(albeit accidentally)

Lost And Then Found — Ted E. Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure

Late one afternoon, Security Officers Sylvia and Kevin found a lost teddy bear belonging to a visiting school. After locating the owners, they took him on a tour of the Aquarium to pass the time before he could be returned. Here is the tale of Ted E Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure.

Don’t worry, don’t panic. This has happened before.

Yep—I’m just here by myself, alone on the floor.
I guess things aren’t fine, since no adieu was truly bid…
Oh my goodness, my gracious, just where is my kid?!

Maybe the teacher brought everyone back to the kelp?
Nope, nobody. OK, uh—yeah, I may need a little help.

Excuse me coral, apologies, I don’t mean to vent
But perhaps you know where exactly my kid went?

I guess I’ll just finish the visit on my own, that’s not so bad.
When you’re happy as a clam there’s no reason to be sad.

*Sniff* No, this really isn’t fun to be alone with the fish!
I want to find my kid! Please, I just have this simple wish!

- Hey little buddy! Aw—are you lost my dear?
- Yes! I can’t find my kid! I’m alone forever I fear!
- What’s your name? We’re Kevin and Sylvia and we care.
- Thank you so much for your help. My name’s Ted E. Bear.

- Not to worry, helping you get unlost is part of our job!
- Really? Oh wow, oh thank you—you’re most—oh *SOB!*

There there Mr. Bear we’ll find your kid, post haste!
Now let’s make sure your visit doesn’t go to waste!

- Check it out, I helped raise this little purple-striped jelly!
- Wow, it’s really beautiful—awesome job there Tommy!
- Want to give it a shot? I’ll bet you’re great at animal care.
- Wow, I don’t think I could—I’m just a little plush bear!

- Nonsense, you got this. Here’s a scraper—it’s all in the wrist!
- How’s that?
- Perfect! Look at you—you’re a budding jelly Aquarist!

- Whoa, what’s this class—I get to feed the fishes?!
- Yep! But to pass, you’ll need to wash the dishes!

- The control room is cool!
- You’re eating it up like a glutton!
- What’s this switch here?

- Want to help us greet our guests—Jasmine needs an intern!
- Oh wow, a job at the Aquarium—it will be so much fun to learn!

Learn… Where do I remember hearing that word… SCHOOL!
My kid! I have to get back! But… working here would be so cool!

Oh me, oh my—I really want to help conserve the great blue sea!
And… being there for my kid is the way for me to fulfill my destiny!

- OK, let’s find my school—what assistance can I show?
- Oh, we already found them.
- Really, when?!
- About 8 hours ago.

- Well, then let’s get this show on the road!
Box me up, make sure I’m safe and stowed!
- Can do Ted E! We wish you the best on your journey!
Thanks for stopping by, say hello to your school family!

Dear Sylvia and Kevin, 
I made it back to class safe and sound.
The teachers were so happy to tell the kids I had been found.
Thanks for teaching me to find my dreams and in my heart carry ‘em.
Much love from your Beary-best friend, Ted- E, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Thanks so much to Ms. Bizon’s class and the Sea Breeze School in Foster City for letting us host Ted E for the day—albeit accidentally! We hope to sea him again soon!

A stunning new turn of events in the official canon of Garfield, one that many can rejoice about. It appears that Jon Arbuckle has finally ended his own life, albeit accidentally, but he did. Unfortunately from the angle of the shot, I cannot confirm the body. However, considering how he’s not at all visible in the second panel, the fall distance seems just enough to make it likely that he at least sustained serious injuries. So hopefully we won’t be seeing much of him for a while, whether it be until he gets out of the hospital, or until he uses his social ties with the underworld to crawl out of his grave.

