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[BTS Message/JIMIN] お腹すいたぁ~ご飯食べよぉ~と。 みなさんもご飯食べてね!😆 またあした! #JIMIN #BTS #防弾少年団

[BTS Message/JIMIN] I’m hungry~~~~~~I’ll eat dinner~~~~~.You should all eat dinner too!😆* See you tomorrow! #JIMIN #BTS #BangtanBoys
[T/N: *this line is said in a cutesy way, in a Japanese aegyo style.]

Trans cr: Mia @ bts0726
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How the alt-right's PizzaGate conspiracy hid real scandal in Turkey
America’s Islamophobia and Turkey’s anti-Americanism has much to share in a post-truth world.

In the last week, all Turkish pro-government papers, including mainstream publications like Sabah, A Haber, Yeni Şafak, Akşam and Star, ran similar stories about the PizzaGate, using the very same images and claims from a (now banned) subreddit to convince their readers on how serious and deep-rooted the scandal was. Columnists penned articles that the PizzaGate is a part of the globalist conspiracy against Turkey, and one article even remarked that the “Teenage” in pizza-eating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now makes sense as a pedophilia reference after PizzaGate.

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The T-Shirt - Part 2

Originally posted by spnsamwinchester

Characters - Sam x Reader

Summary - Sometimes we forget to say things, for later may be too late. Sometimes things turn out differently than we think, too.

Word Count - 825

Warnings - Angst, drinking and drunkenness

A/N - Be sure to read Part 1 if you haven’t! This was a long time coming, and I hope you enjoy it. This one is from Sam’s point of view, and there is gonna be a part three at some point in the future.

Rough hunts were not uncommon for the brothers. Throughout their lives, they’d had more than their fair share.

Sam though- he’d had one of the worst that night. Much like that night one year ago.

One year. He could’ve sworn it felt far longer than that. He spent the first few hours honest to god freaking the fuck out as all his calls to your cell dumped him straight to voicemail. Your cheery recorded voice mocked him, encouraging him to leave a message after the beep.

He left several of those.

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