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Arophobic Microaggressions: On the Ace Community and Should-Be Allies

Just some technical things, before I start talking: The bulk of the post will be under the cut, and you can find a version in Google Docs here. Non a-specs need to keep comments in the tags or to themselves, as this is an intracommunity issue, and REGs need to keep their hands off: you are not welcome in my community nor on my posts. Please be aware that I do respond to replies, publicly, especially if they’re hateful or in disagreement. If you want a private conversation, message me. If you’d like to read more, check out the Google Doc linked above for recommended reading or my aromanticism page. Thank you to @aro-allo-positivity for his help in editing this post.

In the past couple years, we’ve talked a lot about ace issues - from oppression to validation, and from discussion to action. Activists have campaigned to be included in LGBTQIANP+ organizations and succeeded in being recognized to various degrees. As an aroace woman, I’m very happy to see issues I face being talked about, and action being taken to bring awareness to my orientation. Interacting with acespec bloggers also means I see the problems, and arophobia is a pervasive problem in acespec communities. I’ve talked about it in the past, a bit, but only at surface level. The last post I made about arophobia got 1,700ish notes, and is still getting reblogged today. After making that post, I started noticing more and more arophobia, coming from even large acespec bloggers. I decided to write this post to help people notice arophobic microagressions (the macroaggressions are pretty obvious, generally) and be better allies to the aro community. 

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Motionless Part 11/?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Will the team find the reader in time? What exactly does this brother want?

Word Count: 2,998

Warnings: Language, character injury, mention of torture, depression, angst

A/N: Switching POV’s, It’s finally here guys!! Please let me know what you think! Comments are always appreciated!! :)

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I kept having the same nightmare over and over again. Each ending was different, but it was always the same. Red tentacles dragged Y/N away from me, coiling themselves around her, squeezing the life out of her. Then a man would stand next to her and just smirk at me. Talking about he was going to get back at me for what I did to his brother, how he finally has his prize. I was restrained, held against the wall. No matter how much I struggled to get free, the chains only tightened their grip, cutting off any circulation. I was completely immobile against their hold. But what hurt the most, was the look Y/N gave me.

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12x02: “Let’s call the Internet!”

Whoa. Ok. So – LOTS to talk about. Buckle up!

(Btw…I sometimes abbreviate Toni as LTB (Lady Toni Bevell) because I started doing that in my fic writing notes this summer and never really broke the habit.)

SAMONIA: Yeah, that’s what I’m calling Sam/(An)Toni(a) (based on this post/thread). Why? Because it sounds like a nasty cleaning product and I need brain bleach for all of that. I am glad, however, that they made it clear that this was not ok and was not something Sam wanted. Toni is horrible and manipulative and enjoys torturing Sam (and later Dean). Like. Ugh. She is fucked up and creepy and yeah…no bueno.

THE HELL PLOT: Crowley wants revenge. Crowley is being sassy AF. Vincifer is FUCKING AWESOME. AH. SUCH A GOOD CHOICE. But, what’s up with the glowy red eyes??? Rowena just wants OUT. Btw – she’s wearing pants, not her usual gown, when she says this. Symbolism?

Other things I noticed:

  • Rowena mentioning ballet. Ruth is a dancer. :)
  • Rowena now knows what Google Maps are. But last season had no idea what GPS was and in S10 was baffled by Charlie the Nerd and her computer. Yay OOC stuff.
  • Rowena hanging out with the Republicans at the tennis club. I’m including this because yay, dig at the bat-shit insanity going on right now, but also in response to a few comments I saw saying that the show/network’s gotta be pissed at Misha for stumping for Hillary/denouncing Trump, etc. etc. etc. Yeahhhhh….kinda think they don’t give two shits about that. (And if they do, they’re two shits in support of Misha.)

PARALLELS, OH THE PARALLELS, PART 1: Lucifer convinces Vince to say yes by showing up as Vince’s dead wavy-blonde haired girlfriend, Jess Jenna. Like, dude, we get it. Can we please do something new?