Tony Stark: *realizes that his PTSD has led him to put his loved ones in harms way, which he feels so bad about he immediately calls Pepper to say sorry for it*

Bruce Wayne: *doesn’t seem to care that everyone he brands gets killed in prison, actively murders several criminals with no remorse*

Tony Stark: *builds Ultron to make sure the next alien army ‘can’t make it past the bouncer’, isn’t aware that Wanda manipulated him by exploiting his PTSD until it’s too late and outright admits it later*

Bruce Wayne: *plans to murder Superman because he might be a threat one day in the future, isn’t aware Lex manipulated him by exploiting his PTSD until after Superman also exploits his PTSD, albeit accidentally*

Tony Stark: *specifically builds Iron Drones to keep people out of harms way, builds the Hulkbuster to both fight the Hulk and get the Hulk away from people, tries to avoid a fight with other Avengers, evacuates the airport before the fight starts*

Bruce Wayne: *outfits his car and plane with high caliber machine guns specifically to murder people, plans to deal with super powerful monster by bringing through a city filled with innocent people just to get a weapon he could have just picked up and brought to the monster which was on an uninhabited island at the time and didn’t seem to be going anywhere*

Tony Stark: *is aware that his trauma and PTSD is holding him down, is always trying to do the right thing and to keep his personal demons in check, always makes sure to keep others safe as best as he can*

Bruce Wayne: *doesn’t even consider that he’s going too far until Superman accidentally triggers his PTSD, is still perfectly fine with cold blooded murder even after realizing he tried to kill someone who was just trying to save their mother, also nearly kills said mother in explosion.*

MCU fandom: Ugh, Tony is such a villain. so sick of him.

DCEU fandom: Leave Batman Alone!! There is nothing wrong with him!!


i really like this scene in the stage play.

when hanamaki says “do we really need him for that?”, you can see oikawa is about to defend himself, but iwaizumi speaks up first.

and based on everyone’s initial reaction, no one expected iwaizumi to speak up for oikawa, not even iwaizumi himself. it’s also clear that it’s not something iwaizumi does often based on oikawa’s overjoyed reaction.

this is one of the rare instances where iwaizumi openly shows (albeit accidentally) that he cares for his trash of a boyfriend best friend

anonymous asked:

Would u be k with doing Headcanons for Mtmte rodimus, tailgate, and rung for a human s/o who begged for ages to be able to try energon so they could see what it tastes like, and when their bot finally lets them try it, they throw up a half an hour later and are sick for a week.

HAHAH y e s (lets play spot the crashboombanger reference)

Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung (MTMTE)

  • Before you drank it, Rodimus hadn’t really considered the dangers. Yeah, energon was… well, for a human, it was essentially as though you were drinking motor oil, and probably tasted much the same. Rodimus can’t say that he thought through the aftermath. He was pretty hopped up on engex the last time you pestered him for some, and his inhibitions were severely lowered at the time. So, he asked Swerve for his smallest glass, poured you a shot or two, and told you to have at it.

  • Little did Rodimus understand how different humans were when it came to how they reacted to consuming foreign “foods”… He saw you stumbling around the bar, and not in the happy-drunk kind of way. He rushed over, picking you up into his hands. You’d managed to, well… throw it back up over the edge of Rodimus’ hand as he ran out of the bar and made a beeline for the medbay.

  • He left you to Ratchet, explaining to him exactly what happened and how Rodimus took responsibility for the entire situation, even if it wasn’t really his fault. Though you weren’t in his care anymore, that didn’t stop him from spending every waking moment he possibly could at your side, telling you stories of what’s been happening on the ship lately. You don’t feel well at all, but you feel like you’ve seen a new side to Rodimus that you’ve never seen before. The careful, regretful, protective side. Oh, you got to know Ratchet pretty well, too.

  • Tailgate, being the “young,” not-so-knowledgeable-on-humankind bot that he is, offered you a sip of his drink without hesitation. He never really thought about the fact that humans do not consume motor oil to survive. After you started throwing up, however, Tailgate panicked and hopped on his jetboard with you in his arms, flying down the corridors at top speed to find Cyclonus and then Ratchet.

  • Tailgate passed you off to Cyclonus, who took you in his alt mode to get you to Ratchet much faster than Tailgate could, though it didn’t stop him from tagging behind on his board. When you finally got there and got some help from the medics, Tailgate wouldn’t stop apologizing for what he did to you, albeit accidentally. He said that he thought that if the Autobots could consume energon and engex in their holomatter forms, that humans couldn’t be that different, right? First Aid made it very clear that this was… not the case.

