(I had just come out of surgery when I watched that movie with her a few years ago

I Will Cover You

My first Dream Daddy fic. I am officially in Smallmarch (Robert Small/Damien Bloodmarch) hell. No regrets. And of course my first foray is angst and fluff. A killer combination. Robert tries his best to take care of Damien after surgery. 

Cut for length, not for content, though do be aware that this fic depicts post-top surgery.

“Oh. It’s you.”

“If I had a dollar for everytime someone answered a door and said that to my face…anyway, yes. It’s me. Where’s your dad?”

Robert wished for a second that his hands weren’t full, a loaded grocery bag in one and an unopened bottle in the other. Otherwise, he could have just pushed past Lucien and gotten into the house. Instead, he had to play this whole game of Purposeful Small Talk. Which he hated almost as much as Pointless Small Talk.

“Isn’t it Goth Night at Jim and Kim’s? Maybe you should try there.”

“The closest thing Jim and Kim’s has to ‘Goth Night’ is ‘Dark Sullen Drunk Night,’ and since I’m not there, that’s not happening. Move it.”

Lucien didn’t budge, instead raising a perfectly lined brow at the whiskey in Robert’s hand. “You do actually know that he can’t drink right now, right?”

He didn’t. “So? This is for me.”


“Look, Lucy. This can go one of two ways. You can move out of my way, or I can come back armed with a fully-loaded Betsy. Your call.”

“Did you just threaten my life so you can hang out with my dad?”

“Maybe.” Really, it was more a threat on his allergies, but…whatever it took.

Lucien smiled, and moved aside with a dramatic flourish of his hand. “Impressive. You may enter.”

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turn it off || stiles stilinski

word count: 4309

warnings: none?

prompt: based on 4x09

author’s note: i’ve had this idea in my head for a while, but i finally wrote it so here it is! Y/G/N = Your Grandmother’s Name


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Capable of Change - 5 (Savitar!Barry/Reader)

Imagine, remnant Barry getting asked out by you and he decided to say yes…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Originally posted by rawrfreak

“That is not true!” He smiled as you stood up holding a dvd in your hand.

“I can’t help that Monty Python is over quoted and over done.” He told you.

“But this is the Holy Grail. Everyone likes the Holy Grail.”  You shook the dvd case in front of him.

“I’m not everyone.” He smirked.

“Fine, what movie is the best to you?” You crossed your arms. He opened his mouth to speak but the sound of someone at the door stopped him. You moved to go answer it but his legs stayed stretched out resting on the table in the way, “Dude…”

“Pay the toll.” He smirked as you nudged his legs again.

“There’s someone at my door. Move.” You smiled at him.

“Pay…the toll.” He said slowly his face not changing as you rolled your eyes, “They’re going to be waiting a really long time…”

“Oh my god, you’re ridiculous.” You leaned down giving him a kiss. He let you pass walking for the door.

He leaned his head back watching you. After a few days of getting somethings in order for his plan to work, he’d taken you to dinner. He had concluded that he was a god, he should be able to get what he wanted.

He felt happier than he had in many years. In the cage, he had been so consumed…He shook it off when he heard you speak, “Dad? Hi! What are you doing here? Did I miss a call?”

He watched you hug an older gentleman as he stood up listening, “Oh I was in the area and thought I’d stop by to catch up, but I see I’m interrupting.”

“Right…no you’re fine. I actually…I want you to meet him.” You smiled looking over to Allen, “Dad, this is…uh…well this Bartholomew Allen, and this is my dad, John.”

“Bartholomew, don’t hear of many of those.” John reached out his hand to him.

“And that’s why everyone calls me Allen.” Allen took his hand, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah…You must be the mystery guy she’s mentioned, but never reveals.” John smirked and it was then that he could see the resemblance.

“Dad…” You blushed a little shutting the door.

“What? I gotta embarrass you when I can. You’re always so busy now.” He walked over to one of the bar stools in the kitchen taking a seat.

“I find it hard to believe that Y/N gets embarrassed.” Allen crossed his arms smirking at you.

“Please don’t get him started….” You whispered scratching your forehead.

“You know I might be old.” Your father looked at you both, “But I still can hear.”

The next few hours were spent in good conversation and laughter. He’d gotten you to laugh before but the way your father made your eyes crinkle, it was something special. The more time he spent with you them more he realized how much he’d forgotten how to live.

“I love you peanut.” John whispered kissing your head as you lingered holding onto him.

“I love you too dad.” You smiled letting go finally.

“It was really good to meet you sir.” Allen held out his hand.

John took his hand firmly, “You seem alright Allen…take good care of my girl.”

“I’ll do my best.” Allen smiled stepping closer to you noticing your cheeks flush.

