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Who Cares? (M)

Genre: Smut, fwb!Jimin, university!Jimin, fluff
Word count: 2773
Description: You wouldn’t change what you have with Jimin for anything, the only problem is putting it in words.
Author’s note: It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I read some really nice comments and messages yesterday and finally got inspired to finish something. Like always, I’m not sure if I managed to convey the feelings I had while writing, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

!Edited, because I wasn’t content with the original version. ><

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Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Just when I thought I lost hope, you stepped into my life; you were a fresh new start, a new beginning. You looked at me no other guy has ever looked at me before. You set your dark cocoa hues on my blue ones and said “you’re perfect.” I denied and denied and denied, I still don’t see how I am but nonetheless, you repeatedly tell me like it’s a mantra stuck in your head. You made me believe that I could actually be held, kissed, and possibly fall in love without causing damage. You made me believe that something greater than repeatedly staring and hoping endlessly at happiness could actually turn into real life.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1175 // i’ll never let you go 
Till Sunbeams Find You [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Author’s Note: This took me a really long time to write. I got really distracted lol. Anyway, I watched Doctor Strange yesterday and I loved it. I would’ve written for it when I got home last night but I was out super late and got too tired and then I was in the library all day today doing homework (*cries*). Nonetheless, I hope ya like this. ^^

Word Count: 1,521

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Oh, God, I thought it was May (Peter Parker x Reader) (SMUT)

Request: Do you do smuts? If you can! Can you do one where is like…meaningful sex like you know😂 If not that okkkk❤️ Your writing is phenomenal by the way

A/N: I tried my best. You know, it doesn’t always work, but I try my best (yes, I just used one of Tom Holland’s quotes, and yes, I completely understand what he means)(hope you enjoy nonetheless)

One of your favorite things to do was visiting Peter when his aunt wasn’t home. You adored May, but when she was home, you and Peter didn’t usually have much intimacy, so when she was gone, you two used the apartment to just make out and sometimes even take it further.
This was one of the times when May was gone for the weekend because she was visiting a friend, and you took that as a chance to go to her house and surprise Peter.
When you reached her door, you opened it with her spare key, and right as you opened it, you saw Peter trying to take off his Spiderman suit, mostly making a mess out of everything.
‘It’s me, Pete’ you said with a small laugh.
‘Oh, God. I thought it was May’ he said, tired after trying to take it off.
‘What the heck are you doing with the suit on at home?’ you asked, walking up to him.
‘I’m trying to make it more comfortable -the more uses, the more elastic it gets’ he said, laughing a little.
You threw your arms around his neck and softly kissed him, smiling into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, moving his hands to your butt and giving it a little squeeze. Without letting go of you, he walked you to his room, softly laying you down on his bed. You knew he was trying to be soft, but that he was eager as well. He was trying to do everything soft and slowly, but he was also roaming his hands around your body. You arched your back, letting him take off your shirt, which he threw across his small room. He then took off your jeans, leaving you on your underwear. He was really excited, so you decided to tease him a little. You made him lay down, his chest pressed to the bed, as you slowly began to unzip his suit, kissing his back every now and then. When the zipper reached its end, you turned him around so he’d be looking at you, and you helped him remove the sleeves of the suit, sliding it then down his chest, and finally, down his legs, leaving him on his underwear.
You looked at his eyes and smiled. They were so full of love and admiration, just as yours.
‘I love you’ you whispered before kissing him again. He pinned you down to the bed and removed your underwear and his, his hands touching softly your stomach. You took his face in your hand and made him look at you again, and you gave him a small peck. You loved him, and he loved you.
He softly pushed into you, being as careful as the first time. You put your hands on his back, closing your eyes.
‘You are so beautiful’ Peter said before kissing you.
When you two were finished, you just laid there together, your face on his chest and drawing small patterns with your finger, while he was softly playing with your hair, kissing your forehead every now and then.
‘I love you so much, [Y/N]’ Peter said, and that was the last thing you heard before you two fell asleep.


A little Draco x Reader imagine for @yrgl00mygrlfriend!  I’m SO sorry this took me so long…I’ve been busy moving back to school & starting my new classes!  Nonetheless, I loved this idea…I altered it a little bit unknowingly as I was writing it, so I hope you don’t mind hehe.  Enjoy! xx

Imagine: I was thinking about a very formal ball at the Malfoy manner. Y/N’s family is another very prestigious family and is invited. And the whole time, she notices Draco staring at her from above his drink, and they like flirt with each other even tho they’re across the room from each other? Eventually he asks her to dance, and he’s just very sexy and gentlemanly and it’s just super flirty?

