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I cried seeing your winged AU drawing of smol Hinata and Kageyama!! My heart clenched, and I just couldn't stop the happy 'awws' coming from me, seeing ADORABLE- no CUTE- NO!- OUT OF THIS WORLD PRECIOUS little Kagehina, made my day!! Dx <33 Thank you thank you for existing and creating such wonderful art, I can't handle the cuteness overload, it fills me with happiness! <3 you are absolutely amazing, please accept my hug of appreciation! >///<


Slow rabbit (producer in big hit ) cried when bts won artist of the year .

he was watching carefully the tv…. i think this just shows how apreciated they are, not only by the fans but also by people who truly know them, by their agency… They come from this small agency, but here they are, winning awards at the Aasian music awards, Melon music awards, And now, Mnet asian music awards. I couldn’t be more proud of them, especially seing how much it means to them, how humble they stayed, how they hugged each others after each win… Also I apreciate Namjoon for always thinking about the fans, not only in korea. Some others groups who have foreign or even american members rarely say a word in english for international fans, but Namjoon does it most of the time. :)

!!!!!! HBD @asexualshepard!!!!!!!! 

@queen-schadenfreude & i decided to collab on a lil somethin’ for your birthday, because we adore you and we were thinking of you (most days but especially today)!! c: q sketched & colored, and i put down inks on your very precious boys. ♥ i hope you have a lovely rest-of-your birthday!

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Hey! Love your blog, and your headcanons soo much. Anyway, speaking of headcanons.. ൠ (Solangelo)

aw, thank you!!

ൠ - random headcanon: will and nico aren’t that huge on pda (like,,, they do make a fair amount of physical contact in public but it’s usually in the form of them shoving each other or just sitting right next to each other which they dont even realize they’re doing) but when they’re in private they’re really affectionate and give each other bunches of pecks on the cheek and ruffle each others’ hair and are just completely adorable <3



“I don’t think I went to the rink a day without him, and vice versa,” Johnson said. “We’re very close.” // “It’s awesome,” Palat said. “He’s one of my best friends.”