“You two have a good night.” John turned to the door opening, “Oh and Allen…”

“Yes sir?” He stood up straight as John looked back at him.

“It’s the Holy Grail…” John smiled a little, “Sometimes watching it with the right person gives you a better perspective. Have a good night.”

Allen looked at you smirking at him, “So I take it…”

“We are totally watching that movie.” You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck, “Thanks for not running away.”

“He’s your dad, it was bound to happen. Though I do wish I would have had a little prep time.” He said placing his hands on your hips as you leaned up kissing him.

“Well you did great.” You moved your hands to his chest give him a pat, “You get comfy, I’m gonna make some popcorn.”

He pulled you back to him as you stepped away. When you looked to his face you saw him biting his lower lip in a mischievous way, “So I know of a few places that I can get comfy here, you’re going to have to get more specific.”

“Oh well…I mean…we could go about anywhere you want.” He smirked drawing closer to him, “Did you have a favorite place in mind?”

You yelped as he scooped you up into his arms heading for the stairs, “I do.”

You smiled a while later you moved resting your chin on his chest staring up at his face. He smiled at you before reaching over brushing hair from your face, “You are so beautiful.”

“Thanks.” You blushed a little leaning into his hands, “You know, I could get real used to this.”

“To what?” He asked letting his thumb rub against your cheek absently.

“Waking up next to you.” You watched him smile more. You moved to your knees looking at him for a moment before swinging your legs off the bed.

“Where you going?” He moved with you letting his hand trail up your bare back as you searched for something to put on from the floor.

“I am going to make us something to eat. We never had dinner.” You looked back him.

“It’s midnight…stay in bed.” He stared at him.






His stomach let out a loud low rumble, “Uh…”

“I’ll be back.” You pulled on your robe before leaning down giving him a kiss, “Just relax.”

Relax. He sighed watching you disappear from view letting his head rest against the pillows. Yeah…he could get used of this too.

You came back with some hefty looking sandwiches. He took his as you set yours on the bed walking over to the small tv, “No…really?”

You looked back at the whining man, “This movie is happening…even if we fall asleep watching it.”

He sighed before taking a bite thinking back to what your father had said to him, which got him thinking about her father in general, “Hey can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can.” You sat down picking up your sandwich.

“Your dad…” He looked at you as the movie started in the background, “He’s…sick?”

You took in a breath nodding slowly, “Yeah…cancer.”

“I’m sorry…” You looked at him as he put his sandwich on the bedside table, “It’s bad isn’t it?”

“He’s doing okay, but…doctors aren’t hopeful.” You told him frowning, “You could tell?”

“I’ve been around sick people…” He told you, “He seems like a healthy guy…is it genetic?”

“Uh actually no.” You picked at your sandwich, “You’re right he’s really healthy…was…but three years ago he was at work and that …thing blew up. You know the science thing STAR Labs.”

He listened as you went on, “He was affected like those special people, but…instead of getting fast or…cool powers. His genes mutate too fast I guess. The doctors have tried radiation, surgeries…it always comes back.”

He shut his eyes frowning, “Y/N…I don’t…”

“It’s okay.” You looked at him, “My brother and I we’ve come to terms and so has my dad. Doesn’t make it much easier but…well…you can’t change it.”

“Y/N…you know if you need anything…ever.” He trailed off.

You smiled scooting closer to him looking at the tv, “I know…”

He put his arm around you. The pair of you fell silent watching the film. He smiled every time you started to mutter some line.

Your dad was right…sometimes perspective can change with the people you’re around.

Wicked Games Chapter Seventeen - Epilogue.

Thank you to everyone who read this story and who commented and left kudos on it. Your kind words are what made me want to update and finish this story. To those of you who have been here since the beginning; thank you for sticking with me throughout all my crazy cliffhangers. I love ya’ll so much.

To @itstenafterfour, this story never would have made it here without you cheering me on and gassing me up 24/7. Hope you’re ready to be my beta forever.

We’ve come to the end of this journey.

Thank you and enjoy. <3

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Long Hair Kid, part one

Yay first ever fan fiction great its shit I’m sorry anyways. This has been floating around in my head for a while and I can’t wait to write it, its gonna be great. I dunno how many parts it’ll have yet, more than two, i think. Any suggestions, plz message me I need to learn to write better ok on to the story here we go

Warnings: some swear because I swear a lot

Word count: 1,434

Connor Murphy x Reader

You could see the sunrise outside your window. It was pretty, but only for a short time; a burst of color, oranges and reds and purples, that slowly faded to a blue grey. Normal. You pulled your knit blanket up over your chin as you watched it fade.