  • The minibot spends all of his time at your berthside. Sitting with his arms crossed under his helm to recharge right beside you, making cute little crafts with you and Ten to keep you happy and encourage you to get better, and telling you stories of what life was like before getting stuck in a hole for six million years. You could think of worse ways to spend a week, actually.

  • Rung never encouraged you to drink it, or even said that it was okay for you to drink it. In fact, he was the one who said “No, wait!” when you lifted the glass to your mouth. Regardless, you drank it down quickly, and threw it up quickly as well. Rung wasn’t much bigger than you, and he didn’t have an alt mode that could be useful to you at this point, so he becomes rather… panicky, for a person like him. Whirl takes immediate note of his friend’s distress and jumps in quickly to help you out. 

  • Rung tells Whirl to take you back to your shared room so you could sleep it off, and then take you down to the medbay if your condition worsened. It was quite a while before Rung joined you again, which made sense, considering your berthroom was considerably far from the bar.

  • He entered quietly and took a deep breath, standing by your side to place a hand gently on your forehead. “I’m very sorry, I hope you can forgive me,” he says solemnly, twining his fingers between yours. You started laughing, to his surprise (and then coughing, not to his surprise) and he sat beside you on the berth. You told him that it wasn’t his fault at all and that he had no reason to feel guilty. Moments later, Whirl showed up at your door and sat down beside you. The three of you chatted, Whirl was well-behaved, and you all had a pretty good time despite everything.

Here’s a doodle of my favorite VLD rare pair  xD


I totally love this two and I want more interactions between them in the next season!!!! 

(Keith and Pidge here are around their 20′s and are married albeit accidentally, but favorable in Keith’s part).

Anyways, I’ll probably write a fic around these two and how they got hooked and maybe some detailed doodles.

If anybody can guest on what their engagement and marriage “rings” are, you get a free doodle from me x). Just pm me your answers.

HINT: There are NOT rings.


Ok but the more I think about it the more counterintuitive it seems that Pidge of all people should be the team’s shield?

On the surface you’d think Hunk would be the shield. I mean he has the most heavily armored Lion, he literally took a couple missiles for Lance (albeit accidentally it seems) and he just generally fits the shield/protector archetype better. Pidge is sneaky, prefers to come at enemies sideways, analyzes them for weaknesses, relies on her tech and her environment to gain the advantage. She’s not the one I would picture jumping out to take a hit for someone else. 

But form Voltron and Pidge is right in the thick of things, operating her shield like a boss, covering the team, taking hits. Idk I’m mostly just thinking out loud here so this probably doesn’t make much sense but I’d love to see people explore this dichotomy between solo fighter Pidge and Voltron fighter Pidge more.

The Serpent Wasn’t Banished from the Garden

[In Genesis the serpent isn’t banished but is made to crawl in punishment. Art of which always bugs me as the snake chatting with Eve at the tempting stage is already legless. He wasn’t cursed yet. He didn’t look like that… But I digress…]

In the episode The Apple the Enterprise crew explore an Eden planet. The “god” of this Eden attempts to repel the outside influence, killing three crewmen, and taking a lot of potshots at Spock. Spock, however, is immortal. The point is explicitly made–one proven deadly force turned against him after another–Spock cannot be banished by the powers Vaal wields to defend the paradise he oversees.

Force 1: Flora. The flowers are deadly to humans.

Not deadly to Spock.

Force 2: Earth. The rocks are deadly to humans.

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So Desperate For A Dog, He Accidentally Kidnaps One | Phan Tweet Dabble

Summary: If the dog makes it into their flat on its own, is it really so bad for Dan to stall and enjoy having a dog for a little while?

Word count: 800

Genre: Domestic fluff

No warnings

Read more from the collection of tweet-based Phan dabbles here

Based on the following tweet:

Also available on AO3

7th of March 2017

It was an honest mistake really, besides was dognapping even a thing?

