the delivery - dad!tom holland

summary: while in atlanta for shooting, y/n is heavily pregnant with tom’s baby. pretty easy to guess what happens next.

notes: gif not mine this is totally inspired by the office lmao. i’m thinking of making dad!tom a series?? so let me know if you want to see that????

It was a warm day. Tom and Harrison were in tank tops, lounging on the balcony, and Harry was in the pool. You were at the picnic table, a hand resting on your swollen abdomen, shades across your eyes.

“Watch this!” Harry flipped into the pool, sending up a huge splash.

“Boooo!” Tom called down to his brother. 

“Two out of ten, not my spider-man!” Harrison added to the mocking. Harry shook his wet locks out of his eyes, sending two middle fingers upwards towards the balcony. You chuckled lightly.

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Fifty-Nine Days

This is an extra part for my imagine Two Months.

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Summary: Derek wants to spend more time with (Y/N), he wants to get to know her biggest and darkest secrets but with (Y/N) refusing to be in a public relationship; he has to deal with that. (Y/N) only wanted a one night, maybe two night, stand.

Word Count: 989

Prompt: -

A/N: There is smut, you have been warned.

Originally posted by secretgif-s

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to (Y/N), Happy Birthday to you.” The gang sang around the kitchen of your house, you couldn’t stop blushing staring at each one of them smiling broadly at you. “Make a wish,” Lydia squealed, shoving the cake closer to your face. You caught the dark eyes of the werewolf through the candle’s fire; you smirked at him before blowing the candles out – not breaking eye contact with Derek who shifted awkwardly in his chair.

Scott switched the lights back on and patted you on the back. “Congrats for making it to 18.” You thanked him silently with a smile and stood up from being centre of attention. “Now cut that cake so I can eat it,” You teased, flattening your short black dress more and taking a sip of the alcohol in your red cup. It wasn’t a massive party that you were having; you only wanted your closest and dearest friends to come and celebrate with you. You were confused when Derek walked in with Scott at the start of the night, the pair of you weren’t close; of course, excluding the night that you spent with him in his loft. Other than then, you would only exchange small talk and smirks from across the one.

No one in the gang has figured out what happened between you and him, you were sure to keep it that way. Lydia cut the cake; ten slices for the eight guests that were here. You thanked her for the slice and wandered off to the living room where Stiles and Isaac were sitting playing video games. Derek’s gaze was transfixed on you as you wandered around the kitchen and then to the living room; talking and smiling at everyone you passed. Derek never noticed how kind and down-to-earth you were until he had you wrapped up in the sheets breathing heavily.

When he first met you, he didn’t think much of you. You were pretty but he had no intention due to the age gap. You kept him on his toes; he was walking around eggshells with you, but once that night happened, all walls collapsed and he wanted to get to know you and be with you more – preferably alone.

You waved goodbye to Lydia who was the final person to leave your house at around midnight. You shut the door and took a deep breath realizing that you were home alone. Your parents booked a night out of town so that you and your friends could have the house all to yourselves without parents butting in to the conversations. Walking to the kitchen, you near jumped out of your skin when you say a tall, handsome man with a trash bag in his hand cleaning up after the party.

“Derek, what are you still doing here? Other than trying to give me a heart attack.” You chuckled, picking up the other black bag and stuffing the nine pizza boxes in it. He mumbled an excuse causing you to roll your eyes and continued cleaning. The silence between you two wasn’t awkward, it was relaxing and it put you at ease knowing you weren’t alone.

“You’re something,” He mused, turning to face you in the chair that he sat in now. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “I mean, I never thought that I’d start falling for a younger girl – that was until you convinced me otherwise.” You looked at him with wide eyes, he was falling for you? You didn’t want that to happen. You wanted a one night, maybe two night, stand and leave it at that. “Derek,” You muttered when he started towards you, “I didn’t want, I don’t want a relationship.” You pointed out to him, gasping when he placed his lips straight onto your sweet spot.

He nibbled the spot – sucking, and licking, “Who said that I wanted a relationship?” You rested your head against the fridge, giving him more access to your neck. He kissed down your collarbone and towards your breast which the dress made look amazing. You felt his hand slide down your side, to the hem of your dress and slipping under it. His finger slipped under your panties and he rubbed his finger along your clit, feeling how wet he was making you with simple kisses and suspense.

You let out a moan as his fingers moved in circular motions until they reached the entrance. You bit his neck when you felt one finger enter you, pumping slowly until his middle finger joined in. He started to pump faster, your insides tightening with each movement, “That’s only two fingers.” He whispered into your ear, licking your earlobe. “Will I add another?” You nodded eagerly, his eyes darkening, “Beg.” He demanded causing you to moan at how sexy he sounded.

“P-Please Derek,” You bit your bottom lip, trying to sustain the scream that was trying to escape when he entered the third finger. “Scream for me, princess.” He hissed in your ear, he stepped closer to you and you felt his bulge rub against your thigh. Derek started pumping faster, the veins in his arms popping out and you felt yourself coming to your high. “Cum for me, (Y/N).” You let out a scream as he surprised you with one more finger and you felt yourself coming to your release. You moaned as you came down from the high, and he slowly slipped his fingers out of part.

He looked you in the eye as he sucked on each finger individually. “I don’t want a relationship, but I do…” He started, placing his hands on your waist, “I do want to do this more.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss on your lip.

You looked at him, amused, “You didn’t want to do this two months ago.” You teased which made him shrug, “Seeing you naked changed my mind.”

