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a/n: okay so I’ve returned! I wrote this in a few hours and haven’t really heavily proofread it so I apologise for any mistakes you find! I hope you enjoy nonetheless and keep the requests flooding in. I may get round to actually doing them all. Love you all x

Rage. That’s the only emotion I could express whilst looking at his most recent post. My room was plunged into darkness but the light from my phone illuminated my face, straining my eyes slightly. I stared at his page for what felt like hours, my mind trying to calculate how this was happening to me. Picture after picture confirmed my worst suspicions and the final caption ripped my heart into two.

I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people I like.

He’s seeing someone else? I knew we were never an exclusive item but he told me I was the only one. Wait, no. Don’t overreact. I locked my phone and placed it on my bedside table, groaning in frustration whilst I shoved my hair back into a messy bun. There was no use of staying up worrying about Justin’s feelings for me when I’m obviously the last thing on his mind.

It was 1:57am. I tossed and turned between the sheets, my mind racing with a million and one thoughts, delaying the sweet bliss of a dreamless night’s sleep. I figured if I fidgeted enough I would finally get comfortable and be able to sleep, but after another 10 minutes of aggravation I decided I wasn’t going to reach that point. With a heavy sigh I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed my phone and made my way outside onto the small balcony that’s attached to my room.

The moon illuminated the sky, and the stars glistened in its light. I smiled up at the stars, marvelling their beauty. I search up his page once more, unsure as to why. I’m only overcome with anger again and I begin to wonder why I torture myself like this. Why do I fall so easily? Why do I become so invested into a person who has no intentions to love me?

New Text Message:

Jay: I can’t get you off my mind, are you awake? Can I come over?

I scoffed. The lies continue.

New Text Message:

Jay: Hey (Y/N). I know you saw my IG post. I need to explain. Are you awake so I can come over?

My thumbs danced across my screen, typing out a short reply of ‘Ok’. I looked up at the sky once more before making my way back inside to wait for Justin to arrive.


There’s a knock at the door after a ten minute wait. My heart was about to break out of my chest and my hands were extremely clammy, with the nerves that forced their way through every inch of my body. I was torn between lust and rage when I opened the door and was greeted by Justin’s appearance.

I smiled at him meekly whilst inviting inside my home, he responded with a curt nod of the head and he brushed past me, lingering a little when our hands made contact. I nudged him forward slightly, prompting him to make his way into my living room.

“Would you like a drink?” My voice came out a lot quieter than I was expecting, causing me to clear my throat. I waited for his response, hoping he heard my whisper.

“Oh no. I’m okay. Thank you though.” He smiled up at me, seating himself on the couch. I nodded, sitting down at the opposite end. I kept my head down, not wanting to look at him. The air was tense and there was an extremely long, awkward pause.

It felt like we were sitting in silence for years, until his husky voice cut through the air like a knife to my senses. “(Y/N).”

I hummed, turning to look at him as coldly as I could but I couldn’t help but soften under his gaze.

“You hate me don’t you?” He winced.

I hummed again, earning a frustrated sigh from Justin.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I’m really fucking sorry.”

I hummed once more.

“Will you just fucking say something?” He spat, his hands were clenched and he began to grind his teeth.

“I thought I was the only one?” I studied his face, looking for any sign of remorse and I was met with a sympathetic stare. “Why did you play me?”

“It was a holiday fling. I thought it would be okay because we never made anything official.” He holds his hand out in the hopes I will take it but I folded my arms into my chest. “(Y/N). Babe, please. I thought it was going to be a fling, but Sophia made it into something more and before I could take any of it back I was swept into a social media storm of bullshit. I was trying to protect her, she’s only 17 for chrissake!”

“17?! Justin, she’s a child!” I was exasperated. He ruined our 6 month rendezvous to have a small albeit very public fling with a minor? “Fuck! I have real feelings for you Justin and you take a crap on my heart for a child?”

“She’s 18 in a week!” He claimed, shutting his mouth instantly. He obviously regretted his outburst. Good, it hasn’t helped his case.

“Well, it’s good to know you only have to wait another 5 to 7 days so you can legally fuck her!” I lifted myself off the couch, distancing myself from Justin. I tore my stare from him, afraid he would see the tears that are threatening to cascade down my cheeks. I didn’t want him to see how much of an affect he had on me.

“Wait! No!” He stood up alongside me, grabbing my hand and pulling me close to him. He smelt like cinnamon and cotton, the scent making me feel so at home in his arms. I tried so hard to resist leaning into him but he was so irresistible and enticing to me that I couldn’t stand to not fawn over every fibre of his being. “I came here to talk to you, not argue princess. I want you. I only want you, not her.” He hooked his index finger under my chin and I melted into his touch, following his movements and looking into his beautiful brown pools. “I’ve fallen for you.” He whispered.

I stopped breathing for a moment, his stare was so intense I lost myself. I exhale softly, my chest slowly presses against his. A ghost of a smile etched on my lips. “I’m so in love with you Justin, but I’m so hurt. I’ve watched you change and its destroying me.” I let more tears fall and he frowned down at me.

