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So… pretty sure I just found a way to increase the quality of my gifs by a considerable amount. Hoping for the best. :P

Side note: Did you know that I learned how to make gifs specifically because I wanted to make a Spongebob tumblr? That’s why if you look at the first few episodes I didn’t even know how to outline text. I’m a work in progress and I learn new and helpful things as I go along.

iKON Reaction to: when someone is flirting with you.

Jinhwan: “Why would Y/N want you if they have me?”

Yunhyeong: “You look ridiculous.”

Bobby: *when the person says you look sexy* “wtf? Did they just…”

B.I: “Wassup? I am Y/N’s boyfriend.”

Donghyuk: “Argh, that person is so basic.”

Junhoe: “They are so bad! I don’t even have to worry.”

Chanwoo: “Hi! Are you lost?”

(note: gifs are not mine)

Closed RP || xxdiabolik-loversxx

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Yuki sat at the fountain in the town square, alone and crying. She had just been awakened by Kaname hours earlier and he knocked her out and left with only a note. She was grasping the note and sobbing, not fully knowing about her true self. “Why did you leave me?! I’ve been a human for over ten years and now all of a sudden, you turn me and leave me?! Kaname you bastard!!” She didn’t care about the stares she was getting from the townspeople. She just wanted to know who she really was, but the one sole person who knew had left her to fend for herself. She was also getting hungry, not even knowing how to feed properly.

The note:

My dearest Yuki,

You are no longer the girl you used to be. Welcome to our world.

Your dearest father brother,


What did he mean? Not to mention, why did he cross out the word ‘father’? She punched the concrete fountain, knowing she will never get these answers.


Authors note: This going to be trash and I’m sorry. Request are open if you want to send something in😚💕
(Ps. If this gets 20 notes, I’m going to dress as quicksilver for homecoming.)

Peter McFlirt Maximoff has flirted with every female on the team, minus you. Every time you try to talk to the silver haired boy he would just speed away or wouldn’t even look you in the eyes. He would even start vibrating when he is around you for longer than ten minutes. That only made you more determined to talk to him. And curious for wanting to know why he was acting this way. As you grew curious, so did the team and they were going to find out why.


“So why are you scared of Y/N?” Alex asked before taking a sip of his coke. This caused Warren and Scott to chuckle and Kurt face to display confusion.

“I’m not scared of Y/N…” Peter said not looking at any of them, but around the room.

“Oh really? You shake when your around her. Last time I check, she doesn’t control the Weather like Ro, so unless it’s magically cold when your around her and that causes you to shake, I’m going to say your scared of her.” Alex said while rolling his eyes.

“She’s…just…very…scary.” Peter said slowly. The boys heads slowly turned towards you. You were sitting under a tree with the other girls giggling and doing homework. She felt their gaze and smiled and waved Peter. His eyes widened before turning around quickly avoiding your gaze.

“Yeah, she’s real scary alright.” Scott said sarcastically. “I think she might have a crush on you.”’

“Yeah she totally does.” Warren said before elbowing Peter, causing him to roll his eyes.

“She could kick my ass! There is no way in hell she likes me.” Peter argued causing all the other guys to groan at his obliviousness.

“Jean, Jubilee, and Ro could kick your ass!” Scott said. “Yet your scared of Y/N, who smiles at you all the time and offers to buy you pizza! Dude, are you okay?”

“Shut up Summers!” Peter said before crossing his arms.

“Maybe your not scared of her but of your feelings?” Kurt ask while shrugging his shoulders. A smirk grew on the rest of the boys faces minus Peters.

“You so like her!” Warren said while smirking even harder. Peter rolled his eyes and looked away from the others.

“If anyone says a word to her about this, I will give you a wedgie so hard that your grand kids will feel it.” Peter said causing the other boys to chuckle.

“Looks like she already knows.” Alex said while pointing over to the group of girls that were walking towards the group of guys while smiling widely.

Peter wanted to run away, yet he couldn’t. As much as he liked you, he really was intimidated by you. He was scared that he was going to say the wrong thing, scared that he might actually fall in love with you, scared of his own feelings, feelings that were brung upon by you.

He Finds Out About His Child (Ashton)

You left in such a rush that he didn’t even know what what had hit him. For a while you too had a great thing going, you had only been together a year and he saw himself mapping out the rest of his life with you. And then one morning you were just gone, a note in your side of the bed that said goodbye and that was it.