PARALLELS, OH THE PARALLELS, PART 2: LTB: “Sam, let’s talk about Ruby. You know, your ex-demon lover.” Also LTB: “Dean, let’s talk about Benny. You know, the vampire you…befriended.” (awkward pause in the middle there, eh?)

What’s that, Subtext? You’re saying Dean is bi and Dean/Benny might have been a thing? What’s that, Subtext? You’re saying this isn’t the first time Benny has been Dean’s relationship counterpart against Sam’s romantic storyline? Can you speak up louder for the people in the back?

(Note, I don’t really ship Denny, but I don’t exactly mind the idea of it, either.)

WHAT’S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER? LTB after getting the crap beaten out of her by Mary Fucking Winchester.

But more on that face-off in a second. 

This actually ties into the previous topic: how LTB is so B&W about everything. Ruby is ancient history, Benny is kind of ancient history. But, the point of bringing them up was to show how the BMoL see any sort of partnership/relationship with something non-human as WRONG (and how out of date the BMoL are with the Winchesters). And in the case of Ruby, I think we can agree, that yeah, Sam, not your best move. But Benny? Benny was a good guy, fangs and all. There’s grey area, which is something that the Winchesters have taken a long time to learn, but they’re getting there. LTB? Definitely not at that point yet, or maybe ever will be. (And the BMoL method of “protecting” the UK definitely is a reflection of that.)

Also – somewhat in this category: Mick (yay Buckleming…awesome name choice. *sarcasm*) representing some grey area in the BMoL. But very, very ambiguous grey area, especially since he mentions this Mr. Ketch. (And random Angel reference? Mick refers to the BMoL as the “Home Office.” Anyone else get Wolfram & Hart vibes???)

BATTLE OF THE BLONDES: Hair color aside (seriously, it’s only there for the alliteration…don’t read anything into it), I love that once again Mary is the one who steps in and is like back the fuck away from my boys. Favorite part? MFW: Get on the ground. LTB: *doesn’t move* MFW: *smacks her face and forces her down* That’s the ground. 


THE FAMILY REUNITES: Sam is shocked DEAN IS ALIVE. AND THEN HIS CHOKED EXPRESSION WHEN HE SEES MARY. AHHHH. Although, I really thought they were going to play up Sam thinking Dean’s just another hallucination. But whatevs. Still a great scene.

LTB THE TORTURE QUEEN: I said it before, but I’ll say it again – she is creepy AF and it’s sick how much she seems to enjoy this, “lawful” motivations or not. Also, torturing Dean like that? Saying they’ve studied how to torture effectively? Lady, you’re talking to someone who tortured people in Hell for ten years after living through it for thirty. Also, kudos to Jensen to looking terrified because he knows exactly what she probably has planned or what torture can really look like and he knows how to do it – so yay, back to that guilt-fest for Dean. Last thing: LTB is really good with magic. Like, she’s super fast and pretty powerful. (Possible witchy/corrupty subplot?)