WARNING: Sexual innuendo?

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

Your eyes wandered idly about the great ballroom before you.  They scanned across the length of the elaborate emerald drapery, to the exquisite crystal glassware atop the grand oak table that stretched for miles.  You found them somehow searching for something, really anything, that even remotely hinted at a sense of subtlety.  A smile tugging at the corner of your mouth and a shake of your head indicated the failure to find such a simple element.

Malfoy Manor was certainly an amazing sight to behold, decked out in fineries some wizards and witches may only ever dream of.  In a sense, you were used to the flamboyance and the wealth.  Although your family’s taste wasn’t nearly as boastful as the famous Malfoys, your wealth and social status very nearly matched theirs.  As a result, you were often invited to high-end parties and events; such was the case that night, as you scoffed at the arrogance that was so obviously displayed.

You drummed your fingers on the cold marble of the small bar in front of you, your other hand preoccupied with holding your chin up.  The shimmering jet black dress you wore shivered with every move you made.  It pooled at your feet like a waterfall, and boasted a slit that cut like a knife to expose a good portion of your porcelain skin.

“Your firewhiskey on the rocks, Madame,” the quiet, polite voice of the house-elf broke your lazy stare as he extended a drink to you.  In turn, you smiled at the little bartender perched artfully on a tall stool and gratefully took the chilled glass from him.

“Thank you very much, sir,” you winked and placed a galleon in the tip jar next to him.  He seemed to perk up and offered a grateful little smile as you sauntered into the middle of the ballroom.  

You had to admit, the music was delightful; a perfect blend of upbeat vivacity yet a distinct note of serenity. Drink in hand, chilling the tips of your fingers, you swayed slowly in the middle of the dance floor.  You caught sight of your parents who quirked their eyebrows but smiled softly at you.  Honestly, it didn’t matter to you that you were alone, or that you were dancing by yourself.   You were perfectly content as an individual in a room full of stuck-up rich people.

After a few moments, you twirled around, letting your water-like gown flow seamlessly across the floor.  You giggled to yourself as the firewhiskey began to take its effect.  Suddenly, you felt a pair of eyes on you.  Truth be told, you were aware of many sets of eyes fixated on you, whether it be for reasons of lust or rather judgment.  However, this was different.

Your gaze fell upon a white-blonde-haired man, sipping his own whiskey sans-rocks.  Quickly, you recognized him as Draco Malfoy, the son of your gracious hosts.  He had an impressive stature: tall, slender, but perhaps a bit muscular as well. Adorned in such regal dress robes, it was hard to tell.  What really crept under your skin, though, were his eyes; the same cool grey eyes that lay upon you that very moment.  Your attraction to him was immediate, but you merely nodded curtly and took a generous sip of your stiff drink.  Can’t seem too eager, now.  He offered a smirk, one that made your insides tighten, and raised his drink to you before mirroring your sip.

It wasn’t long before you caught a glimpse of him making his way through the crowd, headed in your direction.  You tried not to notice the distance between you growing smaller, but realizing your meeting to be inevitable, you gulped another shot of your drink down and tossed your silky hair to the side.  Your eyes met his and you placed a hand on your hip expectantly.

“Well, well, now, who do we have here?” Draco positively purred.  He had never seen such an alluring individual before.  To him, you were so vastly attractively outspoken yet you hadn’t breathed a word.  You cleared your throat.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you said simply.  “I presume you’re Draco, yes?”

He quirked his eyebrows.

“The one and only, darling,” Draco smiled smugly.  You nearly frowned at his matter-of-factness, but something about this man was simply irresistible.  Instead, you found your mouth struggling not to curl into a coy smile.

“Ah,” you nodded and raised your eyebrows, looking to the bar again.  “Well, it was a pleasure, Mr. Malfoy…”

Yes, keep him wanting more.  Men like it when you play hard-to-get!  You started for the bar when you felt a warm hand envelope yours.  You followed the hand to its source and found Draco, whose eyes were narrowed.

“We’ve only just met, Y/N.  I thought we’d get to know each other,” his voice was quieter and seemed somewhat genuine.  Your expression softened and you turned towards him again.  A small smile danced on your lips.