“God I know baby girl but-“. He placed his hand on my cheek gently, and he softly stroked it with his thumb, his eyes searching my face for any signs of forgiveness.

“But what Jay?”

“Make me humble again. Change me (Y/N). I’ll delete my Instagram, I’ll start fresh. I’ll do anything for you.” He pleaded with me.

“Justin, I can’t change you. Only you can do that.”

“Then help me! Please.” His free hand wrapped itself firmly around my waist, pulling me closer. I sighed into his touch, wanting to give in to him. “Please princess.”

My head is ambushed with thoughts and feelings that I desperately tried to mute, but to no avail. I look up at Justin and I let out a barely audible whine. I’m weak. “Okay.” I whisper.

The look on his face is something I want to wake up to every day. His eyes lit up, and he became animated, like a giddy child in a sweet shop. He crashes his lips on mine in a passionate kiss, all our feelings are forced into this gesture and I swear in that moment my stomach exploded with butterflies. His lips were soft and this kiss was like no other we had experienced. Justin reluctantly pulled away, obviously wanting to savour every second of it.

“You won’t regret this.” He whispered, whilst placing a forehead against mine. A shit eating grin plastered on his face.

I’m going to regret this.

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Someone posted your game on SIT, and I ended up playing it just now. While it was a short game, I enjoyed it nonetheless! The art and graphics were super cute, and the music was nice as well. If you ever make any more rpg games, I hope that they go well for you!

lol yea i think i also heard someone posted it on reddit … it got to the 1st page on itch.io also .. its cool its getting more attention than i anticipated but also its embarrassing omg ….. to me it seems like a rly amateurish game not like smth that good qoq but im glad most ppl are finding enjoyment in it anyway aghsdh //// ….. and thanks for the nice words qq !!!!

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The evenings cold, and Alexis feels a twinge of.. something. He's not sure what, but he has an idea of how to fix it. Sniffing around for Kdin didn't take too long, and when he finds him, Alexis trots right up and envelopes the thief in a big hug.-

“Kdin.. I think you’re wonderful. And smart. And handsome.. I hope it doesn’t seem fake when I say that.” Alexis releases the man only to touch his face, leaning in so they could be close. “You mean so much to me. I’m so happy you’re in my life.”

         The sudden hug startles him, but he returns it nonetheless and rests his cheek upon Alexis’ shoulder, arms wrapping tighter around the mages waist. 

Kdin wasn’t sure what sprung the surprise affection on, but he liked it, and he wasn’t about to start complaining.  

     It wasn’t until Alexis started talking that there was a furrow in his brow and he pulled back, arms moving up so he could rest his hands on the pinket’s shoulders.

                   “You…Don’t need to do that..” The thief wasn’t so sure how Alexis found out about his insecurities, but saying all those sweet nothings had to be him trying to make Kdin feel better. How awkward it must be for Alexis, to say all that stuff he didn’t really mean just for Kdin’s sake. 

         “Just- knock it off, okay?” 

   His brow twitched in anger and he removed himself from Alexis’ grasp, “you and I both know you’re gonna find a pretty girl to settle down with and you’re going to forget all about me.” 

                                 “So just…Shut up.”

For us (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Peter parker x reader where Peter has been ‘compromised’ like Clint was and he kidnaps/tortures the reader before he goes back to normal? Thanks! ☺

A/N: I don’t know if I like this or not???? So any feedback would be great!! I know my requests are closed(that is until I get done with some requests on the way), but my inbox has been feeling pretty empty nonetheless! Hope you like this one! x