Twenty-One: Part One - Alfie Solomons

Can I request Alfie with a younger lady? Like, how she isn’t sure she can’t trust him at first and how protective he is at her? Maybe some smut if you will? I DON’T KNOW I’M JUST RANTING OVER SWEET ALFIE BEING RULED BY SOMEONE HALF HIS SIZE AND YOUNG sorry 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven |  Part Eight (the first bit)Part Eight (the second bit) | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen (the first bit)Part Fifteen (the second bit) Part Sixteen |  Part Seventeen |

“Are you going to just going to hang out there while I do all the work?” I shout teasingly through to Florrie in the bar while I count the money from the tills.

“Emilia, you know how I feel about handling the books in this place,” she shouts back, “besides I couldn’t get you to clean these glasses for love nor money, so hush.”

We settle into our evening routine, finely tuned after a year of working together and as I file away all the paperwork, gather up the books and run through the notes of any suspicious customers - or coppers as they’re more commonly known - I wonder why Mr Solomons would draw so much attention to himself  by opening such an extravagant bar.

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Happy New Year

+ this is a little fic just to let you know i’m still here and to wish you happy new year. let’s hope 2017 will be kinder to us all +

(Y/N) wasn’t having a fantastic time.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She was surrounded by her coworkers and best friends. Prentiss was already very drunk, and that was always fun. Hotch had brought Jack with him, and you always liked talking to him about the new superheroes he liked, the two of you always arguing about what was the best: Marvel or DC. Derek had shown up as a surprise at JJ’s New Year’s party, alongside Savannah and Henry. Rossi was having agrand time chatting up one of JJ’s single aunts. JJ was the perfect host, making sure everyone was having a great time, and a filled glass. And Garcia never left (Y/N)’s side, worried about her recently single friend and how she was doing after her breakup, at this time of the year no less.

(Y/N) was fine. Actually, more than fine. She was actually surprised at herself, being so fine after getting dumped by her boyfriend of a few months one day before the last day of the year. Garcia thought that the youngest girl of the team was trying to be brave, putting on a tough face in front of people so they wouldn’t know how hurt she was. But the truth is, she wasn’t. Hurt, that is. She was fine. More than that. (Y/N) was relieved.

She couldn’t quite pinpoint the why but damn, she was happy that after being so heartbroken post-breakups all her life, she was finally getting a bit more emotionally stable. Or at least that was what she thought.

But she wasn’t having a fantastic time. It was okay, to say the best. If she was being quite honest with herself, (Y/N) was a bit upset that Spencer wasn’t there. I mean, obviously JJ had invited him, and if he had planned on attending the party, surely he’d be there already, being responsible and punctual and all that. So (Y/N) assumed he had other plans, but what could they be?

Maybe Spencer had gone to Vegas to spend New Year’s with his mother. At the thought of that, (Y/N) unknowingly smiled. He had a great relationship with her, and they had gone through so much already. The thought of him spending an important holiday with his mother made her happy. Because it was exactly something that would make Spencer happy. But then again, he would’ve told people he was going away, right? So maybe he wasn’t spending New Year’s with her.

Oh, god. Did Spencer have a girlfriend and was spending the turn of the year with her? Dear lord. That would explain a lot of things. Like why he had withdrawn from (Y/N) for a few months, probably busy being with this woman. And how, after the breakup, he was nowhere to be seen. He was one of (Y/N)’s best friends and he hadn’t been there for her at a time she needed, so surely there was an explanation.

A girlfriend. Of course. He had been too busy with his new relationship to even pay attention to her. The thought of that made (Y/N) frown, even though at that point Garcia was telling a funny story about a failed relationship she had when she was younger. But why thinking about Spencer with a girl was making her feel so… bad? A true friend would be happy to see him with someone after all he went through, specially with his love life. So why wasn’t she? Happy, that is. Which she wasn’t. She was… angry, sad. A little jealous.

‘Oh. Shit,’ she thought. She was a lot jealous. A true friend wouldn’t be jealous. The only person who would be jealous would be a person who had feelings for him. And (Y/N) didn’t have feelings for him. Did she? No, that cannot possibly be true. They were friends, they did everything together and there was no one else she was more comfortable with. There was no one else she was more comfortable with.

‘There’s no one else,’ she thought. ‘Shit. I’m in love with him. Shit, shit, shit.’

(Y/N) needed to breathe. Garcia had now moved on to talking about celebrity crushes and had no idea what was going on inside (Y/N)’s mind. Dear lord, she was in love with Spencer. That would explain a lot. Like why she was so relieved after her relationship ended. Why she wasn’t heartbroken. Not at her breakup, and yet a little at the thought of Spencer with someone else.

It was close to midnight and he was still nowhere to be seen. The party had moved on to JJ’s lawn, to get a good look at the fireworks at the turn of the year. Inside the house, (Y/N) told Garcia to go ahead and be with the others, she would be right there. But the truth was she needed some time. Some alone time to figure out what was happening, to get used to being in love with her best friend. Should she tell him something? Maybe not if it turns out he does have a girlfriend. But if he doesn’t, she should say something. Right? Would he even be interested in her? Would he shove her away? Withdraw himself one more time? (Y/N) couldn’t bear the thought of him not talking to her, not being her friend. But she needed to be brave, because what if? What if he felt the same? What if he didn’t but not just yet? What if he, they just needed some time to figure stuff out?

“TEN.” (Y/N) heard everyone shout and stared at them, sighing. She should go outside, celebrate with them, but at same time she just wanted to be alone, to think about these feelings she had just discovered. These new, exciting, terrifying feelings. Well, were they new?

“NINE.” Everyone was happy, she could see that much. Of course they were all surrounded by loved ones, and (Y/N) sure loved her friends. But now… It was like something was missing. Someone, actually.

“EIGHT.” She thought about the new year, about how the last one had been a crappy one, but she looked at the future with an uncertain optimism, if there was such a thing. If that year had taught her anything was that she should be careful, think things true. Always the rushed one, the multitasker.

“SEVEN.” Breathe, (Y/N). Be more calm, take time with things. With life. With people.