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anonymous asked:

I am loving your writing so far! Whenever I see that you've added a new post, I get giddy with excitement and stop whatever I was doing just to read your wonderful work ^ω^ Okay, for the writing prompt (if that is still open/available) can I request number 30 (which is sharing a bath/swim)? It's alright if you can't, and you're probably very busy ^_^ Thank you very much and I look forward to reading more of your works! ^O^

Hey Anon!

My apologies for the very late response.

Here is the prompt fic you have requested for, and I hope you enjoy it.

30. Sharing A Bath/Swim (from here)

For mobile users: click here

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I… did a fic. Because I saw THIS prompt and I just don’t know. This all came into my head and I seriously couldn’t rid myself of it… so here, have a fic. *hides head in hands* I haven’t written a fic in years. Of course it’d have to be pokemon what pulled me back into doing so. It has not been beta'ed so… it might have an error here or there. I went over it several times, but you know how that works; shizz still slips by.

Art is also mine, and meant to tag along with the story a bit. The mental image was cute, shhhh.

It has some very minor shipping, and it’s mostly introspective from Maxie’s POV…ish. This is the original prompt:

“If you are still taking prompts, how about, after the whole primal Groudon and or delta episode event, May shows Groudon to Maxie and Groudon, who is this big ol powerful pokemon, is a giant affectionate puppy who likes playing the yarn game and eating pokepuffs and being petted? Maxie’s reaction is up to you~”

Posted into Ao3 in case it’s hard to read on my tumblr.

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anonymous asked:

PCOS anon prob came off hostile bc it gets very tiring to constantly hear that /all/ obese people don't care about their health. I also have PCOS, which (in addition to bad genes) has lead to me have type2 diabetes, plus intestinal malrotation, which can be causing so many of my weight and diabetic problems but doctors don't know how to treat it bc it's so uncommonly diagnosed. I've been an active martial artist for 15 years and have a black belt, but regardless I'm still 5'3" and 230lbs. (Pt1)

(Pt2) granted some of the weight is bound to be muscle mass in my situation, however it gets overwhelmingly frustrating when people speak of obese people on a whole and ignorantly (albeit accidentally) exclude overweight people that go above and beyond measures to stay healthy but can’t help their weight bc of other medical conditions out of their hand. Not to speak for the anon, but I know I can sometimes fly off the handle when people make it sound like all obese people don’t have self worth




Now I’m not yelling at you specifically but it also gets tiring to restate the same thing again and again because people can’t read it and go “oh I have a medical condition that causes me to be unable to control my weight, Ren is not demonizing or blaming me she is speaking about a larger problem within the Western world” 

Folded Heart

SPN Writing Challenge | envydean  vs. @deanghostchester

Prompt: Heart

Pairings: Dean/Cas

Word count: 1,156

Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, nerd!Castiel, Jock!Dean, Valentine’s Day, "anonymous" letters, accidental sending of letters to the wrong person, implied Castiel/Amelia

AO3: Here

“Charlie!” Castiel shouted as he saw her red hair in the sea of people in the hallway of their school. She turned round and watched as Castiel stumbled towards her, a frantic look on his face. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.

“I have done something terrible. Very terrible!” He exclaimed, breathing hard. Charlie looked at him confused and pulled her arm from his grip.

“Dude, chill, it can’t have been that bad,” She told him, laughing a little.

“No, it really was. I took matters into my own hands and put a heart with a ‘c’ in Amelia’s locker,” It was Valentine’s Day and the high school had been decked out with pink and red hearts hanging from the ceiling and there were some students selling single roses to send anonymously to your crush.

“What’s bad about that?” Charlie cut in.

“It didn’t go in Amelia’s locker. It went into Dean Winchester’s locker.” Castiel finished and covered his face with his hands. There was no way this was happening. “I think he saw me too. This is a complete disaster.”

Castiel was tempted to go home, just give up on the day and act like nothing had happened. He’d dashed away before he’d seen Dean’s reaction, hopefully he hadn’t seen him and the ‘c’ wasn’t too obvious.

“Cas, stop fretting. You do like him though, so it’s not like it’s a huge disaster.”

