I would rather be a stripper” be careful of what you ask for smii7y OwO

he said it at 5:44 in his latest video (click here) I’m only here to draw pls forgive and to the two anons asking for it here you go fam

You Took My Breath Away

For @voltronwhumpweek2017!

Day Four: Torture

Summery: The team has been working tirelessly to get Lance back after he’s captured by Lotor. But once Shiro finds him, he fears it might be too late. Lance is too worried about Shiro to realize just how bad his situation has become

Ship: (Implied) Shance

Word Count: 1118

Extra Note: Possible season three spoilers

Lance could feel his chest rumbling as he took heavy breaths, trying his best to get enough oxygen into his body. Which was hard when he was hunched over on his knees, his hands tied behind his back and his entire body throbbing.

 Fuck the Galra, Lance thought as his breath hitched, hard chesty coughs rumbling through his body. Fuck the Galra, and fuck pneumonia. And fuck the Galra for giving him pneumonia by leaving him in this cold, damp cell for God knows how long anymore. A week? He thinks it’s been about a week. Maybe longer.

Losing track of time is a side effect of dying.

But Lance didn’t know he was dying.

He was hurt, sure, but not dying.

He wouldn’t give Lotor that satisfaction.

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