You sat up in bed, cringing as your back cracked obscenely. Reaching towards your bedside table for your phone, you yawned rather loudly, scaring the black and white cat perched on the end of the bed.

“No, Toby, don’t leave man, it’s like six fucking o’clock in the morning, you’re gonna wake everyone else up.” Toby looked up at you, squinted, and walked out of your bedroom. Cheeky little bastard.

Yawning again, you successfully grabbed your phone and tapped the home button. 6:13. Two fucking minutes before your alarm was going to go off. God was testing your gay ass today, Jesus Christ. You let out a sigh.

Come on, man, it’s your first day, make some friends that aren’t your damn cat, you thought to yourself. Your mum needs you to do good today. Your mum. You rubbed your eyes and energetically threw the covers off your legs in an attempt to hype yourself up. You swung your feet off the edge of the bed and took a couple steps towards the bathroom, tripping on your right foot; the fucking cat was sleeping on your leg and now your foot was numb.

Your mum was a veterinary lab tech, meaning that she helped do veterinary research. A lot of the stuff she did was linked with human medical research. Once she got a job with a company that did research on heart surgery and how you might be able to use pig hearts for emergency heart transplants. You got to help with necropsies a couple times. It was pretty badass.

But you had to move around a ton, which wasn’t the best. After a big move like the one you guys had just done, your mum ways so stressed that you didn’t need her worried about you or your school or potential friend problems. Today was your first day, and you were determined to make it a good day.

Who cares if it was already half way through the year and everyone already had a friends and you were going to be super behind on everything.

You showered, blow drying your hair so it’s all shiny and wavy. You hop ran back to your room and pulled on a pair of grey skinny jeans and, after much deliberation, a gigantic green Yoda shirt you bought at Walmart three years ago. You dug through the small basket in your closet and pulled out two socks, one covered in polka dots and the other covered in ostriches. Fashion.

You grabbed at the back of the chair sitting at your desk and were surprised to find nothing there. That’s odd. You looked in your closet, get down on all fours and look under your bed. Nothing.

Your hoodie was more than just a hoodie; after listen to the musical Be More Chill, you fell in love with Michael just a little bit and decided that you needed a hoodie with patches of your own. You sewed on patches from your favorite stores, from concerts, from movies. When you came out, you sewed a rainbow patch right on your sleeve so everyone could see it. Slowly, the hoodie became a collage of who you were.

“Hey, Mum?” you shouted down the stairs. “Do you know where my sweatshirt is?”

“It smelled bad, I put it in the wash!”

“Oh, thanks!” You raced down two flights of stairs to the basement and plopped down in front of the dryer, watching the yellow sweatshirt go around and around.


“Connor, honey, you can’t go to school high again. Larry, tell him.”

“Connor, listen to your mother.”

“Larry! You need to set an example for him, Jesus, he needs…”

Connor Murphy grabbed a waffle amid his parents’ squabbling and walked out the front door of his house without acknowledging anyone. He probably shouldn’t go to school high, his mother’s right. It’ll just lead to administration calling home again, and his parents coming to pick him up, and a new petty argument between the two of them, the likes of which were tearing the Murphy family apart.

But when had Connor ever listened to his mom?

He stuffed himself into his car; the roof was much too short and Connor was so fucking tall, he had to take out the back seats so he could move the driver’s seat back far enough to safely reach the pedals. He plugged his phone into the speaker sitting on the dashboard and scrolled through his music, but nothing seemed right. Second half of junior year, and nothing seemed right. Connor started the car.

In his rearview mirror, Connor saw Zoe rush out the front door towards his car, carrying her backpack and her instrument.

“Connor, Mom says you have to give me a ride-”

Connor drove off without a second thought, leaving his sister in the driveway.


You pulled your hood up over my head as you walked through the front doors of your new school. You unfortunately didn’t have a car, so you had had to take the bus to school. Riding the bus with underclassmen. Always fun.

You glanced at the schedule you’d been studying for the past week, hoping that your first class had miraculously changed. English had never been your strong suit, but as your first class, at 7:30 in the fucking morning? You could practically smell the F.

After a few minutes of wandering the halls, you found your classroom. You stood hesitantly outside the door for a few moments. Was it worth it to go in? Your mind went to Mum. Yes, it was. Come on, (Y/n). Friends. Not that hard. You pulled your hood off with a sigh and opened the door.

Everyone was already in their seats, chatting away. Your heart dropped as you realize that the entire class consisted of groups of friends, people who knew each other and, fuck, probably didn’t want to know anyone else. A few heads turned to look at you, and you could feel the rainbow patch on the arm of your hoodie screaming Gay! I’m gay as hell! Just another gay dude for you to single out because he’s new and no one likes him anyways! You looked down at your shoes. Nope, make friends. You looked defiantly over their heads, searching for a seat.