You woke up with your arms tied behind a chair. You tried to move, only hurting your wrists. You didn’t want to shout, not knowing who was there.
Slowly, memories from before being knocked over flew through your mind -Peter and you going on a mission to retrieve some Hydra documents, some agents coming to fight you and a needle being stuck into Peter’s neck before you passed out from somebody hitting your head with the back of a gun.
‘’I see you are awake.’’
You rose your head, seeing Peter standing in front of you, his Spiderman suit still on.
‘’Oh my God, Peter. Thank God you are here’’ you muttered. ‘’Help me get these things off my wrists’’ you tried to remove the rope once again, but couldn’t do it. Looking back at Peter, you saw him still standing in front of you, not moving. ‘’Come on, Peter. We don’t have all day.’’
He chuckled and crossed his arms. Even through the mask, you could feel the smirk on his lips. You furrowed your brows as you wondered what he was doing.
‘’Why would I help you out when I myself put you there?’’ he asked, resting his weight on one leg. You opened, and then closed, your mouth, trying to find an answer as to what was happening. ‘’You think you are so smart. Turns out, you are not. And now, you are going to tell me everything you know about the new weapon Tony and you have been working on.’’
You wanted to believe this was all a dream. Why was your boyfriend acting that way?
‘’What is wrong with you?’’ you asked through gritted teeth. Before he even answered, you already knew -the needle they had stuck into his neck. You remembered Natasha telling you about how she had had to fight Clint when he was under Loki’s control. This felt exactly the same.
‘’Nothing is wrong with me. Hydra just wants to know about the weapon, and you are going to give me the information’’ he said, a sassy tone in his voice.
‘’Yeah, how about… no’’ you told him.
You didn’t know what to do -every gadget you had to contact the team had been taken from you and you knew you wouldn’t remove the ropes no matter how much you tried. You had been trained to do knots perfectly, and everybody in the tower had a partner to try them with, yours being Peter. Peter had tied your hands more times that you could count, and you hadn’t been able to remove the rope any of those.
‘’Well, I didn’t want to get to this, but I guess this is the only way of making you talk’’ he said before leaving the room.
You furrowed your eyebrows even more as he came back, hiding something behind his back. Before you could guess what it was, he had shot a bullet at you. You screamed in pain as it hit your shoulder, making you feel dizzy.
‘’Peter, please’’ you whispered. ‘’You have to fight this.’’
You couldn’t talk any longer, so you just looked at him, trying to get him to reason. It didn’t work, and he quickly shot another bullet, this time at your stomach. You screamed again, trying to breathe. You closed your eyes trying to cancel everything around you and just pass out, so you didn’t realize Peter approaching you. Suddenly, a hand wrapped around your hair and pulled at it, making you scream even more. Peter threw you to the ground, hands still tied behind the chair, making your wounded shoulder hit the floor. Sobs were already escaping your lips as Peter stood in front of you, kneeling to look at you.
‘’What about the weapon, [Y/N]?’’ he asked.
You closed your eyes and didn’t answer, just wanting everything to be over. When you thought Peter was going to leave you, you breathed out in relief, your stomach hurting. Just as you opened your eyes, Peter’s foot hit your stomach, making you shout louder than you had before. You were sure you were gonna die there, by the hands of the boy you loved.
The last thing you saw before passing out was The Avengers entering through the windows.

Months after that day, you still had nightmares about it, but told no one. Peter hadn’t been the same, and neither had your relationship. What used to be a relationship full of love had turned into one in which he couldn’t look at your face without flinching, and he didn’t even dare to touch you.
‘’Peter, we need to talk’’ you said as you entered his room, locking the door behind you, tears already in your eyes. ‘’This can’t keep going on like this. I miss you’’ you whispered as you walked up to him.
‘’Please, don’t touch me’’ he said as you tried to caress his cheek, backing away. ‘’I-I can’t risk hurting you. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.’’
You sobbed as you slid down the wall, sitting on the ground and putting your head between your legs.
‘’It wasn’t your fault’’ you said between sobs. ‘’I don’t blame you for what happened. I miss you. I miss my best friend, my boyfriend. I miss kissing you, and I miss cuddling you. I need you, Peter. You are the only thing keeping me from living my life normally.’’
You looked up and saw Peter sitting on his bed, looking at his lap and messing with his hair.
‘’You don’t get it’’ he told you. ‘’I have nightmares thinking about what I did to you. What if nobody had shown up? I would have killed you. I wanted to do it, [Y/N]. I wanted to kick you until you bled out. How can I be with you after that? I am a monster.’’
You didn’t know what to say. Your tongue was dry, and no words were forming in your mouth.
‘’Peter, I don’t blame you. Clint went through the same. Nobody blames you but you. I love you, Peter, and I need you. I need you to protect me from the nightmares. You are not the monster. Please, Peter’’ you said, your voice cracking. You got up and walked up to him, lying softly on his bed and wrapping your arms around him carefully. ‘’Please. For us.’’
He turned around softly and hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing his lips against your forehead.
‘’For us’’ he whispered back.



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OK BEFORE YOU GO JUDGING ME THIS THOUGHT OCCURRED TO ME AFTER I TYPED “toilet” INTO THE GIF SEARCH AND BTS CAME UP OK (pls don’t ask me why… I just did, okay?). Nonetheless, I hope you guys like it! 😅☺️☺️

~Admin K(onstantly thinking about poop)

Look who’s back with a lil’ phanart :D Once again I couldn’t help doing it for the wonderful @ackerphan thanks to the amazing phanfic that is Blue! (If you haven’t read it you should) This is actually my first digital drawing, so I don’t really know what to think of it. (What I do know is that it took me a hell of a long time) ^^’ But I hope you like it nonetheless! :3

(And please don’t steal this without permission or repost it, (I doubt anyone will but still) only likes and reblogs thanks >_O)

“You don’t want me” - IronFalcon

So… this started out as a harmless Headcanon, just a silly idea… and it ended as a 4k Fanfiction.

Entirely written for and dedicated to @bloody-bee-tea. I hope you enjoy this, Danni<3

[Basically, this is a SamTony Fuckbuddies/ friends with benefits!AU, but they will eventually become lovers.]

In all honesty, Sam didn’t know why he was doing this.

He was far too sober to pretend the alcohol made him feel less restrained, less able to judge the situation right.

He knew exactly what was going to happen and he allowed it nonetheless.

