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Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x The Payload. ;) Hope you like it as much as I do <3

No, I don’t like that ship.  I love it. 

I finally started watching YOI with my housemates and @luftballons99‘s nb!Yuri headcanon was like a fucking trumpet in my brain the whole time


(non-linear, just random time stamps of fun loving president pkane and his adorkable stoic assistant jtoews)

Patrick’s spent the day constantly in motion. He’s afraid if he stops for a second, everything will catch up to him and he might have a breakdown. It’s Election Day and he’s only a few hours away from possibly becoming the next President of the United States.

He’s also spent the whole day as close to Jonny as possible. He won’t let the man out of his sight. It gets so bad that Jonny can’t even fulfill his assistant duties like answering calls or running errands because Patrick’s clutching his bicep half of the time.

All of Patrick’s loved ones are with him by the end of the night. Most of the polls are close and once the west coast states start getting called, it’s a done deal.

When news networks start calling it, Patrick reaches over for Jonny’s hand and gives it a squeeze before he’s bombarded with hugs from his family and Sharpy and has to let go.

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  • old me: people can't "look gay". that's a sexuality, not a style of clothing or hairstyle. stop stereotyping.
  • me now: *actively tries to look as gay as possible*

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Drink Me

Leave a “Drink Me” in my ask, and I will write a drabble about my character taking shots with yours.

Alex knew exactly where to find Maggie without having to call and ask first. It wasn’t a comment on her character, just a cop thing, she thinks. As government agent she feels she can understand, she doesn’t have the same rituals. Her’s are more like sulking in her living room, trying to find something in the bottom of her scotch glass. Maggie was different. 

Maggie liked to surround herself with people, to drown in the sound of voices chattering happily while she pounded back a few in quiet reverence. To be in a corner of her city that didn’t feel devastating, that she hadn’t failed to protect. 

On a bad day, Alex knows exactly where to find Maggie. 

“Hey.” She says, trying not to let the sudden jump in her heart reflect too much cheer in her tone. Even on a tough day Alex is glad to see her, maybe especially so. 

Maggie drags her eyes up from inspecting the sticky wood of the bar top where two shot glasses are already emptied and turned over. It’s not a thing. Alex knows when you’re at a bar and need to step away for a minute, use the restroom or head out for a smoke—if you do that type of thing—you put your coaster over your drink; it signals to the bartender that you’ll be back. Though these days she wouldn’t recommend that anyone ever leave their drink unattended in public place, it wasn’t safe. In any case, Maggie’s upturned glasses weren’t a signal, it was just something she did. 

“Hey Danvers.” She got in return, sounding more full of life than Maggie actually looked. Alex knew what hiding the day looked like. 

She takes a seat. 

It’s hard to tell where to start, she doesn’t want to be cliche and shrug out a ‘tough day, huh?’ she already knows it was. It had to be a lot for Maggie, sure she was head of all weird and alien at the precinct and clearly she was comfortable with such things but suddenly the detective was signing on with DEO matters on a regular basis. The scale was different, the training Alex’d had to deal with it was different. Maggie was a great detective, amazing at her job, but losses were hard. Sometimes the bad guys get one over on you and it leaves a mark. 

Instead of saying anything Alex gets M’gann’s attention, orders up a few more rounds and when they’re poured, splits them between the two of them. 

“You trying to get in my pants, Danvers?” Its a joke, delivered flatly but, a joke none the less.

Alex tips her head and rolls her lips together as if she is thinking about it, taking her first shot between her fingers to holding it up. 


Maggie laughs, a light, low energy chuckle but it counts and Alex collects it as a win. 

She tosses her chin toward one of the other three shot glasses and Maggie complies, picking one up for herself. They tap them, take them, and set the glasses upside down on the bar top. It’s a little cathartic in a way. Washing it down, setting it aside. Something done and over with. The first two shots might of been for the perps that got away and the bruise on Maggie’s cheek. The one in unison for those same perps taking down Supergirl hard enough for Kara to have to lay under the sun lamps for a while and recover. 

Alex revels in the burn, lets it stick to her tongue and the back of her throat, then settle warmly in her chest and stomach. 

“No uplifting talks?” Maggie asks. She doesn’t sound disappointed, just a bit of surprise, so Alex shakes her head. 

“Nope.” Another glass gets raised. 

Maggie nods too, slower, in appreciation, and grabs the last shot a little more sloppily than the one before. 

“I know how to pick em.” She nearly slurs, tapping her glass to Alex’s. Something about how she says it makes Alex sure Maggie isn’t talking about the tequila. 

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Just want to say thank you for posting stuff from vlive+! I know this puts you at risk and I hope you don't get caught or reported or anything (by some salty anon) but BLESS U FOR DOING THIS

you’re welcome, anon. and yeahhh, it’s okay, i knew the risks that came with sharing ~exclusive~ content.

hopefully people are aware that we are sharing these because there are others who don’t have the chance/ability to pay for and get access to these materials and are nice enough to leave us alone since we don’t profit from sharing these tbvh so. ;v; also, naver would have to actually dig to find out my account for vlive before they can blacklist/block me (tbh i don’t think they have the time ???? to do that) -le shrugs-

i hope you have a great day/evening ahead, anon :)