“SIX.” Forgive yourself more. For the things you did and for the things you didn’t do. There’s no point in beating yourself up for the relationship with someone you weren’t in love with. Or for the toll taken in your relationship with someone you did love. Breathe.

“FIVE.” Love yourself more. Why did you get in a relationship with that guy in the first place? Were you just lonely? Unhappy? Learn to be alone, to be surrounded by silence. I know the quiet makes room for sad and scary thoughts. Let them in.

“FOUR.” Wasn’t Bukowski that said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”? The only way out is through.

(Y/N) sighed and heard the door open quickly.


He looked disheveled. His hair was a mess, and still lovely. His tie was crooked. He looked out of breath, like he had just run there, and he looked like he was searching for something.

“Spencer,” (Y/N) said, with a light smile.

Then he looked at her.


There was something about his eyes, an intensity she had never noticed before. An intensity that was never there. The way he looked at her was like he was seeing her, all of her. As if he could read her mind, know her feelings, like he could see so much of her that it would be less uncomfortable for (Y/N) if she was actually naked.


He made his way to her abruptly, and quickly. His long legs taking but a few steps until he found himself in front of her and cupped her face. His hands were freezing, and perhaps that was why they were shaking.


He kissed her. His lips crashed into (Y/N)’s without so much as a warning. It took her a fraction of a second to understand what was going on. To notice that while his lips were cold, his tongue was warm. To hear the happy sigh that escaped his lips while they kissed. To feel one of his hands go from her cheek to her waist, closing in the already not so big distance that separated the two. To feel the other hand move from her cheek to her neck, his thumb caressing her so gently. But when she did, understand what was going on, that is, she was sure that there was no need for fireworks outside, in the sky.

Her hands went straight to his hair, so naturally as if she had thought about touching them and feeling them between her fingers all of this time. Her hands were warm on his cold face, that by the second they kissed, began to warm up a little. All of him was warming up at her touch. And although (Y/N) had been indoors all the party, she could swear all of her was warming up at his touch as well.

When they finally broke the kiss, the kiss that (Y/N) wasn’t sure she was desperately thinking about for the last minute or for the past year, ever since she joined the BAU, Spencer smiled and said, “Happy New Year, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) chuckled. “Happy New Year, Spencer.”

À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU:  Art Thief!Bangtan

Description: You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.

Part: Thirteen / Twelve / Eleven / Ten / Nine / Eight / Seven / Six / Five / Four / Three / Two / One

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Suggestive Situations.

Originally posted by wintaery

You jolted as a boney finger pressed into your cheek.  Opening you eyes, you looked up at Jin.  He had changed clothes and stood almost innocently before you.

Light blue checkered pajamas draped over his long legs and the waistband of his red briefs shown.  He now donned a pair of black, rimless glasses.  His shoulders were able to breathe as he lacked a tee shirt.  Jin’s face had a few new scratches, and a small bruise on the highlight of his cheek, similar to the wounds he had the day of your date. He crossed his arms over his chest as he watched you slowly wake up, taking in your surroundings.  The collar hurt your neck.  

“Where’s the remote?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“You can stop acting coy.  I know you hid it.”

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ashryan44  asked:

Hey! I saw your post on HOO continuity errors and I was wondering what some of them were. I know the one I picked up was when Blackjack spontaneously turned from female to male😂

There’s a full list on the official wiki here, but I’ll highlight a few of my personal favourites (only ones that actually impact the plot, though there are plenty of ridiculous name swaps that should be noted) for you too:


  • [SoN] Thanatos tells Frank after the giant is unconscious that they will meet again in unfavorable circumstances. However, this meeting does not occur at all, even until the end of the series.
  • [SoN] Hazel is told by Pluto that her curse would be washed off by a descendant of Neptune. However, further details about who washed it off, how, where, when, etc., are not mentioned even until the last book.
  • [TLH] When Jason’s memories return, he mentions Hazel as a good friend of his. However in The House of Hades, Hazel admits that she has a hard time warming up to him, and that she can’t get a read on him… This implies that the two barely knew each other before Jason disappears. (He may have considered her a friend while she didn’t return the feeling.)
  • [MoA] Hercules warns Piper and Jason that he will kill them and their friends on the Argo II if they try and contact them. Later when Piper thinks of a plan to pass Hercules without giving him the Cornucopia, she uses an Iris Message to contact them.
  • [HoH] Nico bitterly says that since he is a son of Hades, he has no friends and “might as well be covered in blood or sewage,” judging from how almost all other demigods fear and hate him. However in The Last Olympian after Nico helps save Olympus, Percy states that everybody acted friendly with him and complimented his amazing fighting skills. Even the Ares demigods consider him “pretty cool.”
  • [BoO] Neither Hazel nor Frank’s curses are resolved.
  • [BoO] Percy’s fatal flaw of loyalty doesn’t come into play, despite being hyped up throughout the series.


  • [MoA] Percy mentions that he knew the Romans for weeks. However by this point in the series he had only known the Romans for about ten days, including the time he spent with Frank and Hazel on his quest.
  • [SoN] Percy yells at Hera for taking eight months of his life from him. However Percy was only gone for six months, as he vanished from Camp Half-Blood on December 13 and then appeared at Camp Jupiter in late June. (Percy might have thought that he was gone that long, because Jason went missing from the Roman Camp in October, eight months before the book’s events. He eventually realized his error in The Mark of Athena.) [Even so, where the hell was Percy being kept between December and June????]
  • [TLH] While Jason is looking at the old photo of Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, and Thalia Grace in Cabin One, it is said that in the photo Thalia was “maybe fifteen”- however, Thalia couldn’t have been any older than twelve or thirteen at the time the photo was taken.
  • [MoA] Percy mentions that it has been five years since he arrived at Camp Half-Blood. However The Mark of Athena only takes place four years after the events of The Lightning Thief.
  • [Various] Nico’s age is stated to be 14, but according to the timeline of PJO he should only be 13.