“He’s the captain of the football team – oh no, what if one of the other guys from the team saw me,” Castiel trailed off. Charlie grabbed hold of Castiel’s shoulders and shook him slightly.

“It’s. Going. To. Be. Fine.” She punctuated and grinned. “Come on, let’s head to English before we’re late.”

It took a couple of moments for Cas to follow before he stepped out into the main stream of people in the hallway and headed towards his English class.

For Cas, it only got worse from there. Dean was in class, sitting three tables away, with Charlie, Jo and Benny in between. The lesson began and their teacher was explaining what they were doing that lesson.

A tap on his shoulder from Charlie got his attention and he looked over to see her holding a pink heart in her hands. Frowning, he took it from her.

Thanks for the heart C. =)

Castiel blushed and dropped his head to the table.

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kazuyagoddamnmishima  asked:

im conflicted on sauce's duck hair bc on the one hand its Iconic™ and I love it but on the other hand i kind of like that his current hairstyle makes him look like his dad especially since he's kind of turning into his dad where the actual raising of his child is concerned

I totally understand that, and I may be a bit bias but dang this recent episode has me rolling my head at Sakura and Sasuke on the parenting scale. 

I totally get that there’s a secret mission going on, but when your kid goes to the library to discover more about you, there’s some problems. When your kid totally calls you out for your unorthodox relationship with your husband and you cause the literal destruction to your house, albeit accidentally, y’all got some problems.

But uh…here’s to hoping it all works out!

Back to the point, yeah! I didn’t expect Naruto and Sasuke to have their iconic hairstyles as adults/parents, but Kishimoto really, really, really could’ve done a better job at giving them Dad Hair. Edward Elric’s dad hair was on point! 

I watch too many romcoms. I get too many ideas from watching said romcoms. 

Ten points to Gryffindor for guessing which movie I watched last night. I might keep going with this, I'unno. But 4,000 words! Holy moley, Batman!


“Can you pretend to be my boyfriend for five minutes?”

In retrospect, she probably should’ve started with ‘hello’, but beating around the bush had never been Maka Albarn’s style.

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Ruto’s Message

Underwater scenes are hard to colour. Like, seriously, you have no idea how many masks and filters and layers I ended up using. But I think the end result, albeit somewhat accidental, was worth it. Gotta love that N64 nostalgia…

edit: Prints of this piece are finally available, get them HERE!

midorichan10  asked:

Hi! Good luck with your blog!! Could I get a scenario where GoM + Kagami and their crush (who likes them back) have an accidental kiss?

Thank you very much! Just so you know, this does exceed character limit, so I’m going to exclude Kuroko. My apologies! 


Beep! That was it, the sounds of the buzzer. The game was over and right on time, Kagami scored the winning basket. “Yeah!” He cheered, pumping his fist into the air. The crowd went wild, as did the players. You jumped up and threw your arms up into the air, cheering for them all as you were picked up by two strong arms. It was as though, in a flash, you felt lips against yours, and not even a few moments later, you were staring into Kagami’s eyes. Both you and him stared at each other, wide-eyed and shocked, until your faces suddenly grew a deep red, and he put you down, muttering a quick apology and continuing to stutter our various things. It wasn’t until you shyly reached over and took his hand, only offering a smile and no words, that he stopped talking and smiled as well.

Kise!” You called out, looking for your friend around the now nearly empty school hallways. He was supposed to be helping you study, but right now it seemed like all he was doing was avoiding anything school-related. “Ki-” “__-!” Suddenly, there was something soft against your lips and you were stumbling back. When you disconnected, it din’t take you long to realize what had happened. He just.. kissed you. Albeit accidentally. You quickly place your hand over your mouth, staring at the boy with big eyes. “W-we… n-n-need to s-study..” Kise found his heart racing, only able to conjure up a nod as he followed after you - the both of you were too stunned and stricken with love to say anything else.

