; which is why he often lends his homework and notes to the others who aren’t as good in keeping up.

He is, in fact, very bored in this world. He always has A+ grades, not even learning or properly listening in classes - which is also why he had already considered to drop out of High School and apply for university instead since he assumes he would learn more about the common practices of this world there. Albeit studying is definitely not an hobby of his, one can often see him piling up extremely complicated books during classes - and since he can always give a perfect clear answer when being called by the teacher, they don’t even care. 

Ezreal often ditches classes as well, particularly if he has nothing else to do during classes - and his teachers had stopped to lecture him for it. They simply cannot say anything to him because his grades and his perfection in everything he does never drops anyway. 
In short: he’s the bane of all teachers. He is often speaking quite sassy, but he is always so very right with everything he says. They simply cannot touch a genius like him in any way - since he never goes against the school rules…Even his ditching is later on recognized by the principal. He simply cannot be tamed anyway.