In the back of the classroom was a kid dressed completely in black sitting alone. You lingered by the door, studying him. The kid had really long wispy brown hair and black converse; he was playing on his phone, somehow managing to ignore the hubbub around him. You could do Long Hair Kid, you thought to yourself; he probably wouldn’t even notice if you just sat down quietly across from him.

Right as you put your backpack down next to your seat, Long Hair Kid looked up.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You glanced up, surprised, to find him glaring at you. You could feel the sass coming and tried to stop it, but to no avail.

“Sitting? Getting ready for class? Breathing? I dunno man, I’m tired, I just wanna get this fucking class done,” you said, instantly regretting it when Long Hair Kid suddenly looked furious.

“Who the fuck put you up to this, huh?”

“No one. I’m new and needed a fucking seat.”

“Did one of them tell you to sit by me? Hey, New Kid, go sit by that fucking loser in the corner, it’ll be hilarious?!”

“Who would have told me to sit by you?” The entire class grew silent and turned around to watch the argument. Long Hair Kid stood up.

“All the douches that go to this fucking school!” He slammed his hands down on his desk, making the class jump. “You’re one of them already!”

You slowly stood up and locked eyes with Kid with Phone, brushing some of your hair being your ear. Sass Master™️ was in, and he wasn’t leaving.

“Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are. It’s my first day. I haven’t met anyone here. I’m sure there’s a reason you’re so distrustful that you get pissed when someone so much as sits next to you, and yeah, I feel sorry for you and all that shit, but it doesn’t give you the right to scream at someone when all they’re trying to do is go to fucking class.” You slammed your hands down on your desk too, mimicking his posture. “I didn’t come to school to deal with this bullshit, so you better sit the fuck down and let me work.”

You and Long Hair Kid stared at each other. One of his eyes was half brown and half blue, you realized. He opened his mouth to say something, then snapped his jaw closed. A few more seconds passed, then his eyes flickered away from yours. You exhaled, not even realizing you had been holding your breath.  

Long Hair Kid flopped back down into his seat and started doodling on his notebook. You collapsed in your chair. People slowly started talking again, and the focus was, thankfully, shifted away from you. So much for a good day.

You put your head in your hands just as Long Hair Kid mumbled something from across the table. You looked up at him.

“Sorry, didn’t catch that.”

“I’m Connor. If we’re gonna be tablemates, you have to know my name.”

You raised your eyebrows. “I’m (Y/N). And I like your hair, by the way.”

“…Thanks.” You thought you saw the corners of his mouth turn up just a little bit as he went back to doodling.

You supposed it wasn’t an absolutely horrible day yet.

Thread, Gone VIII

A little heads up, I changed a Megan Hunt’s story so that it could fit here.

I - II - III- IV - V - VI - VII

“Zola, Bailey, come say goodbye to your Auntie!” Amelia called from the living room, where she was helping Meredith with their luggage. She, along with her two kids, were leaving for Washington for a few days. They were going to visit Cristina, Meredith’s best friend who had moved out to Switzerland a year back, and was now on the country for a conference.

That gave Amelia four days with the house for herself. Four days to do as she pleased, when she pleased, how she pleased. It was going to be fun.

“Bye Auntie Amy, I love you.” Zola said, giving her a hug, followed by one from her nephew.

“I love you too guys, have fun!” She told them, and giving her sister-in-law a hug too, she opened the door for them and watched as the party of three made their way towards their car, waving at them as Meredith drove away.

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Nicholas Sparks says that his novel The Rescue was inspired by his son Ryan who has Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

The following is a passage by Nicholas Sparks about the inspiration for his book:

Despite the fact that all of my previous novels were originally inspired by members of my family, I’d have to say that The Rescue is my most personal novel to date. It was, at times, painful and challenging to write because of the memories it conjured up.

That is because The Rescue was inspired by my second son, Ryan…

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Boyfriend For A Day

Title: Boyfriend For A Day

Word Count: 2876

Characters: Dean x Reader

Request:  Can you write an AU where Dean has to pretend to be the reader’s fake boyfriend and eventually falls in love with her?

A/N: This was so much fun to write!  I decided to keep an open ending so there can be a part two if you guys are interested in reading one. I hope you like it!

Your name: submit What is this?


You were standing in the line at the checkout of the only grocery store in the entire city and checked your phone for text messages from your sister when you overheard the conversation of the two men who were standing infront of you.

“That’s our last money Dean. Do you really want to spend it for pie?”, the taller one of the two of them said and pointed at the apple pie on the conveyor belt. 