Midorima,” you poke the tall boy’s shoulder, and he looks down at you with a small sigh. “What?” Your lips turn into a frown at how disappointed he sounded, but you knew that this was just how he is. The two of you were seated at lunch together, enjoying your meal with the rest of his teammates sitting at the table with you. “You have something on your cheek,” you lift up a napkin to his face, rubbing gently at his reddening cheek as he politely let you clean it off. Takao took notice of this interaction, and stood up and walked towards you two nonchalantly. “Man, isn’t this such a great view?” He puts his hand to his forehead, pretending to look into the distance as he put his hand onto the back of Midorima’s head, pushing him towards you so suddenly that his lips were against yours. The blushing and angry Midorima then ran Takao out of the cafeteria, leaving you blushing behind.

You were presently inside the Akashi household, seated in your good friend’s library and reading one of his most recommended books. “Akashi, how do you read things like this in so little time?” It was exasperating being around him sometimes just because of how perfect he is. Yes, you have a little(big) crush on him. Nothing major. Kind of. Hearing no response, you stand and put the book down. “Akashi?” You walked around a corner, and seeing that he was looking through a book and didn’t acknowledge you, you approached him from behind, about to wrap your arms around him to scare him when he suddenly turned around and you accidentally connected your lips with his own. Immediately, you pulled away, though you were burning inside. He was cool, though, but was staring down at you and obviously taken off-guard. “S-sorry..! Wow, I didn’t mean to do that..!” He just shakes his head, “If I am the only one this has happened to then I see it as no issue.”

“___-chin, ___-chin,” Murasakibara called from beside you, poking your shoulder multiple times until he got you to notice him. “I want to play a game with you.” You look up at him curiously, not exactly sure what he meant. It definitely wasn’t the type of game that would involve heavy physical activity, so you didn’t have to worry about getting up. But what? He picks up one of his candy boxes, taking out a strawberry pocky and placing it between his lips, looking down at it before back at you. You knew what he wanted. Your cheeks flared in a red blush, and you timidly took the other end into your mouth. Slowly, the two of you inched closer and closer, expecting the other to pull away first until you both realized that neither of you pulled away. In fact, you two had been kissing longer than you expected. You tried to pull away out of embarrassment, but he kept it going, hand on the side of your head. When he had enough of kissing you with the sweet treat, he pulled away. “___-chin is a good kisser.”

“Aww… look at that,” you cooed, poking the sleeping lion - also known as Aomine - on the cheek. There was probably nothing that could wake him, since he must be tired from all that heavy duty schoolwork he’s been doing. Yeah, right. Still, you couldn’t help but giggle at how adorable it was. The breeze as you sat on the roof top beside him hit you, and almost made you want to go to sleep, too. “I guess he wouldn’t mind…” You lay down beside him, and not even a few seconds after you’re comfortable, his unconscious body rolls over onto you and you find his lips are at your neck, arms around you as he’s kissing you as if you’re some giant food. “…Hnn… Horikata..Mai-chan…” Instantly, instead of blushing and getting embarrassed, you were annoyed. “Aomine!” You shout, pushing him off of you and stomping away from him. He could only looked shocked as he watched you go down the ladder. “W-wait… ___-chan..! Where are you going?!” He shouted as he ran after you, forgetting his magazine behind.

dragon-fairy-girl14  asked:

Can you do a jealous boyfriend/girlfriend!!!! Please!!!! \(0^0)/ p.s. I love your stories!

!! Thank you!!

Here’s some Adrien being jealous bc love that idea

Words: 1017

Warnings: unedited (as usual) but other than that, nothing ^__^



“Ladybug is so hot,” were the first words Adrien heard as he stepped into the classroom that morning.

“Yeah I know right - you know I’ve actually met her.”

“No way.”

“Yes way, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and everything!”

Something inside his chest lurched and he really wished the boys up the back would stop talking so loud- wait, did he say she kissed him?

A feeling akin to anger bubbled in his stomach. He wanted to grab Marinette and hold her close, he wanted to press small kisses on her cheeks till they blushed pink but he didn’t know why.

“Well the time I met her she was saving me from some rocks falling from a building and let me tell you, I could feel everything.”

Shut up shut up shut up shut up-

“Nice one.”

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