So when Tony leaned over, one hand gently cupping Sam’s cheek to turn his head just right, when they got closer and it all felt like it was happening in slow motion – Sam didn’t resist.

In the next moment, lips pressed against his own, slightly chapped, slightly rough but warm and gentle and so, so good.

Sam sighed into the kiss, fingers automatically coming up to grab at Stark’s shirt and pulling him closer.

It all went so easily, Sam didn’t think for a second to stop it.

He didn’t think about why Tony was suddenly kissing him. He didn’t bother trying to figure out why Tony would need this kind of intimacy when he supposedly had Pepper.

Sam only let himself be kissed and lost himself in the moment, the alcohol just enough to intensify the arousal pulsating through his body.

He felt a hand sneaking under his shirt, warm fingers directly on his chest and hummed. He tugged at Tony’s shirt and leaned back at the same time, pulling the genius along and on top of him. However, Tony pulled back at that, a grin on his face that sent tingles through Sam.

“Bed?”, he asked against Sam’s lips.

“Bed”, he agreed.


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The Matsus sleep next to their s/o and wake up first, and they try to wake their s/o up only to hear that their s/o moaning and saying their Matsu's name in their sleep. How do they react?

Another one I spent way too much time on, but I hope you like it nonetheless!

Osomatsu would look around dumbfounded, sure that he was being punked or that some strange event would occur, signaling that he was in fact still dreaming, but when it became apparent that it was neither of those, he’d be giddy with excitement. This was the kind of stuff that happens in a guy’s fantasy, but now it was real, and it was unfolding right in front of his eyes. He’d quickly settle in close and watch you with extreme delight, careful not to get too excited as to spoil the fun and wake you. He’d continue to drink in every little moan and whimper with much amusement until you finally roused from your slumber, and then he’d top it all off by greeting you with the biggest grin you had ever seen stretching across his face. I think by then it’d be safe to say that he thoroughly enjoyed the show you unknowingly gave him.

Karamatsu would blink back in surprise, convinced he was just hearing things thanks to the remnant of sleep still fogging his mind. Despite his greater judgement to ignore it and continue waking you, he subconsciously decided to wait and see if you would make that lovely sound again in your sleep, his hand pensively hovering above your resting form. When he received his proof of what his ears had previously heard, his eyes would go wide in shock, and his cheeks would flush the faintest of pinks. Again, he’d fight his decent morals and would opt to let you be, though he’d be unable to pull himself away completely, and would end up watching you with conflicting intent. He’d continue one with his internal demons until your stirring had broken his inner turmoil, instead sending his mind in a panicked frenzy about being caught doing something so dishonorable as to watch his partner moan in their sleep like a total sleaze. He’d apologize profusely for his indecent desires overcoming him and would beg for your forgiveness in a dramatic mean much too soon from your waking to be properly welcomed. He’d end up quietly leaving you in peace, though his cheeks would likely continue to burn throughout the rest of the morning/afternoon.

Choromatsu would choke back his own bewilderment as he heard your unintentional erotic moans, somehow managing not to wake you in his absolute shock. With his head reeling and cheeks fuming red, he’d hesitantly lean in close, hesitantly curious to see if it was possibly his mind just playing tricks on him. When another plea escaped your lips, he’d instantly straighten up in confirmation, his eyes the size of saucers and his heart jumping right out of his chest in disbelief. After that, he’d be an emotional wreck, practically sweating bullets as he shifted between leaving, staying, and waking you up like he originally intended. He wouldn’t notice your stirring until it was too late, and the moment your eyes met, he swore he felt his tortured soul leave his piteous form. In that moment, he’d be internally screaming at himself for his own perverse stupidity, but on the outside, he’d be as stiff and white as a fence board. It’d take him a couple of painfully long seconds to finally stammer out a cracking apology before hastily striding out of the room in steaming embarrassment. It might take him a while to recover after that, but the memory of your voice would still continue taunt him every time his eyes met your innocent face, and there was nothing he could do fix it. ((But if he was being completely honest with himself, he totally didn’t mind))

Ichimatsu would jump back in surprise, not expecting at all to hear his partner moan in their sleep, let alone his name! After somewhat calming his racing heart, he would hesitantly perk his ears to listen for another sound, leaning in close and holding his breath. The second whimper would cause him to tense up again, but this time he hadn’t pulled away. Instead, he’d continue to strain his ears, holding on to every plea, whisper, and soft cry that escaped your lips, and as time went on, he wouldn’t be able to deny the burning he felt in both his cheeks…and his lower regions. If you happened to catch him before he realized your waking up, he’d practically deficate himself in horror, and would never wish to show his face again out of excruciating embarrassment for his creepy actions. The only thing you’d hear as he quickly absconds the room would be a faintly audible apology and the rushing of baggy clothes, his hoodie and sweatpants doing nothing to hinder his inhuman speed. It might take about a week for him to come out of hiding, wherever he is. Help him.