He didn’t know why you left or what he did to cause you to leave. He blamed himself for months, not even wanting to touch his drum set at times and banging on them so hard they broke at others. They guys were worried about him and didn’t know if they should try to contact you or tell him to forget about you all together.

After about a year he had finally, completely moved on, he started to date again, and he saw his life start to show color, not just shade of black. Until two years later, when he saw you.

You were pushing a cart through the store, humming to a baby in the seat and smiling. He had forgotten how beautiful your smile was, and how soft your hair looked. His heart ached as he watched you move to the organic fruits, swaying and laughing with the toddler in the cart. His knees went weak at your laugh, it was even lighter than it had been when you two had been together.

He didn’t know what to do. Should he walk away like he never saw you, like he hadn’t spent a year picking up and mending to his broken heart? Or should he go and say hi, you two knew every little thing about each other at one point, it couldn’t have been that bad, he thought. But he didn’t know how much his heart really could take, so he turned away from you, almost making it until someone said his name rather loudly, and your head snapped over to him.

A few girls surrounded him, asking for pictures, and he obliged with a smile, even though he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Picking up the baby and abandoning the cart, you walked outside to sit in a bench facing the parking lot, trying to get your breathing in order. After what felt like a lifetime, but really it was only a few minutes, Ashton had walked out.

He didn’t know if you had left or not, and when he saw you sitting there, holding a child, he stopped.

“Hi.” You said, breaking the silence.

“Hi.” He said back, running a hand through his hair and just staring at you.

You stared back, taking in his gorgeous features. You saw pictures of him online, 5Sos had become very well known so it was hard to completely move on since his pictures were everywhere.

Instead of asking the one question that had been on his mind since the day you left, he stuck with something a little easier.

“Who’s kid?” He gestured to the baby.

“Mine”. The one word slipped through your words and stabbed him in the heart. He had his answer.

“That’s why you left isn’t it?” He asked, betrayal was plastered on his face. “You got pregnant with another mans baby, so you left. You cheated on me.” The words were heavy on your Skin as they sank in. His eyes swelled but not a single tear fell. “This whole time, I couldn’t figure out what I did to drive you away, but it wasn’t me. It was you!” Anger filled him as you just stared back, he took your silence as conformation. “Why? Why did you cheat on me?” His broken voice shattered your heart, and a tear slipped down your cheek as you looked at your child.

“I never cheated on you, I loved you. Leaving was the last thing I wanted to do but I didn’t have a choice.” You brushed the hair from your face as you looked at Ashton.

“Then why? Why did you do that to me?” He sat next to you and you stayed silent for a few moments, gathering the courage to tell him the truth.

“Right after you told me you were going to go on tour again, I was excited for you, really I was.” You added as a side note. “I don’t know if you remember, but I had a doctors appointment around that time for some blood work because I kept getting sick at random moments.” You paused as the wheels were Turing in his head, putting the pieces together. “I found out I was three months pregnant.”

He heard the words but it took a moment for them to completely register. “You…” He trailed off, not really knowing how to continue. He then really looked at the child in your arms. His hair was the same sandy shade as his own but his eyes were your warm hazel, even the one that was slightly more green than the other; just like yours. The child smiled at the the necklace you were wearing, and Ashton’s dimples appeared on the baby’s smooth skin.

“His name is Axel.” You said running a hand over the baby’s mop hair. Ashton stayed silent, processing the new information. “ I didn’t leave to hurt you. I knew that your career and a baby didn’t mix and I didn’t want you to have to choose between the thing you love to do, and me. So I made the choice for you and left.”

It was then that a tear ran down his face. “Can… Can I hold him?” He asked, his arms slightly extending to the baby. You passed him over and watched as Ashton held his son for the first time. Minutes went by and Axel stared to play with Ashton’s hair, and smiling as he pulled it into his mouth.

“He likes hair.” You said softly as he sucked on the strand he had gotten. Ashton let out a quiet laugh.

“I get it if you don’t want to be apart of his life.” It was Ashton’s turn to whip his head in your direction.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well it’s just I know that 5sos is doing great and that you must be super busy with everything going on, I wasn’t going to make you choose then, I won’t make you do it now. We got on fine before.”

His heart was breaking all over again.

“I don’t want to leave. I don’t want you to leave.” He said, his eyes yet again filling with tears.