  • Mary overhearing Dean’s phone call with Cas and the awkwardness of her relationship with her son. It’s so real. (More on the phone call later)
  • Mary wearing the Dead Guy Robe: not sure how I feel about this after Chuck last season. I kinda feel like it’s a little too much of people taking Dean’s identity (an identity that he has just started to acknowledge as his own).
  • Mary being worried about meeting Sam and blaming herself for all the shit with Azazel. YES. TELL ME MORE. I find it so weird that even civilian!Mary didn’t ward the ever-loving shit out of their house. I really hope this comes up more in future episodes.
  • Dean: “I can’t do my job if I’m worried about you.” MFW: “I can handle myself. K? Good talk.” THAT WAS SUCH A DEAN RESPONSE. (Or such a Mary response, since she’s his mom? Argh.)
  • “I’m your mother: you have to do what I say.” I love that she jokingly pulls the mom-card because it gave some levity to the situation which they both realize is incredibly complex and messed up.
  • Dean: “You were good at this, weren’t you?” MFW: “Very.”
  • Mary dreaming about John, saying he was a great father. Dean looking weirded out, then explaining that John changed. AND THEN SAM GIVING HER THE JOURNAL. Shit, that’s gonna be some tough reading.
  • Actually, just EVERYTHING about Mary and Sam’s reunion. So touching. God, Jared made me want to cry during that scene in Mary’s room. A+ acting, sir. “Having you here fills in the biggest blank.” AHH. (Also, Sam, sweetie, don’t stare at the ceiling from your bed. Bad things happen when you do that. – but, cinematically, nice call back to the Pilot, especially given Mary’s presence now.)
  • Mary can’t cook. While the Let’s Deconstruct Mary side of me is like YES PLEASE THIS IS GOOD, there’s a part of me that is incredibly sad about this. Because of Dean….


  • …Because the memory of his mom’s meatloaf is something he held on to for 30+ years, and it came from the Piggly Wiggly (which apparently doesn’t exist in KS according to other Tumblr folk? I dunno…I shop at ye old Market Basket. The Basket, as it’s known….unless you’re my grandmother’s age, and then it’s still DeMoula’s even if it hasn’t been called that for like 30 years. But I digress). 
  • AND DEAN SITTING IN THE KITCHEN ALONE LOOKING AT PICTURES DRINKING BEER. Yeah. The kitchen. DEAN’S KITCHEN. Where Dean cooks fucking fantastic burgers. Where Dean gets annoyed when wicked witches fuck the place up after he just cleaned. He could have looked at pictures alone literally ANYWHERE in the Bunker…like, his room? Where presumably the pictures were to start with? But no, he retreats to the kitchen. To drink alone. While looking at the last remnants of the childhood he thought he knew and remembered. Fuck.
  • Good and Bad Writing: He mentions “Chinese mind control technique” and reading/researching. Bad: really? Chinese mind control? What are you even doing, Buckleming?? Like, sure, there might legitimately be something in the lore about that, but it just sounded…wrong. Good: Smart!Dean! YAY.
  • Good and Bad Writing Part 2: Good: Call back to Dean and Mary and pie. Bad: Pig!Dean. WTF. Like, seriously. That was so over the top and completely unnecessary.

BUT WHAT ABOUT CAS? YOU HAVEN’T MENTIONED HIM!: Yeah, I was saving Cas…and Dean…for the end because HOLY DESTIEL LOVING CHUCK. Ok, so aside from the few “Cas is dumb/is The Awkward Angel™” moments, YAY DEAN AND CAS.

  • Dean confiding in Cas about Mary, despite Cas having no clue what to do about it, but Cas tries. He asks questions. He tells Dean, in his very Cas way, not to over-complicate things. Which is kinda good, if very blunt and not terribly practical (because, emotions), advice. But the fact that Dean felt he could talk to Cas about his mother and how weird things are just shows how much Cas is family, no matter what other labels you want to attach there. (<3 <3 labels? please?)
  • Cas: You brought your mother? MFW: Hello, Castiel. Yes, he did. 
    • If that wasn’t an awkward boyfriend/mother-in-law/son-in-law moment, I don’t know what is.
  • Cas and Dean’s silent communication when Mary insists on going. Cas, who previously was like, Dean WTF do you want my advice for on human matters concerning mothers (not exactly my area of expertise, bro), steps in IMMEDIATELY to bail Dean out, and offers a VERY tactful and human way of keeping Mary outside, saying he would like the company. I absolutely loved the clear connection between Dean and Cas here. FUCKING MARRIED COUPLE.
    • That being said, did my ears deceive me, but did I hear the lyric “lost angel” right when Dean is sitting alone in the kitchen (and kind of looks over to his right like he’s expecting someone to be there)??? Someone please gif this/screencap this for me. Thank you muchly.