Jyushimatsu would pause, both surprised to hear such an erotic noise slipping from his s/o’s mouth and because he somehow wasn’t able to wake you the first time around. He wouldn’t have time to ponder though, for the soft whimpering of his s/o’s voice had now taken the forefront of his mind’s thoughts, and he now found himself hovering extremely close to their face to catch another moan. He’d continue to sit and listen with an ever growing smile engulfing his excited features, and with every little gasp and whisper of his name, he’d feel fireworks going off in his body. He wouldn’t be the slightest bit upset about being caught staring, instead greeting you with his usual cheerful ‘good morning Y/N!’ and a wide open smile. He’d probably ask you later on if you could make those sounds again omg.

Todomatsu would blink back in unexpected surprise, his mouth slightly agape and his hand retreated from your figure. He’d look around both ways to see if somehow anyone was looking before quietly leaning in, careful not to actually try to wake you this time. When you unconsciously moaned out his name again, his eyes would still be wide with contained excitement, but a small smile would begin to form across his lips, showing just how much he was loving listening to you plead for him in your dreams. Soon, he’d prop up a hand and watch you with languid amusement, his hooded eyes keeping up with your every whimper, and his smug smile playfully tugging at his mouth. When you finally roused from your sleep, you’d instantly be met with a most satisfied expression, your teasingly cruel boyfriend having enough fun as it is watching your cute little face twist in confusion before him. He wouldn’t make an effort to move or anything–he’d just casually muse a suspiciously smooth ‘good morning’ before asking, “so…did you sleep well, Y/N? I’m extremely curious to know~”

“I honor our vows with a kiss from my lips, from the ends of your hair down to your finger tips.”

Day 6 (it’s almost over…) of sormik week 2016! Today’s theme is lightning: honor, clarity. Yesterday’s prompt was kinda sad, so have kisses to feel better, everybody! This didn’t come out exactly how I wanted to, but I hope you guys like it nonetheless.

Of course Sorey would do something cheesy like giving hand kisses. He’s also using both hands to make sure Mikleo won’t pull away (though I kinda doubt he would XD)! Maybe Sorey’s feeling a little lovey-dovey and wants to give kisses - not that he ever needs a reason.

It’s @stealthflower‘s birthday today! Thank you for being a wonderful friend! You’re one of the sweetest people I know, a great photographer, and a an even better listener. You’re strong and kind, the mark of a great person. I’m glad to have met you and I’m grateful for your friendship everyday. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do something more elaborate, but I hope you like this nonetheless. I haven’t known you long but I am so happy I know you now! Love you! <3 

Boyfriend! Vernon Drabble || The MuhhMuhh Storm

Word Count: 660

Members: Vernon x Reader ft. Woozi :)

Request: Hello, could I request a Vernon fluff (drabble) where you two are going through a lightning and thunderstorm together~ lol you can go anywhere you want with the rest, I just thought it would be a cute concept

A/N: This may be a little long for a drabble, I tried cutting it down as much as I could it was more complex before almost to a 1000 words lol. Although it might be slightly lengthy, nonetheless word count is based mostly on dialogue. I really liked writing this.. I thought of Ouran thunder storms for a sec. I hope you enjoy reading this! ♥ 

On a dark and stormy night in Seventeen Manor, the lights go out and your “brave” soul decides to find the power source with your even “braver” boyfriend.

“You check the lights” 

“No you do it!”  



“Wait what”

“Im just kidding you’re special I love you.”

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Summer Memories

Saying goodbye to everyone at the end of the summer wasn’t easy. Fortunately, Mabel has a small piece of Gravity Falls to take back with her.

A/N: Oh my gosh, this is incredibly late but I really wanted to write something for the power of Mabel week, and here it is. For day 2: Mabel’s scrapbook. It’s kinda short, but I still hope you all enjoy nonetheless!

Rating: K

Word count: 642 (I told you it’s short asdkgfbk)

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sindela  asked:

OMG its been a while XD Welcome back! Here goes: Aomine+Kise+Himuro+Imayoshi+Mayuzumi when they receive friendship chocolates instead of confessional chocolates from their crush on Valentine's day.

{It’s good to be back ;v;}

Aomine Daiki:
Aomine feels a bit bothered by the gesture, crushed even. He was so sure he’d get at least some sort of confessional chocolate from you. He sighs and rubs the back of his neck, smirking a little sadly as he murmurs half to himself, “Thanks…Though I was hoping for a different kind this time…”

Himuro Tatsuya:
“Friendship?” Himuro murmurs when he receives them from you, holding them in his hands like they were the most important thing in the world nonetheless. He looks up at you, honesty and sadness filling his eyes, “I appreciate them…and you, and your friendship…Is how you feel about me truly only just friends, ______?” He’ll respect whatever answer he receives either way.

Imayoshi Shouichi:
There’s only a flash of confusion on his face for a second, then it goes back to a wry smile. “For me? You shouldn’t have~.” He hums, but does not take the chocolate. Instead he holds up one hands and gives an apologetic look. “But I can’t take them, _______.” When you ask why, he rubs the back of his neck and smiles, “Can’t even wait until White Day huh? Well, it’s because I feel more than just friendship towards you, you know.”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise is heartbroken the moment the chocolates are handed over to him. He takes them without hesitation though, flashing you a brilliant smile and grinning. “Awww, thanks ______cchi!” He laughs, but he keeps one hand behind his back, fist clenched tightly while he tries not to look disappointed.