“Alright, why not?  But I will be needing another drink then,” you winked and his eyes brightened.  His cool façade slipped back on like a glove.

“Allow me,” Draco took hold of your empty glass and escorted you back to the bar, your arm looped through his. You couldn’t help but blush; his gentlemanly manner was refreshing compared to the heavy cockiness of well-off wizarding families that lingered in the air around you.

The little house elf-turned-bartender smiled as he caught sight of you approaching.  His eyes flicked to Draco, however, and his expression faltered slightly. You could detect a note of nervousness on his face as his superior closed the space between them.

“Another firewhiskey for the lovely lady,” Draco commanded.  You frowned. Although his tone was not laced with any malice, it was authoritative in manner.  Draco looked somewhat impatient as the house elf scrambled for a clean glass. You cleared your throat.

“Please, take your time, sir,” you shot Draco a warning glance before offering a reassuring smile to the bartender. “I’m not in any rush.”  

He let out a sigh of relief and his tensed hands seemed to relax a bit.  Draco gazed at you quizzically.

“You speak to all help like that?” a smirk played on his thin lips.  You shrugged and crossed your arms across your chest, only emphasizing it more in the process.  You could feel the pale man’s eyes wander south.

“I respect all creatures, Mr. Malfoy. Perhaps you’d find you’d benefit from sprinkling a bit of kindness amongst your interactions,” you rolled your eyes.  His eyebrows raised and a smile broke out on his face, which stayed even as the bartender handed you your refreshed drink and you tipped him another galleon.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are intriguing,” his voice was low and borderline sexy.  There was something addictive about your manner and care that Draco loved.  Your throat tightened and your stomach clenched at the number of sensations coursing through your body.  His voice seemed to caress the inside of your ear, his body loomed in your sight, powerful and strong, and his scent (maybe pine?) was overwhelmingly alluring.  Trying to play it off, you shrugged your bare shoulders.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Draco,” the corner of your ruby lips turned up in a playful smirk before taking a long sip of your drink.  You could just make out a tinge of pink rising to Draco’s cheeks, and you couldn’t believe how satisfied you were that you were having the same affect on him.  To your surprise, he grabbed your drink and set it back down on the bar.

“Let’s see if you can dance as lovely with another person,” he purred and slipped his hand over yours.  For such a striking, cool looking individual, his hands were surprisingly warm.  You giggled and tossed your hair back.

“Shall we?” you winked and strutted towards the dance floor.  Every once in a while you caught the blonde man’s gaze wandering to your exposed leg as it peeked from the depths of your dark gown.  You rolled your eyes and pulled him close as the dance began.

“You could at least try to make your glances less conspicuous,” you whispered. He blushed immediately but chuckled.

“M’terribly sorry, love,” his hand on your waist pulled you tight against him and his lips were nearly against your ear. “I can’t help myself.”

You shivered slightly and smirked. Pulling back to create a small space between your two bodies, you found his wandering grey eyes.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Malfoy,” you wrapped your arms around his neck loosely.  “Only I know for a fact I’m better at keeping my eyes to myself.”

He was laughing, suddenly, and you quirked your head.  He twirled you in his arms and caught you with your back pressed against his chest.

“Don’t think I haven’t seen you admiring me, Y/N,” he cooed in your ear, tracing a hand down your side to your hip. You bit your lip as he twirled you back to face him.  His eyes were lustful.

“Even now you can barely contain your attraction,” he swayed with you.  You felt a tinge of embarrassment and gulped.  You’d been found out.  Was I truly that obvious?

“Well, then I’d say we’re even,” you plucked up your courage and slid your hand up his chest and to the base of his nape, twiddling with the fair hairs that resided there.  You couldn’t describe your immediate infatuation with him. It was his turn to shiver and he pulled you closer.

“Won’t you come with me on a walk through the gardens, darling?” his hands were lingering astonishingly close to your backside.  You grabbed his wrists and pushed back to hold his hands at length.

“That sounds lovely,” you grinned. Any chance to be alone with this intriguing, seductively sly man made your heart jump into the back of your throat with excitement.  Every inch of your skin tingled with anticipation as Draco shot you an incredibly white smile and tugged you through the crowd of curious, wary eyes.  You smiled and nodded at your parents to indicate that everything was okay.