“I’m going to play a game of pool tonight and we are fine again Sammy. Relax.” The other one said and reached out for the money the taller one was holding in his hand. It wasn’t much and it was obvious that it wouldn’t even be enough for their groceries. You looked back to the conveyor belt and the few items you’d placed on it. Chewing gum, a bottle of beer and a small box of candy that would easily fit in the little bag you carried with you.

The two men infront of you wanted to buy more. Way more important things. There were water bottles and toilet paper, potatoes, salad, a few bottles of beer, soap, razor blades and pie. You cleared your throat and tapped the smaller one with the shorter hair on the back. Instantly he turned around and you stared into a wonderful pair of green eyes.

At the sight of his marvelous green eyes and the freckles that were placed perfectly in his face you totally forgot what you were about to say. The cashier scanned their groceries and told the other guy the sum total of their buy. His face got pale for a second and he didn’t knew what to do. His eyes wandered to his companion and you could read on his face that he was considering to grab the stuff and run as fast as possible. 

Before you would become the witness of a theft you raised your voice and slipped past the two men and walked straight to the cashier. “I’ll pay it. Can you please scan those other three items for me?”

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anonymous asked:

I'm just getting into blockb (omg bastarz!) & I'm trying to figure out their individual l personalities & was wondering if you could tell me some things about them? I've started watching shows but can't figure what they are truly like.Tysm in advance

Omg hi! Welcome to the fandom, new BBC friend! <3 Block B is the type of group that will always surprise you, especially if you think there is nothing left for them to do. lol I’m sure you’re gonna love them, each second more and more! :3

So, I’m gonna tell you what I  think about them, what I’ve seen and learned from them since I’ve became a bbc, a few years ago. I apologise for my English in advance.

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Alice In Wonderland

“What the fuck Alice!? Just because a bottle says ‘drink me’ doesn’t mean you should drink it.” Katherine yelled at the tv screen before turning to look at Elijah, Klaus and Caroline. “This bitch is going to get date raped.”

“For the love of God Kat!” Caroline exclaimed as she put her hands over her face and shook her head. Klaus gave Caroline a sympathetic pat on the back while Elijah arched a brow at the statement.

It was their typical Friday movie night. After school Caroline, Klaus, Katherine and Elijah would go to who’s turn it was picking the movie house and veg out for the night. Basically their version of a double date. And tonight they were all piled on Caroline’s couch, which explained why they were watching a Disney movie.

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Screw the Police - Cop Michael - chapter six

chapter one // chapter two // chapter three // chapter four // chapter five

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The next chapter will have mild smut but this chapter introduces a new character :) Let me know if you guys actually like this because I haven’t gotten much feedback yet :/ Oh! And I don’t usually have wifi at home unless I go to my dad’s so my updating is going to be a little sketchy.

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One Last Ride

The Way That Light Attaches To a Girl timestamp! @kalasgravity asked for “musical theatre” and @brightcopperpenny asked for singing, so it just made way more sense to put them together. 

Series here, this fic also on AO3

“Can you sing?” Clarke asks.

“Sing?” Bellamy asks, frowning over the pile of scripts he’s reviewing. “Sing what?”


“Kind of. One of the plays I did in high school was a musical.”

“Wait, it was? How did I not know this?” demands Clarke, grinning and shifting closer. “What musical? Who were you? How dorky was your costume? I need every detail, thanks.”

Bellamy closes his eyes, wincing. “Uh, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I was the pharaoh.”

Clarke cackles, which was exactly what he was expecting. “Is there a video? Please tell me there’s a video. Don’t bother lying, Octavia will definitely tell me.”

“This is why I didn’t tell you.”

“You were pretending to be Elvis!”

“You once released a song called ‘Teach Me How to Live Again’ and had to duet with a CGI dolphin.”

“Hey, that was a real dolphin with CGI expressions,” she says, cheerful. It’s hard to embarrass Clarke because her entire life has been absurd. “And it wasn’t singing with me, it was just providing moral support. But that’s actually kind of why I was asking.”

“I cannot duet with a computer-enhanced dolphin,” he says firmly.

“You could, don’t sell yourself short. But seriously, Disney Channel wants us to do another movie for them.”

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Let the Memory Live Again

This is a monster one-shot. I’m sorry. But I didn’t want to break it up into parts; it would have ruined the flow of the story. Basically because of all the fluff and happiness in canon I needed to write major angst. So, this is what I would absolutely love to happen over the summer. Song title from “Memory” from the musical Cats.

Will is just getting out of class when his phone lights up with Adrienne’s face. He stares at his phone for two rings, confused, since Adrienne hardly ever calls him, despite being his mother-in-law. He hits the answer button and says, “Adrienne?”