Bonus! Things from other books in the universe that don’t match HoO:


  • Chiron claims that the Titans are still alive but imprisoned. This seems to be supported by Poseidon telling Percy that the Titans cannot die anymore than the gods can. However, their claims are contradicted in House of Hades when Krios says that Jason Grace killed him.
  • Percy speaks in Latin, although Greek demigods should speak in Greek and not Latin.
  • In The Blood of Olympus, Nico claims that he did not design the Hades cabin despite him designing and having it built in The Last Olympian.

The Demigod Files:

  • During their trek through the Underworld with Nico di Angelo, Percy thinks to himself that because Thalia is now immortal, she had not aged since about a year ago, and that would mean he was now older than her. However, Thalia was a day younger than sixteen when she became a Hunter in The Titan’s Curse, and since The Sword of Hades takes place on Christmas Day of the same year as The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy would only be about fifteen and a half and therefore younger than Thalia.
  • In The Lost Hero Nyssa tells Leo Valdez that Charles Beckendorf found the Bronze Dragon in pieces and rebuilt it. However, in The Demigod Files, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Silena Beauregard were the ones who found the dragon, and Annabeth fixed it.

The Demigod Diaries:

  • Thalia said that Amaltheia led her to find Luke the night that she ran away. But Thalia said that she ran away when Jason disappeared when he was two, and since she was seven when he was born, that would’ve made her nine-years-old, but Thalia and Luke only knew each other a few months before they met Annabeth, and they were 12 and 14-years-old.
  • It is mentioned that Leo has been working on the Argo II for two months, despite this story taking place less than a week after the events of The Lost Hero.

Bonus Bonus! Submitted by other people who read my post:

  • Anonymous said: One thing about your hoo rant that imo you might have missed: in tlh chiron kept saying stuff about him being sworn to secrecy about things but they never actually see what he was being sworn about
  • Anonymous said: Did the scene in BoO with Jason talking to Percy about him wanting to die seem a tad OOC? I know Jason is awkward with stuff like that and all (ie: Cupid scene) but I think he’d know better and encourage Percy to talk it out or something?
  • @percabeth-is-endless added: don’t forget enough with the ‘no demigod will heal your heart’ bullshit with reyna like can she just be healed on her own??
4 Exits (to your apartment)

this is a late bday present for @shipped-goldstandard (sorry this is late and off topic but ilysm) 

1.5k BittyParse, Bitty meeting Kent’s family (Kent’s a white passing Mexican trans man as usual ty for your time) 

Also on AO3

Bitty sleeps on the train to New York. Kent had offered to fly him into JFK. But Bitty traded him for the opportunity to skip out on ungodly long TSA lines in exchange for covering his Uber to his place. The Uber should take 15 minutes. But of course this is one of the busiest places on Earth, and sometimes Bitty feels like he has a special brand of dumb luck.

He rubs his temple as he checks everyone’s snap stories for the umpteenth time. He thinks he could’ve walked there by now. Then again, who knows how long it would take to walk around Central Park with his overnight bag. It would also be incredibly easy to get lost trying to find Harlem.

Pedestrians and bikes flicker by. He thinks he’ll get a crick in his neck from how much he’s staring up in awe. The buildings are grimy but still so brilliantly lit. Clouds continue to rumble over head. New York reminds him of ants scrambling—quick and with purpose.   

Bitty slumps further back in his seat, deciding to play another round of candy crush.

“So what are you in town for?” his driver asks.

Bitty stiffens. Part of him instinctively wants to lie. His mind already has a story about visiting his cousin who’s going to grad school at Columbia but found this cute little place in Har—

He sighs. It’s New York for fuck’s sake. If this man gives him shit, he can just open the door and walk into the world’s slowest traffic.

“Meeting my boyfriend’s family,” Bitty murmurs.

The driver hums. “When I met my wife’s parents, it was the absolute worst.”

Bitty snorts indulgently. “You don’t say?”

“Oh yea,” the driver says amicably. “Her mother was on the city council and her father owned a butcher’s shop. Her mother made a joke that if I ever hurt her, they could make my death look like a freak accident.”

Bitty shivers. “Any advice? Kinda new to this.” 

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You Should Know Better Pt. 9

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen) (Part Sixteen)

Summary: Look above?? I suck at these. 
POV: Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 3500ish
Author’s Note: FYLDNFF coming at cha with not one but TWO gifs. I’ll probably do two gifs from now on.
Quote: “Like I said, I’m three steps ahead of you in thirty different directions, Naïve little Natalie.”



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The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

A fic for @komadoriwonder​ .
Set in Cor Et Cerebrum Continuity and a follow up to “Jason’s Gots Kids?” 

Rated: G
Gen/Family Bonding
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Isaac Wayne, Damian Wayne, Kiran Devabhaktuni
6463 words
AO3 Link Here


The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

The ceiling fan whirs slowly above the bed while Tim stares at it and holds his cellphone to his ear.

“But why me?” he asks, in a voice that sounds too close to whining for his own comfort. “I don’t know what to do with a baby.”

“He’s not a baby. He’s three,” Jason answers. “And he likes you.”

This point seems feeble to Tim.

“Isaac likes everyone. What am I supposed to do with him? Why can’t Alfred watch him?”

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take this burden - part 10

[ wake me - bleachers ]


(i’ve definitely taken some liberties here. They live in the US because it’s the only place I know. Don’t yell at me.)


Mo Guan Shan accepted a few more painkillers from Jian Yi, who sent him on his way, telling him to get some more rest.

He went to his room, closing the door about three-quarters of the way, and splayed himself across the bed, incredibly sore.

The decor was really growing on him.