The gardens of Malfoy Manor were nothing less than beautiful; extravagant and too much for your taste, no less, but utterly beautiful to the eyes and the nose.  Crimson red roses decorated the walkway, paving the way towards an elegant fountain.  If you hadn’t been in such a lust for Draco’s touch and attention, you would have loved to stop and admire everything.

Draco pulled you over behind the hedges, scattered with white roses, and placed his hands on your bare shoulders. In the moonlight, his smile practically lit up as he slowly traced his hands down the length of your figure, stopping at your showcased hips.  Both of your breaths caught in your throat for a brief moment as your eyes met.  It was quiet, save for the faint sound of music and an owl somewhere far off.

You threw yourself into his arms. His lips were attached to yours within mere seconds, and proceeded to attack mode.  Your kiss was hungry and needy as your hands knotted in his slicked-back hair.  Draco’s hands found your arse and he plucked you off the ground, but not before giving it a firm squeeze.

You were wrapped around him in every sense; physically, emotionally, mentally.  The two of you broke for mere seconds, heavy breathing clouding each other’s eyes.  Draco’s smirk could be seen in the dim light.

“You truly are intriguing, darling,” he purred.  You smiled and pulled his lips to yours once more.  An urgency awakened in you for the Slytherin Prince before you.

Cryptozoology / Hey There Mothman
Your Local Gay Cryptid
Cryptozoology / Hey There Mothman

Cas: There should be cryptid parodies of songs like Hey There Delilah

Me, someone with no singing, editing, or songwriting ability whatsoever: that sounds like a great idea! 

I made this for my wonderful gay cryptid @cryptozoooologist. I apologize in advance for how awful it is, but I hope someone finds it entertaining nonetheless~

Background music is from here 

Lyrics by me:

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@hugesucc-ess hi this is late but hope you like it nonetheless! you asked for the robot pair bein cute with nature so i hope this is ok. happy january!


Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 7,227

Genre: Angst

April 12th

Dear Jimin,

It’s been a while. You must be pretty surprised to hear from me, especially considering how much time has passed. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised myself. It’s been almost six years since we last spoke. I never took the time to realize how long it has been since I left. Recalling the past almost seems like I’m talking about another world at this point, so I’ll just focus on what’s currently happening.

Rather than continuing small talk, I’ll just save you the trouble and get straight to the point. I know I haven’t contacted you once after what happened those six years back, so why am I writing to you now?

Well, I’m back in Seoul.

I know those are probably the last words you would ever want to hear from me, but I’m here, at least for a short while. I’m not sure how long I’m planning to stay, since I do have to get back to my responsibilities overseas. I just figured that while I’m back, I should at least try to fix the damage I caused.

It’s honestly taking all of my willpower not to crumple this paper up and forget I ever thought about doing this. I would have never imagined that I would even try reaching out to you again, let alone using such a traditional and outdated method. I know letters are a bit cliché, but I was always told that writing down my thoughts was the best way to get them out. Plus, you know how lousy I am with any form of human interaction, at least when it comes to more sensitive situations.

Not to mention, I can do this all in the comfort of my lovely, 2-star hotel room, so I’d say this is a pretty acceptable form of communication.

Jimin, I don’t expect you to forgive me for what I’ve done, but I hope that you’ll at least hear me out. Needless to say, I have a lot of explaining to do, six years’ worth of thoughts and actions I have yet to go over, so you can expect some more of these letters soon.

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// You thought I was done, @romascurl but I am never done making Jerome fan fiction. Also, to all my readers, ahaha, hey. She ^ is like my best friend and an amazing person, and she likes Jerome. XD so yeah that’s why I am currently spamming out Jerome fics. Aarggh I know these are all shorter and faster paced and probably not the best quality but it’s late and I’m in a weird mood so yeah, I still hope you at least like them.
Need to know: It shall all be explained. (if I remember to explain) Also I will have normal quality fan fics coming up tomorrow because I’m going to stop myself here it’ //s like 1 in the morning and I’m in this weird mood and writing weird fan fictions *facepalms* hope you enjoy nonetheless. //

