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Okay hear me out, BH shapeshifting himself a really big set of feathery black wings, perfect for dat #aesthetic and intimidation

(And also for holding a scared n crying Flug before ripping the person responsible for hurting the soft boi into mince meat :3c )

exo as things my family has said to roast me:
  • baekhyun: hi! welcome home! your hair is so ugly
  • chen: i'm so glad you like reading and staying at home. explain how that solves the problem of you being single all the time though
  • kai: you're always in the dark. i'm not entirely convinced that you're not a bat
  • chanyeol: you're so flat footed, but that's ok! potato feet are cute! you're like a little dinosaur!
  • kyungsoo: you said you wouldn't bother me today and yet you're still talking??
  • suho: i love you but why do you run like an ostrich
  • sehun: please don't hug me right now, you literally look like doofenshmirtz
  • xiumin: i wish someone in this house would let me listen to music with them... except, no, not you, don't ever make me listen to that weird shit ever again
  • yixing: i wish we could undo that interaction. i wish you could unsay the things you just said to me. take that sentence back. in fact, i want to un-know you. un-introduce yourself to me and prevent this interaction from ever happening
EXO Reaction when an old lady tells you that you & him look cute as a couple even though you are friends

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*Really embarrassed but touched* “Oh god… no no please don’t say more. I’m not ready to confess… not yet. What if she doesn’t feel the same way?”


“We are not even dating… Imagine when we finally start dating! We’ll be couple goals!” *Fangirling about you two with the old lady*


*Asks advice to the old lady to how to ask you out* “She said that going back to the classics was always good… so I prepared something very old fashioned and romantic”


*Daydreaming* “Imagine… growing old together, having a family… and one day we are on the streets… and we see a couple that reminds us… remind us of this exact second… when we became aware of each other’s feelings”


“Do you remember what that old lady told us? I think she is right… sometimes we are just too afraid to open our hearts and all we do is waste time. I don’t want to do anymore… y/n I think I’m in love with you and it makes me so happy… you make me so happy”


*The lady makes him start thinking about a lot of things* “I know I have feelings for her but… what about her? I doubt the lady would have said something if she didn’t see it in her but… should I just ask her out or wait… I want to do it now but I’m afraid…”


*Literally him in that moment* “Oh no no… don’t blush Byun Baekhyun… y/n will notice… why is this happening to me… I knew I had to tell her the moment she asked… ahhh….”


“We remind you of you and your husband when you were young? Really? Please… tell us more. I bet you have a beautiful story…” *Secretly wishes that story was about you and him*


*Can’t stop looking at you and smiling with love* “Thank you miss… I think this is exactly what I needed to finally make up my mind and tell her how I feel. Thank you…”


“Maybe it was destiny… coming across with that lady. Maybe we needed someone to open our eyes and our hearts… You are my best friend but… I’m also in love with you. Will you accept me?” 


“actually…. today is the day I decided to finally tell you how I feel baobei. Having someone telling us that, is like a sign to me, to do it and not be afraid. So y/n, would you be my girlfriend?”


“I really never expected someone to tell us this… it makes my heart flutter hearing someone that has lived and seen so many things, this. Maybe I should listen to you and fight for her, maybe all this time my soulmate has been standing in front of me…”

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Let's not kill off your brother.
  • Saeran: What's plan B?!
  • Jaehee: Actually, this would be plan G.
  • Yoosung: How many plans are there? Is there, like, a plan M?
  • Jaehee: Yeah, but Seven dies in plan M.
  • Saeran: I like plan M.

can you imagine kyungsoo… right now is practicing his tap dancing for swing kids….and hes so dedicated to his work you know he probably tap dances in his spare time too…whilst hes cooking maybe even in the shower once but he probably almost slipped so he wont be doing that again…just…i love kyungsoo so much and i really cant wait for this movie to see the result of all his hard work 💕💕