He hunted down the remote and flipped through channels before finding something decent for background noise and played around on his phone, wondering if He Tian was going to come back.

‘Are you hungry?’ Jian Yi called from the kitchen.

Mo Guan Shan forced himself to roll off the bed and join him.

Jian Yi was gathering ingredients for…pancakes?

‘Need a hand?’

‘Nope, sit. You’re never going to heal if you don’t spend some time relaxing.

Mo Guan Shan sighed, but relented, slowly sinking onto the couch.

‘What are your plans for the day?’

‘So, At the moment, my only plan is to make these pancakes without burning the building down.’

‘That’s a good one.’

Jian Yi nodded.

‘When did He Tian leave?’

‘When we were in your room,’

‘Is he coming back?’

‘I’m not sure.’

‘Do you want him to?’

Mo Guan Shan considered that.

He hadn’t been expecting that question.

‘I think so…’

‘So, text him.’

He considered that for even longer.

‘What if he doesn’t want to?’

‘I’m sure he does.’

‘Well, why isn’t he here?’

‘Maybe he thinks you want some space.’

‘Maybe he wants me to think that but doesn’t actually want to come back. I shouldn’t have asked him to stay the night.’

Jian Yi laughed good-naturedly.

‘Right there, you’ve officially over complicated He Tian.’

‘What do you mean?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, slightly defensive.

‘I mean, he doesn’t bother to think that many moves ahead. That would require he cared about the effect his actions have on other people.’

‘I can’t help but feel like the claims of his unpleasantness are slightly exaggerated.’

Jian Yi laughed again.

‘You might be the first person that has ever said that.’

‘He doesn’t seem to be like to you guys.’

‘It took nearly ten years of friendship for him to get to that point.’

‘How old is he?’

‘He turns twenty-nine in July.’

‘And you and Zhengxi?’

‘Zhengxi turned thirty last month, I turn twenty-nine in March. You?’

‘I’ll be twenty-eight in November.’

Jian Yi nodded thoughtfully.

‘I figured you were younger.’

‘I get that a lot. So, how did you all meet?’

‘I met Zhengxi when we were kids. We met He Tian when we moved here.’

‘You’re not from here?’

Jian Yi shook his head.

‘Zhengxi and I grew up in Detroit.’


‘How did you end up in Sin City?’

‘She Li. I met him in Seattle. He said he was there on business.’

‘When was that?’

‘Six months ago. How did you two end up here?’

‘Zhengxi wanted a change of scenery when he finished school.’

‘Culinary school?’

‘What did you go to school for?’

‘I was studying to be a paramedic. Still am. And you?’

‘Biology. What about He Tian?’

‘Nothing. He never went. He’s been a bouncer since we met.’

‘Does he like it?’

‘Seems to. He actually owns the club where he works.’

‘He owns it?’

‘Yep. It was a total shit hole when he bought it a few years ago. He basically rebuilt it from the ground up.’

‘I thought he was a bouncer.’’

‘Only because he wants to be. He has a few people that handle all the business part of things.’

‘He must make a decent amount of money…’

‘He does. Zhengxi does his taxes every year. He makes a lot more than he likes to admit.’

‘How much is the rent here?’

‘Way, way, more that it should be. That’s the price you pay for living on Fremont.’

Mo Guan Shan nodded as if he knew what the significance of that was.

‘God, you really are new here.’ He teased.

The front door open and Mo Guan Shan turned to look so quickly he could have pulled a muscle in his neck.

Zhengxi walked through the door.

He couldn’t fight the twinge of disappointment.

Embarrassed, he looked back to Jian Yi, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

Jian Yi simply raised his eyebrows, a small smile playing across his lips.

‘Shut up.’ Mo Guan Shan grumbled.

‘My lips are sealed.’


*sin city is the nickname for Las Vegas, Nevada. 

*Fremont stree is the second most famous street in Las Vegas, second to ‘the strip’ 

Characters: Lila Barton, Clint Barton
Relationship(s): Father/daughter
Warning(s): Absent father
Archive of Our Own Link: (x)

Lila Barton is five when her baby brother Nate is born. Cooper’s eight. By the time she’s his age she notices how her father spends more time out in public being a hero then at home being a dad. And when he does come home he’s got another broken bone and another empty promise about hanging up his bow.

It doesn’t bother her until she’s nine and her first ballet recital happens. Her father had sworn he’d be there for her, sitting next to her mother with Nate on his lap and Cooper by his side but when the time comes it’s her mother behind the wheel of the family car because her father’s out in the world stopping some crazy scientist.

He says he’s sorry and takes her out for ice cream with Aunt Nat. She watches them bicker and realizes it’s different from the way he and her mother go at each other when they think her and Cooper are asleep. That their tones are light and there’s a sparkle in his eyes that’s only ever there when the other Avengers are around.

When she’s ten he misses both her and Cooper’s birthdays. He takes them out separately after making sure they’d liked the gifts he and the others picked out. He always says others, like the word Avenger was something dirty. Maybe it was.

Her parents are always fighting. At least, now they are. Maybe they always did and she just didn’t know it. When he’s home and they think both her and Cooper are sleeping they go to war in the kitchen. They don’t know that she and Cooper sit on the top of stairs listening in agreeing silently that their mother was right, he was being a shitty dad and Avenging was going to kill him.

When she’s eleven he makes Nate’s birthday, but just barely. He comes home at ten at night, knee blown out and four new scars littering his right arm. She doesn’t jump up to greet him anymore, but she does say hi to him from the couch. He ends up wordlessly passing her by. She’s a living human being but when her dad’s home Lila can’t help but feel like a ghost.

That same year she sees her dad on television being reviewed by a reporter. He’s asked if he has a special someone in his life and he says ‘no, that there’s no time for a family when you’re a hero’. She doesn’t forget it but by the time he comes home three months later she much rather have a hug from her dad then a screaming match with him.