Mayuzumi Chihiro:
He stares for a long moment at the chocolates presented before him, unreacting as he thinks through the situation in his own mind. He sighs after a while, tired and slightly annoyed which makes you blink in confusion. He approaches you, puts a hand on your shoulder, and mutters, “______, I like you more than this way, you know what right? Why are you teasing me like this then…”

Ouji Substyles
There is some debate regarding substyles in Ouji fashion. Does Ouji even have substyles? If so, how are they defined? Since Ouji is a new and relatively underpopulated fashion in the western J-fashion...

Whether Ouji Fashion has defined substyles or not seems like quite a conundrum. Does a fashion this small have substyles, and if so, are they possible to define? Should substyles be set out to help the wearers more easily create their coordinates  - or would it restrict the fashions growth? 

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this attempt at defining substyles. May it inspire you in wearing Ouji fashion!

This page will be a work in progress, expect more updates ^^

Tilted Umbrella

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1,469

A/N: my debut story! well, not a story, more like a scenario…but whatever. super nervous about posting this, nonetheless excited. hope you enjoy~ oh! and this is from your prospective (first person view) i.g. “I, me, my,” etc.

Tilted Umbrella / beginning.

My rundown Nike sneakers soaked up water that it couldn’t hold in as I ran to the bus stop as fast as possible. I held my bag over my head to cover myself from the pouring rain, though it wasn’t much protection. My body shivered furiously at the low temperature of the shower and a frown pressed my lips. Everything was soaked, I was cold, and today was just a bad day in general. From being late for work to my, now, ex-boyfriend saying that we weren’t working out well to this damn rain; today wasn’t great.

People ran or speed-walked through the rain with their umbrellas or something less, but enough to cover their heads from the icy droplets falling from the grey sky. Their haisty feet splashed the water pooling on the dark grey concrete. The voices of mothers scolding their children to stop playing in the rain, business people apologizing for being late because of the rainfall, teen girls excitedly shrieking as teen boys kicked water up in the air filled the silence that surrounded me. The neighborhood citizens were

My eyes squinted through the droplets and saw the bus stop. I groaned loudly and my frustration just grew. The bus stop didn’t have an overhead enclosure nor bench. Great, just great.

A boy, taller than me, was standing there with a red umbrella hanging loosely in his lazy grasp. The familiar white wires of earphones followed up to his phone and his ears. It seemed as if he didn’t even notice the dragging rain around him. My heart was wishing for me to be like him right now: composed, neutral, and dry from the rain.

I sighed and jogged over, feet splashing the puddles reflecting everything around it with ripples. I stood a few feet away from him, holding my wet backpack closer to me if it was even possible. My feet tapped on the concrete sidewalk and, sooner or later, my stomach dropped as the rain started raining harder. The sound of pouring rain ripped the once silent neighborhood into pieces that could only be mended by the stop of the pouring rain.

“Oh, come on!” My voice was wobbly, almost cracking, as my eyes started tearing up. “This has got to be the worst day ever…” I sucked in a shaky breath and looked down at my dripping sneakers, finally deciding to pull my backpack down and put it back on. It wasn’t like it was going to matter anyway since I was already so wet. My hands immediately started rubbing up and down on my arms, hoping for any kind of warmth to come.

Was it the snake wrapped around my heart that’s been squeezing my patience out of my heart slowing down, or was it God finally adding something good in my day that the boy next to me stopped the rain. His hand gradually tilted his red umbrella over my head, making the heavy rain sound more muffled. Sudden cold air stabbed the bare skin of mine when the cold water wasn’t.

I peeked a look over to the boy who was suddenly drenched in water, phone now disappeared in his pocket, and blonde hair stuck to his forehead. His brown eyes didn’t even glance at me as I started to panic. My heart raced as a panicking sensation surged through me.

“E-Excuse me,” I started, pushing his hand lightly so the umbrella covered him, “you didn’t have to, but thank you.” I licked my chapped lips and looked forward, trying not to look at him as he stared me down. I wiped the remaining water droplets off my face to get a clear look around. Curiosity got the best of me, and I glanced at him to only end up being roughly pulled under his umbrella by the shoulder. I stumbled under his hand, tight and warm.

“You seemed to be having a bad day,” he finally spoke. His voice was throaty, but a bit toneless. His eyes never seemed to look directly at my eyes, as he glanced around. Tiny clear circles of water dripping down his face and his pale hand wiped it away mercilessly.

“I—You don’t have to take me in the umbrella. I mean, I don’t even know your name!” I stammered, flustered. My ears grew warm by the second as I felt his hand squeeze my shoulder ever so slightly.

“Who said you needed to know a name of a helping stranger?” He shrugged lazily and as if it was to prove his point. I was speechless at this stranger. A random stranger, blonde and probably doesn’t enjoy too many people at one time, letting me in his space of his umbrella. Not a normal thing to happen.