Jerome was never late with meeting you. You were waiting back at Theo’s place, where the Maniax’s lived. Barbara was sitting on the couch with you, reassuring you that Jerome would be coming. You look over at her, worry in your eyes. “How do you know he’ll be coming back though?”
“Well, he said he would, didn’t he?” That’s all Barbara has to say to calm you down. You sink back into the couch, and close your eyes.
“You’re right…Jerome, he’s…different all right. He’s real sweet though. A real puppy dog,” you say, a smile spreading across your face. “He cares a lot. He’s actually…really romantic,” you laugh softly. “Which was surprising. I wouldn’t think he would be. Him out of all people.” Barbara smiles at you, shaking her head.
“I know what it’s like to young and in love.”
“You’re still young Barb,” you comment, laying down on the couch. Barbara laughs.
“Yeah, right.” She says, stopping abruptly and standing up, flashing you a huge smile. “Do you hear that?” She whispers, and glances over at the door, her eyes wide. Now that you pay attention, you can hear loud laughter coming from the doorway. Jerome bursts through the door, and walks directly over to you, his grin huge, and his laughter hysteric. Right as he reaches you, before you can even ask a question, he gets down on one knee, pulling out a box from his jacket pocket. You stare down, your eyes widening as he opens it and an engagement ring sparkles up at you. You slap your hand over your mouth.
“Y/n, I love you. I love you a lot, and-”
“Did you steal that!?” You shout, your eyes widening. Jerome looks up at you in confusion.
“Did you steal that?” You ask, pointing to the ring. “Oh my god, Jerome, this is so not funny.” You sink down to the ground “You could get arrested for stealing a wedding ring, Jerome, I can’t believe you did this…”
“Are you okay y/n? Think about what you’re saying for a second…” You pause as Jerome laughs and pulls you to him, cradling you in his arms. “Doll, sweet-cheeks, I kill people,” he says, his eyes widening, “and your concerned about me stealing a ring?” You stare up at him, your face growing bright red. Jerome smiles, and kisses your forehead. “I’m also very offended that you would assume I stole this. Maybe I’ve been saving up for months, weeks, years.” He gasps.
“Jerome…” You laugh.
“Will you marry me?” Jerome repeats, staring down at you.
“Well-” You begin, your gaze meeting his.
“I’m glad you said yes!” Jerome says, smiling down at you. You laugh and shake your head as he stands up, pulling you up with him and hugs you tightly.
“So, you actually bought the ring?” You say, your eyebrows raising.
“Oh, no. I stole it.” Jerome kisses your cheek and slips the wedding ring on your finger. “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

Motivational* Slenderverse Quotes

If I’m totally honest, 2016 has been a thoroughly execrable year for reasons that, to quote Noah Maxwell, “ranged from dispiriting to insipid to insidious” -both personally for many of us, myself included, and generally for the world at large. So it’s at times like these where the stories most resonant to me are the ones whose rare glimmers of hope will acknowledge that things aren’t okay, or even motivate out of spite alone, but persist nonetheless… anyways, I hope the quotes under the cut help you out a bit like they helped me.

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Nothing Inbetween (Lucifer Morningstar)

Originally posted by m0rningstarthings

Pairing: Lucifer/FallenAngel!Wife!Reader
Words: 1000+
Warning(s): Luci’s mom, rude things said, i dont know how to make tags
A/N: dont worry, i do not like his mom either,, so have some fluff
Request:  I have a request for Lucifer. Idk if you caught up but I really don’t like his mom. So how about fallen angel! Wife! Reader being really annoyed about his mother appearance and she’s trying to keep as much distance from his mother as well as keeping Lucifer away from her? hope you understand

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Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the day that Korrasami became canon, on a children’s network nonetheless. It being Nickelodeon is an even bigger shock.

If it were not for this day, this blog of mine would not even exist. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for following me and hope for many more good years to come.

The Avatar series were such a huge part of my teenage and adult life. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them, that’s for sure. Even though I have found a new show to love (Steven Universe), Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra will always hold a special place in my heart, even to the day I die.


Mass Effect Holiday Special 2016

Dec 23: Snowflakes/snowfall

Snowy mshenko! Let’s all think happy thoughts. They just finished a mission on a snowy planet, no one died, everything turned out ok, and they kiss before boarding the shuttle. All is as it should be.

I’m gonna dedicate this to @geeky-sova because she’s awesome and deserves nice things. Merry Christmas bb, I’m sorry I’m not as talented as you, but I hope you like it nonetheless :3

26 & 28 for Kol Mikaelson

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

A/N For the lovely person who requested numbers 26 and 28 from the prompt list for Kol Mikaelson, Here you go. I hope you like it! 