When she’s twelve Cooper is fifteen and nearly died. He’d gone to a party and drank too much. The doctors after pumping his stomach, tell her mother that he’ll be fine but he’ll need to stay in the hospital for a while. Her dad rushes into the hospital three days later with Captain America on his heels. It may have worked when they were five and eight but to the Barton kids now Captain America is just a man who asks too much of their family.

Lila is fourteen when she has her first boyfriend. His name is Jake and he’s only a year younger than Cooper. She doesn’t bother to take him home because by this time in her life no one is ever home anymore. Laura, her mother takes extra hours at the clinic and Cooper and Nate are always with a friends house and her father is still out there fight bad guys and pretending that they don’t exist.

Clint comes home when Cooper joins the army. She’s fifteen. Nate’s ten and when Clint drags Cooper out to celebrate he asks her why their dad’s never home. She shrugs her shoulders and tells him 'he has better things to do than have a family’. Laura doesn’t disagree with her but grounds her anyway because Nate’s ten and it was a fucked up thing to say to a ten year old. Even if it was true.

When she’s fifteen and gets arrested for underage drinking she calls Tony Stark. She tells him that the least he and Rodgers can do for constantly whisking her father away on dangerous missions is to pay her bail and expunge her record if it gets that far. Tony’s head spins while he listens to her. He has a flashback to four years prior to when Cooper was arrested for assault and had called him for bail money and an expunged recorded if convicted. Tony made sure that there wasn’t a trail and that Clint was home two days later. And while he’s texting his lawyer to posted her bail he wonders if Nate Barton will call him one day in five or so years and ask for the same thing.

When she’s sixteen she doesn’t bother to have a party. Instead, she takes Nate, with their mother’s permission and visits Cooper in DC. He’s nineteen and living in a small apartment after serving a single tour in the middle East. Her father’s they’re waiting for them when her and Nate arrive home. Their mother isn’t. She’s at her lawyer’s, something Lila can’t blame her for. And when her father tells her this she can tell he doesn’t blame her mother either.

Clint doesn’t fight for the kids or the house or anything really. Instead, he packed up his things and had it all moved to New York. He ends up leaving behind a handful of old arrows and broken bows. Lila makes sure to use it as kindling at the next bonfire she and her friends have.

She’s seventeen now. Clint comes to town for a week and wants to help her with the whole college application process but he’s a dumb kid from the circus who went into the army instead of school. After asking what she wants to be- Biochemical Engineer -he makes the mistake of joking around and saying that how as a little kid she’d run around the house saying that she wanted to be a hero just like him.

“Please,” she scoffed, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at him, “I only said that because I was too dumb to realize you aren’t a hero.” Clint looked at her with wide eyes and a frown. Lila is looking down at the large stack of college pamphlets. The University of Utah looked pretty nice.

“What do you mean I’m not a hero?” He was an Avenger, he was a hero.

“I mean,” she sighed, “You’re not a hero dad, you’re a coward. You much rather fight aliens at sixty then come to Cooper’s graduation because coming home makes you realize you’re not like Thor or Natasha or Steve, that you won’t live forever. That you’re mortal and you’re going to die.“

Clint stares at his daughter, silently, for a good moment. He doesn’t bother to open his mouth to try to speak, he’s too in shock that his little girl would ever say this to him. Instead, he moves his chair away from the table and gets up, and leaves the room.

Lila knows she should feel bad, she does, but truth is she feels great. She takes a deep breath in and for the first time since she was eight, there isn’t a heavyweight there pressing down on her lungs. Lila smiles to herself, her mother was right her whole life the truth could set you free.

Bechloe Week 2017- Summer Camp (day 2)

Beca’s mom had given her an ultimatum this summer. She either do something productive, like help her aunt out by being a counselor at the camp she owned, named Camp Sunshine, or she could spend the entire summer staying with her dad and step-mom. All of a sudden working with a bunch of kids didn’t seem so bad. If Beca were being honest, it actually wasn’t bad at all. They were seven weeks in out of eight and she really enjoyed herself. She was a group leader for five really rad nine-year- olds and she ran the arts and crafts activity with a guy named Jesse who was pretty cool, too. There was also this really beautiful and really amazing counselor named Chloe that Beca may or may not have a huge thing for.

           Chloe was the group leader for the six -year-olds and led the singing activity with the other counselor that shared a cabin with Beca and her campers. Chloe would frequent their cabin quite often during their rest period to talk to Aubrey about potential songs to perform with each age group. Sometimes Chloe would show up when she knew Aubrey wasn’t there and on occasion she’s asked Beca to sit with her on the dock by the lake after all of their campers were asleep for the night. They would talk about anything and everything they could possibly think of. The brunette had never opened up to a person this much before and it felt so freeing. She liked how Chloe made her feel.

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now this is a batb au literally no one asked for

okay friends sit down and listen up this is going to sound weird but consider this: Full House AU these probably aren’t in chronological order I just need to get this out of my head