“No! Let me make my own choices! He is my child too!” He snapped back at you causing Axel to start crying and reach for you.

Hurt was shown on Ashton’s face as you calmed your child down from hysteria. “I’m sorry, I.. I’m sorry.” His hand rubbed the child’s back and soon he was calm, resting his head on your shoulder. “I want to be apart of his life, he needs his father.”

“What about Bianca?” You mumbled, mentioning his new girlfriend that the tabloids had talked about for a few weeks.

“What.. How do you know about her?” He asked slightly taken aback.

“You are all over the magazines.” A blush crept to your cheeks, it liked like you had been keeping tabs on him. While you were to a point, he didn’t need to know about that.

“Look, there is nothing serious between us, and this is my child we are talking about.” He had never said those words ‘my child’ before and they felt strange on his tongue.

“But what about-” before you could get another word out, his lips were on yours. They had been softer than you remembered. Neither of you moved, just pressed your lips together, enjoying the touch.

You pulled back after a few seconds. “Sorry”. He said, awkwardly running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know why I did that.”

“You don’t?” while the kiss hadn’t been remotely close to being PG-13, you were both short of breath.

“No… I know why I did, I just don’t know if it was the right thing to do.” Before you could say anything he continued. “ I want to be there for you and Axel. Any way that you will let me.”

“Okay” after a few seconds of silence you responded with a best thing he had heard in a long time. “We don’t need to figure everything out right now do we?” You asked, motioning to the hoards of people beginning to flock over the where Ashton was.

“No, uh… Come by my place tonight and we can talk.” a smile ghosted his lips.

“Okay. Do you still live by the park?” You asked, standing up and readjusting Axel who had fallen asleep.

“Yeah, I could bring myself to move. Too many memories.”

“Okay. I’ll be over around 7.” One last smile and you turned to leave but were stopped by Aston calling your name.

“Will you bring Axel, please?” A nod from you and a smile from him, you turned back towards your car as you looked forward to tonight.

Part 2???
Taking any and all requests!!

Death Note AU where Mello & Near work together
  • Mello: Near, stop playing with your toys! You're not 12 anymore.
  • Near: ......
  • Someone else: Why does this grown ass boy who's basically L's successor play with toys? What is he, 12?

@bat-lucario requested: Hello! ^^ I just wanted to ask if you could write something which includes this two sentences? (“You fainted.. straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go  to such extremes..” & “I don’t even fit in here. So why go and pretend like I do? Where is the point?”) I would love to read it with TFW but all other characters are ok as well. Have a nice day, darling. ;3 

(Author’s Note:) DOLL!! I am so sorry this is so late, I forgot I had this in my drafts! Enjoy this little (rather long) post! I did my best!


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“You know,” Dean said with a chuckle. “you fainted straight into my arms.”

You huff and turn your back on the man, wishing more than anything that you never left your dorm room. Right now, you could be doing anything else, anybody else, and you were here—dancing with this idiot. “I did not faint, Winchester.”

Dean smirks and shrugs his shoulder, leaning against the gate that was outside the farm. “I don’t think that boy of yours saw. You didn’t have to go through such extremes to get my attention, sweetheart.”

Your cheeks were burning as you look over your shoulder at Dean. That smirk of his made your cheeks burn more, wanting to punch him right there. “That boy isn’t mine, Dean. You know perfectly well that we’re nothing but friends.”

“Friends.” Dean used air quotes around the word, making you groan in protest. “Y/N, just admit that you’re in love with me and want to run away.” He was enjoying himself too much. Little did he know that he was hitting too close to home. You want nothing more than to quit everything and run away with him, but you would never let him know that.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Your voice cracks a little. Your eyes fall onto the scratches above his eye and you want to reach up and clean them for him, although they don’t seem to bother him. “I’m so sick and tired of everybody crowding me!”

Dean’s eyes widen a bit more and his eyebrow shoots up, the corners of his mouth turning down. “I’m not crowding you.”

“No, not you.” You snap, though he was part of the problem. “Everybody. ‘Do this’, ‘do that’, ‘you better get your grades up’. I never have time to myself anymore!” You kick a hay bell and fall to the ground. The events of the attack completely parting your memory.

In the confusion, Dean stuttered a little over his words. “Y/N…”

“I’m trying to be something I’m not, which is normal. I don’t fit in here, why am I pretending?” You rub your face. “What’s the point of any of this?”