Summary: Reader gets too drunk and Kol is left to take care of her

Warnings: None, I don’t think

Kol Mikaelson

Kol didn’t realize how many drinks you’d had until it was too late. You were currently doing a row of shots after challenging a large looking man who had commented on how much alcohol you had consumed for ‘being a lady’.

You quickly downed the fiery liquid, staring him down as you did so. Long story short you had won, much to his disappointment. Nonetheless, someone from the crowd grabbed your arm and pulled it up, cheering along with the crowd. You cheered with them, stumbling on your feet.

Kol sighed, shoving his way through the crowd that was starting to go back to dancing and gently grabbing you on the arm,“I think it’s time to go, love.”

“But Kol,” you drawled out as pouted, leaning against his arm,“We’ve only- only been here for like, an hour.”

He snorted,“It’s been three hours, darling.” You were one of the few humans he could tolerate, he had gained a liking toward you when he saw you mouthing off Klaus one day. It had taken awhile for you to gain the same liking for him, but the two of you had become best friends in the short amount of time you’d known each other.

Your head tilted,“Oh.” He walked you to the bar and asked for a bottle of water, handing it to you as he pulled you toward the exit. As you focused on opening the bottle you stumbled once again, running into a woman with badly dyed blonde hair and an obvious fake tan.

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psa you guys

i hope think that all of my followers are aware of this and share this opinion but i think i should make it clear nonetheless. 

We are fans of a musical.
The music, the creator, the artists.
And we love the INTERPRETATION of the historical figures in the play and in the fandom - which are obviously very different from the real people. 

I like to view them more as fictional characters than as an accurate portrayal of the real founding fathers who were complete pieces of shit problematic. 
If any of you think that defending the actions of the real founding fathers because of Hamilton is an okay thing to do then please go away, unfollow me and pick up a fucking historybook. 
Over and out

She used to check me out (Tom Holland x Reader)

Request: Hi:) can you please do a tom holland imagine where the reader is his long time girlfriend and he accompanies him to the Civil War premiere and it’s just pure fluff and cuteness. :) Also, would you ever possibly write Tom or Peter smut? I feel like a lot of people don’t because “he’s young” but I’ve seen smut written about 15-17 guys so. Was just wondering if you’d ever be willing to do that? :) love your account btw ❤️

A/N: So I don’t like how this turned out at all?? But I needed to get this over with, so I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :) xx

Looking around, you opened your mouth, amazed at all the people that were there waiting to meet your boyfriend. You had been dating for years, and you still couldn’t believe how famous he was.
‘’Tom, this-this is amazing. All these people -waiting to meet you. I’m so proud’’ you said, smiling at him. He held your hand, giving it a little squeeze and smiling back.
‘’Come with me, I want to introduce you to the rest of the cast’’ he said, tugging at your hand.
He took you through so many people until you were standing in front of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and the rest of the cast.
‘’Uh, hello. It’s nice to meet you’’ you said, trying not to freak out about the fact of meeting everyone. ‘’I’m a huge fan.’’
You could feel your cheeks getting red as everyone laughed and said hello to you. You looked at Tom, who was talking to Anthony Mackie, a huge grin on his face.
‘’So, how long have you been dating?’’ Scarlett asked, making you stop looking at Tom.
‘’Uh, three years. We knew each other from school, but I was too shy to ever try and talk to anyone’’ you said, chuckling a bit.
Tom had turned his attention to you and heard what you had said, smiling at it.
‘’Yeah, she used to check me out and try to not make it obvious, but it normally didn’t work’’ he said, a smirk adorning his lips.
‘’I did not! I only knew who you were because I had a crush on Haz!’’ you said, laughing. Before dating Tom, you had had a crush on his best friend Harry for years, spending most of your classes looking at him. ‘’You did use to check me out. I remember Haz coming to me after class and I thought he was going to ask me out. It ended up on him asking me to go out with you. Pretty embarrassing, to be honest’’ you said, still laughing.
Scarlett laughed as well, looking at you two.
‘’And you said yes?’’ she asked.
‘’I didn’t want to sound rude, but I also didn’t want to pull out the ‘my mom won’t let me’ card, so I did. Best decision I ever took’’ you said, leaning onto Tom’s chest. He put an arm around your shoulder and kissed your hair, a flash suddenly blinding you.
Turning around, you saw a pap taking a picture and laughed, happy to see how far your boyfriend had gone.