  • Okay so Gaston is the widower in this, aka Danny Tanner
  • even though he says like he likes widows in the movie he definitely doesn’t like being one
  • especially when he has six strapping boys and a little girl to take care of
  • I don’t know who his wife was, nor is it really relevant here
  • when their mother dies the kids are thirteen, eleven, ten, eight, six, five and two
  • Lefou is kind of a combination of Joey Gladstone and Uncle Jesse
  • He moves into Gaston’s basement to help take care of the kids, because even though Gaston is raising them well, taking care of seven kids alone is next to impossible
  • he goes by Uncle Lefou to the kids
  • he’s the goofy uncle who reads stories with silly voices and tucks the kids into bed every night with Gaston and omg omg i’m crying
  • Gaston takes half of the brood and Lefou takes the other half to make bedtime easier
  • they swap the next night so it’s equal time with each kid
  • if the kids don’t feel comfortable going to Gaston for some reason, they go to Uncle Lefou because they know he won’t judge them but he’ll let them know his opinion without sugarcoating it
  • like when the oldest, about fourteen mentions something about trying a drink (this is def a reference to an actual full house episode okay) and Lefou is the one to sit him down and explain how dangerous it can be
  • he promises not to tell Gaston as long as nothing is to come of it, but if it does he will
  • just… take a minute to think about Gaston playing baseball with nearly a full team of kids in the backyard
  • Lefou plays catcher even though he’s horrible at catching a ball
  • He spends most of the games chasing after foul balls that he failed to catch
  • I’d also like to point your attention to macho man Gaston doing manicures and having tea parties with his little girl
  • Stanley is basically Aunt Becky please and thank you
  • Stanley works with Gaston, and when Gaston finds out he’s gay he just goes like WAIT WHAT I KNOW SOMEONE AND HE’S V LONELY
  • Stanley turns a lovely shade of red at this
  • Lefou does too when he realizes what Gaston has done
  • “Gaston just because he’s gay doesn’t mean we’ll hit it off”
  • spoiler alert: they hit it off
  • The kids totally ship it too btw they’re the ones really pushing for them to get together
  • Stanley eventually moves in with the family making the house feel smaller but it’s fine with them because what’s one more tbh
  • and since they’re jesse and becky that means they adopt twins amirite
  • they’re named Thomas and Richard ofc
  • the kids are always stuck in an endless loop of “go ask your father”
  • “go ask your father” “i have three please be more specific”
  • omg Lumiere’s son is totally the Kimmy Gibbler in this situation
  • Lumiere and Plumette would definitely have the most beautiful children ever jsyk
  • and being their child, he is the most hashtag extra person ever
  • their son is the one causing the most trouble, and stays at their house way longer than Gaston extended the invite for
  • they adopt a kitten named Antlers who gets into all kinds of trouble all the time
  • it is literally the most excitable cat that you could meet but for a family like theirs it worked
  • Lefou is the one to teach all of the younger kids to ride a bike horse
  • Gaston had taught the older ones when his wife was still alive but now he really didn’t have much time for riding anymore
  • He caught all of them after falling off at least once, even the ones Gaston taught
  • Lefou is the most surprised with how well the girl rode
  • she seemed to be the most athletic of all the kids
  • which was a feat in itself all of Gaston’s kids were ridiculously strong and athletic
  • except for maybe the third eldest
  • he was shyer and Gaston never really understood him
  • that didn’t mean he didn’t love him to death though don’t get me wrong
  • he and Lefou formed a close bond over the years
  • when he decided to take dance lessons/drama classes/something like that Lefou was the one to shuttle him to and from his rehearsals
  • His teacher got sick and almost had to cancel multiple rehearsals shortly before a big performance
  • Stanley volunteered and the kids absolutely l o v e d him
  • He eventually became an assistant to the teacher because he was so good with them
  • all three of them gave standing ovations even that time he fell over and nearly ran off the stage in embarrassment
  • Gaston brought flowers and even cried a lil what a proud Dad
  • when one of the kids got sick, each other the parents took shifts staying up taking their temperature and singing lullabies and cuddling them to sleep
  • of course when you have seven kids (nine if Lefou and Stanley adopt) it’s never just one sick kid
  • like that time Lefou cooked something bad and the entire house got food poisoning
  • Gaston is an even bigger baby when he gets sick than the kids so Stanley has to stay and rub his back and sing him to sleep too omg
  • Lefou is very good at coming up with lullabies on the spot he really should have been a songwriter not a house husband
  • when the daughter gets older and into boys and makeup and stuff Stanley is the one she goes to
  • Stanley likes to wear elaborate eye makeup most days and from the day she first shows interest, she never leaves the house less than #perfect
  • oh, and who is this boy she’s needing advice for???
  • Gaston is not a fan of his daughter dating but he’s known Belle’s family forever so it could be worse
  • as the kids get older, the three dads (because, essentially they are all the dads) notice the kids needing them less and less
  • they’re sad about it, but look how well they raised them
  • “you did good, Gaston”
  • “I think we all did, Lefou… you too, Stan”
  • I’m cryin’
Tech Support

Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 5750
Co-written by: syl-writes-stuff
Summary: @skimmingsurfaces​ sent me a prompt:  “‘I keep calling the IT center because you seem really cute’ au because Wirt and technology fails and he would so keep calling Dipper because Dipper is insanely cute.” I filled the prompt <3

Tech Support

“Thank you for calling Mystery Tech. For your awareness, this phone call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. My name is Tyrone. How can I help you today?”

“Um. Right. H-hi. I don’t-” There was a gusty sigh. “My little brother got me a laptop, and I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Tech support laughed. “Okay, no problem. Is there something specific that you’re trying to do?”

“I- Oh, no. Wait. Hold on. He can’t know I called tech support.” The caller’s voice was muffled. “I’m coming, Greg! Just give me five minutes!” Pause. “No, I know exactly what I’m doing and absolutely don’t need your help!” There was another pause before his voice became clear again. “I have no idea what I’m doing, and I need your help.”

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Teen Wolf: Alternate Universe

Jackson x Reader

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven

Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten (Smut)  Part Ten (Non Smut)

“Why’re we here so early?” You complained as Jackson carried you in a fireman lift down to the gym.


“Because next week you have your survival exams and you’re getting lazy.” Jackson sighed.

“I am not!” You objected as he lent on the door until the lock popped and set you down, turning on all the lights and equipment, before turning back to you.

“You made me carry you from the kitchen to the living room.” Jackson pointed out and you waved a hand at him.