Immediately, he knows something is wrong. She’s crying and barely stutters out something about an explosion at the club, that Sonny’s alive but he’s in the hospital. Will hangs up on her in the middle of a sentence and flies across town to University Hospital, running faster than he’s ever run in his life.

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Bad Day (5SOS Preference)


I threw my bag to the ground, and ripped off my heels, angered at the fact that I thought I had a chance at this job. Since Calum has been traveling, leaving me alone for months at a time, I figured I should get a job to keep my mind busy. I’ve applied at over fifteen different places, and only got two interviews, in which I bombed. I don’t have any talents, sorry! This was one of those days I wished Calum was home. He’d hold me, run his fingers through my hair, and we’d just watch movies until we fell asleep, wrapped and tangled in each other on the couch. Most defintely one of the many things I love about him. I sighed heavily, turning around the corner, messing up my hair, and was just about to sit down, until I remembered, I didn’t have to unlock the door. My eyes widened as I looked around, and saw a light on upstairs. When I left, every light was off. Terrified, but honestly not caring, I carefully made my way upstairs, nothing in my hands as a weapon. I heard a familiar voice singing quietly as they made their way around. When I walked into the room with the light on, I came face to face with Calum, my boyfriend of a year and a half.
“Babe, you scared me!” I told him, wrapping my arms around his torso. “Thank god you’re here. I had …”
“A bad day? Yeah, I heard you come in. Was just about to come downstairs to watch movies with you. Come on love. I’m here for a whole week. All yours.” And that’s what we did. We went downstairs, and wrapped ourselves up together, and turned on NetFlix.
“I love you.” I whispered, my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. It always sped up when I told him I love him, which made me believe him when he told me he loves me too.
“I love you too.” And he kissed the top of my head, and pressed play.


“Fuck you Ashton Irwin!” I yelled at him, throwing the flowers he bought me, in his face. “You think flowers and an apology song will make up for what you did to me? Just leave.” I was about to shut the door, but he stopped it with his foot, and let himself in, which really angered me. We were dating for eight months until I overheard him and Michael talking, and Michael handed him money.
“It’s been eight months. Here is your money. Didn’t think you could do it.” Michael told Ashton. I was a bet. I’ve never been one for long term, and everyone knew I fancied Ashton, he was my bias in the band. That was no secret. So when he asked me out, I was over joyed. But Michael bet him he couldn’t last with me for longer than half a year. So Ashton said he could last with me for eight months, and he did. He really did it. The pain after a long term relationship hurts so much more, which is why I hate them. The pain in my chest was still there, and we had broken up almost a month ago.
“Listen to me, Y/N. Please! Babe, I love you.” He called after me as I stormed upstairs. He yelled louder, making me have to listen to him. I was half way upstairs, truly wanting to hear what he had to say, but didn’t want him knowing that. He’d think I’d forgive him easily. “That bet, was just a push to get me to ask you out. I’ve always liked you, but never had the guys to actually come out with it! I forgot about it while being with you. You make me happy, happier than anyone else can! I’ve put you before fans. Before the band. You were my first, and if you needed me, I’d rush over whether I was on tour, or the john. Please, Y/N, I need you.” His words were true, though I’d try my best never to make him leave tour, because this was his dream. It was only once, when he heard I had to get surgery, but the whole band came for me. I went in alone, but came out with my three best friends, and loving boyfriend. I walked back downstairs, and saw him sitting on the ground, his head in his hands, shaking. He was crying.
“Ashton.” I whispered, sitting beside him. “Are you asking for me back as another bet, or because you love me?” He looked up, and when I saw his tears, I could tell the answer.
“I love you.” He whispered, and I wrapped my arms around him.
“I love you too.”