Dean steps over to you, looking down at you. His lips are thin again and his eyes are searching your face for answers you didn’t have. “Where’s this coming from?”

“I’ve been acting like I’m not a hunter, Dean.” You feel your throat tighten and the tears fill your eyes. “But the truth is that I am. I keep on pretending I’m not going to be staking vampires in a couple of years or throwing holy water on a demon, but that’s me. I’ve always wanted a normal life. It’s not going to happen. And I’m starting to think I don’t want it to happen.”

“Y/N,” Dean held out his hand and you thoughtlessly took it. “let’s get you back to bed. You’ve been through a lot…”

For the first time in years, you saw the true Dean behind those green eyes. He was no longer putting up a front, no longer acting like this badass to impress you. He was the sensitive guy you thought he would be.

You let Dean pick you up and take you back to his motel room after you made it clear you never wanted to step into the dorm room again.


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The diner was busy tonight. You sit in the booth, the angel across from you. His eyes are scanning the menu, searching for the burger he had been talking about before you poofed you two here, in the middle of the town.

“I’m still confused.” You held your head, still trying to figure out what just happened moments ago. “Tell me again.”

Castiel lifts his head enough to look at you, his lips trying to form a few words at first, then smiling some. “You fainted into my arms after your attack. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go through such extremes, Y/N. You could have just prayed.”

You can’t recall the attack, or fainting into Castiel’s arms. You groan and lay your head on the table. “Why do I feel like shit?”

“Perhaps—“ Cas starts, but you cut him off with a glare.

The waitress comes over and Cas orders for the both of you, not bothering to ask you what you want. He seems to just know, like he always did. He’s been watching over you for years, popping in every now and then to see how you were doing and if you needed help. Your ‘guardian angel’.

“What am I doing, Castiel?” You sigh and shake your head. “What the hell am I doing?”

“What do you mean?” Cas tilts his head to the right and gives you a questionable look. “You were born from your mother to—“

“I know!” You groan again and lean back in the seat, wanting more than anything to just leave. “I just feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, Cas. I keep pretending and pretending, but nothing ever seems to work out for me. What’s the point of living?”

Cas stops flicking the salt and looks up at you, his eyes skimming your face, resting here and there to try and figure you out. “You are Y/N, my (girl /boy). You’re here because you’re meant to be here, you’re here to save people, and I’m here to save you so you can.”

You glance up at the angel and a small smile appears on your lips. “Come again?”

“I said—“

“I know what you said. Thanks, Castiel.” You sit up a little straighter and took the first sip of your drink. “Now, tell me again why you let me go all day without eating? Maybe you wanted to go through some extremes to get me in your arms.” You tease the angel, but his eyes avert yours and stare down at his lap, the smallest hint of a smile playing at his lips.


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Sam rushes into the room the moment the scream left your trembling lips. Your head starts to spin as the ghost smirks at you, it’s transparent, rotting teeth right there, making something in your stomach turn.

You see Sam move passed you and hit the ghost, causing him to evaporate, but that’s all you see. Everything else is a blur and you feel yourself falling, falling, falling, down a dark hole—

 —– —– —–

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice rang through your head. You open your eyes and see the big moose staring down at you, his eyes bloodshot and full of worry. “Y/N, are you doing okay?”

Your hand snaps up, poking at a spot on your head that you thought may be bleeding. “What-what happened?”

Sam licks his lips and mutters, “you fainted…”

“Did I…?” You feel disappointed in yourself. Your first hunt and you faint. “Please tell me it was a decent faint.”

That caught Sam off guard and he chuckles. “You fainted right into my arms, if that’s what you want to hear.”

“Better than anything.” You sit up, realizing you were on the floor. Looking around, the room felt lighter than before. The ghost problem was obviously taken care of, leaving you feeling helpless and alone. You were no match for Sam Winchester.

You know, I think you need to stop with all this extreme stuff just to get my attention.” Sam said lightly, trying to ease you up a bit. It only made things worse.

You sigh and shake your head. “I need to stop pretending I’m this big ass hunter, Sam. I don’t belong here like you do. I can’t even shoot a gun.” You get to your feet with his help and dust your butt off. “I just don’t fit.”

Sam places a hand on your shoulder and smiles at you with that loving smile you stuck around to see. “I think you’re doing great, Y/N. We’ll get you into the habit in no time.”

Author’s Note: I think imma do this with other characters in another post! This was pretty fun! Enjoy, my loves!