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Ten years, One day, Four hours and Seven Minutes.

Paring: Loki/Reader

Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, Fluff, Slight Violence, Not too much violence to be tagged, just a flesh wound, Brief moment of medical procedure, Loki is stubborn, Awesome Frigga

Summary:   A young maid comes at the wrong end of Loki’s wrath after an unimpressive royal family dinner. Folly entails.

Word Count:  2,494

Posting Date:  2016-05-19

Current Date: 2017-05-08

Originally posted by thoriolanus

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“Juno wasn’t always his name you know”

“Okay lie down. No not on my…whatever. Okay. Alright. So… you sure you want me to tell you this story? It’s really not as interesting as you seem to think it’s gonna be”

“Juno, my love, no amount of stalling if going to un-peak my interest. What did Ms. Wire mean when she said that ‘Juno’ isn’t your real name?”

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A/N: Part two is up! As you can see, this part is much longer. Because I have no sense of chapter spacing apparently, I fear this is going to be a pattern. Hooray! 

I think I’ll try and keep the schedule to once a week, Sunday mid afternoon when updates should be expected! For anyone wondering, yes there will be some nsfw parts, which I will mark with purity lines so everyone can enjoy! Fortunately it should be a little while before any true nsfw, so my younger readers can rest assured, lol. 

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 5504

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen,Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty Three, Part Twenty Four, Part Twenty Five

Happy’s snigger pulled Natsu’s wide eyes away from the door to squint accusingly at the cat who just looked up at him innocently. It might have worked too, if Natsu hadn’t known for a fact that his cat had the mischievous streak of an imp.

The door was pushed open and Natsu kept his eyes trained on Happy, praying that if he scowled at the cat for long enough all of this would just be a bad dream. That just happened to smell amazing.

His staring seemed to be for naught however, as he watched Happy yawn and heard the soothing voice from before speak to his right.

“Umm, Levy? I have to go, ah… no, no, I’m fine, it’s just… Yeah, I’ll text you.” Natsu closed his eyes and tried to keep his breathing even, praying one last time that this was just a really bad dream. A potion must have gone wrong. Yeah, that’s it, his last spell backfired and Natsu hit his head.

“Why are you in my apartment?” The soft voice asked, more with curiosity than fear. Natsu sucked in a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak when Happy finally managed to break free from his grasp. Natsu could only watch with dissociated horror as the blue cat shot across the large desk, papers flying away as his paws pushed at them before launching himself at the - very cute- woman.

Right into her breasts.

Her very large and barely covered breasts.

Natsu’s eyes widened as Happy made himself at home curling into the girl’s arms -which she had instantly brought up to catch the cat flying at her- and was that smug bastard purring ? He was. Happy was purring and snuggling into the girl’s embrace, and Natsu could have sworn, no, he knew that Happy was smirking at him. Why, of all the ways the little traito-

The woman laughed softly, and then cleared her throat as if trying to stop the light, tinkling sound. Natsu realized with a start that he rather liked her laugh, it made him feel all bubbly inside, like he could float. He also realized he was still staring at her chest. Dragging his eyes up to her face, Natsu would have lost his breath if his body had been capable of breathing.

Golden hair framed her face, seemingly fallen out of a messy bun that was knotted at the top of her head.  Wide brown eyes were squinted at him accusingly, full lips pinched and cheeks puffed out slightly. The light red dusting her cheeks and collarbone only added to the sudden tightness in Natsu’s chest, and the fact that her lips were twitching trying to hold back a smile did not help matters.

“My cat’s an asshole,” Natsu stated bluntly, feeling his face heat when he realized how stupid that sounded. The girl however burst into laughter, clutching Happy even tighter to her chest as she was forced to double over. Heavy gasps could be heard from the wheezing blonde and Natsu was left to smile dumbly at her. He liked this laugh even more than her giggle. She eventually managed to calm herself down, and looked up at Natsu with tears in the corners of her eyes. Giving him a rueful smile, the woman spoke again.

“And does your asshole cat have a name?” she asked, a teasing lit in her voice as she continued to look at Natsu. Honestly, this girl was so weird. Shouldn’t someone be terrified of a stranger in their home, not speaking to them as if they were an old friend? Not that Natsu was complaining, this was going much better than he had ever hoped. Natsu couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face, her smile was just too infectious.

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Connection Chap Fifteen

Originally posted by connie-awanderingsoul

Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven.Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word count: 3228

A line borrowed from His last vow in BOLD

Your name: submit What is this?

The Holmes’ small den was always your favorite room since your first time at the house. The chair next to the fireplace was simply perfect and just felt like home. You were curled up in the chair with a book in front of a crackling fire when Mrs. Holmes walked in with her favorite tea tray. She poured two cups then added the cream and sugar. She liked to do it for guests, especially you, and you didn’t bother arguing with her anymore.

“Thank you.” She glanced up with a smile that reminded you so much of Sherlock as she handed you a cup.

“You’re welcome.” She picked up her own book from the table before sitting in a nearby chair.

You sipped the tea as you read but had difficulty taking in any of the words. You could’ve sworn you’d read this page at least five times but you had no idea what had happened. You kept thinking about Sherlock and the plan you were sure he would’ve put into motion tonight. You had no way of knowing if he went along with it but if he did, he should’ve been out by now. You fought the itch to text him by sipping the soothing liquid from the cup.

“Are you feeling okay, dear?”

You glanced up at Mrs. Holmes, “hmm?”

She chuckled and glanced down at your book. “You’ve been on that page for ten minutes.”

The blush crept up your cheeks, “you caught me.”

She closed her book and leaned forward, “I know when my girl is worried.”

It always warmed your heart when she called you that and you couldn’t stop the well of tears but you tried to blink them away. “It’s just been a rough week.” You tried another smile but it felt weak and you could tell she saw right through it.

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