I went to check my answer, and realized I was about 234 off from the correct answer. Going back over my work, I couldn’t see where I went wrong. I threw my book off my lap, and my pen across the room. Luke is lucky. He got to drop out and travel the world. We were best friends for as long as I can remember. He is my life, and my world. As the tears fell, I heard the regular sound from Skype for a call. Luke’s icon popped up, and I quickly wiped my tears from stress, and pressed Accept. Soon, I saw his face, along with Calum, who I also missed.
“Where’s Ashton and Michael? Though you knew I loved them more than you two!” I joked, smiling a little bit. I missed them all so much. I’ve known Luke the longest, and met Calum and Michael through him when they became friends. When Ashton came for the gig, then joined the band, him and I instantely clicked. Everyone thought we’d get together, but no one knows I have a thing for Luke.
“MICHAEL! ASHTON! I’M ON SKYPE WITH Y/N!! HURRY OR YOU’LL MISS HER!” I heard heavy footsteps, and soon saw Michael and Ashton rushing into the room, Ashton with food hanging out of his mouth, and Michael with hair dye setting.
“Ooh! What colour this time, my Mikey Bear!” He chuckled at the name I gave him a few years back.
“Just brown. Snuggly Bear.” I giggled at that, and gave him two thumbs up. I love seeing his new hair colours, they all look amazing on him, surprisingly. My hair has always either been red or black, or both. They’re my favourite hair colours, but Mikey, makes everything look PERFECT!
“Whatcha eating Ashy?” He smiled, and shrugged.
“Something I found in the fridge. Tastes good though, Sleepy.” He called me Sleepy, from the seven dwarfs and the fact that I’m always tired! We continued talking, until Luke’s face changed. He asked everyone to leave for a few minutes, and then it was just us two. My heart was pounding. I like him so much more thanI should.
“Have you been crying? Are people hurting you? Stress?”
“It’s stress. I just can’t seem to get the answer right!” I yelled, throwing my hands on the bed. “Talking to you guys help though.” He told me to get the question, and that he would help me out. Slowly, he talked me through it, and soon I got the right answer. “Lukey Boo, you’re the best out of all of them.”
“Though you loved Mikey Bear and Ashy more than Calum and I.” He joked, using the nicknames I had for Michael and Ashton.
“You know I love you the most.” In more than a friendship way. I wanted so badly to tell him, but I couldn’t think of anyway to.
“Do you wanna go out when I get back?” He asked simply, making my eyes go wide. “As .. uh .. you know … like a date. With me.”
“I’d love to.” And suddenly, all my stress was gone.


Everything was going wrong, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to be alone, but my boyfriend, Michael, just wouldn’t have it. We’ve only been together for about six months, maybe seven. Almost a year, I know that. I do like him, I may think I love him, but when things like this happen, I just feel horrible and need to be alone. But last time, I took things too far, and burned myself, on purpose. Over and over. So Michael wouldn’t have it, afraid I would do it again. I turned around as Michael was about to sit beside me on my bed.
“Can you stop being clingy! I want to be alone. You have my lighter, my matches, and my candles! I won’t hurt myself again!” I yelled at him, pushing him away.
“Love, I just want to help you.”
“You can help by leaving me alone! You know what? Maybe we should break up. It’s just not working …” Why did I just say that? Why didn’t I stop myself? Michael looked shocked, and tried to talk me out of it, but I was angry, and told him this is what I want. So he left, and I broke down. I just lost the only thing keeping me sane. I watched as he got into his car, and drove away. Fucking great.
Ashton convinced me that Michael wasn’t doing great at all, that he was about the same as me. Crying, hardly eating, just laying around. Ashton had to wash my hair, because I just didn’t feel like it. Michael was supposed to come here, an hour ago. But soon, the doorbell rang, and I saw his face. He was so broken, but he still looked like an angel to me. Michael always looked perfect to me.
“I’m sorry. For whatever I did to make you break up with me. I’ll change.” He whispered, reaching out for me, and I let him take me into his chest. He still smelled like the Michael I love.
“I didn’t actually want to break up with you. I was angry. Michael, I love you so freaking much!”
“I love you too. So freaking much.”

You work in the same place after breakup - Harry

You hadn’t been back to LA in two years. You had gone through med school dating your high school boyfriend/ best friend Harry for four years when he broke it off. You really didn’t see it coming. Not the breakup or the heartbreak. You moved back to your hometown, worked as a nurse in your community hospital and avoided Harry’s family as much as possible. It was a task quite difficult to achieve considering you two had been childhood neighbors.You had gotten so close to his parents you had even called them mom and dad.

You thought you had run away from him, but by moving back you realized it just got you close to insanity. You slept on the bed you lost your virginity on. You stared out the window you snuck out of.The car you guys drove to the pier was parked permanently in their driveway  Friends who hadn’t seen you asked you how you two were.  Your prom dresses were still stuffed in your closet, each one Harry had a matching tie to. It was awful. But today is the day you had enough.

Their was a sign. And it read “Engagement Party” in their front lawn. You didnt even have to ask who it was for. You saw his car park itself on the side of the road and him exit with a blonde practically glued to the side of him. That was it. You couldnt be here anymore. Granted your mom thought you were being a bit over dramatic but you didnt care. You called your old boss and got your job back. You were going back to LA.

In med school Harry had been studying to be a surgeon, since you were only going for nursing  schooling for you had ended quite early. You quickly found a job at the hospital and worked while Harry went to school. Thats what separated you both. He studied away with some new people and you worked with a while other set of people.You drifted so he said. He had found someone else that he felt drawn to, someone who shared his same passion and that could be there to help him achieve is dream. So thats where you left it. He wanted to talk to you more, remain friends but you couldnt take it. As far as you knew he was still in school, and thats all you cared to find out.

