The signs as friends
  • Aries: will scream at you 23/8, tells you jokes and shows you funny pictures, definitely the person to havve a movie marathon with
  • Taurus: embarrasses you in public, doesnt answer texts, shares their food, always here for you
  • Gemini: send you weird texts at 1am, feeds you with unnecessary science facts, takes funny pictures of you, never listens
  • Cancer: tells you funny stories, gives huge teddy bears as a gift, listens to your favourite music with you
  • Leo: literally makes fun of you and bullies you 24/7, shares their clothes with you, texts you first, late everywhere
  • Virgo: might take hotos of you while you're not looking, most likely will buy you a dog at some point, that friend you can be with for hours without even talking
  • Libra: recommends you music, gives you lame nicknames, tells you pick-up lines and flirts with you, always makes you happy honestly
  • Scorpio: fights your enemies, points out every stupid thing you do and then reminds you for another 25 years
  • Sagittarius: will tell you if you have something on your teeth, always up for an unexpected adventure, will share everything with you
  • Capricorn: will help you with literally anything, asks you about you interests, will always remind you how beautiful ou are
  • Aquarius: most likely won' hang out with you, doesn't answer texts, asks you about your day, 1am adventures
  • Pisces: bth loving mom and the person you want to kill, sends you funny pictures, organizes amazing trips, borrows you things and doesn't want them back

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Your reigens..,,, are so handsome like,,, my heart can't handle it I can't believe???? thank you for bestowing such good reigens upon us

a  a aaAA  a h thank ghgkghkjgh.

TBH i’ve been trying to learn how to get around that and it’s been the funniest struggle hahaha. LIKE. Mememan is not Hansamu he’s just a Plain Dude but whenever I try to interpret him into my style he just .?.?? does what he wants

I think my initial draw of him feels more like him, where as my newer ones are def closer to canon proportions, so.. It’s been a tossup lately haha.

I think part of it is the hair line but HOO BOY this is the first time I’ve been actively trying to make someone look more plain and it’s not working GEEZ.

the weirdest thing is happening and frustrating me??? when i open up someone’s blog on my browser, it acts as though i’m not logged in and only gives me the options to follow them or go to the main tumblr screens, rather than being able to like/reblog/interact with the post in other ways. does anyone have any knowledge about this?

Keith: You got the stuff I want?

Hunk: Yeah, I got you. *passes Keith lactose free milk*

Keith: What is this mess?!

Hunk: But you’re lactose in-

Keith: I know what I’m getting myself into! Now give it!

Hunk:*sighs, gives Keith regular milk* What’d Lance do this time?

Keith: He smiled. *starts chugging milk*