  • It happened so fast…like hell they slow mo-ed that damn death scene
  • Did Derek just have a fucking speech about Scott?
  • Nogitsune music video!!!! Turn down for whaaaat!
  • Beacon hills is off the rails
  • Isaac only gets a few lines but when he does talk boy oh boy is it meaningful
  • Stiles looks like a powdered doughnut that i want a bite of this entire episode
  • So Allison wasn’t just at home thinking of new outfits to wear everyday she actually had a plan before the plan even begun, which is another reason why she’s the shit and shouldn’t have died #girlpower
  • The most fucked up thing i’ve ever seen in my life is Aiden’s death right in front of his twin brother. It was harder to watch then Allison’s. (Allison’s is harder to accept tho)

side note: Did you see all those fine mofos sitting on the same couch on wolf watch? wow

but nvm Allison & Aiden are dead go be sad!

Baby Mine

Summary: Sakura has a baby boy and all she wants to do is love on him and protect him as he grows up. Sasuke enjoys watching his wife and son, just as he knew she did with him and their daughter.

Pairing: Originally, it was going to be pairing neutral. Then I thought “Hey, why not SakuOC!” and NOW, SasuSaku is canon. …It’s SasuSaku because I suck.


Note 2: Sasuke has his prosthetic arm, I don’t care what anyone says. :<





October sixth ended up being one of the longest, absolute best days in the twenty-nine years Sakura Uchiha had been alive, and the reason was simply because she had given birth to her second child that day. A baby boy had been born to her and Sasuke Uchiha at four-thirty that afternoon, and she hadn’t put him down or stopped staring at him since he was handed over to her, nearly four hours ago.

She had tried to offer the infant to her husband, but Sasuke shook his head, obviously still worried he may drop their son, even though he never dropped their daughter, Sarada, when she was a baby. Sakura, though, figured that it was probably because this was their first son, and that was why Sasuke was afraid of dropping him (Sarada being their first daughter and child also kept Sasuke from holding her for a few weeks until he finally gave in).

Sasuke had nearly an hour ago to get Sarada home so she could eat and sleep, and promised he would bring her to the hospital early in the morning so their seven-year-old daughter could meet her newborn brother.

Now, as she felt more awake than she should have at almost nine p.m., Sakura did nothing but smile at the tiny, chubby, pink haired baby boy in her arms, already deeply in love him.

Gosh, I love you so freaking much…

“Sorry you got my hair, kid,” Sakura laughed lightly, watching her newborn as he shifted ever so slightly in his sleep, sucking on the bright orange pacifier Naruto had given them the other day. “But if anyone tries to tease you for it, you tell me or papa. We’ll take care of them for you.”

After a few minutes, the boy made a hiccupping sound, before whining and crying, having scared himself with noise he made. Shaking her head, Sakura tried not to laugh as she started calming her son down, kissing his forehead (“thank goodness he didn’t inherit my forehead!” she laughed when he was handed to her, making Sasuke roll his eyes), breathing a sigh of relief when he calmed down and stared up at her, icy blue eyes wondering what was going on.

“Well, good evening! Nice to see you’re awake, sweetie, but I think you should go back to sleep. You’ll have a lot of visitors in the morning.”

Other than Sasuke and Sarada, Sakura knew her parents, Naruto and Hinata along with their children, and many of their friends would be coming in to meet the new Uchiha, just as they had done when Sarada was born. She didn’t really mind it, but hoped a few of them would wait until they got home with the baby, just so she could rest and try easing into being the mother of two children (she was ever so thankful that Naruto and Hinata had two children, as now she could ask Hinata for help with anything she needed or was unsure of).

When he stretched his arms over his head, the baby boy let out a yawn, losing his pacifier and not worrying about it, decided instead to suck on his thumb for a while. It caused Sakura to laugh again, shaking her head as she took the pacifier and set it on her bedside table.

“What an angel you are… oh! We didn’t name you yet! Hmm…” for a few minutes, Sakura just watched her once again sleeping son, running her fingers over is chubby cheek and the top of his head, surprised at how soft the little bit of hair he had was. “How about… Mamoru… Mamoru Uchiha. Ha yeah. I like that, a lot. What do you think, darling?”

The second he let out a small noise, Sakura nodded, smiling as she giggled.

“Then you like it! Your name is Mamoru Uchiha, and you… you’re my precious little son. I love you, Mamoru. I think your papa will like your name as well… he really loves you too, Mamoru.”