“Y/N! I have never been more happy to see someone” Your boss said. “Its been way to long.”


“Now i don’t have much time to catch up with you but after you get off work we must go out to coffee. No one has heard anything about you”

“I am sorry. I should’ve tried harder to keep in touch”

“Nevermind that. You will be working temporarily in surgical outpatient till I can find you a more permanent position. You kinda sprung this on me but there is no way I’m gonna lose you again. You weren’t top of your class for nothing.”

I smiled. She always liked me. When I quit so suddenly I thought sure she would hate me but she sent me cards and kept writing. She was way too nice too me. Actually the majority of the people here were. I knew most of them. Some I had studied with, some I had worked with or for and there were some new people I introduced myself to. All in all today was going great. It didn’t take long for me to get going in the swing of things.

“Y/N, Can I have you come here for a second?”


“There is a paitent in room 208. Still needs a few things done before going into surgery would you mind taking a break from outpatient and taking the paper work to him?” the desk nurse said.

“Sure” It wasn’t your job but you didnt want to make any enemies so you went.

The gentlemen was my age. Goodlooking, nice, He had torn a ligament playing football for his charity team. And by the looks of things he was flirting with you. A couple quick signatures turned into a whole new conversation on sport teams. Sports had never been your thing but had picked up some of the news from your brother and just went with it.

“Mr.Green, I’m Dr…” a voice said. “Y/N?”

You sprang up from the window pane you were leaning against and tried your best not to faint. “Harr.. I mean doctor styles?” You said reading his name tag. 

“So you must be the new nurse?” he said an interesting smirk on his lips.

“Yes. I didnt know you were out of school already?”

“Hard work and studying payed off. I graduated early.”

“Im sure. You loved to .. study.” You sais your voice trailing off

“Excuse me, but I’m I interrupting something?" Mr. Green asked.

"Of course not Dylan.” You said noting Harrys raised eyebrows when you talked to the patient like you had known him for years. “Good luck on your surgery today”

“Well with the luck I had in nurses, I cant see really anything less than perfect.” he said. “How about after I get out I take you for some food or something?”

“That sounds…”

“You will have a lot of recovering to do, I doubt you’ll be up for anything."  Harry interuppted.

"Have you seen here? Any girl like that will put in a speedy recovery.”

“I have seen here Mr,Green trust me” Harry said earning I glare from you as you walked out.

The rest of the day your usual charm had worn off. You just did your job. You tried your best to comfort but you didnt know how well it was working. You were barely there. Your mind spinning. How could this eve happen? Your exboyfriend who is now engaged works at the hospital he claimed made you “drift apart”? You considered your options in writing an episode for Greys Anatomy as you sat in the break room.


“Harry” You mumbled.

“its great seeing you. Im sorry if it didnt seem like it I just was surprised”


“So I didnt see you at my parents house a couple weeks ago. It was a big party”

“I was busy,”

“My sister was pretty bummed you didnt show up for her engagement party.”

“Your sister?”

“Yeah, she is marrying her college boyfriend”

“Oh well lucky her. Someone gets to”

Harry sighed and finally sat in the chair in front of you. “I know I messed up Y/N, I knew that the minute you wouldnt take my calls. The second you werent next to me, I lost focus. I almost failed. My parents said you had been going out with some people back home so I just thought I would let you be happy. But I came home way more than you probably know. I stared at the bench I first kissed you on, I ate the same food I ate on our first date, and I even stole a photo album my mom had of just us. I carrying this around in my wallet now.” He pulled out the picture of you two in 10th grade. “I can not believe you came back. After a while I never thought you would. But I’m taking my chance now. ” He leaned over and kissed you. The feeling of his hand on your face, the edge of his jacket tickled your neck. You couldnt help but kiss back. When he stopped and looked in his eyes, you suddenly realized you didn’t know what to say.

“That may have been too forward but I had to do it” He said. “My shift is off in thre hours and I happen to know yours is too. SO if its alright with you I want to take you to get something to eat and catch up. Ive missed talking to you.”

“I dont know Harry”

“oh C'mon. I know you too well. Your gonna go home after this turn on your tv to the history channel while you make something to eat, all while humming your favorite song. Then your gonna change into whatever you feel like sleeping in after you shower and watch eighties movie till you fall asleep. If you go out to eat with me, I promise you I will rent dirty dancing for you another time?”

“Your not the only person who has given me this offer you know”

“I know. Which is why Mr.Green has been on bed rest. He isnt going anywhere tonight.”

“FIne, but I want to go to…”

“Papa Gregio’s?”

“If you dont mind.” you smiled.

“I dont at all”