“I guess you’re somewhat right…” I sighed in defeat.

“Besides,” now, he looked at me in the eyes, a small smirk playing his lips, “I heard you groaning about how this is, and I quote, ‘the worst day ever.’” I rolled my eyes as he quoted the exact same words that I had groaned out loud. Huh, and I thought he couldn’t hear me.

I sighed, “Well, it hasn’t been much sunshine and rainbows.” As though as he completely understood me, he nodded his head with what seemed like sympathy. I could have been completely wrong, however. This man could’ve just nodded his head without caring at all… Yet, his words took me aback and my thoughts shoved to the back of my throat.

“I can relate. Some days just aren’t as you planned, or at least hoped for, but you kinda just have to squeeze through. Everyone has had their bad day, so it’s basically a universal doing; even me. At least,” he nudged my shoulder,” it’s only hours away until you can sleep all your troubles and worries away.”

My lips curved up for the first time today at his terrible sleeping joke. He smiled a bit more, a quiet and deep chuckle emitting from him. The joke wasn’t even that good, yet it sure got my stiff lips to move around. The stupid charm of bad jokes had swept me off the rain-covered sidewalk and off away to who knows where.

I peeped over at the road and finally saw the big blue bus coming into view. My eyes widened and I let a heavy sigh leave my lips. The sound of the rumbling vehicle echoed between me and the stranger. The familiar smell of ugly gas snuck into my nose, making me internally scrunch back from the bus. Black wheels pushed through the rain, window wipers moving insync.

“It’s here,” I chimed to the man, not giving a look to him to know if he was glad to see it.

The bus came to an abrupt stop, a couple of long seconds wasting till the creaky bus doors slammed open. I saw the bus driver looking bored as always while I hastily shuffled into the bus. The stranger followed me inside the bus, keeping a short distance between us as I gently pushed past people who sent looks of shock at the amount of water dripping off me.

I stopped at the back door and held onto the yellow pole, the man standing in front of me while holding the pole as well. He smiled at me and I grinned back.

The bus doors slammed closed and soon the huge vehicle made its way to the road of smaller cars. It rumbled and moved staggerly, but right now, I didn’t mind. The man pulled out one of his earphones and handed it to me. I happily took it to hear soothing music that I knew all too well: Born Sinner by J.Cole. Wow, who would’ve thought he would know this song… Good thing I like this song.

“So, now that a few words have been passed between us—are we strangers now?” The man unexpectedly asked, eyebrows raised up a bit.

“Well, I don’t even know your name,” I snorted, swaying my head lightly with a short laugh. A spark of confidence had surged through me quite unexpectedly. It was true that he had become someone that I was comfortable around by now and maybe that was it. Maybe it wasn’t.

He rolled his eyes, nonetheless told me his name. “My name is Yoongi.” He stopped, ultimately looking at me in the eyes. “Min Yoongi.”

“Before anything else,” I spoke softly, “Min Yoongi, thanks for tilting your umbrella.” I smiled at him gratefully, heart beating fast. My body warmed up as he smirked and his head lowered while covering his stifled laughter.

“Your tilting umbrella always at your service, ma’am,” he chuckled. I rolled my eyes as his terrible joke.

“Haha, very funny.”

“I know, right.”

Tilted Umbrella / end.

Unfortunate (Rossi x reader)

Summary: This is a one shot where the reader and David are really good friends but actually have feelings for each other. As it is, neither wants to admit it and because of the inconvenient lack of talking, they hurt each other without noticing. It is a series of (very) unfortunate events and misinterpreting, but in the end, what belongs together comes together. :)

A/N: The beginning is quite angsty, it kinda got out of hand in the middle too and I didn’t intend to write so much nonsense, really. I hope, you bear with me and enjoy it nonetheless! :D

Word count: 2,911 (omg)

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: angst, kissing

* * *

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assbutt-of-the-readers  asked:

Well, I suck at coming up with good prompts. So, i'll give you this instead. Septiplier and the words, green, wild, shock, Tiger Lilly, and shine!:)

I had to get a little creative with this one, and this prompt turned out more friendship-y than relationship-y, but I hope you like it nonetheless. :)

           Mark yawned as he lit up the neon “OPEN” sign hanging above the glass door. His coffee had yet to kick in yet, and he practically felt like he was sleepwalking. God knew why a florist shop had to be open before the sun came up, but his boss was weirdly anal about things like that. He wanted to be open “as early as the gardeners get up”.

           Mark didn’t know of any gardeners that got up extremely early just so that they could buy flowers to plant in the dark…but then again, he didn’t know any gardeners at all.

           He didn’t have a particular passion for flowers; he just needed a steady job while he tried to make this whole YouTube thing work out (because ad rev is kind of a joke when you only have 300 subscribers). The florist’s shop had been the only place hiring that was willing to let him off before evening.

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Fall In, Fall Out

Jacob Frye x Reader

#15: I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.

Anon says:  Will you do #15 with Jacob x Reader, please?

