KT Tunstall - (Still A) Weirdo


(Still A) Weirdo - KT Tunstall


I’m in a Fukunaga mood (though, really, when am I not) so here’s poor bby Fukunaga (▰˘︹˘▰)

I’m assuming you’re talking about this REEAAALLy old one? Nope, he still had his scarf on! ^-^

Told you, he never takes it off! XD even when he went to visit penny, he still had the scarf on UNDER the winter jacket lol it’s a part of him

(if it’s not this one you’re talking about, you can tell me!)


Something like 100 folks dropped out and stopped checking out the shit on here. Here’s to the other 5000 or so weirdos still lurking. Grind on…