Kissing his forehead once again, Sakura hugged Mamoru to herseld a bit more, watching him with a smile as he yawned again, snuggling against her.

“Your big sister is going to love you, I know she will. She’s going to come meet you tomorrow darling.”

I just know you two will love each other. I can feel it.


The next morning, Sakura laughed and shook her head as Sarada sat in the chair on the other side of the room, looking anxious as Sasuke, who gave in at last and held Mamoru (whose name he agreed to rather quickly, shocking Sakura), carried him over to her, slowly and gently placing the newborn into his older sister’s arms.

“Sarada,” Sasuke gave her a smile, helping her adjust her arms to hold Mamoru correctly, “this is your little brother, Mamoru. Mamoru, this is your big sister, Sarada.”

Sarada stared down at Mamoru, who looked up her in wonder, not fully realizing who she was and why she was holding him. For a few minutes, the two just stared at each other, before Mamoru gurgle and smiled reaching up at Sarada and making her smile with a laugh.

“Does this mean he likes me?!”

While Sasuke confirmed that it most likely meant that, and answered the questions Sarada was now asking him, Sakura watched the two as Mamoru continued reaching at his older sister, causing her to smile as she attempted to rest some more, knowing she would need it in the coming weeks as she took off from working at the hospital to care for Mamoru.

This is absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to see what he’s like as he grows up.

[Eng] Teen Top Day - Changjo facebook translation

(Note: Top bullet is the fan’s message and the sub bullet is changjo)
source: Teen Top’s official facebook

  • Oppa I love you!! ㅠㅠ
    • Me too

  • Pleasee no more tattooos! Okay??
    • I won’t~ I just wanted one for just my family!

  • Do you still eat rice mixed with cola? Hows the taste?
    • It’s delicious.

  • My heart is hurting so much because I miss you, I feel like I’m about to die. 
    • ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Choi Changjo, you’re too much ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜ 20 People *bawl* ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ  (note: daum official fan cafe holds live chats of usually 100 people. But Changjo made a chat room that held only 20 people max. more than 400  people were waiting to get in) 
    •  hehe

  • Do you even have a place that is uncool ㅠㅠㅠ?
    • Everywhere

  • Jonghyun oppa, why did you reveal your abs in Toronto? 
    • Hehe

  • Aishiteru
    • Me too.
  • Do you have any cool solo dances for Taiwan’s upcoming concert? 
    • Hehe

  • What is your favorite color? I love you~ Teen Top fighting. 
    • Your color

  • What is the best diet? I want to lose weight because of oppa. 
    • Huh? 

  • Alien oppa, I love you! Do you love me?? ku
    • I love you

  • Did you have a tasty lunch today~??
    • Yes (note: aegyo style from ne–> neng) 

  • Jonghyun oppa, please tell me some greasy words <3
    • I love you

  • Jonghyun-ah~~ will you date me?? <3_<3
    • I love you

  • Do you like angel?
    • I like you

  • Changjo oppa I love you
    • Me too

  • Changjo oppa hi^^ How are you??
    • Hi

  • Are you doing well?
    • Yes!

  • If you reply to me, I’ll love you even more. But if you don’t I’ll continue to love you
    • I love you

  • Jonghyun-ah, you’re 180 cm now, right? Who is taller? Niel or you?
    • We are the same

  • What breed of dogs you do like the most?
    • All

  • Korean fans are always talking to you. We’re very jealous. Turkey fans are putting in much effort to reach you
    (note: this one was google translated and I didn’t really get it. It’s something like this)
    • I love you

  • Where do you wash first when you shower?
    • Face

  • What is your favorite Japanese word???
    • aishiteru (I love you)

  • I love you~ <3
    • Me too

  • Oppa, you’re over 180cm now I can’t believe it ㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ you’re all grown up
    • I’m not over (180cm). 

  • How are u?? I love you so much <3<3
    • kukukuku

  • Choi Changjo-nim <3<3<3
    Please sing us Let it go again kukukuku
    • kukukuku
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There’s a reason why I only tag people occasionally: there are so many of you who deserve to be on any list of “people I love” or “people I admire.”  There are even more who I care about, and all of you have my undying affection and support.  But I did want to call out some of you for being, well, you.  I love having you around and I’ve noticed your presence in my life and I just really wanted to say thank you for being here.


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