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This was the last time, you would let Jacob just disappear from your bed in the morning with any notice. At first the love letters and flowers left on your dresser were cute. But they just didn’t make up for the man missing anymore. 

There were times when he’d show up an hour late to a date or even not shown up at all. Of course, when you made it home furious, you were always greeted with an apology letter and a gift at your door, sans the man himself. And they were nice. The first few months. But now that you were six months into your relationship, it felt like he was just trying to buy your affection. You felt more trophy than lover.

You’ve found scratched on his throats, gotten odd butt dial messages with his groans and seen more than a handful of cut lips on Jacob. As much as it pained you to think about it, you were sure of it now: Jacob was having an affair.

That was why you left a letter at his door breaking things off. It was the coward’s way out but you didn’t want to face Jacob face-to-face. Not when there was a very good chance he would sweet talk his way back into your life. So you kept your distance, hoping that nothing would happen. 

Of course that was six hours ago so it was a little surprising when you were at your favourite cafe enjoying your favourite drink and your favourite novel when you saw someone plop into the seat at your table.

You shifted your book slightly downwards to see who it was before lifting it back up. “Jacob,” you greeted stiffly, secretly motioning for the waiter to fetch you the check. 

“We need to talk,” Jacob replied plainly. 

You were thankful when the waiter came over, a distraction from Jacob. But as if your Ex knew what you were planning to do, he spoke up before you could. “Just a tea for me, thanks.”

You settled into a pout as the waiter shuffled away. “What is there to talk about?” Your fingers tapped against the rim of your mug anxiously awaiting an escape. Confrontation was never your forte.

Jacob arched a brow. “You knew very well, what I’m talking about.” His attention shifted to your fidgeting hands so you sheepishly stopped the gesture.

“Then there’s nothing else to talk about.” You glanced back at the waiter at the counter brewing Jacob’s drink. “Check please!” you called out, a little bolder and more ready to leave than ever.

“Oh, there’s plenty to talk about it. You should have spoke to me in person or at the very least a phone call. But one line scribbled onto a post it: ‘We’re through’? Rather heartless don’t you think?” Jacob huffed. 

“I wouldn’t know where to find you, Jacob, even if I wanted to. Hence, part of the problem.” 

The waiter finally returned with the check in one hand and tea in the other. You glanced at the check. “No, the two drinks are actually separate.”

Jacob reached for the check, giving a smile to the server. “I got it.”

You sighed. “That’s another problem. Jacob, I can pay for myself. I have been all of my adult life and part of my teenage years as well.”

Jacob pulled out some bills out of his wallet and tossed it into the leather book. “I know that, love. But my father taught me that a gentleman ought to pay for a lady when he’s courting her.”

“First of all, this isn’t the eighteenth century, no one is courting anyone. Second of all, even if it was, you’re no longer courting me. We broke up, remember? Third of all, just a general note, don’t say pay for a lady? You make it sound like I’m a prostitute.”

“Actually, you made a suggestion involving an adjustment in our relationship to which I decline.”

“You can’t decline a break-up.”

“Didn’t you once tell me that a relationship is a two way street?”

“Not necessarily the end of one. If we’re using this metaphor, then think of it more as a highway. When one person wants to get off, the other doesn’t necessarily have to follow.” 

“Trust me, love, getting off has never been a problem in our relationship.”

You could feel your cheeks rapidly heating up with a blush. “Jacob, why is it whenever we try and have a serious conversation, you have to make it into a joke?”

“When have we ever tried to have a serious conversation?”

“Touche. I just feel like this relationship isn’t right for us.”

“Don’t you think that’s for me to decide as well?”

“…I suppose. But I want someone who will be there by my side when I wake up in the morning. Someone who visits me at work with flowers. Someone who I know what they do for a living. Someone who will be with me exclusively.”

Jacob froze. “When have we not been exclusive?”

“Jacob, the scratches on your body, the odd groans I get when you accidentally call me. It’s not hard to piece together. All I want is a relationship with someone who likes me and only me.”

“Love, I promise they’re not what you think. They’re from work.”

“Which is…?”

Jacob remained silent and you could see the contemplation on his face.

You shook your head. “That’s what I thought.” You stood up and moved to the side of the table. “Thanks for the drink.”

“Wait, love, please don’t go. I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me. I can’t tell you what I do just yet. But I promise I will some day! It’s just not the right time.”

“I just don’t know if I can wait that long.”

“Then let me start now. Ask me as many questions as you want about me and I’ll answer all of them honestly until you get sick of drinking your favourite drink.”

You pursed your lips in thought. “In that case, I’m trying everything on the menu.”

One month ago today I started this blog, and in one month I have never felt so welcomed or happy! I’ve made new friends, continued to bond with old ones, and all-in-all this has just been a wonderful experience so far! Classes start up again for me tomorrow, but I know I’ll be able to handle it and perhaps even enjoy it with all of you there to help me get through it day by day.

I love everyone here and everyone who follows me, but nonetheless I have more than a few shout-outs to make!

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