(ah here it is. c:)

flower cloak.

Sup Gaster.

I wanted to feel like I did something productive before I went off to bed, so I decided to draw something really simple before heading off.

Note to self: post at least one piece of artwork on tumblr every week. 

“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )

aaaaand we have the sibs! They’re twin babs so matching jackets ;P If ya’ll wanna read me rambling about them then clickie the read more~

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oh my g o d 

thank you to all my precious bab friends for throwing probably the best (early)bday party of my life?????? and for my 21st too, dang (the surprise aspect of it probs took a year off my life though)

massive thanks to meitopia, soapycrossing, and audreydraws for organizing this <3 <3 i’m very bad at crying about things but trust me i am internally sobbing

ALSO TO remnisc, starbbit, luneandcompany, kappasuit, tanteicrossing, chimeriacrossing, c2oh, komorebitown, sleppu, laocoon-crossing, iamdrsloth, ktchew, mpreghorse, toasterthemudkip, fuuuranz, mieuki, and craneleaf all of the drawings and letters were so sweet this is the nicest thing thank you guys so much <3

dysthymicgenos  asked:

I also headcanon Saitama as being like...a closeted clingy person. Like he feels really clingy toward Genos, but would never admit to it. Like he gets really anxious when Genos spends too much time away from him and he sometimes gets jealous seeing Genos talk to other people, because he's never really been good at friendship so he has this mindset almost of "that's my friend you can't have them."